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After our stressful start yesterday, I’m pleased to say that we all had a good sleep and quickly remembered that one of the reasons that we liked the Rosen so much was that the beds are probably the most comfortable in the world!

DD initially woke at 3am because she was still on UK time but managed to settle off again and we eventually got up at about 5.30, feeling in a much brighter and more positive mood.

To be totally fair to the hotel, the rooms are spacious and well equipped and although a little dated, this one was immaculately clean.

May be I was a little unfair to pass judgement so quickly yesterday.

We awoke to an absolutely gorgeous morning. The local news was forecasting possible record temperatures for the time of year.

Neither DH nor I fancied any breakfast. We don’t usually eat it at home and still felt full after our large McD’s. DD had some of her nuggets left from last night so ate these with some Pringles!

By 8a.m we were all showered, sun creamed, dressed and ready to set off for our 1st Disney day. Our 1st FP wasn’t till 9.55 so I thought that we had plenty of time and, for nostalgia’s sake, we’d go on the Lynx bus rather than calling an Uber.

The I-Trolley arrived at our stop first so we activated our 14 day passes and hopped on that as far as Sea Harbour Drive, where we waited.....and waited......and waited for the Lynx 50 to turn up. Eventually I decided to check online what time it was due (not sure why this hadn’t occurred to me earlier!) and discovered that we had another 10 minutes to wait for the next bus which wasn’t due to reach WDW till 10.30.

We’d totally forgotten just how much of our previous holidays had been wasted on these buses! DH and I agreed that the only sensible thing to do now was book an Uber.

It was there in 2 minutes, got us to Epcot quickly and cost just $13.45 - I don’t think that we’ll be bothering with Lynx again.

Once at Epcot we had to exchange our Will Call voucher for proper tickets at Guest Services. There were no queues so this was quickly completed and we were off......

Compulsory photos in front of the giant golf ball swiftly taken, we headed towards our first fast pass, which was Soarin’.

As we passed The Seas, we noticed that Nemo only had a 15 minute wait time posted and decided that we could fit this in first. It was actually a walk on.

Soarin was amazing as always. It is, without doubt, my favourite ride in Epcot. It was the first time that we’d experienced the Round the World film and it didn’t disappoint; although I have to agree with comments about the bent Eiffel Tower!

As we were in The Land we decided that we might as well give Living With The Land a chance. This was another walk on. DH and I both remembered finding it pretty boring on our only previous go but this time we were pleasantly surprised and agreed that it was more enjoyable than we’d remembered. We must be in a better frame of mind to be educated this time!

We returned to The Seas where we spent some time watching the fish in the huge tanks before watching Turtle Talk with Crush which was hilarious.

DD had to have her pic taken being eaten by Bruce.

Our FP window had now opened for Journey into imagination with Figment. DD found this amusing.

It was now around midday and we still weren’t particularly hungry but decided to stop for a Mickey ice cream bar. We love these but struggle to believe that they are now worth $5.75 each so it will probably be the last. We ate them whilst enjoying the sun and watching the fountains (which I’d never noticed before run backwards!).

Next we nipped into the Disney and Pixel short film show. This was another 1st for us and we were trying to work out what used to be in this theatre - was it Honey I Shrunk the Audience?. Anyway we all enjoyed it, my favourite of the 3 films was Piper......sooo cute!

It was now time for our 3rd and final FP, which was Spaceship Earth. This is an old favourite and it didn’t disappoint.

I checked the MDE app but there were no FPs available for anything that we’d not already ridden this morning so we headed over to World Showcase.

It is currently the Art’s Festival so we browsed round some of the displays and stopped for photos with the living statues, who were brilliant.

DD and I helped with the painting by numbers mural.

We started our journey round the world at Canada but decided against waiting to see the O’Canada film - we’ve done it before, enough said!

We walked slowly round the lake. Stopping in the UK......


Where we paused to watch a juggling chef, who was very talented but kept blowing a really annoying whistle!



and Italy

We looked in several of the shops, marvelling at the extortionate prices - $19.95 for a small carton of Quality Street, what’s that all about!

