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Woo hoo!! Cali Brunch day today but not ’till 11am, we had planned on a lazyish morning but had set the alarm for 7am just in case. We put some washing on as we had some time to spare.

No certificate under our door this morning, maybe tonight when we return? Fingers crossed!

We boarded the bus to MK in plenty of time, we gave ourselves just over an hour and a half just to be safe. We boarded the Monorail to the Contemporary, we did toy with walking but there is no way that I wanted to arrive a hot and sweaty mess! and we arrived in plenty of time with 35 minutes to kill, so we sat out on the deck on the fourth floor near the skyway bridge over to Bay Lake tower and enjoyed the view. They have some fixed metal rocking chairs out here, it’s a lovely place to sit for a while, we saw a couple of bald eagles as well.

We checked into Cali grill on the second floor and took the escorted lift up to the 15th floor, there was an awkward conversation with the woman who escorts you up, I wonder how many awkward conversations she has to have every day, poor woman!

I had a Mimosa on arrival, I thought that this was going to be quite sweet but it was too dry for me, I like sweet, I assumed that there would be fruit juice in it but the fruit juice is in the boba balls, so basically, it’s a glass of dry champagne. I really wanted to try the boba balls so had to drink all the champagne to get to them as the Cali is far too posh for me to try and dig them out with a spoon as they didn’t float to the top.

We were shown to our table and had an amazing view from the window.

Our server was lovely and talked us though the menu and the options available from the buffet. We could have had bloody marys if we wanted them, but I declined. I’ve never tried a bloody mary and they look really scary from the photos I’ve seen, especially when they have sticks of celery, rashers of bacon and giant shrimps all sticking out of the top! We both had fresh orange instead 😊

We placed our entree orders with the server who explained that the entrees would be prepared once we had finished our first buffet plates, we could ask for these to be delayed if we wanted to. She also recommended that we don’t visit the Rum baba station until after the entrees as these are very sweet and we should wait until we have finished with the savoury.

By this point we were both hungry as we purposely hadn’t eaten since 5pm yesterday. We made our way to the buffet, there is so much, if not too much choice and everything is beautifully presented. There is a whole jar of Sweetie drop peppers, I love these and took as many as I could get away with without looking strange! The stand outs for me were the devilled eggs, the shrimp tempura rolls and the roasted peach salad.

I also picked up a selection from the charcuterie board, amongst this was some of the worst tasting cheese ever! That was a bit of a shock.

We ordered the Eggs benedict, coconut pineapple French toast and had the bison to share, we had found out from watching a Tim Tracker video that you can order more than two entrees between you.

I was slowly making my way through the Mimosa getting closer to the boba balls, but our server sneaked up behind me and topped it up whilst I was distracted, probably by shrimp tempura! no!!!! Back to the start again then 😂

We managed to eat everything barring the waffle fries that came with the bison burger.

Our Server then brought over a plate of tiny desserts asking us if we would like to eat them here, or boxed up to go. We decided to eat them here, and we ate the lot! The little jellies are horrible, they reminded me of Newbury fruits that I used to buy for my nan when I was little, everything else was lovely, the Macarons were delicious, omg, obvs the ones we’ve had in the past have been cheap knockoffs compared to these.

I made it!

After desserts I took a wander out onto the viewing platform to take some photos.

We declined coffee and asked for the cheque, our server explained that we could come to see the MNSSHP fireworks tonight from the viewing platform, but we were going to see the rivers of light show as AK as tonight was the only chance we would get after we failed to see it at the After Hours event. This was a standout meal for us, location, service and food, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We caught the Monorail back to MK then bus to AK, it felt really hot and humid today. First up was Nemo, this is a lovely little show, but we both said we struggled to stay awake, if the seats had been comfier, we would have had a 40 minute nap!

When we left the theatre, it was peeing down! I finally got the chance to wear the unflattering poncho!!

We wandered around exploring for a little while.

After a couple of hours exploring, we realised that dinner was in an hour at 5:15 at the Rainforest Cafe and we were both still stuffed from brunch, can’t cancel it though. The rain stopped but the humidity which usually gets better after the rain seemed to get worse, we took refuge in the Harambe market and sat neat the giant fans, this is a really secluded little spot once the food areas close.

We took a stroll through Pandora and then checked into the rainforest cafe at 5, I’d forgotten how chaotic and noisy it is in here! Again, I booked this for nostalgic reasons rather than the food.

There was a bit of a wait until we were seated, this was ok as we were trying our hardest to work up an appetite. We were seated under a rather rude looking snake! Is it just me that thinks this looks odd??

John had the Caesar salad with shrimp and I asked for the Shrimp platter. Our server didn’t understand what I asked for, shrimp platter I repeated, he then asked me to point to the menu item. This, I said pointing to the shrimp platter. A few seconds pause, oh, you mean the shrimp pladder. Because I didn’t pronounce my Ts as Ds he didn’t have a clue what I was saying! I did giggle.

