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We have made it to Disney, staying at Old Key West - and we got the room I had requested through Touring Plans! It is so good to be here - I’m sitting on the balcony, overlooking the golf course and feeling very content!

We started the day finishing off some of the cereals in the room. We packed up, had a quick dash to Citywalk to get a Starbucks mug which we had forgotten to pick up... then we said our goodbyes to the Hard Rock Hotel - we’ve really loved staying here!

We went to the Premium Outlets on International Drive to check out the Disney Store- bought a couple of t-shirts, & L bought a cap and some hair slides.

Then we went to the much talked about Kekes at Millenia. We got there around 12 and it was really busy - we had to wait about 15 mins for a table. After seeing pics I was expecting to be overwhelmed by the amount of food but actually what we got was a good amount which was really tasty and fresh and very enjoyable!

I ordered the Florida waffle - I didn’t go for the combo, just the waffle on its own. I was asked if I wanted cream so I said yes, not sure why as I’m not a huge fan - but I was sharing this with L. It came covered in cream - but it was really light and underneath that was lots of banana, strawberries and blueberries- the waffle was really light and tasty too.

L ordered the stuffed French bread with apples and cinnamon - we shared this as well. This was really delicious!

N fancied lunch rather than breakfast so went for s buffalo chicken wrap. He said this was tasty, but actually preferred what J had ordered. I had a taste of this and thought it tasted really good.

J ordered a chicken, cheese and salsa panini. He wasnt a huge fan but I’m impressed that he is having a go at ordering different things from the menu after years of hot dogs and chicken nuggets! He ate about 1/2 of this and his dad was happy to help him finish it!

We went to Walmart in the afternoon to pick up some water, beer and cereals... plus a couple of other things! Then made our way to OKW to be welcomed home - love it!!

We picked up our refillable mugs from Conch Flats and had to go and fill them straight up at Goods to Go! We went to our room, unpacked, then relaxed on the balcony with a couple of drinks... and then didn’t want to move!

We eventually pulled ourselves away and walked down to get the boat to Disney Springs, which was just ready to leave as we got there. We didnt make much use of the boats last time we stayed here as we were so far into the resort - this was one of the reasons for a room request closer to Conch Flats - it was about 5 minutes walk from our door to the boat!

We found Blaze pizza in the new to us Disney Springs and went to order our pizzas - I went for spicy red sauce, chicken and sausage and some veggies including jalape˝os... no cheese... then when I picked it up I asked for buffalo sauce on! It was delicious- and ridiculously spicy!!

I had a bottle of Sol with this, which was a great addition to the Dining Plan!

N had chicken, sausage,onions and jalape˝os (with cheese) - I think!

J went for pepperoni,sausage and basil.

L went for pepperoni and basil - we all really enjoyed these. Someone even declared them better than Via Napoli which means they must have been impressive!

There was a little excitement when I went to use my magic band and got the PIN number wrong - whilst being told off by the kids for doing it all wrong! It was soon sorted and I just had to re-enter it and have another go...

After this we went to World of Disney to pick up our gift card - I think it’s a bit of a shame that they make you do this - we had to stand in a line for 20 mins in the middle of the shop to get this sorted. It doesn’t make you want to go shopping and stand in another line to use it! I also think that this could easily be someone’s first experience of Disney and it’s not a great first impression- I’m sure it could easily be left for you at check-in or added to your room account. Sorry - rant over!

We went to Goofys Candy shop to make our own snacks- this was on my list of must do snacks! We filled in our slips for what we wanted, then watched while they were made.

I went for rice crispy Mickey head, dipped in dark chocolate with peanut butter chips and a milk chocolate drizzle.

L had a Mickey head with white chocolate, m&ms and a milk chocolate drizzle.

J went for a gingerbread man with milk chocolate, sprinkles and white chocolate drizzle.

N went for marshmallows dipped in milk chocolate, Graham cracker crumbs and a milk chocolate drizzle.

