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Hellooooo we’re back I’ve attempted a trip report before but didn’t make it to the end, I’m suitably ashamed. My second attempt I went with a highs and lows daily report which was easy enough to do and is lovely to look back on. So third time lucky can I complete a trip report?

The cast is rather large on this one we are a family of 3 with 1 DS aged 7, we are going with two other families of 3 who both have daughters ages 9. DS will do a lot of complaining about the girls and they will do a lot of complaining about him but we always have a laugh together and have one thing in common we all enjoy a drink or 5. I will refer to them as The Others throughout the report.

This will be my 6th visit, DH 5th and DS 4th. One family have been to Florida with us twice before the other family have never been as a family and only as a couple about 15years ago. The photo above is from our first visit look how happy my little man is it brought a tear to my eye remembering that visit.

As a group of friends we have no issue in going off and doing our own thing we also have lots of things planned together.

So about us DH Quinn is a wannabe American he loves all things American and loves to shop. There will be lots of trainers purchased for both boys, DS Riley (Roo) is a comedian in the making he comes out with the funniest things and has a way of making friends with everyone. We’ve just got back off holiday where in a week most of the hotel staff knew his name and gave him a high five as they were passing. Me Kel I’m chief planner even planning the days I won’t be attending with the others. I’m sad and love the planning and organising of it all. Our friends said they would never attempt a Disney holiday unless I was planning it for them.

The plan starts with a flight from Birmingham to Glasgow on a Thursday evening. The only reasonable flight prices I could find seemed to be going from Gatwick. We did Gatwick our first family trip and the drive back was horrific and we said we’d never fly from there again. So this time we are trying the indirect route to see how we get on.

We’ve got a night booked in the premier inn at Glasgow airport before flying to Florida the next day with Virgin. Unfortunately the flight was changed from 11.30 to 1.40 which is disappointing as it means more hanging around but we’ve decided a lie in and a premier inn breakfast will help kill the time.

We’ve got hire car booked with budget this time first time using them and I’m apprehensive someone tell me they are okay?!

We are stopping at the Avanti on international drive for 2 weeks. We’ve stayed here 3 times now we love the location and the pool area is lovely. The others have one night booked at Hard Rock for universal fastpasses we aren’t doing universal this time. We all have a night booked at pier house 60 Clearwater for the following weekend for a couple of beach days. We also have one night booked in Tampa Bay at the doubletree Hilton as DH wants to do The Bucs stadium tour if possible if not we will cancel the room.

Controversially I’ve booked a one night campsite stay to get us 9 magic bands and 60 day fastpasses for 45! It’s worth it for the bands. We did look at doing one night in a resort hotel but the prices have shot up a lot since we last did it we paid 60 for an all stars I couldn’t get one under 110 this time.

Our plan is just Disney with a couple of days at the beach in the middle. We’ve decided we will pay and do volcano bay with the others as DS loves a water park. He’s a total wimp
on theme park rides but will do any water slide which I find much scarier!

We all love a drink and good food, hopefully we will get plenty of both on this trip. So far we are planning to drink and snack around the world in Epcot. Me and DH managed it last time. While DS sorted his passport in each country we had a drink. DS said this was one of his favourite evenings and wants a passport again this time. Then restaurant wise there are a few firm decisions already:
Maggiano’s as there is a birthday in our group so will be celebrating there we had an amazing meal last time.
Bahama Breeze great cocktails and food so can’t wait to visit again.
No holiday would be complete without a longhorn steak.
I want to try Buffalo Wild Wings this time I read a trip report that had eaten there and I can’t wait to try it for myself.
Millers ale house is a must for DH he will want a bucket of beer and there loaded fries and boneless wings. I do like millers and the beer is cheap.

I asked DS about a character meal at first he said no he was too old then he quickly changed his mind. I’ve booked for the 3 of us to do tusker house breakfast. First time here and looking forward to it as it seems to have good reviews.

We are planning to do the sea screamer in Clearwater, we’ve visited before but only for the day and it wasn’t long enough to get a feel for the area so any suggestions on where to eat on the Saturday evening?

