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Last morning and we pack the car and head over to Disneyland for a few hours before we need to be in Calais for our return Eurotunnel. Somehow it seems like we're taking more home with us...oh yes, half of the Disney store.

We do Crush as single riders first then Rock n Roller coaster for the last time - it closes in 12 days to be rethemed to Iron Man. Oh he's really taking the disinterested face thing too far now 😂😂

By 9.30am we're in Disneyland. Single rider for HM and three of us manage to get on the same coaster.

Then onto the carousel, it's a beautiful morning in Fantasyland. And it's getting busy!

Enough of the bored photos now 😂😂😂

One last turn on our family favourite, BTM. And then it's time to say our final goodbyes

Well, maybe one last ice cream before we go home? It would be rude to refuse.

Goodbye Pink Palace.

We're ready to come home now. It's felt like a good two weeks away: aquaparks, high diving, swimming, London, Compiegne and DLP. We've packed a heck of a lot into two weeks.

On the return Eurotunnel - 400 miles practically from door to door and this time an uneventful drive home.

DLP has been spectacular, and we all agreed we'll be returning once Disney Studios has been extended and transformed. We've had possibly the best Disney holiday we've ever had (including WDW) this year, and this may be down to the kids being older and more independent...or maybe Paula and I relaxed more.

Who knows, who cares? We had the best time.

Thanks for tagging along these last couple of weeks. If you have any questions about Elveden Center Parcs, Compiegne, DLP (or Orpington ) do shout.

Kenwood Travel

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It's our last full day of magic and for some inexplicable reason I'm joined on the Marxh of the the Dads by these two urchins.

Suitably fed and watered we hit early entry to Disneyland. This time, rathe than walking down the arcades we think it more appropriate to be "walking right down the middle of Main Street USAaaaaa..."

Sorry 😳

And what better way to follow breakfast than the Tea Cup ride!

On to Hyperspace Mountain next. I've noticed now that Harry purposefully is pulling a disinterested face in virtually every ride photo we have. Odd boy...takes after his mother's side of the family, obviously

A quick pic in front of Thunder Mesa after a technical-hitch free ride on Phantom Manor.

Onto BTM. Nope. No clue what's going on here

We then take a walk around the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and spot Russel and Carl near the riverbank below. Up is one of my favourite movies. In the meantime I have to explain who and what the Swiss Family Robinson are all about...what do they teach kids in school these days?!

Pirates of the Carribbean again. Whatever is happening on the front of our boat?!

Character interactions are getting better in DLP, certainly more organised (with a queuing system) but the opportunities still seem sparse in comparison to across the pond.

Izzy was keen to meet Pooh so we wait in the summer sunshine to meet him. He was great, and pointed out that his and my bellies were very similar!!

It's getting hot in the park, and we have dinner booked back at DCR. One last photo op before we head back for a swim.

And this is what greeted us when we got there. An entirely empty pool! We had the run of it to ourselves for the best part of an hour!

The decking area is so nice to kick back and relax in.

The title of today's trip report roughly translates to Baldrick from Blackadder's favourite catchphrase: "I have a cunning plan."

After the most delicious meal (you can see it put a smile on this girl's face) and this time with an outdoor barbecue hosted by a very jolly chef, we gave the kids a note to read together...

The quality of the above picture may not be that great but it was saying to the kids we've had fun, and keep the memories safe.

It also had a cunning clue buried inside of it. The first letter of each line spelled out something magical about our plans for next year...

You are going to Florida

Charlotte just bursts into tears. Not just happy tears, but proper ugly crying happy tears.

Harry is speechless and then shouts "GALAXY'S EDGE!" and Izzy wants to know if they do mac and cheese there. Bless.

We thought the last night of the best DLP visit we had ever had was a good time to share our next dream with them. The letter worked a treat and I think a good way to do a reveal to older kids.

For the rest of the evening we talk a about the differences between DLP and WDW.

Nothing will take away the moment when the kids worked out what the letter was spelling out to them, and DCR was the perfect setting.

DLP has been a perfect week, and this was a perfect way to finish it.

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Late nights, early mornings. I'll need to go back to work for a rest after all of this.

This morning it's early entry to Disney Studios.

Single riders for Crush's Coaster (we're on and off in 15 minutes, as we come out the wait time is 85 minutes at 8.45am!!)

Then onto Flying Carpets which as a theme doesn't fit in Disney Studios but it was fun.

We then have Fastpasses for ToT which I am now starting to enjoy as a ride. I used to hate the darned thing, but it's actually becoming enjoyable now.

