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I was awake at 4.10am with horrific heartburn and dozed for a bit but eventually got up at 5.50am to get organised. I had made everyone put there clothes in the washer last night so I put the dryer on and made a start organising the stuff in the kitchen and lounge. I managed to get most of the clothes out of the 2 bedrooms without waking anyone, but it took much longer than I had bargained on to refold and pack everything! Scott and the kids didn’t start moving until after 8am and we didn’t get on our way till around 9am.

I was completely shattered already and had done 9550 steps!

We pulled up at RPR and one if the porters helped us with our bags which went into the storage area. Scott went off to park and I checked in, all very smooth and before long we had our room keys which would be our express passes in hand and we set off for the parks. We remembered to bring the refillable mug and chose Universal today.

It as about 10am by now. Abbie wanted to try RipRideRockit so we headed there first and I sorted the locker.

Abbie’s verdict was good but not as good as Manta. I agree.

Then we stopped for a photo with Puss as there was no line.

The next ride the kids spotted was Jimmy Fallon’s Race Through New York, a new one for us all.the pre Show is well done on this one. The kids loved this but it made Scott and I fell very sick. I had to close my eyes for some of it and I’ve never had the problem. I don’t think it helped that I was getting tired. I think I’ll need a disco nap later!

We do like to try on daft hats.

We went on the Fast and Furious Supercharged next. I thought this one as a bit of a faff, with the multiple pre show rooms and again the simulated effects made me feel sick.

Our express passes were working a treat though as it’s only 11.02am and that’s with stopping on the way to reactivate the mug. I stood in a line for ages only to get to the front and be told she couldn’t do it! She did refill it anyway though so that was good. This happened to us a couple of times which was a pest, I think they should have a sign on the carts so you know if it’s worthwhile getting in the line or not.

We walked round to Springfield via Men in Black, none of us managed to press the red button again, we’ll need to keep trying. The kids went to meet Krusty who had fun turning Daniels hat round to make him more like Bart.

We are all hungry now so headed in to order some food. Abbie and Scott shared a Meat Likers pizza and Daniel and I were going to have a Krusty Burger but at the last minute he changed it to a Clogger, which has 2 burger patties instead of 1.

You order separately which is why there’s only half a pizza here, they’d already munched it before I got back with the clogger.

We enjoyed the food here, but it took a while to order and the queue was horrendous when we left, so go early if you can! The kids and Scott went off to ride the Simpsons and I sat it out as I knew this one would definitely make me feel sick.

We stopped off in Diagonal Alley and the kids watched Tales of Beedle the Bard, then we went in search of Butterbeer. The Leaky Cauldron was way too busy as it was the main lunch rush so we walked round the corner and got some from the wee pub, but I can’t remember the name.

We didn’t bother with the souvenir cup this time. Abbie enjoyed it as usual, the rest of us weren’t keen.

The Gringotts ride was down so we headed to Springfield so the grownups could have a Duff Beer.

Very refreshing although I got warm quickly, I think the small cups at Busch and Seaworld were maybe better because they were smaller so didn’t have a chance to warm up, or maybe it was because they were free and these were almost $20!

Daniel wanted to go to the Fear Factor Show so that’s where we headed next, taking our Duffs with us.

They were looking for volunteers to help out and both kids were keen to give it a go. Daniel was picked to spray water on the contestants when the were climbing. He loved it. Abbie was disappointed not to have been picked.

I don’t think you can see him in this photo as he was over the far side. He was well chuffed when he got back!

We were going to head back to Gringotts but we were beginning to tire now (I was knackered if truth be told) so we headed to Transformers on our way out.

You can see they were flagging by now, look at their happy wee faces.

Despite the faces in the photo we all enjoyed this but decided to head back and see if our room was ready as we hadn’t yet had an email to say it was even though it was well after 3pm.

We hopped on the water taxi to RPR. Thankfully our room 1115 was ready! I think Scott was a bit disappointed to be on the first floor but it worked out great as we were on the same level as the pool, water taxi and walkway to the parks.

It took a while for the kids to surface this morning and they didn’t move until after 9am. We had nothing planned for today and decided to use up a Raincheck we had received at WinterSummer Land mini golf last year. It was almost a year to the day since we’d got it so we weren’t sure if they’d honour it and we fancied Fantasia Gardens for a change. We needn’t have worried as usual the Disney service was excellent and we were soon at the first tee.

It was another beautiful day and we had forgotten that this course has practically no shade and we were soon all melting in the heat. That’s my excuse for being rubbish anyway. We had a good time once the kids got back in the swing (boom boom) of it and we only lost one ball (mine). Scott won and the rest of us., well better not to mention the scores.

