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Homeward Bound!

Leaving Las Vegas. It had been such an amazing week that went by all too quickly. Couldn’t quite believe all that we’d managed to squeeze in to a week. It was tiring but so worth it. The memories we made here will last a life time. At one point in the holiday two rather drunk women made a rude remark to me as we were walking past them saying how stupid we were bringing our kids to Vegas. That’s their opinion and I understand everyone does things differently. But we had such a fantastic family holiday in Sin City and our boys all had an absolute blast. Yes it’s been different from our Florida holidays but good different. They’ve all asked already when can we go back to Vegas! It was a spur of the moment trip that came out of nowhere but turned out to be one of our best ever holidays!!

So we checked out of Bally’s and paid our Resort fee, $39.68 per day. Made our way to the pick up point and ordered an Uber. $27.68 straight in to departures at McCarran. Checked our cases in with no problems and went in the direction of food.

We all agreed on Ruby’s Diner, I got a Soup & Salad combo...Caesar Salad and a bowl of was delicious!!

DH got a Ruby-burger & fries and the boys got chilli fries and grilled cheese sandwiches.

After that I took the boys for snacks for the plane while DH uses up the leftover dollars in the slots!

Our plane soon boarded and was due to depart at 1.55pm. We made ourselves comfy for the journey home.

All meals were a vegetarian pasta meal that was quite tasty!

And that was that!

Arrived on time in Manchester at 8am and had the dreaded drive home.

Vegas it’s been a blast and we’ll definitely see y’all again soon!! 😎

Thanks for reading and if anyone is in two minds about taking kids to Vegas and wants to know anything I’d be happy to help x

Eat and Play Card

We never had much cash money left from our spends. It was really quit hard to judge how much spending money we’d actually need for Vegas having never been before. So we only changed $2000 worth as a base. We didn’t know if we’d need double or treble that as we’d read how expensive it can be. But I am pretty frugal (read tight!) and like to make my pennies stretch so thought that was a decent starting point and had our debit cards and a Monzo card to use if we wanted to. So our plan for today was to go to the outlets and use my Monzo card for some shopping. But DH had a couple of chips that he had won and built up during the week and had went down to the casino last night. He had barley spent anything on gambling the few times he’d had a go and he came up last night having won $550 playing blackjack. So that was today’s shopping fund covered 🤑!

We got ready and headed downstairs to order an Uber to North Premium Outlets. This was based on my mum’s advice that it has more of the shops we like at the outlets in Florida. Uber was here quick smart and it cost $35.06.

Since we’d only snacked in the room for breakfast we were quite hungry so decided to line our bellies before any shopping so went straight to the food court. We went to South Philly where DH & I both got a cheesesteak and DS1&2 both got cheesy bacon fries and DS3 (who doesn’t eat anything with any kind of sauce apart from wings!) got normal fries.

First stop was Kipling. Little bags had 70% off so down to $15 so I got myself a pink one and my mum a purple one.

Next my favorite The Cosmetics Conpany Store. Some absolute bargains on MAC make up!! It was like 90% off so I got all this for $18.84 inc tax 😲😲😲

I can’t remember what other stores we bought from. DH and the boys all got trainers and sport clothes from Nike and adidas, DS2 got more Vans and DS3 got some stuff from Disney store. And I got Ugg boots and Ugg slippers. We bought enough that we had to actually go to Kipling and buy another case 🙈

There was a Viva Las Vegas gift outlet that had a load of stuff for 99cents so we bought some stuff from there. And I only have a few pics of my own purchases...

We had to pack all our shopping in to the new case as we had far too many bags and we were going to Freemont Street so it would be silly to get an Uber back up to Bally’s to come all the way back down. So shopping all squeezed in, we ordered an Uber to take us to The Golden Nugget. It was $13.

I really liked this hotel! Loved the Shart Tank water slide at the pool...

And the Aquarium Bar...

And we went to see the worlds largest golden nugget...

We came out of here onto Freemont Street. It wasn’t dark yet so all the roof lights weren’t fully on. I don’t really know what I thought of Freemont St to be was, erm, interesting 🤨!?

There was a band on called Rock Steady so we stood and watched them for a bit. We got distracted by the young guy in the crowd providing some entertainment of his own lol

We walked through and also saw Heisenberg (Walt) from Breaking Bad lol...

