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Another early wake up around 5.40am, I stayed in bed this morning and DH got up and entertained DS. Around 6.20am he brought me a cup of coffee which woke me up nicely and gave me the kick I needed to get myself out for a run. It was a chilly 7 degrees but very refreshing for a morning run. I went out to the entrance gate and round a few of the villa areas and hopefully will get a chance to get out a few more times while here.

We got our things together and left for magic kingdom around 9.30am, there was a huge backed up queue at the parking booths this morning and it took about 15 minutes to get through. We were fortunate enough to get parked quite near the front of the car park in Peter Pan 211 even though the car park was pretty busy.
There was another huge queue for bag check and then the queue for the monorail was the longest I have ever seen! We decided we’d be better walking along to the Polynesian, sorting out DS with a bottle and getting ourselves an early lunch before getting the monorail along to magic kingdom.
We arrived at the poly and sat in the lobby of grand ceremonial house while DS had some lunch then we walked on over to captain cooks and ordered our lunch.

Dd had the kids hot dog mean with fries, cookie and chocolate milk, she loved a hot dog does the girl.

DH and I both for the Thai coconut meatballs. DH had this last year and raced about it so I had to try it. It was absolutely delicious, there was a hint of heat with it, just perfect and full of flavour.
We got 2 iced waters and added our own squash to them.

Total came to $27.66.

We boarded the monorail and made the quick journey along to the magic kingdom. It was 12.15pm when we arrived and the move it shake it celebrate it parade (if that’s what it’s still called) was starting shortly so we hung around in front of the castle waiting for it and had a dance to the parade.

The show in front of the castle was on almost straight after this so we watched some of this before making our way up to fantasyland to check in for DDs 1.25 reservation at bibbidi bobbidi boutique.

This is something we have never done before and now that Dd is 6 we felt it was something that needed done sooner rather than later if we were ever going to. She had no idea what we had planned, it was a total surprise. We checked in and had a seat in the waiting area before a fairy godmother came and took us through to the shop area. We had brought a dress with us, it was one I had actually bought of eBay for 8 and was the Aurora dress from the Disney parks so it saved us a huge amount of money, it also came with a pink fluffy shrug from the Disney store which I had brought in case it dropped cooler later. We opted for the crown package at $75. With this they get their hairstyles, make up done, nails done, a sash and a little drawstring bag with all the bits and pieces in. We also bought an extra tiara/crown and a wand. So our total came to $120.
We were taken into a little changing room where there was a magic mirror that did a little show and Dd got changed into the Aurora dress, she was absolutely loving it.
After she was changed we had a short wait until another fairy godmother came and collected us to take us though to the room in the castle where the makeover is done. This part took about 20 minutes and they made a real fuss over all of the girls. Dd was beaming from ear to ear and it was worth every single penny watching how happy she was and how much fun she was having.

After her transformation into a miniature Aurora was complete we went over to the little studio at the back of Sir mickeys and Dd had some photos taken. By now it was time for our fastpass to meet tiana and Rapunzel. Both princesses were great with Dd and were calling her princess.
After meeting the princesses it was time for our fastpass for buzz light year space ranger spin. I was really pleased with my score of over 200k, until DH showed us he managed over 300k.
After Buzz we made our way to the baby care centre to give DS some food and a change.

Dd has been obsessed with Merida for about a year and she is one character/princess we have never actually met, so today was to be that day, we queued and it took about half an hour but we finally met the Scottish princess. The temperature was starting to drop colder by now so we decided we should probably think about heading out and getting something for dinner. We thought we’d have a quick ride on the peoplemover before we left and headed down to Tomorrowland where we were faced with the biggest queue I’ve ever seen for the peoplemover so sacked off that idea and headed for the exit. The monorail was really busy and there was a huge queue for the express monorail so we decided to take the resort monorail instead. This turned out to be a bad idea as there were only 2 on the resort line and we had just missed one. In the time we were waiting for the next monorail 4 express ones had been and gone and we’d probably have been on one and long gone.

We got back to the car and decided to try millers ale house again for dinner, we could see from the road unfortunately that there was a huge queue out the door so we carried on driving and went to rock n brews over the road, this also had a massive queue out the door so Dd suggested Panda Express as she had really enjoyed it the other day. We got to Panda Express and there was a small queue but it didnt take too long. While waiting we agreed we’d be best getting the food to go and eating back at out apartment.
DH got the big plate with 3 entees and a side. He had firecracker shrimp, king pao chicken and orange chicken with fried rice, we also got an extra side of fried rice.

I had a plate which is 2 entrees and a side and I picked fried rice with orange chicken and Shanghai Angus steak. The orange chicken was as good as the first time I had it, again it had abit of heat to it. The shanghai steak was good but not as good as the chicken, the meat was very tender but just not as much flavour as the rest. The fried rice was very good.

Dd had a side of chow mein and 2 veggie spring rolls, she also had some fried rice and orange chicken from my plate. We asked for a plate to take with us as Dd loved the plates with the sections and the lovely guy serving us was more than happy to give us one, he also threw in a huge handful of fortune cookies.
The total came to just under $26 and there was an absolute mountain of food!
We ate back at the apartment and then put DS to bed before enjoying a few beverages then bed for us.

Attraction Tickets

Managed to sleep until 6.20am this morning, DS woke twice through night for a bottle and I woke just before him this morning so was ready to get up when he started stirring.
The weather today is forecast to be much much cooler, high of 14 so we’d planned to spend today shopping so we’re not too fussed about weather and will just put some jeans and hoodies on. As we weren’t planning to hit a park today DH decided he wanted to do a proper cooked breakfast. I started the day with a coffee and DS had his milk.

