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I’ve been looking to get a holiday booked for something to look forward to but no such luck as yet. Everything seems so expensive at the moment ☹️

I’ve been looking through last years holiday snaps so decided to cheer myself up on this rainy January day by reliving it and writing up a little trip report on our last minute summer 2019 trip to Las Vegas!

Firstly let me introduce us..

Me: Lallan - Louise, mum, 34. Holiday obsessed

DH: Taylor, dad, 35. Breadwinner

DS1: Baillie, 14. Unenthusiastic teenager

DS2: Lucas, 12. Enthusiastic middle child

DS3: Justin, 8. The boss, I mean baby of our family

And the other two members of the Allan family shih tzu’s Prince & Jacko who will be going on their own holidays to granny and granda’s house!

So onto bookings:

Well Vegas came about as a very much spur of the moment (of madness!!) booking. We had already been to Florida in March/April and Tenerife in May and my mum and I went back to Florida for a mum and daughter trip for her big 6-0 at the beginning of June. Therefore we had no set plans for during the summer holidays other than a camping trip to the Isle of Skye. It was a typical rainy start to the Scottish summer holidays. 5th July and the kids had been off school for a week and were getting bored already so we were sitting thinking let’s just get something booked and go. We are very fortunate in that DH runs his own business so if there’s a break in his work and we have the money sitting there we can suit ourselves. So on the laptop we go and Thomas Cook was most reasonable for last minute. We were leaning towards an all inclusive to Ibiza. There were only a few seats left on the plane and as soon as I went to book it was gone and the other dates available towards the end of July were double the price. Next option was an all inclusive in Sunny Beach but as I was browsing Vegas appeared. DH had always wanted to go to Vegas but in later years when it’s just the two of us’. The 3 boys then got involved and all decided they quite fancied Vegas. DH still wasn’t very keen. How can he do Vegas properly with the 3 kids in tow!? I promised he could still go and have a gamble so he agreed. Vegas for a week 14-21st July 2019. Wanted a 4* so after a quick look at google maps decided on Bally’s as it seemed pretty central on the strip. I knew absolutely nothing of Vegas. But once I get booked I’m like a dog with a bone and get stuck right in so I wasn’t worried. I had just over a week to get my planning head on. Easy!! We had the small matter of a camping trip to get out the way first, and DS3’s 8th birthday and then we’d be off. Text my mum Vegas Babyyy’ and she said we were off our heads lol.

Amazon Prime is my best friend so this little book of knowledge arrived quick smart and a wee post to The DIBB asking for tips came up trumps. You guys delivered as usual and all advice was duly noted.

I thought we would be very much winging it’ on this trip as there wasn’t much time to get organized. But it actually became very regimented. I came across the 50 off Things to do deal on Expedia so I went ahead and bought each of us a 3 day Go City Pass. This covered pretty much everything in Vegas so I thought this would be our best bet to get the majority of things in one pass. It cost us 140 each and I thought it was better to buy this now rather than fork out a fortune per attraction each time. The choice on the list was endless and we’d have to all agree on what we wanted to do to and work out how to get the most in as was logistically possible. This involved using our map from the pocket guide and circling the attractions we all wanted to do. It was fun and we all got involved.

8-10th July 2019 Camping trip to Isle of Skye - check ✅

12th July 2019 DS3 Justin’s 8th Birthday and day out to the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond - check ✅

All that’s left to do is pick up the dollars we ordered from Ramsden’s, get the dogs organized to go to my mum and dads, Get the cases down and pack (yes - THE NIGHT BEFORE🙈!!) and head down to Manchester in the morning!!!

Viva Las Vegas!!!!! 🇺🇸

Buy and Sell DVC

Day 15 - Shopping, Applebees & Golf 7.4.17

Walked - not sure as tracker is now officially broken !!

