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As the above picture says I am a Disney fan and I can talk about Disney all day long, so to give my long suffering family and social media friends a break for 5 minutes I have come to a place where I know I am in good company and share my pre Disneyland Paris trippie with you 🙂

So let's do some introductions,

The Cast:

This is us, me, Anna, on the right and my dearest friend Rachel on the left, this was taken on our last trip to DLP.
We have been the best of friends for over 25 years and both have a huge love for all things Disney.

This is us on our last day at high school, as you can see we haven't aged one bit!

So to the plan which has been put together over several Saturday night dinners at our local curry restaurant.
Rachel and I both love to plan so unlike when I travel with my husband and kids it has been nice to share this important part of any Disney holiday!

The plan so far:

January 25th - We are staying at the Premier Inn Ashford North the night before we travel, we have dinner booked at the adjoining Beefeater and plan to get an early night as our Eurostar train to Paris Gare Du Nord departs the station at 06.24!!

We did this route for the first time last January having only ever gone direct into Disneyland Paris but we feel confident that we now know what we are doing!
The bonus of traveling indirect is,
1. It's cheaper
2. We arrive into DLP about 3 hours earlier than the direct Eurostar.

Last January when we got into the train to Marne La Vallee we were sat feeling very proud of ourselves for getting onto the correct train (after very nearly getting onto the wrong one!) When an old guy sporting a beret got onto the train and started playing the accordion 😄 If we were in any doubt as to which country we were in it was now very clear!
We found this hilarious, all he was missing was a bike, a French stick and a string of garlic around his neck! I managed to get a sneaky photo although it is a bit blurry😄

Anyhow I digress.....

Once we arrive into Marne La Vallee we will drop our bags at the Disney Express counter and will head straight to Earl Of Sandwich for a well earned brunch, Mmmmmm I love Earl Of Sandwich 😋

We will then hot foot it over to the Disneyland park where I'm sure a few tears will emerge when I see the castle.... I'm not the only one surely?!
After many attempts of getting photos of us with the castle in the background we will head into Fantasyland to continue our tradition of riding It's A Small World first.

Last years attempts!!

It's A Small World boat selfie 🙂

After a few rides and most likely a hot chocolate or 2 we will leave the park and make our way back through the village to the Sequoia Lodge which will be our home for 3 nights.

We have a lakeside Golden Forest room booked, we stayed in a Golden Forest room last year and absolutely loved all the benefits of staying in one.

This was our room last year.

Our view ❤

One of our favourite things about staying in a Golden Forest room was the Golden Forest lounge.

Having this lounge to relax in and have an afternoon drink and snack ( included in the cost) and most importantly a peaceful breakfast in was totally worth the extra money in our opinion.

We have planned each day to involve everything we love to see and do at DLP at a reasonable pace with plenty of tea and hot chocolate stops included!

Even though this will be my 11th and Rachel's 7th visit to DLP we have still managed to compile a list of 'firsts' to see and do, these include:

Eating at the new Vapiano restaurant in Disney Village.

Rachel will be ascending Cabane Des Robinson for the first time N.B Rachel hates heights but I will be right there for support.

We are going to see the Frozen show at the Chapparal theatre.

Very excited to see the new Season Of The Force show in the studios.

We will attempt to find Cinderella carriage in Fantasyland as we haven't managed to find it to this day!

I will be riding the Teacups for the first time in years, I don't do spinny rides, it's not usually pretty afterwards! Rollercoasters? Yes..... Tower Of Terror?'s my all time favourite ride, but spinny? No!!😄
I'm doing this as Rachel has promised to ride Tower Of Terror with me again, she rode it for the first time last year and deafened me in my right ear for the rest of the day!!

This is my favourite photo of us from last year, her face says it all😂

I might even persuade her to ride Indiana Jones too!

Lastly but by no means least, as the trip title suggests there may be some cocktails consumed during our stay, so far we have planned Glowtinis at Billy Bobs

Island Breeze at Newport Bay.

Rouge et Noir at Cafe Fantasia at the Disneyland hotel.

A beer at King Ludwigs (another first)

I'm pretty sure there will be more!.......

One more thing before I finish, Rachel
and I have both been lucky enough to receive new Disney rucksacks for our trip, here they are all ready for their first Disney holiday.

Rachel with the Cheshire Cat....

......and me with Buzz Lightyear!

So that's it for now, I hope you have enjoyed this pre trippie and I look forward to sharing our adventures with you upon our return.