We still managed to fit in dessert! John had the Mango sorbet and I had the Key lime pie, yup we ate it all. We are fully Florida trained now.

It was raining heavily when we left the restaurant, we waited for ages in the rainforest café shop for the rain to ease up so we could leave, I was starting to worry that Rivers of Light would be cancelled due to the rain. We didn’t get to see it in 2016 because of this reason. It finally started to ease so we made our escape.

We took a slow walk over to Asia for Rivers of light and made our way into the theatre, we were sat behind a cute little girl who was bored waiting. Mum was a bit frazzled and was trying to entertain her with you tube videos, we all ended up playing peek a boo for a while, she was so adorable. Poor mum apologised to us after the show and hoped she didn’t cause us too much annoyance, we said not to be so silly, she was adorable!

Rivers of Light is a really lovely show, the lights and music is impressive and Disney managed to create a really nice evening experience for AK without fireworks, my only complaint is a sore backside from sitting on an uncomfortable bench for so long.

We both felt that we had a really lovely day today, it also dawned on us that we are in the last few days now so we better stop the dawdling around and get a plan together to make sure we haven’t missed anything!

Headed home, I excitedly opened the door thinking that our certificate would be there, but sorry to say there was nothing ☹
14,188 steps today

US Rent A Car

So today we had decided to do a 4 park challenge, I had read BevS97’s trip report who had recently completed 4 parks in one day and saw her Certified World Traveller certificate that had been slipped under her room door and just knew that I needed to try and get one of these, what a wonderful souvenir.

The challenge we set ourselves is a minimum of two rides, food or snacks and at least one photopass picture at each park. We had set a plan to go to HS first for EMH, get the boat over to Epcot, then the monorail to the TTC, ferry to MK and our final park would be AK as we had booked an evening safari FP and an Everest FP and it’s the closest park to our resort so only had a 5 minute journey as the end of the day.

We arrived at HS for 7:30, so not quite the 6am start that we would have liked but totally acceptable. Bag check and the park was virtually empty so all was good.

First up were photos in front of the Chinese theatre, we encountered the craziest photographer ever who kept shouting wasssssupppppp and took about 30 pictures of us! He attracted quite a queue.

We rode ToT twice, on the first ride we had the whole car to ourselves, how lucky were we! I just have to add that John does not have abnormally long arms, even though they look totally ridiculous here.
I Can only assume that everyone had ether gone to Toy Story land or Galaxys edge.

RnR coaster next, I love this ride, we didn’t even have to watch the preshow on this occasion, they just opened the doors up allowing us to walk straight through.

We were both hungry now, so decided to grab some breakfast at Anaheim Produce on Sunset Boulevard.

Two snack credits used for breakfast which consisted of fresh pineapple and a pretzel, sorry it’s so boring!

We didn’t venture any further into HS but left and walked over to the boat dock to take the scenic route to the unloved Epcot, this is a lovely little boat ride that we haven’t ever taken before.

We arrived at Epcot at 9:15 and wandered over to Nemo as it was only a 5 minute wait, for some reason we decided at that point not to ride it and head over to Test Track instead, arrived at Test Track and it had just gone down, argh!! So back tracked to Nemo and the wait time was now 40 minutes!! Lessons learned and all that!

We didn’t want to hang around queuing so there was only one thing for it, Figment and Pixar shorts instead, no waits there! Plus the bonus of Pixar shots is a comfy chair in an air conditioned theatre. Plus the films are so cute.

Our snack from Epcot was the liquid Nitro chocolate almond truffle with warm whisky caramel from the Chocolate Studio booth. Watching this being made was fascinating stuff, ice cream is dropped into a steaming vat of liquid nitrogen. It was every bit as good as it looks, although John could take or leave it, because of this I definitely had the bigger share. He’s odd as he’s not really a chocolate dessert fan.

We then walked over to China as I had lost my fan a few days ago so I wanted to replace it, we admired the koi carp in Japan and spotted the hidden mickey, we also bought some Japanese sweets to take home as gifts.

We walked back through Epcot towards the Monorail, stopping for some photopass pictures first, then off to MK via the ticket and transportation centre, doing this also meant we didn’t have to go through bag check again which is a bonus.

Jumped on the busy ferryboat and arrived at MK just after 1:45, not bad 2 parks down and two to go.

This visit is the first time that we have stayed on Disney property and I have found that I really miss coming into the TTC and having to get the monorail or the ferry boat, you just cant beat that first glimpse of the castle.

We Stopped off for lunch at Pecos Bill, chicken salad and nachos to share and then queued for pirates.

We bought a fuel rod today in Pecos Bill, why did we wait until halfway though the holiday to buy one? I have no idea! Its an ideal size to drop into my small bag rather then carrying my larger one around with me, and will be put to good use in the future. They do get a bit hot though!

