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I'm early for work today so I'm going to try and catch you all up to the present. You're finally going to find out what happened with Will - don't get too excited 😂

So after my Memento shift I slept like a baby. However, I'd asked my housemates to wake me up that Friday morning before they went to work (4am!) so that I could say goodbye, as they were due to get back from work after I'd already set off myself, and I wanted to say a proper goodbye. Ashley came in to wake me at around 4ish and I groggily got up and said goodbye, but I was literally half asleep still. They left, and I went back to sleep straight away.

I woke up a couple of hours before I had to set off for my shift, and about 20 minutes before I was due to leave, Ashley and Taylor got home from work! They had got out early so had caught me before I left! I gave them their presents as I carried on getting ready. They loved them so much! Taylor in particular was choked at the book that I'd written our memories in, and she's not the sentimental type so I class that as quite an achievement!

When it was time for me to leave we had a group hug and then the tears came! I seriously did not want to let go of them, in the two months I've known them we have become so close and I genuinely could not have asked for better housemates. They're amazing girls and I knew it wouldn't be the same in the house once they had gone. It was bad enough saying goodbye to Joyce two weeks earlier, now Ashley and Taylor were leaving me too. We had a little cry and a cuddle then I left and went to work.

I tracked Will down when I got there as I needed an answer as to what we were doing on the Saturday, the next day. I'd traded my shift for a later start time so that I could have a fuller day with him and he'd been flirting and dropping hints all week. But when I asked him directly to his face if he was coming out, he did nothing but dodge the question and told me to text him. I didn't see the point of texting since I was with him right then so he could have given me an answer, but he refused and told me to text. I knew he was playing with me and I was no longer finding it funny. Saturday was my last chance to do something and if he wasn't going to come out, I'd just arrange something with someone else. But I needed to know rather than be led on.

He told me he has an exam coming up and that he had to study. Why he couldn't have told me this a week earlier when I'd asked him out, I've no idea. Like I said, I'm pretty sure he was been playing with me. After my experience with boys in the past, I literally had no time for being messed around, especially at Disney. And I think he overestimated how much I actually did like him. I confronted him backstage and challenged his behaviour but he was being as mysterious and confusing as ever.

When I got home from work I was in a mood because of him, and because my housemates weren't there for me to moan to, and because I was feeling my time at Disney coming to a close. I got to my room to find this little box on my bed. It was from Ashley, she had blown up one of her work gloves like Mickey Mouse and baked me cookies, decorating the box with the Mickey shapes off the wall.

She also left me this little note. I read it and burst into tears because I already missed her and Taylor so much. Ashley, it turns out, ended up staying one more night although I didn't see her again. Taylor popped into the Emporium earlier that day with her mum so that I could meet her. I pulled myself together and munched on a cookie whilst typing a text to will demanding an answer, as it was now 2am Saturday morning and I needed to know the plans!

We talked for a couple of hours then I basically told him to forget the whole thing. I literally did not like him enough to fight that hard, and if he was going to play games then I wasn't interested. All I wanted was a fun day out with a friend but it apparently wasn't to be. Sorry to everyone reading this who were expecting some kind of happily ever after 😂 I'm really not too bothered though, his behaviour has kind of cured the little crush I had on him - I didn't know him well enough and he isn't what I thought!

On Saturday morning I woke up feeling a bit down in the dumps and not knowing what to do with myself. My plans with Will had been scrapped too late for me to arrange anything else, and I was feeling very lethargic. Since my housemates moved out it's just me and Delphine and the house feels very big and empty. I don't even have the telly anymore, or even a pair of scissors to do my sewing as I'd borrowed them off Taylor and had to give them back. I skuledy best friend at home and then my parents, who told me to go out and do something before work, even if just for a couple of hours. So I got ready and hopped on a bus to Disney Springs, thinking I could just get a bus to MK from there and go to work.

When I got there I found out there aren't buses directly to the parks! That was a pain, because it meant I had to resort hop to get to work so had to leave myself extra time so I wouldn't be late. I literally had about an hour and a half at Springs before I had to leave again.

My mum and dad had told me to treat myself, and I don't take much persuading! Disney Corner already had their Halloween stuff out (they're not supposed to!) and I'd wanted the Devil Donald Duck and the Goofy Mummy since I'd seen them backstage underneath the Emporium. I thought they wouldn't come out until after I'd handed in my cast ID so when I saw them, I snapped them up so I'd get a discount!

Here they are! Absolutely adorable! I also went looking for a Haunted Mansion painting with Mickey and friends replacing the characters in the stretching room portraits, but they didn't have it. I did, however, find a t-shirt with the nightmare before Christmas characters in the stretching portraits, so I got a size large to wear it as a nightie! I also nipped into the Earl of Sandwich for food, figuring I'd eat half then and leave the rest for at work on my break.

After that, it was already time to leave. I cut through the Marketplace to stay in the air-conditioning and I only went and stumbled upon one of my favourite Disney artists doing a signing! I first discovered Jasmine Becket Griffith back in 2012 when I was 14 and I fell in love with her artwork! Since then, my grandparents have bought me a signed print from her and I've been keeping an eye on the new Disney paintings that she releases. So to just stumble across her like that was amazing! My jaw literally dropped and I looked for the end of the queue, suddenly forgetting that I was on my way to work. But a cast member told me it was an hour wait, so I had to drag myself away and go to the bus stop. I got a bus to the Polynesian then the monorail to MK, before letting myself in with my main gate pass and disappearing backstage to get changed for work. I showed off my new Halloween plush and everyone was shocked that Springs has their stuff out already, as we aren't allowed to put ours out until the 17th so that they don't sell out.

I was stocking again that evening, and was given zone 1, which is the mugs and other house ware, as well as towels and tea and stuff. It was quite fun and my shift passed quickly. I finished at 2:15 and lingered around waiting for Jeff, hoping I could bag a lift.

When we got off the bus at West Clock, I sighed and dramatically turned towards the bus stop whilst everyone else walked to their cars. I was apparently the only one getting the bus, until Jeff caught up with me and offered me a lift, woohoo! Myself, Jeff, and two other girls actually ended up going to MacDonalds. Jeff is hilarious to be around so we had a good giggle, and I did the DJing in the car on the way home again! Jeff is into similar stuff to me, such as The Cure, Fleetwood Mac, the Smiths amongst others. He even likes Arcade Fire and was impressed when I told him I'd seen them four times 😁 I love it when I find someone with similar music tastes, especially with the rubbish that is popular these days in the charts. I can thank my dad for my amazing taste in music! 😁

I got home at 4:30am (oops) and went to bed. Honestly, I am so tired guys, but I can sleep when I get home! I only have a few days left and I want to take every opportunity I can whilst I'm here, even if that's just going to MacDonalds in the middle of the night with my friends! 😂

On Sunday I woke up late and only had time to put my costume on before going straight to work. My shift was quite uneventful, apart from a guest calling me rude to another cast member! 😂 I was helping a guest when another guest butted in asking me a question, so I ended up dealing with two guests at once. Then a third guest butted in but I literally do not have the brain capacity or enough arms and legs to deal with three guests who were all demanding different things at once, so I told her that I was currently helping another guest at that moment in time and that I would be happy to help her in a few minutes. I then rushed off to finish what I was in the middle of doing, as all the distractions had caused me to take ages trying to help the first guest! When I'd finished, I went back to find the third guest and asked her if she still needed help. She sarcastically replied that she was fine and stalked off. I went over to Sammi, a cast member who was nearby, and asked her if they'd said anything. They apparently called me rude and complained that I wouldn't help them. I'm sorry, but I am literally one person and I cannot possibly deal with more than one guest at once! I already had two demanding my attention so I had to draw the line at a third 😂 She could clearly see I was with someone as I was mid conversation, so as far as I'm concerned, she's the rude one for butting in and if she thought I was rude to her, she deserved it! 😂

Once the store closed and the park was declared clear of guests, they began practicing the Halloween parade down Main Street! A few days earlier, the headless horseman had gone galloping down the street and we were all so excited. This time, everyone ran to the window to watch the parade. I'm going to the Halloween party as a guest on Friday so I didn't want to ruin it for myself, but when I heard the music, I knew it was the same parade as the one I saw back in 2006 and many times since on video, so I sneakily went to watch. There were about 10 of us all crowded by the window, and the practicing cast members outside waved as they went by. It wasn't the full parade but it was enough to get us excited! I realised it was time for me to clock out and that I'd get in trouble if I was caught, so I absolutely legged it backstage to clock out before running as fast as I could back to the window to watch. A few minutes later however, a coordinator came to tell everyone to get back to work because we'd get in trouble. He told me that because I was clocked out, I technically couldn't be on property 😭😭😭 So I had to leave! Oh well, it means there's more to see on Friday! I got home just before 3 (even though my shift ended at 1:30. It literally takes so long to get home!)

I'm nearly up to date with my report now. So on Monday (yesterday), I literally had to go straight to work after getting up again. When I got there, I spotted the new Hatbox Ghost plush immediately! I didn't know we'd be selling them in the Emporium so had made plans to sneak off to Memento during my break and sweet talk a cast member into fetching me one from the stock room. But this meant I didn't have to! Memento were apparently given about 250 and had already sold out. At the Emporium we got 70 and were having to send some to Memento as that is the main place that people were looking to buy them. So I ran downstairs, picked one out, slapped a massive piece of paper on it with my name on and put it in the reserves bin! I was proud as punch. He comes in a coffin and is quite large so heaven knows how I'm going to get him home, but I don't care! Where there's a will, there's a way! He was also $50 before my discount, so definitely an expensive buy. I'm torn about whether I should take him out of the box, as he is limited edition so will be rare and expensive soon enough. But I love all my cuddlies and want him to sit with my Hitchhiking Ghosts, which means taking him and his little gargoyle out of the box! Ugh, decisions decisions...

