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Off to Hollywood Studios this morning. We skipped breakfast and decided to get a snack in the park. We texted my mum again to see if DS GCSE results were through yet but still nothing.

Our first FastPass was for Toy Story Mania. I actually came second with 128,500 points and was very pleased with myself. This ride is a lot of fun but my arm always aches afterwards from pulling the trigger cord 20 times a second the whole way round as my tactic is to go for quantity and assume some will hit the right things on the screen!

This is our first visit to Toy Story land in the US although we have been to the one in Paris. The theming in both is excellent. The queue for Slinky Dog dash was crazy and it wasn’t actually running when we went past.

Green army men marching.

Queue for Toy Story Mania.

We went to the old Pixar place which is now the Incredibles area. Very healthy breakfast - one pretzel, one key lime pie on a stick and two jack-jack cookie num-nums.

Then it was time for the Tower of Terror. The standby queue was around 90 mins for this as they only have one side open at the moment meaning the capacity is halved. I always feel quite nervous before this ride and then shaky afterwards, but I still enjoy it - honestly! DH didn’t go on it with us as he was still feeling a bit out of sorts.

We had a FastPass for Rock n Roller Coaster - again just me, DS and DD. I told the kids that I wasn’t going to scream on this ride - as you can see from the picture I am just yawning!

We headed out of Hollywood Studios - DD and I got the boat and DS and DH walked, they got back ages before us. We had lunch at the Boardwalk Bakery - ham and Swiss cheese with tomato soup which was delicious, then some sweet things for afters.

DD favourite chocolate Mickey brownie!

We chilled out in the room for the rest of the day. Descendants 3 was on the TV (it’s not available in the UK yet) and DD really wanted to watch it so we had a night in watching TV, reading and playing games. We went down to the bakery again for food later in the evening. DH and I shared a chicken salad and a crumb cake, DS had a brownie and we bought DD a chocolate croissant back to the room. We are hoping to do a water park tomorrow if the weather is kind to us!

Attraction Tickets Direct

Today was our last Magic Kingdom day. We decided to go straight to MK and get breakfast there. We started it off with the seven dwarves mine train which we had a FastPass for.

3 out of every 4 people surveyed don’t like this ride. Actually, even though I’m smiling in the picture, it is a bit underwhelming. It’s perfectly pleasant but not very thrilling! I suppose we are not the age demographic they are aiming at!

Still not feeling the love for this ride!

We had some time before our next FastPass so we decided to take a spin on Its a Small World for old times sake. We always try to name the countries as we go through - some are easy, some are more difficult and some are just bizarre. We feel a bit sorry for Wales as they seem to be missed out of the UK section.

Adios and Auf Wiedersen IASW!

Having had no breakfast we were hungry now so we stopped at Sleepy Hollow.

Funnel cake with strawberry and cream for DD, Nutella and fruit waffle for DS, churro ice cream sandwich for me and DH had waffle with egg and ham. We all enjoyed this, we found a little place to sit in the shade and had a bit of a rest.

We went to Haunted Mansion next, we enjoyed this as usual and picked up some hitch hiking ghosts!

I seem to have perfected the art of closing my eyes just at the right time!

We went round to Hall of Presidents and were determined to do it this time - it was 20 mins to the next show again but we just sat down and used the time to contact DS school to make sure they signed him up for 6th form. We were supposed to get his GCSE results sent to our house today and my Mum has gone up to get the mail but they didn’t arrive - she looked later in the day too but there was no sign of them. DS was pretty relaxed about this thank goodness - he feels that the exams went well, he was more concerned to get registered for 6th form. We will try again tomorrow!

The Hall of Presidents show was interesting and very patriotic, as you would expect. I’m glad we did it. Having all of the animatronic Presidents at the end was impressive even if it did have Trump included.

We went on Splash Mountain - I was being teased for putting my poncho on but I am glad I did as I would have been absolutely soaking given the amount of water that hit me.

Splash mountain.

There was one more thing we wanted to do which was Monsters Inc Laugh Floor so we walked round to Tomorrow Land.

We stopped at the Lunching Pad - DS had a hot dog and a slushy, DD a slushy and DH and I had a drink. We went into Monsters Inc Laugh Floor and enjoyed it as usual. I’m just waiting for the day when DH is THAT GUY!

We headed out of the park after this and went back to the Boardwalk. DH and I shared a quick Service sandwich which was actually very nice. DD had a snack.