We had the funniest and campest CM loading us onto the ride...

"Darlings, no flash photography, Facebook, Snapchat or Insta. And whatever you do, keep your wigs on! You all look beautiful and we don't want anything to ruin your photo at the top.

He then looks straight at me..."But too late for you sweetheart!" And the doors close. We all laugh and applaud as we head into the Quatrième Dimension.

When the ride is over, the doors open and or CM is standing there with a handheld fan, fanning himself, and shouted "My darlings you were all amazing. SEE YOU ON BROADWAY BABY!" Again the whole ride bursts into laughter and we all high five our CM as we leave, only to be spooked by another CM on the way out!

Anyone who says DLP CMs are not up to scratch to WDW need to revisit. It was a great experience and a catchphrase that latest the rest of the holiday 😂

Single rider is definitely the biggest tip I can give anyone. Whilst the queue the Soldier Drop Ride was 30 minutes (god knows why) we were on and off in 10.

It's the first year we've felt the kids were old enough to go single rider and it's really paid dividends in increasing the number of rides we've done.

On to the Stunt Show Spectacular which is always good fun (and helped by having a Mickey lollipop). Izzy's face during some of the more explosive sequences was a picture (which clearly I forgot to take).

I'm thinking this will be removed for the studios expansion? If so, that was the last time we saw the show, and it played to a very full stadium

"You're Never More Than Three Hours From A Meal" is another family motto and it's time to sample Earl of Sandwich, and it didn't disappoint.

I had The Original which I think also comes with a type 2 diabetes warning but it was sooooooo good.

We sit outside watching the world go by...I'm starting to think that DLP is more of a summer park for us.

We head back to DCR for rest and relaxation (it was a late night last night and an early start this morning.). With the kids safely connected to the WiFi, Paula and I explore the ranch a little more.

We find our local Native American encampment - it's a set of tents with little else attached to it, but it all adds to the theming. I can't recommend DCR enough, especially in the summer.

In the evening we find the tennis and badminton courts, which are free to use.

Yes, you heard that right...


I've probably put a hex on it now, and they'll be charging 50 euros for 30 mins by the time we go back, but what a facility to have!

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After a hectic day, and helped by a cheeky cocktail, we all went off to sleep quickly.

I'm not going to lie, the beds in Davy Crockett Ranch aren't the best (the bed at Compiegne holds that record) but they are adequate enough.

Then around 5am this morning....

B O O O O M!

I dash out of bed (well, scuttle sideways as there isn't a heck of a lot of room) and over to the kids room to find Izzy's mattress at a 45 degree angle pointing to the ceiling and Izzy scrambling to get up. And being essentially a large tin can, the noise of Izzy hitting the floor reverberated around our cabin!

Apparently the sheet pulled her on to the ground? Well that's her story and she was sticking to it. Harry and Charlotte just tutted and rolled over. No-one hurt and nothing broken.

Heart still pounding I go back to Paula chuckling away 😂😂

I get up a couple of hours later (I must have gone back to sleep) and collect breakfast. I decline the milk (we haven't opened yesterday's milk yet) and apple purée (as we don't eat baby food )

Washed and dressed we hit Disneyland.

It is a stunning day in Disneyland Paris this morning and the Castle is looking amazing.

(It's painted pink to "pop out" of photographs when taken on a dull Marne-le-Vallee day.)

We decide that Hyperspace Mountain is our first port of call.

This is our reward for an early start - it's a walk-on.

If you've never visited DLP don't make the mistake in thinking this is a Space Mountain clone. Hyperspace Mountain is Star Wars themed and has more in common with Rock n Rollercoaster than its tamer American cousin. the ride photos can prove. God I love this ride!!

We then hit Buzz Light-year (similar to WDW but the gun mechanism is free standing so you can have a better aim). I proudly stake my claim as family winner (but at 95,500 points I've got a long way to go!)

It's only 9am and so we decide to grab a couple of Fastpasses for BTM for later and we hit Hyperspace Mountain again.

After our second go on HM, we see Star Tours is only a 5 minute wait - which means once we're off it'll be time for BTM.

We enter the queue and it's obvious that we'll be waiting longer than 5 minutes. We wait 15 with nothing moving and so we do the "walk of shame" back down the queue into Discoveryland where we hop over to BTM.

DLP's BTM never disappoints. As our Fastpass window opened we decided to get another FP for BTM for later!