Later on at work, a YouTuber called Prince Charming Dev caught me on his live stream! I know I'm not allowed to put links on here to other sites but if you search his name on YouTube and find his 2 hour long video from yesterday, I'm in it for a minute or two at about 9 minutes 15 seconds in. He was asking me about the much coveted Winnie the Pooh plush! I felt really awkward on camera but thankfully don't come off too badly haha!

I also got shouted at by a Spanish guest yesterday for not speaking Spanish. She said something to me so I said "no Espanol" in reply, but she just carried on. I indicated that I didn't understand and she got more and more frustrated with me. I looked around for help but there was no one around. She ended up full on shouting at me in Spanish before thrusting a t-shirt into my hands and walking off. I'm sorry, but if you don't speak English then you can't get annoyed at me for not speaking Spanish! Especially in an English speaking country! I honestly wish I could speak another language, but I can't, so there's no need to treat me like that. I found it amusing more than anything and had a good giggle about it afterwards.

I was due to finish work at 11 but I wanted to extend my shift, as I've been trying to take every minute I can get at the Emporium. I wanted to stay until 2:15 but they only extended me until 12. It was better than nothing I suppose!

I had a magical little moment just before closing, when a little girl called Daisy from Mississippi kept coming up to me to talk. I was in the "time out" zone right next to Casey's Corner and was a bit bored. She was four years old and dressed as princess Aurora in an old dress that was a few sizes too small. She was an absolutely delightful child, and I knelt down on the floor next to her chattering away. She touched my plaited hair and told me I looked like Princess Anna, before showing me her golden curls which were just like Sleeping Beauty's! Her parents were sat in Casey's eating their hot dogs and she got called back to them, but kept coming to see me! I decided there had to be something I could do to make that girl's night. She was so blooming cute! So I nipped over to the kids section and grabbed the Princess Aurora crown, figuring I would do a no strings and surprise her! She had told me her favourite character is Mickey Mouse, so I went over to her sat at the table with her family. I told her I'd spoken to Mickey Mouse and he agreed that she looked beautiful in her princess dress, but that it wasn't quite complete because she was missing a crown! I said he'd sent me over to fix the situation, and presented her with the little crown. I told the parents that she was a delight to talk to so I couldn't resist, and they took my picture as I crowned the little princess! They later came to find me as they left 😁 I don't think you're realllllly supposed to do stuff like that but I don't care, it was one of my last days and I was dying to make a magical moment for her!

Here is my Hatbox Ghost by the way! I've just got to the Mousekateeria so have WiFi for a little moment. Ain't he gorgeous!

This is me with him at the bus stop last night haha!

Anyway! Today is Tuesday and this was supposed to be my last shift at the Emporium, but I've picked up a cheeky extra shift tomorrow because I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye yet. Tonight after work we will probably be getting pictures and going out for something to eat, so even though I finish at midnight (unless I manage to extend) I'm going to wait for everyone to finish then go out. I've unfortunately begun packing, as I had to work out what to do with my Hatbox Ghost! I didn't want to leave the box here! I've ended up squishing my other plush as well as socks and pyjamas in with him to save space.

I'll update you guys in a couple of days! Wednesday is my last shift, Thursday I move out of housing and go to the Port Orleans, Friday I'm at the Halloween party and Saturday I fly home!

Have a magical day, I'll seeya real soon!

US Rent A Car

Alright I'm finally sitting down to write about my Memento shift! It's currently 1:30am and I've finished work earlier than usual so I figured I'd put time aside to end your waiting 😂

If you've read my last report you'll know that I unintentionally pulled an all-nighter before this shift, which was 8:30am-10:30pm. To say I was knackered would be an understatement. I got ready for work as loudly as I could to purposely wake Delphine (I know that's childish but she deserved a taste of her own medicine!) Then I caught the bus at about 7am.

I'd been texting my friend Gary who works at the Haunted Mansion in attractions, and he told me to turn right in the utilidors instead of left like I usually do, so I did. It still took me ages to find where I was going! There's no tunnel underneath Memento so I had to come up near the Hall of Presidents and walk round.

It was before the park opened, so there wasn't a guest in sight! I got a passing cast member to take my photo in front of the shop, which I'm literally going to treasure for the rest of my life 😂 My costume was so gorgeous! It was a mid-length black skirt, white blouse and a grey apron with a purple necktie (which was a ≈≈≈≈≈≈ to put on) with a Madame Leota broach to hold it down.

I had no idea where the break room was and it was still 30 minutes before my shift was due to start so I went inside to find two stockers filling the shelves. I said hi and introduced myself, asking where I clock in. Neither of them spoke to me, but one of them kind of indicated towards the stock room so I went inside to find the computer. I didn't know what to do with myself so I explored the stock and read the notices, seeing that there was a meeting for Frontierland and Liberty Square cast members at the pin trading post at 8:30. I stayed where I was for the time being, but was soon rudely kicked out by the same stocker, because I was "in her way". I was shocked at how badly she treated me to be honest, so thought nothing of casually mentioning it to a leader once I got to the meeting. They knew exactly who she was - she's called Tracy. It seems she's notorious for being grumpy and rude to people. Why does she work for Disney then! Honestly...

During the meeting they passed round the new Doombuggy toy which was being released that day and was expected to fly off the shelves. I was also told about a new limited edition Hatbox Ghost plush that was coming out - something I was VERY excited about! I already have the three hitchhiking ghosts as well as Constance the Bride, so I NEEDED the Hatbox Ghost to go with them!

A leader walked me back to Memento to talk me through where everything was or to tell me anything specific that I needed to know, like how guests can pay for the special ghost photopass pictures, as well as a bit of history about the store.

Not to blow my own trumpet, but I didn't learn anything new about the store or the ride! 😂 I'll write it here for you guys anyway, as it's proper nerdy stuff that you don't stumble across every day!

So, Memento Mori is a Latin phrase that basically means remember that we are all mortal. The shop used to be the home of Madame Leota, until she got bored and decided to join the other 998 ghosts at the Haunted Mansion. Her portrait hangs inside the shop, and every so often will glow and reveal hidden features. That portrait is also a secret door - I'm not going to tell you where it leads 😂. On the top of the shelves in Memento Mori there are lots of vials and potion bottles left by Leota when she moved. Three spirits linger in the shop, and can be seen in the bottles on the shelves. Georgina is the least friendly, and is a fiery red spirit that can sometimes be seen in the corner next to the door nearest to the mansion itself. Dave is much nicer, and can be found in the middle of the store. You can feel the air cooling down as you near his spirit, and he's a friendly blue ghost who appears more often than the other two. Fred is in the corner above the photopass room, and rumour has it that he sometimes appears as the Hatbox Ghost for a split second or so. Madame Leota herself has also been known to make an appearance once in a while to make sure we are taking care of her store. She uses her magic mirror, and if she's happy she will disappear again. If not....well.

Here I am, in front of her mirror! She doesn't seem to have been around at that point, but I said hi to her a few times during my 14 hour shift!

Another thing the leader told me about was a few cool things to tell guests, although I have to say I made a few up on my own or edited his sayings a bit. When guests entered, I welcomed them to Memento Mori and told them to scream if they need anything. I found myself accidentally wanting to say the Emporium a couple of times! I also told guests that the Doombuggies were brand new and had just "materialised" that morning, before wishing them a frightful day as they headed out of the store.

It was a very slow start and I did a lot of standing around. At the Emporium if you aren't with a guest, there are always put-backs to do or clothes to put in size order. But at Memento, there was quite literally nothing. And I was oh so tired from my all-nighter too. I found myself often wishing I was back at the Emporium - as hectic as it is, it's my home location and I don't feel like anywhere else could possibly be as good!

Since the shop was so quiet I did get several juicy interactions in with guests. I'll tell you a few of my favourite! A man came to me to buy the music record and a couple of other bits, and we got talking about what merch we have. I told him about the playing cards that I got a few years ago which come in a coffin and glow in the dark. I intrigued him so much that when I told him we sold them, he went over and picked up a box! I then told him about something else and he ended up buying that too 😂 He spent a fortune because I kept persuading him!

A family of Dibbers also came in, although I had no idea how they found me at first since I'd not posted on here that I was working at Memento! It turns out they'd seen my tweet so popped in to say hello! It was great talking to them, I was stood there for agggggeeessss telling them all about the store.

A pair of twins came in and paid with me at one point too. These two were my favourites I think. They literally spoke at the same time as each other and reminded me of Tweedledum and Tweedledee! They were just as nerdy as I am and we talked for ages before I had to move on to the next guest. A few hours later they were back to buy more stuff, and I told them about the ghosts which live in the store. A few hours after that, they were back a THIRD time and I ended up convincing them to get the book about the Haunted Mansion! I have read it from cover to cover and highly recommend it to any Dibbers who are fans. The cover glows in the dark, and it tells you about the original concepts for the ride as well as about the special effects and the other Haunted Mansions all over the world, including Mystic Manner and Phantom Manor. When they purchased the book, they told me I was a good saleswoman since I'd literally got them to make three separate transactions!

