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Our holiday is coming to an end - but before it does we had one last day at the Animal Kingdom.

J and I made the most of the good weather in the morning by popping down to the pool while the others slept on. We got back mid morning, showered, dressed and left and got to AK just before our fast pass for Flight of passage opened. This ride is really amazing- feel very lucky to have ridden it twice over the holiday...

J had decided to spend the last of his holiday money on a banshee after spotting a young lad in a restaurant with one the other day... so we had to do his adoption ceremony next! It was really him choosing which one he wanted, learning how to operate it and putting up his hand to repeat some words about swearing to look after the banshee and the planet. It was expensive - he bought the stand too so he can put it on his desk at home - but he hadn't seen anything else he really wanted and he loves it - it is spookily realistic when sitting on his shoulder!

Lunch was at Tusker House and we had gone for the Rivers of Light package. We really enjoyed it in here. The food was tasty, service was good and we got good seating for RoL in the evening. Here are some pics of our plates:

Some salad!

Salmon and shrimp curry...

More curry... and the roast potatoes were delicious!


And puddings!

The bread pudding was lovely.

Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy cane round to say hello too! I do think this is a bargain meal on the DDP to get characters, a delicious buffet and Rivers of Light seating - would definitely recommend it!

Not surprisingly we weren't very hungry during the afternoon although we did all get a drink at some point.

Tea was at Rainforest Cafe... We had an interesting server here who basically told us what we wanted to eat, disappeared for large amounts of time then would come back and start talking to us when we were trying to eat - luckily she was quite funny so some of it was forgivable but she did start to drive me up the wall by the end of the meal!

Food here was OK but not as good as we remember it being a few years ago when they had a really interesting menu - including good options for puddings. It now seems as though it could be geared towards the DDP and giving you a cheaper meal and the only real option for pudding they try to sell you is the Volcano shared pudding, which must be really cheap to make.

Anyway, the atmosphere in here is good and the food tasted good. I went for the chicken salad sandwich - it sounded delicious on the menu. What I got was some cold toast with lots of chicken sandwich filler like the pots you get from Morrisons! After a very rich lunch it was actually just what I wanted!

J went for a burger - and again ate it all up.

N went for the BBQ burger and said it was really good - a nice chunky burger!

L went for chicken Parmesan- this had 2 huge pieces of chicken in - I'm not sure she even managed to eat 1 of them.

Pudding was, of course, the Volcano - with other options mumbled quietly under the servers breath... we were in a rush by then to get to Rivers of Light, so said yes to getting it in the hope it would be the quickest option! It was OK but nothing special...

We always loved coming here and I don't know whether it was because it came at the end of 3 weeks of great food, or the change in menu, or the server telling us how many thousands of people they serve every day but it didn't feel as special in here as it usually does...

However- it was then on to the Rivers of Light...

We had great seats for this and loved it. It was a very lovely and special end to our time in Florida and we were glad that we had managed to see it - and the weather behaved so it was a lovely clear and warm not.

Travel day tomorrow 😢

Attraction Tickets Direct

We were up early today for our last trip to Disney Hollywood Studios. Managed to get all the new Toy Story rides done early on - I really enjoyed them. Slinky is great and the Alien Swirlers really made me laugh. The whole land is very impressive looking - really immersive. It does however offer very little shade.

So mid morning we stopped for a re-fuel! We went to Starbucks (Trolley Car) to spend up some of those snack credits on some huge drinks...!

J and I went for Frappuccinos - mine was strawberry and his was caramel... both scrummy!

L went for a Strawberry Açai- you get this in a HUGE size for a snack credit - it’s very refreshing just takes ages to drink!

N went for a cafe latte with fat free milk. He has struggled a little to get a coffee he has enjoyed - he normally has a skinny latte - and I think this one was the nicest he has had so far.

We were going to go to Woodys lunchbox for lunch, but we’re on the other side of the park and decided the menu was a little restrictive to make it worth walking all the way back - and I had seen the themeing of it, which was the important part! So we ended up at Backlot Express.

N and I both went for:
California Chicken Club
Grilled Chicken topped with Bacon, Guacamole, Pepper Jack Cheese, Cilantro Aïoli, Pickled Red Onions and Lettuce on a Brioche Bun served with French Fries

I had mine without cheese which meant it was freshly cooked, so cane out really hot!

This was nice - N even went so far as to say it was the best chicken burger he has had all holiday! He would happily have eaten another one!

J went for a plain hotdog - standard food for him, but he enjoys it!

L went for the darth Vader waffles and chicken. She enjoyed this too...