The photo above shows me waving to the people on the Molly Brown steamboat on the other side of Big Thunder Mesa - I'd entirely forgotten about the ride photo!

We then hop over to the newly refurbished Phantom Manor - the audio has been restored back to Vincent Price's narration and the story now makes sense.

Unlike some podcasters I could mention who were here last week we weren't evacuated from PM, but it did have a couple of unscheduled stops which allowed me to take some low light photos.

I can't understand why this isn't a FP attraction. To that end, why anyone would spend 100 euros on a VIP Fastpass is beyond me - a one day ticket costs as much so you might as well stay for two days!

Then it's time for our second round on BTM. Charlotte decides we should strike a bored pose as we go past the ride camera this time 😂😂

We amble past the Chaparral Theatre and make a note to watch the Lion King show tomorrow night. As we turn a corner we see King Louis holding out his arms to us for a hug - no one else was there!

Who were we to refuse?! He was good fun and he taught me some of his dance moves (mine are better, but I obviously don't want to shame him). We left King Louis with a queue of about a dozen people waiting to see him - a lovely chance encounter.

We then head over to Blusteryday's Secret Lunch Spot. It only sells nuggets and drinks but virtually no one goes there. It was midday and it was empty, whereas just across the walkway people were queuing out of the door to buy their lunch. Madness!

Axel and Christoph are our servers today and they appear to be a Laurel and Hardy tribute act - goading Harry to put hot sauce on his sisters' nuggets, and then blaming each other when the girls turned up. Harry had too much sense to ruin his siblings' lunch - hell hath no fury and all that!!

I must remember to drop a note to City Hall and let them know they've got two great CMs serving food. Anyone who says the CMs don't match up to Florida clearly aren't looking with their eyes open.

(If you want to know where the lunch spot is, drop me a PM...otherwise it won't be a secret for much longer!)

We're back at Davy Crockett Ranch now for a rest (not solely because of the god awful early start, but we plan to watch Illuminations tonight at 11pm.)

Harry decides to be a lounge lizard and stay in the cabin, the girls hit the pool whilst Paula and I are on the decking outside soaking up the warm sunshine. Heaven. Sheer heaven.

Off to Billy Bob's for dinner tonight - I hear it's one of the better buffet offers but needs to go some to beat Crockett's Tavern in my opinion.

I'll update this post with pics and thoughts later.

Apologies for not updating sooner - too tired!

And I'll hand it to Beaker7929...Billy Bob's desserts are the BEST. Too many to choose from but the lemon meringue was definitely worth the second visit.

We finish our meal at Billy Bob's and decide to head to Disneyland to try our luck with the ride times.

I've forgotten to mention the DIBB publishes the official DLP ride times in real-time and we found it invaluable to help us plan our next move
Disney Studios:

We head for Pirates of the Carribbean as at 9.30pm it was only a 10 minute wait! I took this photo on the way - the castle looks even more beautiful in the sunset.

No idea what's going on here. I think I was trying to pull my best pirate impression - aaaargh me hearties!

We then go to Fantasyland which I think always looks better lit up at night.

23,814 steps today.

My legs hate me.

We end the evening watching Disney Illuminations from a walkway just I front of the Plaza Gardens Restaurant. Not a bad view don't you think?

Whilst the show was *OK* it didn't really have much emotion to it - it felt more like a set of trailers projected onto the castle with some pyrotechnics. It was fine, but nothing will ever beat Wishes at WDW in my humble opinion

Full trip report index here:

One thing Davy Crockett Ranch has in common with Center Parcs is The March of the Dads*

This time however, the march is not to collect your car (as you park outside your cabin) but to collect breakfast.

For some reason best known to Mickey DCR's breakfast is a takeaway affair (you need to have bought a package with breakfast included, otherwise you're self catering).

These bad boys are your keys to the DLP world - Magic Passes. They are our park passes, contactless card to retrieve Fastpasses, and contain any credits for meals, such a breakfast.

The cabins are arranged in loops - the story being that back in the days of the pioneers they'd sleep overnight in a circle for protection.

At the end of each loop is a cottage which supplies breakfast from 7am to 11am.

And what a breakfast it is!

5 X croissants (or Cornflakes)
5 X baguettes with butter
5 X juices (orange or apple)
5 X apple purée (nope, me neither)
5 X muesli bars
1 litre of milk
Butter, Nutella, coffee and tea...



After eating a small selection of breakfast items we get to the car park for 8.15am - I don't think we've hit any park (WDW or DLP) as early as this. Second row from the front.