I later found that they'd sent me a cast compliment, which made me grin from ear to ear! Hopefully my leadership team will get it to me in time to take my photo before I leave!

A few days later a Dibber alerted me on one of my earlier posts that someone had been talking about me on Reddit and had admitted to having a little crush - it was one of the twins!!!! 😂😂😂 Honestly, the world wide web really is wonderful, I love how I'm able to follow up on guest interactions after they've happened to see the effect I had on them. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to the twins and I hope they pop into the Emporium before I leave to say hi again!

The final guest stories I want to tell you about occured right at the end of my shift, at park closing. When the fireworks were on, a little girl and her mum came inside to shelter from the noise as the girl was frightened. It wasn't an attention seeking kind of frightened but a genuine fear of the fireworks. I tried speaking to the little girl to distract her but got nowhere. Towards the end of the fireworks I managed to coax her out of her shell enough to show her the ghosts. I then organised a no-strings so that she could pick out a special pin and join the 999 happy haunts for being so brave during all the noise!

Shortly afterwards, another mum and her kid came in, this time a little boy. She was buying secret gifts for her younger son who was apparently obsessed with the Haunted Mansion at the tender age of four! We aren't supposed to do hotel shippings after a certain time but I made an exception for this woman as she was an absolute delight and genuinely wanted to surprise her son. She had come looking for a certain cast member too, who had met her son the year before and given him a piece of the wallpaper, which he has apparently treasured ever since. The CM was on vacation but I promised the woman I'd try and get a message to him, so I went and got a coordinator. Together, we sorted her shopping as the little boy came running in. It was like we were on a secret mission, trying to sneakily pay with the woman without the kid noticing. I decided to be a distraction whilst the coordinator did the payment, so I went over to him and asked him what he knew about the Mansion. I gave him the stickers I had in my pocket and got him to tell me the names of the ghosts. He told me in gobbledegook kiddy language and was absolutely adorable! I showed him the ghosts in the shop and then it was time to say goodbye.

The woman took a photo of my name badge, and I later found out she went to guest relations to compliment me! I got this grape soda a few days later which was lovely!

That pretty much concludes my write up of my Memento Mori shift. It wasn't quite the Emporium, and I was glad to be back on Main Street the next day, but I certainly had a blast. It was a change of scenery, I got to wear the cool costume, and I got to nerd out about my favourite ride to pretty much everyone who walked in the door! The day was filled with magical moments, but I was ready to drop when it ended. I fell asleep on the bus home and almost missed my stop. Honestly, I'm not quite sure how I survived. If you learn anything from me, NEVER pull an all nighter then attempt a 14 hour shift the next day 😂

On that note, it's 2:30am and bed time for me! It's goodnight for me but I know you lot will just be waking up in the morning, so have a frightful day! 😉

Ok I'm on my way to work right now but I'm going to try and carry on from where I left off in my last report! Although I've no idea how much I'll get in before I have to clock in...let's see...

So after my night with the Emporium cast at IHOP, I got in at about 4:30am and ended up sleeping in until 1ish. I got up and got ready to go out, because this was my last day off and therefore my last night that I could spend with my housemates before they left! We were going to the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks one last time before we all left, and we wanted to dress up nice.

I don't take too long to get ready and was done within about 30 minutes, but I then had to wait for Taylor and Ashley to get home, and Ashley is really bad for taking ages getting ready. I did some DJing whilst she put her makeup on in her bathroom, and introduced them both to "Laid" by James, the lyrics of which they were a bit shocked by! 😂😂😂

We were all ready by 4pm (she took AGES), then we got the mandatory girls-day-out selfies in before setting off in Taylor's car. We were all wearing pretty red or blue dresses with red lipstick ready to go strutting down Main Street and watch those fireworks!

We went on a few rides that the girls hadn't been on before, but when it was time for fireworks, the BIGGEST storm clouds started to roll in.

We all got a special treat from Main Street Bakery - I had always wanted to try a caramel apple! I made a bit of a mess though, much to the amusement of my housemates...

Explanations for this will come in a moment! Just about to lose WiFi so want to get it uploaded whilst I write the next bit...

Ok! So Ashley wanted to meet Tinkerbell before we left, and because of the stormy clouds we decided to walk through the Emporium (also so they could drag me past Will and embarrass me &#128514. When we were in line, they both began to wimp out of watching the fireworks because of the rain! Taylor claimed it was because of the lightning but I was having none of it. In true British fashion, I gave a passionate little speech about how you can't let a bit of rain (or in this case, a lot!) stop you from enjoying yourself, especially since this was our last night together and I had dedicated my first day off in 7 days, and last day off ever, towards watching the fireworks with them. Then I had a genius idea.

None of us had brought raincoats or even backpacks since we didn't want to ruin our fabulous look, and we also didn't expect it to rain so late in the evening. We also didn't want to pay $10 each for a poncho. So I had the genius idea of popping back into the Emporium and pinching three of the giant plastic bags which we use for wrapping the giant plush. All we needed to do was make a hole for our head and arms and there was a poncho right there!

So back we went, after I dragged them into the Emporium again, lecturing them about enduring the weather for the sake of rescuing our evening. The weather channel said hailstones the size of dimes were possible, but even that didn't deter me. I found my friend Katie who was working at the time, and asked her to pop into the back to get three giant plastic bags for us. In the meantime, Ashley fell in love with a baby Baymax and Taylor ended up buying a Rubix cube 😂

Katie returned and handed us the bags for "all the shopping" we were going to do, then we headed into the toilets by Casey's Corner.

I have to say, I was quite proud of myself. The plastic bags worked a treat, and the girls cheered up as we laughed our heads off at how stupid we looked in the toilets. Ashley went a step further and used a smaller plastic bag to wrap her hair up on her head so that it wouldn't get wet. She used her ears to make a kind of triangular hair cover on her head. Together, the three of us looked a right sight.

We bravely stepped back out into the rain to find a space for the fireworks, and together with Taylor's tiny umbrella for the three of us, not a splash of rain touched us hardly. The fireworks were great as usual, although I do know pretty much every word to 'Happily Ever After' by now since I hear it every night from the Emporium. They still didn't fail to choke me up as I looked at my friends knowing I was going to miss them to bits once they left.

Once they had finished, Ashley was a mad woman on a mission dragging us towards Splash Mountain to get on whilst the wait was 15 minutes. I think everyone else had the same idea because it ended up being more like 25, but that's still not very long for Splash! We got several funny looks since we were literally wearing plastic bags, but we were a lot dryer than most! After we got off, I BEGGED them to let me go on the Haunted Mansion one last time with them but it was nearly 11pm, they were knackered and had to get up at 4am for work the next day. So we made our way back towards Main Street and ended up stood in a massive line for the ferry boat back to the TTC.

An hour later we were home, and irritated to find Delphine with a boy round - again! I told her we were all going to bed but she didn't budge. Ashley and Taylor were furious, as was I, but they were too polite to say anything. We all made a massive point of getting ready for bed around Delphine and the guy, hoping they'd take the very obvious hint we were giving them. But no.

I got in bed and couldn still hear them through my earphones, so knew full well it must have been even louder for the other two girls. So I sent a passive aggressive text to Delphine saying that it was already nearly 1am, I was due to get up at 6 for my 14 hour Memento Mori shift, and Taylor and Ashley had to get up at 4. She finally got the message but instead of saying goodbye to the dude and just coming to bed, she went back out with him! So I knew I was going to get woken up again when she came home.

I laid there trying to get to sleep and I just couldn't. My mind was whirring, thinking about my roommates leaving and my upcoming Memento shift the next day. I had a cold too, so I couldn't breathe through my nose. I tossed and turned until 3am when Delphine came home and made a racket getting ready for bed. She fell asleep instantly and snored like hell, giving me something else to keep me awake! I was hyper aware that I had a 14 hour shift in front of me so I needed to sleep, but it seems it was just not meant to be. At 5am I laid there in defeat knowing I had to be up in just an hour to get ready for work. There was literally no point in sleeping since it would be harder to wake up again than just stay awake completely.

I'm going to leave this report here since once again I'm nearly at work. I feel like my shift at Memento Mori deserves a report all of it's own as I've got tonnnnnes to tell you! I finish work earlier than usual tonight so I'll try and squeeze it in before bed. I'm on the wrong end of the day anyway 😂

Thanks for reading guys 😁

Wow guys the response after my last post has been phenomenal! I've had references on social media (all spotted by my dad of course!) and more Dibbers than ever coming to find me in the Magic Kingdom. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update, to say it's been a hectic week is an understatement. I don't have the time to write about the whole week so I'm going to do two separate Dibb posts I think, beginning with last Sunday. A lot has happened, including a cheeky little shift at Memento Mori and my beloved housemates finally leaving me. And of course, I need to update you guys about Will!

Ok, here goes...

Sunday! I got up really late after texting my housemates saying I was too knackered to go to the Animal Kingdom, so we hung around the apartment for a bit. I had a few hours before work and did some washing and cleaning. Taylor and I decided to have a mooch round at the premium outlets. After a lot of heavy persuading, Ashley decided to come along too! So we piled into Taylor's car and hit the rode, once again singing Taylor Swift songs at the top of our lungs.