We all finished with a hole in one though.

That’s the hole in one pose in case you were wondering.

They are doing their sad faces here as they could see the Tower of Terror from here. We are all having a great time but we are missing Disney.

Scott had read about a place called Yellow Dog Eats
and fancied trying it for lunch. It was after 11 now and it would take about 20-30 minutes to get there. On the way we passed the construction at Coronado Springs, which seems quite advanced now.

The tower looks impressive but I think having that going on at the entrance to the hotel would take away a bit of the sparkle if you were staying at the moment. We soon found ourselves on the toll road and it was pretty much a straight drive all the way to Gotha. When we came off the main road we weren’t sure we were in the right place as we were in a residential area and all we could see was houses, a church and a salon but we trusted the Satnav and then saw the sign.

It turned out to be a converted house and most of the seating area was in a covered porch out back. We grabbed menus and took a seat.

The decor was interesting with lots of graffiti on the tables and walls and lots of artwork for sale.

It was pretty busy in here and given it’s a bit off the beaten track I was thinking it was a good sign. Abbie wanted the pulled pork nachos. Daniel wanted Club Elvis, Scott the Florida Cracker and I went for the Holy Crap as how could anyone resist that? We got a couple of sodas too. Scott went off to order at the counter.

The photos in here are not great as there were disco lights on!

Once you’ve ordered you return to your table and they call your name over the tannoy when the food it ready. Our took about 15 minutes and we passed the time playing I spy. The food is served on metal trays and the sandwiches come with a packet of crisps and some coleslaw. They were all delicious and Abbie loved the nachos managing to hoover it all up except
for a couple of spoonfuls of beans and then went on to finish off Daniels pulled pork! If you like pulled pork and want to try something a bit different in terms of the dining experience I highly recommend this place. We headed back to the hotel and we’re back just after 1pm. Abbie and I headed down to the pool and the boys stayed to watch the football.

They were running an ice cream social round the pool so Abbie got some. We spent a nice few hours by the pool and the boys eventually joined us. When Scott and I talked about what to do tonight we agree to go back to Disney Springs as that way we could get a meal somewhere and then go for a few drinks and maybe meet up with my friend who is in the hotel but our paths haven’t crossed since their first day. We managed to get a reservation for the Boathouse via Opentable for 7.45pm, in fact we could pretty much have what ever time we wanted so if you can’t get a reservation on MyDisneyExperience, it’s worth a go.

The kids were mildly excited to be heading back to Disney property. I caught a glimpse of Saratoga Springs and felt a bit sad not to be staying there, I think that’s my favourite of all the resorts we’ve been to.

We checked in at the Boathouse and our table was ready. We were all starving and made a start on the delicious bread before I had a chance to get a picture.

You’ll notice I’m wearing shades indoors. Now this want because I have delusions of grandeur. It was because I’d managed to poke myself in the eye with my hairbrush. Ladies you know the one with the metal barrel and really scratchy bristles? Yip I caught myself a beauty and despite lying down with an ice pack before we went out it was really swollen and kept watering, I really looked like I’d been punched! By the end of the meal it had stopped watering so I gave up on the shades. What an idiot i am.

Anyway back to the meal. Scott ordered a beer and I had a glass of my favourite wine in Disney, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc at $14 a glass I really enjoyed it but couldn’t help but think I should have picked up a couple of bottles in Walmart as they were the same price!

We passed the time till our meal came playing games.

We had a good view out over the water.

I had a burger which was amazing! Highly recommended.

Daniel had the fillet steak sliders, he said these were really tasty too.

Abbie had the kids mac and cheese and was delighted when the fries were served in an amphicar.

Scott had the shrimp and fries, which were hiding under the shrimp. The food and service here was great. I’m still not sure I’d use 2 table service meals on it if I was on the dining plan, but I’d definitely return and pay out of pocket. They had some live music on too, it was mixture of 80s and 90s covers.

We paid the bill, sorry I’ve totally lost track of the prices now and headed out to watch the amphicars for a bit. My friend texted to say they were at the Springs too and we agreed to meet in Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar. There was some entertainment outside for the kids so we sat on their patio section and had a couple of drinks. My favourite was this one

I was most disappointed when it arrived and looked like this

So I HAD to have another one, it was even better as it looked like this

I may have had the glass in my hand when I went to check in the kids, and we might have left with it. Oh well.

We had a great night and it didn’t rain! Our weather has been really great. I had warned my friend not to be too disappointed with the almost daily showers and the rain has been minimal so I think she thinks I was exaggerating.