And decided we’d saw enough of Freemont St and walked over to the Plaza and ordered an Uber back to Bally’s.

Completely forgot to go to in to Binions to get our pic taken with the $1,000,000.00 😭

We got back to the hotel as the sun was setting and up to the room for a final packing of the cases.

We then went out for our last wander of the strip before retiring to the big comfy beds for the last time!💤

A longer lie in this morning, we were all feeling mega tired as it was a very long day with lots of walking in the sun yesterday. Decided to walk up the strip for some brunch in Denny’s. I had a Santa Fe Skillet, DH a Wild West Omelette, DS1 had a Jnr Slam with a vanilla shake, DS2 had French toast and an oreo shake and DS3 had pancakes and sausages with chocolate milk. DH and the boys also ordered boneless wings to share. You will probably be able to tell by now that they all love wings 🙈 lol

Bill came to $54.23 and the service wasn’t great in here to be honest. We waited such a long time for our food and the server was quite disinterested in us, which we find unusual in the US.

We Went over to Park MGM as I was desperate to visit Haus of GaGa. I’m a big lady GaGa fan so I absolutely loved seeing all her costumes. It’s a free exhibit, but there’s a donation box for her Born This Way foundation.

I spent ages in here but the boys got kinda fed up as they had no interest whatsoever.

We went to the Coca Cola & M&M stores, then into Marshall’s and Ross Dress For Less...two of my favorite Florida shops!!

DH got some new underwear and shorts, the boys all got a few new outfits and I bought some make up. I behaved and never bought any handbags! we went in some more shops along the way back towards Bally’s. We had quite a lot of bags so back to the room with them.

We had a chill out in the room for a little while. Boys had been too tired most nights to play on their devices so they’d been missing them! They all played in their switches and iPads while we sorted some of our shopping and had to evaluate our space left in our cases. We still had the outlets to hit tomorrow and the cases were pretty full 😬!!!

Although we had saw the fountains going all week we were always in too much of a rush coming and going to properly watch the full show so decided that’s what we were doing and headed over to see the full show at 9pm

They really are beautiful to watch. We got the Celine Dion Titanic song. Loved it!

We decided we’d get some food to take back to our room. We were going to get a Wahlburger’s as it’s right by the entrance to Bally’s. But when we got there we changed our minds as we all felt like something different. But there are plenty of places offering fast food at the Grand Bazaar. DS3 and I wanted pizza. So we got a big huge slice of pepperoni each from Pisa Pizza...

DS2 wanted noodles so he got chicken and noodles from Ramen-Ya.

DH and DS1 loved the smell coming from a Turkish take out called Istanbul Mediterranean so they got a beef gyro each from there. I tasted it and it was super spicy!!! They both loved them and DH decided he’ll be getting one tomorrow night too lol

It was late by this time so we took our food upstairs. DH wanted another go in the casino so he went back downstairs for a while and the boys and I fell asleep watching some tv. 💤

Our half day excursion to the Hoover Dam was included in our city passes. All I had to pay on top was a $7 per person booking fee which I paid with my Monzo card online yesterday when my booking was confirmed. This included coach transport, Visitor’s Centre Admission and Mike O’Callaghan/Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge and unlimited ice cold bottled water...which was very much needed!

We were picked up at 8am at the North door of Bally’s. We were the first pick up so it was then up to Excalibur (where no one showed and we waited agesss!) then down to Circus Circus and lastly down to The Golden Nugget. I didn’t mind waiting on the other pick ups as it gave me a chance to nosey!

We watched a video on the coach of the story on how the Hoover Dam came about and the awful accidents and deaths and horrendous living conditions the poor workers endured.

Passed though Boulder City and before we knew it we were crossing the border into Arizona! The coach pulled in and a state border control official came onboard the coach, searching in all the overhead lockers and under all the seats...very thorough! We were good to go and they let us pass the border. We drove all the way around passed the visitors Centre and up high to an overview area.

Our driver was so knowledgeable and gave us lots of information and had many stories to tell. He was so passionate about his job and seemed to know everything there is to know about the Hoover Dam!