Spent - $285.76 - on debit card

Should point out that yesterday we spent the last of our cash spending money so todays spends is paid using DH's Santander visa debit card. That's $3000 spent over 14 days for a family of 5 eating out at least once a day, paying Disney parking and plenty of shopping purchased. This is pretty much the normal spending for our Florida holidays over the past few years. I've read a lot of posts recently where people are asking about the costs of things and worrying they won't have enough because of rising costs. I'd say to those people not to worry and that it can easily be done. I don't feel we've been strict at all with our spending and we have bought a LOT. If we cut out our shopping we could holiday on half the amount of spending money with no problem. Maybe it's because I like my bargains, I don't know as that's just how I am all the time! And just because we don't eat at high end places doesn't mean we don't eat well. So any readers who might be first timers or budget travelers I hope my report has helped reassure a little

So the morning was spent assessing how much we had actually bought and wether we would need to buy another suitcase!! We came out with two large cases and a carry on each but we had taken 2 extra holdalls packed in the cases. I'm happy to report that with my careful packing skills another case wasn't necessary and we even had enough room to do some last day shopping....yay lol !!!!

After going through all our purchases I had noted that I hadn't really bought much for DS3 so that's what I was after today and just any other last minute bargains I spotted!!

While we packed the boys had a play in the pool for the last time of the holiday

After this we got ready and it was before lunch time when we left the villa and decided to head along Osceola Pkwy and stop in at the shops along there. Some sort of wildfire had broke out in the woodland area just up ahead that would probably be quite close to Disney grounds. We could hear sirens going mad and the smell of the fire was so strong. ***see first pic

We went in to Five and Below first. Spent $56.98 on the most random things...including more bloomin Five Nights At Freddy's stuff!!!! DH has checked his bank statement and for each transaction he was charged 1.25 by Santander. $56.98 was 47.40.

Marshall's next. $112.86 (1.25 +93.88) was spent on a load of things. Some gorgeous Laura Ashley baby grows for my unborn niece $5.50each

For DS1 an Air Jordan hoody $18 and RL Polo $16

For DS2 adidas hoody $16 and trackies $12, CK boxers $5.99

For DS3 white RL tshirt $8 and orange CK tshirt $6 (others are from Ross)

Ross next where $56.92 (1.25 + 47.35) was spent. The Tommy Hilfiger tshirts in above pic for DS3 were $7.99 each.

I got a rose pink lacy top $3.99 and this adidas hoody was from Marshall's reduced to $12:

And here is my favourite purchase.... Michael Kors silver sandals reduced to .......$13.99!!!!!!!!!!! The pics don't do them justice!!!

After all the shopping we were hungry by this point and agreed on a late lunch/early dinner in Applebee's.

DH and I had the $20 deal... x1 appetizer and x2 entrees. We had boneless buffalo wings to start. They were so good!!

And for main DH had Caprese burger:

And I had Fiesta Lime Chicken. I really enjoyed this and struggled to finish it!

DS1 had kids grilled cheese

DS2 had kids cheeseburgers

And surprise surprise DS3 had kids chicken tenders!!!!

All the food was really good and wished we had gone here earlier in the holiday as we would probably have went more than the once!!

Bill came to $49.18 (1.25 + 40.90) and we had some spare dollars I found in my bag so left $10 tip.

I threw it out there that since it was our last night why don't we go back to one of the Disney parks one last time. No one could agree which park as we all wanted to go to different ones!! After weighing it up we decided against it and the boys all wanted one last round of mini golf so settled on that idea instead. We headed to Winter Summerland this time.

I absolutely love the theming here, it's great!! We chose the summer course. We are all quite competitive as a family. Well they all are, I'm not really and I'm actually pretty hopeless at mini golf but I try my best. I believe I did get a hole in one at the Fireplace hole

After golf we said goodbye to Disney and headed along the 192 and popped in to the Nike Clearance store. We spent $53.16 (1.25 + 44.22). I got a pair of trackies for around the house for $10.47. Another pair of footie boots for DS1 $13.99 and trainers for DS3 $24.99.

Walmart next! We spent $36.67 (1.25 + 30.51) on random bits n bobs, last minute gifts and snacks for the plane tomorrow.

We were pretty hungry again by this point so stopped in at Little Caesar's for some take out since we had cleared the fridge this morning in the villa. For two pizzas and wings it cost $22.03 (1.25 + 18.32). The pizza was delicious!!

PJs on we sat on the couch in the villa stuffing our faces and watching tv for the last time. I hate the last night, it's always so sad!!!

