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Travel home day😞 We were up reasonably early and were aiming to leave for 12. We had make your own croissants for breakfast, they had sat in the fridge since our first shop and they were really good, just missing some syrup, we had to make do with lots of butter instead. I started on the bed stripping and towel washing etc. I had three loads washed and dry by the time we left, I just love American washers and dryers. I might have had a little grump about not having to do this in a hotel right enough but we have loved the space and freedom of the villa. We also had the usual "will everything fit" problem and almost a quick dash to Target for another suitcase but we managed eventually. It's safe to say we did not do the same amount of shopping as usual, the exchange rate had lots to do with this and we found ourselves wondering if we would be able to get the same things at home for the same price or less and doubting whether things were actually bargains. This lead to us only buying things we definitely knew we wouldn't get at home and being much more picky about our buys. Apart from Tiffanys and Pandora of course!😉

Before long we were ready to leave. Goodbye villa. The plan was to head somewhere for lunch before going to the airport.

See you again sometime villa. We hadn't really decided on a restaurant, last night Katie had said she wanted to go to Red Lobster for dinner but we ended up a Boardwalk instead. The Restuarant is right round the corner from the villa so as we are approaching she asked if we could go today instead. So in we went as the cheddar bay biscuits were calling!

So delicious, I dream about these from one holiday to the next and have the mix to make them ourselves at home, but I'm too scared to make them as I know I won't get them as good!

Katie was delighted, she loves these.

The kids both had popcorn shrimp.

Derek had a fish sandwich.

I had the shrimp tacos, these were excellent, really tasty and a great pre flight meal choice, light but filling.

So this is my last photo in Florida. Once we had finished lunch we headed to the airport. We had quite a few hours to go, the flight was after 5pm so we could have fitted in something else before getting to the airport, however if you knew my husband you would know that this would only cause lots of anxiety, clock watching and worry about every eventuality which might lead us to being late and not managing to check in/get through security/miss our flight. So we headed to the airport in plenty of time. It was a seamless affair to hand the hire car back and get ourselves and the luggage over to the check in desks. We were second in the queue and we settled down for a wait. Within half an hour the desks were open and we were obviously taken right away. British airways had some sort of technical difficulties though and we waited quite a while for their computers to start working. We had quite a wait which of course was vindicating Derek and his unnecessary rush to get here! Once the computers finally woke up our luggage was checked in and we were free. We had a wander round the shops and then I spotted Express spa. My nails we're in dire need of attention but I wasn't sure how I was going to fit it in before I returned to work in two days. Here was my answer. I just went in to enquire but they said the kids and Derek could wait in the massage chairs while I had a quick colour off and shellac back on so they were sold more than me! The kids loved it, they were in their element, Derek maybe not so much, it just opened his eyes to how much time(and money)I waste getting my nails done! It was fab to get a little pampering and the girl did a great job and I now take it all back about being at the airport early, I might plan this for our next trip!

After this we went through security and onto the monorail without a problem. The boys went for a Burger King and Katie and I had some snacks and drinks from Starbucks.

The flight was on time and we were soon on our way. We were flying to Gatwick and the flight was pretty uneventful, unfortunately none of us got any sleep, too much film watching and iPad playing, probably the time we were ready to sleep was when they put the lights on for the sandwiches to be delivered. We weren't too impressed with the food on the flight but we weren't too bothered, we had brought plenty snacks and left over crisps from the villa keep us going.

In Gatwick we had booked the No 1 lounge so we had somewhere a bit more comfortable to wait for our next flight to Edinburgh. It's the first time we have been in the one in the South Terminal. I would say there are less quiet places to relax and at this point we were all really flagging and could have been doing with a little snooze. We had some nice bacon rolls and pastries, tea and juices. It always difficult sitting there at the end of a long flight with another few hours to go before you will be home watching people going on their holidays and tucking into the free drink at 8am, I think next time we should book the lounge in the way out!!

We all managed a sleep on the flight to Edinburgh!

We arrived home at 2.30pm and went to our beds for a few hours before heading to "The Grandparents" for a gorgeous roast chicken dinner, so good and a great end to our holiday.

So I didn't manage to keep up with the report live. Sorry about that, hopefully it wasn't too frustrating having to wait for the next instalment. We have been back just over a week now and just recovering from the jet lag and I am happy to have finally completed the report, thanks to everyone reading along and leaving lovely comments, it makes it easier to write knowing people are enjoying reading along.

