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We have a new countdown!!! 194 days to go until our next Florida trip, this time it will be the 4 of us. 2 days before baby number 2 is due and we have just booked our flights for next year.

This trip will be me (34), DH (35), DD (6) and DS (6mo).

Our dates are 17th February - 7th March, so 19 nights of Florida fun! This will allow us time to take things a bit slower with a baby. The weather will be cooler than later in the year which suits us this time and we can get another trip using our annual passes before they expire at the start of April.

We’re fortunate enough to have accumulated enough Virgin flying club miles for 3 reward flights, so flights have been booked using 75000 miles and a cost of 727. We can add on the lap passenger when he arrives for a further 2000 miles. Our flights include 1pc of luggage each and seat reservations so we’re really pleased with the deal!

Our annual passes are still valid until the beginning of April which means our park tickets are taken care of. This is a huge saving considering it didn’t cost us anything to convert our 14 day ultimates we had at Easter to a gold annual pass renewal thanks to a lovely cast member at animal kingdom guest relations. As we’ll be staying offsite for some of our trip it will give us free parking too saving us around $250 in parking fees.

The night before our flight we’ll be staying at Premier Inn Runger lane South, this cost 29.50. As our flight isn’t until 10.40am it will give us plenty of time in the morning to indulge in the premier inn breakfast if we fancy it. Virgin also have twilight check in the evening before your flight at Manchester which will make the morning a bit more chilled too.

Accommodation in Florida has yet to be finalised. It will be a combination of offsite and onsite using our DVC points. As things stand we are planning on staying offsite for the first part of our holiday 17th Feb - 1st March. We currently have 1 night booked using points at Animal Kingdom Lodge on the 27th Feb staying club level. This has ‘cost’ 23 points for the evening and is something I’ve wanted to do for ages but knew the chances of getting a reservation were slim as there as so few club level rooms available using DVC and these are booked 11 months in advance by ALK owners. When I saw a night available on the 27th I jumped at the opportunity and grabbed it! We will pack some overnight cases and head there first thing on the 27th and make use of the club level lounge for drinks and snacks throughout the day and hang out at the pool temperatures/weather permitting.

Our hope then is to do 6 nights at Beach club on DVC points. This may be a long shot due to the popularity of the resort. I have currently managed to secure 1-3rd March and 4-6th March and have waitlisted the 3rd and 6th separately to make this a 6 night stay. If this doesn’t come off then we will either keep a couple of nights here and book somewhere else for the other nights, or move the whole reservation elsewhere. Looks like I will be stalking the DVC calendar obsessively for the next few months! 😂 we’ve stayed at the beach club twice before and absolutely love it, the pool is amazing and the ability to walk to Epcot and hollywood studios really suits us.

So this happened this evening! My waitlist for the 3rd March came through 😀 So we now have 1-6th booked at the Beach club and a waitlist in for our final night to extend this to the 7th.

We’re currently trying to settle on our offsite accommodation for 13 nights. We would like an apartment style room with a kitchen and separate sleeping area rather than a standard hotel room. We’ve got a budget of around 100 per night and so far we’ve narrowed it down to Encantada, Polynesian Isles or Orbit One vacation villas. They all fit the bill accommodation and price wise, Located around the 192 so handy for restaurants and get decent reviews on trip advisor. Encantada has a private hot tub on the patio/balcony so that may be swinging it for me that moment 😂

169 days to go -
Yesterday was our ADR day for our animal kingdom reservation. We are adding the deluxe dining plan to our reservation for the 1 night, this will cost $286 and will get us 9 table service credits, 6 snack credits and 3 refillable mugs. The mugs will be useful for drinks while at the AKL pool but the real value will come when we check into beach club for 6 days, we love the coke freestyle machines there and get coffee in them every morning so we would buy them anyway, three mugs would cost $57.
Our rough plan at the moment is to check into AKL then head over to chef mickeys for a 9.40am breakfast. This is an absolute favourite of DD and she asks to do it every trip, the cost of this would be $46 for adults and $28 for children. Including tax this would cost $128 but would be covered by 3 dining credits.
We’ll get snacks throughout the day in the club lounge and spend some time at the pool (weather permitting). Evening we plan to have a few drinks in the lounge and then head out for dinner, at the moment I have booked Sanaa for 7.30pm so we can walk over to Kidani, this May well change in the future. We plan to use 2 dining credits for the 3 of us as we find with appetiser and dessert it is a lot of food, especially starting with the amazing bread service to share.
Next morning we plan to have breakfast in the lounge before spending some more time at the pool. We’ll use our 6 snack credits and the lounge to feed us through the afternoon before heading to California grill for dinner at 6.10pm. This is one of DH and I’s favourite places to eat, we’ll use the remaining 4 dining credits and pay cash for anything beyond what’s covered by these.

Update - 141 days to go!
Last night I managed to secure the 6th March at beach club to complete our 6 night stay. I had a waitlist in for it but had been checking regularly just in case and there it was available last night so I booked it. Serves as a reminder to check availability and not just rely on the waitlist system as they are clearly released as available before the waitlist system grabs them. Just need to contact member services and get these individual reservations combined into one. Especially excited for this part of our holiday as the dates for the flower and garden festival have been released and the festival starts on the 4th March next year.