Obviously, we haven’t had enough to eat yet so we shared a pineapple upside down cake with dole whip, another victory all round with this choice!

Our second ride was on the beloved carousel of progress as this is guaranteed to have low or no queue and it’s Saturday! I couldn’t book any FP’s as we had booked them for thIs evening at AK.

Attempted to get some arty photos with the castle and balloons, not too bad an attempt, we then had some Photopass pictures taken in front of the castle and left the park just before 4pm to get the bus to AK.

The cheeky photographer asked me if I wanted to sort my hair out! There’s no sorting this frizzy hair in this humidity, I’m embracing the frizz on this trip...

We were both slightly hot and frazzled by now but still going strong, we sent a picture via WhatsApp to the kids to show them that we had made it.

We cooled down with some Frozen cokes at Drinkwallah, The theming and props here are brilliant, we sat out the back under cover and watched the dark clouds approaching, then the heavens opened, lucky that we were under cover!

It’s a really cosy little area here, with lovely views over the river and there are ceiling fans keeping the area nice and cool.

We then rode Everest, we didn’t like it in 2016, so why did we ride it again? Just to make sure that we really didn’t like it.
It’s the going backwards that throws us, plus it throws you around physically as well! I feel shamed watching the kids coming off with big beaming grins asking to go on again.😂

We grabbed some more drinks and a portion of Mr Kamals seasoned fries as recommended by AJ on the Disney Food blog, what is it about Americans and salt! They were too salty for us, we even tried to dilute the salt by having lots of dipping sauces with them. I’ve read that other people have really enjoyed them too, maybe we had overly seasoned, seasoned fries!

We sat chatting to 3 young lads who randomly asked us how long we had been married! Turns out they were submariners who were on R&R, we had quite a long interesting conversation about forces life, John was in the RAF for 16 years so there were a few stories to share, and American TV adverts trying to sell you lifesaving medication but possible side effects can make the condition worse or kill you!

The Safari FP was booked for 7pm, we were stuck for ages in the truck as there was a giraffic jam, It turned into the longest safari we had ever been on, our poor driver really had t work at making conversation as we were stationary for ages. We did have an American guy asking if we were going to see lions and elephants, our driver replied saying that it’s not guaranteed as they are free to roam, but hopefully we will. His response was to say that it’s not worth the ride if you can’t see them, why call it a safari.
He was quite blunt and abrupt. Our driver also had to tell a couple on at least two occasions to sit their child down as he was hanging over the side of the truck!

We left AK at 8pm, totally exhausted having covered 21,752 steps, but very contented, stopped off at the Mara for flat breads which we were too tired to finish, fast asleep by 10pm.

Did we get our certificate? You’ll find out later 😊

Cali Grill Brunch tomorrow, beyond excited for this!!

Friday the 13th, uh oh...

Up and out this morning to rope drop Epcot, we arrived 15 mins before opening and the approach to the bag check area looked pretty clear. I then made the wrong decision to pop to the loo. As I came out there must have been about 4 tour groups with bright yellow flags on poles all stampeding towards the bag check area, it was total bedlam. They appeared to be from Mexico, Argentina and another South American country that I couldn’t figure out. This is the first time in September that I have ever seen tour groups, but then this is the first time that the Food and wine festival has ever been on during our September visit.

The frustrated security officers were shouting at people to get in single lines for bag check but they all stayed in groups, it was chaos, and extremely hot! It took us 45 minutes to get through bag check, all because I decided to pop to the loo instead of waiting. first world problems I know, but I was hot and bothered, I was already losing my love for Epcot this trip so this took it another couple of notches down.

Took a ride on spaceship earth and checked out our future selves, I really dislike the Pringle jumper I always seem to end up with 😊

Determined to use some snack credits we started to make our way in an anti clockwise direction around the world showcase, first stop was Brazil for the cheese bread.

Should have got two portions of this, heaven on a plate! Warm and gooey cheese, what’s not to like! Just park me here for the next few hours, I’ll soon get through all the snack credits.
Next up was the chicken teriyaki bao bun from Japan.

This was also yummy! Can’t go wrong with a bao bun.

Then off to China for another slightly different bao bun.

This was shrimp and chicken, this was so salty, all we could taste was the salt!

We fancied something sweet next, we had a FP coming up for Frozen Ever After so walked over to the Norway Kringla bakery. Ok, so not a food and wine offering but still snack credits.

We had a chocolate and an almond kringla pastry which we shared, mmmm, these were delicious.
We sat outside in the covered area to eat these, the mental chairs here are so heavy, every time someone pulls out a chair the scaping noise of metal against concrete made me wince!

We rode Frozen ever After for the first time (in forever, sorry!) At least we can say that we’ve ridden it now, I cant imagine ever queuing for it, unless you have kids obviously. I much preferred the old maelstrom ride.