We didn't have a heap of time as I had to be back to get the bus to work for 4:30, but we had a good look around. Here we are, posing with fake cocktails in Ted Baker. 😂 We thought it hilarious, since I can't actually drink here as I'm only 20, so we've never been able to get a standard drinks pic.

I can't remember much about my shift at work that day other than I was sales ambassador for agggggeeessss. I got talking to these two guests for literally about an hour, and two cast members ended up coming over to see if I was ok! But of course, I was in my element, nattering away as per usual. I'd talk the hind leg off a donkey if I could.

I got home at about 12:30 and finally was able to answer a couple of texts that I'd felt buzz in my pocket from Will. We stayed up talking until 3am so I've no one but myself to blame about being knackered! When I thought he'd fallen a sleep, I asked him if he wanted to go to Magic Kingdom the day after with me before work. Obviously, I'd have to wait for a reply since he was sleeping, but oh well.

The next morning (Monday) I only ended up getting four ours sleep because I got 'Delphined', as my mum has christened it. Her alarm went off three times in the space of an hour before I snapped at her, telling her she should get up if her alarm is going off. She didn't answer and got up slowly, but it was too late for me - I was already awake.

I skyped home and got ready for what I was hoping would be a day in the parks with Will before work, but he woke up really late and then was too lazy to come out!

Of course, I simply went to MK on my own! I used my three fast passes and got to try the fresh fruit waffle sandwich from Liberty Square. It was fabulous 😍

It did absolutely lash it down as I was eating it, of course, so here's a rainy selfie in front of the Mansion! I sent it to Will to show him what he was missing.

I ended up killing time before work so I went into a few shops looking for presents for my housemates. I thought I'd make up a little goody bag for them before they left. I got a trio of clip magnets, one each for myself, Taylor and Ashley, so that we could stick a picture of us up on our fridge. I also found a pin which was Daisy and Minnie taking a selfie in front of the castle - I thought this perfect for us three! I got a pack of Mickey lollies to split between us all, then I headed to the Emporium.

There's a little book there that's like an adult self-help book based around what we can learn from Disney. I planned to get one for them and write down loads of memories inside for them to take home! I ran into Will whilst in the Emporium, since he started work before me. I felt a bit awkward as I was hyper aware he was going to start thinking I was stalking him 😂

When I finally got to work, I wasn't feeling very well. I was running on four hours sleep and hadn't realised that I'd pretty much forgotten to eat all day as I had been at the park. All I had was three quarters of the waffle, which I couldn't finish because of how rich it was. I decided I'd grab something from the Main Street Cafeteria during my break, but that break took forever to come. I felt so weak and shaky, and like I was about to keel over at any point.

When I finally got given my break, it was too late. The cantine was closed, so all I could do was get a packet of crisps from the vending machine. I felt so sick it was unreal, I was frightened I was going to faint. I've never fainted before in my life but I think that was the closest I've felt.

I got assigned register after my break and I stood there, shaky as anything trying my best to plaster on a smile. Jeff, one of my best Emporium pals, came over saying I looked pale and asking if I was ok. He steaded me and told me he'd cover whilst I went to grab water. I was fine and knew I would be fine, but it was sweet of him to care.

A guest came to me to return the baby Zero plush from the Nightmare Before Christmas! I collect plush and my baby Jack Skellington and Zero cuddlies are my absolute favourite, so I couldn't understand why this guest wanted to return poor zero! We don't even sell him in the Emporium! I didn't mind though, I sat him down on top of my till as a little comfort to me as I battled the heat and the never ending sea of guests that demanded my attention.

Once we closed, I was assigned to stock the ponchos and magic bands. Fabulous, I thought, lots of heavy lifting. Luckily it hadn't rained that day so there wasn't much stocking to do in terms of ponchos. I was carrying a massive pile of them when the top half slipped off and fell all over the floor. Jeff, bless him, came running over to help me pick them up. Magic bands were ok, they are only small and it meant I could stand in one place and stock. I got home from work and scoffed two garlic breads from my freezer before bed 😂

So let's move on to Tuesday! I was in am overly confident and reckless mood that morning, so stupidly decided to 'fess up to Will about my little crush. Oops. I was going to tell him at work but didn't want to make it awkward or put myself in a bad mood for the night, so I just texted. I told him that life is too short not to tell people how you feel, and also that I didn't have the luxury of time. At worst, he'd reject me and I'd never have to see him again after I went home, or he'd accept and we'd have a fun day in the parks. When I sent the message, I threw my phone across the room and burried my head in my pillow with instant regret 😂

The suspense was unreal. He was obviously still in bed when I messaged so I had to wait for him to wake up. I skyped my best friend at home to distract myself, and sent my roommates a million texts begging them to hurry home so that I could tell them. Taylor came home first and just laughed at me! Ashley followed shortly and also laughed, and I was glad to have them home to make light of the situation!

Will finally replied and told me he could tell I liked him. I was glad, since I had purposely made it mega obvious in the hopes that he'd say something first. He said we would sort something out and that he had Saturday and Monday off work.

Moving on From Will, I think I mentioned in my last post that I traded my Thursday shift for a Pirates one so that I could finish early and watch the fireworks? Well my housemates annoyingly decided they wanted to watch them the night before instead. As much as working at Pirates would be fun, I knew I'd miss the Emporium so I traded back for a 7 hour shift in my beloved home location.

Not five minutes later, a girl who works at the Haunted Mansion messaged replying to a message I'd sent the day before. I'd been trying to pick up her HM shift on my day off but it wouldn't let me as it would put me in overtime. But I suddenly had the hours she needed, so I was able to trade with her! I gave her my new Emporium shift for a 14 hour shift at Memento Mori. When it went through, I screamed, jumped up and ran around the room, frightening my housemates to death. I rang home instantly before throwing on some clothes, as I suddenly needed to go to costuming before work!

I got the bus in a fantastic mood, knowing that after many struggles, I'd finally bagged a shift at Memento. I'd found it hard to trade as everyone is frightened of the Emporium and is too scared to work there if it's not their home location. Foolish mortals.

I got to costuming and it was like playing dress up as a kid again! Here I am, trying my costume on for the first time. The neck tie was a ≈≈≈≈≈≈ to do as I've got a scrawny little neck so it didn't want to sit right on my shoulders, and the Madame Leota broach was really fiddley. But I managed!

I got to work two hours early as I'd had to leave early in order to get to costuming on time, so I sat and did my sewing. Will came down to sit on my table shortly before I went to put my costume on. I froze up a bit since my awkward confession was only that morning. He was loudly talking about how he still has never been to any of the parks as a guest. He said it whilst looking at me, so I took it as a massive hint that he'd like to go.

That shift at work was my first stock shift as opposed to register, and I was given keychains. Stock shifts have a terrible reputation amongst the Brits, who have done nothing but moan about them and try to trade them away. I honestly don't see what the issue is, I enjoyed myself! I had a little cart and an IPhone to communicate with the Coordinator on Duty (COD) and just got on with it. It was a bit difficult to get to the keychain stands as guests would turn the display round while I was using it and basically just get in my way. But of course, they were only shopping so it's not fair to get too frustrated! I kept my cool and self consciously got on with it, as Will was on the register riiiiiight next to the keychains and I was hyper aware of this fact! 😂

Once we closed, I was able to stock much more efficiently as I didn't have guests messing the display up just as I'd tidied it. It was quite therapeutic to be left to my own devices and not have as much guest interaction for once. Talking so much and having a lively attitude is exhausting, so this was a much needed change. My shift was due to end at 2:15am and I managed to get my area stocked before then, which is a miracle considering it was my first time stocking. I got "walked", which is when a leader inspects your zone to make sure it looks pretty enough before you are dismissed and allowed to clock out.

Everyone was going to IHOP, which I have since learned is the International House of Pancakes. I got invited along but was doubtful I'd go after my experience with the Wafflehouse. But Jeff convinced me. When we got to the shuttle bus to take us to West Clock (Disney university and cast parking) we literally filled it with Emporium cast members. It was a wonderful atmosphere, there must have been about 30 of us! We were all singing High School Musical songs and laughing and joking. There were a lot of people there that I didn't know very well so I stuck with Jeff and he gave me a lift over to IHOP.

This is Jeff by the way guys 😂 He's 26 but it's like being around a child!

Unlike the Wafflehouse which doesn't sell waffles, IHOP actually does sell pancakes and they are huge! I got about half way through mine before giving up.

I've not laughed as much as I did that night in ages. There were so many of us that we got put in a room on our own and I was roaring with laughter from start to finish. The rest of the British CPs were there, along with a couple of dozen other Emporium people and we had a blast. We talked about pineapples, tea, and ketchup (no context needed, I just want to remember that night so need to write it down somewhere!) and finally left at about 4am.

Here are four of the Brits, with myself on the right! Laying on our lap is Jenna, who was leaving that day.

Here's a picture of about half of us, as a group left before I did. There's a picture of all of us somewhere but I've no idea who has it!

Jeff drove me home and I got back at 4:30am to find Ashley and Taylor up and getting ready to go to work!

I'm actually going to leave this report there because I just got to work, WiFi is playing up and I'm struggling to post. I'll do a new one as soon as I can, I promise! I need to tell you about my last day off with my housemates and my shift at Memento yet!