We fly home again via Glasgow with a 2 hour wait I’m hoping it’s not too painful. Oh I forgot to mention obviously I’ve got Dibbers row booked both ways! We had these seats once before outbound and loved them I’m hoping I might actually get some sleep on the flight home.

That’s it so far park tickets have been purchased, esta is complete I’m currently logging in as 12 each day to do our fastpasses. I’m sure the next few weeks will flyby and the packing can commence.

Kenwood Travel

Wow guys, WHAT A DAY! I can now announce that I am OFFICIALLY a Cast Member! Disney Traditions was amazing, and I now have all the perks of being a CM including free park admission and loads of discounts! Lots of people have headed straight to MK this afternoon but there isn't much time because the big Disney welcome event is this evening at 7:30! So I thought I'd save my energy and tell you all about my day 😁 Further updates are to follow!


If you are planning on doing the program in the future then DON'T READ THIS POST! It contains Disney Traditions spoilers that you might want to keep as surprises for when you experience it yourself! Otherwise, go ahead and enjoy the read!

I woke up at about 6.30am after a pretty good night's sleep. After a shower I headed downstairs for breakfast.

This was a buffet. As you can see I had fried eggs, beans and cheese. Plus a coffee! There was a lot of choice but I was trying to avoid the bread items!

I went back upstairs, wrote up the report for yesterday and left about 8am for the Grand Palace.

I walked over to the 5bht ferry to get across the river. It was already hot!

There was about a 5 minute wait for the Orange Express boat. There are lots of other people tring to sell you their boat tours at vastly inflated prices but the Orange desk is clear marked as is the queue!

I had to go down to stop number 9 to get to the Grand Palace stop. It took about 20 minutes.

This is one of the most visited sites in Bangkok. Surrounded by a 1.9km long wall it marks the foundation of Bangkok in 1782. It cost 500bht (about 17 euros) to get in.

In the building you can see is the Emerald Buddha - all 66cm of him! No photos allowed though.

There were a lot of very ornate constructions. Kings lived here until 1925.

I particularly liked this one with the statues holding up the monument.

All around were these heart bells. So you could constantly hear them ringing. That actually made it very restful despite the hoards of people.

It was clear that for the Thai people this was a very important place to visit.

I loved this window in one of the buildings. It is only on the photo that I can see the statues behind the glass. As the windows were high up you couldn't see them.

On the way out I saw the tailend of a ceremonial changing of the guards.

All in all I spent just over an hour here. Whilst the buildings were very impressive, I didn't really love it. I was glad to have visited but something was missing. Perhaps there were just too many people and I was very hot.

I walked about 10 minutes to Wat Pho - the reclining buddha. He was very spectacular and despite the number of people it was easy to get some good photos. I won't humiliate myself by showing my selfie - I was very very hot and sweaty by this point!

This is the oldest temple in Bangkok - and there is also a monastery and a traditional medicine school n the grounds.

The buddha messages 46m. This was one of my favourite photos of it.

I have to say that I loved the whole area around the temple housing the reclining buddha. There were lots of people who paid their 100bht and looked at the buddha then left, which meant the rest of the area was practically empty. There was a whole labyrinth of pathways and inner squares.

I went through one set of doors and came across these statues. And then at least another three similar squares.

One of my arty photos

Another very ornate statue hidden away! It really was a treasure trove of statues!

I also liked these lampposts- they were dotted around and really fitted in with the surroundings.

I needed to get the ferry across to the other side of the river to get the Orange boat back. Finding the ferry took a little while but I asked in a shop and they pointed me in the right direction!

It would have been the practical solution to now go to Wat Arun (you can see it in the photo) but I was a bit templed out and felt I would appreciate it more on another day!

The ferry cost 4 bhts!

The pier for the Orange boat was clearly signposted. It shared it with the Blue Tourist boat which was 50 bhts. I also couldn't work out if you also had to pay 30bhts each time you got off (it was hop on hop off) as one of their staff told a woman she had to pay and there was a sign! I stuck to the 15 bht orange boat! This took about 10 minutes to turn up.