127 days to go (18 weeks tomorrow) -
DS’s passport arrived this week, only took 8 days from submitting the application!
Tonight we have finalised a few details. Booked our accommodation from 17th feb - 1st March. We settled on a 2 bedroom apartment at mystic dunes for 989. I think this is an absolute bargain and was very impressed with what I saw of mystic dunes when I met a friend staying here a couple of years ago.

Booked our car hire aswell. We’ve got a standard SUV for 473 for the 19 nights/20 days so very pleases with this price considering it was 600 for the same think a few weeks ago.

102 days to go -
This morning we finally got round to adding DS to our flight booking, quick phone call, 2000 miles and 60 later and he’s officially coming with us! 🤣
We’ve requested a skycot for the return journey which wasn’t a problem so hopefully that will make the return flight abit less stressful.
We decided to book seats in the bubble on the way out, 35 each so total of 105 but it means we’ll be one of the first off the plane and get a head start to immigration and also the extra space and storage bin by the window will be welcome with all the baby admin we’ll have.

Booked our 3 weeks of car parking at Manchester airport, we normally use VIP meet and greet but found the Manchester airport official meet and greet cheaper at 55 for our dates. Never used them before but seems more convenient than VIP so that’s a bonus!

3 days until double digit day!!

77 days to go -
Been finalising a few plans with fastpass day coming up at the end of the month. We’ve decided to book Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for Dd at the magic kingdom on Sat 22nd Feb. We’ve never done this before and will decide nearer the time which package to go for and whether to take our own princess dress etc.

Discovery cove have some really good offers on at the moment. We’d been planning on visiting seaworld as DD loved it when we went last year and spent an evening there after a meal at sharks underwater grill on the magical dining month offer. So we’ve booked 3 tickets to discovery cove with dolphin swim, and 14 day tickets to seaworld & aquatica with Floridatix for 481. DS will be free as he’s under 2 and we’ll book 2 different swim times for DH and I so one of us can stay with DS. We’ve decided to do DC on the 29th Feb. The day between checking out of animal kingdom and checking into beach club. Hoping the weathers good leaving it later into the holiday! We’ve never been to aquatica so will give us the opportunity to get to a water park as our gold annual passes don’t allow access to the water parks.

We got moonlight magic tickets!!!
Disney put on a small number of after hours events for DVC members at each of the theme parks. We are fortunate that there are 2 events while we are there. Members can sign up for 1 event at each park. Ymir you have a hotel reservation you get priority booking opportunity 2 weeks before all other members without reservations. Unfortunately the first even at animal kingdom is when we are staying offsite so we had to wait for general booking to open today. You are out in a virtual queue at random when booking opens, I had my phone, 2 iPads and a laptop all waiting to queue and was lucky to get 140th place on one of the iPads. 5 minutes later we were confirmed as attending the 25th February! Sooooo excited about this!!!!
Fingers crossed we have such good luck with the booking for the magic kingdom event on the 3rd March when booking for that opens on the 8th January 😊

Orlando Attractions

So our last day had come round so quickly! None of us were ready to go home 😢 We packed up our belongings relatively easily and had a quick pop tart breakfast before saying goodbye to Old Key west and heading to Epcot for a couple of hours.

picked up a fast pass for test track at 11.40am for Dd and DH to use. When we arrived we noticed how much busier it seemed today than the past few days, it was 10.45am and we had a while before our fastpass time. We first went to the playground over by the showcase plaza so Dd could have a play.

We then Stopped at the flower and garden food booth next door and got the peanut butter and strawberry tart. This cost $4.50 and was really tasty! It had strawberry boba balls in the ears too. I can see why people like pb&j! After we ate this we called into club cool and then had a look in mouse gears. On the way we spotted the queue for the 2nd flower and garden passholder magnet which was released today, this one had daisy on and is probably my favourite one yet!

It was now time for DH and Dd to go on test track, I sat and waited outside for them, taking in the last bit of Florida sun. I also worked on getting them a spaceship earth fastpass for before we had to leave as the wait time was showing at 35 minutes. It only took a few minutes but I picked one up for 12.05pm. When they are off that track they were very proud of themselves for designing the most powerful car of the day so far with a score of 102. We walked over to spaceship earth and Dd and DH rode this while I had a walk round the entrance area and took a few photos. It was a gorgeous day today with a high of 31 degrees.

t was now time to make our way to the airport, we left Epcot at 1pm and stopped off at the speedway gas station by Disney springs to fill the car for it’s return, only cost $32 and that was all the fuel we put in the car all holiday! Bargain!

We got to the airport and check in was almost empty! We’ve never seen anything like that before, it was all very calm and easy. We walked into the main terminal area and decided to go to Chilis for some lunch.

DH ordered a lemonade, I had strawberry lemonade and DH had a Coke Zero.

For our meals I had the honey chipotle crispy chicken on waffles, these were really good! I only managed 2 and a half of them, the portion was huge!

Dd had the grilled cheese kids meals which came with fries, she really enjoyed this.

DH had the old timer burger, he said this was really good!

Total came to $38.39, we’re always impressed by the food and price of eating here in the airport.

We then joined the queue for security just after 3, this took ages! The wait time was showing as about 40 minutes, it took longer than that and we finally made it to the gate about 4.25pm! We were starting to stress a little as it was taking so long and we were concerned about missing our flight but it was fine, we boarded later than expected and took off about 10 minutes late.

