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It was our last full day today and after a super late night we didn’t wake up until 8am! We had zero park plans for the day and other than eating and a massage booked that was the full agenda!

We had booked the Boma buffet breakfast and it was really nice - pretty much everything you can think of and lovely and hot and fresh. The restaurant felt a lot more neat and tidy compared to yesterday’s buffet - but there are no characters here

1st course and I even found English sausages! Makes a change from all those German ones of late :-)

And desert had to be naughty and nice!

Our friends were leaving this afternoon so we wanted to go hang out at the pool with them for a bit - they literally live 4 doors down from us at home and have become firm friends, we see them pretty much every week and it’s great to have such great neighbors and friends all rolled into one!
Shades of Green is a pretty resort and of course I needed a little photo with the main man again!

Their room was overlooking the gold course and very pretty!

We all decided after they had checked out to come hang out at our hotel for a few hours and take more pictures

We had so many food credits left we went to the restaurant to do some switching up! You can exchange 1 quick service for 3 18 bags of sweets later (work treats sorted!) and 3 cakes for a little snack our credits with the exception of dinner tonight were all used up!

Wandering around the hotel and at every opportunity there is a hidden Mickey to find!

I had another massage booked and this time it was time to work on the knots! I went for tangerine uplifting and it was just as lovely as last time!
Fully relaxed we said goodbye to our friends and spent the next couple of hours in our room packing up and just generally doing not a lot!

Every day the cleaners stocked up our room with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, after sun and mouth wash! These I love for our guest bathroom at home so I’ve got a great go with the cruise ship ones it’s safe to say I am stocked up for a while now!!

Tonight for our final meal we were at Sanni which was located at the hotel - just over in the other village

I had read that the bread selection was amazing - it isn’t included in the dining plan and was $16 for the 5 breads and 9 dips :
Five Breads - Traditional Naan, Garlic-Ginger Naan, Spiced Naan, Onion Kucha, or Paneer Paratha. 9 Accompaniments - Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Mango Chutney, Tomato-Date Jam, Tamarind Chutney, Coriander Chuntey, Garlic Pickle, Red Chile Sambal, Spicy Jalapeño-Lime Pickle.
It was so good!!

For main course you can select the usual steak, fish or pick from the below ‘Potjie Inspired’ menu:
Choose one from the Journey - Goan Seafood Curry, Butter Chicken, Braised Beef, or Spicy Durban Shrimp. Choose on from the Harvest - Chickpea Wat, Aloo Masala, Paneer Tikka, Lentil Dhal, or Cilantro-Coconut Vegetables. Served with scented Basmati Rice
I picked the butter chicken and paneer tikka

Jez had braised beef and Aloo masala

We saved a little bit of room for dessert (can you tell by now I’m copying this directly from the menu!). I had Caramel N'dizi which is Banana Financier with Caramelized Milk Chocolate Crémeux, Hazelnut Crunch, Banana-White Chocolate Chantilly, and Ginger Raspberries. Jez had African Triple Chocolate Mousse - Manjari 64% Dark Chocolate of Madagascar, Jivara Milk Chocolate, Ivoire White Chocolate, Chocolate Biscuit, and Strawberries

The food was extremely good and I’d highly recommend giving it a try if you are still thinking about restaurant choices - you have a view out over the savanna. Here are a few snaps of some animals up close

So that just about wraps up another short trip, we fly home at 7am tomorrow so home by lunchtime which is nice! I’m back to Germany on Monday for my next couple of weeks stint! That’s the routine from now until Christmas!
In terms of future holiday plans - we are doing the Disney Magic - Spain, France & Portugal from Dover with Barcelona Stay in July next year with our friends from the UK and then thinking of maybe a week back here in Disney early December....I’m sure I will be doing a report next time.....
To keep in touch until then I’m on Instagram as debi1976 and post of my shopping bargains, love of handbags and German adventures mainly including coffee and beer so be sure to say Hi! As usual thanks to everyone who has followed along and commented...Until next time Debs xxx

Orlando Attractions

Today we were back to Magic Kingdom - we had decided to have an easy day mooching around with no rushing to get on anything - it was another hot day so we needed to take a slower pace! For those that normally read our reports know we ideally break the day into 3 chunks with a rest slot but this week hasn’t worked out like that, I think mainly due to our dining reservation times being mid afternoon we are staying in the parks longer....that linked to less shopping needs - don’t get me wrong I still have shopping needs just not such an urgency this week!!