Needless to say we didn’t buy anything but enjoyed the atmosphere and just chilling in the glorious sunshine. DD collected the postcards and stickers from each of the Kidcot stops.

By 3 o’clock we admitted defeat and decided that we were starving so we headed out of Epcot. We intend to finish World Showcase later in the holiday when we return to watch Illuminations.

We got an Uber ($16.75) straight to the Golden Corral. I know that this place gets mixed reviews on the Dibb but we like it and have never had a bad meal here. There is certainly plenty of choice.

Unfortunately by the time we arrived we’d missed Lunch by just 5 minutes - it ends at 4pm. So were charged $15.99 for the adult dinner buffet and $8.99 for DD. However, I had a birthday voucher from their email club for a free buffet and we all had water to drink (DD’s flavoured with a squirt of Robinson’s S’quashed, which I carry everywhere on holiday). Our total bill came to just $26.61.

My first plate consisted of pot roast, which was gorgeous and very tender. Cheesy potato casserole and honey coated chicken wings.

The second was fried chicken with onions, peppers and mushrooms.

I also had some apple pie and ice-cream (sorry no pic)

DH had similar plates full but also tried the mashed potato with gravy (which he loved) and the sirloin steak (which was a little over cooked for his taste). His dessert was banana pie which was his absolute favourite pudding from our last visit - he’s been reminiscing about it for 6 years! He wouldn’t let me take photos.

DD stuck to pizza and chips for her main course which she loved and filled up on desserts including choc chip cookies and a chocolate ice cream cone. She also got a bag of cotton candy to take back to the room.

It was a really enjoyable meal and very good value but we were all stuffed so decided to go beck to the hotel for a rest.

DH went to sleep but after a short break to let our food go down, DD and I went to the hotel pool for a swim and splash around. By the time we returned DH was awake.

This evening we went for a stroll along I-Drive to get our bearings and see what had changed in our absence. We wandered in and out of numerous tatt shops where DD wanted to blow all her spending money on everything she saw! We talked her into holding onto most of it, at least until she sees what the Outlets have to offer but she did buy these 2 cuddly owls ($24.99 for the large one and $6.99 for the small) and a tie dyed Orlando t-shirt for $10.99.

I bought a beach ball ready for our next visit to the pool and a Tinkerbell pen for $1.99 each (last of the big spenders!)

With aching feet we turned in at about 10pm following an exhausting but very enjoyable first day. Tomorrow we’re off to Discovery Cove for our dolphin swim.

DVC Dream

We were awake early this morning but DH (who is always a nervous flyer) really didn't fancy going down for breakfast. DD and I left him watching TV and headed back to the Thyme Restaurant. The breakfast buffet was good and plentiful. I had a selection of the hot offerings which were usual Premier Inn standard and very tasty.

DD only wanted a slice of toast with Nutella. This coupled with DH's decision not to eat at all meant that, for us, the meal deal didn't turn out to be much of a bargain!

We were soon packed up, checked out and heading across the road back to the North terminal. We had missed Twilight check in last night so still had to drop our luggage and collect boarding passes. We were pleasantly surprised to find no queue at the check in desks and by 8.30 am we were heading through security.

I always find security the most stressful part of the airport experience and today was to be no exception! DH set off the metal detectors (he's had a hip replacement, so this happens frequently) and got taken to one side for a pat down. Then both DD's and DH's bags had to go through extra screening because I'd forgotten to warn them to take their iPads out! (I was popular by this time, I can tell you)

Once this nightmare was over we wandered through Duty Free where DH bought some Lacoste aftershave and I replaced my concealer which had snapped the day before.

We mooched around some of the other shops for a while. I bought some Apple ear pods for my phone as DD Nicola had borrowed mine a while ago and I've never seen them since! We also got some drinks for the plane and a big bag of M&Ms from WH Smith's.

We then spent a while watching the planes taking off and landing whilst we waited for our gate to be announced.

Right on schedule, at 10.45, the gate number went up on the board. We were flying in Jersey Girl.