We are very excited to have a new countdown as we are going back to Florida in July. We managed to get cheap(ish) flights back in January and in a moment of weakness we(I) decided if we were doing only Disney at Easter, we should do Universal in July as the kids, especially Katie, are Harry Potter daft (and it is my 40th year) I think Derek forgot that I persuaded him to book the Disney cruise because Universal tickets and a stay in the universal hotel was nearly the same price! We are however spending all Derek's Avios and Hilton points for free accommodation 9 nights at Hilton Double tree at Seaworld and 7 nights at Hilton Orlando where we stayed last April. I guess this should be more of a budget trip after the fabulous holiday we have just had but Ive already got my eye on a stay at RPR😉

So watch this space! I'll decide nearer the time if I do another report, I do love looking back on them and I definitely wouldn't remember as much or keep the writing up if I started when I get home so we will see!

Thanks again for reading along!

Buy and Sell DVC

Our last full day in Florida, I was very sad. We decided to get out and go for breakfast at Golden Coral. It is a family tradition to visit once and gorge ourselves on the buffet. It was roughly $7 or less each and I wondered why we didn't come here more often, even if all you ate was pancakes it is fab value and you can get fresh waffles and omelettes too. We managed. To hang about til lunch replaced breakfast too at 11.

Here's my first selection, the banana nut French toast is amazing, and I had more cinnamon rolls, the ones here are covered in syrup, they were great! I had to have the crust bacon too, it is America after all.

Actually I know why we don't come here more often, we would be the size of a house at the end of the holidays, this is Derek's first selection, fried chicken, carvery ham and hash browns.

Of course the kids love it here, they get to have pancakes, ice cream and Diet Coke for breakfast!

Not to mention the chocolate fountain, here's what was left on my plate after I had finished my chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries!

There is a tacky souvenir shop next door so once breakfast was finished we had a wander, Derek found a very appropriate tshirt for him.

Next up we went to the mini golf at Blizzard Beach. This was lots of fun, we would never dream of doing this at 12pm in the summer but it was very bearable in the current climate and the theming is excellent.

One game per day is included in the ultimate ticket. I didn't think to look at the price to actually pay to play but we really enjoyed this and would go again.

We reached the 18th hole in just over one hour.

With the score added up Derek won by a very slim margin, I only scored two more than him and the kids did really well too, with Murray third and Katie fourth but all with pretty low scores we were chuffed with ourselves. It was also a relatively amicable round, in that there were no arguments or over competitiveness which is not really like us when it comes to mini golf ( or any game really)

We finished our game on a high and I suggested a visit to Disney Springs which was met with a few groans but they all eventually agreed. My first suggestion for today was a final trip to Magic Kingdom with a ride to Epcot in the monorail, trying to squeeze every last Disney drop out of the holiday but that was a definite no from everyone so they surely had to agree to my watered down Disney day?

Honestly they were really happy to be at Disney Springs, this is their Tower of Terror Lift operator face. We actually had a lovely wander round the shops. We bought a few bits and pieces, I eventually visited the Christmas shop and bought a Chip and Dale bell ornament which was cute.

The Cherry Tree Lane area of the shops was lovely.

We found a soap in the Bath and Basin shop that matched Katie's glasses.

There was a gorgeous Disney Living shop set up with a Beauty and the Beast theme. This reminded me we hadn't managed a visit to the show in Hollywood Studios this time and led to a discussion with the kids about us actually not doing lots of things we normally do at Disney, we didn't meet any Star Wars characters either. They told me we had only been here in the summer last year and had done it last time so I should be fine with that. Talk about role reversal, having to reassured by my kids that it was okay to not do everything in Disney, I would be in the parks every day if they would let me!

Look at these Disney Uggs, gorgeous. Unfortunately they didn't come in an size 6!

We wandered a bit more then headed back to the villa for a rest, swim and more packing.

Time was marching on I the villa by the time we got ourselves organised I thought it would be best to try and book a table for dinner online again so we didn't have to go out and wait for ages somewhere. We initially thought about Celebration as you can use open for quite a few restaurants there and we have never tried them. Big River Grille came up at Boardwalk though and we thought a last wander there would be better so I booked for 8. We parked in the Boardwalk car park and walked up.

We were delighted to be back in our favourite place.