These were all scrummy - but mine was so big! I managed less than half - the rest is in the fridge at the moment!

It was another great day and so good to be back at Disney! Thanks for reading will keep you updated with our DDP adventures!

Charter Travel

Our last full day and we still had 6 drinks and 4 snacks left on our meal plan cards. J, N and I decided to sneak in an extra trip to Volcano Bay this morning and left L in bed. Another great morning was had here - and the rapids ride was great fun - worth going back for! We used a drink credit on our way back to the shuttle bus.

We were back at the hotel, picking L up and back out to the parks by 11ish... we were really hungry as we had had cereals before we left at 7am but only a drink since, so we headed straight to Springfield for the Simpsons food court.

L wasnt hungry as she had just got up and only recently had some cereals. She had a fruit platter - when I went to pay I was shocked to be asked it I wanted to use a snack credit for it. This should have been $8.49 so was great use of a credit - and really big! We also used up some of our drink credits here which brought down the cost of lunch...

The photo looks a bit orange- it had watermelon, melon, pineapple and red grapefruit in.

I had calamari with fries and a Diet Coke... all very deep fried and brown - but also pretty scrummy!

N went for a Krusty Burger which he said was tasty but messy!

J went for a Heat Lamp Dog, which disappeared quickly!

During the afternoon we decided to use our remaining snack credits up - unfortunately N went off in search of a drink while we picked these up and wasn't back in time to take a pic before they were gobbled up!

J got a waffle cone from Florian Fortescues in Diagon Alley - a snack credit got him a huge waffle cone with 2 flavours. He went for salted caramel blondie and sticky toffee pudding - both were delicious! This should have been $6.99, so another good use of a snack credit!

L went for Dipping Dots - which she had been wanting all week, and loved. These should have been $4.99.

We did the 2 big water rides - Popeye and Blutos Barges plus Dudley Doo Rights Ripsaw Falls - as our last rides. We were soaked to the bone when we came off so headed back to the hotel - but not before stopping at Cinnabon to use up our final snack and drink credits on another classic Cinnabon- so warm and tasty and amazing! We all shared this... but would all have loved one each I think!

A quick shower and change and back out for the evening- N wanted to try a Duff beer so we had a quick pit stop in Universal, which still seemed really busy.

We then finally made it to Antojitos - and it was worth the wait. I loved it here - the food, the drinks, the atmosphere- it was great!

We were going to go for the much talked about guacamole made at the table, but the kids were really tired by the time we got seated so we went straight for main courses.

We were given tortillas and salsa when we sat down - salty but delicious!

J, of course, went for nachos! He remembered to ask for the guacamole on the side (so I could have it!) - another huge plateful...

He says that these were his favourite Nachos of the week!

L had chicken fajitas...

Which needs 2 pics!

N went for chicken enchiladas verde.

And I had Combinacion Especiale - Pork tamale with beef machaca, enchilada verde, pork stuffed chile ancho, pickled onions, black beans, house rice.

I asked if this had any cheese in - it did in the enchilada, so I just ordered it without cheese which was fine.

OMG - this was delicious- a real explosion of flavours on every forkful. I was totally stuffed when I finished but I could have happily eaten it again!

I also had a couple of Sols (as I was in Mexico!) and N had a lager called Pacifico Clara, which he enjoyed.

So we come to the end of our first week here - I'm feeling quite sad about moving on - not just because I have to do the packing! We have all had a great time at Universal - the parks have been ace, the hotel room has been ideal and so brilliant to be able to walk out to the parks, we have loved Volcano Bay and having that option here has been great - and of course the food - nom nom! Slightly tight shorts from the start of the week have now been classified as indecent and I don't think will make an appearance for the rest of the holiday!

But I cant be too sad as today is the day we move down to Old Key West - hooray!

I will do some maths later and update with how we did with the Universal meal plans... N said yesterday that he has enjoyed not feeling like he is having to shell out money all the time so it has been a bonus for him to have them - plus I think we would probably have bought at least 1 refillable mug if we havent needed to as we got enough drinks on the plan... I will try to work out what we would have spent if we hadn't had them and let you know!