DH did smoked bacon, eggs, sausage patties and toast with more coffee, it was absolutely delicious! Not something I could or should eat every day but a lovely start to the day and something we’ll hopefully do again before we leave mystic dunes at the end of next week.
We had a lazy morning getting ready and made the most of having plenty of space to chill out. This is a definite plus of somewhere like this, normally we would be all crammed into a studio at a Disney resort, getting on top of one another with no where really to sit comfortably than on the bed. Here we’d made a little play area on the floor with pillows and a duvet for DS to play and he’ll lie there happily playing with his toys while we can get ready/eat/relax.

While DS was having a nap I thought I’d have a look for fastpasses for this evening in case we decided to go to a park. DH said he wanted to see galaxy’s edge at night time so spent a couple of minutes ‘pounding the app’ to see what I could get and a 6.35pm fastpass for smugglers run came up. Perfect time should we decide to head to Hollywood studios later.

We left at 11.30 and made the drive upto the premium outlets at Vineland. We took the I4 initially but it was heaving so came off at Disney springs/Epcot and drove out to crossroads and into the outlets that way. The main car park for the outlets was ridiculously busy so we parked in the overflow on the other side near Ugg. We walked over to the main shopping area and a few purchases were made including some Skechers for DD, t shirts for DH and a Superdry hoodie for me. Character warehouse was absolutely rammed, the queue was right to the back of the shop and although there were a couple of things I would have probably bought but I wasn’t queuing in that queue for them!

On the way back we called into Walmart at the top of old lake Wilson road, Dd wanted to look at the ‘Ryan toys’ and I love buying random stuff that I want but don’t need. Today’s haul was 2 boxes of 4 Thomas kinkade Disney jigsaws ($14 each), 2 bags of candy melts for cake decorating, peanut butter snickers, ghirardelli chocolates, hazlenut spread and caramel m&ms, ghirardelli brownie mix, crest white strips, elf mascara and secret deodorant.

Woke up at 6am this morning. We took things abit slower getting ready this morning as we were in no rush to get to Epcot. This morning’s breakfast was pop tarts and coffee. I must remember to get a box of these to take home with us.

We gathered together our stuff and left for Epcot around 8.45, the international festival of the arts is on for the next week or so so we were keen to check out some of the art and little activities specially set up for the festival. The car park wasn’t too busy when we arrived but bag check had some huge queues. Epcot is currently undergoing a huge transformation and the entrance is a bit of a mess at the moment, there’s construction walls everywhere and they’re knocking the buildings in the middle around the old fountain of nations down. We walk round through the construction walls and it brought us out round the back of innovations near mission space, there’s a temporary mouse gears here and we popped in to pick up our passholder magnets for the festival of the arts.

We walked round through future world and across to figment of the imagination for our first fastpass. After getting off we played on a few of the interactive features then made our way to spaceship earth for our next fastpass, we arrived slightly early and noticed Pluto was just round the corner so went to meet him. While in the queue goofy came out and set up a meet and greet just along from Pluto so we hopped over to see him first. DS was loving goofys nose and was trying to eat it.

Spaceship earth had an hours queue when we went to ride it so we were very thankful for our fastpass! After spaceship earth it was time for DSs bottle so we headed over to the baby care centre. These are such great facilities with baby changing areas, feeding areas and quiet places to sit and chill away from the madness.

After DS was fed and sorted it was our turn, as regal eagle smokehouse had just opened yesterday we thought we’d give it a try for lunch. The menu all looked really good! We settled on the combo platter where you picked 3 different meats and a side and it was served with a piece of garlic bread. We got the chicken, sausage and ribs. The sausage was tasty but ridiculously small, there were 2 ribs and they were quite dried out and chewy, the chicken was very bloody in the middle and we left it as we were unsure if it was a vein or it wasn’t cooked. We got this with a side of house made pickles, these were absolutely delicious!

We also got the smoked pork butt platter which came with a choice of side and a piece of garlic bread. The pork butt was really good but a tiny portion. We had Thai with fries and these were sprinkled with paprika and really tasty.

The total came to $33.53 and for the quality and quantity of the food we were extremely disappointed. This is not somewhere we will return to in a hurry.

DH was still hungry after we finished so headed off to get us a funnel cake to share. He came back with a cookie and cream funnel cake which cost $12. This was a funnel cake topped with a slab of cookies and cream once cream, chocolate sauce and Oreo crumbs. This was absolutely amazing! It made up for the disappointment of our lunch.

We had a fastpass now for frozen but unfortunately this was down so we ended up with a multiple/anytime fastpass which we hoped to use on frozen later when it was up and running again. I had a look on my Disney experience and managed to get us a fastpass for 12.55 for soarin. We carried on our way round the world showcase and Dd had a frozen passion fruit drink from the Joffreys cart in Canada, we used our dvc discount to get 20% off and it came to just under $5.

As we walked towards future world there is a huge painting by numbers mural set up for the festival, you are given a brush and small pot of paint with a number on and asked to paint 6 squares of your number. When we walked back past later it was finished and looked awesome!