Stay tuned peeps 😁

Hello! I've woken up early again today so I thought I'd use the time to update the Dibb before I get ready to go to the Magic Kingdom before work - again! I've got a few interesting things to write about, including a Disney crush that I've developed over the last week or so! And I thought I'd also answer some questions I've been asked in the comments.

I'll begin with talking about Friday! There's a lad called Will working in the Emporium who is from Leeds and he started a few weeks after I did. He's here for a year however, whereas obviously I'm only here for a tiny two months. I sat with him and a few others in the Main Street cafeteria before work like I usually do and nattered for ages before work started. I'd spoken to him a few times before but never properly noticed him until recently, and he made me giggle. When we started work we were put at different ends of the Emporium, but when I got my first break he was there again in the cantine. This is kind of difficult to explain, but he kept speaking to me in code, so that only I knew what he was talking about. He was referring to our conversation before work and when people asked what we meant he made something up on the spot about the cross stitch I was doing. It was hilarious to watch him tell porkies to cover up the private conversation we were having right in front of everyone, and got me quite flustered! He's very cheeky and makes me giggle like a school girl again. (Before I came to Disney I was newly single for the first time in three and a half years, so this is weird for me! I'm not used to having crushes! &#128514

After our breaks we picked up our assignments and I was given sales ambassador zone 2, and he was zone 1 which meant we were right next to each other and had the freedom of movement. I noticed he kept coming into my zone and I definitely purposely went into his, so we ended up spending three hours sort of intentionally crossing paths. For example, if I saw him pin trading, I'd walk up and offer him my lanyard too as an excuse to go over. And he did the same!

Anyway, at one point, I got traded this pin by a Chinese guest who had brought it from Hong Kong. It's a Mystic Manor pin, which is the Hong Kong version of the Haunted Mansion. I was absolutely DELIGHTED to have been given this during a trade and I rushed straight over to Will to show him and to gush about the Haunted Mansion like the nerd that I am.

The rest of that part of the shift passed quickly until I was assigned my break again and the sales ambassador position was dropped for the night. I was hoping we would be on break together but we unfortunately weren't, although he appeared ten minutes before the end of mine. He spoke in code to me again about earlier on and we talked about my gorgeous Haunted Mansion pin with the rest of the people on the table. I got up and left, and unfortunately got assigned somewhere different to him.

I bumped into him later on though and he did a magic trick with his hands, told me to hold out my own hand then placed my Haunted Mansion pin in my palm! I was completely taken aback and had no idea how he had it, and when I asked he just smirked and walked away. He's so flipping smooth 😂 I was a bit flustered at the time but I later figured out it must have fallen out of my pocket when we were having lunch.

He was finishing at 12:15 and I was 12:30 so I was hoping I'd be able to rush off after work and we'd get the same bus. But it was not to be. An hour before the end of my shift, the Emporium was declared clear of guests and I was told to just help with restocking before I went home. So I did, making sure I picked the zone Will was in, obviously. But at about 12, I went backstage to suddenly find I was given a closing assignment, which is really silly because I didn't have a closing shift! I questioned it because I thought there had been a mistake - but I was on cast wrap. That's the horrible job I got right at the beginning of my program where you have to restock all 34 registers with things like bags and receipt roll. It takes ages and I was with a girl that doesn't usually work at the Emporium so didn't know her way around and relied on me!

I was fuming, because they could have told me about it an hour earlier considering I wasn't supposed to get a closing assignment so wouldn't have known to check. I knew full well I wouldn't be out on time which meant my plans to get the bus with Will were foiled. Normally I wouldn't mind staying behind too much as it means overtime pay, but that night, I was really annoyed. I must have moaned quite a lot because they sent someone to replace me fifteen minutes after I should have finished! I absolutely legged it through the utilidors and sat anxiously on the shuttle bus to Disney university, praying that for once the unreliable buses would work in my favour and that Will would still be there. But nope, he was gone. And the next bus was super late. So late, that the new girl who I was put on cash wrap with originally ended up getting the same bus as me!! I finally got home a full two hours after my shift ended. I literally could have stayed at work and got paid for finishing the cash wrap, and still got home at the same time. I was not amused! I did have a very interesting ride home with my friend Ellie though, who had the misfortune of hearing me gush about Will the whole way 😂

On Saturday I wasn't starting work until 6:45pm so pretty much had the day to spend with my housemates! I got up at 7:30 thanks to my personal and unwanted alarm personified as Delphine - I'd had five hours sleep. Regardless, I got ready to go to Typhoon Lagoon with Taylor. On the way out of the housing complex in her car she suddenly yelled "Aw rats I've forgotten my Chapstick!" Picture that in a southern accent. I was in stitches, because I know how much Chapstick Taylor goes through daily! So we had to make a detour to Walgreens on the way to Typhoon Lagoon much to my amusement.

When we got there, we had fun on the rides and had a good giggle. We went on the lazy river for ages and I almost fell asleep on my ring because I was so tired. I opened my eyes to find an old man's foot in my face, and Taylor in hysterics at the look of disgust on my face. She was too wimpy to go in the wave pool with me, so we got something to eat and then left at about 2pm.

I needed to go to All Star Music to meet my Godparents because they were flying home the next day and had kindly offered to take a load of my stuff home for me! They had packed really lightly on the way here so I loaded them up with my Disney mugs, gifts for my family, plush, and clothes I knew I wouldn't wear. The picture here is the massive amount of stuff I managed to fit in their cases! I also showered in their hotel room because I wasn't going home before work and needed to wash off the sun cream and chlorine. I then got the bus to Magic Kingdom to meet Taylor again for a few hours before work. I took her into the utilidors beneath the Emporium since she'd only been in there once, and I was going there anyway to dump my costume in my locker.

I tried an orange dole whip for the first time. It was ok, but not a patch on a pineapple one! I also didn't go on the Haunted Mansion for the first time ever, because the queue was 55 minutes and we only had a few hours! I settled with going to Momento Mori instead, as they have new stock in and my wage was burning a hole in my pocket!

I got this tiny Madame Leota appetizer dish, which I think is better suited to being a jewellery dish so that's what I intend to use it for!

I also got this Hitchhiking Ghosts photo frame, which I have decided I want to put a picture of my beloved roommates in when I get home. I can be the elusive Hatbox ghost and I will assign them each a hitchhiking ghost 😂

When it got close to the start of my shift, I practically dragged Taylor into the Emporium to hunt down poor Will so that I could show him off to her. I hadn't shut up about him all day and to be fair, she was curious to meet him but also needed to buy gifts for her family. We conveniently ended up paying at Will's register, and he kept a surprisingly composed and professional manor despite my intense giggle fits and general awkwardness. He still managed to slip in the odd cheeky comment though.

Taylor left and on my way out to get changed I bumped into Ellie, so nabbed a quick selfie!

Will came on his break just before the start of my shift so sat with me and some of the others for ten minutes before I went to clock in. My Haunted Mansion pin from the day before was not on my lanyard, so he made a massive point of pointing that out to everyone really obviously, whilst once again we had a secret conversation in plain sight with everyone. He knew full well where that pin was and was just trying to get me in trouble 😂

I was unfortunately placed miles away from Will for the majority of my shift, although for the last hour or so I was on a register next to him. I was suddenly really self conscious about the way I dealt with guests because I know he watches me and has commented before on my loud voice when I yell for the next guest in line. (I've worked at a play centre for four years, you need a loud voice!) He finished work a couple of hours before me though so we weren't together for long.

It was an after hours event in the park that night and I was assigned to a register in zone 6, the one next door to Casey's Corner. I was the only Cast Member manning the tills because it was so quiet, so I got to spend extra time with each guest and had some cracking interactions.

The weirdest and most brilliant one by far was a fragile little old lady in a mobility scooter who came to me to pay - and asked if I had any vinegar! She explained that it was good for cramp, so I whizzed over to Casey's to grab a few sachets, before watching her literally down the vinegar like a shot right in front of my eyes. It was very bizarre. In true old lady fashion, she then proceeded to tell me her life story, bless her. She was lovely to talk to, but it got a bit awkward at times as there were guests in line wanting to be served and she just wouldn't stop talking! Luckily the guests were understanding, and we exchanged a few smirks and knowing glances about the old lady.

I got my bump out at 1pm and got home for 2. I had plans to be up at 7:30 again Sunday morning to go to Animal Kingdom with Taylor but I really wasn't feeling it. I'd been on my feet for 17 hours and had 5 hours sleep the night before, and if I got up that early it would mean only five hours once again. I was also sneezing a lot and had a slight sore throat so knew I had a cold coming on, so I texted Taylor to cancel.

I woke up at 11 the next day so must have needed the sleep! Taylor and Ashley had presentations to do for the end of their horticulture internship so I dilly dallied and did some laundry and cleaned the bathroom. The water here is hard, so the toilet bowl keeps getting a disgusting scum line along the water's edge and it's doing my head in! It's a constant battle against limescale!

Once my laundry finished me and Taylor decided to go to the outlets. Ashley was reluctant because of her project, but I guilt tripped her into going and off we went! Taylor put Taylor Swift on in her car. I'm not a fan, but she's got a few good tunes! So we turned it up loud and the three of us sang away at the top of our voices all the way to the outlets. I usually associate those songs with a particularly nasty ex, but now I'm going to remember shopping and laughing with my best friends during the best summer of my life!