We left just before the heavens opened in the afternoon which scuppered plans for a trip to the pool. We started doing some packing instead 😪...

The rain wasn’t showing any signs of letting up, so we decided to get out of the hotel and go somewhere we wouldn’t get too wet - the monorail resorts!

We got a bus to magic kingdom. J and I popped into the park to pick up something we had forgotten to get, while N and L did the Epcot monorail loop.

We met back at the Polynesian for our starters... a drink at the Tambu Lounge (Traders Sams looked great but was an hours wait..).

I went for the Lapu Lapu - just because I’m on holiday! N had a draught Island IPA and the kids had Diet Coke... these were great but OMG the prices!!!😲

We then moved round to the Grand Floridian for the next course! We went to Gasprilla Island and really liked it! It was much calmer than some quick service places we have been in and everyone was really friendly in there.

I had a fish Reuben sandwich - fish, thousand island dressing and coleslaw. This was delicious!

J had a burger and quickly ate it all up...

L and N shared a sausage and pepper pizza. N loved this one, L preferred the Port Orleans one...

I had a Michelob Ultra with my meal - meeting ch cheaper than paying at the bar!! Think the Lapu Lapu may have affected the photography!!

N had a Big Wave which he enjoyed.

For pudding we moved round to the Contemporary resort and went to the Contempo cafe. Here N ordered soup! Wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I suggested going here for pudding... but he enjoyed it - it seemed to be a chickpea and vegetable soup, I think!

L and J had Mickey cookie ice cream sandwiches - a classic snack!

And I had the peanut butter pie - I had read good things about this on the Disney Food Blog and was keen to try it. The first bite was great... but then... too much peanut butter! I never thought I’d hear myself say those words... but it’s true, there is such a thing!

This is basically a little bit of pastry at the bottom, then everything on top is a gigantic scoop of sweetened peanut butter... would have been nice on toast!

We got the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom just at the same time as everyone else leaving the fireworks- not great timing! We were quickly back on the bus though and soon back to Old Key West - and we had managed to have a good evening out and had stayed dry! Hooray!

Last park day tomorrow 😭

We were back at Typhoon Lagoon this morning- it was supposed to be a Blizzard Beach day but the general consensus was that the wave pool at TL is too much fun to not do again. After a quick breakfast we head off and were there for rope drop - we can manage them when they are at 10am!

No pics as we didn't have the phone but we had the following for lunch from Typhoon Tillys :
N - tuna sandwich
J & L - chicken waffle sandwich
Myself - shrimp Po boy

All were good and quickly disappeared!

In the afternoon L & I got dipping dots and J got a soft serve ice cream. L also got an iced coffee later on, and I spotted an apple fritter as she was buying it - I've never had one before so got that too! Those snack credits need using up!

Mid afternoon we had to leave the pool as lightning was in the area so we decided to head back to the hotel. We were glad we had as not long after we got back there was the most almighty storm...

We had a booking at Disney Springs and had plans to go for a drink and get the boat across. We waited for the storm to clear... and waited... and waited...

Eventually we decided to drive down. We did some shopping and then went to see if we could be seated early at T-Rex.

Now it was not my choice to come here and had put an argument forward for other places which I thought would be better to eat at - but this was one restaurant which was insisted upon. With that in mind, and the rubbish weather, and being sat in the ice cave again which makes your food look blue, and the server trying to insist on me getting an alcoholic drink even though I was driving, and with us getting to our last few days here - it is possible that I started behaving like a spoilt brat and got a little grumpy and snappy. I'm not proud of it... and have apologised! We did manage to start being civil to each other again before the food arrived!

I ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail to drink which was nice.

Then I had the ribs - I always say at home that I can't wait to have ribs on holiday - then never order them. N pointed this out and got snapped at, so I then felt that I had to order them! They were ok but a little too fatty...

This what it looked like with the flash on...

And what it looked like as I was actually trying to eat it!

L went for rotisserie chicken and mash. She enjoyed this but started to feel tired again half way through...

J had a burger - he said this was the best burger he has had and quickly finished the lot - and it was big!

N went for a special which was steak, shrimps skewer and scallops in a cheesy sauce- he really enjoyed this, especially the scallops.

And a blue version!

We decided to go for the Volcano shared pudding which was four chunks of chocolate cake and ice-cream and which came out smoking...

The chocolate cake was tasty but it was so chewy - none of us had more than half a piece each...

And without the flash - the ice cave must have been having a red moment!

We drove back and stopped at the garage for N to get some more beer... he also picked up a couple of huge cans for me, including this ridiculous one! We are now drinking them on the balcony, I think the rain has stopped but it has definitely been the wettest day we have had this holiday.