We had a great catch up and the kids enjoyed the entertainment. It was around midnight when we split up to get taxis home.

We are moving to RPR tomorrow and guess who has done zero packing? I got to bed about 1am, thinking it wouldn’t take long to pack if we all helped. We wanted to get to RPR early, though in hindsight, that was the Kim Crawford and the Cool Headed Monkey talking, but was dutifully set an alarm for 6.25am and we all headed to bed after another great and busy day.

We were up nice and early and after a quick breakfast we were on our way to Islands of Adventure. We are staying at RPR later in the week and will have Express Pass so we are just going to see how we get on and try not to get stressed out about getting on rides if the lines are long.

We were parked up by about 8.30am and then made our way along the moving walkways. It was fairly quiet so Abbie decided to go the wrong way on the other one to show off.

We were soon into CityWalk and the boys needed a restroom so Abbie had a bit of a pose.

We headed towards IOA as the kids really wanted to try Hulk as neither had been big enough last time we visited.

They were holding the line just outside the entrance to Hulk and just before 9am we were allowed through. I got a locker - I like that they are free here and that this one lets you use your park ticket instead of your finger. We had hardly any wait before it was out turn. I liked this but it wasn’t as good as I remember - I think that’s because I’ve been on newer rides now.

It was a big thumbs up from Abbie though. Next Scott and the kids went on Dr Dooms Fear Falls, I sat this one out.

Then we went to Spider-Man as it had a 5 minutes wait which turned out to be a walk on.

Next we walked round to Kong. The kids weren’t keen to ride this but they came along when there was a 5 minute wait again. As were were going through the queue are I thought it was much darker than usual and maybe just too dark. Next thing I know something jumped out up ahead and gave the people in front of us a right fright. Abbie and Daniel started to have a bit of a meltdown at this point. We stood back a bit and let others pass. They were close to tears and we were very bad parents indeed by telling them to get over it! I thought it was an animatronic that jumped out but it turns out it’s a real person and they took pity on us and let us pass. Scott and I thought the ride was ok. The kids kept their eyes shut with hands over their ears the whole way round. I don’t think they will be back on this anytime soon!

Next on our travels was Jurassic Park. Still a good ride in my opinion and even better as I only got a tiny bit wet!

We were all in need of a drink so the next stop was for a refillable mug $17.03, seems expensive but we definitely have been getting our money’s worth as you can deactivate each day for around $7 and we are mean so only get one between the 4 of us (not just being mean really, I’d end up carrying 4 if we got 4).

Suitably refreshed we moved into Hosgmeade. It was pretty busy and the wait time for the Forbidden Journey was 45 minutes so we decided not to wait and spotted the Frog Chorus about the start.

They were having technical difficulties with their muggle equipment so the show was cut short.

We decided to keep moving round the park and headed for the Hogwarts Express. I was glad to get a chance to cool off. It’s was roasting again today.

We only waited a minute or 2 before we were on board.

When we got off the kids had a good chat with Stan from the Knight Bus.

Tummies were rumbling by now and we’d been wanting to try a Lard Lad donut since we saw them in my friends Hazel’s (Closeder) report. So we headed in that direction.

Abbie was quite fascinated by the duck that was wandering around this area.

We must have done Men in Black on the way to get the donut. It was a 10 minute wait. None of managed to press the red button at the right time so we’ll need to work on that!

We were just about in time for the horror make up show, but after the Kong experience the kids didn’t really want to. We met this guy outside.

And went on in because we were all melting. It’s a great show and the kids enjoyed it too even saying the were quite glad we went in.

Next stop was Diagon Ally in search of wands as the kids wanted to spend the dollars their gran gave them, despite already having wands which they never play with. We got in line for Ollivanders and only waited about 5 minutes before being taken in. The kids were disappointed not to be picked but happily parted with over $100 for a wand each - Deatheater for Abbie and Narcissa Malfoy for Daniel.

They sort a bit of time casting spells, which they were pretty good at.

The wait time for Gringotts was showing 5 minutes but there was a massive line outside the doors so we thought it was probably down. We were flagging a bit so headed off for another drink in the Coca
cola shop. Now you label and personalise a virtual bottle in here. We all had a go. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t. My name is Anouska and I am a sucker for anything that is personalised as I couldn’t really get anything like that when I was young. It seems my name is deemed controversial and the closest I could get is Anoushey!

Scott however was able to enter these.

I’ve censored it a bit. We were all flagging now and decided to call it a day. It was 2pm and we were all getting hungry. On the way out Scott suggested we try the Toothsome Emporium.