Whilst we were waiting to board DH was pulled out of the queue for more security checks - I really wasn't sure what DD and I needed to do now but we were told to stay in the queue and board as normal. They assured us that DH would be sent straight on to the plane when they'd finished with him. Everything was fine and he was actually ready to board before we were through passport checks but it really does nothing to calm his nerves!

Obligatory, unflattering plane selfie!

This was our view for the next 9+ hours.

The plane took off about 20 mins late but we were told that they still expected to arrive ahead of schedule.

We settled in to enjoy the IFE. There was a very good selection of films. I watched Bohemian Rhapsody. DH watched Equaliser 2 and DD Hotel Transylvania 3.

It didn't seem long before the dinner service was brought round.

Between us we sampled all 3 of the main course offerings I had the chicken curry which although it didn't look very appetising tasted OK.

DH had the sausages which he said tasted as awful as they look!

DD had the tomato and ricotta pasta which she barely touched. She ended up eating the crackers and Boursin off all 3 meals.

None of us enjoyed the pasta salad starter. The highlight of the meal without doubt was the Gu chocolate and caramel desserts which are very rich but amazing.

After dinner I read some of my book, listened to music and we all spent some of the flight asleep.

Approx 1 1/2 hours before landing, afternoon tea was served. This consisted of a seeded cheese and chutney cob and a scone with clotted cream and jam. This really wasn't very nice at all. Both the cobs and the scones were very dry and uninspiring. Yet again DD refused to eat any of it.

The flight was smooth and there were no major problems. The IFE is good and the drinks service is frequent. I would happily fly with Virgin again if the price is right but I would never pay extra for the privilege - the food, in my opinion, is much better with Thomas Cook!

We arrived to an almost empty immigration hall and were through passport control and collecting our luggage within half an hour. We were very lucky as 2 more flights arrived quickly after ours and the queue soon built up.

Once we'd retrieved our cases we headed to level 2 and went outside to call an Uber. This took 7 minutes to arrive and cost $29 for the journey to I-Drive. We added a $3 tip via the app. I would definitely do this again rather than book a transfer; so much quicker and less hassle.

Check in went smoothly at the Rosen Inn and we were quickly heading for our room. This is where things started to go wrong!

We've previously been very impressed with this hotel and have always had lovely large rooms, on the ground floor, with a pool view. I'd emailed ahead, requesting the same again. I know that requests can't be guaranteed but I was still slightly disappointed to learn that we'd been allocated a 2nd floor room overlooking the parking lot. Particularly when we realised that the 2 storey buildings have no lifts and we had to lug our cases up the stairs - not what was required after a long day travelling!

When we reached the room and opened the door the smell hit us immediately - a nasty over powering damp smell. At this point DH was saying what a dump the place was and how much it had gone downhill in the last 6 years, etc etc etc. Then DD (who you might remember hadn't had a proper meal all day) started moaning that she was hungry and tired and desperate for food. I was beginning to wish that we'd never come!

Anyway, we couldn't very well turn round and go home, so instead I returned to reception to complain. I hate complaining but if you don't ask, you don't get ... ,and I couldn't live with that smell for 2 weeks!

The lady who dealt with us was extremely nice and efficient and although they were fully booked and couldn't offer us a pool view room she quickly swapped us to a ground floor room in the tower. In general the rooms here are now starting to look a bit tired and the view still wasn't pretty but most importantly there was no smell (I do feel sorry though for whoever now gets stuck with our original room!) She did offer to move us again on Sunday when some pool view rooms become available but we decided that it wasn't worth the hassle.

From DD & DH's point of view, the upside of this new room location was that it's much closer to McDonalds! So, for the sake of speed, that's where we headed for dinner. DH and I both had the double quarter pounder meal with coke. DD had chicken nuggets, large fries and a chocolate milkshake.

I have a Dine 4 Less Card which gave us $4.62 discount on this meal, bringing the total to $27.85.

They now bring your food to your table when you order here and unfortunately the service was very slow. They also forgot DD's milkshake so I had to go back and ask for it. The food was what you'd expect from McD's and filled a gap.