We took the monorail over to the park and managed to get some nice pictures, this week is down as such a low crowd week I’d definitely recommend this time of year again

We stop for photos on the walk up Main Street - I love that they are included in the package and you can instantly download to your phone, I even saw you can edit and add borders etc - so much easier than the group shared we all used to do and then spend hours downloading etc!

Awwwwww how sweet

These are my favorite ones where they add a bit of Disney Magic - just ask them for the special effects ones!

Buzz was a walk on and this ride is a lot of fun, the higher you shoot the better your score but no 999999 for us this trip!

Round 2 of speedway and such a nicer ride without the rain pounding in your face!! Can’t believe we didn’t do this ride for years and now it’s one of our most favorite rides!

Peter Pan was only showing 30 mins wait which is normally a lot higher and in reality it was only 20 mins. They have updated the line and lots of interactive things to do on the way round to take your mind off the actual queue!!

Our first FP was the Mine train and I really flip flop on this ride, I think last trip I loved it again but this time I was just blah about it - it is so short and I think slinky dog dash has the edge!
After this it was time to use up more snack credits - this is a Peter Pan float - lime ice cream over sprite - it was yummy!

Our second FP was Pooh Bear ride - I’m sorry I’m rubbish at remembering the official names for these rides! It was just ok but I would not have queued more than 15 mins for this!
We also had a sit down at Mickeys Philharmonic to get out of the sun and rest our feet!

We noticed on the way to Tiki rooms they have removed the sword attraction by the carousel - not sure if temporary or it’s the whole weapon thing gone politically correct overload....hope the former!
Tiki Rooms is a classic for us along with big bear jamboree (which we did straight after) - I’ve now got the song in my head....but still better that than it’s a small world!!

The train wasn’t running last time we visited so took the opportunity to take a ride

Love seeing the theming and rides from another angle on the train

1 last time on the people mover before our reservation at crystal palace

It’s buffet style ($47 off menu) but we used credits - plus characters come to your table.
I’m afraid I wouldn’t recommend this place unless you absolutely love Winnie the Pooh, it was pretty messy and the food was just ok - there are far better options IMO

The food selection was fair but again nothing wow like Garden Grill at Epcot
The puddings were cute!
The characters walk around but not with an official photographer so you need to be prepared as they don’t stop for long!
Here are my photos....

On the way out I get another must do photo holding the Disney balloons

Tonight it was something really different we were going to see David Byrne - it is really not my thing but Jez is obsessed! We had tickets for Boston but as I was in Germany I couldn’t go so Jez went alone and said it was so good we needed to book again....
It was at the Walt Disney theater in downtown Orlando
The show was good - i knew a few of the songs which helped and as Jez reminded me not bad for an old guy - he danced the whole set away in his bare feet

The way home was a nightmare as they have roadworks and we took forever to get on the I4 - we were home by midnight and sound asleep within a few mins!

Last day today and it’s a lazy one - we have breakfast and dinner reservations at the hotel and I have a massage.....Debs xx

Today was animal kingdom day and the plan was to get over to Na'vi River Journey and queue as we had a fast pass later for Avatar Flight of Passage. Official park opening was 9am but like every other day this week it seems that wasn’t really being upheld and we were in the park at around 8.30am and rushing to our first ride!

Neither of us were super hungry but we grabbed a hot drink and pastry to keep us going until a bit later in the day, we were struggling to use up all of our meals so negotiated 2 pastries and a water in exchange for a quick service meal rather than 3 snacks

As mentioned the park started letting everyone in at about 8.30 and the majority of people were heading in 1 direction....the same as us!

The theming is amazing and we were over and onto the ride I would say within 15 is a boat ride and pretty good - but I couldn’t believe that later in the day the queue for this was 120 and Flights of Passage was 115! Hands down I’ll say it now Flights if Passage is the best ride I’ve ever experienced at Disney - more on that later!

We mooched around and took photos and watched as more and more people flooded in - I’d definitely recommend getting to the parks 30 mins before opening as this week each day has been open before the scheduled opening time (and not including extra magic)

I popped over to the store to get Becca a new pair of ears she had been looking at yesterday and of course treated myself to a new pair as well! They are ridiculously expensive at $27.99 but hey #itisaholiday

We didn’t have our next fast pass until lasted in the day so decided to take a slow stroll over to expedition Everest, given most of the Park were exploring Pandora we expected it to be not so busy elsewhere in the park

On our walk over we noticed it was only a 5 minute wait to see Safari Mickey and Minnie - would be silly to miss that!