They’ve gave us a postcard each of some of the picture on the wall as a keepsake.
We got to the land building and by this point DS had fallen asleep, I was abit concerned about how we would sort the rider swap for soarin as they don’t usually allow strollers into the building, fortunately there was no problem with us taking it in in this instance. We made our way to soarin and set up the rider swap and Dd and I entered the fastpass queue. It frustrates me how long it takes to get on soarin even with a fastpass. We got the second row right on the middle edge of the left side so not a bad view. When we got off Dd and DH went on it together while I sat with a still sleeping DS.
I had seen on a few Facebook pages that sunshine seasons had a speciality dessert that looked and sounded amazing. It was a multicoloured sponge cake covered with peanut butter frosting and topped with icing/pretzel/frosting to decorate like an artists palette. This was really good, I love all things peanut butter, my only criticism was it would have been nicer chilled.

After our snack we walked upto Norway to use our frozen fastpass as the ride was up and running again. As we walked out of future world we came across a number of chalk drawings along the side of the walkway, these looked absolutely amazing!! DS really enjoyed the frozen ride and was squealing away to himself all the way round. We had a quick look in the shop at the end of the ride but this was cut short by DS who was starting to get hungry again so we made our way back to the baby care centre to give him something to eat and a bottle.

Dd had been desperate to have a go on the play park area out the back of the old mouse gears building so we walked our way across and spent about 20 minutes sitting enjoying the warm day. Even though it was overcast most of the day the temperature was perfect.

We were all feeling quite thirsty by this point and we had drank almost all f our bottles of water we had brought with us. I suggested we went upto the dvc lounge above the figment ride and grab a few drinks and have a quiet sit down. This space is a lovely perk and it’s nice to escape the crowds for a short while. Whilst we were playing on one of the interactive games tables the cast members came round with some snacks. She kindly gave Dd 2 bags of animal crackers and DH and I a bag of nacho cheese flavour crisps. After our relax and refuel we walked back round to Norway so Dd have a proper look in the shop and the. We continued our walk round stopping to look in shops and at pop up art stalls along the way. We had a wander around the Japan pavilion and walked through the garden area and watched the carps swimming.

By the time we reached France we were feeling it today, we’d dove close to 8 miles of walking and it was getting towards dinner time. We came to the decision that it was for the best if we called it a day for today. We made the long walk back to the car and headed for the 192 and mystic dunes. I suggested we stop somewhere on the way back and grab something for dinner, DH said he wasn’t too hungry so wasn’t bothered for anything really so I took this opportunity t go to Taco Bell. DH for some reason really dislikes the thought of this place but being a huge Mexican/taco fan I’ve always wanted to give it a go.

We called in at the Taco Bell at the top of Formosa gardens and I went in and ordered 3 crunchy tacos and a fiesta taco salad. Total came to $12.22.

We took them back to the apartment and shared them between us. We each had a crunchy beef taco. These were a. Runny taco shell filled with beef, sour cream, shredded lettuce, cheese and tomato and it was really good! I could easily have eaten all 3. Dd really enjoyed hers and DH had half of his as he wasn’t a fan of the sour cream.

We shared the taco salad bowl between us, Dd didn’t have much but DH and I really enjoyed it and he actually relented on his opinion of Taco Bell and said he was impressed with this. It was a crunch bowl shell filled with beef, rice, mushed beans, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and tomato. Definitely somewhere I would go back to in the future.
We put DS to bed and I followed shortly after, I was asleep pretty much straight away at 8.30pm. I’m going to have to have a lie in or get some stamina if I’m going to make it out of an evening!

This morning I woke at 4.30am, slightly more reasonable but not ideal. DS woke about 5am so we got up and had abit of breakfast. Found some tea bags supplied in the kitchen so made a cup of tea and had a s’mores pop tart. Love these!!

Dd and DH woke about 6, got some breakfast, packed our stuff for the day and we were heading out just after 7am. We were on our way to Hollywood studios hopeful for more success getting a rise of the resistance boarding group than yesterday. We arrived at the parking booths faced with another huge queue but with abit more time this morning. We got parked up in row 306 about 7.40am and walked into the park. The entrance was really busy but really well managed. We’d left all our bags in the car so we could go through the no bag line to speed things up. Everyone was asked to hold their mobile phones above their heads as the walked through the metal detectors and no one needed to scan their fingers to get in to the park so this sped things up a lot. We got into Hollywood studios at 7.50am and made our way down to Hollywood blvd to wait for 8am to try for a boarding group. I had my phone and DH had his. DH had the app open and ready at 8am whereas I decided to open the app when the announcement had made to try and increase our chances of one of us getting a group. I was able to click the join boarding group button as soon as my app loaded at 8am, whereas DH had to keep refreshing and the button still didn’t activate. I clicked and we were given boarding group 21. Absolutely over the moon we weren’t sure what time we would be called but decided as it was a cooler morning we would wander into galaxies edge and have a look around.

I’m not a Star Wars Fan but was hugely impressed by the detail and theming in galaxies edge. We wandered round exploring the area, DH being a huge Star Wars fan was in his element and was spotting loads of merch he is planning on buying.

Our boarding group for risenof the resistance was called at 8.40am and we had 2 hours to return to the ride, we made our was over and spoke to the cast members at the entrance who set up the rider switch for DD and I, so DH and DD could ride it first. Thought it was only fair he should go before me being a huge fan. They joined the queue at 8.50am and DS and I had a seat near the ride to do abit of people watching, enjoyed a nice Diet Coke in a Star Wars bottle and making the most of the cooler temperatures today while we waited for them to come off the ride. The cast members were telling people they try to limit the wait time once in the queue to an hour, fortunately Dd and DH were off within 40 minutes and Dd and I returned to the fastpass entrance for the rider swap. This meant we missed the main queue and went straight to the start of the ride experience. Dd and DH were blown away by the ride and thought it was awesome, I thought it was ok, not something I’m too fussed about riding again. After we came off we decided to head out of Hollywood studios as DS was due a bottle and we had left all the bags in the car. We’d been expecting to get a much later boarding group (if at all) so we were planning on leaving and and returning later.