I then had about a 15minute wait for the ferry across the river. Must have been the lunch break! There was somewhere to sit in the shade so I didn't mind.

I got back to the hotel and changed into my shorts. I also had a 30 minute rest!

I had stupidly left my cap in the taxi last night so I needed a new one. I can suffer from sun induced headaches so wanted to get one sooner rather than later! I looked up shopping malls and chose one that was on the Skytrain line - CentralWorld!

The ticket machine wa easy to use - choose your station and pay - 40bhts in my case!

The train was airconditioned! I got off at Siam station and the mall was clearly indicated. It was about a 10 minute walk along a raised walkway.

First stop was lunch. Not an easy choice but I eventually went for a very thin crust pizza. The waitress was very sour - that sort of why are you bothering me attitude but the pizza was tasty. Together with an iced tea it was 401bhts - about 12 euros.

I managed to find a lightweight cap in Uniqlo! It has a long brim too which is good for protecting my eyes!

Outside the shopping centre was a shrine. Again, these are really important worshiping places and lots of gifts are left for the gods - in this case Ganesha, the God of Success. Gifts to be left included bananas, sweet milk and marigolds together with 9 joss sticks.

There was a food market outside the mall too. I am not sure of the refrigeration of the food - some looks like it sits in the heat all day (I know - I worry too much!) However, everywhere does look very clean otherwise!

Across the road was obviously a locals' supermarket! It was enormous and very noisy! This was a quiet aisle! Most were heaving!

There were about 8 shrines around the Siam area!

This is one of the most famous ones - Erwan Shrine.This one celebrates the God of Creation and is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the building of the old Hotel Erwan. There were even dancers!

The next series of photographs show the chaos at traffic lights! The motorbikes weave to the front of the queue of traffic!

Then they are off - completely blocking all the cars!

Only for it to happen all over again at the next set of lights!

I got the skytrain back to the hotel and had a bit of a rest before going out for dinner locally! A vegetable korma - much hotter than I am used to! With rice it was 180bhts - about 5.5 euros.

I came back to the hotel and got my stuff ready for bed. It has taken a while to write the report up as the internet drops out all the time! Early start tomorrow so alarms have been set!

I walked just over 20km today! No wonder my legs are tired!

We were all exhausted so no alarms set and the plan was to sleep as long as we needed, have breakfast then decide what to do before moving to St Petes.

I of course woke up at 4am as usual. I lay there desperately trying to close my eyes but nope. That was it. Wide awake. So I got my phone out and started on the trip report I was too tired to do last night. Tried to answer some questions too. I love when people leave comments and questions and am happy to answer what I can but I feel guilty that I don’t reply to every comment, or if it takes me a day or two to have time to answer questions or private messages. I do appreciate every single comment. It fair spurs you on to keep writing when you know folk are interested.

When it got to 6am I felt I could maybe sleep again so off I went 😴. Next thing I know I can hear kieran up and about and Kevin speaking to him. Dozed off again then could feel kieran ^accidentally’ bumping my foot. After 10 minutes of me ignoring him he comes right up to my face and says ^Mum, when can we go for something to eat? It’s one o’clock in the afternoon and I’m starvin’ I nearly had a heart attack til I pressed the button on my phone ^no Kieran it’s five past eight!!’ 😡. But that was me awake so I got up and got ready and took kieran along to the lounge for breakfast.

Whilst there checking Facebook my cousin Frances let me know she is off to Florida next year with her family so we chatted back n forth a bit. She is booked to stay in RPR but not club level so I was trying to explain the benefits and directed her to the dibb. I also said I would do lots of breakfast photos in today’s report so here they come

Yesterday Mortimer Mouse asked me to try to find out what the meal offerings were each night. I’m chuffed to have played a blinder here! I had a chat with the girl and she printed them out for me. It’s a 5 day rolling menu for the whole summer so I have written the dates so far and you would need to count forward to see what you get on your dates. Handy eh?