We were also staring to notice some rather rowdy, slightly drunk, groups of people around. I have nothing against drinking and alcohol but doing it to the extreme in the middle of the day just feels wrong. I think it’s the loudness of the groups that aggravates me, there are kids around.

Not feeling the love again for Epcot, and we had managed to use 5 snack credits today, we decided to get on the monorail and go back to Magic Kingdom.

We entered the park and found an empty bench outside of the Town Square theatre where it was nice to sit and watch people coming into the park. We also met Sarge, he and his cast member owner were both earning their ears. How cute is he!

We also managed to catch the parade from here which was an unexpected bonus.
Once again we went on buzz, then had a doze on both the carousel of progress and the people mover.

15 days in and we hadn’t yet had a Joffreys donut! We soon put an end to that. Another snack credit used, doing well today.

Managed to grab a FP for Pirates on the go, so we took a walk over to Adventure land, I nearly lost the skin from the back of my foot when I got taken out by an enthusiastic man pushing a large Disney stroller!

The park was closing at 6pm as there is a MNSSHP tonight, we had a 7:30 booking at O’hanas for dinner so we left at 6 and took the monorail over to the poly where we thought we would chill for a bit in the lobby before dinner.
As we walked into the Poly we realised we hadn’t been hit with a wall of aircon, it was just as hot inside as it was outside! I overheard people saying that the aircon had gone down throughout the resort, it wasn’t very pleasant. We sat for a while fanning ourselves, John fell asleep! He blames the heat.

We checked into Ohanas at 7:15 and sat in the bar area whilst waiting to be called, I was really looking forward to this meal… We heard our names being called and were shown to a table and given the pineapple bread, we had a lovely view, unfortunately the view was the only lovely thing about this meal. Thankfully the aircon was back up and running.

We were left for about 15 minutes with an empty table, apart from the plate of bread, before our server came over and asked us what we wanted to drink, no drinks menu was given to us. I asked her what we could have, she replied saying water... coke products...
We both asked for a diet coke, I hadn’t planned on having a cocktail tonight but it would have been nice to have been given the drinks menu, I probably would have caved in and had a lovely magical star cocktail.

She was gone for another 10 minutes or so before coming back and plonking the drinks back on the table and leaving. We are both a bit introverted, and the last thing I wanted to do was to make a fuss.

A young lad came over with the salad and the skillet with noodles, veg and pot stickers, he was very pleasant and was telling us how hot they had all been today, they had all been given cooling towels to wear around their necks to help with the heat.

Our server then came round with the skewers, the chicken and shrimp is nice but the steak is almost inedible, it would be easier to chew the sole of a shoe it was so tough! We didn’t have our drinks refilled once, our glasses were not empty but there was no offer of a refill, there were other tables around us that she was also looking after, but each table had at least 6 people. She was running around after these, refills, extra skewers and chatting and handing out drink menus! All I can think is that the tip value of these tables was a lot more than the tip value from us.

The banana bread pudding, ice cream and sauce was given to us by the young lad. I think I was just grumpy now but how are you supposed to eat ice cream and the caramel sauce from a tiny saucer! You can just about spot the saucer in the photo above.
Our server comes back with the cheque and I reminded her that we are on the dinning plan and before scanning my magic band asked if I also wanted to charge anything to the room, I said no, she looked a little taken aback until I told her that a cash tip is in the folder, beaming smile then. Bearing in mind I think those few words were the most she had spoken to us all evening. She did as if we loved the dessert, I answered saying that it was ok, I’ve had better, we then left.

We left O’hanas tired and disappointed. Such as shame as breakfast was a completely different experience. 18,787 steps today.

We are attempting a 4 park challenge tomorrow!

FoP fastpass day today!! Woo hoo! A double woo hoo as John has a fast pass as well, only he is a wimp and can’t ride it or he will be ill all day, so I get to ride it twice. Lucky me!
I’m sure that you notice more each time you ride, it also feels slightly different depending on where you sit? It could be that I was just noticing more, I also made a point of watching other people’s reactions and everyone is the same, just total awe.

It was still quite early but we were both hungry and fancied some breakfast preferably something hot, Creature comforts was packed and I didn’t want to queue, Kusafiri also had a huge queue, we were getting slightly frustrated now. If we had wanted a beer or frozen margaritas at 8:15 in the morning we would have been fine.

We ended up making do with some pastries from the isle of Java food cart, why isn’t there any QS open for breakfast in AK?

We sat in the Flametree BBQ area to eat these, its quite nice here early in the morning, you have the whole area to yourselves, apart from all the cranes eyeing up your food of course!

Next up was Bugs life (again!), followed by the lion king show. I don’t think that we will ever tire of this, goose bumps every time.