We made our way to Disney springs and parked up in the lime garage. There was only one place I wanted to go for lunch and that was blaze pizza. This is some of the best pizza I’ve ever had! We got 2 and shared them between us.
First Dd picked red sauce, mozzarella, meat balls and tomatoes. This was great and the meatballs were really tasty.

DH then picked a red sauce with ricotta and mozzarella, topped with pepperoni, spicy sausage, meatballs and red peppers. Again this was really nice, the pizza base is lovely and think and even the crust is delicious.

We also got large fountain drink to share, we had the blood orange lemonade which has a nice tang to it.

After lunch we walked along to a pretties for a dessert. Dd and I shared a Mickey mousse cake, this was $9. They’re not particularly big but it was enough for us to have between us to finish off our lunch. It was so refreshing there is a white chocolate and milk chocolate mousse inside and the decorations are chocolate.
After our dessert we went and had a look in a few shops starting with world of Disney. Dd was picking out things she would like and was obsessed with the princess dresses. We also popped into ghirardelli, I always intend to buy chocolate to take home but always leave it to another time so it won’t melt and end up forgetting or running out of time. I will be back to buy the bag of 80 assorted squares this time! After a look in a few more shops we made the decision to return to mystic dunes, the sun was coming out and it was getting quite hot, so thought a relax back at out apartment and a few naps for some of us would be a good idea.

We considered spending the evening at Epcot but thought we’d head there tomorrow instead and we’d have another quiet evening at the resort. DS seems to be abit under the weather so we’ll get him an early night. Dinner tonight was another take away order, this time from Buffalo Wild Wings. We did an online order and DH and Dd went to collect it. DH and I both had the buffalo bleu burger. This was a beef burger with blue cheese sauce, blue cheese crumbles, tomato, onion and pickles and I had mild sauce added to mine. They came in takeaway boxes with a rather small serving of fries.

Dd had a kids cheeseburger meal which came with fries and a chocolate milk.
Total came to $35.01.
Our estimated pick up time was 5.40pm. DD and DH returned at 6.15pm and considering Buffalo Wild Wings is less than a mile up the road an Formosa gardens it shows how long our food sat there while no one bothered serving. The receipt in the bag is actually printed as 5.33pm so I can only presume it sat around for half an hour before it was handed over and that would explain why it was absolutely stone cold when we came to eat it. Now we’ve had problems with service at this particular Buffalo Wild Wings location the 2 other times we ate here, service it so slow/non existent. So this will be the absolute last time we bother with Buffalo Wild Wings, the burger would probably have been ok but was completely ruined by being sat going cold for so long.

DS was quite unsettled through night but it’s hardly surprising with the combination of time difference and broken sleep/short naps yesterday. I woke up just after 2am with him and I have a feeling that’s now me for the day. I’m always awake at the crack of dawn on the first day. It’s a combination of time difference and sheer excitement! Temperature is currently 19 degrees outside, huge shock to the system after leaving the UK at 6 degrees!

Dd and DH finally woke up at 5am, we decided we’d have a first day breakfasts at IHOP so got ready and drove upto the 192 and we’re seated in IHOP by 6am. Unsurprisingly it was really quiet there were only a couple other people in there.
Our server came over right away and took our drink order. I had a Diet Pepsi, DH had an orange juice and a coffee.

Dd had a kids orange juice.

When our server returned with our drinks we ordered our food.
DH had the bacon, eggs, ham, sausage, hash browns and buttermilk pancakes. Can’t really go wrong with this.

I had bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns and 2 mexican tres leches pancakes. The pancakes were absolutely delicious! The were 2 buttermilk pancakes topped with vanilla and dulce de leche caramel sauce.

Dd had the kids funny face pancake breakfast with chocolate chip pancake. This was really rich and huge for a child, she said it was really good.
Our total came to $35, we settled the bill and returned to mystic dunes to get our stuff sorted for the day. We decided to try our luck with getting a boarding group for rise of the resistance, unfortunately we were cutting it fine to make it there for opening at 8am. We arrived at the parking booths and there was a huge queue , we realised we needed to plan to arrive much sooner to stand a chance of being in the park in time so we sacked it off for this morning and drove to magic kingdom instead. The paying booths now ask for ID if you are a annual passholder which is new since our last trip. We got parked in Simba 112 and walked to the transportation and ticket centre. The queue for bag check wasn’t too bad and took about 5 minutes and we walked straight onto the monorail platform and monorail green arrived shortly after.

We arrived at magic kingdom at 8.50am and slowly made our way up to dumbo for DSs first ever ride! We joined the standby queue as it didn’t look too bad and expected it to be quick with the park just opening but only one dumbo was working and the queue ended up taking about 40 minutes! After Dumbo we had fastpasses for haunted mansion, DS was getting tired by this point so him and I sat this one out and DD and DH did it. Dd loves the Swiss family Robinson tree house so Her and DH had a walk around there. It was getting really quite hot at this point, the weather app said it was 29 degrees and we were starting to really feel it.

We walked over to plaza ice cream store for it opening at 11 and coz a plaza sundae with chocolate and cookies and cream ice cream. This was $7.45 but easily shared between 3 of us. It made a change it not melting as quick as the usually do in summer!