After a hug from Minnie time for a group shot! The great thing now on the app is all the photos are instantly available and our package has the photos included so they could be saved straight to phone

Another chance for a group silly shot can’t be missed right!

Love the noisy monkeys playing on their island - they were very active and very loud today!!

Everest was a walk on - I guess now it’s a second best to the newer rides. Animal Kingdom has definitely upped its game in the recent years with the new attractions. They are closing Rafiki island in a few months so wonder what is next there....

We ride Everest twice in a row - that’s enough for me, although Jez does it a third time with Elijah!

I manage to get a pretty decent shot of the park from up here!

Back now and heading over to bugs life, it’s a classic and a chance again to escape the heat....I say it again how hot it has been this week - it feels like August with the humidity

A nice film and still makes me jump when the bugs tickle even though I know it’s coming!!

Our next fast pass was safari - without would have been 55 minutes if we had queued...
Staying at Animal Kingdom lodge made us realize how close to the animals we have been! But we did see a little baby giraffe that was only 2 months old and very cute!

You can’t come to Disney and not have some kind of Mickey shaped food item! Pretzel had to be done, it was delicious and hot and yummy with cheese dip!

Jez had an ice cream sandwich which was melting by the minute!

Lion king is another must do - the show is awesome and had everyone tapping their feet and singing along!

It was now finally time for Avatar Flight of Passage. Official definition - is a 3D flying simulator attraction within Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Set in the Avatar universe, the attraction allows guests to take flight on a native mountain Banshee and soar across the landscape of Pandora.
It was beyond amazing and hands down we both agree the best ride we have experienced. You go through several rooms as part of preparing for the ride, then sit on a kind of motorcycle and are trapped in from behind with a restraint. The ride was just over 5 mins and I can’t really do it justice by trying to describe it other than to say there is so much going on around you I’m sure you need a few rides to take it all in, just wish we had another FP - another excuse to come back again!!

After this ride nothing will come close! But we had some time before dinner so booked a quick FP for dinosaur. Half way round my ears flew off! But luckily landed on the boot of the truck so I managed to grab them before the next twist and turn!

Today we had a reservation at Yak and yeti, another new one for us but I had read some good reviews and wanted to try something new, we have only done Tusker House here for the breakfast buffet a few years back

I went for the sweet and sour chicken - very nice and it came with a choice of jasmine or brown rice

Jez had the chicken Lo Mein and had a side of chicken rice

We shared the sorbet sampler for pudding
It was now coming up to 3.30pm so decided to call it a day. Originally we were thinking of going to Epcot for a few hours in the evening but decided in the end to just stay at the hotel and watch the animals for a bit

On route out I got the final Starbucks mug and my collection is complete....well for this trip at least!

We shared a quick service for tea and had a flatbread and cookie cake

We spent a little bit of time by the fire pit - ridiculous really as it was still 90 degrees outside!

A few final animal shots from the viewing areas
Tomorrow we are back to Magic Kingdom...see you then! Debs xxx

Today it was Hollywood Studios and everyone was looking forward to exploring the new Toy Story land. We hadn’t been able to get fast passes for the new slinky dog ride so wanted to be early to the park to dash over to that as a first ride

Before any dashing can take place it’s important to have a good breakfast - so Mickey waffles and cream does the trick!!

Even the satnav today was joining in on the hidden Mickey game!!

It was not too crowded in the park just before opening but knew pretty much everyone else was also heading in the same direction as us!!

The theming and attention to detail is fantastic- here are a few of my favorite pictures

It took just 15 mins to get on slinky - it was brilliant and so glad we dashed over to try it out! Most of the day it was around a 60 minute wait....still pretty good considering it’s a brand new ride!

We also went on the spiny ride as the queue was only 15 minutes also!

The toy soldiers were out and being ordered to stop and play at regular points - they must have been so hot in those outfits, it was already 90 degrees at 9am!!

Toy Story Mania now has a new entrance but once inside it’s the same - we had a fast pass but given the queue was only 10 mins we decided to ride twice

The boys pose for a photo....

Followed by the girls!