Found Kevin! Complete fail on the selfie front 😂

We had an early 11:45 lunch at Satuli, I was very much looking forward to this, it was quite busy even though it wasn’t prime lunch time.

I ordered the Chili Garlic shrimp with noodles and the creamy herb sauce, John had the beef and black bean rice. Both were delicious and filling. We also ordered the Chocolate cake and the Blueberry Cream cheese Mousse as snack credits alongside the QS meals, the cashier got a bit confused about how to do this and faffed around for a bit, we offered to pay for the desserts oop but he then waved us on, we collected our meals and ended up getting the desserts for free, and an extra chocolate cake?? We declined the extra cake though!

The blueberry cream cheese mouse was so sweet! It was nice but we both preferred the chocolate cake. We also both had a Pandoran Sunrise which was quite moorish, I’ve since discovered that there is melon Powerade in it, total sugar overload for us today then!

We left AK just after 12:30 and bumped into DiVine!! We spent ages in 2016 trying to hunt her down, then totally out of the blue here she is! She is soooo graceful and just completely blends in with the foliage, she’s quite mesmerising to watch.

Caught the bus back to AKL to spend a couple of hours in the pool before heading back out to MK, my mission this evening was to queue up for the lantern photos in the Tangled area.

Grabbed the chance to have some more photos in front of the castle, you can never have enough of these!

We had another early 4:30 meal at the Starlight Café, not one of our favourites but mostly nostalgic reasons. We made a not very healthy choice of burger and fries, the burger came with mac and cheese, I can honestly say that we wont be having these again, they look cute though!

Dessert was a churro ice cream from sleepy hollow, another item that I had wanted to try from watching the Disney food blog, the churro goes a bit hard but it’s still nice, you have to eat it quickly though! It would be impossible to eat on the go, some sort of cutlery and a huge wad of paper napkins is definitely required.

Challenged John to another round on buzz, where true to form I failed to beat him again. I have certainly perfected the art of looking completely gormless now.

The sun was just starting to go down now so we wandered over to the Tangled area to wait for the lantern photo queue to start. As it started to get dark the queue very quickly formed as people hanging around in strategic areas! We were in no rush so joined the back of the queue which had snaked back towards Columbia Harbour House.
Two American ladies asked us what we where queuing for, we replied saying it was for the Lantern photo, their reply...

Oh, you’re British, you British just love a queue, if you see a queue you join it, are you sure it’s for the lanterns? 😊

We then got chatting to a guy from Brisbane who was in line with his little boy whilst mum and 2 daughters were on the carousel. We think we have a long flight from the uk!! 20 hours!!!! And with three young kids, kudos to them all.

The queue was worth it! I love these photos ❤️.

All in all, a pretty perfect day, we left the park just before 9 to beat the crowds, with 18,847 steps under our belts we were pretty exhausted, usual routine tonight, home coffee then instant sleep.

Thanks for reading 😀

We both felt so much better today after crashing out yesterday afternoon, still didn’t make it into Magic Kingdom until just before 8:30 though 😊

Saw a Dumbo bus this morning! the new buses are great, they even have usb charging points between the chairs.

We had a 7DMT FP for 8:30 to use (love this cottage) before going for breakfast at... Drum roll please... Gastons again!

We sat inside to share the cinnamon roll then finished our Le Frou’s brews sat on the wall, Disney imagineers are so clever with the theming, I haven’t ever noticed this tiny little door before.

I managed to convince John to go on the carousel with me, he had to focus his eyes straight ahead for the whole ride to avoid motion sickness 😀 I think that he secretly enjoyed it.

We walked into Frontier land and I stopped to buy a cold brew, it was gross! All I could taste was the dreaded Florida water taste, I was so looking forward to this, I’ll stick to Starbucks in future.
We sat on the benches beside the river for 10 minutes or so, saw a lost pair of sparkly Mickey ears floating in the water, how sad... I wonder what the back story is?? 😊

Big Al was wandering round so I started to film him, as he got closer I could hear John laughing as he told me to turn around...

...this is the view I got! Frightened the life out of me!!

Splash mountain next, made sure that John sat on the right again, yup he got soaked!!

We managed to catch the muppets show in Liberty Square telling us the muppets version of great moments in American history, I didn’t realise that this little show has now closed, we didn’t manage to catch this in 2016 so I’m glad we did this time.

We then hot footed it over to Haunted Mansion for our next FP, halfway round the ride stopped, its funny how much more you notice around you when a ride stops. The piano that appears to be playing by itself has a shadow cast on the floor of a person sat playing it, I’ve have never noticed it before!

We decided to have our lunch at Columbia Harbour House today.

I’ve never had the lobster roll before, so wanted to try it and I’m glad I did.