After our ice cream we made our way to the barnstormer first our next fastpass, we used rider swap here so Dd went on first with DH and then with me. When we came off we went for a much needed cool down in the Casey junior splash zone. We were going to philharmagic next but she we got there the queue was massive! Today was one of the busiest I’ve ever seen magic kingdom! Hoping it’s a combination of Presidents’ Day yesterday and the run Disney event at the end of the week and the crowds are lighter the following 2 weeks! We have philharmagic a miss and walked down Main Street for our final fastpass to meet Mickey! This would be DSs first character meet and he wasn’t too sure what to make of it. After meeting Mickey we decided to call it a day, it was far too hot for DS and he was burning up and I wanted to get him cooled down as much as possible.

We stopped off at Panda Express to get a quick lunch. DH and I both got the plate option which is 2 entrees and 1 side. I had a double portion of orange chicken and egg fried rice. This was absolutely delicious, the orange chicken had a nice kick to it but was really sticky and chewy just as I like it. I shared some of this with DD.

DH had the firecracker shrimp and honey walnut shrimp with egg fried rice. Again this was really good.

Dd got a side order of chow mein to got with the bits of mine she ate, she’s a total noodle lover so enjoyed this.
We got a large fountain drink to share which was huge and we barely made a dent in it.
Total cost came to just over $25 which was pretty reasonable.
We spent the afternoon chilling in the apartment and managed to have a nap which made me feel much better!

DS was still feeling warm so we decided a quiet evening a early night was in order for us all. DH popped out to Arby’s to get us some dinner. I had the Reuben signature sandwich which I really enjoyed and was enough to fill me.

DH had a large roast beef sandwich with curly fries.

Dd had the kids chicken tenders with curly fries.
Total cost came to a very reasonable $18.46 and we all thoroughly enjoyed the food.

After we’d eaten we decided to wander along to the lagoon pool as DD had been desperate to get to the pool all afternoon. It was a very warm evening with the temperature still showing as 25 degrees at 8pm. We spent about 45 minutes at the pool which wasn’t too busy. DH was pleasantly surprised how warm the water was and him and Dd had a great time!

We came back and got DS and Dd changed and into bed before enjoying a drink on the balcony and finally heading off to bed ourselves.

And we’re off!!!
Technically it’s one more sleep until Disney but we’re heading to the airport today so the holiday starts here!
We had a slight panic regarding getting our currency. My plan had been to order from travelex and collect at the airport but the website wouldn’t process my order yesterday, a quick chat with travelex online and a trip to my mums to use her android tablet and we managed to reserve some currency.
We finished our packing and set off at 1.15pm for Manchester airport, we stopped a couple of times to see to DS who wasn’t enjoying the journey much. We arrived at the long stay multi-storey at 4pm and made the walk to terminal 2 for twilight check in with virgin. There was only 1 family there in front of us so this was really quick, we dropped off our cases and the lovely check in lady told us to head to upper class check in in the morning to have our car seat and pram tagged.
We got back to the car and made the short drive to the premier inn, there was a huge queue for check in which took about 15 minutes. I paid the 10 for overnight parking and 9.50 for each for breakfast in the morning for DH and I and DD eats for free.

We decided we’d order and collect a dominoes for dinner. The nearest to premier inn was in wythenshaw about 2 miles away. DH had a large ham and pineapple pizza for 7.99 and absolutely demolished this all by himself.

Dd and I shared a large pepperoni and pineapple pizza, also 7.99 and was lovely 😊
We grabbed a couple of bottles of fizzy drinks from the vending machine in reception. DS was absolutely shattered by 6.30pm with all his short disturbed naps today so he won’t be long out of bed and it’ll be an early night for the rest of us too.

Alarm was set for 6am but I woke up around 3.30am too excited to sleep! A quick check of the weather for the next week or so in Orlando showed the weather to be generally better that we were expecting this time of year with cooler temperatures at the weekend, we’d packed some warmer clothes for these days and planned a day at the outlets/Florida mall on Friday.

We all woke properly at 5am and slowly got ready before heading down for breakfast just before 6. The restaurant was really quiet and we we shown to a table in the corner close to the buffet. We all had a plate of hot food first. There was plenty to choose from including eggs, bacons, sausage, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding and beans.

After the hot food DH got a coffee and a pain au chocolate and a mini muffin,

I had a pain au chocolate and coffee and DD had a yoghurt and apple. There was a huge pastry selection and toast and scotch pancakes, cereals, fruit and juices. Breakfast cost is 9.50 for DH and I and Dd was free.

After breakfast we made our way back upto our room finished sorting out our carry on luggage and left for the airport, it was only a couple of minutes drive and we were soon pulling up at the multi-storey for the meet and greet parking. This was really busy and took us about 15 minutes to get into the car park get processed and out of the car. We made our way across to the terminal where we were met with another queue for the key drop off.
They was barely any queue at virgin bag drop when we walked over and we quickly got our car seats and pram tagged and the car seats dropped off. Security was the busiest I’ve seen in it a long while, we were directed down the priority lane with our pram but this took about 20 minutes.
Once through security we our currency to collect from travelex, this was really straight forward and then I headed over to boots to collect our order of formula for DS. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the size of the box that was brought out for me! We found a quiet seating area and had a quick reshuffle of the bags to fit the bottles of formula into the carry on case. This is without a doubt the most hand luggage we’ve ever travelled with! We spent an hour or so down the far end of terminal 2 having a quiet seat and doing the puzzles on the walls.
Once our gate was called around 9.45 we made out way to gate 210 and hung around ready for boarding. Boarding was quick and we pushed back from the gate right on time. We had paid for seat in the bubble so had the handy locker next to the window and abit more space to sit holding DS. He fell asleep almost right after take off.
Once the seat belt signs were switched off the stewardesses came round with the menus and then the pretzels and drinks service.