We rested in the room for a while, watched half of a film called Parental Guidance and then got ready for our dinner reservation.
We called an Uber and once we found the right pick up point we were away - this was my first Uber experience and I thought it was really easy to use.

We got dropped off at Wilderness Lodge ready for our booking for Storybook Dining.

I have a real soft spot for Wilderness Lodge - we stayed here with the kids in 2013 for two weeks and we loved the theming, the laid back feel of the resort and being able to get the boat over to Magic Kingdom. We also got a free room upgrade that holiday to a courtyard view room with a little balcony which was lovely (we were there for DDs 7th birthday so I think a little fairy dust was sprinkled!). In fact if Wilderness Lodge had been available when I was booking this holiday we would have been staying there. I’m glad we booked at the Boardwalk though - it is a beautiful hotel, more sophisticated and feels more adult so probably fits better now we have teens rather than little people.

We had eaten at Artist Point before when it was a signature restaurant - it was good food but a little dull and always at least half empty so I can understand why Disney have changed it to a character meal. I was looking forward to trying it.

Appetisers came - the kids were not impressed with any of them but DH and I enjoyed the mushroom soup and the pate and crackers. Neither of us are big seafood fans so I tried one of the shrimp but other than that we left it alone.

Drinks came next. Smoking mirror for me. Looked awesome.....

...but didn’t taste great. I had to wait ages for the smell of the smoke to dissipate before I could drink it. The kids had drinks called transformation potion and in the clouds - both fun but a bit gimmicky!

We all ordered different main courses and amazingly we all enjoyed our food. I had vegetable gnocchi, DH had beef stew with pasta, DS had pork shank and DD had chicken. I don’t have any pictures as there was a lot going on at that point - we had been summoned by the evil queen and the dwarves were also heading for our table. We decided to get pics with dopey first.

Then we got summoned to see the evil queen. She was great - very much in character. She asked if I was the queen of my kingdom and we confirmed that was the case!

Then after the evil queen, Grumpy came to visit. He was also very good - he was comparing his beard to DHs which was not quite as white and not quite as long.

Then onto desserts - like the starters a selection were brought to the table. Dopey cakes, chocolate mousse apples and gooseberry meringues.

They then bought out some caramel popcorn and chocolate hearts in a box (it had magical mist pouring out of it when the top was opened!).

After dinner we had a little wander around the resort and walked down to the waterfront, taking a few pictures.

DD face is asking what on earth I am taking a picture of now!

We decided to get a bus from this resort to Epcot and do Spaceship Earth again as DS did not have his picture come up the last time we rode it. The bus took absolutely ages as it stopped at Fort Wilderness too and then stopped to let us off about as far from the entrance to Epcot as you could get! DH was not feeling too great at this point either so he went straight back to the hotel while I went into Epcot with the kids.

It looked beautiful at night with lots of different colours reflecting off Spaceship Earth. We went on this ride and enjoyed it again.

We were in luck - DS picture worked this time, although he did look a bit like a serial killer in it!

We got off Spaceship Earth and decided to try to ride Soarin before the park closed for the night and we only had 10 minutes to power walk over to the land pavilion where we were able to walk on to the ride with no wait. We really enjoyed again, particularly as it was a sneaky extra ride we weren’t expecting and with no waiting at all! We headed towards the back of the park after this to get back to the Boardwalk, going in the opposite direction to most other people who were piling out after the Illuminations fireworks.

Our exit is between France and England in the World Showcase. DD and I decide to get the boat from here back to the Boardwalk as by this time our legs are tired! DS walks back round and beats us back to the room. The new skyline will leave and arrive at the same location as the boat. We have seen them running quite a lot while we have been here but nobody riding on them. Looks like they go quite quickly - it will be useful to have another transportation option but I still like a boat ride!
We are all tired and turn in reasonably early ready for an early start tomorrow for a morning at Hollywood Studios.

We split up today - girls went one way and boys another. DD went back to Animal Kingdom and the boys headed off to play minigolf.

DD and I had a FastPass for Expedition Everest so headed there first and rode it together - followed by three more times in the single rider queue. We both love this ride and it was great doing it multiple times without a queue.

Riding Everest together!

We stopped in Pandora for breakfast - DD had Pandoran Sunrise with boba balls and I had a pongu lumpia (spring roll with pineapple and cream cheese - surprisingly nice!).

Into Avatar Flights of Passage (DD inside the ride waiting to get seated). This was the one I enjoyed most of the three times we went on it - it just seemed more intense.