Spotted another hidden Mickey!

Once we had explored the land we went over to the start wars film which is in the old animation center where you used to do the drawing - so wish they still did it, they now have it at the hotels - it’s on twice a week but both times don’t work for us and now it’s a charge! I’m not sure how much it doesn’t say on the information in our room...but seems a bit unfair!

Next up on fast pass is my favorite ride!! Of course I scream most of the way thru and spend most of the time off my seat in the air! I do love how every ride is random so you have no idea what to expect!!

On route back from ToT I pop into Starbucks to pick up the 3rd mini mug for my collection - it’s unfortunate it’s a series 3 but hey ho the rest are all series 2

Looking forward to the new Mickey and Minnie ride opening where the great movie ride used to be...

I don’t think you can come to Hollywood without watching ‘One mans dream’

Such a great film that shows Walt’s life and how Disney first came about

For late lunch today we were trying ‘Sci If’ I’d read pretty good reviews and it’s somewhere we haven’t tried before

This is just a google photo as it was pretty dark inside

Each car has 3 rows and seats a total of 6

This is about as good as I could get to show the cars!

Jez had a burger and said it was really good

I had the chicken pasta (minus the fennel!) and it was really delicious

They played cheesy movie clips throughout with commercials and news of tomorrow! I’d definitely recommend this one as well if you are thinking of eating in Hollywood

Jez had lemon cheesecake

And I had warm donut with apples and ice cream - I could only manage half it was huge!!

By now our feet were aching and it was so hot we decided to leave.

I quickly popped into the Disney outlet again to pick up these PJ bottoms - they were $14.99 (they have the reverse in the parks now for $35) they are men’s but they are for me!

Then a quick stop at target - I haven’t been for 5 weeks so needed a quick fix!!
I spotted these cute goldfish

Got a couple of new list pads for $1 each

New tea towels for $3

And a new travel mug for $5

So that’s another day coming to an end, sorry it’s a bit light on content....I’m knackered and sort of regretting taking on a live report - but I’ve started so I’ll finish and hopefully the photos are enough for everyone!!

Just a few goldfish before bed!

Tomorrow we are at Animal Kingdom and exploring Pandora which should be fab! Until then....Debs xxx

Today was Epcot day, we grabbed breakfast down in Mara, all the systems were down so after a mild panic attack due to all the FP disappearing in the app and a free breakfast it was off to collect our friends!

It was a beautiful sunny day and the forecast had changed and now no rain planned for the day which was great!

Whilst waiting in the queue it was time again for selfies

And Jez wearing my ears - he pretends to hate it but I know secretly inside he loves it!

We had FP for sorin which meant we needed to hot foot it over to test track - you can only select one premier FP at Epcot similar to the other parks. We needn’t have worried today as the queues were very light again and it was pretty much 10 mins and we were racing around the tracks!

Back over to Sorin at a little after 9am and it was a straight walk on, the new film is good but I miss the smell of the orange groves and pine trees! We spotted the hot air ballon hidden Mickey!

Even though the world showcase doesn’t open until 11am we wanted to get over in good time to ride Frozen

We made it over by 10.30am and surprisingly it was already open! It said 20 mins wait but in reality it was only about 10 mins

We decided to ride it again thinking it would be a lot busier later (in fact the queue never got above 30 mins looking at the app throughout the day!)

Next up we headed over to the Coke store, our friends had never experienced the delights of Beverley and after nearly a year of waiting we got them good! Each taking a big old gulp of the stuff before uttering words I cannot repeat on here LOL

The Disney app seemed to have recovered so after some shuffling we ended up on Nemo next

I have those gulls in my head right now saying Mine Mine Mine.....

As we were sitting in the sun I was waiting for the perfect Monorail / Train photo....which I think I nailed!

We had booked in ‘The Garden Grill’ at 4.20pm (probably our favorite onsite dining) so didn’t want to eat too much knowing what was in store later! So water and some crisps to fill a gap was all that was needed

Next FP was the short film festival (in the old honey I shrunk the kids / MJ tribute) - we had seen this before, well at least the first 2 films but I think the 3rd one was’s a nice attraction to get out of the sun and rest your feet for 20 mins

This Mickey is awesome

Next up was the big ball earth thingy - I can’t remember the official name but I’m sure you know which one I mean!!