DH had a Stella and I had a small bottle of white wine.
Around an hour into the flight lunch was served. We had ordered a kids meal for DD which was cheesy pasta, we had decided that I would have the pasta that hers came with as she had a chicken salad sandwich we had bought in WH Smith earlier. The pasta was really tasty and I enjoyed it.

For our main means DH and I got the macaroni and cheese with pancetta and the chicken in mushroom sauce.

DH has both of the mains, he really enjoyed the mac cheese but said the chicken was just ok. I ate the rest of the bits that came with my meal, the salad was abit dry with not a lot of taste. The Boursin and crackers were really good and the dessert gu pot was nice enough but the ginger chocolate was a strange combination. With our meals DH had about her Stella and I had a white wine. The air stewardess came and told us we had a selection of 4 ellas kitchen pouches for DS and just a to let her know when we wanted one so he had a prune pouch for his lunch and they kindly warmed up a bottle of formula for us when he was ready.

A couple of hours later we were given a mini ice lolly, this was a rowntree randoms lolly and made a nice change from the usual fab lollies as I’m not a fan.

About 2 and a half hours before landing we were served afternoon tea. This was a mozzarella, green pesto and tomato roll with a scone, clotted cream and jam. This was very nice, just not enough!

Dd had a kids afternoon tea which was a scone like our but her sandwiches were cream cheese & cucumber and cream cheese and ham. She didn’t want these so I ate them in exchange for half my scone. They were a little on the warm side but nice enough.

The rest of the flight passed relatively quickly and we landed early around 2.55pm. Upper class were let off first them the upper deck so we were quickly off the plane. We had a short walk to immigration and much to our delight the immigration hall was almost empty. This is where our luck ran out, they had 1 immigration officer on, then he left!!! And for a good 10 minutes no one was processed. There must have been a shift change or something because gradually a few immigration officials started appearing, it took an hour in the end for us to get through. This meant our a cases were waiting for us. We had 4 cases, a car seat bag, a pram, a large rucksack, carry on case, my handbag and a nappy bag but somehow managed to manoeuvre them from baggage claim onto the monorail and to the main terminal!
We couldn’t do Alamo online check in and skip the counter so we had to go to the Alamo desk, they were only 1 person in front of us in the queue so we were seen quickly, there was no hard sell on any upgrades or extras or anything. He mentioned we had a smaller SUV than last time and were we happy with that, so he could obviously see our past rentals and maybe that’s why he didn’t bother with pushing any extras.
We made our way across to the Alamo garage and picked out a Nissan rouge from the midsize SUV range. Got it loaded up and everything just fit.

We set off for our home for the next 13 nights, mystic dunes. The 192 was incredibly busy and it took us quite a while to get there. We got checked in which seemed to take forever, they tried desperately hard to get DH to sign up for a timeshare sales pitch. I asked him if he told them we already had DVC and didn’t need another timeshare but he said he didn’t coz he thought that was awkward, haha.

We made the short drive to our 2 bedroom apartment and upon walking in were hugely impressed!
Dd has her own room which she is really pleased about, it’s huge and has 2 voluble beds and a tv!

There’s a bathroom right next door to her room with a bath, toilet and sink. Think this will be her own personal bathroom, haha!

The living/dining area and kitchen are huge, there’s so much space and the full kitchen is going to be great for sorting food and doing washing!

Our main bedroom has a large bed and an en-suite bathroom.

The en-suite is bigger than the bedroom!!! It’s got a lovely corner bath, shower, sinks and toilet.
We’ve got a lanai/balcony area accessible from the bedroom and living area, this has a large table which will be great for having breakfast in the mornings. It’s got screens up so that bugs and such can’t get in which is great and much needed I imagine as we are over looking some trees and swampy area, not the most aesthetically pleasing view but very quiet and private.
We brought our cases up and DH headed over to Walmart for some much needed supplies.

When he came back having spent $150(!), our kitchen looked like this. He bought a kettle for DS’s formula, some bottled water, cereal, eggs, bacon, sausage patties, pop tarts, crisps, beer, mikes lemonade, cherry coke, Mountain Dew and some kitchen essentials. He also got a cooked rotisserie chicken which we picked at before heading to bed about 9pm.

We have a new countdown!!! 194 days to go until our next Florida trip, this time it will be the 4 of us. 2 days before baby number 2 is due and we have just booked our flights for next year.

This trip will be me (34), DH (35), DD (6) and DS (6mo).

Our dates are 17th February - 7th March, so 19 nights of Florida fun! This will allow us time to take things a bit slower with a baby. The weather will be cooler than later in the year which suits us this time and we can get another trip using our annual passes before they expire at the start of April.

We’re fortunate enough to have accumulated enough Virgin flying club miles for 3 reward flights, so flights have been booked using 75000 miles and a cost of 727. We can add on the lap passenger when he arrives for a further 2000 miles. Our flights include 1pc of luggage each and seat reservations so we’re really pleased with the deal!

Our annual passes are still valid until the beginning of April which means our park tickets are taken care of. This is a huge saving considering it didn’t cost us anything to convert our 14 day ultimates we had at Easter to a gold annual pass renewal thanks to a lovely cast member at animal kingdom guest relations. As we’ll be staying offsite for some of our trip it will give us free parking too saving us around $250 in parking fees.