Hannah turned up for breakfast after about 20mins with Kevin close behind her. We discussed here what everyone wanted to do as we could go to the parks (no Mum we’ve done everything) go to the hotel pool (nah) or go to Walmart then set off for St Petes (yay Walmart!) so that was the plan. Once everyone was nice n full we went back to the room and got our bags ready to leave.

Checked out using the phone in the room as per the email I had from the hotel this morning and down to the car.

The nearest Walmart was turkey lake road where we picked up a body board for kieran, a bikini and sunglasses for Hannah and caps for them both so they would be beach ready 😎.

Kieran had fun looking at all the nonsense stuff. I mean honestly where else can you just pick up a massive hairy monster head??!

$90 down (but with no monster head) I set Waze for the drive to St Petes and off we went. We always use the waze app for satnav both at home and in Florida. It was now noon.

$90 down (but with no monster head) I set Waze for the drive to St Petes and off we went. We always use the waze app for satnav both at home and in Florida. It was now noon.

I use this wee magnetic mount thing I got off the internet for the phone to sit. Works a treat.

On the way there the skies in front were dark and miserable and then the rain and lightening started! Yeah - maybe we won’t be needing that body board!

As we got to St Petes the skies got a bit lighter. Found the hotel no problem, parked and went to check in desk. This was busy and a bit slow.

She took our details, checked us in confirming we had paid the room and still had to pay $31.64 per night resort fee which gives you the following

she said our room wasn’t ready yet (it was 2:30 now and checkin officially 4pm) but they would call us when it was. She did say they can’t always reach the international mobiles so if we got no call to just return at 4pm. She gave me a little card to show the beach dude to get our cabana / chairs. They gave us a parking voucher to place on our car dash.

We went out to the car to do this and picked up the 2 beach bags I had packed. We cut back through the hotel and out the back into the beach, passing the famous Bongos on the way

I had the wee card but he just asked my surname and looked up a list, saying ‘helen?’. I choose beds and brolly as the cabanas looked very sheltered from the breeze so looked warmer. This was perfect as although baking hit the shade and breeze made it comfortable.

Kieran was straight into the sea with his board!

Kevin joined him and Hannah and I stretched out in the sun.


You know when you are at the beach and in the water but you get disoriented as the wind and current take you left or right of where you started? Well kieran kept drifting miles south of us but was oblivious to it, so Kevin was keeping an eye on him and was going ^look at him - he’ll be down at Anna Maria island in an hour!’

4pm passed and we had no phone call for the room, but I didn’t care as It was just so nice and chilled and I was in no hurry to get to the room. But Hannah was, as she wanted 5 hours to have a shower and draw her eyebrows on. So eventually Kevin and I went for the bags and key, leaving the kids on the beach. I had paid for a partial sea view which was exactly what we had and on 4th floor

We had one king size bed and one small bed, slightly bigger than a single but smaller than a double and would definitely be a struggle for either of our HH / KK sleeping combo.

Big bed. Wee bed

So I headed back down and asked if they could add a roll-away bed which they did for $10 a night.

We gave Hannah her key and she went to get ready and us 3 stayed on the beach. It was now 5:10

I headed up to the room at 6pm to shower only to find Hannah hadn’t even stepped in the shower yet 😡 let’s just say there were many loud Scottish words spoken 😡 eventually we all got showered and ready. Arrived down at Bongos at 7pm and asked for a table on the beach thinking we would have to wait, but were seated at the only free table at the front straight away. Result!

There was a guy playing guitar and singing which was lovely. There were a bunch of eejits/grads at the table behind us (the guy at the table on the other side said ^bunch a punks^) who occasionally used their phones to play ^house^ music. Wasn’t like any bloody house music I had ever heard and totally killed the vibe of the guitarist. Thankfully after half an hour it so this stopped. If it hadn’t I think I might have had to put my big girl pants on and had a word 🧐

Nonsense over, we had our starters of boneless chicken wings and cheese curds to share, and watched the sun start to dip as the guitarist played.

WOW! Just wow! If I never see another sunset that’s fine. God this place is gorgeous 😍. The food took ages which suited us fine.