The delightful person say infront of me reclined immediately. They even had a spare seat next to them so plenty of room and comfort for them. First we were given a drink and a small bag of pretzels. The menus for dinner were handed out and he choices were Malvani chicken, pulled pork and mash or gnocchi. I chose the pulled pork and it was disgusting, one mouthful was more than I could stand. It came with a bread bun, cheddar cheese, and a cake love pot. The cake was salty caramel and tasted pretty good. Dd had a kids meal which was cheesy pasta, this wasn’t great either. The food was so unappetising I didn’t even bother getting a photo of most of it. I watched escape room the film which was ok then settled down for a nap, the person behind repeatedly banged by chair playing one of the games on the screen, so sleep was pretty interrupted. I did manage to get some and was awoken as they came round with breakfast. This was a blueberry yoghurt, some kind of cheese and ham pastry thing and a oat bar. I had a glass of orange juice and left the food.

We landed 15 minutes late at 6.20am, it was 1 degree in Manchester significantly colder than Orlando! We were through passport control very quickly and had a bit of a wait for our cases, once retrieved we rang vip and were directed to the west parking garage which was a couple of minutes walk from the terminal. Once inside it wasn’t long to wait for our car to arrived and we got sorted and set off on the 2 and a half hour drive home. Unfortunately about 20 minutes in Dd was sick and we had to pull off the M6 into a car park outside Warrington to sort her out. Dd fell asleep after this and we were home before 10am. Can’t believe the holiday is over! It’s gone so fast! That’s it for our Disney fix in 2019 and our last as a family of 3!

So next door started kicking off at 5.40am this morning. Same noises as yesterday and general shouting and carrying on. I tried to ignore and get back to sleep but it didn’t happen. They finally went out at 7am and peace ensued. I got back to sleep then and woke again at 10.30am.

This mornings plan was a visit to the pool, so we got ourselves ready and drive round to the main pool. Dd had a play in the playground again and I got myself some loaded nachos as a snack to put me on till later. Hear were homemade crisps topped with pulled pork, cheese sauce, sour cream and salsa. They were pretty good and put me on nicely. These were $7.99 so not badly priced. We spent an hour or so in the pool and then made our way back to our room to get changed and ready to head to magic kingdom for the rest of the day.

We arrived at the transportation and ticket centre and decided to get the monorail. We were sat on it for about 29 minutes before it moved anywhere, it was first ‘holding for further traffic clearance’ then it was undergoing a maintenance check. We finally got to magic kingdom about 2.40pm and noticed the Easter bunnies doing a meet and greet next to city hall. There was literally no queue at all which I was surprised at and actually thought we would be turned away and told they were leaving but no we were quickly meeting the bunnies.

After this we walked round to Frontierland crossing before the parade started and got the raft to Tom Sawyer island. Unfortunately due to our delay with the monorail we missed aunt pollys being open. We spent some time exploring the island and Dd loved the caves and fort.

We crossed back over to Frontierland a were all feeling hungry so first stop was the market square in liberty square. DH got a hot dog and Dd got an apple, this came to $10 and DH had inhaled the hotdog before I’d even realised. We kept on walking towards fantasyland and upto Gaston’s tavern, we got a warm cinnamon roll, with extra icing and a le few’s brew. This came to $11 and was absolutely delicious, it’s big enough to share but I’m sure I could take on one of these on my own!

We continued our journey around magic kingdom and came to Tomorrowland where DH was wanting to go on the carousel of progress, DH and Dd went and watched this while i did some people watching. If we hadn’t already had enough sugar we thought a visit to the plaza ice cream store was a good call right about now, we got 2 sundaes to share.

First up was an all American sundae, this was with chocolate ice cream and cookies and cream ice cream. I’m not a fan of whipped cream and they put too much on so I asked for it without so this is just topped with the hot fudge and peanut butter sauces and chocolate and peanut butter chips. I still got the cherry as Dd loves them.

Our other sundae was a plaza sundae, cookies and cream ice cream and strawberry ice cream in a waffle bowl with fudge sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. These came to just under $15 but was more than enough between 3 of us and totally delicious.

I’d managed to pick up a fastpass for big thunder mountain from 5.55pm as this seems to be a favourite of DD’s. We’d also been allocated a multiple experience anytime fastpass as one of the rides we had a fastpass for this morning was down during our window so we made our way across to big thunder mountain and Dd and DH rose this twice. Once using their actual fastpasses for it and once using my fastpass and a multiple experience of DH. Dd loved being able to ride it twice in row with very little wait. After coming off here we walked up through fantasyland a to the carousel. Dd isn’t quite as obsessed with this as she has been in the past but it’s still a favourite. This is where we had the most bizarre incident of the holiday. We were stood in the final part of the queue next to the railing surrounding the ride and a rather large woman tried to squeeze past me and couldn’t fit, she then said excuse me, so I attempted to squeeze in against the railing, being 6 months pregnant I don’t really get any smaller at which point she pushed me. I explained I couldn’t get any closer to the rails as I’m pregnant and it doesn’t move. She then called me a rather offensive word (not very disney) so I turned no longer going out of my way to give her any room to get past and she started ranting and raving about her niece being further up in the queue and she was coming past, we pointed out her niece could come
Back to her in the queue but she wasn’t having any of it and continued to swear at us, I told her to calm down and her language was not appropriate in front of children and quite frankly not very disney. This just seemed to make her worse and in the end she went back and pushed herself around the chain further along. I’m not exactly sure what she wanted me to do, short of backing up half the queue so she could get past my bump there was no way the two of us were passing in that tight queue. The funniest part of the whole thing was she was carrying on like a lunatic with 2 stitch stickers stuck on her forehead. If I was her niece I’d be embarrassed to go out with her in public in future 😂