The night before our flight we’ll be staying at Premier Inn Runger lane South, this cost 29.50. As our flight isn’t until 10.40am it will give us plenty of time in the morning to indulge in the premier inn breakfast if we fancy it. Virgin also have twilight check in the evening before your flight at Manchester which will make the morning a bit more chilled too.

Accommodation in Florida has yet to be finalised. It will be a combination of offsite and onsite using our DVC points. As things stand we are planning on staying offsite for the first part of our holiday 17th Feb - 1st March. We currently have 1 night booked using points at Animal Kingdom Lodge on the 27th Feb staying club level. This has ‘cost’ 23 points for the evening and is something I’ve wanted to do for ages but knew the chances of getting a reservation were slim as there as so few club level rooms available using DVC and these are booked 11 months in advance by ALK owners. When I saw a night available on the 27th I jumped at the opportunity and grabbed it! We will pack some overnight cases and head there first thing on the 27th and make use of the club level lounge for drinks and snacks throughout the day and hang out at the pool temperatures/weather permitting.

Our hope then is to do 6 nights at Beach club on DVC points. This may be a long shot due to the popularity of the resort. I have currently managed to secure 1-3rd March and 4-6th March and have waitlisted the 3rd and 6th separately to make this a 6 night stay. If this doesn’t come off then we will either keep a couple of nights here and book somewhere else for the other nights, or move the whole reservation elsewhere. Looks like I will be stalking the DVC calendar obsessively for the next few months! 😂 we’ve stayed at the beach club twice before and absolutely love it, the pool is amazing and the ability to walk to Epcot and hollywood studios really suits us.

So this happened this evening! My waitlist for the 3rd March came through 😀 So we now have 1-6th booked at the Beach club and a waitlist in for our final night to extend this to the 7th.

We’re currently trying to settle on our offsite accommodation for 13 nights. We would like an apartment style room with a kitchen and separate sleeping area rather than a standard hotel room. We’ve got a budget of around 100 per night and so far we’ve narrowed it down to Encantada, Polynesian Isles or Orbit One vacation villas. They all fit the bill accommodation and price wise, Located around the 192 so handy for restaurants and get decent reviews on trip advisor. Encantada has a private hot tub on the patio/balcony so that may be swinging it for me that moment 😂

169 days to go -
Yesterday was our ADR day for our animal kingdom reservation. We are adding the deluxe dining plan to our reservation for the 1 night, this will cost $286 and will get us 9 table service credits, 6 snack credits and 3 refillable mugs. The mugs will be useful for drinks while at the AKL pool but the real value will come when we check into beach club for 6 days, we love the coke freestyle machines there and get coffee in them every morning so we would buy them anyway, three mugs would cost $57.
Our rough plan at the moment is to check into AKL then head over to chef mickeys for a 9.40am breakfast. This is an absolute favourite of DD and she asks to do it every trip, the cost of this would be $46 for adults and $28 for children. Including tax this would cost $128 but would be covered by 3 dining credits.
We’ll get snacks throughout the day in the club lounge and spend some time at the pool (weather permitting). Evening we plan to have a few drinks in the lounge and then head out for dinner, at the moment I have booked Sanaa for 7.30pm so we can walk over to Kidani, this May well change in the future. We plan to use 2 dining credits for the 3 of us as we find with appetiser and dessert it is a lot of food, especially starting with the amazing bread service to share.
Next morning we plan to have breakfast in the lounge before spending some more time at the pool. We’ll use our 6 snack credits and the lounge to feed us through the afternoon before heading to California grill for dinner at 6.10pm. This is one of DH and I’s favourite places to eat, we’ll use the remaining 4 dining credits and pay cash for anything beyond what’s covered by these.

Update - 141 days to go!
Last night I managed to secure the 6th March at beach club to complete our 6 night stay. I had a waitlist in for it but had been checking regularly just in case and there it was available last night so I booked it. Serves as a reminder to check availability and not just rely on the waitlist system as they are clearly released as available before the waitlist system grabs them. Just need to contact member services and get these individual reservations combined into one. Especially excited for this part of our holiday as the dates for the flower and garden festival have been released and the festival starts on the 4th March next year.

127 days to go (18 weeks tomorrow) -
DS’s passport arrived this week, only took 8 days from submitting the application!
Tonight we have finalised a few details. Booked our accommodation from 17th feb - 1st March. We settled on a 2 bedroom apartment at mystic dunes for 989. I think this is an absolute bargain and was very impressed with what I saw of mystic dunes when I met a friend staying here a couple of years ago.

Booked our car hire aswell. We’ve got a standard SUV for 473 for the 19 nights/20 days so very pleases with this price considering it was 600 for the same think a few weeks ago.

102 days to go -
This morning we finally got round to adding DS to our flight booking, quick phone call, 2000 miles and 60 later and he’s officially coming with us! 🤣
We’ve requested a skycot for the return journey which wasn’t a problem so hopefully that will make the return flight abit less stressful.
We decided to book seats in the bubble on the way out, 35 each so total of 105 but it means we’ll be one of the first off the plane and get a head start to immigration and also the extra space and storage bin by the window will be welcome with all the baby admin we’ll have.

Booked our 3 weeks of car parking at Manchester airport, we normally use VIP meet and greet but found the Manchester airport official meet and greet cheaper at 55 for our dates. Never used them before but seems more convenient than VIP so that’s a bonus!

3 days until double digit day!!