Au Revoir x x

Eat and Play Card

Well we made it back to a sunny UK this morning, the bags are unpacked and the washing has begun!
As promised here is our last day.....

I'm going to miss my lovely view and having my morning cuppa on the balcony😢
I'm up early at 6.30am as I decided to leave all the packing until this morning, when I saw what I had to fit in the cases I wished I'd started it last night!

I manage to drag myself away from the morning sunshine and get myself into packing mode.

By 9.30am everything was packed into the cases and hopefully all the breakables were padded out sufficiently.

I called Bell Services at 8am to arrange for someone to collect our bags at 11am and they were at our door bang on 11am.
As we were having lunch at Olivia's at midday we decided there wasn't enough time to do anything off of resort so we sat and had a drink alongside the canal whilst watching the boats come and go.

I did pop into the shop and purchased this Mickey watch I've had my eye on since seeing it at the beginning of the holiday.
I decided I was going to need a replacement for my MagicBand on my wrist when I got home😉

After buying up some more sweets with the last of our snack credits it was time for lunch.

I had the buttermilk chicken with mash and green beans.

Charlotte had the chicken sandwich with chips. She couldn't eat it all!

Ryan had the chicken burger in a pineapple coconut bread roll with chips.

Ian had the Caribbean shrimp with coconut rice.

Charlotte and I just couldn't face another dessert so ordered this one and shared it, it seems such as waste as we couldn't do it justice. Ian and Ryan both had the banana caramel bread pudding again.

We use our last table service credit and leave a cash tip as we've cleared our room charges, I'm going to miss that MagicBand!😉

Now came the worst bit, waiting for the Magical Express to the airport 😩😩
To rub salt into open wounds a Magical Express bus turned up just before ours to drop off new guests checking in😢

I was making the most of feeling that Florida sunshine on my face right until the very last moment, although I'd now changed into my 'going home' clothes and black leggings and Florida heat do not mix!!😅😅


Nooooooooo! God I hate this bit😫

I actually wanted to cry right now but held it together.....just!

One last look from the Magical Express, bye bye Old Key West thank you for such a magical family holiday ❤️

We arrive at the airport at 2.20pm and check in, the check in was nice and empty so we were done and dusted very quickly, I had booked the same extra legroom seats going home as we had going out.

We have a look around the shops and I make a quick phone call home to mum, this photo was taken in the Disney Earport shop, I think all things Disney should be banned when you're going home, it's just too sad to look at it all🙁

We go through security which I'm happy to report was quick, efficient and the TSA lady we had was really friendly👍🏼 We get the shuttle over to gate 80.

We are called at 5pm to start boarding which means we are already going to leave later than our scheduled time of 5.25pm this was apparently due to the catering taking longer than usual to load.

We taxi out towards the runway and we then come to a stop, nothing unusual I know. But then we sit, and wait and wait some more. The cabin crew are walking up and down the cabin which again is not unusual but it becomes apparent that something is happening at the back of the plane.
The pilot then announces that we have to return to the stand as a passenger has been taken ill and needs to be offloaded.
This happens very quickly and I do hope that the poor lady is ok, she was with what seemed to be her son and his children and her husband. The lady and her husband are taken off the plane but the son and grandchildren stay onboard, my heart broke for the two young boys who were clearly upset about their grandma😥
We then sit on the stand for another hour whilst they find the lady's bags and top up with more fuel.
The crew were fantastic and I'm pleased to say that I didn't hear any passengers morning about the delay. As the captain said, if it had been a member of our family we would appreciate people's patience.

We finally take off two hours after scheduled departure time. As we are later leaving they serve dinner and drinks at the same time and then offer another drink after dinner.

I ordered the Thai red chicken curry, I barely touched it as I was still full up from lunch☺️

I managed this though 😉

We then settled in for the flight, I really wasn't impressed by the choice of films this time so ended up watching a David Attenborough documentary on dinosaurs and then finished reading my book.
I tried to sleep but it never came I just managed to get a numb bum and neck ache!!😄

Morning has broken and they bring round breakfast, Charlotte and I decline as eating after a long haul flight does not sit well with me, also my body clock thinks it's the middle of the night so I just have a cuppa (can you tell I like my tea?!) Charlotte turns her nose up at everything and knowing her like I do its best to not even engage in conversation by this point!

As we are later than scheduled we sit in the spiral for 3 goes around before landing, we manage to spot Shoreham Harbour from the plane which is about 3 miles away from our house!