We had a bit of a wait but were seated about 8.10. We had never eaten here although we have had drinks. It struck me as incredibly noisy, I didn't realise how small the dining area was, I imagined it went further back but it doesn't. We also had quite a small table for four so we felt a. It cramped.

Despite the noisy surroundings our meal was fine, not the best meal of the holidays but for us to be able to know we had a booking meaning we didn't need to rush out the house and be in our favourite place was good enough for me.

Derek had seafood pasta.

Katie had a burger

Murray and I both had chicken nachos from the appetiser selection. The nachos were quite salty so I struggled to finish.

We decided to walk round to Beaches and Cream for icecream and enjoyed some massive ice creams while watching the Starwars fireworks from the Boardwalk as we walked round.

There was an entertainer doing various activities and we watched for a while.

It was a nice end to our day and not long after we headed back to the villa conscious that we had a long travel day ahead tomorrow.

We seem to have had fun the photo booth before we left too.

I couldn't quite believe the holiday was almost over, we had such a brilliant time and I was very sad to wave goodbye to the Boardwalk area. At least you can come here without a Disney ticket though so we will be back for a Disney fix I'm sure.

Tomorrow the last day, travel day home!

A bit more action for the report today. We were up earlier than yesterday and had planned to go to our beloved Cracker Barrel but at 10.15 when we drove up it was not looking promising. There were families hanging about outside waiting everywhere. We went in anyway and the family of four in front of me at the desk were told 40 minute wait so we turned on our heels and headed back out to the car. I. Asked Derek if it definitely was a Monday morning as I've never seen this place so busy but I think this might just have been down to the Easter break now being in full swing? We wanted to go Target for a look at the clothes and bit and pieces to take home (like lint rollers, so exciting) so we thought we would just get a Starbucks instead. As we drove to the Target, Panera Bread caught my eye, we've never been in here but everyone was up for trying it. Unfortunately we arrived at 10.40 and breakfast items like bacon rolls were no longer available after 10.30. So guess what we had for breakfast, yes cinnamon rolls!!

There they are top right of the picture. The lady handed them over and I asked if they warmed them and she told me to use the microwave which is by the self service coffee bit should you need to know this. It was a bit of a strange set up but the rolls were lovely, still don't beat Starbucks or Garden Grill.

After breakfast we had a wander round TJMaxx and "dress for less" but we weren't in the mood for a jumble sale today so we quickly headed to Target for bits and pieces like lint rollers, shorts and gymnastics leotards and tshirts and hair stuff for Katie and we had a good nosey around. I think over the course of the week we had also painkillers , Lego and various stationary things.

After our exciting Target shop we spent a while back at the villa and I unfortunately started a bit of packing.

While rebooking our fastpasses for today at Animal Kingdom I had a quick look at eating places and Saana came up with availability for a later lunch at 2.55. We really enjoyed our meal here last year so I went for it. It's also nice to see the animals here and last time we came it was dark and rainy.

Kidani village is a very short drive from our villa so we took the car and parked in the underground car park at Timon and took the lift up to the hotel lobby.

The hotel is lovely and we had a nice wander and went out to see the animals.

We met some lovely CMs here who spoke at length with the kids about the animals.

We were quite close up with the giraffes, it was a nice start to our Animal Kingdom late afternoon.

We were seated quickly at Saana, it was right at the end of the lunch time sitting I think and the restaurant became quite empty after we sat down. We were in a booth but had a lovely view of the restaurant and animals outside and the kids went up to the window a couple of times, since there was no longer anyone sitting there, where they could see animals going by.

We had a really lovely server who couldn't do enough for us. We had the gorgeous bread service, we all enjoyed this so much.

The kids had the prawns from the kids menu, these were scoffed very quickly.

I think Murray might have already had half of his prawns by the time I took this picture but I do remember thinking it wasn't the most generous of portions but as they had the Naans beforehand at least they wouldn't be going hungry.

I had the spicy Durban shrimp and paneer tikka, this was absolutely delicious.

Derek had the Chicken Tikka, he really enjoyed this. It was different to the chicken tikka I had last year so I'm thinking this is the lunch version.

I had an amazing Pimms cocktail, I could have had more if we weren't moving onto to the park after this.

We had decided to leave the car at the hotel and take the bus since the stop was right outside the hotel lobby.

I love the Animal Kingdom theming, it's such a lovely resort.

We had a 12 minute wait for the bus, we had been on every other version of Disney transport I think this holiday except the bus so we were happy to be finally using one.