We returned to the room and unpacked, by which time DD & DH had had enough and both got in bed. I wandered across the road and spent another $4 in Walgreens on pop and water for the room before following them.

We were all shattered and unfortunately the experience at the hotel and the slow service at McDs had definitely taken the glow off our arrival.

Still, we're HERE and in the words of the song - there's a great big beautiful tomorrow - when we'll be heading for Epcot!

Day 1 is here:-

After an almost sleepless night, I was up, showered and dressed in this hoody by 6 am. The top was my holiday present to myself on our very 1st visit in 1998. It was only when we returned home that I realised that a bright turquoise fleece adorned with the 7 dwarves was suitable attire for just about nothing, so it was consigned to the back of the cupboard. Despite going on every WDW trip since, we have seldom had the weather to use it, so I was determined that, this time, after more than 20 years, it would get some use!

By 8 am DH & I we're sitting in Aldi car park waiting for them to open. £76 later we had filled the fridge and freezer with enough ready meals, pizzas and microwave burgers to keep DS Dan and DD Nic fed for a fortnight whilst we're away. We also picked up a couple of bags of toffees for the journey.

DD Chloe had a hairdressers appointment at 9.45 so we weren't going anywhere before that. I also had to nip into work to return my boss's keys and update him on what had been happening during his absence.

Once back from the hairdressers DD Chloe amused herself and killed some time by trying to teach me how to use Snapchat filters and rewatching the Seaworld parks planning DVD.

We waited for DD Nic to return from her driving lesson at 11.30 and then said our goodbyes to her and Dan before finally setting off on our journey.

The sat nav was predicting a journey time of just under 3hrs and 175 miles. However as we approached the M1 the arrival time was creeping up and up. It soon became obvious that there were major delays on the motorway. So when the sat nav suggested re-routing via the M40 we decided to go for it.

The journey went smoothly from then on, even the M25 (which DH had been dreading wasn't too congested). With a quick toilet break at the services we pulled into the car park at 3pm. The diversion had added approx 20 miles to our journey but was well worth it to keep moving.

Having pre-paid for parking, the car park barrier automatically recognised our reg number and issued our ticket. Once we'd found a suitable space I made sure to write our location (zone Z, row 9) on the back of the ticket (this might seem the obvious thing to do to most people but having once failed to make a note of it when flying from EMA to Spain, we lost the car in the airport car park - NOT what you'd wish for at the end of a holiday!)

We hopped on the shuttle bus to the North Terminal and were soon at the Premier Inn which is just across the road from the terminal building.

I had already checked in online so we used the self serve terminals to collect our room keys. The terminal also print out your voucher for the meal deal so we went straight to the podium and reserved our table for dinner. The Thyme restaurant doesn't open till 5.30 and as we were all feeling hungry by now we chose the earliest slot available.

We found our room in the 7th floor with a view over the internal court yard and made ourselves at home.

The room was pretty standard Premier Inn stuff with a double bed and a sofa which had been converted into a single. It was clean and comfortable with all the amenities that we required for a one night stay.

There were copies of the menu in the room so we busied ourselves deciding what to have for dinner.

It was soon time to go down to eat and we were very glad that we'd booked our table as there was already a queue at the podium and the restaurant was very busy.

DD decided to eat from the children's menu.

We had to pay for her meal in addition to what we'd already paid for the meal deal but the kids meals are only £5.50 for 2 courses.

She chose the garlic & cheese flatbread for starters and had the tomato pasta with chicken meatballs for her main. It also came with a drink so she had a black currant Fruit Shoot.

She enjoyed the flatbread but she only got 2 fairly small slices which wasn't enough so she ended up sharing some of DH's. She thought the pasta was lovely but the meatballs were a bit bland and tasteless and she only managed 2 of them.

DH also had the cheesy garlic flatbread to start but the adult portion was fortunately much more generous. I had the lamb koftas which I really enjoyed. The menu describes them as lightly spiced but I found them quite hot and was glad of the cool dip that is served with them.