We land at 8.15am and use the electronic passport gates to get through immigration, this was a good call as the hall was absolutely heaving!! It is worth pointing out that some signs say you can't use the E Gates if you're under 18 but the screens say anyone above the age of 12 can use them so we chanced it and we were fine.
Our bags are on the carousel and we make our way out into arrivals.
Ian and Ryan head for Costa to get coffees and teas and I call Maple Manor to let them know we are finally here. The lady informs me that our car is already in the car park and we will be met there.
This was a nice and smooth service yet again and I'm sure mum and I will be using them next year when we go away.
We are in the car and on our way home, fortunately we live just under an hour away from Gatwick so the journey doesn't take long.
I'm still wearing my MagicBand😄

Nearly home, thank goodness it's sunny although not quite as warm as we're used to!

Made it home.
I find the cookie I chose in Goofys Candy Co on Wednesday night in my bag, I'd totally forgotten it! Thank goodness I chose oatmeal & raisin and not chocolate, that could have been messy😳
I dig out my new Pluto mug and sit down for my healthy breakfast.

The new magnets are added to the ever expanding magnet collection.......

We have Norway.....


Wilderness Lodge.....

Coca Cola which is also a bottle opener....

And this one that Ryan bought us🙂

A new addition to the top of the fridge.

Here's the collection.....

And from the side ☺️☺️

I got this salt (or pepper) shaker for Ian as he loves Donald Duck.

From the back.

I've also bought this beauty for my car🍦

New frame for the lounge.

A new key ring.

A chalkboard magnet for the fridge so I can keep a countdown (yes that's my new WDW countdown!!!) 👍🏼🙂

Christmas decoration.

2016 Christmas decoration.

So this will be me until I return to the magic!
We have had a truly magical time and I have enjoyed spending time together as a family.
Ryan gets his A Level results next Thursday and we will be celebrating his 18th birthday on the 31st, this is bittersweet for me as I'm so proud of who he has become but sad that he will be moving out for university (hopefully!) in a few weeks!
This holiday was truly wonderful as we got to spend time together in our favourite place on earth 🙂

Thank you all for your kind comments and I'm now off to answer your questions!

See You All Real Soon! xxx

Anyone who knows me will tell you this is true, Disney is my most favourite thing in the whole world.....until it's nearly over!😢

Today was our last full day so it obviously had to be spent at the Magic Kingdom❤️

A lovely sunny morning greets us so of course you'll find me with a cuppa on the balcony!☀️😎

Wow what a beautiful picture today ☀️🏰

See.... A happy (slightly squinty) face🙂

Seeing as we've got loads of snack credits left we grab some breakfast in the park. Ryan has a blueberry muffin from the Cheshire Cafe.

Ian, Charlotte and I go to Gaston's Tavern.
Ian has a cinnamon roll and another Le Fous Brew.

I can't stomach another cinnamon roll so I choose a fruit cup, the dining plan is getting to me!!😂

Charlotte chooses green apples with caramel sauce.

Of course I had a cuppa 🙂👍🏼

What an elaborate light, obviously all Gaston's hunting trophies!!

We leave Gaston's towards our first FastPass of the day, Pirates☠⚔ I rode this on my solo day but it's Ian and the kids first time this holiday.

Ha! Right where they belong 😄

Here we go!....


I know I did this one but Ryan doesn't know that!!😂

Ahoy there!

She already has a Stitch but apparently she needs another one!

Bit warm for Florida me thinks!!

Time for a Splash💦💦

Another tradition for Ryan and I to ride this together

This was taken before these 2 got soaked!!😄

Zip A Dee Do dah we made it!!

Hat photo on the way out!

We then had a ride on the Railroad 🚂

We rode it all the way back to Frontierland as our last FP was for haunted mansion.
We exited the train station and cut across to the walkway that runs alongside the river by Tom Sawyer Island when Charlotte starts excitingly saying "look mum, look who it is!" I look up to only see the lovely Rob from the DibbCast and the Blustery Day clan!! Rob is possibly one of the loveliest people I've met and having been on 3 Dibbcast Grand Day out meets in Blackpool I consider him (& the team) friends 🙂

What a coincidence! But as Charlotte pointed out. Rob and his family are on their first day and we are on our last so of course we will be in the Magic Kingdom!!
Hope the Blustery Day clan have a fab holiday 🙂☀️😎

Our lunch at Be Our Guest reservation was next, I had breakfast here with mum last year and really enjoyed it so I was looking forward to lunch here.