When we came out I managed to bag some FastPasses for the Safari but we had a little time to wait so we got some lunch from Pizzafari - pizza for DD and chicken Caesar salad for me. They came with huge buckets of Diet Coke - I’ve never seen such big cups!

Everest in the background.

Monkeys playing.

The safari was amazing again.

Not so many photos of the Safari this time!

And a Lion King picture on the way out.

Meanwhile the boys had breakfast at the Boardwalk - crumb cake again. They decided to play footgolf at Oaktrail Golf course and DH had read on the internet that if you were staying at a Disney resort you could get a complimentary taxi there so he went and spoke to the concierge who ordered them a taxi. When they got there they found out it wasn’t available until mid afternoon and it was mid-morning so they got a taxi back and got dropped off at the Swan hotel instead and did the mini golf there. They had a good time and DS even got a hole in one!

We all got back to the room between 2pm and 3pm and then chilled out for a while.

We headed into Epcot for dinner - DH was keen to have nachos so we went to the Mexican quick Service La Cantina de San Angel. I had the beef tacos (there were three but I forgot to take a picture and had already eaten one!).

Walking round the world on our way back to the hotel.

We got breakfast at the Boardwalk again this morning - crumb cake, brownie, banana bread and chocolate croissant.

Another Animal Kingdom day today so we hopped on the bus and arrived there not long after it had opened. Our first FastPass was for Kilimanjaro Safaris so we headed round to Africa.

We loved the Safari as usual, and saw lots of animals. Fat unicorn (rhino!) In picture above.

Hippos underwater. Apparently although they don’t look it they are very aggressive and kill more people than any of the other animals. Also, they don’t swim very well they just walk along the bottom (not sure what they do when it gets too deep!).

Crocodile or Alligator - not sure which!

Giraffe far away.

Giraffe close up!

Baby giraffe!


A flamboyance of Flamingoes.

Lion lying down.

White rhinos.

We had a FastPass for the Festival of the Lion King but it wasn’t for a little while and we noticed that a show was starting in about 3 minutes so we took a chance and hurried up to the entrance. They took us in quickly and put us in reserved seating right at the front! The seats were amazing and we loved the show (apart from DS who doesn’t like musicals - I don’t know how he is related to me!).

We had dole whips and dole whip sundaes as a snack.

We walked round to Pandora now for our Flight of Passage FastPass. This was amazing again - we all enjoyed it a lot, we are so lucky to get the access to book FastPasses early with the onsite hotel.

We went to Satuli canteen for lunch. DH, DS and I all enjoyed our lunch (made a change from burgers!) but DD didn’t and only ate a couple of mouthfuls.

Caitlin bought a new Pandora hat with ears.

We walked out to the buses - we had to wait a while this time and three Yacht and Beach Club buses came and went which we were wishing we had taken and walked round. We got back to the hotel and relaxed in the room for a while then went down to the Boardwalk for a drink.

We booked Trattoria al Forno this evening - we fancied an Italian and it is only on the Boardwalk so easy to get to!

DH, DS and I all had lasagna, DD had spaghetti and meatballs. DD polished hers off, I enjoyed the lasagna but it was very rich - DH was not as keen and DD didn’t like it, he said it wasn’t a patch on the lasagna his gran gets for him from Costco!

Steps today 19,624

We had Hollywood Studios planned for today so we got up and headed to the boat dock to get the friendship boat over there. We were in luck as one was just pulling up as we arrived. The boat stopped at the Yacht club and then the Swan and Dolphin and then Hollywood Studios. I love getting the boat to a park!

It was another really hot day today and Hollywood Studios was really packed. They are doing previews of Galaxy’s Edge (the new Star Wars Land) for Annual Passholders but not the general public at the moment - it opens a few days after we leave.

We had a FastPass for Star Tours first - it was a new one we hadn’t seen before so I’m not sure whether they have added new scenes in preparation for all the Star Wars fans arriving. None of us were the Rebel Spy - it was a little girl on the front row who seemed quite affronted! On the way out she was saying to her Mum - I am not a spy, I might be a rebel but I am definitely NOT A SPY!

Our next FastPass was for Rock and Roller Coaster but then we had lunch at the Sci-Fi drive in diner which we were literally right next to so we went in and asked if we could have an early lunch and decided to skip the FastPass which we have for another day anyway.

The theming in here is really great - we enjoyed watching all of the trailers for the old sci-fi movies and the cars to eat in are really cute. We were sat at one with a car front and then a normal table which was probably a bit more sociable than sitting two by two in rows.