We were literally in the middle of the Arizona desert at this point looking down onto the dam. It was unbelievably hot so we got some ice creams from the little pit stop store. That’s pretty much all they creams, drinks and post cards. A 15 minute break to stretch our legs and some photo ops then it was back on the coach to drive us down to the visitors Centre.

It was 10am when the coach parked up. The driver issued all our passes for entrance to the visitors Centre and said to be back at the coach for 12pm sharp.

We had only had a few snacks for breakfast before setting off this morning so decided to get food first.

With a few (huuuuge!) Dam Dogs and cups of delicious homemade chili our bellies were suitably full so it was onto the visitors Centre.

It was very interesting in here, so much history. The boys all enjoyed the interactive stations seeing how the power was made.

We came back up out over to the water tower viewing Centre.

We had a walk around taking in the views over Lake Mead. It seemed like the hottest day ever!

We were back on the coach for midday and our guide drove us up to the Mike O’Callaghan/Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. He supplied us with bottles of water and gave us time to walk across the bridge if we wanted to. We walked half way across...that’s all we could manage in the heat!

Back on board the coach, with legs feeling a little like jelly after walking that bridge! It was a nice drive back to Vegas. The driver said we’d be back to Bally’s for around 2.30pm. We debated wether to get off the coach at Freemont Street and go to the Mob Museum and then up to the Stratosphere as these were included in our pass. But if we done that then we wouldn’t get any show tickets for tonight! Decided against it and that we’d get an Uber to freemont St after the outlets on our last day. And instead of the top of the Stratosphere we’d use the pass to go up the Eiffel Tower instead.

On the way back into town we watched the Terry Fator dvd and it was hilarious!! Our guide had been fantastic and he was such a lovely man. Cannot remember his name tho ☹️! We thanked him and gave him a big tip and said goodbye.

It was 2.30pm and we had to hot foot it over to the V Theatre box office to see if there was any tickets left for tonight’s variety show. We were in luck and got great seats at tonight’s 7pm show.

It was now off to Paris to go up the tower.

All the way up our escort came out with loads of facts about all the Vegas hotels. He spoke sooooo fast to fit as much in as he could. He asked us where we were staying and he ruled off about a million facts on Bally’s. This really made us all laugh but he knew some really interesting things and I don’t know how he remembers it all!!

Up the top of the tower the views were unreal. Looking over at the Bellagio was amazing as the fountains came on!!

After Paris we headed over to Caesar’s. We decided to have dinner in Planet Hollywood restaurant as our city passes gave us a $15 per person meal credit.

It was 5pm and restaurant was completely empty!! We literally had the entire restaurant to ourselves! Ordered wings to share...

DH and I had Philly Cheesesteaks, DS1&2 shared a pizza and DS3 had chicken tenders and fries...

This was actually another real bargain of a meal as with our credit from our passes all we had to pay on top was $22.33!!

Love a bargain!

After this we went to a few shops in the Forum Mall and bought some souvenirs. I just love this mall, it’s so pretty!

We decided to go back to our room and put the bags in before tonight’s show. As we were walking through the Grand Bazaar we noticed The Magic shop was finally opened. It had been closed every other time we’d passed and the boys were all desperate to get in for a look. We got chatting to Dennis who worked there. Turns out he is the best sales man EVER as we ended up spending a small fortune in here 🙈!! He was fantastic though and the boys were amazed by him. His tricks were out of this world!!

We had spent so much time (and money!) in here we never had any time to go back to the room. DH had to just nip up and throw the bags in before we headed over to the V Theatre in Planet Hollywood for the show. I actually thought we were going to be late. It is hard to walk fast in Vegas! But we just made it in the nick of time. Phew!

The show was fantastic and had us all laughing the whole way through!! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a family show in Vegas!

The host Wally Eastwood was hilarious!!! The boys loved him and thought he was sooo funny! So we met him at the meet & greet at the end of the show and bought his dvd for $10.