The beasts chair!

We sat in the ballroom right next to the window.

All of a sudden it was snowing outside!😄

Ryan and I had the Croque Monsieur

Ian had the beef baguette (which he says is the best thing he's had all holiday)

Charlotte had the carved turkey baguette.

We all had the 'grey stuff' it was delicious!

The landscaping around the Beasts castle is beautiful.

We left Fantasyland via the castle.

The Main Street Philharmonic band were playing as we passed. Both Ryan and Charlotte play musical instruments so were interested to stand and watch.

Ryan got roped into performing 😀

He got to keep the flag!🇺🇸

The Dapper Dans were back out on Main Street, they are one of Ryan's favourite things to see at Magic Kingdom.

So much so he had his photo with them!

We found a new hat on the last day!!!🎉

One last look at the castle, it's always with such a heavy heart that I leave Magic Kingdom on my last day 😢

Look at that perfect sky, it's like someone drew it!

It really does feel like 99 degrees today! So we decide to go to the resort pool for a couple of hours to cool down.

Ah that's better 😎☀️

I finally remembered to take some more villa pictures 🙂 This is our bedroom, the bed is huge and very comfy.

The door from our bedroom to the balcony.

Looking from our bedroom through to the bathroom and beyond that is the shower room. There are shutters to close off the bathroom.

Laundry room.

It's time for our last evening meal, this was Ryan's request 🙂

Some hat photos before eating.


We found Nemo again!

We are seated by one of the aquariums.

Facing some more🐟🐠

I round my cocktail tasting off with my favourite, a Pina Colada🍹

I order the salmon which comes with rice and green beans.

Charlotte had the chicken and roasted pepper sandwich.

Ian had the steak, shrimp and rib trio.

Ryan had the steak and shrimp combo.

For dessert Ryan and Charlotte clubbed their credits together for the Volcano, which consisted of chocolate brownies and ice cream.

Ian had the mango sorbet and I'm afraid I couldn't manage a dessert, I think my stomach is telling me I need a good detox!!😄😄

What an amazing time we have had with so many high points and memories made.
We have had our return details for tomorrow, we are being picked up at 1.20pm which gives us enough time for our lunch at Olivia's at 12pm.
We are on the 1740 flight from Orlando back into Gatwick on Friday morning.
I promise to post day 15 and answer your questions as soon as I possibly can when I get home, hopefully Friday afternoon or Saturday morning 🙂

Thank you all for following along and I'm sure you'll be seeing another Orlando Magic trip report from mum and I next year🙂

Ok so having said a sad goodbye to what I thought was my last time at Epcot yesterday we made the decision to return today!
I asked Ian and the kids whether they'd like the morning by the pool or would they like to experience Soarin.....They chose Soarin (yay!)

We arrive at 10.15am, the crowds were building up at the gates to get through, security seemed tighter today but I don't mind at all, they are trying to keep us safe.

I start to get a strong feeling of having been here before 😄 The wait time is posted at 60 minutes but we go for it anyway.

The standby queue is great as they have an interactive queue and you can play along via WiFi this really helped keep us distracted👍🏼

The answer if you were wondering!😉

It actually only took us 45mins to get through the queue.

The general consensus from Ian and the kids was a resounding thumbs up for the new Soarin around the World 🌎

I then request that we give my favourite pavilion one last visit (well it's a bonus trip!)
Mexico here we come....🌵

Of course we have to ride this again as we're here🙂

We leave the Mexican pavilion and the kids fancy some churros, we use 2 snack credits.

The portions here have gotten a LOT smaller!
Ian decided he wanted a Cronut so he walked around to the refreshment port near the Canada pavilion to get that and we wandered back to meet him, I didn't have anything as it was very hot and humid and I just needed water😅☀️

I do love being here, especially when it's unexpected 🙂

We leave Epcot via the Mouse Gear shop.

I look terrible but here's a new hat!

We've run out of hats so here's some claws🙂

We're in the youth section now desperate to find new hats!

We say goodbye to Epcot (again) and off to Animal Kingdom we go.

Second park of the day 🙂

Hat photo!

We decide that it's about time for a bit of lunch, it's decided that we should eat at Restaurantosaurus, which is hard to spell by the way!😄

Great 'fixings' bar here🙂

We all choose the usual quick service food, Ryan mixes it up slightly with a chilli cheese hotdog.

This fella was trying to hide from us🐊

We walk back towards Discovery Island, the views in this park are so pretty.