We had our now relatively calm ride on the carousel and walked down to storybook circus where we went to meet daisy and Pluto in the circus tent. The characters were great and the queue was only about 10 minutes. We had been hoping to see the falcon heavy launch on live feed/in the sky but discovered it had been delayed again so we mobiles ordered ourselves a snack from cosmic rays and went and had a sit down for 20 minutes. We got a kids chicken nugget meal to share and picked fries for both sides. We got a small tray of tomato slices and pickles and shared his between us. It was a nice little snack and enough to keep us going the rest of the evening. Great value at $7.69 with a chocolate milk too. DH had been walking to catch the philharmagic again so this is where we ended up next, excellent timing as we only had a few minutes wait when we got there for the next show. This is absolutely brilliant and it was great having people in the row behind us who had never seen it before they were massively impressed and loving it.

After a slow walk round by Tomorrowland we decided we would look for a place to watch happily ever after, we got to the front of the castle about 30 minutes before it started and there was still quite a bit of room. We decided as we had never watched it from close up we would wait and watch it from here tonight. It was so good watching it close and being able to see the detail of all the projections on the castle. The fireworks are more difficult to see as some as obscured by the castle itself from this close up angle but we really really enjoyed it and maybe I future will watch it from both positions. After the fireworks there were still 25 minutes or so left of park opening then it was extra magic hours. As Dd and I still had a multiple experience fastpass we decided to ride buzz light year space ranger spin together while DH sat in Tomorrowland and took in the surroundings. We weren’t as successful this time with our scores but enjoyed the ride all the same.

When we came off we walked up to the teacups and rode these, these were a walk on and Dd really enjoys seeing how fast she can spin us. Next we had planned to the the people mover but they close it during extra magic hours. Instead we saw the Astro orbiters had a really small queue so we went on these instead, the view from up here at night is amazing! And the ride itself is pretty fast and throws you around when landing again, but we loved it!

From here we took a slow walk round to the haunted mansion, again another total walk on, we enjoyed the opportunity to look on the queue at the different gravestones and interactive bits. We got off here and walked on over to pirates where again there was no queue, there were only a couple of people in each boat going round which was great. This part of the park seemed particularly deserted. By now we had about half an hour left and I saw that big thunder mountain had a 5 minute wait so thought this would be a good ride for Dd to finished our visit to magic kingdom with. DH and Dd rode this while I sat on a bench by the exit and other than a couple of other people waiting for riders and the people coming off the ride every couple of minutes this area was so quiet! It didn’t take DH and Dd long so I suggested they went again, which Dd was thrilled about!

After their final ride we made our way back through Frontierland and onto main street, we stopped for a picture on Main Street which was emptying out now and then headed on down to the resort monorail for our ride back to the car park. The car park was pretty deserted when we got there and we had no problem locating our car, it was a tired drive back to Old Key West and we were in bed just before 1am.

This morning I was awoken by the loudest neighbours ever! The baby crying I can deal with, babies cry. The raised voices, young child running back and forwards, sliding along the wooden floor on something on wheels on it in not so tolerant of and definitely not at 5.30am!
The left the room just after 7 and I couldn’t get back to sleep so went for a wander around the resort. It’s really beautiful here, probably one of the resorts with the nicest grounds.

I walked all the way to hospitality house and got a coffee in my refillable mug. I also bought a chocolate hazelnut cupcake to have with this, it was lovely.

I sat on one of the tables on the walkway and just enjoyed the view, it was raining lightly this morning which was as welcomed by me. I also picked up DH a chocolate muffin to take back for him, this was $3.59.

I walked back to the room and after getting ready we made the decision to go to Hollywood studios for the late morning/early afternoon. The weather cleared up from earlier and ended up being far hotter than I had anticipated. Our first fastpass was for toy story mania, again DH beat me which he was pleased about 😂

After this we took Dd to meet the Disney junior characters in the animation courtyard, we saw Sofia, doc and vamporina. The queues for these weren’t too long and in general we’d noticed the standby queues for the rides were a lot shorter than we had seen last week.
DH and Dd had a fastpass for star tours so that’s where they headed while I took the opportunity to seek out some shade and have a sit down.

When they came off star tours we decided that we’d done pretty much everything we wanted in this park and were getting hungry, the food options are quite poor here so we droves down to Disney springs to get some lunch and all agreed that blaze pizza was the place to go. We parked up in the bottom garage on the second level, there were plenty of spaces and by now it was nearing 2 o’clock. We went straight to blaze which was very quiet and ordered 2 pizzas, being he adventurous types we are Dd and I had the same as last time, pepperoni and pineapple.

DH had almost the same as last time, but added some pineapple to his too.

e also got a blood orange aqua Fresca drink, this was absolutely amazing! And a bargain at $3! Blaze does 10% passholder discount so it came to just over $21. Absolute bargain! And again we loved the pizza, I can’t wait to come back here!