Abbie had a Birthday Cake milkshake, I had a brioche French toast with ham and egg. Scott had the nachos so Abbie could have some and Daniel had the kids burgers/sliders.

Abbie managed most of her milkshake and they kindly washed out the glass for her as you get to keep it. Scott’s idea had been to come for dessert but we’d all been too hungry, now we were too stuffed for dessert. We agreed to try to come back another time as the desserts looked amazing. I’ve started to lose track of the bills but I think this was about $75.

We headed back home and had a bit of pool time as it was so lovely and we’d been roasted today. We were much later getting ready to go out but decided to use Lyft to go along to Millers for a couple of drinks and some food to share as we were all too full for a proper dinner. Just as we were ready we heard an almighty crack of thunder and the heavens opened. Within a couple of minutes we could see the car park flooding so even if we got a taxi, chances are we’d be soaked. So we ordered a pizza but there was a mixup with the address and at 9.15 we called to complain and ended up cancel - it was bagels and cookies all round then off to bed. Just as well as we needed to use everything up before our move to RPR. Tomorrow we have nothing planned as we were wiped out after today. Thanks for reading along!

After a fairly late night last night we hadn’t planned to get up early this morning so it was around 9.30am by the time we were up, fed and ready to rock. We decided we’d return to Seaworld but focus on the shows this time.

As we got in the park we spotted Shamu, but the kids didn’t want to stop for a photo. The wait for Manta was 30 minutes so we keep moving. We got round to Journey to Atlantis, which was 5 minutes so we went on.

It turned out to be a walk on and we all enjoyed this although we did get drenched. It was roasting today so we didn’t mind. The kids checked out the wait time for Kracken, 45 minutes, so we checked the time guide for the first show, Dolphin Days was at 11am. On the way there I tried to reactivate the refillable cup, but the cart outside the show didn’t open till 11am which seemed a bit daft if lots of people would be passing by on the way to the 11am show, never mind the kids and Scott went into get a seat and I went in search of someone who could help. It felt like I trekked halfway round the park, but I found somewhere, coughed up $7.48 and refilled the cup. I spotted Scott and the kids and went to join them, we had 15 minutes till the show started and were in the soak zone.

We were also in the full sun so we proceeded to toast a bit, then melt. I didn’t think I’d make the show, it when it started it was enough to distract us all as it was very good. We didn’t get wet at all mind you, so I think the kids were a bit disappointed.

After the show we checked out the manatee rehabilitation area.

And we spotted a couple of giant turtles too.

Then we went off for a look in the aquarium.

We were a bit disappointed that the film st the end was broken down. We found that the workers in the park didn’t really want to engage or offer any information, so we had no idea if it was going to be a couple of minutes to repair or if it was down for the day. Things like this and the lack or organisation when it comes to ride loading remind us why we love Disney so much. So we gave up and tried out the turtle game.

Daniel won, I was second, Abbie third and Scott was last. Then it was off to the Ray tank. It was busy so we didn’t buy food.

Next we headed back to the Pretzel Kitchen, not for pretzels but for free beer! Beers in hand, we got the kids some juice and headed to the Shamu Show making sure to get seats in the shade.

The soak zone for this one was really wet!

It was a good show and we all enjoyed a bit of a rest in the shade. We walked round to Mako which was a 10 minute wait so the kids went on while we waited outside for them. It was a bit longer and that’s because they chose to wait for the front row. Quite pleased with themselves they tried on some daft hats to send a photo back to their gran.

The time guide said the Bubble Legendary Show was starting soon and it was nearby so we grabbed another drink and some Funnel Fries (funnel cake strips) about $8.

These were yummy and were finished before the show even started, just as well or they’d have tasted very soapy!

The whole auditorium filled with bubbles at the end, very pretty. We were all hungry when we left so set off in search of something to eat and settled on some chilli cheese fries to share.

It doesn’t look much there but there was plenty. The lady in front of us in the line was on the all day dining deal and had a side of cookies she didn’t want so gave these to Abbie who was delighted!

Next we went to see how long the line at Manta was, 5 minutes so on we went. It turned out to be a walk on. Probably not the best idea after chilli cheese fries as I thought they might make a reappearance! Thankfully they didn’t. The kids wanted to go again, so I went on with them and Scott sat it out. After that we walked round the aquarium there, as we missed it last time.

Next we headed to Pacific Point Preserve for the Sealion Show.

The best bit was the mime guy at the start. And the wee otter, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves!

After this we debated if we wanted to stick around for the Pets Ahoy Show at 4.30, our tummies voted no and we decided to leave and go straight for dinner.