Our meal also came with a drink included. DH had a pint of lager shandy. I chose a glass of rose which was pleasant but quite sweet.

For mains, I had the surf and turf. Which was very nice and swapped my fries for sweet potato fries.

DH had the mixed grill which wasn't huge but he said it was sufficient. Hidden under the egg is steak, gammon, chicken and a sausage.

Both our main courses incurred a £2 surcharge which I don't recall being mentioned on the menu!

We had the option to add a dessert for an additional £2. DH and I shared the Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Sundae which was delicious.

DD had the vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce. She had the one off the adult menu as it was a larger portion than the children's one but the same price.

We all enjoyed our meal at Thyme restaurant and felt that over all it was pretty good value. The staff were efficient and friendly despite the fact that they were very busy.

Hunger satisfied, we settled our bill for the additional items (including a second glass of wine!) and returned to the room.

We watched TV for a while and DD came in our bed for a cuddle - where she promptly fell asleep! Rather than disturb her or have an uncomfortable night, DH moved into her bed and by 9pm we were all fast asleep.

At around midnight, DH and I were both rudely awoken by a phone ringing in the room. It was one of DD's school friends attempting to start a group chat. After a few choice words regarding what 11 year olds were still up at that time of night playing on their phones, we both settled off again - DD slept through the whole thing!

Tomorrow Orlando...

Travel Day is here:-

*Update 20th Feb

I should be ridiculously excited by now but must confess that at the moment I'm more nervous than anything else. It's 12.30 and I can't sleep!

Yesterday, I made a final trip to town to get my nails done and stock up on the essential holiday toiletries.

The last few days have flown by. In between working I seem to have done a ridiculous amount of washing and ironing - mainly for DD Nicola and DS Dan who are staying at home - we are taking mostly Summer clothes with us (I hope this isn't wishful thinking!) which aren't currently in use so these have gone straight from the wardrobe to the cases. Talking of which, the cases are finally packed, although I'm sure that they will be re-packed in the morning and there are still bound to be things that I've forgotten!

We've said our goodbyes to our 2 oldest sons, Stuart and Ian, and their families and delivered our beautiful little dog, Summer, to Ian's house where she's spending her holiday.

So this is it... 6 years of planning and tomorrow night we'll be at the Premier Inn waiting for our flight. It's now nearly 1 a.m. and I really should try to get some sleep but there are a million and one things running through my mind. I'm sure going on holiday shouldn't be this stressful!

Oh well, that's it for the pre-trippie, I'm going to try to keep the trip report more or less live so I'll be back soon...

Pre-Travel Day is here:-

After 6 months without a trip, we are now only 5 days away from my first trip to the southern hemisphere and therefore my first trip to South America!

First of all, while this isn't a full family trip, it isn't a solo trip either! It all started back in October when I found some bargain flights to Buenos Aires. I spoke to my DH who was happy for me to go! But before I could book, our 17 year old son (O) asked if he could come! I was going in the school holidays anyway as otherwise it is too difficult logistically. What was going to be a simple 7 night trip to Buenos Aires became a 12 night tour of Argentina.

So, the two of us are leaving my DH and our 14 year old at home! They are going away too - but only 90 minutes away to a horse competition!

For those of you who don't know me, I am Mel, a 50 year old travel fanatic. I live in the South-West of France and am a Training manager. My partner in crime is our 17 year old son - O. Another one who loves travelling. He will be taking his baccalaureate in June and then off to university in August so this is possibly our last big trip together.

So down to details! O has done a few group trips with other teenagers where they see a lot in a short period of time. His view was that we should see as much as possible...

So it all starts with Lufthansa flights via Frankfurt to Buenos Aires. This cost 450 euros each! We are leaving on Friday evening - so he will go to school and I will go to work for the day. Not ideal but O doesn't want to miss his 4 hours of maths - though he was happy to finish an hour early and miss English! The flight arrives at BA at 8am on Saturday morning.

The trip involves 5 different accommodations - 3 of which are in BA!