I walked past the Tree of Life and there's a rare moment of no one else in front of me so I took the opportunity to take an unobstructed photo, how beautiful is this?.....🌳

Our FastPass is now ready for the Lion King Show, my favourite show here on property.

We are sat in the Lion section 🦁

Love, love, love this show. The performers really do put their all into every performance.

Our last stop in Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest.

We leave Animal Kingdom and get the bus to Magic Kingdom.

We have about an hour and a half before our ADR at The Plaza Restaurant.

We walk to the central plaza ready for the Move it, Shake it parade.

So glad I watched the film on the way out here or I wouldn't have had a clue who these guys were!

What a pose!

After the parade I notice that the castle is open so we walk up to get some close up photos.

Some lovely different photo opportunities from here.

Towards Tomorrowland.

By the Wishing Well 💫

I think the castle looks perfect from any angle.

It's now time for our dinner reservation at The Plaza.

I like it in here, it's small and intimate. We had a lovely server too🙂

Had to take this photo and I told them I'd put it on my trippie.......they were winding each other up 😬😬
So there, I said I would and I did!! 😂😂

They're friends again 😉

Back to the important stuff, what we ate!!

Charlotte had the tuna salad sandwich with homemade 'chips' .....crisps to you and I.

I had the Plaza club sandwich which was incredibly filling, the sourdough bread made a nice change. I also chose chips.

Ian and Ryan both had the beef brisket burger and chips.

Charlotte had raspberry sorbet for dessert.

Ryan had the banana split which he's been looking forward to for a very long time, it didn't disappoint him in the slightest😋

Ian also had the banana split.

Here it is up close 😋

I had the caramel apple tart, this is a fairly new addition to the Plaza menu and a very good one at that🙂👍🏼

We leave The Plaza at 8pm and Main Street is heaving with people already waiting for the parade, we decide it's better to leave now before the masses than get caught up in it later on. Besides 3 parks in 1 day is pretty good going so getting back to the villa and putting my comfy Pjs on (it was that dessert!) sounds like a very good idea 😊

Well tomorrow is our last full day here, I can't believe it's gone so quickly yet again!
We have a day at the Magic Kingdom planned with Fastpasses for Pirates, Splash and Haunted Mansion as these are our favourites. We are then off to do some last minute shopping at Disney Springs with a dinner at Rainforest Cafe.

Thank you again for reading xx

This is so true!
So my plan for today is Epcot first for my FP for the new Soarin Around The World then off to the Magic Kingdom by myself!!!!
Ian and the kids leave for Typhoon Lagoon at 8.45am leaving me with about an hour to myself in the villa, so like every good mum I do some washing!!😄 I also sit on the balcony and have a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Ready to leave and full of excitement!
The weather forecast for lunchtime onwards is showers so I've told Ian to message me if they leave before the agreed time of 4pm.
Still, the sun is shining now and off I go.

I arrive at Epcot and my FastPass is already valid so I make my way around to the Land pavilion.

Wow, The new Soarin is absolutely brilliant, the question now is if you only do 1 or 2 days at Epcot what tier 1 Fastpasses do you choose? Soarin, Test Track or Frozen?.....all are worthwhile! For me I'd miss out Test Track or at least do single rider on it.

I say my goodbyes to The land pavilion and Epcot.

Feels a bit sad to know I'm leaving here for the last time this holiday 🙁

I hop on the monorail to Magic Kingdom

I arrive to a very busy Magic Kingdom!

As I was exiting the monorail, without any warning someone turned on the shower........I mean it started to rain😄 there was no spit spot to start just an outright downpour!! I dived under the entrance for the boat to Wilderness Lodge and popped my poncho on.

A wander around the Emporium later the rain had stopped 👍🏼
Whilst I was in the Emporium the 'Rainy Day Parade' started, I've never seen this before!! I was so taken by it that I forgot take pictures😕 I didn't even know they had a rainy version of the parade!!
It wasn't the 3pm parade it was the Move it, Shake it parade it was replacing.

My next ride was the Haunted Mansion I Fastpassed this so bypassed the 45min standby queue.

My next FastPass is for Pirates, thank goodness it's not down today! I love this ride.

Hat photos in the pirates shop🙂

Just about got this shot.

Ok so it had to be done....🍦🍍

Pineapple dole whip goodness 😋😋

I then receive a text from Ian saying that they are leaving TL early so I start to make my way out down Main Street slowly.