From here our friends decided to go back to the hotel, we had a dining reservation so we slowly walked back and went on Living with the land

This was pretty much a walk on and we like to look for all the hidden Mickeys

And another one!

We had an hour to kill so went back on Sorin - the queue was 15 mins! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so quiet and also test track was only 20 mins!

It was now time for dinner and we were booked in ‘The Garden Grill’ it’s a family style rotating restaurant where the characters come to the table.
It is probably our favorite and the food is unbelievable - you can ask for as much as you want! If you had a spare meal I would highly recommend

We started with fresh salad from the greenhouse downstairs with hot rolls

Dinner was served on a huge skillet - turkey, pork, pot roast with mash, mac n cheese and fries! All with green beans, corn and stuffing!

And finally we had mixed berry warm cake with vanilla cream!

From the characters we had Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale - here are a few of my favorite ones!
I also got the Epcot Starbucks mug but it’s still in my bag and I can’t turn the light on yet as someone is still snoring!
We are off to Hollywood today....catch up later! Debs xxx

I slept until 5am - not bad since I was asleep I think at about 9pm last night! Today was Magic Kingdom Day, very important first job deciding what ears to wear!!

Once the ears had been selected it was time to put on the magic band and new bracelet - I like to be Matchy Matchy!

We didn’t feel like a huge breakfast so popped downstairs to Mara to pick up pastries and coffee

We headed over to Shades of Green to pick up our friends and it wasn’t long before we were on the monorail and on our way to the Kingdom!

We arrived at about 8.20am and even though the park didn’t open until 9am they were letting everyone in and up to the castle

It was perfect to take a slow stroll and lots of pictures on the way!

Of course lots of selfies

The castle looked stunning in the morning sun - it was a hot day up to about 90 degrees but rain was due after lunch....and boy did it rain!

Becca and I posed for a shot

I can’t believe how quiet this week is - long may it continue with the slow pace!!

I love the cast members as they come singing and dancing down the main street

Our first fast pass was pirates so we decided to go on jungle cruise as it’s on the way, full of the usual cheesy jokes! But it was a walk on - I think when we left it was still only 30 mins so not bad at all

We then rode pirates twice and didn’t bother with the fast pass - we switched it for little mermaid later in the day! No point wasting them when the ride was only 10 minutes queue!

Next it was over to big thunder mountain, again only 15 mins so another fast pass switch to speedway later in the day!

Then onto splash - we did get a little wet but to be honest it was so hot it didn’t take long to dry off!

Jez was keen to see hall of presidents it was closed last time getting an update to include’s actually a new story and it was good

No trip to Magic Kingdom is complete without the mandatory purple wall - so I posed here for a few shots along with another hundred other people :-)

We took a little break by riding the people mover - a firm favorite of ours.....paging Mr Tom Morrow :-)

1 final ride on little mermaid and then it was time for lunch!!

I mentioned yesterday we were so lucky just checking on the app last night and managed to grab Be our Guest reservation! You get given a menu and order then can sit in any of the 3 dining rooms, the food is brought over to you - they locate you via your magic band....a little freaky as they must be always watching your every move!!
The food was huge - we seriously could have shared! We both had roast beef sandwiches and chips plus a drink - it counted as a quick service which surprises me .... so we now had an extra sit down credit which we have booked Boma breakfast buffet on Saturday morning

I love this little fellow - Jez tells me this is how he looked when I was in Germany last time for 5 weeks!!

As we wandered over to Carousel of Progress Pooh and Tiger passed by, I still think Tiger doesn’t look quiet right / the orange is a bit too bright!!

Carousel of Progress has had a revamp of curtains and chairs (clearly I’ve been here too much!) but sadly no update to the final scene, think this is due a bit of a makeover...we sing along happily ‘it’s a great big wonderful tomorrow...’ you are welcome!

Final fastpass is Speedway and just then it decides to tip it down with rain!

Luckily we had our trusted ponchos - not so much fun driving around the track holding one hand on the steering wheel and the other on my poncho stopping the rain get in my face and bag!!
By the time we were done we were soaked and decided to call it a day

On the way out I picked up my magic kingdom mini mug

And a cuddly Pooh and Piglet - since watching the film they are my new favorites and this is soooo soft and cute!