We did plan on staying in MK today until about 3 but we had pretty much done everything we wanted to so decided that we’d make a trip to Walmart as I wanted to get a couple of bits and see if they had any Dunder Mifflin tshirts (The American Office), and some bars of Velveeta plastic cheese to take home 😀 then come back to MK tonight for fireworks after our dinner at Sanaa.

I know that these photos have all been seen before but even so! Everything is just ginormous! They had bags of treat sized chocolate for trick or treating that contained 1000 bars!!
We arranged a Lyft back to AKL, with the discount I think it cost us $5, bargain. The driver was from Sri Lanka and we knew his and his family’s complete life history by the time we got back!

We took a stroll over to Kidani Village around 4:30, it’s a shame that its only accessible by walking through the car parks, I mentioned earlier that it would be lovely if you could walk to AK from AKL, and it’s also a shame that the walk over to Kidani isn’t a pretty walk. That’s the only negative that I can think of for staying at AKL, there are no pretty walks.

We had 15 minutes or so to kill before checking in so went to check out the Savanah, its very pretty here and we managed to catch the giraffes being fed. We also managed to get told someone’s complete medical history, that’ll teach us to talk to strangers! We did manage to make our excuses and leave before it got too gory 😂

If you are dining at Sanaa then it’s an unwritten rule that you must have the bread service, can I also have it for mains and dessert please?
We paid extra for this as its not included on the dining plan, but its such good value at $18. We managed to finish the lot!

We then both had items from the Potjie inspired menu, we were allowed 3 items plus a rice, we ordered a mixture so that we could share but the stand outs were the braised beef, butter chicken and the cilantro coconut vegetables, all utterly delicious. How on earth are we going to manage dessert!

Magic Star cocktails should also be counted as one of my five a day now 😂

John went for the Spice Trade Candy bar, oh my goodness, this was delicious and I must try to recreate it at some point but can’t find a copy cat recipe anywhere. I went for the espresso chocolate mousse, which doesn’t appear to be on the menu now, this was also lovely, but not as lovely as Johns choice!

Dinner over, we rolled ourselves to the bus stop at Kidani to catch the bus back to Magic Kingdom. While waiting for the bus I was listening to other people’s conversations (favourite pastime of mine). An American couple had a 7:30 adr at Citricos and were complaining that a bus hadn’t turned up and they had been waiting since 6:45, bearing in mind that they had only given themselves 45 minutes to get to the Grand Floridian for a meal, it was now 7pm so they would have been late regardless.

The bus arrived just after 7, but she was then quite vocal about the mobility scooter that was waiting to get on the bus as it was going to hold them up even more. She was asking out loud how long it would take her to walk to the Grand Floridian from MK, I did tell her that she had to get a boat or the monorail, she couldn’t walk, I don’t think that it improved her mood. I also don’t think they realised what Citricos was like either as they both had short and t shirts on, he was a rather large guy wearing a sleeveless t shirt, the type where the armholes are realllllly low down. I wonder now if after all that, the lateness and the dress code, they were even allowed in

We managed to make it to MK in one piece (leaving the American couple with about 30 seconds to get to their meal) and no fights breaking out!

In Liberty Square we spotted one of the popcorn carts selling Mickey Mouse popcorn buckets, these are so cute! We were racking our brains trying to think what we could use this for at home to justify buying one, neither of us like salty popcorn so we wouldn’t be buying it for the cheap popcorn refills. Eventually we decided that we didn’t need a reason and just bought an empty one, I’d find a use for it somehow! The cast member did tell us that you can buy freshly popped sweet maple popcorn in the Canada pavilion in Epcot.

We wanted to sit behind the castle to watch the fireworks, I had read on a blog somewhere that it’s a nice place to sit away from the crowds, obviously you don’t get to see the projections, so that’s what we did. We walked over to fantasy land and found an empty wall to sit on.

I don’t know if I would recommend it, it was very different, but I don’t know quite what I expected. There are fireworks going off all around you, to the front, the sides, above and behind, there’s too much going on for your eyes to have the ability to keep up with it all. Still we’ve done it now so that’s another tick off the list.

We did walk back up to the Main street station to watch Once Upon a time, nearly had our heads taken off by following a man carrying a fold up pushchair on one shoulder, he turned around a few times and nearly took other peoples heads off too, it was like a scene from only fools and horses!

Got back home at about 11:15, pleased with ourselves that we had managed to cram quite a lot into today we celebrated with a coffee before falling into an exhausted sleep. Only 14,736 steps, it felt like this figure should have been a lot higher!

We both woke up just before the 6:45 alarm, we are both flagging a bit today at 12 days in, I think if we were here for 2 weeks we would have forced ourselves to up our game but we decided that we would have a slower day today. No fast passes had been booked, I had deliberately left the day free when planning and we would decide to go where ever the wind takes us.

We caught the bus to MK at 8am and jumped on the monorail to the poly for our O’hanas breakfast adr.