I pay special attention to the Windows on Main Street and make a note to investigate who the names are once home.

Ok some I actually know🙂

I arrive back at the villa to find all my lot back already and having showers. The sum total of photos they've taken today is 3, I obviously haven't trained them well enough!

Disney is the best medicine, my bee sting hasn't hurt much at all🙂
So my solo day turned into a bit of a solo morning/afternoon as I wasn't expecting them to return until at least 6pm and they text me at 3pm☺️
I did, however, really enjoy being by myself, things I've noted that are different are....
- I don't take as many photos (sorry)
- crowds are easier to negotiate
- I'm quite happy in my own company
- you 'see' so much more, even on the bus journey!
- I didn't once feel unsafe.
- nobody cares that you are solo

I would absolutely do this again and next time I'd manage to get to the bar for a cocktail!!😉🍹

Once Ian and the kids are showered and changed we make the decision to go to Disney Springs for an hour or 2 before our dinner reservation at Olivia's.
We visit the Pandora shop and we buy Charlotte her 'holiday' present which is a Pandora ring. She was so happy!!

I visit Sephora and buy a few goodies 🙂

Love this stuff ❤️❤️

We then walk round to the new Coke store which is situated near Planet Hollywood which is currently under construction.

Lots of work happening here.

Here's some concept art on what it's going to hopefully look like once finished.

Into the Coke store we go....

A couple of new hat opportunities to be had here!

We bought a couple of magnets for our fridge, it was worth it just for the cool bag!

From the Coke store we continue back towards the landing area, we walk through another new area.

Lots of high end shops in this bit.

I absolutely love it here ❤️

We walk back to the resort boat launch to get back to OKW.

The boat came about 15mins later.

The boat is a nice peaceful ride back to resort.

We have 20 minutes to spare so Ian and I have a drink from the Gurgling Suitcase.

I love all the badges and plates in here.

I would really love that bottom left plate❤️

I have the Turtle Crawl cocktail which is a delicious mix of coconut rum, dark rum pineapple juice and some other stuff!🍹🙂

It was now time for our reservation at Olivia's for dinner.

We start with the pineapple, coconut warm bread, look at them all going for it!! Only just got the picture😄

I order a Sultry Seahorse to conclude my cocktail tasting for today.

I have the beef pot roast for my main.

Charlotte has the buttermilk chicken.

Ryan has the Mahi Mahi 'catch of the day'

Ian chose the New York strip streak.

For dessert Ryan and I had the banana caramel bread pudding as I remembered this from last time with mum and it was so good, it didn't disappoint this time either.

Charlotte had the key lime pie.

Ian had the Panna Cotta.

Tomorrow we are planning some time by the pool in the morning then it's Animal Kingdom to see my favourite show The Lion King and then we're going to the Magic Kingdom for dinner at The Plaza Restaurant and maybe some rides at night.

Thanks again for following along xx

I think we've covered all the above except for the Turkey Legs😄
We left the villa this morning at 8.45am leaving plenty of time for our 10am reservation at 1900 Park Fayre.

After catching the bus from resort to the Magic Kingdom we head for the resort monorail to the Grand Floridian.

Monorail black takes us around.

Monorail selfie.......humidity already got to my hair (curse of the curls!)

I love the trip through the Contemporary hotel, it always used to fascinate me when I was younger.

At the monorail station in the Contemporary.

We arrive with 10 minutes to spare, the lobby here is stunning.

We are seated and Winnie the Pooh was first to the table.

After Pooh had left we were told by our server that we had enough time to go up to the buffet, this was Ryan's plate 😋

I went a bit lighter today with oatmeal and fruit.

The mad hatter made his presence known and enjoyed singing to Charlotte and totally embarrassing her😄

He was hilarious!

Alice came along to join our 'tea party' although she was disappointed that I was the only one drinking tea😊

Mary Poppins came and sat with us and we had a lovely conversation about London and Uncle Albert, she commented on Ryan and Charlottes good manners. 👍🏼

After breakfast we have a wander around the grounds.

Such a pretty resort.

Narcoossees, thinking of eating here on my next trip with mum.

We have a look around the gift shop before getting the monorail back to the MK.
Looks like vinyl is making a comeback in Disney too!

Hat photo!

Not a hat but a sword/shield photo😄

They had to duel......please note Charlottes duelling hat!

A monorail ride later we are back at the Magic Kingdom.

The Dapper Dans had just come out, they were really good 🎶

Charlotte spied a queue for Stitch whilst we were watching so joined that.