We had a couple of bacon and turkey sandwiches with fries, crab cakes and fish tacos

In between courses kieran would just go for a wander about the beach. I sank a fair few Bongo Sunsets and Kevin tried a few different beers.

Then I had a banana split cocktail - that was right up my street!

Hannah had white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake which I helped her with coz am such a good mum that way.

We settled the bill and made our way back to the room.

We had planned to eat in Spinners revolving restaurant in the hotel tomorrow. But I can see that being patched for toes in the sand and cocktails again. We will see.....

Sleep was not of my usual quality on a flight. The Lufthansa seats are notoriously uncomfortable! I probably managed 5-6 hours!

When I woke up I watched I, Tonya about Tonya Harding (not bad but I remember the story so that probably helped! ) and ate the breakfast which was just about edible!

We eventually landed at around 2.40pm - about 5 hours later than I should have!

Immigration wasn't too bad and the suitcase was already there once I had got through. All in all it took less than an hour from landing!

I had researched the possibilities for how to get to the airport and decided on a taxi as the easiest way. I really liked the system which was get a voucher from the machine and wait at the bay indicated. The car came along 1 minute later. The voucher gave you all the taxi's details in case of a problem!

I had printed out the hotel's address in Thai which helped.

The journey took 45m. Traffic was hit and miss. I would hate to drive here - cars, scooters and tuktuks everywhere!

It cost 440bhts plus 75bhts for the tolls. All in all about 15 euros! Well worth it!

I checked in at the Ibis Riverside Hotel. They first gave me a room on the first floor. I had sent an email asking for a high floor. I went to have a look but it was also next to the lift. I went back down and they found me one on the sixth floor. Much better! It is clean, big enough but lacks any drawers!

The wfi is fast but logs you put all the time which is annoying!

I got unpacked, had a shower then decided I should head out to avoid falling asleep!

I could see the river from my window. This was where I needed to go to get a boat across the river!

The ferry across was about a 5m walk through a park from the hotel. It cost 5bhts (about 10p) to cross. I then got the Orange Express boat up the river - another bargain at 15bhts (about 30p).

A lady next to me told me where to get off - though to be honest the stops are all numbered! I followed the crowds on the walk to the Chinatown district, stopping at a 7-11 to get a Pepsi Max (18bht).

I stopped also for an iced decaf coffee at Starbucks - whose prices were mot thart much different to home (105bhts -about 3 euros).

Chinatown was very busy. Lots of side alleys with food stalls.

Somethings looked errrrr interesting (I am a non meat eater )

Others were doing a roaring trade. A lot of them just had a menu in Thai which made it a bit difficult to know what to have.

I did try in one place for mixed veggies but they told me it came with pork. So I declined

I eventually had a shrimp Pad Thai. The noodles were lovely but the shrimp not so so I ate around them. This was only 50bhts - about 1.50 euros!

I continued to wandered around. There were lots of tuktuks hawking for business. I wasn't yet quite brave enough!

The hotel had advised me to get a taxi back - so I did! The first one refused- too far out of his way but the second one took me.

Traffic was bad at points - lots of roadworks. Plus it must have been shift changeover time for the thousands of construction workers who were everywhere along a part of the route.

It cost 79 bhts (about 2,50 euros) for the 15minute trip. Well worth it!

At the hotel I wandered to look at the pool which was still very busy!

Then it was back to the room to get organised for the following day. By 10 I was in bed and soon asleep!

Only 7.5km today! Not bad when you consider I was flying until almost 3pm!

The Disney classroom is a bit jazzier today for our housing talk! Much more cheery than the immigration talk yesterday... there's music playing, disco lights, and the screen keeps giving us facts about Disney College Programs and inspirational quotes from Uncle Walt himself! Here's one of my favourite so far:

"Never get bored or cynical. Yesterday is a thing of the past." ~ Walt Disney

I certainly won't be getting bored on this program!

It turns out the Disney housing talk wasn't as exciting as I had thought, although it was better than the immigration talk! They just told us more scare stories about CMs who didn't follow the rules and got termed, things like that. There wasn't really much new information, but Disney are big on safety so that was basically what drove the presentation.