Now of course I'm only 20, and Ashley is 19, so we can't legally drink. Taylor is a good southern girl and before she turned 21 the other week, she swore she wasn't interested in alcohol. That didn't last long 😂 She's been teasing me all this time about the fact that I can't drink, so when we went in Ted Baker and found three fake cocktails decorating the shelves, the photo opportunity was too good to resist 😂

I got the bus to work at 5pm and started at 6:30. At the bus stop, I'd done a bit of social media stalking and found Will on Twitter and Instagram and followed him. He immediately messaged me asking how I found him and I was absolutely delighted that I had a private conversation going with him! Unfortunately, I had to then get the bus so I lost WiFi and couldn't see his reply for ages 😭

I was sales ambassador again when I got to work, which is my favourite job! Will wasn't working either so I had fewer distractions 😂 I literally spent an hour with two guests in particular, as we talked and talked about the Haunted Mansion and food and Disney plush - all my favourite things! They had their picture taken with me as a result, and another cast member was sent over to see if I was ok because of the amount of time I'd been with them! I was perfectly fine and completely in my element, nattering people's heads off. But time had passed quickly and it was suddenly after the fireworks and time for my break!

The second half of my shift I was on register and managed to make a bit of a mess due to a little slip of my finger whilst working the till. A hispanic lady wanted to pay $59.46 in cash then the other $77 on card (she was trying to get rid of change, hence the weird number). Normally this is perfectly fine and easy to do, I just type in the cash given and hit the button and the rest can be paid on card. But when I typed in the cash, it didn't register and I didn't notice. So when I hit the button the till thought the entire thing had been paid in cash and the transaction had been completed. That meant the till was down $77 even though the lady hadn't paid! It was literally a slip of my finger but I had to call Jon Barry, my favourite leader, who sorted it out for my. It took a while though and I was a bit embarrassed for making a mess in front of him! 😂 It was just flipping typical that the guest didn't speak English too, because she had no idea what was going on!

It was an annual passholder event that night so again it was quiet and I had a zone to myself. Now I don't want to offend anyone, but I have to say, the vast majority of APs are complete ≈≈≈≈≈. If we ever have an awkward guest, 75% of the time they are APs. Some of them are perfectly lovely and polite, but most of them that I've encountered are completely entitled and think that just because they have a year long pass to Disney, Disney owes them the world. So that event wasn't quite as fun as it could have been!

They would get to the register and want to use their discount, and when I asked to see their ID and passholder card (like you always have to do!) they always moaned about showing it to me, saying that it's a passholder only event so they "clearly" should automatically get discount. It was just arrogance, really. What they fail to realise is that Disney don't chuck out guests who are none AP holders just because there's an exclusive event. Whilst they can't go on rides or gain entry into the park, they are still perfectly within their rights to linger and shop and take pictures. So for all I knew, the people paying could be guests who had wisened up to the fact that there was an event on and were trying to get a bit of discount. I explained this sooooo many times to people that night. Luckily, most were understanding once I explained. But a few were still a bit arsey because they also wore paper passholder wristbands for the event. But still! They were only paper! Anyone could find one on the floor and put one on! I was literally just doing my job and they acted completely entitled and arrogant. It was an interesting night, anyway!

When I got home, I got another message from Will who was teasing me about being from Lancashire. I was having too much fun texting him and I ended up staying up until 3am (oops!) so I've no one to blame but myself for being tired! Oh, and Delphine, who woke me up at 6:30am! 🙄 I'm not looking for anything, especially because I leave in two weeks and he's here for a year. But he's fun to hang around with and since my roommates are leaving imminently, I need new company! I've got nothing to lose with only two weeks left and life is too short to keep your feelings underwraps so I just got straight to the point and asked him if he wanted to go to a park before work on Monday (today!). He was asleep by the time I sent the message and is probably sleeping in, so I'm still waiting to see what he says. I'm pretty sure he likes me too, but if he rejects me then I've not lost anything, especially since I'm going home soon and won't have to see him again! If he accepts, then we have a fun two weeks of banter and messing around before I go home with even more good memories. I'll let you know what happens!

(I don't have a picture for the last bit so here's a selfie from the American Adventure in Epcot!)

So I said I'd answer a few questions that I've had in the comments! On the trip report app there's no feature which allows you to answer replies, and since I have no computer the Dibb is really difficult to use on my phone via a web browser. So here goes!

The most common question I've spotted is how long I'm staying. My program is only two months, and I unfortunately can't extend because I have a J1 visa and it doesn't allow me to. My last day at work is the 14th August and I move out on the 16th. I have MNSSHP on the 17th then I sadly fly home on the 18th! Leaving is literally going to break my heart and send me into a pit of sadness for the rest of the summer. Think about the post-Disney blues you get after a normal trip, then times it by a million because I've literally settled down here and met so many wonderful people whom I've become very attached to!

I also get asked a lot about how to apply. You have to be an undergraduate to meet the visa requirements, as well as having completed your first year at university. You apply through YummyJobs and it's called the "Cultural Exchange Program". You go through a rigorous application process, with a long written initial application, then a group interview with YummyJobs in Epping, then a fact to face interview at the Disney headquarters in London. Unfortunately it is difficult to get onto, I heard that for my year, there were about 3000 applicants and only 150 or so made it to the end. But don't let that stop you applying. If you can dream it you can do it - I did!

Someone has asked me about the "conversion" meeting that I talked about in the last post and how Disney tries to convert shoppers into buyers. There are sensors above the doors to the Emporium so that they know how many people have visited in a day. They can also tell by the number of transactions per guest how successful the store is. They have figures which show them that when a cast member engages with a guest as an individual, they are much more likely to buy something. But funnily enough, that is not their primary concern! They really are more bothered about the happiness of the guest, hence why they encourage us to go above and beyond whenever we can, even if it costs the company a few dollars. But some of the methods we are encouraged to use are things like eye contact, open ended questions, ear-wigging to figure out what a guest needs, and badges. So if you have an "I'm celebrating" badge or a birthday badge on, they are a great way for us to start a conversation and therefore make the guest feel like an individual, not just another guest in a crowd of thousands. The sales ambassadors are another method that Disney uses for conversation, as we literally stand there in our zone with an IPad and are encouraged to just talk to guests. It's my favourite role! Our IPad can search the whole of Walt Disney world for a particular product, and tell us exactly where it is so that we can point the guest in the right direction. We also have the freedom of movement, so instead of literally pointing people towards a particular zone if that's where the product that they are looking for is, we can walk around and actually show them, nattering on the way. I've been known to actually leave the Emporium on occasion and walk around Main Street with them to help them find other shops!

We are also read letters or emails from guests a lot, and they emphasize that it's not the prettiness of the store that encourages purchases but interaction with cast members, as it makes their experience unique.

I have also been asked if the event that I went to the other day and wrote about in my last post was just for cast members or if it was open for guests. Yep, it was an exclusive cast event! It was called the Magic Kingdom Cast Celebration and there were cast exclusive freebies being given out and all sorts. You'd be surprised how much cast members get access to that guests don't! We can do special tours that are cast only - like the tour of the Haunted Mansion that I unfortunately missed the deadline for applying for because I didn't know about it! The one I went to was an annual party that they have for MK cast members to thank them for everything they do. Despite what you might sometimes hear on the news or in social media, Disney really do treat you well. As long as you're passionate about making magic and aren't afraid of a bit of hard work, you will be greatly rewarded. It's work hard, play hard in my eyes!

The last question I can think of right now is can I apply to work here again. Yes I can! I only have one more opportunity to do the CEP as you have to be an undergraduate, but now I've done this program and have a spotless record, I have my foot in the door and it will be easier to get work at Disney again in the future. As for whether or not I will apply to do this program again next summer, I don't actually think I will! I fully intended to for ages, but now I'm actually here and my program is coming to an end, I don't really want to.

The reason for this is that my summer has been absolutely perfect in every single way. I don't have a single bad thing to say about it, it has been the experience of a lifetime. I'm in the perfect house with perfect roommates doing a perfect job in a perfect location, I literally don't think it could get any better. I'm pretty sure that if I did the program again, I would only be disappointed. There's no way on earth anything could beat my experience this summer, and I think I want to keep it as one perfect and unique memory than attempt the impossible task of replicating it next year. Plus, everything was new to me this time, and I would have to do Traditions and Graduation and training all over again next year which would just ruin the "specialness" of it for me as it would no longer be a unique experience. However, I would DEFINITELY come and work for Disney again doing another program! I'm seriously considering the year long Cultural Representative Program after I finish uni before my master's, or after my master's if I don't get in first time as it's hugely competitive.

So there you go, I hope I've answered a few questions that you guys have! Feel free to comment any more and I'll do my best to answer in my next post. Have a great day guys!

I'm going to pick up from where I left off in my last Dibb post, but since I have five days to write about, it's going to be a long one! I'll begin with the beginning of Sunday, which we had saved as a special day off to do something nice.

Taylor, Ashley and I woke up for around 7:30 ish to get ready and leave the house by 8. We got a little bit dressed up, since we had a reservation at Be Our Guest and also wanted cute pics in the parks! Delphine had returned home the night before, but was unfortunately working so it was just going to be us three.

We posed for a few photos in the appartment then set off, singing along to "the summer of '69" which came on the radio with perfect timing! We got to Magic Kingdom twenty minutes before the official opening, but it was extra magic hours so we made our way to the hub for pictures.