It was 9.30pm and we had just had what seemed like the longest day ever so we went back for an early night. DH ventured down to the casino for an hour or so and the boys and I jumped straight into bed to watch a movie. 💤

A bit of a longer sleep in this morning as it was such a late one last night. Decided that for tomorrow we would do a half day Hoover Dam trip with our city pass so had to book that online 24 hours before so got that all booked and confirmed. Then we were up, ready and out by 9am heading to Planet Hollywood Saxe Theatre box office to secure tickets for tonight’s showing of VEGAS! The Show. Tickets in hand for 7pm show tonight (again saved a fortune having the pass but didn’t take a pic of tickets ) so off to Earl of Sandwich for breakfast. $41.06...the French dip sandwich was soooo tasty!!

After this we had a bit of a walk ahead of us to do the attractions at the other end of the Strip. First we went to MGM Grand.

Then over to The Excalibur...

And then through to The Luxor. We wanted to do Titanic Experience and Bodies Exhibition in here. Should have cost us $35 each per attraction but all included in our pass so saved us a total of $350!!

You’re not permitted to take any pics in either attraction but we all really enjoyed both.

New York New York next. Our passes allowed us to ride on The big Apple Coaster (saved $15 each for a ride). It was brilliant, a bit shoogly as us Scots would say!! Thought I had whiplash when I came off lol

Liked the vibe in NY NY. Boys were getting peckish so DS1 & DS2 grabbed a quick slice and a coke and DS1 really wanted crinkly chips from Nathan’s.

Spent quite a bit of time in here looking round, the boys all loved Houdini’s museum as they all like magic.

Back over we went to MGM for the CSI experience. It wasn’t opened yet when we were in there earlier!

I really enjoyed this but DH didn’t and put no effort in. I was in full blown investigator mode and proud of my certificate lol

Had a browse through some shops in MGM and these really made me laugh...

Left MGM and went along to Showcase Mall for dinner in the food court. DH had a curry from Indian Express, said it was one of the best curries he’s ever had, really enjoyed it!

Me, DS1 & DS 2 had Panda Express...

And DS3 had pizza from Sbarro...

It was 5.30pm so we had enough time to walk back to Bally’s to put our bags in before going to Planet Hollywood for the show.

Show was amazing! All great singers and dancers telling the story of old Vegas. Costumes were fabulous!! Loved the full head gear the showgirls wore.

Show finished at 9pm and we’d had a long day and had to be up early in the morning for our pick up for Hoover Dam. Back to Bally’s to hit the hay 😴

Today was our first day to fit as much as we possibly could into our 3 day city pass. We were up pretty early and had breakfast in the room from what we’d bought from Walgreens.

Our plan was to head towards The Mirage first for the box office opening to secure tickets to tonight’s showing of The Beatles LOVE by Cirque de Soleil.

Box Office opened at 10am so we were there early but a small line was already starting to form. I waited in line and DH and the boys went for some drinks. Got the tickets no probs at all. Should have cost $160.65 each so would have been $803.25 for the 5 of us if paying out of pocket but included with our city pass.

Next was to Madame Tussaud’s over in The Venetian. Again no out of pocket costs as admission was included with our pass. We were in there by 10.30am.

It was great in here, we all had so much fun!

Especially at The Hangover bar!!

Highly recommend Madam Tussauds if you’re in Vegas with kids. I must have took a million pics in here lol

We were in here for about an hour and a half so it was just passed midday. After this we had a quick look through The Venetian, which I loved. It was stunning!

Nipped in to It’s Sugar in here and the boys spent a fortune on unnecessary sweets 🙈!

We came out and crossed over to Treasure Island heading to Senor Frogs. The city pass included one hours open bar and discount on any food ordered.

We were given a drinks wrist band and told we could have whatever we liked and as often as we liked from the bar. We ordered lunch aswell...

I had a burrito bowl, and DH and DS2 and DS3 had wings, DS1 had wraps..

And we had many more drinks...

They gave us all a pair of sunglasses and a yard glass filled with drinks to take away. And our total bill was $60.62 😊

After this we done Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N which was also in Treasure Island. And included in our pass so nothing extra to pay to enter. It’s so easy, they just scan the passes which I had in the Go City app on my phone.

Boys all enjoyed it in here. It’s very interactive.

We came out of Treasure Island and made our way to The Linq. Our pass included the zip line and the High Roller. It was only DH & DS1 that braved the zip line so me and DS2 & DS3 went for an ice cream in Ghirardelli’s.

Then we all headed to ride the High Roller.