We left blaze and the heavens opened with a swift downpour, DH popped into the Lego shop to pick up a birthday present for Dd and we went to amourettes for some dessert. They are all absolutely beautiful to look at and it’s almost a shame to eat them! We got a mini Mickey chiffon cake. This was chocolate sponge and white and milk chocolate mouse covered in a ganache with chocolate ears. Even the icing decorations tasted like chocolate, this was $8 but was shared between 3 of us, it was so good!

Originally we had thought about going to Epcot from here but the weather had clouded over and was still pretty warm so I suggested the pool as Dd had wanted to go in the pool again since last time and I was keen to try out the main pool.
We got changed and drove to the main pool, we spent a good hour and a half here playing catch and Dd going on the slide. There were a few heavy downpours while we were there but each only lasted a few minutes and in the pool you hardly noticed them.

We got out and went to find the restrooms, they were so well equipped with showers and towels etc and were beautifully clean, Dd and I got sorted in here and then we drove back to our room to get changed to head back out this evening. Dd had spotted the playground when leaving the pool so on our way to Epcot be stopped off at the main pool and Dd had a play on the playground while DH and I had a lie in a hammock each. This is such a lovely area with all the amenities together and we are definitely considering here for our next trip. I feel like I say that about most resorts though 😂

We called into the general store where I bought the DVC spirit hoody. I’d seen all the various Disney ones and there seems to be ones released for the flower and garden festival etc now. I liked the baby pink colour and subtlety of the dvc writing. It’ll probably get worn on the plane home as I have realised I’ve not really packed anything for the inevitable return to colder weather.

We arrived at Epcot just after 6pm and went straight onto spaceship earth which had no wait. Unfortunately it broke down when we were right at the top looking back at ‘spaceship earth’ and we were stuck there for 10 minutes. We then went to the character spot to meet Mickey, Minnie and goofy using a fastpass I had got before leaving and then as usual called into club cool for some melon frosty.

Next up was a slow walk around the world showcase, DH got a lobster tail for $8 from one of the flower and garden festival booths at the showcase plaza area. He really enjoyed this and said the lemon sauce was particularly good.

We kept on our journey round and stopped at another booth in Morocco where Dd and I got a honey walnut baklava to share. This was really good and we both loved it. We sat under the shop in japan to eat this and shelter as the rain had started really heavy again. We had a look round the shop and Dd got some chewy sweets. By the time we paid for these the rain had stopped again.

We continued onto the American adventure and DH and I went to the smokehouse for a slider. We got one each at $7.50, it was filled with pulled pork, burnt ends and cheese fondue sauce and had a sausage and pickle on top, there was pork belly in there somewhere too. This was fantastic and a really good size, I loved every bite.

We continued the rest of the way round and made our way to mission space where Dd had been desperate to get to play in the play area at the end of the ride. It makes us laugh we come all this way to Florida and there’s loads of fun rides and Dd still wants to play in the play areas like we have at home. She made a little friend in here and they played away together for 20 minutes or so while we waited for illuninations.

We left here about 8.50pm to give us time to walk back to the world showcase lagoon to watch the fireworks. I am not a fan of these and find them quite dull so I had a wander around Norway and Mexico while Dd and DH watched them. Tonight was extra magic hours until 11pm so we took the opportunity while some of the crowds were heading out to go to electric umberella and get some food to share between us, as great as the flower and garden snacks are they just don’t fill us and Dd hadn’t really fancied much until now.

We got a beef brisket sandwich topped with beer cheese sauce, this came with fries and we also got another side of fries and a drink. We shared this between the 3 of us and it came to just over $20, quite expensive when you compare it to what we got in blaze earlier for the same price!
After food we walked over to the land pavilion and went on soarin, this said it had a 20 minute wait but actually we walked right down to the loading area and were on the actual ride in less than 5. This was great as usual! When we came out we took a left and had a ride on the seas with nemo and friends. This always makes be laugh when you walk through the queue and see the potential queuing area available. When we got off at the end we went and had a look at the marine life in each of the tanks, it was almost deserted in there and it was great to be able to wander around at your own leisure looking at things. We realised it was nearly 11pm now so we made our way out to the car which we had no problem finding as the car park was really empty by this point. We got back to the room and my app says we did over 25000 steps today! Hoping for a quieter start to the day tomorrow....

We all woke up at a decent time this morning. Got ourselves ready and headed out to animal kingdom. Originally our fast passes were made for animal kingdom this evening but within 5 minutes of #poundingtheapp I had modified them at got DH and DD flight of passage at 10.30, Navi rover journey for me at 10.50am. Then Kilimanjaro safari at 11.55am and Everest at 1.30pm. We parked up and got the tram into the park, bag check was empty which was a nice surprise. We walked over to pandora to use our fastpasses as it was now 11am. I rode Navi then called at pongo pongo to get a night blossom drink. This is soooooo delicious and cost just over $6 including tax. The boba balls are passion fruit flavour and I love that they fit up the straw! I finished this just before DH and Dd came off of flight of passage, again Dd really enjoyed this. We walked round to the safari which it was now time for, DH and Dd rode this and I waited for them on a bench at the exit of the queue, when they came off Dd was disappointed she didn’t get to see any pigs (warthogs?), but they did see loads of rhino and giraffes and the lion was out.