I hope I didn't make T-Rex sound too negative- we had a really fun server, and once my little strip was over we did enjoy it! The food was Ok - N and J especially enjoyed theirs... maybe next time I can persuade them to give Homecoming a go!

We also got in some snack credit shopping whilst we were at the Springs - N bought some sweets to take back to work...

And we picked up some more chocolate from Ghirardelli- for some reason they insisted that it was 5 bars for 3 credits tonight - and I wasn't going to argue with them. I'm not sure what we are going to do with all this chocolate but I'm sure it will make good pressies when we get home!

We now have 20 snack credits left for the last 2 days - that sounds quite do able!

Another day of food! This one started with breakfast in the hotel room followed by a quick dip in the pool. We then made our way to Magic Kingdom on the bus as we didn't want to face the monorail / boat trip at the end of the evening.

As soon as we got there I picked this up as s snack credit - a chocolate covered strawberry - much to everyone else's horror. It was quickly voted worst use of a snack credit in the whole holiday! In my defence- I asked for the biggest one and it was really tasty!

We went to Be Our Guest for lunch - we sat in the main ballroom next to a snowy window. L had ordered the Braised Pork. She ate most of this and said it was Ok...

J had the croque monsieur without sauce - again, he ate most of this and was just helped out at the end by his dad!

Wrong picture on the one above - that was the turkey sandwich and this one is the pic of the croque monsieur.

N and I ordered the turkey sandwich and the french dip sandwich and shared them. These were both delicious but if I had to chose one to have again it would be the beef one - really, really scrummy. The pic doesn't show the jus which came with the sandwich and which made it even more delicious!

I wasn't sure about coming back here again but N convinced me it would be a good idea and is a good use of a quick service meal - and I'm glad he did - it was much better than I had remembered it being.

We all had puddings here for snack credits - N had the orange eclair, I had the lemon meringue cupcake, J the chocolate cupcake and L the chocolate cream puff.

I managed to pick up a Dole Whip Float in the afternoon- as delicious as ever!

Mid afternoon L started to feel washed out and not up for staying in the park - she hung on for a while, and we left her upstairs in Columbia Harbour House with a hot chocolate while we went on a ride to see if she felt any better, but in the end she decided she would rather go back to the hotel and have a rest. We walked her down to the bus and she headed back - we got a text within half an hour to say she was back and OK.

That meant we were one down when we went for tea at Skipper Canteen... There were jokes galore from the hostess but our server was a little lacklustre.

To drink I went for a Sangria and N had an Old Elephant IPA - this was so grapefruity you could smell it before you drank it! J had a Diet Coke.

I had a seafood stew for my main - this was really tasty. I'm not sure if I'm just getting acclimatised and used to eating a mountain for each meal but this felt really small!

N had steak which came with rice and black beans. He said this was a good steak and he enjoyed it.

J was a little flummoxed by the menu here and ended up going for steak salad with no dressing. Apart from the moment he mistook a jalapeño for a normal pepper, he really enjoyed this.

For pudding I went for:
Coconut Bar with Pineapple-Basil Compote and Vanilla Cream
Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Coconut and Lime-White Chocolate Ganache

This was nice and light and tasted good - but again, not very big!

N and J had Kungaloosh!
An African-inspired Chocolate Cake with Caramelized Bananas served with Cashew-Caramel Ice Cream topped with Coffee Dust

This was a quite chewy! More like a brownie than a cake.

L had got herself a hotdog from Goods To Go and was feeling a little better by the time we got back and looking forward to going on a return visit to Typhoon Lagoon in the morning.

It was a double table service day at Epcot today.

We started with a return trip to the outlets which was only slightly better at opening time... but at least J managed to pick up a new starter set of pins to trade for 1/2 the price as in the parks.

We then decided to get the bus to Epcot as neither of us fancied driving.

We went to Teppan Edo for lunch - this was one of my choices and the one I had been most looking forward to, then had s panic in the morning that no one would like it. I needn’t have worried - we all loved it!

We were sat with an American family with young children who kept themselves to themselves. Our server was earning her ears and was very sweet. It was good to watch some of the other tables having the food cooked in front of them as it prepared us for what was going to happen at our table - reading reviews I had thought we may be in a room on our own but there are 4 tables per room, each sitting 8 or 9 people with up to 2 chefs cooking in the room at any point.

We started with drinks - I went for an non-alcoholic pina colada (it was lunchtime at the start of a long day!) - this was delicious!