I had some reservations about this as after a fairly long day at the park especially after being somewhat roasted waiting for the dolphins I didn’t feel the freshest and my hair was best described as challenging. However I had to suck it up and get in with it. We decided on Outback and headed to the one beside Premium Outlets as it was nearest. We got in and seated straight away and our waiter was training a new start. I thought this would mean we would get excellent service. I was disappointed to be wrong.

We love Outback and we really like the bread. We order drinks, the usual apple juice no ice for the bambinos, a beer for Scott and a Castaway Cocktail for me. We waited for the didn’t come. The drinks came.

Don’t think you need a photo of the apple juice. We ordered our mains, not wanting appetisers as we wanted to save room for the amazing bread and our waiter said he’d be right along with the bread.

We waited. I handed out side plates. We did our best hungry look. We waited, if a bit impatiently. The restaurant was pretty much empty and our waiter was meant to be showing off his great service skills to his new apprentice. We waited some more.


I couldn’t help but say “what about the bread?” And that’s when he laughed.

I gathered in the side plates and quietly seethed. The mains were lovely. 9oz sirloin, with loaded baked potato and broccoli cheese for me.

The kids both had the 6oz sirloin and fries.

Scott had the 9oz steak and shrimp with a side of mac and cheese to keep the kids happy.

Oh and the bread finally turned up as we were eating. I had a bit just because it was there - still lovely, but not so good when it’s late.

It was a bit cloudy when we got back so Scott and I had a beer on the balcony, the kids were glued to iPads. I did some laundry and tidying up and then we had a fairly early night.

Thanks for reading along, sorry I’m getting a bit behind and this day has taken me about 5 attempts to complete!

I was awake from about 6am this morning and got up around 6.30 and sat on the balcony for a bit to enjoy the peace and quiet. The plan is Volcano Bay, but we’re still not sure how Abbie is. When she bounced through to our bedroom just after 7.30am full of the joys we decided we could go ahead with today’s plan.

Breakfast for the grown ups was breakfast muffins that we picked up in Publix. We’d never tried anything like this despite staying in Villas or apartment style hotels like this one.

They were pretty good considering you just zap them in the microwave. I think it was $4.59 for a box of 4, so pretty cheap compared to going out for brekkers. The kids had another top notch breakfast of Lucky Charms.

We all got our swimmers on and plenty of sun cream. I loaded up the bag with towels etc and packed a small cooler with water and we set off. We arrived at the parking garage at about 8.45 and parted with $22 (ouch, that hurts!) and parked up in Spider-Man 153.

We were a bit confused by the setup here as you go through security and bag check here in the car park, then board a bus to Volcano Bay. It seemed pretty efficient and we were on the bus before 9am.

We got into the park quickly and were issues with Tapu Tapu bands.

I think we were a bit too anxious to get a sun bed with a bit of shade as we chose some beds facing the front of the Volcano in the Wave Village. You can see it was quiet to start off with.

In hindsight we should have walked on a bit and nabbed a bed nearer the slides. Hey ho, now we know. We were keen to get our Tapu Tapu bands in a virtual line but when we got to Honu ika Moana which Abbie was attracted to as she is Moana daft, it was a ride now, so we entered the line. There was a bit of a delay as the ride went down but we were on in about 25 minutes. Wow! This was a great ride but pretty scary. The raft felt quite secure mind you. We’d locked phones etc away in a locker so hoots are limited but I did steal this pic

After that we got in the virtual line for Maku Puihi. This was a 40 minute wait so we headed off to find the Fearless River. Having read about this in ScottishNellie’s recent report I made sure we all got life jackets that were a good fit. I’m glad I did! The currents in this not so lazy river are quite extreme. We all loved this, I liked the bubbly part the best. We went round 2 or 3 times before going off to explore a bit more. I was looking for the Lazy River but we didn’t come across it before our Tapu Tapu told us it was time to ride. I think the Tapu Tapu system is great as I wouldn’t have waited in line,I would have buggered off to the sunbeds and left Scott and the kids to it. We tapped in and chose to go down the more intense side. This ride was good too, it I’d say it was scarier as the raft seemed a bit smaller - the hole you are meant to sit in was definitely smaller and I felt more like I was perched on it rather than sitting in it if you know what I mean. Again this is a stolen pic

When we came off this, I wasn’t sure I’d be riding any other slides today! But we tapped into Krakatua, a 55 minute wait and went off to explore a bit more. By now the park was very busy and all the walkways were crowded.