We got to watch the Fairy God Mother open up the park, which was so cool because I'd never seen it before!!! We then headed straaaaight to the Haunted Mansion (of course) before going on Big Thunder Mountain and heading for breakfast.

I'd been to Be Our Guest before back in 2016 with my family but couldn't remember it properly since my brother was in the middle of the mother of all tantrums at the time. I had high expectations due to the price, but I found the service disorganised and the food portions tiny! I'd purposely ordered off the kids menu to keep cost low and because I know I don't have a massive appetite. Adult meals were $35 whereas kids were $14. But I don't know if I would have even paid a fiver for what I got!

It was two tiny pathetic little crepes with a glob of yogurt on the side and a token sprinkling of berries. For $14. I know it was kids but come on, it's America! And at $14 that's a rip off!

We did get some completely adorable photos around the place once we had finished though. And Taylor seemed to enjoy herself after she tried the grey stuff!

We went shopping on Main Street afterwards before getting the bus to Hollywood Studios and doing a bit more shopping. We watched Beauty and the Beast and Ashley went on the Rock and Roller Coaster for the first time. It was in that queue that I wrote my last Dibb post! Ashley was too much of a yellow chicken to go on the Tower of Terror so with only a 15 Minute wait, me and Taylor went on without her!

The heavens opened as we ran to Star Tours and the Frozen Singalong. We were so cold too, that we went for hot chocolate at Starbucks. That was an experience! Those that know me know I do love a good hot chocolate, and have quite the collection of flavours at home, Whittards of Chelsea of course. But when I asked the lady serving what flavours they had, she looked at me completely blankly. I suppose Florida is a hot country so maybe hot chocolate isn't as popular here. But I literally had to drag out of her the syrups she had, before explaining that I wanted the toffee one! It was really funny 😂

I left Ashley and Taylor then, since they were going home soon and I wasn't ready to end my day. I was meeting my Godparents back at the Magic Kingdom at 6 so wanted to go and get the bus. I've never been so cold on a bus in my life. It seriously annoys me that they keep the air-conditioning on so cold when it's been raining, I was shivering.

We had a great night together though and ate at Pecos Bill's. I left the park after closing so it turns out I had 14 hours in the parks that day! I was knackered but definitely glad I'd made the most of it, it was a great day! Definitely made up for the nasty man shouting at me at work the day before.

Monday was the day of my 13.5 hour shift at work and I was not looking forward to it! The first part was a class in the utilidors underneath Main Street. It was called "Four Keys Basics" and we were all tired and expecting a repetition of the more boring parts of our training. But the cast member who ran it, Tatty, was brilliant! She kept my attention from start to finish and made us laugh, and we swapped funny or cute stories about our time working at Disney so far. Afterwards, I stayed behind to thank her for being so brilliant, as my confidence had been knocked by the nasty guest who made me cry, and I'd needed a bit of a boost before my big long shift.

The class finished at about 12:30, and feeling as though my pixie dust had been restored, I headed out into the Emporium! Many of the cast members who I'd made friends with during my weeks here left around that time, but Maxim, who is probably one of my better Emporium friends, came back to see us all! His girlfriend took this FABULOUS picture of us in front of my beloved plush wall, so it's great that I got to see him one last time!

I bumped into a family from England who I got talking to. It was their last day and they were on their way out of the park. I asked if they had been on the Haunted Mansion, since it's my all time favourite, and to my utter horror they hadn't! I told them they absolutely HAD to before leaving, and went and wrote them fast passes with the No Strings book so they could go on it quickly. They went off and I thought nothing of it until they came back afterwards and told me how it went!

Funnily enough, yesterday morning, (Thursday), I was reading through the comments on my last Dibb post and was amazed to find that one of you guys knows this family and realised that it was me that gave them the fast passes! 😂 That absolutely made my day, and put me in a good mood going to work!

Anyway, back to Monday. The rest of the shift went weirdly quickly to say it was 13.5 hours, and I managed to get a lift home with my friend Gloria.

Before we left, I said goodbye to all the CMs who were leaving in the Main Street Cafeteria. This is Victoria, and she got me to sign her book before I rushed off to catch my ride!

I ended up giving Gloria a very brief history of Britain in the car ride home (upon her request, I promise!) Before going straight to bed. I awoke at 5:30am the next day to the most awful snoring that I've ever heard coming from a lady! I coughed loudly to try and wake Delphine after I'd been tossing and turning for 45 minutes trying to get back to sleep. I could hear it through my earplugs. I got up and slammed the door, clapped my hands, shouted to try and wake her up, but she was fast asleep and snoring so loudly that I eventually resorted to getting up and moving to go and sleep on the couch. I'd been there about an hour when I heard Delphine's alarm go off, but that STILL didn't wake her up! I probably should have gone to help wake her up since she'd have had an alarm for a reason, but I was seriously naffed off by this point, and very sleep deprived, so I left her. When she eventually got up moved back to my bed, but couldn't get to sleep until she left. I then woke up later than I meant to at 10:30 and had to rush to get ready, because it was my day off and I was going to meet my Godparents at Epcot!

They had never done the world showcase before so I walked them round and practically forced a strawberry macaroon ice cream sandwich down their necks at the France Pavilion. Actually it didn't take much forcing!

We ate at the Mexican Pavilion. We initially thought it was the themed restaurant inside, but it turns out it was the one beside the lake! We were a bit gutted but it was still really nice! Afterwards, we finished off the showcase and went for Wurther's popcorn in Germany. I also got two more plush since they were on offer! I got Dante from Coco and Bruce from Finding Nemo 😁 We left just before 11pm and the bus home took about 30 minutes, which is a lot quicker than coming home from the Magic Kingdom!

I had a good laugh with my housemates on Wednesday. I wasn't starting work until 7:45pm (although it was a 2:45am finish!) so I decided to make the most of my day beforehand. Ashley and I went to the pool after a hilarious episode of trying to put suncream on each others backs. It doesn't sound funny when I try to explain it but we were literally crying with laughter in the bathroom before leaving 😂

We stayed for a couple of hours then got back home to find Taylor lying on her bed. I dropped a few massive hints about going to Publix for some milk so she drove me there before we got back and watched the final Harry Potter! Even though it was Taylor's first time watching it, we still giggled all the way through it.

I showed them my new Bruce plush and they told me Joyce had really wanted one too! So then of course we needed a group photo to send to her since she'd abandoned us to ≈≈≈≈≈≈ off back to Indiana.

We were in stitches as we messed around whilst I got ready for work. I was immitating their accents and apparently I do a good Delphine impression! (There was a hilarious incident that morning where she was refusing to buy bog roll and I had acted out the full scene much to everyone's amusement)

It was properly storming outside by the time I had to leave for work so out came the floor length raincoat from costuming! I must have looked a right sight 😂

I was put on register at work at first, but then got moved to stock since I was working until closing. I batted my eyelids a bit and got given plush, much to my delight! Of course, I have 67 plush of my own and collect them, so I was in my element.

I got chatting to a British family who later went and complimented me to my leader, who then sent me a grape soda so that was cool!

I also found out I've won a tour of the monorail on my last full day on the program! I'm determined to go out with a bang.

I got home at about 3:30am that night and went straight to bed! I didn't wake up on Thursday until 1pm so thankfully, I got a good sleep in although it meant that I only had an hour before having to get the bus and go back to work.

I'd forgotten about the Magic Kingdom Cast party that was on that day, but luckily got to work early enough to attend for half an hour! It was so cool and I wish I could have stayed longer. It was behind Main Street East and made me laugh because we were all partying right under the guests' noses!

Emporium ice cream selfie! They were free from the party, so of course I indulged!

It was all Peter Pan themed and you could meet all the characters but I unfortunately did not have time.

When I got to work there was a "Conversion" meeting, which meant I was taken into a classroom above the Emporium with a few other cast members to discuss how we can "convert" guests into buyers. I learned some interesting stuff, like that there are sensors above the doors which count how many guests come through the store in a day!

After that I began work in a really good mood, and my leader caught a magical moment on camera...

A young couple and their daughter came up to me because their little girl's new Cinderella shoes weren't working properly. They are supposed to flash when you smack them but one of them was broken, so they wanted to know what we could do. The little girl was dressed as Cinderella from head to toe, so I nipped off to grab a new pair of her size, then I sat her down on one of the displays, knealt down in front of her and proceeded to fit her shoes just like they do in the film! I didn't know at the time, but a leader was watching across the room and managed to snap a photo of the moment. He later sent it to me so that I could put it on the Dibb for you lot to see! I'm so happy he captured the moment, as most of my magical moments are just memories!

The rest of my shift passed nicely and I managed to nab a lift home off my friend Ruby. I made hot chocolate before bed and looked through my photos.

It's now Friday morning and since it had been a few days since my last Dibb post, I thought I should use my time to do a new one! I am working at 3:45pm today until 12:30am, which isn't so bad. I am in the midst of working 7 days straight with no days off at the moment, much to my disappointment. My next day off is Wednesday but that's the only one. My housemates leave on Friday so I'm trying to give my Thursday shift away too so that I can spend more time with them on their last day.

Anyway, thank you for having the patience to read through this post, I know it's a massive one! I realise I've not been answering comments but believe me, it's really difficult when you don't have access to a computer! I can assure you I read every single one and love hearing from you all!