The plan this morning is to hit Disney Studios and do the major attractions during EMH and then hop over to DLP for lunch which is booked for 1.30pm at Cafe Agrabah (my favourite park restaurant).

It's a pretty brisk check in procedure and we're in!

Although the studios were built on a shoestring, they do at least provide an element of theming and show as you arrive.

But why spend your EMH queueing for brekafast? Baffling! 😂😂

This morning was a couple of Disney firsts.

First up was Crush's Coaster, we decided to go single rider and we were on in 10 minutes. A brilliant little coaster which we must do again before we leave.

Then on to Ratatouille. The extension built for Ratatouille is beautiful (it was like being back in Compiegne!).

It's a brilliant ride both technically and from a theming perspective. Think 3D movie but on a trackless ride. So clever, and coming to Epcot France Pavilion soon!

Then after Rock n Rollercoaster and Tower of Tower (yes, we did all of these before 10.30am) it was on to the Backlot Tour (it's a yawn-fest but Izzie doesn't remember riding it ever and so to watch her face during the Catastrophe Canyon section was a treat!)

We leave Studios and head over to Disneyland. We have a reservation for lunch but a couple of hours to kill.

We snag Fastpasses for BTM for 4pm and onwards to the riverboat cruise. The picture is taken from the top deck, with Phantom Manor in the background.

In DLP Phantom Manor is located in Frontierland and has a different story to WDW. It's also closed as the ride has broken down!

You get a good view of Big Thunder Mountain as you sail by!

We then head over to the dungeon under the castle to visit Old Smiley the dragon. It's a brilliant animatronic and loud enough to make small children cry, which makes me happy 😂

A tradition in DLP is Guest Star Tuesday. Each Tuesday there is a little parade for a lesser-spotted character. This week it's the Three Caballeros...

"Time for lunch?" "Well, if we have to..."

It's a quick step across the plaza to Adventureland and Cafe Agrabah...

The theming again is amazing although no one can tell me this is Will Smith.

The food is best described is Mediterranean to North African. The lamb was amazing.

Baklava for dessert too. If we paid our of pocket for five of us, we wouldn't have seen much change from 160 Euros. Ouch. But this was on the half board deal, so all to the good.

After lunch we have a couple of hours to kill before our BTM Fastpasses. A quick walk around Discoveryland (no such thing as Tomorrowland here) and then back to the central plaza to watch the Jungle Jive Show.

It's a cool show. Mickey and Minnie speak in French and Goofy chats to us in English. Still have no idea what the heck the story was, but the costumes were very ornate

Big Thunder Mountain time and owing to a despatch rider error our party were separated. Or should I say that Harry had the front of his train all time himself.

This version of BTM is simply the best of all the Disney Parks and the only one that goes in a tunnel underwater to arrive on Big Thunder Mesa. A must-do again, we all agree.

That's put a smile on the girls face!

At DLP the 3pm parade is at 5.30pm. Don't ask. It's a beautiful day and we decide to hold out a spot on Main Street to watch it

But please, Disney Dads everywhere, what is the sodding point of standing in the front for the parade and still putting your screaming spawn on your shoulders. For the love of God man!!!

Oops, looks like Tiana has had a wardrobe malfunction (she wears blue knickers, if you want to know)

Oh yes!

Old Frosty Knickers herself.

A great parade. We decide to head back to Davy Crockett for tea - it's getting on for 6.15pm and we've been on the go for 10 hours!!!

The peace and tranquility of the resort, especially in the sun, is very welcomed.

The girls want to swim, and Stephane checks us in. He's a real character and has great rapport with the kids.

The pool is the largest on DLP property (except for Villages Nature, which strictly speaking isn't a Disney property). The water is a little cooler than I'd want, but I guess it keeps the visit times down!

Harry is content to sit by the fire outside and consume the free village WiFi.

I can't explain enough how cool Davy Crockett Ranch is...but I guess it's also helped with a dose of good weather which really helps.

Adjacent to the swimming pool is a new spot which we haven't seen before - we may try this out tomorrow afternoon before our late night in Disneyland tomorrow.

Well that's about it for tonight. Paula and I are going to grab a cocktail before bedtime and then lights out.

Thanks for reading. If you have any DLP related questions do ask! Night all!

Full trip report index here:

After a fitful night's sleep courtesy of the world's most uncomfortable bed (it felt like a bale of straw wrapped in potatoes) it was time to say goodbye to Compiegne.

It's a beautiful little town and so close to Disney that I would recommend a stop if you can.