It was not lunch time and we had decided we’d eat at yak and yeti today. We arrived at the counter and asked for a table showing our Landry card and were seated in less than 2 minutes which was great. I knew right away what I was having. We ordered our drinks, coke for DH and I, apple juice for Dd.
For our meals I had the crispy honey chicken. This was served with brown rice and was really good, I ate every single piece.

DH had the coconut shrimp and again thought this was really good.

Dd had the kids cheeseburger meal. She chose the grapes and yoghurt for sides. She ate almost all of this, I finished he last bite or so of burger and it tasted really good!

Total came to just over $60 including our 10% passholder discount.

After lunch Dd and DH went on Everest and I picked up a fastpass for them to do kali rover rapids a little later. After Everest Dd was wanting to hit the boneyard play area so we spent half an hour in there playing on the slides and digging in the sandy area for fossils.

The weather today had been better than anticipated so the ride on kali rover rapids was welcomed by Dd and DH to cool them selves off. While they were getting soaked I grabbed a fastpass for the Minnie and Mickey meet and greet, so when they came off the ride that’s where we headed. This was one of the best character meets we’ve had in a while. Both Minnie and Mickey were interacting with all of us saying they liked DD’s dress and my Epcot ears and Minnie was flirting with DH which was hilarious and Mickey kept stropping.

After meeting the mice we called it a day on our time in animal kingdom for this trip and drove over to magic kingdom, we arrived around 5pm and I was feeling hungry, I fancied a sandwich but struggled to find one. In the end I grabbed an orange for Dd from Starbucks on Main Street which she ate before her and DH’s Fastpass for big thunder mountain. While they were on the ride I called into sleepy hollow for a sweet and spicy chicken waffle. This was served with coleslaw and a side of potato chips. It cost $10.99 and to be honest I wasn’t too impressed, it was too spicy and I like spicy food. The sauce soaked into the waffle making it really spicy too and meant it wasn’t a break from the intense spice. The coleslaw was also pretty dry and not great. The potato chips were fine. I ate what I could and then went and met DH and Dd as they came of big thunder mountain.

While eating my waffle I had got DH and Dd a fastpass for splash mountain so we arranged a place to meet when they were done and they went off to ride. I sat and people watched in Frontierland and it began to rain, it wasn’t heavy but it looked threatening.

When Dd and DH got off splash we decided to go and get them two some dinner and escape the rain, we crossed the park to cosmic rays and ordered some food.

DH had the 1/3 bacon cheese burger, Disney burgers are always good, you can’t go wrong with these and the toppings bar is great for adding pickles and things.

Dd got kids chicken nuggets and had 2 lots of fries as her sides, the other options weren’t appealing at all, it also meant I could have a few fries to snack on. DD’s meal also came with a chocolate milk.

I got a frozen strawberry lemonade slush. This was really good! Very refreshing and a lovely flavour.

Total cost came to $28.52.

The rain had all but stopped by the time we finished so we walked over to the barnstormer and Dd and DH rode this using the fastpass I got while they were on splash and booked another one for the mad hatter tea cups while they were on the barnstormer. We all rode the tea cups together before wandering through Tomorrowland and having a ride on the people mover. It was now only half an hour until happily ever after and after missing it the other evening due to it being delayed because of the weather we didn’t want to miss it again so we made our way down to Main Street and found a nice position to watch it. Our view was the best we’ve had yet, the crowds had thinned out due to the weather earlier which was nice.

After the fireworks we made a quick exit from the park and used our usual strategy of catching the resort monorail to the transportation and ticket centre. We were back at Old Key west just after 10pm and off to sleep not long later.

This morning we’d set an alarm for 9am as we had to pack to move resorts. I actually managed to wake at 7.30am. DH went and got coffees in our mugs at roaring forks and Dd had her candy apple we bought in magic kingdom the other night for her breakfast. I finished off what she couldn’t manage.

We packed up our stuff, organising our cases so we don’t need to unpack everything at Old Key west, we gave bell services a ring at 10am and they came up and collected our cases and bags of food.

We spent a few more moments making the most of our balcony view and then made our way down to the wilderness lodge bus stops. We were heading over to fort wilderness for Dd to do a pony ride. The bus came and stopped first of all at the outpost at fort wilderness and then made stops at each of the internal stops before reaching the trails end/pioneer hall bus stop. We were the only ones on the bus until we reached fort wilderness.

We got off and wandered over to the pony ride stables. This is $8 for 1 lap or $12 for 2 laps. The pony DD was given was Hershey, the same pony she rode in 2017. It took about 10 minutes but was really nice and Dd absolutely loved it.

We walked over to the playground area and Dd spent some time playing on here, the playground is in the shade so didn’t get too hot in the sun which is really good as a lot of the playgrounds on property are far too hot to play on by late morning. After a bit of a play we walked down to the boat launch and waited for he boat back to wilderness lodge. We only had a 5 minute wait and were quickly back at the resort and able to collect our car. We’d received the notification to say our room was ready at Old Key west at 10.50am so we decided to head over to their and check out our new room for he rest of our trip.

We are in building 49 at the end of south point road. It’s a long trek from hospitality house but there is a trail from our block right to the pool at the end of turtle pond road and it’s only a few minutes walk so that’s really handy and we actually really like the location as we would probably always drive to the main part of the resort anyway. After having a look round the room we were feeling hungry so we drove over to goods to go but as far as we could tell all the seating was outside and it was just too hot to deal with that.

