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Sugar free & low sugar goodies found in Orlando {Article written by Carole}


The supermarkets had a good range of sugar free sweets. Goodings had a nice selection, including cough drops. Walmarts had a large range of sweets and chocolates.
Peanut butter cups in IOA sweet shop/bakery in Seuss landing.
Gummy bears in AK
Harry & David at Beltz and Florida mall. Had decent range of sugar free sweets including chocolate pretzels and moose munch.

Weetabix and shredded wheat both stocked in Publix and Walmart

Walmarts and Goodings had Archway cookies. Example flavours Rocky Road, Peanut butter, Oatmeal, Chocolate chip and Shortbread
Goodings had Murrray biscuits, huge selection such as Lemon wafers, shortbread cookies, cappuccino cookies. Also 50 50 biscuits such as choc crme filled wafers

Goodings stock Edys no added sugar and fat free. Has 4g sugar in 1.66 litres of ice-cream. Good range of flavours.

Eating out:
In restaurants where no sugar free dessert is available, have a starter for dessert. We did this in Mythos.
Golden Corral had two sugar free desserts on the buffet, Blueberry crisp and chocolate pudding.
Disneys ice-cream social at the Garden Grill in Epcot. Let them know that you have a diabetic and theyll provide a sugar free alternative. We had ice-cream and fresh fruit.
Disney restaurants Give them advance notice about the diabetic and theyll usually get some sugar free ice-cream in for them. We ate at Tonys at MK on impulse and our server tried to get an alternative dessert but none was available.
He offered a complimentary expresso or cappuccino instead.
Kringla bakery in Norway, Epcot. Had sugar free chocolate mousse.
Fountain view caf in Epcot. Sugar free cheesecake, also had bagels and savoury croissants.
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