We were at animal kingdom in no time. Our first fastpass was for Lion King at 5pm so there was no major rush and it was nice to take our time walking through the park.

We just wandered and took in the sights a little, we seemed to bump into quite a few photo pass people and visited Starbucks of course.

It was eventually time for our fastpass so we joined the queue at Lion King. This show is always the main reason for visiting the park, it is absolutely amazing.

We had really great seats and a brilliant view. A bit like the Magic Kingdom parade I found myself taking it all in as much as I could in case we weren't coming back for a long while, and might have got a bit teary at "Can you feel the love tonight"

Next up was Kali River Rapids. We are not usually so wrapped up in Ponchos on this ride but with the evenings getting chilly over the last few days and us staying to watch Rivers of Light we didn't fancy getting soaked then being freezing watching the show.

Derek decided to sit this one out so he was able to take some pictures. The ponchos were much needed although we didn't get quite as much water chucked at us as some people coming off the ride who walked by when we were in the queue.

We had great fun although it's such a shame it's not a bit longer. We had some snacks after this, a Mickey pretzel I think and some chocolate cookies for Murray, then we had massive ice creams before heading for the River of Light seating.

I think we arrived at 8ish, the fast pass area was filling up fast. I checked with a cm as to the best place to sit. She suggested near the back if you want to take it all in or at the front if you want to see the detail. We decided on further back. We had quite a wait until the show began but it went fairly quickly and it was nice to watch the park get dark.

I booked a fourth fast pass for Tough to be a bug for after the show while we were waiting. The lily pad things started to come out on the water before the show started. The iPhone doesn't take the best photos in the dark.

The show was lovely, I didn't see all the effects properly when they were projected onto the water sequences but when they worked they were amazing, it was a bit windy so I wonder if it affects it but I wasn't picking up everything and Derek agreed.

It is amazing really what they have managed to do to have a night time show without fireworks and it has spectacular moments, but I'm happy to have seen it once.

It was quite a long drawn out affair to try and get back to the front of the park with the crowds. I'm glad we went to something else before completely leaving the park and Tough to be a bug was great fun especially as we knew what to expect but could watch others that hadn't and were getting unexpected frights.

Love the posters in the waiting area.

We reached the tree in time for the show where it lights up and has projected pictures on it which wasn't planned for us and lovely to see.

A final picture in front of the lit up tree before heading back to the buses. It took a while for one to come and there was quite a big queue. We didn't fit in the first one but another one was along soon enough and we had a short ride back to the hotel to pick up the car.

It was a lovely afternoon/evening in Animal Kingdom, looking back I can't believe our last day in Disney was actually in our least favourite park, but it was a nice ending to our park days, especially seeing something different in River of Light and seeing our favourite Lion King show.

Tomorrow Disney Mini golf, Disney Springs and a last wander at Boardwalk.

Not an inviting title for Day 15 but it is true, today we did nothing. Well we did get out of bed, quite late mind you. I did have plans for Animal Kingdom but there was excitement about who was playing in the last golf groups at the Masters so looked like Derek wasn't planning on budging and was happy to sit in front of the TV, the rest of the family were quite happy to laze about too so with the actual conclusion of the golf competition expected to be at 7.30ish I cancelled the Animal Kingdom fastpasses and changed them to tomorrow. And just a tip here, as I had plenty of time at the pool to do this, at this late point I couldn't seem to get fast passes for all four of us for the Rivers of Light show so I tried booking us in one at a time and that worked for us all! It was a glorious sunny day so I lay by the pool, Katie swam in the pool, Murray came out now and again then went back in when he felt like it, as did Derek between golf breaks. I seem to have taken the sum total of one photo! In the photo Katie is armed with both water guns threatening to soak me if I don't put down my iPad and play with her so I did give in and get in the pool at that point. We ate everything that we had lying about in the villa for breakfast and lunch which consisted of toast, cereal and milk for breakfast (I had the rest of my mushed up cheesecake, not very healthy for breakfast but delicious) For lunch I made crisp sandwiches, Katie had banana instead of crisps on hers, and we kept munching all day on pretzels, popcorn and sweeties. For diner I ordered Buffalo Wild Wings online and Derek ran out in the car to collect. Sergio Garcia won the Golf which Derek was pleased about and we had a few beers and proseccos to celebrate (Not the kids, I might have been a pretty lazy Mum today but I'm not that bad!). I think we were all the better for the total do nothing day. This normally would drive me crazy in Florida with so much to do on our doorstep but it was just what we needed.