The kids had some pool time and I read my book for a bit until it was time to head for Krakatua, the water rollercoaster. When we got to the top of the steps there was a wee girl having a bit of a meltdown about riding. She was with another girl and I think she didn’t want to ride with the other party she was put with as she seemed to get over it quickly when put with another group! I managed to get in ok but did wonder if getting out would be possible! OMG this ride is great. More roller coaster than water slide, so right up our alley, we all loved it. Abbie wanted to go again, but that’s her response to every ride, except when she was in the front row of Sheikra!

Scott and the kids went off to try some of the body slides and I went to find the lazy river. I found an entrance but was put off by how busy it was and the fact there were no tubes to be had as all the dads were wading upstream to grab multiple tubes as they came free. I went off to find another entrance as there are bound to be lots, right? WRONG! Turns out there are only 2 entrances, but a couple more that are exit only. So I headed back to the start. Eventually after copying the dads I managed to get a tube. I couldn’t actually get in said tube, but never mind I had one. Halfway round I managed to get in the middle and pull myself halfway up, when I got to a calm bit I managed to get my legs through. Yay! Correct lazy river posture assumed, I tried to float round and enjoy it. But I didn’t. It was too busy and there were too many scooshy, squirty bits. I watched for Scott and the kids as they said they’d meet me there, but didn’t see them. I gave it 2 rounds and gave up. I hopped elegantly ( ha ha who am I trying to kid) out of my ring, making sure to give it to someone who looked as hopeless as I had, and found a spot where I could watch everyone going by till I saw the kids or Scott. After 5 minutes or so I spotted Daniel and told him I was heading back to the beds. They weren’t far behind me and told me they had done one of the body drops but that Abbie had changed her mind at the top. I don’t blame her! A lady who also changed her mind kindly took her back to the bottom to wait. It was about 2pm and we decided we’d had enough. We got into dry things and exited the park, hopped on a bus and headed for the car. Tummies were rumbling now and we chose Dennys for lunch as we were having withdrawal symptoms, as it’s usually our first day breakfast and we’d still not managed a visit.

Look how happy they are!

Scott had his usual Moons over My Hammy, I had the Cali Club Sandwich, kids had breakfast for lunch, choc chip pancakes and bacon/sausage.

This was all very yummy and we cleared our plates. We headed back to the hotel and had a bit if pooltime as the weather was great today.

We decided we’d head to Disney Springs tonight and as we’d had a couple of beers at pooltime, we ordered a Lyft.

I was delighted to be getting a wee taste of my happy place, or maybe it was the pool juice?

We might have brought a pool juice with us, it’s a tradition dating back to stays in Saratoga Springs, it’s a thirsty walk to Downtown Disney!

We had a walk round and a look in a few shops, it was busy but not too bad. The boys needed a restroom, so Abbie and I went to my favourite shop. You can see she is thrilled.

I got a few few bits and pieces including the full size moisturiser that had been included in the birthday gift (so I suppose that marketing totally worked on this sucker) but I was a bit out off by the giant queue to pay, it seems a brazilian school group were buying almost everything in the shop and paying cash! Thankfully one of the assistants came by to take anyone paying by card so Abbie and I jumped the line and paid. Never mind card payment, I might need another mortgage!

We had a look in World of Disney, but were a bit underwhelmed due to the current building work.

We must have gone via Ghiradelli (for the free chocs obvs) as I can see Abbie is eating one here.

Next it was the Lego store for a bit of posing.

We spotted Nessie.

Now it was around 8.30pm and our tummies were rumbling so we headed to Blaze Pizza. The line was long, but it seemed to be moving quickly. We ordered a pepperoni pizza for the kids, I had a Link In, Scott had the White Top and we got 2 drinks. It was all ready in about 10 minutes.

We grabbed a table outside.

We all enjoyed this and we ate it all up. It was pretty good value for money at around $30. After this we were done and ordered a Lyft and walked along to the Marketplace end of the Springs to get it. We only waited a minute or 2 before being picked up. Just as we got home the heavens opened! We were all soaked to the skin just from the car the the door! We got dried off and turned in with plans for Seaworld tomorrow, although not an early start as we are going work our way round the shows.

Scott and I were awake around 7am and the kids didn’t stir until about 8am. Abbie breezed in as if yesterday had been a bad dream. She felt much better. I didn’t want to go far or do much as I suspect she is still a bit poorly but feels guilty so is putting on a bit of an act.

After a quick breakfast of lucky charms for the kids and cereal bars for the adults we quickly got ready and made our way to Premium Outlets. Scott was after another pair of shorts from Lucky Brand, having got a pair he liked the other day. We were there at 9.05 and the car park was deserted again, so folks if you don’t want to pay to park here or negotiate parking chaos, check the opening hours and be here for opening time! We split up and agreed to meet in an hour. Abbie and I went to the Disney Character Warehouse to pick up a hoodie for Grannie Vena we’d seen the other day, bargainously priced at $14.99.