The others all had soft drinks. We were then brought out salads which had a soy dressing - these were tasty. While eating these we ordered our mains.

I went for scallops, J went for chicken and steak, L filet mignon and N steak and shrimp.

The noodles and veg got cooked first - all with a little showmanship - and then served up. My scallops were the first things to be cooked so I got to eat them hot with the noodles. Everyone else’s food took longer to cook so they had just about finished their noodles by the time they got their meat. We also got a bowl of rice and a couple of dipping sauces (yum yum sauce & a ginger soy sauce).

My scallops were amazing - 6 of the biggest and most tenders scallops I have ever had. And the noodles were really tasty too...

Everyone enjoyed their food - and the cooking show!

Puddings were next! J and I had ginger mousse cake - really light and delicious!

L had vanilla and green tea swirl ice-cream which she thought tasted a little like grass but she seemed to enjoy it!

N went for green tea - which took us all by surprise and which he insisted he really enjoyed!

Eating here was a great experience and the food was delicious- definitely one to remember!

We were desperately trying to get through some of our snack credits throughout the day - we went to Starbucks where I got a very large Strawberry Açai and a blueberry scone. N had a coffee Frappuccino which I think convinced him that frozen coffee isn’t for him!

L and J both had frozen cokes.

N also had a cheddar and bacon soup from near Canada. This looked just like cauliflower cheese without the cauliflower and I was drooling - but resisted! He said it was very tasty...

As we were passing China he popped to Joy of Tea and picked up a couple of curry pockets and a beer... He was proud of himself for remembering to take a photo - and claims to have taken the best food photo of the holiday!

Passing through America I had to get one of these - an American Dream. Another one to cross of my must do snack list... this was nice but was quickly hijacked by L!

J also popped to Karamel Kuch to get a caramel filled cookie and some toffee apple flavoured werthers originals!

We had a couple of beers as we wandered round the worlds too... these were both new to us - Casa and Almaza.

After all that we then went to the Rose and Crown for tea - strategically booked for 7:45! We asked for an outside table and were seated neatly straight away... so we warned the kids to eat slowly! Unbelievably the food arrived in record time.. almost before we had ordered it!

Drinks first - I had a fruity cocktail (ended up having 2 of these but hey, makes up for the non-alcoholic one I had earlier!). Always good to get a drink that shines!

N had a Harp lager and thinks it must be over 20 years since he last had one!

To eat I had the Fish and chips - I thought these were fine and definitely better than I have had in some other places in the UK.

N ordered the sausage and mash - he said this was Ok but not great.

L had the shepherds pie - again, Ok but not great.

J went for the chicken tikka masala which he said wasn’t as good as the one from Yak & Yeti. It seemed like a homemade curry from 20 years ago!

N ordered a flight of beers next which came with a list of odd suggestions for creating your own mixes...

For puddings N and J ordered Sticky Toffee Pudding which was tasty.

I had a chocolate nougat and caramel bar - it said it was inspired by a famous chocolate bar but I couldn’t work out whether it meant a mars bar or a twix! This was OK...

L had the trifle... again this was Ok.

We managed to prolong our stay for the reason we had come here - the fireworks. We had a great view!

Despite the below par food I think we all enjoyed eating here. The venue was hilarious- like a real pub that we have all been to many times - including someone crying into their beer as we walked through to find the toilets. Our server was from Middlesbrough and was lovely, and the view for the fireworks were great - it was like having a private viewing party!

It was a non-park day today to give us chance to have a rest and some down time. N, J and I started by doing the Conch Flats tour of Old Key West - this was a free tour run by a really great cast member. It lasted an hour and we got given a pin each at the end - I would really recommend anyone staying here to go on it!

We then nipped down to the Vineland outlets as J wanted to buy some more pins - we didn’t get here until nearly 12 and the Disney shop was packed and the pin packs had all gone! It was very different to when we had gone on a week day.

We picked L up and drove round to Saratoga Springs for lunch - we had stayed here many years ago and fancied a trip down memory lane. We ate at the Artists Palette - their version of a food court!

We had taken our resort mugs so swapped drinks for sides or puddings. N went for soup which was tomato and basil which he said was very nice!

Both N and I went for the lobster and bacon sandwich which was delicious! It was toasted which I wasn’t expecting and was full. Really scrummy!

Inside pic!

L & J both went for pepperoni pizza.

For pudding J went for a cookies and milk cupcake.

This had hidden cookie dough inside it.

And I had a cannoli- I’ve never had one before and always fancy one, but this was really sickly! Looks good though!

We were trying to use up some of our snack credits, so N also got a bottle of Saratoga fizzy water - nice bottle!