Homeward bound tomorrow

Day 14 - Disney Springs & Checkers 6.4.17

Walked - not sure as tracker is now officially broken !!

Spent - $53.68

Firstly I'd like to apologize to everyone who has read along from the beginning for the delay in getting these last few days posted up. We arrived back home on Sunday 9th April and our poor dog was seriously ill. The vet suspect a brain tumor however it's not confirmed and after a very scary severe seizure (where I thought she was a goner) they've changed her meds and she has now been seizure free for the past week and a half and is slowly getting back to her cheeky self, thank god. For now we're taking it a day at a time but she's still with us and not in any pain or anything so here's hoping it continues.

But back to our holiday, even though it now feels like a lifetime ago!!

So Thursday we had a lazy morning with the boys in the pool and us doing some cleaning and catching up with washing. The plan was to go for lunch and then meet mum and dad at Disney Springs.

Everyone was in agreement for Checkers. It is literally a 2 minute drive from the villa so off we went around 12ish. We all got the same as last time and it costs $15.05. Yum Yum....seriously tasty burgers!!!

Bellies all fit to burst we filled the car up with $20 of gas then we set off Disney Springs bound on the straight road Osceola Parkway that takes us from Buenaventura blvd all the way into Disney in around 20 mins.

My mum and dad had got to Disney Springs before us and were having lunch in Earl Of Sandwich. DH & I love EOS too but the boys aren't so fond of it so none for us this holiday!

We headed to the Lego shop. DS1 usually keeps all his spending money to have a spree in here but i think as he's almost 12 he thinks he's too grown up for Lego now The other two had a look around but with the exchange rate it seems that it would be cheaper to buy back home now anyway.

Mum and dad came to meet us and mum and I headed round to the AMC cinema while DH, my dad and the boys headed off to Fantasia Golf for a bit of pitch and putt.

At the cinema I exchanged my Groupon voucher for tickets for Beauty & The Beast with no issues. We had a half hour to wait so we headed round to the water and sat and soaked up the sun. We spotted a turtle having a sunbathe on the rocks...

The movie was starting at 3.30pm so we headed in to get some popcorn. Mum bought a kids popcorn combo that was around $6 for us to share. This was plenty for us, the standard sizes were HUGE and would have just got wasted.

We got in and got our seats. The theatre was practically empty with another couple sitting in front of us and another sitting further down.

All I can really say about the movie is that it was FANTASTIC!!! I loved it so much, I was sat there like a little girl singing along!!! The cast were all so good, I cannot wait to watch it all over again

When the movie finished DH, dad and the boys were outside waiting for us. I had a Groupon voucher for the Characters In Flight balloon ride so went round to take a look. Apparently there was adverse weather conditions and the balloon was no longer flying. I'm not sure I really believed this as there was no wind and not a single cloud in the sky nor any rain forecast!! Oh well, wasn't ment to be I guess!!

So we just had a little wander around the shops but i think it's all very expensive here.

Mum had picked me up a pair of Havaianas in Burlington a few days ago for $4.99......the same pair was on sale in here for $40!!

Since the shops here were too pricey for us we decided to head to I drive outlets for one last look. But it was getting late and everyone was getting tired and couldn't really be bothered to look any more. The only thing I purchased was rollerball perfumes and a lip gloss from VS $18.63:

We were gonna go for some take out but we still had some food in the freezer back at the villa so just dropped mum and dad back at their hotel then headed home. We cooked chicken and burritos and odds and ends we had to use up and settled down in front of the tv.

Can't quite believe it's our last full day tomorrow time certainly does fly when you're having fun!!

Day 13 - Epcot, Olive Garden & Hollywood Studios 5.4.17

Walked - not sure as tracker got broken today!!

Spent - $112.29

Early start this morning as we were meeting mum and dad at 9:15am outside test track for our first FP.