Today was a double park day - Universal Studios in the morning, then IoA / Universal in the evening to see the light show.

We started with breakfast in the room as usual, then stopped mid-morning to use some of our snack credits on a Big Pink and some popcorn, which we all shared...

The donut was ace and as big as my head!

Popcorn was standard popcorn, no body could work out if it had a flavour, which probably tells you something about it! It was quickly inhaled...!

At lunchtime the parks seemed to be heaving and they had just about started queuing out of the door for the Simpson's food court, so we decided to take our leave and head to Anyojitos for lunch - our 3rd try as it had been rained off and closed for a private party when we had tried to go here earlier in the week...

We were thwarted once again - it doesn't open until 4 - and no one was prepared to wait that long for lunch!

Quick change of plan - we went to the Citywalk food court, where I had my very first Panda Express! I had Orange Chicken, Beijing beef and steamed veg - and loved it!

N had the Orange Chicken, Beijing beef and Chicken Kung-Po with fried rice.

L & J went Moe's - L did the ordering and said it was one of the most stressful experiences of her life and she never wants to do it again! She ended up with chicken quesadillas.

And J had Nachos- surprise surprise!

We then went to Voodoo donut as there was no queue, and we had all conveniently forgotten that we had already eaten the worlds largest donut only a couple of hours beforehand...

We ordered The Voodoo Doll, the Grape Ape, Raspberry Romeo and a little pink. They were all amazing... and huge!

In the evening we were in IoA so went to the Three Broomsticks for tea. I apologise now for the photos - it was late, we were hungry and we all momentarily forgot to think about pictures, so had already started digging in before photos were taken - sorry!

I had the rib platter - despite the slightly congealed look of the photo which makes it look horrendous- this actually tasted ok! I used our last Universal meal
Plan, meal credit to pay for this.

N had 3 beef patties with a portion of wedges. He says that these were Ok too...

L had shepherds pie again and said that this wasn't as good as the one in the Leaky Cauldron...

J had a children's meal of chicken fingers, plus an order of wedges. He didn't fancy anything from the normal menu but it took some persuading to make him realise that they really weren't bothered that he wasn't under 9 and that they wouldn't come and tell him off for ordering a child's meal!

This does come with 3 fingers - he was hungry, sorry!

Today was a non-park day, so we all had a bit of a lie-in, then went out for breakfast to one of our favourite places - Denny's. The same one on America Way, International Drive, which N and I went to on our first morning on our first trip to Florida together before we even got married, in 1999. We ate way too much, but it was as great as ever!

N had his favourite - Moons Over My Hammy - the same he has had on every trip since 99, and often talked and dreamt about between trips!

I had blueberry pancakes with strawberries and bananas, plus hash browns, eggs and bacon - scrummy!

L had salted caramel banana pancakes, which came with a caramel sauce and sprinkles of shortbread! Plus hash browns, eggs and bacon.

J asked for 4 pancakes and 4 sausages, thinking the pancakes would be scotch pancake size... they weren't!

The sausages were a little lonely on a big plate!

We went shopping to Vineland outlets, followed by Mall at Millenia. This was my little haul from the hotel shop, the Disney outlet, Converse, and Old Navy.

Everyone else got similar size hauls and some good bargains... a fairly successful shopping day in all!

Including a little trip to Bath & Body Works! Could easily have spent a fortune in here, but wasn't sure about how heavy everything would be for getting home...

We had tea at the Cheesecake Factory- this was my favourite meal of the trip so far.

I had the egg roll sampler - A Variety of All of Their Rolls with Avocado, Tex Mex, Cheeseburger Spring Rolls and Chicken Taquitos. This was so good I cant even say which was my favourite!

N had a combination of Chicken Madeira and Steak Diane with mash.

L had chicken, tomato and basil pasta, which we said was delicious and fresh tasting.