I fancied a bit of a mooch around the outlets - I’m going to say now since moving to the USA any hauls are nowhere near like what they used to be, we live in a tax free state and have an outlet just down the road, it’s not as big as the Orlando ones but the prices are so much better.....but I still picked up a few bargains to share...starting with these shorts for $4.99 from $34.99

Also got a cute T-shirt for $6

A sports bra for $9.99

And all the bath bombs were just 99 cents

Next up I went to Disney outlet - phone cases were $7.99 - soooo much cheaper than in the parks!!

These cute clips were $1.99

The top was $7.99 and it’s a really nice thin knit

And the dish was $4.99

Final purchase was from finish line and these slides were $14.99 from $35

We didn’t fancy anything big for dinner so stopped at Perkins to pick up a slice of pie

And then we grabbed a few snacks from the store to have a balcony picnic

Watched the wildlife - honestly feel so lucky with the new room as we sat and watched the sun go down across the savanna and the animals wandered around!
Tomorrow we are off to Epcot - hope to have you join us then....Debs xxx

Sunday morning and I was wide awake at 2am, did my trippie from yesterday and managed to get a couple more hours sleep. Today we had already agreed it was another non-park day, we just wanted to relax and take it easy before hitting them tomorrow

We needed to go to reception to confirm our room change, it was all fine and they told us we could leave our luggage in the old room and they would move it to our new room once it was ready. Everything can be managed on the Disney app so we kept an eye out during the day for it to appear!

Neither of us were really hungry so we went down to Mara which is a quick service restaurant, there was lots to choose from including pastries and hot breakfast plates. You also pick up your refillable mugs from here.
There are microwaves and toasters also here, just picked up a coffee and bagel

We took outside to one of the viewing areas and sat down watching the animals - here are my new Disney red nails!

This huge beast wandered over!

I took a few pictures and we FaceTimed the parents. It is a lovely spacious resort with tons of viewing areas and seats to watch the wildlife. We had decided against getting a ‘savanna’ view room as it was about £750 more for the week and we figured we wouldn’t really see the benefit of it....better to have for shopping money!

I had booked myself a massage and paraffin foot treatment, as we wandered over past the baby banana trees it started to rain a little bit

Jez left me here and went up to sit in reception, where he told me he snoozed a bit in the comfy chairs!
The massage was wonderful - I had the choice of relaxing lavender or uplifting tangerine.... I opted for lavender and the next 50 minutes were blissful including the hot treatment on my feet! It was $115 for the massage and $25 for the foot treatment. It wasn’t a big spa like at Saratoga and as much as I loved every second I think I preferred the other spa environment - check out my last Disney report for more information as i would highly recommend it!

Once pampered we hopped in the car and headed over to Disney springs again, this time over to the ‘true disney’ side....there is a lot of construction and the world of Disney is part of it, I would say only about a third is actually open - it does say it will be complete in fall so I guess anytime now

The stores look so pretty everywhere dressed up!

We had lunch in earl of sandwich - we both had the wraps and I had a frozen strawberry lemonade....on quick service you got to choose a salad or sandwich a side of $3 or less plus a drink. It was really yummy and filled us both up!

Love the giant mickey pumpkin head!

Next it was time to hit a few shops, I always love basin for the bath bombs (it’s also having a refurb so a lot smaller!) I picked up 3 large bombs (3 for $12) for the week and then filled a tube for $20 - managed to get 2 large and 4 small in

The fall theme is so pretty! For a weekend we couldn’t believe how quiet it is, all the car parks had space and it really didn’t feel too busy at all....fingers crossed for the parks this week!

I’m very late to the party with Pandora but now I’m truly addicted, I have one silver and one gold but like to mix up the charms

I wanted a leather one and also the charms were all buy 2 get 1 free. I got a D a heart and a sparkly Mickey head! This complete was $186

No trip would be complete without new mugs and so next up was Starbucks to pick up the new style Orlando and Florida! I’m going to get the Park mugs in ornament size this time, I think they are now v3 and I have v1....I think they will be cute as expresso cups! (Plus easier to pack!!)

We sat on the balcony over looking the lake and lost the next hour or so people watching

We love to go to the cinema when at Disney - it breaks up the days and the gives our feet a break! We normally do the folk and screen (eat in cinema) but as we are on the dining plan it seemed a waste - I would highly highly recommend it though it’s awesome and I know I’ve talked about it in previous trippie reports!
We picked ‘a simple favor’ very good film and again worth watching especially if you like Anna Kendrick she was really good!