We jumped back in the car and drove over to Saratoga springs and got some lunch at artists palette. DH had a Saratoga salad $10.99 and a side of clam chowder $4.39. He really enjoyed this, only criticism was the clam chowder wasn’t peppery enough for his taste but this was soon rectified using a few sachets of pepper.

We jumped back in the car and drove over to Saratoga springs and got some lunch at artists palette. DH had a Saratoga salad $10.99 and a side of clam chowder $4.39. He really enjoyed this, only criticism was the clam chowder wasn’t peppery enough for his taste but this was soon rectified using a few sachets of pepper.

Dd had a kids chicken nugget meal, this was 4 chicken nuggets, a bag of carrots, a bag of grapes and she had a chocolate milk, this was $7.49 and i thought it was very poor for the price in comparison with other kids meals. The nuggets were tiny and there was no option for any other sides like fries to bulk it out.

I had the cheese burger pie $10.99. This was a thin crust pizza with cheeseburger toppings, beef, cheese, tomato, pickles, mustard, mayo and lettuce. This was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Total for lunch came to $36.07 and other than DD’s disappointing meal the rest was great.

After we’d eaten we drove back to Old Key west and checked with bell services if I luggage had arrived at the resort and it had, they said they would follow us right over with it, so we drove round to our room and waited for the cases and bags to be dropped off. After we’d unpacked the bits we would need for the rest of our time here we decided to spend an hour or so at the quiet pool on turtle pond road. The pool wasn’t too busy and we were pleased to see a quick service counter to buy food and a refill station for the mugs.

After an hour in the pool we returned to our room to get changed and discuss our evening plans. We struggled to decide what/where we fancied for dinner this evening so ended up driving to Hollywood studios with the plan we would get something while we were there.

We got there about 5.30pm and had a look in Starbucks, they had loads of cakes but nothing savoury to have for dinner first. We made our way down Hollywood Boulevard and stopped off at Rosie’s all American cafe where DH got the 1/3 Angus cheeseburger. This was a standard Disney burger but he enjoyed it.

I had a fried green tomato sandwich. I was fancying a sandwich and this was the closest thing I could find. It was fine, nothing special, probably wouldn’t get it again. The choice here was pretty rubbish too.

Dd got a chicken nugget meal and this time was great value for money! She had loads of nuggets and fries and it came with a cookie and a chocolate milk. Our total for dinner was $30.01.

We had a fastpass for star tours so DH and Dd made their way over to use this. I sat on a wall close by and got myself a Mickey ice cream cookie sandwich, I absolutely love these, it seemed to melt really quickly though. A lot quicker than normal?!

When DH and Dd returned we went off to meet Olaf this was a lot of fun and we had planned to continue the character meets with Minnie and Mickey but the queue was upto 35 minutes by then so we gave it a miss. We walked over to the animation courtyard where Dd spent some time playing and posing for photos in the empty character meet areas. DH wanted another look in the Star Wars launch bay and after a look round and ruling out meeting BB8 due to the length of wait we walked over to toy story land for our fastpass for slinky dog. Dd absolutely loves this ride!

It was now time to make our way over to fantasmic. We had a fastpass for this so had a specific area to sit in. It has been 5 years since we last did this and I now remember why. It’s not great other than the last 5 minutes. I imagine it will be another 5 years before we watch it again. Getting out at the end is also abit of a faff.
We slowly exited Hollywood studios and drove back to Old Key west, we had a chill in the room and out on the balcony before calling it a night.

This morning we were all awake around 8.30am. We decided as it was our last full day at wilderness lodge we would try for breakfast at whispering canyon cafe. I looked on my disney experience and managed to get a 9.15am reservation. We got ourselves sorted and headed down there. We checked in and were seated pretty quickly. There were plenty of antics going on around us, servers embarrassing their tables and ketchup being carted around from table to table on request.

Our server took our drinks order first, I had a coke, Dd an apple juice and DH had coffee.

We knew what we wanted to eat from checking the menu before coming down from our room. DH and I were both having the skillet and Dd wanted the oatmeal with a side of fruit. We waited and waited and eventually the biscuit and gravy were brought out and a pot of maple syrup. We then waited and waited some more before the rest arrived. It took ages!

When the skillet arrived the contents were cold, we were that hungry and our server was literally nowhere to be seen we just got on and ate it. The skillet had bacon, sausage, scrambled egg, Mickey waffles and breakfast potatoes. The food was ok, but cold.

Dd had oatmeal which she topped with sugar, syrup and dried cranberries and really enjoyed.

Our server came over and asked if everything was ok and I told him that no to be honest it was pretty cold, he apologised and about 5 minutes later we had a fresh skillet and everything was piping hot. It was just a shame the first one hadn’t been like this. We managed to finish most of this one between us too so least we finished on a high.

Whispering canyon does 10% dvc discount so totally was $54.23 pretty expensive for breakfast but it bad for on property.