I quickly joined her, Stitch liked her Tshirt and noticed my phone case which has a Stitch on it, he started running around and licked my phone😂

Ryan sneaks in at the last minute.

We walk through the Emporium to cool off and find a couple of hats.

😂😂 Brilliant!!

Not to be left out.....😂

A quick selfie with Cinderella castle and we make our way to Tomorrowland for our Fastpasses for The Speedway & Space Mountain.

Ok confession time, I've never done Stitch's Great Escape, it only had a 10 min wait so we went for it, what a funny attraction, not great but not awful, apart from the burp!!😝

Exiting via the gift shop gave us this hat photo opportunity.

Our Speedway FastPass was now up, this ride is a tradition for us as a family and especially for Ryan and I to ride together.

Brilliant as always, seeing as Ryan has recently passed his driving test he wasn't any better here!😄

Well it had to be done.....

'There's a great big beautiful tomorrow'🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

PeopleMover was next up.

Our FastPass for Space Mountain was now valid, this ride is brilliant but ouch my arms!!!

On the way out our names were shown on one of the screens, I just about caught it, the names are a bit faded at the bottom.

We take the shortcut to Fantasyland Storybook circus and the train is just leaving the station.

We have a look around Big Top Souvenirs and Charlotte chooses her snack credit for today.

A giant Mickey head cookie😋😋

Ryan and I try a couple of hats.

We all walk around to Gastons Tavern so that me, Ian and Ryan can spend our snack credit.

Giant cinnamon roll anyone?! It defeated me I'm afraid to say!

We also shared a Le Fous Brew, this was yummy, it's like apple slush with lemon foam.

Our last FP of the day was for Peter Pan.

As we were leaving the park I see that the new castle stage show Mickeys Friendship Faire was in in 10 mins so we stop to watch.

What a lovely show and so nice to see something new here, I definitely recommend it.

Princess and the Frog section.

Tangled with my favourite 'prince' Flynn Ryder❤️❤️❤️❤️

Frozen.....of course⛄️❄️

We then head back to resort for an afternoon swim and cool down.

I get to relax with my book, I'm feeling sorry for myself here because as we were leaving MK I got stung on the leg by a bee🐝 it bloomin hurt!!!! Just glad it was me and not the kids.

Rather be sat here with a bee stung leg than home I guess!!🐝

After our swim we change and get the bus to Disney Springs for dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express. This was on recommendation from Dibbers.

I had the rotisserie chicken and mashed potato.

Ian had the bacon wrapped meatloaf.

Charlotte chooses the margarita pizza.

Ryan has the pepperoni pomodoro pizza.

Ryan and Ian have vanilla baked cheesecake for dessert, Charlotte has a brownie and I choose a fruit cup.

We walk back towards the boat dock for a ride home as my leg is killing me🙁🙁 damn that bee🐝😠

We walk past a few of the new food stand offerings, love the name of this one!

A lovely view whilst waiting🙂

Another great day with lots achieved but certainly not rushed.
Tomorrow Ian and the kids are going to Typhoon Lagoon, as I'm not a massive waterpark fan I've decided to have a solo day!! Something I've always wanted to do so this will give me a little taste of solo travelling 🙂
I've got a FP for Soarin first thing at Epcot then I plan on getting the monorail to Magic Kingdom and then exploring at my own pace, I'm actually quite excited about this!!
We will then meet back up late afternoon at the villa.

Thanks again for reading xx

I was up and about early today as I had to return the hire car, I left the villa at 7.45am Ian and the kids were still getting ready.
Drop off was as easy as pick up and the Alamo shuttle was already waiting to take me back to resort. I was back at OKW by 8.10am👍🏼

I got the Alamo driver to drop me at reception so I could pay off some room charges. I then popped to Goods Food to Go to fill my rapid refillable mug with a cup of tea to help me walk back to the villa🙂

It was lovely and quiet still.

Although the sun hadn't quite broken the cloud it was still very hot and humid already.

The walk back was a nice way to start my day, there were a lot of people having an early morning run, rather then than me in this humidity!😅

Hollywood studios was our first stop today. We arrived by 10am.

Our first FP was for my favourite ride Tower of Terror......well if I'm going to be chief planner I should have some perks!!😉

I love all the excellent theming in the queue area.

Arty shot!
I suggested to the boys that we visit the Star Wars Launch Bay, they were hesitant as they were unsure what was in there, l told them to trust me!!!
This was going to be good😀😀😀😀

Ian was totally overwhelmed!!! His reaction was similar to that of a child meeting their favourite character for the first time!☺️

Ryan was pretty made up too!