Tomorrow we visit Animal Kingdom after a lovely lunch/dinner at Saana.

14 days into the holiday and one trip to the shops, that had to be rectified so we left the villa at 10ish and headed to Mall at Millenia. We thought we would jump into McDonald's for breakfast but the roads were so busy Derek couldn't work his way over to the exit so we carried on. It's never a good idea to try heading North to the shops in a Saturday but this was the best day in our plans so we went. Every time I called out suggestions for stopping somewhere else for breakfast I would get a groan or a "no I don't like there" from the rest of the passengers so somehow we ended up at Mall at Milenia before we managed to get breakfast. It was just after 11 by now and we decided to head to the food court, but then the Cheesecake factory was calling so we decided on brunch instead!

So glad we missed McDonald's, we have never walked into Cheesecake Factory and been seated immediately. We also sat outside which is new for us and it was lovely. It wasn't that warm at this time and they had the patio heaters on, The valet parking is right outside and it was fun to people watch, plenty people were dressed up to the nines for their shopping trip and lots of special designer shopping bags were being loaded into the very posh cars.

I had a lovely Cafe latte to accompany my people watching, I could quite happily have sat here for the day. The food was great as usual, so much choice on the menu.

Derek and Murray had burgers, they were absolutely huge.

Katie had the kids sliders. Such a large portion for a kids meal.

I thought I would go for a lighter option and chose the soup and salad, the soup choice was Jacket Potato, doesn't sound too light but I thought I would go for it anyway. Wow what a plateful, bacon, cheese and potato with sour cream and spring onion, it was actually absolutely amazing and the salad was so fresh and tasty.

After "brunch" I had to order my favourite cheesecake, Lemon Meringue Pie, to go. It was never going to look like this at the end of the days shopping but it still tasted as delicious.

We headed to Tiffanys after this, I had some birthday money to spend from my Mum and Dad and I hoped to find something I liked.

Of course they do say if you are in a shop where you have to ask the price you can't afford to shop there but I'm not shy about telling them my budget and they were very helpful. I wasn't sure what I specifically wanted. I do have a few lovely Tiffany things already that I wear everyday, a necklace and ring that we bought in New York for my 30th and another bracelet that I wear occasionally. They cleaned my necklace and ring for me while I browsed, made me feel old realising they were 10yrs old! I looked at quite a few things but then Derek found a bracelet he knew I would like and after trying it on he was right.

Here is a library picture and I also bought the earrings to match.

It was a nice experience and Katie was chuffed to have been helping pick something out too, it will go to her eventually so she did have a vested interest!!

After a browse round some of the lovely shops in the mall, we hit Macy's but there were no real bargains to be had and we came away from here empty handed apart from two Kipling bags for Katie's friends who had both had Birthdays while we were away. Little cross body bags reduced by 25% already then an offer for another 25% off the lowest marked price, we got them for $25 each.

We went to the top Premium outlets after this as they are only 2miles away. We had success for Murray in Ralph Lauren, 40% of everything we bought t shirts for him at $9 each. We bought converse for Katie, taking up the 75% off a second pair so each pair was $23. You can see one pair in the photo above. Derek and I weren't so successful. We headed home for 4pm. We had an hour at the pool before getting ready to go to Epcot. We had arranged to meet a friend from Derek's work and his wife and daughter and I had managed to book Biergarten for us all.

We took an Uber to Beach Club so we could enter the park from our "usual" entrance, it was lovely to manage back to the hotel, we all agreed it would have been nice to have just come back to the hotel after the cruise but that was not in the budget. Uber is a fabulous thing, our driver was lovely, we were texted when he arrived to pick us up, we knew what car he was in, it was a lovely clean modern Toyota and I think it cost $11.

A photo of the kids waking towards Epcot from beach club for the last time.

I was so delighted to finally get a Grey Goose slushie.

We had a lovely wander round to Germany, again taking it all in for one last time with no plans to come back any time soon.

We met up with Derek's friend and family and we had a great evening. It was their first time to Orlando and it was fair to say they had tried to fit loads in but had found it fairly overwhelming. This was their first visit to Epcot so we enjoyed showing them round a bit and they enjoyed illuminations. We went round the Boardwalk afterwards and ahead a few drinks in ESPN before heading our separate ways.