The journey took about 75 minutes and I can only describe the scream from the girls when they saw the first sign for Disney as blood-curdling.

Point of note: as you drive closer to Paris the quality of others' driving is in inverse proportion to the number of dents on their cars. Coincidence? I think not.

We check in to Davy Crockett Ranch and pick up our Magic Passes. We know our cabin won't be ready until 4pm so we hit Disneyland.

Walking from the car park. I'm not excited at all - can you tell?!

The queue for bag check. Yes it was hell, but it was Disney hell.

My crew

We classed today as a bonus day - if we get to the parks and get on some rides, all to the good. We're here until Saturday so there's no rush.

First up: IASW. Best we get it out of the way now and then we can enjoy the rest of the holiday 😂😂

Onboard "the most repetitive song that ever sailed". Save me!!

At the end, the ride has "good-bye" in many languages however this appears to say Fart, which made me laugh.

We then do Alice's Curious Labyrinth - the first time for team Blusteryday - and it was quite fun! Here is the view from the top - it's so beautiful here.

We snaffle some lunch and were starting to flag and so we decide to leave Disneyland for a quick browse around Disney Village.

Charlotte is born to shop (unlike the rest of us) and she was keen to see what she could spend her euros on.

It's only 5 minutes back to Davy Crockett Ranch and by the time we get back it's 4pm and time to pick up our keys...but the room isn't ready yet

In the same breath the CM comps us 5 free soft drinks (do I look like an ogre?!) and we sit back in the sun for another half an hour.

We have been given a prime spot, literally around the corner from reception and the swimming pool - thanks Mickey!!

Here's our home for the week. Two bedrooms - and we bagged half board so not much need for cooking.

Paula and I hop over The Trading Post and pick up a bottle of chilled Muscadet for €5 and enjoy the sun on our decking.

Here's the kids bedroom - they have their own loo and bathroom too. It's a real home from home.

The sun is shining. It's warm. And the forecast is for it to get warmer this week - we're finally home with Mickey.

Tonight we're off to the on-site restaurant for dinner - it's an all you can eat buffet which we treat as a challenge, not an offer. I'll post some pics up later if the Muscadet doesn't hit me too hard.

If you're looking for a great buffet, then look no further than Crockett's Tavern. A great buffet and the ribs! Are. To. Die. For!!!

Sorry, this was all that was left of dessert. Amazing meal, especially for mass catering. A great meal. Would I pay full price? Probably not - so snag a half board deal of you can.

Oh and the sangria is the best *HIC*

Goodnight all!

Thank you and goodnight!

Full trip report index here:

Today is transfer day...we leave Orpington for la belle France!

We had booked our Eurotunnel for 11.35am, and having found out that junctions 9-11 of the M20 were closed we decided to leave Orpington for 9am.

The journey down was pretty uneventful, with the Waze app happily diverting us away from the worst of the back ups.

We arrived at Eurotunnel check in abou 10.15am and were offered an 11.20am departure which we accepted.

A quick stop off at the Eurotunnel departure point for a Starbucks and we were on our way - allons-y!

An uneventful crossing and it was a quick pitstop at Aire du Zutkerque for a quick spot of lunch. Why do we not have these Aires in the UK? A quite area just off the motorway with toilets and a picnic area - every 20km. Brilliant.

Here's Charlotte showing off her french t-shirt!

We poodled on down to our next AirBnb in Compiegne, about 50 miles north east of Paris.

We chose to stop off partly as we know it takes about 3-4 hours to drive down to DLP, and partly to make more of a weekend of it.

We picked up our keys from a lockbox and pulled up outside our AirBnB. Charlotte announces she's found Where's Wally. No need to search for him anymore - we know where he lives! 😂😂

Our AirBnB is very nice. An apartment in a (somewhat crumbly old building) but it's been done up to a good standard.

We take the opportunity to have a walk around the town - it's so quiet here and very pretty. It reminds a little of towns back home like Romsey or Wimborne.

Having had dinner (which we picked up from Tesco's last night before we left Orpington) we've decided to go for a walk over to the Palais de Compiegne before we turn in for the night.

I'll post up some more pics later if I remember (as the beer here is very cheap and moreish!)

An amble around the town...everything is shut. Everything! On the one hand you wonder how life could go on, on the other it's a wonderful way to slow everything down, and pause.

Here is the Imperial Palace, which I thought contained the national car park museum. Turns out it's the National Car Museum and a Park. Bonsoir!

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