It finished just after 12pm, and my original plan had been to reluctantly return to Walmart to grab some tights, but another girl I met today who will be working at the Emporium said you can buy them off costuming for a couple of dollars - that will do me!

I got home, chopped up a pineapple and ate a tonne of fruit for lunch whilst I waited for my housemates to come home. Taylor, who is from Alabama, was going to get myself and my French roommate, Delphine, into the Magic Kingdom using her guest passes! However, because she starts work so early we would have to leave whenever she decided to leave. To be honest though I wasn't that bothered because I was just excited to be there once again!

I can't remember ever travelling via car to a park before, except probably when I was very young, so it was nice to see the MK sign as we drove beneath it! I also got to see how the car park works and go on one of those little train things to where the ferry/monorail is. I know I've been on one before because I've seen it on a video recording from when I was two back in '99!

That's Delphine on the left, she is from Paris and will be working in the Pirates of the Caribbean shop in MK - this was her first visit to WDW!! On the right with the grey top on is Taylor, she's from Alabama and is doing the horticulture program. She's been here a month already so has worked enough hours to earn park passes which she very generously let us use today, as well as driving us there and back!

I asked if we could get the boat over so that we got the proper view of the castle as we approached. Taylor filmed as I re-enacted the video from 1999 that shows me waddling towards the ferry shouting "Come on Daddy, be kik!" (Be quick, to those who don't speak two year old child) I sent it to my parents and apparently made my dad cry - again!

Amazingly, we arrived just in time to see the last five minutes of the parade finishing on Main Street. I was both happy and disappointed at this - happy because I got to see some of the parade but disappointed because I couldn't walk in and soak up the usual Main Street atmosphere! It didn't stop me bursting into tears and blubbing an apology to Taylor, who by this point has been to the parks a fair few times since her arrival!

It was busy, but the castle looked magnificent as always. I didn't put much effort into my photos this time because I figured I'd have plenty of time to get great pics with my camera at a later date, and we just wanted to do as much as we could in the little time we had - Taylor wanted to be gone by 6pm.

Standard castle pic after I video-called my family to give them a live video of the Main Street atmosphere!

We went straight to Adventureland and had a look around the Swiss Family Treehouse, before going to the Pirates of the Caribbean so that we could show Delphine where she would be working. It was quite a long queue but well worth it! The heavens opened just as we came out but we just got out my poundshop brolly and went to get a Dole Whip!

Delphine had never had one before so I practically forced one upon her! Luckily she loved it! We ate as we made our way towards the Haunted Mansion at my request, since it's my all time favourite Disney attraction. Unfortunately, due to the rain there was a 75 minute wait and it wouldn't have been fair to make the others wait because we didn't have much time so I made do with visiting Momento Mori and planning my future purchases - once I have my CM discount of course!

We went to Philharmagic then the Teacups, then headed towards Tomorrowland hoping that the Space Mountain queue wouldn't be too long. It was closed! I also noticed all the Incredibles decorations everywhere and I had been after a badge for ages but never found anywhere which was giving them out.

I asked a very lovely CM who said to get them at City Hall, and then Edna Mode came driving up next to us in her little cart! I'm SO HAPPY I saw her, I first found out she would be in MK in this month's DIBBcast and she was on my Disney bucket list! Unfortunately it wasn't a meet and greet, she was just being driven round Tomorrowland waving at everyone. I told her I loved her and she said "Thank you darling" and reminded me that I'm "fabulous"!

Delphine and Taylor had both never been on the Carousel of Progress so of course, I dragged them on! By the time we got out I could tell Taylor was really running out of juice. She had been up since 3am and somehow it had got to 7:30, which was later than she promised to stay out. So I suggested we called it a night as long as I could have a peek in the Emporium and see if I could get an Incredibles badge from City Hall!

We walked back to Main Street and I had my Emporium fix. It was strange walking through and paying extra attention to the Cast Members and their costumes, as that will be me next week!

We went to City Hall but unfortunately they had run out of badges. I was really gutted as I'd been after one since I saw the Incredibles 2 on Sunday but whenever I asked somewhere, I was always directed somewhere else!