We had been so lucky to stay here. It brought it home to me, bringing someone who hadn't been before, and seeing them blown away by it. It was how I felt from the first time we visited The Boardwalk area, I said then in 2008 that we would stay here one day and we did and really appreciated it and loved it.

This was our latest night , I think we were home by 1.30am. Tomorrow we had a full day in the villa so won't make for too exciting a report I'm afraid but maybe it will help me get the report finished before I am back to work!

We had a lazy first half of the day today, pool time and golf watching. Towards the end of the holiday it was becoming clear that although I had planned our villa days with visits most days to the parks, the kids weren't really interested in repeating things we might have already done the first week, and were happy to have pool time and rest. This was supposed to be a holiday after all so many of the original plans were changed somewhat last minute. We didn't see Fantasmic last year so we all agreed we would go to this tonight and I had managed to get fastpasses for Toy Story, Star Tours and Tower of Terror for evening times before the show..

We arrived at Hollywood Studios at 5 and we split up again with Katie and I going to Tower of Terror and the boys going to Star Tours. We had another fab ride in the tower, shaky legs again afterwards.

The wait for TOT was 90 minutes but were in and off within 20 minutes. We had agreed to meet the boys outside the Prime Time Cafe where I had managed to get a 6pm reservation.

While we hung about waiting we had a few quick photo pass photos taken by the lake.

When the boys arrived Derek was not feeling great, Murray had persuaded him to come on the ride and shut his eyes but it was too much for him and he was feeling rotten. It was a bit early for our reservation but though we would see if we could be taken early and at least have a sit down inside so Derek could straighten his head out.

We didn't manage to get seated any earlier but it was nice to be inside and watch what was going on, we had never been here before and everyone was being called to dinner like a Mum from the 1950s would call the children in from playing.

The inside was decorated like a 1950s living room. I had realised when I made the booking here that we were at risk of missing our Toy story fast pass window which was 5.50 to 6.50 but it was the only time we could get and thought it would be better to eat somewhere new and miss a ride we have already been on (although not this holiday) than the other way round. We didn't get seated until 6.10 so we knew it was pretty much out the window.

We were seated at a table that looked like a kitchen counter, the theming was great and we enjoyed watching then black and white clips on the TV. Our waiter was great, he explained that we were now in the 1950 so elbows off the table, no walkie talkies (mobile phones) etc. He also asked it we were in any hurry, had any fastpasses we needed to get to. We just said we had had a toy story one but that there was no way we were going to make it so not to rush.

I might have had a bit too much sun today, I'm looking rather red!

We had an enjoyable meal, Derek and I had fried chicken and mash which was really tasty, the kids had the kids meal version which turned out to be a bit dry and so ended up eating some of ours.

When our waiter came with the dessert menus he also gave me a slip of paper. When we opened it we realised it was a paper fast pass for Toy story. We were so delighted, he said it was too big a fast pass to miss.

To celebrate not missing our fast pass we decided to order some sundaes, we had been admiring them as they were all being taken past to other tables. I had the Dads chocolate brownie sundae and Derek asked for strawberry ice cream and sauce. The kids helped us eat them, along with having their own kids sundaes.

These were really delicious

After settling the bill we skipped over the Toy Story, we had a great fun ride on this, Derek won as usual but I was in he lead for three sections which made me happy.

I have no idea how someone gets 446,600, wow.

It was quite chilly again tonight but we were better prepared with jumpers and cardigans. After toy story we went to The Little Mermaid show, Katie's favourite princess and it's a lovely show. Or it usually is but we had a very loud American grandmother behind us giving full running commentary to her granddaughter who was sitting on her knee and constantly kicking Murray's seat. If this had been my first time watching this show I would have been raging, as it was we were all in hysterics. For example Ariel is singing "oh what do you call them?" And the woman shouts "feet!!" At the top of her voice. Prince Eric is lying in the rock and Grandma is shouting "oh my God, do you think he is okay, do you think he will wake up, what do you think(insert annoying child's name here)?" We laughed about this for the rest of the holiday, Murray was good at mimicking her and would say things like at crazy golf, "oh my god, Katie need to hole this out, do you think she will make it, do you think she will get the ball in the hole(insert annoying child's name her)?" Anyway we did have a rant about it too, people are just really inconsiderate!!

We then headed to Fantasmic via Starbucks and restrooms.

I don't usually take pictures of Restrooms but Tower of Terror looks great from here.

