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We started today with another lazy morning at the pool

We had a wander round the resort on the way to the bus

Nope! haha

We finally tried a jalapeño cream cheese pretzel- yum!

We didn’t skip the Mexico pavilion this time

We set sail on a Grand Fiesta

Obligatory sombrero pic

Isabel found this lovely piece of art on the way down to the fountain

We caught a bit of the Chinese acrobatic show

We stopped for a quick bite in the Lotus Blossom cafe

drumming out some beats at the refreshment outpost

Joni complete her passport today- Yeeha!

Isabel and I had a frozen Kirin in Japan

OMG - we met Big Fat Panda!

He was genuinely surprised and happy that people from Scotland watch his YouTube vlogs

We finished the evening watching Illuminations

When we got the bus back to the resort we could see Hallowishes as we arrived

Another great day as we hurtle to the end of our trip

Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

Back to Animal Kingdom today for some more Safari fun and Wilderness Explorer stickers

I think I may have posted this last year, but I love these dinosaur benches

A T-Rex tooth

Pluto was at the dig site

He waited for Joni coming down the slide

Digging fossils

Waiting for the safari

We saw the baby giraffe today

The gorilla was out at the end of the safari

I had the beef and lamb gyro from Harambe market

We had fastpasses again for Flight of Passage
At my turn the ride had a fault, so we were told to stay in the room before the ride and watch the video one more time. Then when we went through someone before us had puked on the ride, so we had to go into another room (this time repeating both videos)
We finally got through again, but this time one of the restraints didn’t work, so we had to wait until they found the lady somewhere else to ride.

But . . . Still worth the wait. An absolutely breathtaking ride.

We stopped at Nomads for a cocktail while the rain was on (Joni got a lovely light up flower in her mocktail)

We called it a day and wandered out the park, checking out some of the enclosures en route

There is absolutely no need for a real fire in Florida in September ha!

The pool was closed due to lightning nearby, so plan b was to freshen up and see some fireworks
We had a sing song session on the monorail

We grabbed dinner at Captain Cooke’s at the Polynesian
The menu here is amazing for a quick service
Isabel had the coconut seafood stew

I had the Asian noodles with shrimp
The portions are a lot bigger than they look in these photos

We grabbed some drinks and headed to the monorail.
The plan was to go back to the Grand Floridian for the fireworks starting at 8pm
There was a problem with the monorail though, so we headed down to the beach at the Poly instead

Joni had fun running around while we waited

There was a fabulous moon tonight

Joni loved them. She asked for her headphones at first, but took them off as she got used to the noise.

The happy firework dance!

Time to go to sleep - Gran doing a bedtime story while we waited for the monorail.

We are really taking things slowly this trip. Not our usual style, but it’s been nice to go with the flow each evening.

Today we had brunch at the California Grill

We started with complimentary bubbles - very nice

There were buffet stations, and you could also choose from the entree menu. Our server encouraged us to get there between the two of us

Lots of delicious sushi

There was also a Bloody Mary bar. Very nice, but too much ice. Plenty of options to make it how you like it though

The chicken and waffles was amazing

As was the shakshuka - meatballs and egg with pitta.

Desserts to finish a lovely lunch

It was such a lovely way to spend a few hours, delicious food with views over ‘the World’

We walked round to Magic Kingdom to do a bit of Tomorrowland

Had a listen into the phone conversation at the Chapeau
Love all the wee touches like this throughout the parks

I have a friend from Boston who I met through work. She moved to Florida a while ago and happened to be up in Orlando for a few days over the weekend. We arranged to have a quick catch up outside the Plaza
Hopefully when we’re back next year we can organise dinner/drinks

Isabel wonders why she never wins these games - eh, wake up! lol!

Peoplemover selfie!!!

We went back to the plaza for a Mickey Sink ice cream (without all the toppings)

A photopass photographer took some snaps of us

Was getting a bit warm again, so back to the pool for a cool down

We stopped by the campfire to toast some marshmallows

We eventually stuck Joni’s on a straw, as she was just licking it and we’d have been there for hours ha!

We weren’t quite ready to call it a night, so headed over to the Grand Floridian
So glad we did this. We went to Gasparilla Grill for some pizza just as Hallowishes was starting and the view was amazing. They pipe in the music for this too.

Love the soaps in Basin

The chicken and mushroom pizza was really good (had a white sauce base instead of tomato)

If we had been more organised we could have got a seat by the water. It was quiet just up until the fireworks started.
We’ll definitely come back here to watch them

Coolest on the bus lol!

We had one aim today- see the March of the First Order

Joni was not disappointed- she’s all about the dark side!