We got to the gates for 8:50am, paid our $20 parking and were inside by 9.15am...just enough time for a pic before meeting mum and dad. Their bus drops off at Epcot so they were in the park just before us so were waiting as we got to Test Track. The older two boys love this ride but DS3 was unsure about riding. We told him he'd like it as you design your car etc so he agreed.....he immediately regretted it as soon as his seat belt was on lol!! He survived though and all the boys spent an age in the cars after the ride.
It was after 10am now and really hot already. A quick stop for some refreshments in Club Cool After this we took a slow walk around to World Showcase as it didn't open until 11am. Mum and I had a pic flying on some butterflies...

And posed with the topiary one....

If you look closely you'll spot that I dressed for the occasion again with my butterfly top

We were standing on the steps in Mexico for the opening ceremony at 11am sharp. Among the first in we got straight on Donald's Gran Fiesta boat cruise.

Norway next and I was really hoping to get on the new Frozen ride but at a 90 min wait there was no chance the boys would agree

I did get a pic of Anna and Elsa in topiary form tho!!

We made our way through China and had a look in the shops. Stopping in more the boys (and my mother!!) to get their passports stamped.

Germany next and stopped for a pic with Snow White...

Italy next and there was this gorgeous topiary of Lady and The Tramp:

America next and we had a seat and ate some snacks we had brought for lunch.
Spotted Woody here as we were leaving:

Japan next and then onto Morocco and through to France. There was a bit of a commotion going on here and camera crews were setting up equipment. We sat down by the fountain to have our pics taken by photopass cm and we spotted Stephen Mulhern filming for Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Take Away that was happening this coming weekend. Live show is saturday...just as our plane will be taking off to bring us home!!

And here's some of our memory maker pics. I love this spot for a photo:

You can't really make them out in the pic but look who was behind the fountain. Beast and Belle, isn't it just beautiful? Wouldn't mind having this in our garden at home lol!!

Found these two hanging around aswell..

Onto the UK next then through to Canada. We sat in the shade for a bit while the boys finished off coloring their passports. My mother in law called from back home to tell us the dog wasn't doing too great and had another seizure I was worried sick about her and felt terrible guilt that I wasn't there with her when she was ill.

Saw the last of the topiary and headed to Mouse Gear to buy my garden welcome stone I had forgotten to buy the other night.

Here it is again. It cost me $31.98. I love it:

We said goodbye to Epcot and left to make our way to Olive Garden at crossroads for dinner.

We were sat down eating by 4pm. DH and my mum both had spag bol on the buy one take one deal. They both also had soup. I had a meatball sandwich with endless salad and my dad had chicken flatbread and salad. DS1& DS3 had pizza and DS2 had mac & cheese. I seem to have lost this receipt and never pictured it for some reason but noted that we paid $50 towards the total bill. We paid more so never split this totally in half as the kids meals weren't free so our lot cost more than what mum and dad's food cost. And for some reason I only have a few pics of the food, not all the meals.

After dinner we headed to Hollywood Studios. We went straight to Indiana Jones for the 6pm show.

It was then time for our FP for Rock n' Rollercoaster. My dad sat it out and went a walk with DS3 while the rest of us went on. The boys love this ride, it's their absolute favourite!!

One last go on ToT next!! We came off and the sky was pitch black!!

After this we had a wander around the shops. We spotted this pic of Macaulay Culkin and DS2 had to pose for a pic as everyone always says he is his spitting image...what do you think?

We found a spot on Hollywood Blvd to settle for the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular. I don't think there are even enough words to describe just how good this show actually is. It is so cleverly done, has you in complete awe from the get go, totally I dare to say I enjoyed it more than Wishes...yes I think I did!! It's one not to be missed for sure. A fantastic way to round off our theme parks of the holiday!!

Hard to get pics as I was too busy watching what was going on! Here's the best I could do...

We took mum and dad back to their hotel and we're back in the villa by 10.30pm eating left over Olive Garden!!

Chilled out day planned for tomorrow at Disney Springs....I finally get to go see Beauty & The Beast!!!!!!!

Day 12 - Outlets & Miller's Ale House 4.4.17

Walked - not sure, no tracker today!

Spent - $475.41

A lazy morning was badly needed after our long and tiring MK day yesterday. DH and I sunbathed while the boys played in the pool. It was great to just chill out for a bit! Around lunch time we got ready to go to vineland outlets.