77 days to go -
Been finalising a few plans with fastpass day coming up at the end of the month. We’ve decided to book Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for Dd at the magic kingdom on Sat 22nd Feb. We’ve never done this before and will decide nearer the time which package to go for and whether to take our own princess dress etc.

Discovery cove have some really good offers on at the moment. We’d been planning on visiting seaworld as DD loved it when we went last year and spent an evening there after a meal at sharks underwater grill on the magical dining month offer. So we’ve booked 3 tickets to discovery cove with dolphin swim, and 14 day tickets to seaworld & aquatica with Floridatix for 481. DS will be free as he’s under 2 and we’ll book 2 different swim times for DH and I so one of us can stay with DS. We’ve decided to do DC on the 29th Feb. The day between checking out of animal kingdom and checking into beach club. Hoping the weathers good leaving it later into the holiday! We’ve never been to aquatica so will give us the opportunity to get to a water park as our gold annual passes don’t allow access to the water parks.

We got moonlight magic tickets!!!
Disney put on a small number of after hours events for DVC members at each of the theme parks. We are fortunate that there are 2 events while we are there. Members can sign up for 1 event at each park. Ymir you have a hotel reservation you get priority booking opportunity 2 weeks before all other members without reservations. Unfortunately the first even at animal kingdom is when we are staying offsite so we had to wait for general booking to open today. You are out in a virtual queue at random when booking opens, I had my phone, 2 iPads and a laptop all waiting to queue and was lucky to get 140th place on one of the iPads. 5 minutes later we were confirmed as attending the 25th February! Sooooo excited about this!!!!
Fingers crossed we have such good luck with the booking for the magic kingdom event on the 3rd March when booking for that opens on the 8th January 😊

50 days to go -

Today was fastpass day 1. Bit of an anticlimax compared with previous fastpass days. We’re 60 days out from our night and AKL club level so can boom fastpasses for 27th and 28th Feb. We’re not planning on going to a park on the 27th as we hope to be making full use of the resort. 28th we may head to magic kingdom after we check out buy before our dinner at California grill, so with that in mind I’ve booked fastpasses for Mickey Mouse meet and greet, big thunder mountain and splash mountain, there was no availability for seven dwarfs mine train unfortunately.
Our better fastpass day for our beach club stay is on Wednesday hoping to secure slinky dog, flight of passage and seven dwarf mine train for the days later in our stay.

45 days to go -
It’s coming round so fast! I finally got round to ringing dvc member services to combine/link my 3 separate beach club reservations. 1st-4th was booked with one of our dvc membership numbers and 4th-6th and 6th-7th was booked with another. They were able to combine the latter two to make a single reservation but it’s not possible to combine across memberships. What they do so though it link them together so that when allocating rooms we won’t have to change rooms and will be treat like a single reservation in that sense but we will have to check in twice on the app.

Fastpass day for our beach club stay was on Wednesday, managed to get flight of passage/slinky dog x2/seven dwarfs mine train x2. As we have an annual pass we can only book as many days of fastpasses as we are booked at Disney unfortunately, so when we reach 30 days out from our arrival I can book 2 further days of fastpasses as I haven’t bothered with any for our animal kingdom lodge first day or our final day before our flight. This will enable me to then book fastpasses as we use a day for the first week or so. We’ll be fitting in seaworld and aquatica so not sure of where we will be on which day at the moment.

Next Wednesday reservations open for the DVC moonlight magic event at magic kingdom on the 3rd March so fingers crossed we’re successful for that!

41 days to go -

Managed to successfully get signed up for moonlight magic at magic kingdom on 3rd March. Very excited to be able to attend both the animal kingdom and magic kingdom events, I’ve made us some fastpasses in magic kingdom for big thunder mountain (5.15-6.15), meet Mickey Mouse (6.30-7.30) and seven dwarfs mine train (7.30-8.30) before the event starts at 9pm.

35 days to go -
Came across a thread about Alamo Brit prices dropping today so had a check of the price for our dates and managed to modify our reservation to an intermediate SUV for 361 from 473 for our initial car hire reservation. Great saving 👍

25 days to go -

Disney have released fastpasses for smugglers run starting from 19th Feb. So I have managed to amend some of our planned fastpass days and secure a fastpass for smugglers run!
They also changed the tiers for some rides at HS, o my slinky dog and smugglers run are tier 1 with the other toy story rides, tower of terror and rock n rollercoaster dropping to tier 2, so I’ve been playing h around with our Hollywood studios fastpasses adding in ToT/TSM/ASS instead of the original tier 2 rides we had booked. I’ve also been able to bring forward some of our fastpasses to earlier in the day as slinky dog/soarin etc were available at earlier times due to others switching fastpasses to accommodate smugglers run.

11 days to go!

Fastpasses have just been released for Mickey and minnies runaway railway, managed to grab some for opening day.

10 days to go -

Over the past few weeks/months I’ve booked a number of ADRs, all of which are old favourites of ours.

18th Feb - lunch at Be our guest
22nd Feb - lunch at Be our guest
24th Feb - dinner at Ohana - managed to snag a 4.20pm reservation a few weeks ago after DH decided he wanted to eat here.
27th Feb - breakfast chef mickeys - dining plan
28th Feb - dinner California grill - dining plan
1st Mar - brunch California grill - this one will probably be cancelled as much as it upsets me, I can’t really justify the $300 that it will likely cost.
3rd Mar - lunch Beaches and cream - kitchen sink
4th Mar - dinner Via Napoli - huge pizza and wine

We will hopefully add in homecoming while at Disney springs one day and breakfast at ale and compass while staying at beach club.

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