And J picked up some apple slices which he ended up eating later in the day.

I also picked up some tins of mints as snack credits...

We went to the pool in the afternoon until the weather took a turn for the worst so we ended up relaxing in the hotel instead.

When the weather cleared we headed out to Disney Springs. We ended up going to The Chicken Guy as this was where J fancied eating. There was a queue to get in but it moved quickly. It was as smaller here than I expected and most of the seats are outside so we just had to hope the rain didn’t start again.

It is cheaper to eat in here than a lot of other places so good for paying oop - not such good value on the DDP as you can only get the combos and no alcoholic drinks. This really irked N as it meant J, who wanted nuggets, would only get 3... I think if he hadn’t known the cost of the food he would have been impressed with the food here, but knowing he wasn’t getting good value and that you couldn’t choose the 5 nuggets seemed to put him off it a bit!!

These are Js nuggets - which he also had fries and a drink with.

L & I both went for:
The Sauce Boss
two Chicken Tenders (Crispy Fried or Grilled All-natural), Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle and your choice of any two Signature Sauces

I went for Special Sauce and L, Chipotle Ranch - these came in the sandwich and as a dipping pot.

N had:
Pepper Jack, Special Sauce, Avocado Crema, Cumin Lime Mojo, Charred Corn, Roasted Peppers, Black Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Crispy Tortilla Strips

I thought this was really tasty and one of the best chicken burgers I’ve had. It was very juicy and messy though!

We also got some fried pickles as a snack credit. These were nice but I think I prefer them un-fried!

We did some more snack credit shopping as we went round the Springs - including this haul at Ghirardelli.

We got 4 chocolate bars for 3 snack credits, the others were all one credit each including the bottle of caramel sauce!!! J also had a coke float from here, too.

It was Ls 17th birthday today - we will be getting some driving lessons for her when we get back as her main present, but she needed a few things to open on the day, so N and I had fun popping to Walmart the day before and picking up a few things - American candy, stationery etc... J had bought her a Crookshanks (cat from Harry Potter) toy at Universal and we had got her a Sadness plush from Disney. We had bought a few cards and presents from home too...

We let her sleep for a while then she got up and came through to the HUGE bed they give you in Old Key West where she opened her pressies...

We then went to 1900 at the Grand Floridian for brunch.

I love a breakfast buffet and this one was as tasty as expected! The strawberry soup I had heard about was nice - a little like melted strawberry ice cream!

There was a good variety of food including eggs benedict - although I took the last one on the tray and the muffin was a little hard! The potatoes with it in this pic were called Potatoes O'Brien and were delicious!

The cinnamon roll was nice!

The characters here were good - Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter (the kids were threatening to hide in the toilets or head to the buffet when he was coming over but he was really funny..), Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.

Food was similar to what we have had at other breakfast buffets - really scrummy! Here are a few of our plates:

N really enjoyed the carved turkey.

More strawberry soup!

More food...

At the end of the meal our server brought L over a Mickey cupcake for her birthday!

We spent the afternoon in Magic Kingdom- it was threatening to rain all afternoon and rides were being closed and reopened but we managed to get on everything we wanted to. Mid afternoon L and J both got floats - J got a coke float, and L a root beer float.

Then - disaster - I looked down and my magic band had gone! Panic! I retraced my steps and went back to where we had been - but nothing had been handed in...

I went to guest services where they were lovely! She gave me another band straight away and it was all sorted! Amazing!

Once I had a magic band again I could go and get myself a snack - and got this beauty! It was a candy corn milkshake... I didn't really know what I was getting but I had seen people with them and thought they looked awesome!

I think it was a caramel flavour milkshake / slushy with candy floss on top, and a marshmallow attached to the straw! It was very sweet!

L decided she would like to go back to DHS for Fantasmic so we could use our seat tickets from the night before - so we headed back there and straight for tea along Sunset Boulevard.

N and L went to Rosie's All American Cafe - N had a burger and had a Sierra Nevada draught ale with his meal.

J and I went to Fairfax Fare - he had a foot long hotdog which came with the Lays crisps. N got him some fries instead, which he should have been a snack credit but he ended up not being charged for this!

I got the combo fajita plate - N & I shared this and the burger. I got another Sierra Nevada ale for him and got a huge Coke Zero as a snack credit for me - I drove home!

To finish we went over to Oasis Canteen for a cookies and cream funnel cake - unbelievably this was one snack credit! There is no way one person could it eat this...

We then used our tickets from yesterday to get great seats for a Fantasmic end to Ls Birthday!

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