We were quite late to find a seat, we have seen Fantasmic quite a few times so weren't really bothered about where we sat. I was shocked though at just how many seats are taken up now by fast pass and dining packages. It seemed like there was just one very small section left once you went past all the reserved seating and I think if you have never seen the show then dining package or fast pass is definitely the way to go. We decided to grab a seat across from the back of this section and they were not good seats but we enjoyed the show. I had brought a pack of glow sticks and the kids shared them out with lots of other kids sitting around us. I had on the flashing Mickey ears we bought in 2010 when we first saw this show and was feeling all nostalgic, they come with us every year but I now seem to be the only person happy to wear them.

Still happy to muck about with glow sticks though.

You miss the Star Wars fireworks if you stay until the end of Fantasmic, lots of people seemed to know this and started heading out of the auditorium about 15mins before the end of the show, it was pretty distracting and surely they can get this sorted. The last time we came to Fantasmic was when the Frozen fireworks were in the park and we managed to see both shows so I know it can be done. Not everyone is lucky enough to come every year or have more than one visit to Hollywood Studios, it's really poor not to be able to plan to see both.

We had already seen the Star Wars fireworks last year and obviously from our room from afar without the projection show while in the Beach Club so we weren't too upset.

After Fantasmic finished it was a slow shuffles to the front of the park but then we got a tram easily and were out of the park reasonably quickly and home for 9.45.

Tomorrow we go shopping and go to Epcot in the evening.

We had a longish lie this morning, the plan was to head to Magic Kingdom in the early afternoon. We had bought make your own cinnamon buns and Katie and I made these for breakfast, they were delicious.

We really had a very lazy morning. Of course Derek had the TV was stuck on the golf channel as it was the start of the Masters today. I might have had a wee lie out in the sun while the kids were relaxing with their iPads.

We headed out towards Magic Kingdom at 1.30. It was the first time we had drivin under the arch as we had been diverted around it the first day we arrived. Look at that sky, we have been so lucky with the weather this holiday.

We parked in Scar and took the tram to the TTC. When we got off the tram there were lines of security to meet us and metal detectors all set up so our bags were checked here rather than once you reached the front of the park. I think this seemed much more efficient, I don't know if it was a temporary thing or not but I thought it was good as there were loads of bag check stations. Once through the security we took the ferry over.

We had a stroll up a very busy Main Street. They were setting up the stage for Ant and Dec we could see at the front of the park. Katie and Murray had a long debate with me about whether Ant and Dec would be staying in the castle. I had heard about the suite there, available to very special guests, when I did the KTTK tour last year and had told them all about it. I wasnt convinced that Ant and Dec were special enough but they thought since Nick Jonas got to stay there that Ant and Dec were in with a chance!

The new show (to us) was on the stage at the castle so we stopped to watch for a while, we got some photopass snaps here but they don't lead to particularly great shots when there is a massive crowd watching the show behind you.

We didn't hang about for long as our Seven Dwarfs fast pass was beckoning. The wait here was 110 minutes!

We all look happy to have skipped that queue!

I don't think the minutes show very well on the sign but I took a photo to remind myself, fast pass is such a wonderful thing.

So when we cam out of Seven Dwarfs the plan we to head towards Frontier Land to get a good spot for the parade. That was until Murray realised he had left his hat on the ride. I alerted a CM at the entrance to the ride and they radioed for someone to check. The kids and Derek stood in the shade while I waited at the entrance. It took a while but it was very interesting to stand there and get a very small insight into what the CMs must put up within every day. You had crowds of people in the fast pass side trying to get on there without having fast passes and the CMs patiently explaining that you need one to go in that queue, how to organise one, where to go to get a kiosk etc. Then people at the non fastpass side asking if it was really two hours to wait, people complaining and saying they didn't know about fast pass and people asking was there single rider. I am so surprised at the number of people joining the end of a two hour queue, it's a good ride but not that good!

Once the hat was found, thank goodness, we headed for Frontier Land. It was heaving but we managed to get a good spot, parade photo overload follows.

Katie was excited that the Merida dancers were doing a version of the Gay Gordons, a Scottish dance she has been learning at school.

Aw the parade is so great, I love Frontier land as a viewing spot. This year I found myself taking it all in as much as I could as I have the feeling we might be having family discussions about plans that don't include Disney for the next few holidays, so it was like watching it for the very last time and I had a real lump in my throat.