I resisted the urge to go back to Coach as I really do have enough handbags and purses and sunglasses and they didn’t have any scarves or shoes that took my fancy. We tried Kate Spade again and I got a nice necklace (they didn’t have the matching earrings boo!) and a pair of cuff earrings.

We had a look in the Cosmetics Company Store but didn’t see anything I liked so we left empty handed. Abbie was starting to moan a bit now. We met Scott and Daniel in Under Armour before our hour was up. Daniel was very chuffed with the sunglasses and hat he got in Vans. Scott had got the shorts he was after and we picked up a couple of things in Under Armour, although I nearly didn’t as I tried a hoodie on in front of a mirror at the side of the store and a worker told me off and directed me to the fitting room. Hmmf.

We went over to the Promenade section so I could visit Old Navy. It’s one of my favourite shops here. I got 3 dresses and a couple of tops. Abbie likes the clothes here too but wasn’t interested today.

When we came out the sky writer was telling us Jesus LoLs, or at least that’s what the kids said. We dropped some more cash in Ugg, I picked up my favourite slippers $56 and maybe a pair for Granny Vena (who I think is reading along now).

We didn’t bother looking in Saks as Abbie had had enough. We needed to pick up more apple juice so stopped in at the nearby Publix.

It was 11.15 and we all felt a bit hungry so I picked up 2 whole chicken tender sandwiches, the kids had cheese only and we had salad and cheese. We picked up some shopping and one of the beers from the beer tasting was buy 6, get 6 free so it would have been rude not to get them since it was Scott’s favourite.

We got back to the room and enjoyed our sandwiches, if you have never tried these, give them a go! $9.09 each, so good value too as the chicken tenders are top quality and the sandwiches are stuffed full!

This seemed to perk Abbie up a bit.

I thought she should have a nap, but she wanted to go to the pool for a bit and it seemed mean to stop her. She had no temperature today so I agreed.

We all got suncreamed up and headed down to the pool. I had the factor 50 on today as I am totally lobstered from forgetting the cream for a while yesterday. My friend arrived last night and I had a bit of dread as I’d recommended this accommodation and you know what it’s like, we think it’s great but what if she didn’t. Anyway she was at the pool with her family and they love it, so that’s a relief! We caught up for a bit then went our separate ways.

Today’s weather was much better, I think all the rain through the night really cleared it up.

When the sun came out from the clouds it was H O T! But I suppose that’s why we come all this way. We all spent time in and out of the pool and the kids went between playing nicely, to bickering to fighting to playing nice again.

A much happier wee girl.

Today’s snack was Klondike ice cream sandwiches which we picked up in Publix.

We had a really nice afternoon and even when it rained for a bit, we stayed out as it was light and helped us cool off. We lizard watched for a bit.

We called it a day around 5 and all had showers and got ready to go out for dinner! YAY, we are getting out!

We pass a pond on our walk which has the usual beware alligators/snakes.....and the kids were certain they’d spotted a snake. It surfaced again and looked more like a beaver.....or a giant rat, so we quickly guided the kids away from there!

We decided on Millers Ale House so Scott didn’t have to drive, he’d had a couple of pool beers. It was about a ten minute walk and we were surprised to be seated right away at 6.30. It was clouding over now, but still no rain. I had brought rain jackets but was hoping it would stay dry till we got home.

We ordered the nachos to start as Abbie has turned into a nacho fiend and had declared last nights effort from Buffalo Wild Wings substandard.

These are absolutely huge. We could easily have had this between the 4 of us and not had anything else! But we didn’t know that when we ordered so I got steak and chicken fajitas, Abbie has the cheese quesadilla, Daniel had zingers and Scott had the Big Red. Scott had a beer and I had a bud lite and an Apple Pear cocktail.

We made a good dent in the nachos, I had 2/3 of the fajitas and the kids and Scott pretty much finished theirs. I guess we were hungry! The bill was $63 plus tip so this seemed like good value.

We wondered why all the TVs had suddenly gone down, a look out the window told us it was bucketing down outside.

We ordered a Lyft, which was with us in under 10 minutes, taking us right to the door, so we stayed dry, $6 plus tip.

I made cookies and ice cream for the kids, I was stuffed and don’t know were they put it. I bribed them away to bed early with the promise of Volcano Bay tomorrow if Abbie is ok so away they went.