As soon as we arrived we headed to food court as the boys were hungry. DS1&2 got a 6" subway meal each. Cost $14.79....seemed very expensive!! And DS3 got a kids chicken meal from Mesun sandwiches that cost $6.12.

First shop was Cosmetics Co for me. Spent $35.22 inc 10% off with coupon and I bought a Mac lipstick, a sculpt and shape double powder for contouring and there was a deal where you buy the make up bag for $10 and pick 6 miniature products to fill it. I chose x2 Bobbi Brown lip glosses, x2 Bobbi Brown make up removers, a Bobbi Brown eye cream and a red Clinique nail varnish.

DKNY next where DH bought a hoody for $44.72 inc tax.

Ralph Lauren next for DH. He spent $117.12 and got 3 really lovely jumpers.

North Face next for DH where he got loads for $134.01...He got 3 jumpers and 7 tshirts!!! Great bargains. All were discounted 40% on lowest price in store then 10% coupon on top.

We took a drive down to my mum and dad's hotel to see how they had got on with their shopping today at the Florida mall. Sadly there's not many bargains to be had at this mall anymore, the outlets are much better.

We all took a walk over to Miller's Ale House for dinner. The place was jam packed and we had a bit of a wait for a table. We got seated and ordered some drinks and Chicken Nachos and Buffalo Shrimp to start.

The nachos were AMAZING!!!! Huge and really really tasty. Shrimp was good too.

For dinner DH went for the jambalaya, I had half rack ribs with Caesar salad, mum had the Asian chicken and dad had shrimp overload with the 35 Shrimp special. DS1 had cheese quesadilla, DS2 had shrimp and DS3 had spag & meatballs with garlic bread. All was very very good and huge amount of food!!!

Kids eat free here on a Tuesday and I also had a 2 buck Tuesday coupon where they take $2 off any meal. Total was $84.62 so we left $50 each inc tip. Although the food was fantastic the service sadly wasn't the best. But DH declared this was definitely his best meal of the holiday. We were all full to the brim.

It was really late by the time we left Miller's but enough time for a wander up to Pointe Orlando.

In Hollister DH spent $73.43 on x2 pairs of jeans, jogging bottoms and x2 boxers.

We were back at the villa by 11pm and straight to bed. Early start tomorrow and a busy day planned for our last park day of the holiday

Day 11 - Magic Kingdom & American Kitchen 3.4.17

Walked - 11,866 steps (4.8miles/7.8km)

Spent - $153.69

Last visit to Magic Kingdom today
The plan was to meet my mum and dad for the park opening and we had our first FP booked for 9am which was for Thunder Mountain. We left the villa at around 8:15am and Osceola Parkway had quite a bit of traffic so it took longer than usual. Then the lines of cars waiting to get in to MK was busy and a bit manic. It took us forever just to pay the $20 parking and get directed to a space. We eventually got parked up in Mulan and had to wait until there was room on a tram. Then we had to wait an age to get through bag check. We decided on the ferry over as most seemed to be heading for the monorail. Still we had to wait for another ferry as there were just so many people. By this point it was almost 10am and we were going to miss our FP window for Thunder Mountain. My parents had had quite an easy time getting in the park taking the bus so they were already in so I told them to ride without us and we'd meet them at our next FP Space Mountain. It was almost 10.30am by the time we got there to meet them!!! Such a lot of time spent trying to get in this park, it can get frustrating at times but it's worth it

So we ride Space Mountain which was great. I love this ride!! I was sat at the very back and it felt much faster than I remembered.

Our last booked FP was Tomorrowland Speedway so off we went to that. The boys all enjoy not so much, it's quite bumpy!!

Next I got a FP for Dumbo. After this we cooled down for a bit in the play area.

Next FP was Goofy's Barnstormer. DS3 refused to ride as even though it's a little one it's still a rollercoaster!!

Next I managed to get a FP for the tea cups.

Feeling a little peckish we went over to Gaston's tavern. It cost me $20 for x2 LeFou's Brews, a coke and a massive warm cinnamon roll. We had other snacks with us so we sat outside for a while and had a little lunch.

It was 1.15pm by now. We got another FP for the little mermaid since we were close by and I love it

We got some pics taken by Beast's castle and Lumiere made an appearance...