J had chicken tenders, which were actually buffalo chicken strips from the appetiser menu, with the sauce on the side.

Plus the obligatory fries!

Forgot to say we had also had delicious warm bread to start...

We couldnt leave without having some cheesecake- so got 2 to share.

We got an original with strawberry topping which was everything you could hope for in a cheesecake!

And an Oreo one - OREO« Cookies baked in our creamy Cheesecake with layers of fudge cake and OREO« Cookie mousse. Topped with a milk chocolate icing.

Oh my goodness - this one was rich!

We rolled out and back to the hotel in the rain and when this had stopped N and I walked round to Portofino Bay.

Wow - that place is amazing - it was like being on holiday within a holiday. We had a drink in the bar overlooking the harbour, listening to a couple of Opera singers singing from a balcony overlooking the square.

N had a pint of Oktoberfest, while I had a lemon and basil beer which tasted a little like someone had concocted it in their greenhouse!

We had great fun at Volcano Bay this morning. Breakfast in the room as usual, then we went down to catch the shuttle bus from HRH about 7:45. This was full and we had to all squeeze on.

Volcano Bay was great - some really original rides / slides and once we got our bearings it was quite easy to get around. We managed to get on a few rides while they were still ride now.

I thought the tapu tapu worked well and meant that we could have some down time in the lazy river and on the sun beds while we waited for our next go on the Aqua Coaster - which was great. It got really busy late morning but we had done most of what we wanted to do by then - except the wild rapids ride which was closed for the whole time we were there, unfortunately.

We didn't take the phone into the park so no photos I'm afraid, apart from a couple I've managed to borrow from elsewhere. We had lunch at Bambu Jungle which had nice shaded areas to sit in. Because we had the dining plan cards we were able to go to the park without money which meant that we were happy to leave our bags and towels (borrowed for the day from our room!)and didn't need to get a locker.

For lunch we had:
Me - Mahi sandwich - Grilled mahi mahi, pineapple salsa, signature remoulade, lettuce and tomato on a toasted brioche bun with fries

This was delicious- a huge piece of fish!

N - Cheddar cheese, fresh slaw, fried onion crisps and avocado mayo on a Hawaiian style bun with fries

He was really impressed with this and declared it the best quick service burger he has ever had! (& he has had a few! )

J - bacon cheeseburger

L- chicken tenders and fries

Photo borrowed from

L & J had a milkshake with theirs, which negated the need for pudding but did leave them feeling thirsty so we used up some drink credits on the meal plan cards which had been starting to stack up.

We went back to the hotel mid-afternoon, showered and changed and headed out to IoA for a few rides. We had decided to go to Antojitos as we hadn't managed to go the night before, but it was closed due to a private party! We are now determined to make sure we go at some point!

We ended up at Toothsomes Chocolate Emporium- we had planned to come here at some point, but only for pudding. But they were able to seat up straight away so in we went. I really like the theming in here but it was so cold! I'm going to have to start taking a jumper out with me I think - I don't understand why they have to make it so cold, surely just a degree or two lower would be enough? !

Anyway, I had a Barbecue Chicken Salad - Chipotle grilled chicken, romaine, roasted corn, black beans, avocado, pepper jack cheese, vine tomatoes, spiced pumpkin seeds, sweet drop peppers, chipotle lime vinaigrette, crispy tortilla strips

This was lovely and zingy!

N had the Nišoise salad - citrus crusted tuna, fingerling potatoes, olives, eggs, asparagus, tomatoes, red onion, citrus vinaigrette.

He enjoyed this.

L had margarita flatbread with fries.

J had pepperoni flatbread with fries.

They both enjoyed these, although J was hoping for a more pizza style flatbread rather a crispy one!

Think I may have got the photos the wrong way round for those!

For pudding we all shared 2 ridiculous milkshakes - Red Velvet - a favourite with the oldies, and Cookie Jar - very much enjoyed by the kids!

These were scrummy! And just a little bit messy!