I tidied up, sorted out the laundry, organised towels for tomorrow and everyone else is asleep but me, so I guess I better turn in! Thanks for reading along and all the kind wishes for Abbie.

We didn’t plan anything for today as we wanted to see how Abbie was. She had been up around 4am and even without a thermometer I could tell she had a raging temperature, so I dosed her up with Calpol and a cold drink. She slept until after 9.30 but when she woke she seemed worse to me. I sent Scott to Walgreens to get a thermometer and some ibuprofen. When he got back we took her temp and it was 102.8, pretty high and I thought I could see spots on her tonsils so we decided to take her to Walgreens to see the nurse/doctor.

We had to book an appointment for an hours time so back to the hotel we went and Abbie lay on the sofa fully dressed, including a hoodie and blanket and was still feeling chills! When we went back at 11.40 we waited a few minutes and were called in. The consultation was excellent, she suspected strep throat (we’d say tonsillitis) and asked about the symptoms and if any of us had them too as it’s very contagious (I had never known tonsillitis to be contagious!). To be honest Daniel had a horrible bug a few weeks ago which the doc said was viral and I had thought was tonsillitis and I also was a nasty bug the week before we came away resulting in a few days off work (which was very bad timing on the run up to holiday - finishing up is stressful enough without illness!),so I suspect maybe we’ve all had it. She did a throat swab to confirm and it showed positive even before the time was up. Relieved to know what was wrong and that we could get some medicine we happily paid the $134 consultation fee and took the advice to change Abbie’s toothbrush after 48 hours of treatment. We filled the prescription which was $16.95 and got her home to bed, rattling a bit because of all the pills! She watched a bit of the Greatest Showman on her iPad and didn’t protest when I told her it was nap time!

The rest of us were starving so we searched online for takeout food and agreed on SteaknShake as it was just down the road. We ordered 2 x mushroom Swiss burgers (2 for $3), a bacon cheeseburger, some fries and a cookie dough milkshake, I think it was $12 in total and Scott and Daniel went to pick it up.

It was ok but nothing special. Scott and I agreed to take turns watching Abbie and having pool time. I was first on pooltime. It was pleasant, if a bit cloudy and with the drama this morning I forgot sun cream. Oops. I did remember after about half an hour, but later on I’d realise I’m a nice shade of lobster.

A bit blue sky peeking through, hurray!

In between reading my book and trying to get a bit of colour about me, I made a wee pal, Al, Age 7 from Chicago who sat on the bed next to for a wee chat and wanted me to score his jumps into the pool. Good, 2xgood or 3xgood. He was very cute, but I did wonder who was with him, I couldn’t see anyone and he wasn’t a great swimmer though he was wearing a buoyancy aid vest. He disappeared for a bit and came back eating something so I think maybe his family were keeping an eye on him from a balcony. When he came back Daniel had come down so they played together for a bit.

I messaged Scott to see if he wanted to swap places but he was happy watching the Brazil game on telly. I hopped up to check on Abbie and get some snacks and drinks. I had a cheeky southern comfort and pink lemonade as it seemed Abbie was in the mend.

Hmmm she looks a bit spaced there, but she was a lot better.

Today’s snacks were

About 3.30 we heard the rumble of thunder and tried to ignore it. But the sky was getting darker.

When the wind picked up I packed up our things and told Daniel we were heading back, we said goodbye to wee Al and told him he should go back to his room. The security guard followed just after to officially close the pool.

We decided on takeout food again, this is the most takeout we’ve ever had on holiday! We used Grubhub to order from Buffalo Wild Wings. It was a bit of a carryon as my order didn’t go through, so Scott tried, then we seemed to have 2 orders! We sorted it out on their live chat. The food came a wee bit later than planned at 7pm. We had 20 boneless wings with various sauces, hottest one was wild - I didn’t have any of that but Scott said it wasn’t too hot. A portion of nachos, Abbie’s favourite, though she wasn’t really up for them tonight and a portion of potato wedges. I was most disappointed that they forgot the celery sticks, this is my favourite bit! Scott messaged them and they gave us 10% off. The bill including tip and delivery was $44ish - before any discount (not sure it will actually transpire).

Next I hoped to score some mum points. I baked some cookies and I never bake. I cheated I suppose using this, which we picked up in Walmart.

This put a smile on both kids faces. Abbie definitely seems to be improving.

We got Abbie dosed up and away to bed by 9pm. I’m in bed writing this up as Scott is watching UFC in the living room as I’m pretty tired after a broken night. It’s chucking it down with rain so I hope that will make for clear skies tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and for the comments so far, it’s looking like I might manage to finish this report!

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