We just got a drink at the cinema from the make your own coke flavor machine - I do think these are ridiculously expensive at $6 each, so definitely take your own if you want to save a few bucks!

For dinner tonight I had booked Terralina - it has just opened in the last few weeks and was located right on the edge of the water

We sat outside and had a lovely view, neither of us were super hungry, they brought fresh hot bread and we shared a Caprese and a pizza - it was so good and if you are on the dining plan I’d 100% recommend here!

For pudding I had the coffee creme brûlée and Jez had the lemon pannecotta - both delicious!

That just about wrapped the day - oh I forgot to say whilst checking out the plans for Magic Kingdom I had a quick look at what options were still available for lunch (we already had a reservation at Tony’s) but you I just wanted to see what else was on offer.....I couldn’t believe it that an option came up for ‘Be our Guest’!!! Normally you need to book months in advance, with the app you can literally switch them over and I canx Tony’s!
Back to AKL and our new room is up on the 4th floor and we have a savanna view - I guess that’s the Disney Magic and can’t wait to see what animals wander by! Hope to see you all after Magic Kingdom! Debs xxx

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Boston Babes - Dibbers Roadtrip Pre Trippie
New England Staycation July 2017 - Day 11 Last Full Day And What's Next
New England Staycation July 2017 - Day 9 / 10 Mooch, Castle In The Clouds And Lots Of Food!
New England Staycation July 2017 - Day 8 Portsmouth, Freeport And Nubble
New England Staycation July 2017 - Day 7 Boston!
New England Staycation July 2017 - Day 6 Zara And Back To Boston
New England Staycation July 2017 - Day 5 Sleepless In Madrid
New England Staycation July 2017 - Day 4 A Short Detour To Madrid And New York Memories
New England Staycation July 2017 - Day 3 Lake Winnipesaukee
New England Staycation July 2017 - Day 2 Pamper, Burlington And Cheesecake
New England Staycation July 2017 - Day 1 Mountains, Ice Cream and BBW outlet
New England Staycation July 2017 - Travel Day
New England Staycation July 2017 - Pre Trippie
No long-haul....I'm a local now! Day 7 Mooching Summing It Up & What's Next
No long-haul....I'm a local now! Day 6 Magic Kingdom, House Hunting And STK
No long-haul....I'm a local now! Day 5 Animal Kingdom And Disney Springs Haul
No long-haul....I'm a local now! Day 4 Hollywood And Shopping
No long-haul....I'm a local now! Day 3 Epcot All Day!!!
No long-haul....I'm a local now! Day 2 Magic Kingdom, Senses Spa & Fireworks
No long-haul....I'm a local now! Day 1 Travel & Disney Springs
No long-haul... I'm a local now! Pre-Trippy
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - New Home And A New Plan Update
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - Day 8 Shopping & Escapology
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - Day 7 Universal And IOA
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - Day 6 Water Rides!
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - Day 5 Universal / IOA
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - Day 4 Magic Kingdom
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - Day 3 Universal & Disney Springs
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - Day 2 Hollywood Studios
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - Day 1 IOA And MoM
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - Travel Day
The No Shopping Shopping Holiday July 2016 - Pre Trippie
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Day 10 Home And What's Next...
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Day 9 Miami Shop Part 2
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Day 8 Miami Shop Part 1
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Day 7 Castaway Part 2
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Day 6 Sea Day & Palo
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Day 5 Cruise Take 2
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Day 4 Key West
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Day 3 Castaway Cay
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Day 2 Nassau
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Day 1 At Sea
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Travel Day
It's A Magic Cruising Christmas 2015 - Pre Trippie
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 It's A Wrap Conclusion
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 Day 6 Home Time
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 Day 5 Universal Escapology And Maggianos
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 Day 4 IOA And Shopping I.Drive Outlet
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 Day 3 Lazy Sunday, MoM And Cheesecake Factory
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 Day 2 Universal, Supermarkets And Roccos Tacos
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 Day 1 Shop Shop Shop
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 Jez Alone Again!
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 Jez Arrives
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 Travel Day
Just A Cheeky Mini Trip - August 2015 Pre Trippie
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Final Thoughts And Round Up!
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Day 9 Homeward Bound
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Day 8 Hollywood Studios And Downtown
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Day 7 Epcot And Fork And Dine
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Day 6 Universal IOA And Escapology
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Day 5 Magic Kingdom And Vineland Outlet
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Day 4 Hollywood Studios Coopers Hawk And Outlet!
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Day 3 Universal, Maggianos And Target Haul Part 2
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Day 2 Shop Shop Shop 3 Malls And 3 Miles!
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Day 1 Animal Kingdom & BOG
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Travel Day And Target Dollar Spot
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 What's In My Bag
184kg Allowance I'll give it a go :-) - March 2015 Intro (and Haul!)
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Hints Tips And A New Countdown!
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 15 Fork And Screen And The Trip Home
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 14 Universal, Final Shopping And Yard House
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 13 Magic Kingdom And Roccos Tacos And Tequila Bar
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 12 Chilling, Longhorn & Downtown Disney Shopping
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 11 IOA, Outlets And Coopers Hawk
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Jez Reviews HHN
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 10 Magic Kingdom, Maggiano's And Cinema
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 9 Hollywood Studios, Sweet Tomatoes & Pampering
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 8 Shopping And Cheesecake Factory
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 7 AOA Epcot And Rain!!
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 6 Universal, Outback & Dollar Tree Haul!
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 5 Epcot, CSI & A Mini Kitchen Sink!
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 4 Shopping & Olive Garden
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 3 Harry Potter, Hard Rock & Walmart!
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 2 Animal Kingdom & Applebys
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day 1 Travel
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Day Before Gatwick!
Eat, Park, Shop, Repeat - October 2014 Introductions And Pre-trip
I Need A Holiday - Last Minute April 2014 Day 8 - Home Already :-(
I Need A Holiday - Last Minute April 2014 Day 7 - Homeward Bound And More Delays :-(
I Need A Holiday - Last Minute April 2014 Day 6 - Hollywood Studios, Cinema, shopping ;-) And Outbac
I Need A Holiday - Last Minute April 2014 Day 5 - Magic Kingdom, Shopping ;-) And Paradiso 37
I Need A Holiday - Last Minute April 2014 Day 4 - Epcot NO Shopping Malls But Cinema!
I Need A Holiday - Last Minute April 2014 Day 3 - Hollywood Studios + 3 More Shopping Outlets + The
I Need A Holiday - Last Minute April 2014 Day 2 Magic Kingdom - No 5 Hour Queue For Me!
I Need A Holiday - Last Minute April 2014 Day 1 Animal Kingdom, Olive Garden!
I Need A Holiday - Last Minute April 2014 Travel Day 0
I Need A Holiday - Last Minute April 2014 Introductions And Pre-trip
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Park Hours - Tuesday 25/02/2020