LOVED this!! The views were amazing!! We were given a pod with only one other family of 3 so had loads of room in there and got great views of every angle over Vegas.

I don’t usually dig deep in my pocket to buy cheesy souvenir photos but I did here since I enjoyed it so much!

We had a wander around the Linq area. Had my eye on Gordon Ramsay’s fish n chips place and hoped we’d be able to squeeze a visit in here at some point in the week (we never managed to tho ☹️).

We then went through The Flamingo hotel for a look.

Tonight’s show wasn’t until 9.30pm but It was almost 6pm by this time and I had made a few random purchases along the way so was carrying a few bags by this point. We decided to head back to Bally’s for a power nap. We had a little rest and bite to eat in the room.

We wanted to watch the Volcano erupt at the Mirage at 9pm so left Bally’s at 8pm and had a slow walk over.

The Volcano eruption was fab!!

We headed inside towards the theatre and got seated ready for the show.

We had great seats and the show was incredible. Loved every minute of it. DS2 is a big Beatles fan so he really enjoyed it!

The show was on for almost two hours and the boys were famished when we came out so we crossed over to McDonalds and got some food.

Back to our room for gone midnight and all fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows!

Another busy day planned for tomorrow!

All awake for 5.30am and watched the sun coming up out the window.

Lounged around for an hour then got showered and ready before heading down stairs at 7.30am. DH has a few goes on the slots...

We headed out to the Grand Bazaar and had Subways for breakfast. We sat outside in the sun eating our subs. Decided to have a wander through Paris to waste some time as the pool didn’t open until 9am.

DH had a little shot of roulette. Won $100 so I kept the chip in my bag to cash in later.

We were at the Blu Pool at Bally’s for it opening bang on 9am.

It was sooooo hot!! And although it was only just past 9am I went all out and had a strawberry daiquiri from the Terrace Cafe. DH had a beer aswell and it was $28.15 😳😳😳

Boys loved the pool but at 42 degrees it was just too hot to sit in one place for too long.

At 11am we headed back through the casino and up to the room to get showered and changed.

While we had been wandering through Bally’s last night we passed Twighlight Zone Crazy Golf down by the food court. I had a quick look on Groupon and bought the deal, was less than $10 with a code so bought that while we were getting ready then headed down to play.

It was fun and the boys really enjoyed it!

After that DS1 had spotted an aqua massage body chamber thing and wanted a go...

And DS3 wanted a look in the LICK store...

He bought some squishy sweet things...

DS1 ended up in the massage chamber for about half an hour even though we’d only paid for 10 mins! He loved it and said it felt amazing.

We left Bally’s around 2.30pm and headed through Paris (which is adjoined to Bally’s) and out of there towards Miracle Mile Mall in Planet Hollywood.

As per recommendations on The DIBB we headed to Ocean One Bar & Grill for their $4.99 lunch menu.

It was pretty busy so they took our name and said they’d announce it when our table was ready. We watched the indoor rain storm over the river which was pretty cool!

They called us for our table after only a 5 min wait. Our waiter took our drink order right away. I ordered a $3 Mango Daiquiri, 2 of the boys had cokes and of of them had a fruit smoothie. DH wanted 3 cocktails for $10.

Ordered lollipop wings as a starter

I ordered Steak, DH ordered Buffalo Chicken Wrap, DS1 had Chicken Tacos, DS2 had penne pasta and DS3 had a burger...

It was all delicious!! We were all completely stuffed!! Here is the the full $4.99 menu for you to have a look...

$56.15 for 6 big plates of food, 4 cocktails and 3 soft drinks was fantastic value for money!! I can’t recommend this place enough, it really was fantastic!

After we left we had a wander round the shops. DS2 bought a pair of vans in Journey’s.

We came out of Planet Hollywood and wandered over to The Cosmopolitan and to The Aria...

We could only afford to window shop in here (&#128563 but The Shops at Crystal’s is such a beautiful, upmarket mall! Can only dream of doing any real shopping in here...

We came out and walked slowly back towards Bally’s. Stopped in at Walgreens and picked up snacks and provisions for the room. We were shattered so decided on an early night as tomorrow was going to be an action packed one as it was our first day of using our 3 day city pass.

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