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Innoventions East & West

Innoventions is located in the Future World of the EPCOT theme park. It is a two-building interactive play area for kids and adults of all ages where you can experience new technologies first hand through touch, feel and play with the toys and tools of the future.

"Imagine, invent, and be inspired while exploring amazing innovations"

Exhibits located at Innoventions East:

  • The Sum of All Thrills Put your imagination to the test by designing your very own unique thrill ride using an interactive touch screen that lets you determine height and speed while adding features such as dips and corkscrew turns. Once the design is complete, climb aboard your very own creation in the 4-D robotic simulator that uses sight, sound and movement to give you a realistic experience.
  • Storm Struck Experience what it feels like to be in the perfect storm and learn of important ways to protect your home and family in case of severe weather.
  • Habit Heroes Team up with Quench, Dynamo and Fuel for an interactive adventure which transforms the world into a healthier and happy place for all.
  • Test the Limits Lab Engage in a safety test where you are invited to shatter, drop and impact some of the products you use at home every day. Enjoy a short film hosted by Timon and Pumba and learn how to be "safety smart."
  • VISION House Take a home tour of the Monteverde family and find out how 'green' living can enhance the environment and make a more efficient and better quality of life for all.
  • Take a Nanoooze Break - Explore the amazing advancements in microscopic nanotechnology, see how the reality affects your daily life.

Exhibits located at Innoventions West:

  • The Great Piggy Bank Adventure Take part in an exciting learning challenge that incorporates physical and virtual elements to teach everyone in the family the importance of sound financial planning.
  • THINK Are you ready to THINK about the World a little bit differently? Interactive exhibits show how the world can be made a safer, efficient and more sustainable place to live in.
  • Videogame Playground Experience the latest in videogame technology as you compete against your favorite sports teams, challenge a villain to a duel or embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure with some of your favorite Disney Characters.
  • Where's the Fire? Get your picture taken at the 30-foot pumper truck, become a Fire Chief by answering the most questions at the Burning Questions kiosks, and explore the 'Play It Safe Maze' in this fun exhibit promoting fire safety.
  • Club Cool - (formerly Ice Station Cool) is an area where guests can sample a number of free Coca-Cola soft drinks from around the world.

Guest Policies

Due to the nature of the experience, Guests with service animals should check with a host or hostess for attraction and boarding information at this attraction.
Guests may remain in their wheelchair, motorized scooter or ECV to experience the attraction.
Assistive Listening Receivers, which amplify the audio, may be used at this location. Please visit Guest Relations to obtain a receiver.

Date Opened: 29th September 1994

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