Seeya real soon and have a magical day! 😁

I'm currently stood in an hour long line for the Rock N Roller Coaster so I figured now is a good time to write my Dibb posts! It's been an emotional few days to be honest, with lots of negativity and bad news. But I've been handling it like a true Disney fan and with less than three weeks left, I have been spending as much time as I can in the parks and with my beloved housemates. I'll be writing about Thursday, Friday and Saturday, picking up from where I left off in my last Dibb post. The rple wall pic is from the other day when I went to MK with Ashley, and I'm using it just because I don't have a picture from Thursday!

On the bus on the way to work I got talking to two other CPs, who said they had bought tickets for MNSSHP after our program finishes. At that point, I had zero plans for what I'm doing after the 16th August when I move out of my accommodation, and hadn't even booked a flight home. I was feeling a bit down because we were talking about our program ending, but I found out the first Halloween party is on the 17th, and we get a huge discount! So when I got off the bus I absolutely legged it to Company D at Disney uni, and I got my ticket for only $55! Apparently they're usually more than a hundred. I absolutely LOVE Halloween and am so happy I got a ticket because now I can go out with a bang at the end of my program!

I've slept since Thursday, but from what I can remember, work was pretty much business as usual! The days are blurring together and I'm going to start writing stuff down that I know I want to tell you guys, because I'm really struggling to remember the last few days! 😂 I just remember that I managed to get a ride home from work again. I got home at about 11:30 and my body clock can't sleep at that time so I made hot chocolate and watched telly, stuffing my face with M&Ms, Pringles and Skittles. It was fabulous.

I got up the next morning (Friday) to the most horrible news! Joyce had pulled a sicky to skive off work and was in deep discussion with a friend and her parents about self-terminating herself from Disney! She had mentioned it a couple of weeks ago but I didn't take her seriously, and I'd managed to convince her not to. She only had two weeks left of her program so I didn't see the point in quitting! She hates her horticulture program though, and has obviously had a very different working experience to me and was unhappy. But the selfish part of me didn't want my perfect house with my perfect housemates to fall apart because I have so much fun with them!!! I didn't want her to go! It would also wreck our plans for Sunday, which was the first time we were all off work together and I was really looking forward to it! But unfortunately she decided she would be leaving the next morning, and I was heartbroken.

To make matters worse, I'd just got off video call to my parents and had booked my flight home on the 18th August. That's depressing enough without also thinking about the 400 shaped hole in my pocket as a result! So my morning was spent sulking about my flight and how I'm only here for three more weeks, and begging Joyce not to leave us! Taylor and Ashley came home and were just as gutted as I was about Joyce, if not more so because they've lived with her a month longer!

I was really not in a Disney mood by the time I got to work, and woefully told my colleagues of my despair. It was hard to get into the swing of things in terms of being all happy and smiley onstage, so I kept it pretty simple that night, because I was tired and miserable and needed to go to bed.

Shortly towards the end of my shift, another CM approached me asking if I wanted to go to "Waffle House" after work. That meant no buses, a lift home, and nice juicy waffles so I was all in! Big mistake.

I was expecting a cute little American diner with strawberries and Nutella and cinnamon to put on my waffles, but instead it was a greasy takeaway that only had two type of waffles, and instead sold pathetic 'versions' of English breakfast style food. I've uploaded the menu for your benefit, but would like to draw your attention to two things in particular.

On the menu, it says 'sausage'. Where on earth is the sausage? It also says hash browns. I see no hash browns! My friend ordered some and check it out - THIS is what Americans think are hash browns!

It's shredded! What on EARTH?! It looked absolutely disgusting. Josh, one of the CMs with us, ordered a 'steak' and it looked like cardboard and was delivered stone cold. I was appalled and deeply regretted my decision to come along. I thought waffles would comfort me at the end of a long horrible day but there was barely a waffle in sight!

I ordered the one waffle that was on the menu and only got part way through. It wasn't disgusting, but looking at my dirty surroundings and the horrible greasy food that everyone else got really put me off. I just wanted to go home at that point. Unfortunately, I only got home at 1 ish, a full two hours after my shift finished. I wish I'd just bitten the bullet and got the flipping bus! I knew I was getting up early to see Joyce off too so heaven knows what I was thinking.

I woke up at about 6:30am the next day, (Saturday), as hearing Ashley and Taylor help Joyce to pack her car woke me up. I didn't mind though, I was just happy to spend a last bit of time with her. Taylor went out to pick up lots of coissants and pastries and stuff for breakfast, and we all sat down as a four for the last time to have one last breakfast together. Delphine was still in Miami so didn't get to say goodbye at all!

We had a last photo together, as we didn't have a single one of us all because of our mismatching shift patterns. Because Delphine wasn't home, we STILL don't have a picture of us all together and never will. 💔 Joyce is the little one in the middle - it's hilarious because she drives a huge black monster truck thing!

We said our goodbyes and I had to swallow the lump in my throat. Taylor, Ashley and I had been brutally reminded of how short our time was together, so we threw on some clothes and make up, I packed up my costume, and we jumped in the car and headed towards the Animal Kingdom!

We three had a great time in AK! I stupidly went on the Kali River Rapids and got my hair all wet, so I wasn't very presentable when I got to work later on but who cares! At least I was having fun instead of being stuck in the house waiting to go to work for once!

It was my brother's 18th birthday that day too, so I skyped home to find all my family on the other end of the phone waving to me from a pub. It's so ironic, because my little brother is can now drink, but I'm stuck in the US unable to even have a sip of alcohol because I'm not 21 until November! 😂 I picked up a couple of bits from the shop to take home for my family then I hopped on one of the guest buses and headed to MK. I had about 40 minutes to spare so I watched the parade from the Christmas shop, then went backstage to change.

Once again, most of my shift was business as usual, until a guest made me cry. Yep, for the first time in the five years that I've been employed, a customer actually reduced me to tears. I was working on the register in the centre of the Emporium and a man and his son came to me with their stuff. I scanned it all, and the total came to some random number that was just under $100, so the guy gave me a $100 note. I put it through the till and it told me the exact change I was to give, so I counted it out and went to hand it to him.

Except he suddenly decided he wanted to use his coins to give me change. I told him I'd already counted it out and politely went to hand him the change anyway, since it had already gone through the till and was too late. But he demanded I did it his way.

Now l was always good at maths, (I got an A in my GCSE! &#128514 and under normal circumstances I would be able to work this out on the spot. Anyone who has worked with a register before knows how annoying it is when a customer decides to give you the extra change anyway, especially after it's already been processed. Add on the fact that it was immediately after the fireworks and the place was HEAVING, I was under pressure to be speedy, American currency is still foreign to me and I'm also not a human calculator, the guy insisting I took this change really threw me off. I tried to explain to him but he didn't want to listen, yelling at me that it was simple and it's the same money. This went on for a few minutes and I eventually just stopped engaging with him. I shut up and submissively tried to recount all the money and work out the change in my head, since the total had also now disappeared off my screen as it had been a few minutes since the transaction was processed. He carried on yelling and I silently handed him the money. He made a point of counting it out in front of me like I was stupid, slamming the notes onto the counter. Then he yelled that I still owed him a dollar. By this point my heard was thudding and I was trembling so much it made me clumsy. I should have recounted it to make sure, according to Disney's rules. But I dared not make the guy any angrier so I just handed him a dollar and he walked off.

I felt tears prickle at my eyes and I was shaking so badly. I've never been spoken to like that before by a customer in all my life, and never has someone treated me as though I'm thick and humiliated me in front of others. Other cast members had witnessed it, as well as other guests. The next guest to come to my register asked me if I was ok. I said I was, but that I'd just had my first horrible guest. She saw me shaking and saw that I was holding back tears, (honestly, it took all my willpower, I just wanted to go running backstage and be swallowed up by a hole!) and she told me that I had done nothing wrong and that the guy obviously had a massive chip on his shoulder. She tried to distract me by asking me about myself, and she told me how proud my family must be. She was so unbelievably nice, and such a contrast to the guest before, that it just made me want to cry even more!

When I said goodbye to her, there were luckily no more guests in the queue so I rushed backstage and burst into tears in a corner. Another CM walked past and asked me what was wrong so I told her about the horrible guest. Within a few seconds I had about ten other cast members all surrounding me sympathetically, offering to "kick that guy's ass" and giving me hugs. They told me that you can't properly say you've worked at the Emporium until a guest has made you cry! They brought me water and made me sit down, and told me about times when it had happened to them. I didn't want to mess around for too long though so I pulled myself together and went back onstage. I was nervous and shaky for the rest of the night then, as it had really knocked my confidence and I couldn't stop thinking about it. When my shift ended I practically ran for the bus, wanting to get away. There was no sign of one coming, so someone suggested we all got an Uber to Macdonald's! I usually hate Macdonald's but that sounded perfect, as I hadn't had any tea. I made friends with the Uber driver and bonded with him via stories of evil customers who treat us like poo, and ended up inviting him for Macdonald's with us! He declined, but he's probably the best taxi driver I've ever had, bless him!

I went straight to bed when I got home, glad of my day off the next day (today!) and excited to spend the day with my housemates.

So that concludes my account of the last three days! I told you it had been a bit emotional! I'm currently sat on Main Street waiting to meet my Godparents, today has been a BRILLIANT day so don't have too much sympathy for me! I'm still exactly where I want to be and having the time of my life! I'll update again in the next few days, so ta ta for now! 😁

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