WDW & Other Florida Park Hours
Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom
~to~Extra Evening Hours
Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
Blizzard Beach
Blizzard Beach
Typhoon Lagoon
Typhoon Lagoon
Islands of Adventure
Islands of Adventure
Universal Studios
Universal Studios
Extra Morning Hours~to~
Volcano Bay
Volcano Bay
Extra Morning Hours~to~
Busch Gardens
Busch Gardens
Legoland Water Park
Legoland Water Park
Extra Morning Hours Early Entry for On-Site Hotel Guests.
Extra Evening Hours Extra Late Hours for On-Site Hotel Guests.
Full Schedule of Florida Park Hours

Disneyland Resort Park Hours
Disneyland Park
Disneyland Park
Extra Morning Hours~to~
Walt Disney StudiosCalifornia Adventure 9:00am
Extra Morning Hours Early Entry for On-Site Hotel Guests.
Full Schedule of West Coast Park Hours

Disneyland Paris Park Hours
Disneyland Park
Disneyland Park
Extra Morning Hours~to~
Walt Disney StudiosDisney Studios 10:00am
Extra Morning Hours~to~
Extra Morning Hours Early Entry for On-Site Hotel Guests.
Full Schedule of DLP Park Hours

US Dollar Rates
Covent Garden FX  $1.2766
FAIRFX  $1.2605
John Lewis  $1.2744
M&S  $1.2545
Post Office  $1.2480
Sainsburys  $1.2646
Travelex  $1.2614
Updated: 02:02 25/02/2020

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Euro Rates
Covent Garden FX  €1.1757
FAIRFX  €1.1650
John Lewis  €1.1781
M&S  €1.1604
Post Office  €1.1471
Sainsburys  €1.1699
Travelex  €1.1611
Updated: 02:02 25/02/2020