As we walked out of the park Taylor became curious about the building next door to City Hall near the exit. I can't remember the name of it now as I write but I will find out! As we walked in, there were two baskets of badges right in front of us, including the Incredibles badges! I grabbed myself one as well as a handful for the rest of our housemates as there weren't many left - I was so happy!

So you can see in the picture I managed to collect a few bits and pieces to remember the Incredibles 2 in the parks. I got the sticker first, back in Tomorrowland in the Space Mountain shop. The nice CM we had spoken to had suggested the sticker as an alternative. The card was given to us by the CM who served us at City Hall as a token apology for not having badges to give us!

And that pretty much concludes my day! The monorail back to the car park broke down so we had to wait a while, then Taylor suggested MacDonalds. She wanted something quick so that she could go straight to bed, and I just wanted a change from all the pasta I've been eating!

I had considered going to the pool when we got back but I just couldn't be bothered! I have to be up at 6 in the morning to get ready for Disney Traditions, but that shouldn't be much of a problem (thanks jetlag).

Traditions will be the best bit so far I think, it's held at the Disney University and we have to dress all formal, adhering to the strict "Disney look" dress codes to be able to attend. There, we will receive our Cast Member badges amongst other cool stuff which I will show you tomorrow!

Thanks again for reading and commenting, I've really enjoyed writing these posts and reading all the comments! Please do excuse any typos or sloppy grammar, it's really difficult to write these updates on my phone and I'm also currently laid in bed very sleepy! If you ever have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try my best to get back to you. Or if you have any cast member anecdotes, I would love to hear them!

Night night 😁

Alarms went off at 6:30, showers etc then the club lounge for breakfast 7:05. I’ve discovered if I use a shot of caramel, top it up with their caffeine number 3 coffee and add some half n half it tastes just like a caramel latte so I took one of these to go 👍downstairs past the water taxi to the resort shuttle area. We got there 7:45, bus arrived 7:53 and left at 7:56. Picked up at another hotel then arrived at volcano bay at 8:08.

Scanned our park tickets at entry and were each given a tapu tapu band to wear. At the next entry point we had to show our room keys to show we were all guests and therefore had the early entry which today was 8am instead of public 9am. We found beds right in front of the volcano and left our towels there.

Went and hired a locker which was very simple with no codes or fingerprints. Just hold the tapu band against it, put your credit card in to pay, and a locker pops open. That band then opens and closes that locker all day. You can add multiple bands to one locker. There are 3 locker sizes, large at $16, medium is the size of a large handbag or small rucksack at $12 or a mini locker at $8 which is the size of a shoe box.

We then walked to the back of the volcano to the Krakatau wet roller coaster as we knew that would be busy later. This was BRILLIANT! We got off and rode it again knowing it’d be busy later. The guy weighs your party on this one and tells you which seats to sit in. The boat (is it a boat/carriage I don’t know!) holds 4 but we saw groups of 2,3 or 4 going on. You get a photo on this but having viewed it on the app it’s pretty much all spray and no faces!

We then went over to the big round family raft ride. Again your group is weighed and you are told where to sit to balance it right. I screamed my head off on this and was almost crying! It goes so far up the side of the flume that your butt comes right out of the wee hole and you feel like you are going to topple right over 😳 the other 3 were howling too but that was very much AT me, not with me!

Hannah and I decided to do the fearless river next while the boys headed to the big slides.

Well - that river is brilliant fun! You have to wear a life vest, and you are basically pushed round this river at times really fast with huge waves and at times more slowly. Hannah and I loved this and were laughing and hollering all the way round. I couldn’t stay upright in the life vest for some reason and Hannah was knotting her self at me either floating on back like a dead body or flat out on my tummy. Took me ages to keep my legs under me and the two of just couldn’t stop laughing. Even the lifeguards were laughing at us 😃. I love lazy rivers but this is now my total favourite. What a scream it was. It was especially good as there seemed to only be Hannah and I in it at that point. Would need to try it again later to see if still as good with lots of other bodies crashing about.