The schedule is:
BA - one night
Iguazu Falls - 2 nights
BA - 2 nights
Patagonia - 3 nights
BA - 2 nights

Then there are two nights on each flights. It worked out like this as trying to fly from Iguazu to Patagonia was difficult to plan and apparently flights are often changed at the last minute. The view was it was better to go via BA and stay before moving on! I have chosen three different areas in BA - and trying to increase the niceness of the hotel each time!

So we have three stays in BA! It is probably the bit I am most unprepared for! We have three hotels in three areas - so will concentrate on those areas.

A lot will be taking in the atmosphere, perhaps some tango and eating!

I will probably plan the days on the plane

After one night in BA we have a 9.30am flight to Iguazu Falls. The flight is with Norwegian Argentina - it takes about 1h30.

Once there, we have organised that our Airbnb host, who just happens also to be a taxi driver, to pick us up and take us to the apartment. We will spend the afternoon exploring the town!

The next day we are off to the Brazilian side of the falls! Then the Argentinian side on our final day! The Falls are one of the new natural wonders of the world. It will be interesting to see how they compare with Niagara Falls!

We have a very late flight back to BA. The next day will be another day exploring BA!

Another day, another flight! This time a 3h flight down to El Calafate in Patagonia. I have booked transfers to the hotel.

At 3pm we have a tour which includes a zipline descent - this is a surprise for O!

The following day we are doing the minitrek on the Perito Moreno glacier!

The last full day in Patagonia and we are off to the Petrified Forest. The initial plan was to go to Plain Torres National Park - but travelling with a minor and only one parent into Chile is a nightmare - you need a legally approved authority from the non accompanying parent by the Chilean Embassy. Too complicated so this seemed an interesting alternative - a hike is involved!

The last morning we will explore the town before our afternoon flight back!

The last full day will be visiting anything we still want to see, perhaps some shopping and just enjoying ourselves!

We also have a good 3/4 day before our flight home!

I hope to do a live report - but it will depend on wifi connections

Still need to pack, print out everything, work, have a haircut - plus evenings at the pony! I can't wait!

Finally, after what seems like years in the planning with various decisions made, and then cancelled, we are off to Florida AT. LONG. LAST! (and I've decided to capture the good, bad and ugly in a trip report!).
☀️ ☀️ ☀️

So, introductions:
Me (Michelle) - will be 47 when we travel. I've been hooked on Disney since my 1st trip way back in 1998.
What am I looking forward to? Sunshine, BTM, Soarin (never been on it before but always sounds fab), and FOP (If we are lucky enough to secure FP).
Must admit, I’m not a shopaholic (limited funds with 4 kids mainly prevent me &#128521, but I am looking for a few bits when we go. DH also wants a new iPod.
That's me pictured above with my youngest daughter in Costa Coffee!

DH (Chris) - an HGV driver. As the son of a former BA engineer (my FIL worked for BA for over 40 years), he has been stateside probably around 20 times. He remembers a voucher system on his 1st trip to Disney (old man that he is ;-) ). Despite going all over the USA, he doesn't classify himself as a Disney fan (he's just finally succumbed to my nagging to go!). In all honesty, DH is a big Sci-fi fan and is looking forward to a day at KSC (tickets for which I still need to book).

Then there's our 4 children.
DS Jonathan (16 years), football obsessed (Arsenal in case you care), also plays as goal keeper for a local team. Loves big thrill rides at Theme Parks & water parks.

DD Abigail (Abi) 12 years. Like most girls her age, it's all about hair, nails, clothes and boys (not necessarily in that order!). Again loves big thrill rides and is looking forward to TL & BB (after binge-watching on YouTube!).
Is also wanting to dump her Dad & brother for a day so us girls can get a decent amount of shopping done!
She loves Stitch with all her heart and has adorned her side of the bedroom with many Stitch cut-outs and plush toys.

DD Jessica (Jess/Jessie) 10yrs. A very headstrong character and an avid ROBLOX gamer. In contrast to her siblings, is NOT looking forward to any rollercoasters (maybe she'll change her mind but I'm not going to pressure her). After watching YouTube, her ‘must-do' is the Figment ride.