After being out in the heat we ducked into Pinocchio for a cold drink and a wave to the people on Its a small world.

Then we had a fastpass for Tomorrow land Speedway. Katie wanted a turn driving so I went on with her to press the pedal and Derek was driven round by Murray. Katie did really well and hardly bumped at all, she really enjoyed herself.

After this we went to Gaston's Tavern because it seems the goal of this holiday is to eat as many different types of cinnamon bun as is humanly possible.

We had one between four and an iced water each. Still the best free water in park.

The verdict was Katie didn't like the toffee taste from the top but ate from the bottom without the icing.

The rest of us thought it was pretty tasty. It was quarter past 4 by now and I am wondering while writing the report how we weren't starving and I now remember that we actually jumped into Buffalo Wild Wings on the way to Magic Kingdom. We tried for a free lunch again but it came within 12 minutes, far too efficient. And Katie had brought her Minnie ears to wear and left them at the Restuarant, luckily they were still there when we went back, so both kids left stuff behind today.

We wandered down to the Big Top shop and the kids got some slushies, actually Derek and I shared a frozen lemonade too.

To be continued .....

We had a fastpass for Buzz but it wasn't open yet so we jumped into Monsters Laugh Floor, I love this apart from always getting a bit nervous you will be picked on to play a part, everyone who was chosen was a good sport and luckily they didn't come near me! I have been a rebel spy once on Star Tours, at least that doesn't involve any actual interaction.

The fastpass queue for Buzz was out the door and snaking out quite far. It moved pretty quickly though and we were soon trying to defeat Zurg.

How much do the photos always show you with such a look of concentration.

So attractive!

Derek won as usual. I think this score was Katie and I.

When we came out there was a dance party going on with the Incredibles, only a couple of years ago the kids would have loved this and joined in with the dancing, now Derek and I were embarrassing them with our "Dad dancing" so we moved on quickly..

We headed towards the exit of the park now. I love the Grand Floridian so we were going for a wander.

We said goodbye to Main Street, so sad to be leaving.

I'm glad I saw this part of the park last week before the stage was built. I am looking forward watching the show on catch up when I get home.

We took the little boat to the Grand Floridian, it was a nice way to travel.

There was a fabulous chocolate Easter egg model of Cinderella's coach as we walked in.

Katie and I had a lovely wander round the shops, the boys relaxed in the lobby chairs.

The live band we're playing and we watched the trumpet player for quite a bit with Katie having taken up this instrument recently.

There was a photopass lady so we got a quick snap taken.

I love this hotel, maybe we can stay one day.

We hopped on the monorail and went all the way round to the Polynesian, Derek and never been inside and I've only walked through once. It was really busy, I think it was time for a Spirit of Aloha show and there were lots of people milling about. We were hungry by now, I did check of Ohana was talking walk ins but no, I didn't really think it would be but it was worth checking. We went down to the quick service restaurant, Captain Cooks. There was a really nice choice and you placed your order at the till and received an electronic thing to place in your table and they brought out your food to you.

Here are our choices. I had a Hawaiian flat bread, Murray had a Angus Burger, Katie had a kids burger and Derek had noodles with chicken I think. We really enjoyed this.

It was really very cold tonight, after our dinner we went outside for a wander to see the view of Magic Kingdom from the beach and a little boat was pulling up to the dock. We decided to jump on and go back to the Magic Kingdom so we could catch a monorail from there rather than go all he way back to the station in the hotel. I had thought at one point to check if we could walk to the TTC from the Poly but it was so chilly and we didn't have any cardigans or hoodies so we just kind of ran to the boat.

It was nice to get a close up view of the Bungalows anyway and it was starting to get dark as we approached the Magic Kingdom.

We were back at the TTC by 8.30pm. Here is a picture of the security set up from the trams. We were home by 9.15, looking back I wonder why we didn't just wait for Wishes at the boat dock but I think we were all pretty tired after what turned out to be a long day and I am often accused of pushing it too far so I probably thought it best just to head home. I think we might still have been feeling the effects of being off the Cruise ship too, which wasn't helped by taking two rides in a very small boat in choppy waters! I also think I could see that we could have walked from the Poly to the TTC saving us the rather protracted journey?

Tomorrow we stay at the pool until late afternoon then have an evening at Hollywood Studios.

Real time this is our last night at the villa and we fly home tomorrow😔 I'll try to keep updating so I have the report finished before I go back to work!

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