N had a couple of draught beers and I had a couple of bottles of Miller Lite. L & J both had diet cokes. The bill was $135.

Thanks for reading - will update again tomorrow!

We went to Islands of Adventure today - with a brief walk through Universal Studios as that had Early Opening.

We had the usual breakfast of cereals and fruit in the room then set off. We managed to do the Minions ride then caught the Hogwarts Express to IoA.

Today was a day of changing plans - we had planned on going to the Three Broomsticks for lunch until J pointed out it was really similar to yesterday's lunch and that he fancied a hotdog!

We ended up going to Blondies in Toon Land in IoA.

I had a tuna salad sandwich, potato salad and crisps with a Diet Coke. We um'd and aah'd about whether to use the Universal meal plans for these as they only just fit the criteria - this was $13.50 and $3.29 for the drink + tax. In the end we decided to use them as we don't want to be left with anything at the end and if necessary we can always buy some more.

This was really lovely and fresh tasting.

N went for the Dagwood - Fresh baked onion & poppy seed bread piled high with baked ham, turkey, roast beef, American and Swiss cheese, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and mustard.

My sandwich was freshly made in front of us. This one was ready made and taken out of the fridge. He said it was really tasty and was bigger than it looked - took him a while to get through it!

L & J both went for hotdogs here, which came with fries and a brookie - a brownie baked into a cookie.

These were $13.99 + $3.29 for their drink.

We escaped the theme park at the first sound of thunder and dashed back to the hotel to wait out the rain - which didn't arrive! So N & I went out to Publix to pick up some more milk & cereals... including these healthy looking things!

We also picked up some more snacks...

Really spicy crisps, some refried beans to take home with us!, more M&Ms which were buy 1 get one free and some Reece's snack mix - popcorn, pretzels, Reeces pieces and mini Reece's cups. I had this on my list of must do snacks after spotting them in an American candy shop in the UK and I am glad I did - they are ace!

We also found the British aisle!

We also got some watermelon to ensure that we had had something fresh during the day!

We were going to walk out to Citywalk for tea but as we all got changed the rain finally arrived - and didn't stop! No-one fancied walking in the rain, so we changed plans and decided to drive out for tea instead. N decided Longhorns was where he fancied so we found an address, put it in to HereWeGo and off we went.

N had had a couple of drinks by this time, so I ended up having to drive... it was raining and dark and I hadn't yet driven on the holiday - but we got there in the end!

We decided that as we were at Longhorns it would be daft not to have steak - we just each had to decide which one!

Luckily we had bread brought out while we decided!

We all got salad with our meals, which were bought out as starters - a long time before mains, so got mostly eaten up straight away... which I think makes it feel strange when you end up with no vegetables on your main plate!

L & J again went for the same meal. 8oz Sirloin (which, confusingly, is what we call Rump in the UK (apparently - correct me if I'm wrong!) with fries. These both got eaten up...

N went for 8oz Sirloin with grilled prawns. He said this was the best steak he had ever had!

He also had a vase or 2 of bud light... it seemed as though every time he got near the bottom of one another would magically reappear...

I had the 6oz Sirloin with ribs and mash. The ribs were delicious, the steak OK and the mash ridiculously creamy (but tasty, too!). The plate definitely seemed empty without veg - some peas would have been nice!

I had blackberry iced tea with this which was really delicious.

We were all too stuffed for pudding - obviously not completely acclimatised yet!

It was still raining when we set off back to the hotel - N was trying to navigate using the app. Not sure whether it was the roadworks, weather or the above magically refilling glass but the journey back wasn't quite as straightforward and tempers (mine) may have got a little fraught... but again, we (eventually) arrived back in one piece... and had another early-ish night.

It was a Universal Studios day today which seemed to involve a lot of eating!