After this I got us a FP for It's A Small World. Really impressed that it picked up my magic band on here and said goodbye to me at the end...

I got a last minute FP for Mickey's PhilharMagic and we went in to the show at 2.10pm. Everyone just loves this show, it's fab

We had a wander round and for nostalgia's sake we went in to Country Bear Jamboree. It was funny being here with my mum and dad as it reminded me of being here and seeing this as a youngster with my two brothers...great memories of my own childhood.

Next I Got FP for Aladdin. After this we thought since we saw the country bears we may aswell visit the Tiki Room too, for old times sake. It may well be the last time we see both these as they are looking very tired now in comparison to all the other attractions.

Here's a pic of DH showing his enthusiasm for the older rides lol

We headed down Main Street towards the exit to watch the 3pm Festival of Fantasy parade. It was lovely

We were all hungry by now so tonight's early dinner plan was to head to the B Hotel just outside Disney Springs. I had bought a $50 voucher for the hotels restaurant, 'American Kitchen'. We got here at 4.30pm. The hotel foyer is lovely, very posh and modern!!

The restaurant was completely empty!! Our lovely server Heather brought us some water in the cutest Mason jars while we looked over the menus. She explained how everything on the menu was farm to table and that they grow all the herbs and veg on the big truck in the middle of the restaurant and in the crates on the walls. There's not the biggest of choices but everything they do have on offer sounded really good:

We ordered some drinks. My dad went for a blonde beer called Coppertail which he loved!! He ended up having 2 and they were $7 each. I don't normally drink alcohol but I really liked the sound of their passion fruit margarita so went for that...a tad pricey at $12 but it was lovely, maybe a bit strong for me but I did enjoy it!

We started with some wings to share. We couldn't agree on BBQ or buffalo so Heather said no problem we'll do half and half. We were only charged for 1 portion but we were served 2 big portions, one BBQ and one buffalo! I forgot to take a pic of these but they were very tasty.

DH had the American Burger, I had the Chicken Club, dad had the Fish Tacos and mum had the Turkey Sandwich. DS1&2 both had Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & DS3 had pepperoni Pizza. The pics don't do the sizes any justice, you can't actually tell how big the plates were but they were huge!!

The food was fantastic. Really very tasty indeed. The chef came out after we'd finished asking if all was well. He spoke to the boys and said he was gonna bring them some of his hand made gelato free of charge. A really nice thing to do and the gelato was lovely!! We all thoroughly enjoyed it here. Bill before my $50 gift cert would have been $ it was $69.12 inc tax. We should be tipping on the bill before the gift cert so we halved it and left $45 each inc tip. The service, the food and the surroundings were great. Would really recommend a visit here if you can.

Here's DS1 who's name is Baillie posing in the lobby after dinner:

And here's my mum enjoying a wee seat in the lobby :

We were parked up again and back in Magic Kingdom again by 6.30pm. We got our last pic by the castle. I think it's my favourite one we've had taken...

And mum and I met tink!!

We headed straight over to Tomorrowland for our Buzz FP. DS3 enjoys spinning this ride, he doesn't actually care about the shooting of targets!! He knew when the pic was coming and pulled a funny face...DH and I were to busy trying to beat each other's scores. And of course he won as always. I'm rubbish at these things!!

Next we went on a fave of mine, the Carousel of Progress...'there's a great big beautiful tomorrow...' you end up singing it for days lol!! Before this started I managed to get a FP for Pirates Of The Caribbean so we set off there next. And after that there was just enough time to squeeze in a last FP for DS3's fave the Haunted Mansion before Wishes. We got off the ride at 8.55pm so literally had 5 minutes to dash to the front of the castle and try and bag a decent viewing spot. The park was super busy and leaving it so last minute we struggled to find somewhere and had to settle for a tree partially blocking our view. Here's a pic or two...

And that's my last pic of the castle

It was chaos trying to get out the park. Everyone seemed to be naturally walking towards the monorail so we went for the ferry.

Traffic coming out the park and on the I4 to take mum and dad back to hotel was busy and we never got back to the villa until almost midnight as we stopped in at Walmart and spent $68.69 on some food n drinks and bought DS3 the remaining FNAF figures he needed for his collection.