Finally youngest DD Kirsten (age 7) - a complete sweetie, also loves Roblox and is looking forward to seeing the Castle and eating pancakes for breakfast!

6/4/19 - 20/4/19
In a villa somewhere (allocation on arrival)
Booked through Ocean Florida- very happy, so far I can't fault them.
As I work in a school (TA), I'm working right up until the last moment. That means I finish school Friday 5th April, home for a quick freshen up and change, then we drive down from Cambridgeshire to Gatwick for our overnight stay at The Marriott Courtyard. Fortunately DH has Friday off, so I'm leaving him all the lovely jobs of emptying out the fridge etc and triple-checking all my lists!

6/4/19 - our flight to Fort Lauderdale departs at 09:30, so it's going to be an early morning.

Myself & DH toyed previously with the idea of flying in-direct, but at the end of the day we both felt we didn't want the stress of worrying about connections with 4 kids in tow, so Ocean Florida sourced us direct BA flights to FLL. It’s good to know that once we’re seated we can just relax and watch films, no stress 🤞.

Previously I'd always said we'd do a DIY holiday, but DH said he'd prefer to book a package & everything through a TA. The only downside is that the accommodation is allocated on arrival (or for an extra £800 we can have it allocated now, which is a bit steep I think), so we've left it as ‘on arrival ‘, but with a request to be as near as possible to the parks.

We've also booked a night at Loews Royal Pacific for the benefit of FOLP. Can't wait for this and the kids are all looking forward to the Minions and Simpsons rides.

What else?
Well, as we return on 20/4 at 16:55, means we land back home on Easter Sunday!

Apart from waiting for our FP day to come around, I'm trying to organise my carry-on bag & other bits (why this requires days & days of researching online I can't quite fathom - in years past I'd have just gone to Debenhams or somewhere & picked one out!). Anyway, I've opted for a Longchamps Le Pliage tote bag in ice blue (pics when it arrives).

Not much else to tell you at the moment (as the itinerary is still a work in progress), but I hope you enjoy following us!

Time for home, but not before we had a bit more enjoying to do!
We had most the packing finished so after a last coffee on the balcony we went across for a selection of breakfast pastries from the Marketplace, and ate it in the Solarium. We still had credits left, so we bought breakfast for a family in the queue - it was their first day and they were very surprised, but pleased. After breakfast we bought a few more sweets with leftover credits then after finishing the packing we left our lovely Beach Club and headed off to Disney Springs to check in at the VA desk.
It was quite busy, but we were soon on our way to Fantasia golf, where it was very busy, of course it was a Saturday, and we ended up playing the Fairways course by which time we were thinking about lunch! Celebration Town Tavern was calling us, so that's where we went, a little walk around and look in a couple of shops then we went for lunch- it's always lovely there and the staff are very friendly. We all really enjoyed our late lunch, particularly the Clam Chowder which is my favourite and had no room for a dessert.
Unfortunately it was time to head to the airport, luckily there were no hold ups on the way, and we got through security quite quickly then settled down with coffees in departures. The flight was in time, meals were good and we even slept for a while (a first!) and before we knew it we were driving up the motorway home - another great trip over too quickly.
Time to plan the next one 🙂

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US Dollar Rates
ASDA  $1.2784
CaxtonFX  $1.2758
Covent Garden FX  $1.2897
FAIRFX  $1.2775
John Lewis  $1.2889
M&S  $1.2547
Post Office  $1.2662
Sainsburys  $1.2744
TESCO  $1.2771
Travelex  $1.2716
Updated: 13:03 23/02/2019

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Euro Rates
ASDA  €1.1262
CaxtonFX  €1.1256
Covent Garden FX  €1.1343
FAIRFX  €1.1250
John Lewis  €1.1363
M&S  €1.0955
Post Office  €1.1165
Sainsburys  €1.1241
TESCO  €1.1270
Travelex  €1.1205
Updated: 13:03 23/02/2019