We came off here and picked up the locker stuff ready for a lie in the sun. We passed the boys who were just firing from one slide to the next.

Hannah and I stopped at the photo booth to register our tapu tapu bands to our photopass account which is where we saw our misty rollercoaster photos.

Hannah and I dried off, reapplied sun cream and settled down.

The boys appeared back at 10:15 saying they only had 2 more rides to do. Everything at break neck speed eh? Their Tapus soon updated to ride now and off we went so I could film them coming out at the end on the go-pro. I then left them as they went to go on the fearless river.

I wandered right round the park, picked up some dippin dots and made my way back to Hannah. I had these limited edition ones which I loved til Hannah started laughing that my tongue was bright green.

I looked like a five year old and spent the next hour sooking my own tongue trying to get it off!

By 11:30 we were all done and could either lie here all afternoon or go back to the RPR pool. We opted for the RPR as last time we were here it poured and we didn’t get to use it, plus Hannah was needing a wee sleep as she had a sore tummy and was struggling with the heat a bit now. The kids rinsed their feet on the way out with the fountains that shoot up and you never know how high - hilarious to watch them

Back to RPR on the shuttle bus within 5 minutes, up to the room and got organised. We stopped in at the club room as the afternoon snacks were on. There was crisps, fruit and PBJ sandwiches (which we all loved).

Wouldn’t be worth leaving the parks for, but certainly filled a hole since we were there anyway. Kieran ate his own body weight in fruit.

Hannah went back to the room now fed and watered, to take some ibuprofen, have a shower and a nap. Us 3 took a caramel coffee and a couple of sprites down to the pool, found beds and settled down. Well this was absolute bliss 😍 lying in the roasting hot sun, dipping in the pool, listening to the DJ who seemed to be playing everything I love from Sun Daze by Florida Georgia Line (you would have loved it D) to 70s funk - fab! I was in my absolute element and totally kicked back and relaxed. Heaven!

Kieran spent the whole time in the pool and ended up playing with a bunch of American boys around the water guns on the boat. He meets pals anywhere that boy.

At 3:30 we went back up to the room for showers and found Hannah well rested, in much better spirits and almost ready. Even with the eyebrows drawn on - always a good sign. We went to the club room just after 4:30. The evening offerings tonight were fab with chilli, tacos, salsa, salad. We were very well fed tonight. I counted 5 plates for kieran who loves this kind of food 😳

We sat here passing the time of day and enjoying the wine and beer.

Then we walked over to IOA again and straight for a go on hulk. Again this was 40m yet we walked straight on with our FOLP. Really enjoyed this again!

Next was a go on Spiderman

The kids and I had some dippin dots as we passed through the Jurassic area.

We passed over the bridge where we watched the castle show from last night. Turns out Hannah had taken a couple of pics so will pop those in here.

Kevin and kieran went on flight of the hippogryff while I found a seat on a bench with Hannah

Down to the Hogwarts Express to ride over to US and again thank goodness this now has FOLP access as it was pretty busy.

In US we lockered up and did escape from gringots.

When we came off it was 9pm and although the park was open til 10 we were done in. I’m not surprised mind you. We’ve been a busy bunch. Kevin sent me this pic of the walking we had done yesterday.

We had said to the kids we might pick up dessert somewhere so headed here

We were told it would be a 10 minute wait for a table which turned out to be totally accurate. I wasn’t sure about this place.

I’ve no idea what it’s based on or what the characters are, but it seems a bit dark n creepy.

Anyway I had a bowl of French onion soup which was lush

And the kids had a couple of Sundaes. Kieran had banana cream pie

And Hannah had a Brookie something or other

Kevin had a beer. By the time I had finished this soup I was almost falling asleep. The kids ate and ate and yet seemed to barely make a dent in their puds

Then we all walked back to RPR. My body is really tired now that I practically fell into bed when we got back, way too tired to type a trippie. We decided not to plan tomorrow morning and instead just see what time we all woke up. So that’s why I am now sitting here 4:30am, wide awake again, typing the trip report......

Tomorrow we check out and move to St Petes.

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