The Poly had a slightly more relaxed feel today compared to our last visit, we checked in at the podium and took a seat near the bar to wait for our name to be called, it was only a short wait before we were shown to our table.

You’re given the pineapple coconut bread as you take a seat and I dived straight in before remembering to take a photo, it’s so nice, its very similar to brioche.

The fruit platter was delicious and I was pleased to see they Disney have recovered from the grape shortage.
Another family style ’all you care to eat’ skillet was delivered to the table, once again we looked around to see who was joining us, true to form we only managed to eat half. Our server was great and she fussed over us and her other tables.

We said hello to Lilo, Stitch and Mickey as it would be rude not too...

This was a lovely leisurely breakfast and we stayed here till about 10:30 and didn’t feel rushed at all, we are coming back here for dinner later in the week so are really looking forward to this as today was such a lovely and relaxing experience.

We took a bus from the poly to Animal kingdom as we still weren’t sure what the plans for today would be and AK is close to ’home’ we grabbed a large drink each and sat watching the world by for and hour or so before deciding we would have a pool day as we could both do with a rest.

We took the 5 minute journey back to AKL, went to our room to get changed and ended up falling asleep for a few hours, we have never done this before!! Talk about lightweights! We both felt so much better when we woke up so we must have needed it.

When Disney announced the Eat to the Beat concerts, I noticed that a young singer called Lauren Daigle was included in the line up. I first heard her when this soulful voice popped up on a random Spotify playlist, at first I thought that I was hearing a song I didn’t know by Adele as her voice is so similar and she sings beautifully. That’s when I discovered Lauren Daigle and started listening to her Album, on further investigation it turns out that she is a young Christian singer, I don’t have a religious bone in my body! Christian music aside, her voice is amazing!
So it just so happens that Lauren is in tonight’s line up so off we went to Epcot to catch her 5:30 show.

Stopped at Canada first to spend some snack credits and tried to recreate our meal from Le Cellier, soup was lovely, but not enough bread to mop it all up and it was a little hard., The steak was over cooked and just not the same, I wouldn’t have been very happy had we paid oop for this as it wasn’t cheap.

We decided to be lazy and hopped on the friendship boat from Canada to Morocco, used some snack credits on a funnel cake and a drink each and then grabbed a seat in the America Gardens Theatre roughly 45 minutes before Lauren was due on stage, it was packed!
We thoroughly enjoyed it, she was on stage for about 40 minutes and there was a really good atmosphere.

We took a bus back to AKL about 6:45 and had dinner at the Mara, I chose the Turkey and avocado club sandwich (which was lovely) and John had the crispy chicken sandwich, we also picked up a Zebra and Flamingo cake to have with our coffee later, the flamingo cake was delicious, moist and gingery, turns out it’s plant based, didn’t think much of the Zebra cup cake though, it was a bit sickly and quite dry.
For a lazy day we still managed to walk 17,924 steps!!

Upping our game tomorrow as we have a full day at MK

John woke up feeling a bit rubbish this morning, that niggling sore throat was now full blown and he didn’t feel 100% but there was a BB8 droid waiting to be built at 10:20 this morning.

We took our time today and didn’t arrive at HS until just before 10am and it’s a lot busier, now the crowds are picking up, than it was last week, so we hot footed it across to GE and the droid workshop to create a friend for R2. It was pretty much the same as the last build and the whole process again took about 20 minutes, we tried to buy some orange and blue personality chips for the droids but these had all sold out. We declined the $50 back pack!

Clutching the newly acquired BB8 we wondered what we should do next as carrying him around limits what we can go on, while we pondered this we decided to try out the blue milk from the milk stand, surprisingly we both enjoyed it, it’s a frozen plant based slushy and has a fruity and sherberty taste to it. It’s really refreshing, we have yet to try the green milk. Both of these can be served with rum.

We sat on the chairs in Ronto Roasters where you can see out over Batuu with drinks for a little while watching the character interaction, Chewie is so funny with his interactions...

Temperatures were unbearably hot again today, I thought that John could do with another visit to Frozen ever after for a rest and cool down, of course he loved it! I think I loved it more though.

It was around midday we realised that we hadn’t yet had any food, I love a Disney pizza so we decided to go to the Sunshine ranch for said pizza, Caeser salad and a large sprite. The pizza was as great as it always is, if I close my eyes, I can smell it now... I’d forgotten that we also had pizza planned for dinner this evening... oops!

We had a FP for TSM where I beat John again, I just can’t win on Buzz but can on TSM and I have no idea why, John’s excuse today is that he’s feeling poorly. Both of us had rubbish accuracy scores! I love the theming in here with the giant toys, the giant plugs and night lights on the walls. It’s also quite amusing listening to mr. Potato head in the queue.

We then grabbed a couple of our new favourite Joffrey’s frozen cappuccinos and headed back home around 1:30 so John could have a doze as he was feeling slightly rough and we had after hours at Animal Kingdom tonight.