We stopped at Starbucks for a Frappuccino

Isabel got the carrot cake cookie

I went for a cheese Danish and Joni had some banana bread

We had a great time with the streetmosphere guys. They were absolutely hilarious, really quick witted and the puns were brilliant

We went to Tatooine Traders so Joni could pick some toys, then she had a go on a speeder

Kylo Ren and Darth Vader were today’s choices.

We had a fastpass for Toy Story, then headed to Magic Kingdom for a while

It was lunch time, so we headed to Columbia Harbour House for lunch, and got a table at our favourite spot on the bridge between fantasyland and liberty square

Isabel and I both chose the chicken pot pie

Joni had a chicken and fish combo

The face of someone who was just brave enough to do Pirates of the Caribbean

We had a laugh with the country bears

Hidden Mickey spotting

It was getting hot again, so we went back to the resort to cool off in the pool

We stayed in the pool til the moon came out

We put some laundry in

Then we headed to the Territory Lounge for some drinks and food

We got the cheese fondue and a charcuterie platter

It was all delicious


Not a busy day today
We had a morning at the pool, a wander round the resort, then headed to Disney Springs

The refill station at Geyser Point has a pretty good selection of drinks

Love the Springs

Lots of new places have opened since our last trip

We enjoyed homecomin’ last year, so decided to have some lunch here
We were seated on the covered patio

Isabel and I shared a meal. We started with the fried green tomatoes

Then we had the fried chicken

Forgot to take a picture of ours - here’s Joni’s children’s version

We had some wine too

We had a wander round the stores

We headed to Dockside Margaritas for some Dockside Iced Teas (not on the menu, but they’ll still make them)

Joni had some Goofy Candy

Joni had a dance

More dancing round at the boathouse

I have something similar to this from Primark

It wasn’t this expensive though- eek!

Had another great day, was soon time to head home to get some rest for another Disney day

Duffy getting ready for the sunshine today

Had a fun start in the Seas with Nemo and friends

We got the 3 options from the Italy food booth, then went to the pizza window at Via Napoli and had a break for lunch.

We rode frozen again today, and you can just see Joni in this pic lol!

I managed to leave a little room for pork belly from Brazil. Tastes much better than it looks!

The obligatory Grey Goose Slush! Cheers!

Moosehead in Canada

We got my sister the Canada spirit jumper

It looked like it was going to rain, so we thought it was a good time to try out the DVC members lounge in the imagination pavilion.
There was free coffee, tea and a freestyle coke machine.

Wise plan as the heavens opened just after we arrived

A trolley came round with complimentary snacks (Lays, Doritos, cheeze its, animal crackers, Oreos and a tracker-style bar)
We went for Lays and Oreos

We just sat and chilled while we waited for the rain to go off.

There was still a bit of light rain when we left the lounge

A friend of mine is working in the Rose and Crown this year, so we popped in to say hello.

We headed out of international gateway with the intention of getting a bus to Disney Springs from one of the resorts.
The beach was too tempting though and we stayed there instead.
Joni had a ball running up and down entertaining herself.

There was a beautiful rainbow over Epcot

I popped along to Hurricane Hannah’s for carrots & hummus for Joni, and Piña Colavas for Isabel and me

We stayed until the sun set

Then we had a nice walk round to the boardwalk

We watched a juggler

Then a magician - Joni was entranced

She got out her pram for a closer look

We called it a night, and grabbed a Minnie Van back to the resort
(A bit more expensive than Uber/regular Lyft cars, but they are immaculate, and have brand new car seats for kids)

Another beautiful morning at Wilderness Lodge. We had breakfast on our wee patio.

We got a cabana at the pool

We had lunch from Geyser Point
Joni’s chicken strips were a bit bland

Isabel and I shared a salmon salad and a bison cheeseburger- both were delicious

Back to the room for showers. We’re off to the Hollywood Brown Derby for dinner, then attending the DVC Moonlight Magic event at DHS

Checking into Brown Derby

Isabel started with a butternut squash soup

I had the crab wonton

Joni had the kids pasta marinara

Isabel had the beef

I had the grouper and lobster cioppino

Joni had ice cream, but Isabel and I were too full for dessert
It wasn’t until we were home that we realised we should have used our DVC discount and we’d have got $20 off the bill - oops

It was bucketing down on and off so only took a few indoor pics tonight
Joni was delighted to meet BB-8

“I wanna see chewbacca next”
“No like chewbacca, he’s to much for me”

He wasn’t too much for Isabel haha!

“I wanna see Kylo Ren”
“No like Kylo Ren, I just like storm troopers”

Kylo Ren just said “perfect” haha

Toy Story was a walk on

So was Tower of Terror

We probably didn’t get the most out of the event as it was too late for Joni (9pm to midnight)
We didn’t use the food vouchers either.
We did have some complimentary Mickey Bars though

Was a lovely evening, hopefully we’ll get to do another one some day

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