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Originally Posted by Mrs Pluto View Post
Thanks Ali, yeah there was a lady there first with the bags on a desk then she went after 10mins, and the bags were on the desk for people to take and help themselves. I should of got another for me but i didnt think at the time

I was too embarassed to go and ask for one but DH knew how much I wanted one so went and got one for me! lol!

Yes he was really excited, I thought he would be all for Mickey Mouse, but he was wanting to see Pluto more than me.

Sounds like Harrison is now a Pluto fan too! Maybe he wanted to go seek out Pluto as he knew that would put a great big grin on Mummy's face! Did you get your photo taken with Pluto?

Couldnt believe he was getting a temp Me and DP were talking how there has been a few times when we go away even to the coast, that he ends up getting a temp?! I dont know if its the travelling? im not sure.

Could it be a little anxiety?

Im off to my mums Friday for a week,and its hard to get a signal there. So will try to do day 2 tomorrow before i go!

Thanks for reading all
Looking forward to reading the rest of your report. Have a great time at your Mum's.

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