After we paid up we grabbed our stuff for the day and headed out to Epcot, before leaving I managed to grab us a fastpass for 11.25am for frozen ever after. We arrived at Epcot and made our way to Norway via club cool where we sampled the different coke products. We were well within our fastpass return time when we arrived and once scanned in I made us w further fastpasses for two of the tier 2 rides. After frozen DH wanted to watch reflections of China so he took Dd to watch that while I walked back to the start of the wild showcase and got a tropical slush topped with mango pieces from one of the flower and garden food booths. This was $4.75 and really refreshing! The weather today was a lot hotter than it had been upto now.

e carried on round the world showcase and when we got to Germany we called into karamel kuche for a pecan caramel bar, this was $4.75 but they do 20% passholder discount. I saved this for abit later as I was still stuffed from breakfast. We continued on to japan where we had a look in the mitsukoshi shop and then round to the start of the world showcase plaza. My feet were starting to hurt abit but now so we stopped off at the kids play park just after Canada. Dd had 20 minutes or so in here and really enjoyed it.

While having a sit in the shade I managed to get Dd and DH a fastpass for test track, as our other 2 fastpasses had expired I was now able to book another tier 1. They went off to ride test track and I took this opportunity to visit the dvc lounge, it was pretty busy in here this afternoon, lots of people with the same idea to escape the heat for a while.

DH messaged me when they had ridden test track and I met them outside of the figment ride, as I was waiting for them I made a start on my pecan caramel bar and Dd helped me out when she arrived.

We decided we’d done enough in Epcot for today and were wanting to return to Disney springs so thought as it was Saturday we would be best get there early. We parked on the top levels of the orange parking garage and there were still
Plenty of spaces when we arrived just after 4pm. We walked up to the top end by splitsville and Dd called into the Star Wars shop and bought herself a lightsaber. She’s wanted one for a while and DH is thrilled she’s showing an interest in Star Wars. After this was purchased we walked over past the Edison and onto the Joffrey shop where we bought a couple of bags of their coffee, it’s not badly priced especially when you take off the 20% passholder discount.

We were feeling hungry by now so I suggested blaze pizza. This reminds me of a subway style pizza shop. We ordered 2 pizzas between us, first up was a red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni and pineapple.

The other was a red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, salami and spicy sausage. These pizzas are cooked in 180 seconds and were absolutely amazing! Some of the best pizza I have ever tasted. They were $9.95 each which we thought was incredible value. We also got a fountain drink to share and the total came to Just under $25. We were all really impressed with blaze and it’s somewhere we would definitely come back to.

We walked round towards marketplace end of Disney springs and settled on getting a sundae to share from Ghirardelli, we chose the crissy fields sundae, this was cookie and cream and vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce, whipped cream, chocolate chip cookie pieces and 2 chocolate caramel Ghirardelli squares. We also paid an extra 50 cents for a Cherry on the top for Dd!

This came to $13.17 after discount and it was more than enough between 3 of us, we only just managed to finish it off.

After this we were torn what to do, I felt like I needed to change my shoes to stand any chance of making it through this evening, so we drove back to wilderness lodge and I changed my footwear. It was 6.30pm now and our plan was to go over to magic kingdom for the evening and hopefully see happily ever after, we decided to give the boat a go rather than drive and only had a short wait for one to come when we arrived at the dock. We got to MK and our first port of call was the use our tinkerbell fastpass I had gotten for us. This was our first instance of using the automated if cameras for a character meet and greet and I stood in front of it for the first two shots as I didn’t know it was there 😂

Next is was a fastpass for the princess meet and greet, but we had about a 20 minute wait so we queued for the carousel as this is one of DDs favourites. Then it was along to meet elena and Cinderella. When we came out it was raining abit and there was lightening in the area, we decided the philharmagic would be a good choice as it was right next door and would keep us out of the rain. Before heading into the theatre I picked us up a fastpass for dumbo in 15 minutes time, it was currently closed for inclement weather, however if you hold a fastpass for a closed ride it changes to a multiple experience fastpass that can be used for any ride in the park (except seven draws and meeting Mickey and Minnie). We love 💗 philharmagic and I can’t help but sing along to it. When we came out of the theatre our fastpass had indeed been changed to a multiple experience one and I booked us another, my plan was to get 3-4 of these so we could just choose what rides to fastpass after the fireworks. We wandered down to Main Street to watch them however the announcement came that they were delayed due to the weather which we weren’t exactly surprised about. We decided rather than stand endlessly waiting for them we would sack them off for tonight and use our fastpasses for some rides. First up we walked over to haunted mansion, I love this ride at night it gives it such a good atmosphere.

When we got off this we walked round to it’s a small world, another classic that we all enjoyed.

Next was the many adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Dd loves the play area in the queue here so we went in there for a little play first, we were disappointed to see a lot of the mini attractions are now broken 🙁. After riding Winnie the Pooh we were aware it was after 10.30pm and we would have to think about leaving the park soon as it closed at 11pm. We decided on one final ride on buzz lightest space ranger spin. We got stuck about 2/3 of the way through the ride which enabled us to rack up loads of points and we managed 999,999 galactic hero status. Kinda cheating I know, but probably the only time I will manage it 😂
After we got off here we made our way down Main Street and out of the park, we could see a boat at the dock for wilderness lodge and weren’t hopeful of making it, however the captain saw us coming and waited and opened the gates/ropes for us to climb on board which we were really thankful for as it was now spitting quite heavy. The boat was really quiet considering it was park closing and we were back at wilderness lodge in no time, we were straight to bed absolutely shattered.

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