We had purchased 12 Universal meal plans several months ago as we wanted to be able to pay for some of the Universal costs before we arrived. Each meal plan gives you a quick service meal (with a drink), a snack and a drink. We paid $22.99 + tax for these - I think they are now $23.99 + tax. I had worked out that to make these worth while we needed to ensure that they were used to pay for meals over $14 (pre-tax) with a $3 drink with your meal and snacks over $4 which would leave a couple of $'s for an extra drink (which tend to be $3+). Anything we wanted to eat / drink which didn't fit into this we would pay oop.

We picked up the meal vouchers from the will call kiosk. These got changed to credit card style cards when we got our first snack. We weren't sure how to keep track of these - so came up with a plan of using a sharpie to mark off what we had used!

First snack was a Frozen Butterbeer from Diagon Alley to share. Very sweet - L & J really enjoyed this.

This should have been $6.99+ tax but we used a snack credit for this (that sounds very Disney and a little wrong but I can't work out what else to call them!).

Lunch was at Leaky Cauldron, again in Diagon Alley.

N ordered the pie combination - a fish pie and a cottage pie randomly served with salad. He was surprised at how filling the pies were and said they were really nice. This should have been $15.49 + tax.

It was a little confusing what you could order as a drink with your meal here as apparently all the drinks on the menu did not count on the meal plan! He ended up having an orange juice - no idea how much this should have cost as it wasn't on the menu! It was a large juice so assumed it fit into the $3+ category...

L had the cottage pie. This should have been $14.99 so we paid for it using the meal plan. She had still lemonade with this, which again was not actually on the menu!

I had fish and chips - these were fine, although to be honest I was pretty hungry by the time we stopped for lunch they could have been horrible and I would still have enjoyed them! The chips were odd potato wedges and the tartar sauce wasn't great but overall it was an Ok meal. Should have been $15.99. I just had iced water with this and got J an orange juice with my meal drink.

J wanted Toad in the Hole which was $10.99 so this was the only thing we paid cash for at this meal. He seemed to enjoy this - I only got to try the parsnips which I guess meant he enjoyed the rest of it!

Mid-afternoon we ended up in Islands of Adventure via the Hogwarts Express - it was much busier in here than it had been in Universal Studios so we decided to get a snack, then go back to the hotel.

J had a chocolate ice-cream waffle cone - this should have been $5.49 + tax.

L and I shared a Cinnabon classic - OMG so delicious! I am so glad we don't have one of these near where we live - they are amazing and I would not be able to resist having one regularly... I think this should have been about $5.50 + tax.

After a swim and a change of clothes we went out to Citywalk and went to Margaritaville for tea. I love it here and we sat on the porch - there was a greater singer and we could watch the world pass us by... it was great!

N had a chicken burger which he said was really tasty.

I had a crab cake sandwich with sweet potato fries... delicious!

L had fried chicken with mash and green beans which she said was really tasty, but too big a portion to finish..

J was disappointed that we had decided not to have nachos to start - we find that we are always too full to eat anything else if we order these... So he decided to give them a go on his own! He even got a - good luck with that - from the waiter...

These were immense!

But with a little help from his dad he didn't do too badly!

To drink I had Sangria, N had a couple of beers and the children had diet cokes.

The bill came to $108.

For pudding we went to Cold Stone Creamery - for a snack credit here you get a small pot of 1 flavour + a mix-in.

I went for raspberry sorbet with coconut. J went for cake batter with rainbow sprinkles. L went for strawberry cake batter with gummy bears. N just helped us to eat them!

These should have been $5.69 + tax.

So that was our day of food! 3 meals, 5 snacks and a drink into our meal plans which seem to be working out well at the moment.

Forgot to show you breakfast which was just cereals and juice which we had in the room and which we had bought from Target yesterday- nothing very exciting!

Some more of our shopping (you may notice Morrison's Malties in the pic - these are for J who is addicted to them but I've only bought one box so not sure what he will do when they run out!)

The M&M caramels are scrummy! PG Tips I bought with me... and the fruit is mostly still sitting there... maybe just waiting for tomorrow!

Last pic - a well stocked fridge. Water, beer, milk and orange juice!

Thanks for reading - will update again tomorrow!

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