Another very long day today and we are all shattered!! I feel like I was definitely in drill sergeant mode today as I rushed everyone from ride to ride but it meant we got so much done and kinda felt like mission accomplished as I know we won't do Disney again for a few years so it was last time at Magic Kingdom for a while.

Lazy day planned for tomorrow then time to hit some more shops!!

Day 10 - Blizzard Beach & Checkers 2.4.17

Walked - 6,347 steps (2.6miles/4.2km)

Spent - $206.85 boys spent $105

We had breakfast in the villa before heading to Blizzard Beach. It opened at 10am and we arrived around 10.30am. We got settled in a nice little beach area in Tike's Peak. I stayed here with DS3 while DH and the other two went around the lazy river. It was VERY hot today and being a Sunday the park was pretty busy. One thing I noted was that we never came across one single photopass cm here today. Last time we were here they were everywhere all around the park and always at the end of the slides. I've got some fab pics of the boys here from 2015 so I was disappointed there were none around today so no pics this time. DH and DS1&2 came back to us at the kiddie area and the 3 boys played here together for a bit.

After this DS2 was desperate to go on the big one, Summit Plummet. I'm not in to water slides or in fact any rides at all where you get wet. I don't know how thats came about as I used to love these kinda things when I was younger. So DH got talked in to taking DS2 on this. He's not too enthusiastic about these kinda things anymore either, especially as it's a vertical free fall one!! DS1 looked at the slide and just point blank refused to ride lol. I'm so proud of DS2 and his confidence in the water now. Even after lessons, it was only a few years ago he wouldn't even go in the pool when we were on holiday as he just seemed to panic in the water. He's now the complete opposite and the bravest out of us all!!! He absolutely loved Summit Plummet and can't wait to tell all his friends about it He talked his dad in to doing some more of the big slides aswell while DS1&3 and I hung out at the kids zone.

We had taken a cooler with all our own food so had lunch and I sunbathed while the boys played in the sand. When DH and DS2 came back I went round the lazy river with the older 2 while DH played on the kids slides with DS3. After the lazy river the older 2 wanted to go and do the iceberg obstacles in Ski Patrol Training Camp.

We'd all had a great time here and by now it was already after 4pm and we'd all had enough. Being in and out the water paired with the heat really takes it out you and we all felt knackered!!

We left and headed back towards Buenaventura Lakes area. We stopped in at Checkers for dinner. For $15.05 we got all this....

The meal deal is 4 for $3 and you get a burger (choice of spicy chicken burger, hamburger, cheeseburger or fish burger) fries, a drink and a warm apple pie. It's crazy cheap and the burger was soooooo tasty!!!! Much better than Burger King or McD's.

DS3 got a $2 snack box with popcorn chicken and fries. It was tastier than KFC.

The seasoned fries are so amazing. Wish we had discovered Checkers before now!!!

After we finished our food we got two ice cream tubs to share a buck each so $2.15 inc tax for two. These were huge, much bigger than McDs sundaes!!

We agreed on a little shopping after this....
Ross first where $35.45 was spent on shorts for DH (no pic as he wore them and they're in the wash!) and an LED wireless speaker for back home $17.99

TJ Maxx next where $101.20 was spent on puma socks x2 $4 packs for the boys and $7.99 for DH's

Orange chunky knit Ralph Lauren jumper for me $16 and a grey cardigan $6 and Michael Kors 50ml sporty citrus EDP $29 all in clearance.

Grey DKNY towels, $5.99 for hand towel and $7.99 for bath towel and $5.99 for a bath pillow.

Walmart next. Spent $161.76. Stocked up on some food and snacks for the villa and the boys bought some things with their own money. DS2 bought a headset and a game for Xbox one. Not sure on prices as I can't find this receipt!

Quick stop in Dollar Tree. $6.24 on a few pairs of sunglasses as the boys seem to all have lost theirs!!

It was 9pm when we got home and we were all ready for our beds by this point. A really long day and we had an even longer one planned for tomorrow.....last visit to Magic Kingdom!!!!

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