We just had to Introduce the droids to each other, they got on like a house on fire 😂

John then tried to nab 40 winks while I wrote up some notes and surfed the web for a bit, before popping to the Mara to grab a coffee, I may have accidentally used 2 snack credits on a cashew nut cookie and a giraffe eclair 😊 John was wide awake when I returned and we shared the cakes, my favourite was definitely the cashew nut cookie.

We left for AK around 4pm, in hindsight we should have stayed at the lodge for longer but I had booked a 5:30 reservation yesterday at pizzasafari for the family style dining package.

I only had two character meets that I really wanted to do this trip so we fulfilled the first one by meeting Doug and Russell! I love these two, it would be even better if they managed to bring Carl in on it one day, anyone from Disney here??

Next up was the Family style dinning at pizzasafari, yup, I know 2 pizzas in one day, bad planning on my part I think!! This is such a good value QS meal, there were only two of us but this could have easily fed a family of four! And again, it’s an all you care to eat and we were told if we wanted more of anything just to ask, with the amount of food served up it would be impossible to have more! When you arrive you check in at the podium, order your drinks and are taken to a separate dining room.

A table of four near us had obviously thought hard about this as they asked for another pizza, only ate one piece and then asked for it to be boxed up to go, that’s their supper sorted then!

We were served with Caeser salad, caprese salad, Baked ziti, fettuccine with chicken and a large pizza. Dessert is nothing special, 5 little cannoli - odd number for two people? We tried one each but weren’t really keen on them. It’s all served family style, you don’t have to tip as it’s a QS but we were looked after really well so left some money on the table. I highly recommend a visit here for a really good value and filing meal.

Around 7pm we paid a visit to the Nomad lounge for a chill out and a cocktail, it’s a lovely quiet place to escape to, especially sitting outside on the veranda overlooking the water. I had a lovely watermelon margarita, took me a while to decide what to have, I’m so fussy with alcohol, there isn’t much that I like the taste of and don’t like anything too strong or sour, but the server convinced me that I would like this and luckily I did, wasn’t my favourite but it was nice. John had his usual diet coke. We sat here for about an hour putting the world to rights. I assume that it can get busy here but today there were only 2 other couples here.

We had a bugs life FP up next, I think we go just to hear the other kids reactions, I remember the screams when we first took ours when they were little. It never fails to deliver high pitched screams and laughter, even from the adults who haven’t been here before.

Animal Kingdom is so pretty at night, we had the perfect spot to sit and watch the Tree of life awakenings on the chairs behind Mr Kamals over looking the water, not another person in sight. You don’t get the full on front view here, more of a side on view but its still lovely, and the awakenings take place all around the tree.

The park had now shut to all guests, and we took a walk around an empty Asia, I was feeding John paracetamol at this point as he wasn’t feeling too good but was determined to carry on for as long as he could, he never complains when he is ill. I’m the one in this relationship that gets full on man flu and complains to everyone who will listen!

We then walked over to Pandora...

...Its impossible to capture how beautiful Pandora is at night, the bioluminescence and iPhone cameras don’t like each other.
Flight of passage... what can I say! This is totally and utterly breath taking, I physically gasped out loud. The smells and sounds and the feels just full on whack all your senses, when you fly though the forest and come out to the huge expanse of water, under the giant wave, the water in your face, it completely wraps you up and takes you to a different world. Amazing.

Its such a shame that John couldn’t ride this, I’d left him sitting in the outside seating area of Satulis. I’d love him to have this experience. We did buy some Dramadol in the hotel gift shop earlier in the week with the plan to get him to take some after dinner and hopefully ride FoP pain free, but with him not feeling great anyway we felt it wasn’t such a good idea. So obviously I rode it twice, still full on goosebumps the second time around.

We took another ride on Nav’i before calling it a night just after 11. As we left pandora I realised that we hadn’t taken en advantage of the free snacks, so grabbed some water, a coconut ice lolly which was delicious, and a couple of boxes of popcorn, which we started to eat as we where leaving the park and realised that they were salty! Urgh! I hate salty popcorn, so they ended up in the bin.

We didn’t make the most of the After hours tickets, we had originally planned to ride everything and eat everything, we rode two rides, didn’t go and see the late viewing of rivers of light and had one ice lolly and 2 bottles of water, complete fail on our part! Our original After Hours tickets were booked for the first week, but due to Dorian had to be rescheduled, had we gone on the original date we would have probably done everything but circumstances got in the way. I’m still glad that we managed it though, and I had the most expensive two rides on FoP ever!!!

14,068 steps today and another blister has erupted on the ball of my foot. I wont be able to get footwear on soon for all the plasters!!

Once home we set the alarm just in case as we have breakfast at O’hanas tomorrow

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