Charlotte got in on the action

And so did I!!!

Brilliant character meet. I can't wait to see the photos on photo pass.

We walk out of the launch bay and the boys are sidetracked for a while so Charlotte and I decide to go off to One Mans Dream and we arrange to meet the boys at 11.00 for our FP on Toy Story Mania.

As we leave the Launch Bay Charlotte spots some Disney Jr characters, my nephew is 3 and loves Doc McStuffins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates so Charlotte queues up for their autographs and a picture for him ❤️

Jake was next, he drew a sword in the book!

What a lovely couple!😄

They are showing a sneak peek of the new Petes Dragon in the theatre in One Mans Dream. Charlotte and I now both really want to see this film.

Our FP is now valid so we go and ride, Charlotte gets the highest score in the car.

As I didn't get chance for breakfast this morning I'm getting hungry so we go for an early lunch along sunset boulevard, not the most nutritious breakfast but hey it's Disney!!😀

The cupcake looked beautiful but I just couldn't face it, seems such a waste, I think the new dining plan changes for next year will suit me!

We ask the kids what ride they would like to do before leaving and it's a resounding vote for Rock N Rollercoaster, it's a 40min wait, should be enough time to let lunch go down?!?! 😳

God I hope those chicken nuggets stay down😳😄

I survived!!! And a great new hat opportunity follows the ride👍🏼

We hop back on the bus to resort for a couple of hours to chill out, cool down and get ready for our evening at Animal Kingdom.

I get a shot of the front of our villa on the way to the bus stop. We are on the top floor.

It really is a great position 🙂

We arrive at Animal Kingdom at 4pm.

We go to see it's Tough To Be A Bug and then make our way to Africa for our dining reservation at Tusker House, by making this reservation I've guaranteed us entrance to the Jungle Book Show later tonight.

Nice! 👓

We stop at the Dawa bar and Ian orders us a drink whilst we are waiting for our table.

I have a 'lost on safari' cocktail and Ian has the Tusker Beer. My cocktail was really nice but could be dangerous as just tasted like juice!

We receive our passes for the show and are seated.

Donald was first up to our table, I know we've done this character meet before for breakfast but it's still fun 😀

Mickey was next and as always he was a complete gentleman. He liked my Tshirt!

I got so caught up with the character meets that this was the only picture I took of our food! I would liken the food to Boma but I prefer the surroundings at Boma.

Daisy was next to the table swiftly followed by Goofy.

After dinner we took a slow walk to Asia for our FastPass for Everest.

On the way Ryan found Nemo!!😂

Poor Nemo!!😢

Charlotte has found her new vocation.....tuc tuc driver!

As we walked to Everest they had already set up the barges for the jungle book show

We walk to dinoland after Everest so the kids can have their traditional ride on Primeval Whirl together Ian and I always sit this one out!

A 20 minute wait time gives Ian and I a chance to have a wander round the shop.

Only a couple of hat photos to be had....

A whole hat stand full of hats I've already tried on!!

Just whilst we wait ☺️

Managed to spot them.

Then just as a filler before the show we ride triceratops spin.

It was great fun😀

Shhh don't tell Mickey but Ryan broke the dinosaur!!

It's ok he fixed it😄

We then take our seats for Jungle Book Alive with Magic.

Every section gets a good view so that's a positive.

Ok so the photos didn't come out very well so this is the only one I'll post, so my opinion for what it's worth is I think when Rivers of Light debuts it will be amazing as the 'theatre' is designed so that everyone can see. Would I go and see Jungle Book again? It wasn't up to Disney standards, I do however understand it's just a filler show, the cast do a fabulous job of giving it their all in singing and dancing and playing music. Am I glad I saw it....yes!!

What was fun afterwards was experiencing Animal Kingdom at night, the park takes on a whole different feel and we all loved it, this is the dance party in Harambe.

The best bit of today?.......the Tree Of Life awakenings, I don't think there are enough adjectives to describe how beautiful this is. What a fantastic job Disney have done in bringing the park alive at night🙂

Another packed but lovely day we have had, I'm shattered and ready to crawl into bed.
Tomorrow we have a later breakfast at 1900 Park Fayre, then it's off to the Magic Kingdom and then an afternoon by the pool at the resort for some relaxation time.

Thanks again for taking the time to read xx

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