The kids both had Oreo milkshakes for their drinks.

I had an alcoholic version of the Oreo milkshake with Godiva chocolate liqueur, which also came with a flashing ice cube!

We all had burgers - DH and I with onion rings and the kids with fries. DD had a plain burger and the rest of us went with the BBQ burger. DS and I enjoyed it but DH wasn’t too keen.

Dessert was next. I went for the donut with ice cream and apples (had to get at least one of my five a day, right?).

The other three all went for the candy bar.

We left HS and got the boat back to the hotel. We chilled out in our room for the rest of the afternoon - I had a nap and the kids and DH watched Friends bloopers and played on devices.

In the evening we decided to go to Disney Springs for a walk around. It has really changed in the last few years - loads more restaurants and shops.

DH and DS very happy about me taking another photo!

We looked in some of the shops but didn’t buy anything. We picked up the $100 gift card we had included with the holiday from World of Disney. We got the bus back to Boardwalk. We had more of a relaxed day today, which I think we needed!

Sunset at Disney Springs.

Back at the Boardwalk.

Trattoria al Forno this morning for the Bon Voyage character meal (dropping off washing at the laundry on the way). I really liked the open kitchen (so made DH sit with his back to it so I could have a nose!). The kids were thrilled that this was a character breakfast!

Pastries were first to arrive along with orange juice. They were all delicious. At this point Flynn Rider came round and started talking to us but both of the kids blanked him and he got the message and made a graceful exit! I realised at this point that the grown ups would need to get photos with the characters instead to embarrass the teenagers!

I did get one of DS with Princess Ariel in the background! When she was at our table she said that she used to be a fish and asked us whether we had always been human. I told her that DS used to be a frog - which he was thrilled about!!

Next was Rapunzel. I told her DH had been practicing his smoulder (you can see it in the picture!).

Main breakfast came next - DD and DS had the pancake stack.

DH had Flynn Feast - with eggs over medium after asking the waitress what all of the different egg cooking terms meant!

I had the Royal breakfast with steak (never had steak for breakfast before!). It was really good.

We also had coffee and DD had chocolate milk. DS was happy to stick with the orange juice. You could have had an alcoholic drink but I think it’s a bit too early to have a cocktail with breakfast!

During breakfast the kids had a discussion about whether Mulan was the first cross-dressing or transgender princess. I think DS was trying to wind up DD by using the wrong terms!

After breakfast we went back to the laundry to put our stuff in the dryer, then back to our room for a little while. There is a website called Laundryview where you can check if the machines are free, it tells you how long is left on the cycle, and you can get a text to tell you when it has finished.

I definitely need to hand in my cool badge, getting impressed by laundry apps!

Once we had sorted the washing we headed out on the bus to Animal Kingdom. Despite having half the day to get there we managed to miss our first FastPass which was the animator drawing class which I was annoyed about because I really enjoy drawing and creative stuff, plus we had to walk practically to the back of the park then get a train to get there. We did see a great bird show while we were there though with the huge birds flying low over our heads so that put me in a better mood! I could have stayed for the next class but I was worried that we then wouldn’t have enough time to get to our next FastPass for flights of passage in Pandora.

It was hot as hell today - about 34 degrees and we hadn’t even been out at midday in the worst of it. We were pretty lucky that there was no rain though as usually there is a downpour some time in the afternoon but that didn’t happen today.

It was about 3pm at this point and we were getting a bit hungry but didn’t want too much as we were booked into Yak and Yeti for 5.15pm. So we went with DS recommendation and walked over to Flame Tree Barbeque where we got these for a snack credit. DH and I shared one, DS had one to himself and DD just had some fries. We wolfed that down and then went to Pandora for my favourite Disney ride.

Stopped on the way for a picture with the tree of life in the centre of Animal Kingdom.

In Pandora.

In Pandora with the floating mountains in the background. DD may have had enough of the heat and the photos at this point!

In Pandora again.

FoP was absolutely brilliant again - it is such an amazing ride and just makes me so happy! It really feels like you are soaring through the landscape on the back of a banshee. Thankfully this won’t be our only ride on this as we have FastPasses booked for later in the holiday too.

We left Pandora and walked over to Asia for our Expedition Everest FastPass. This was also great although we got split into different cars so our photos were split (if they ever come through!). I’m not sure how the technology works behind the photopass but our ride photos seem to take 24 hours to appear on the app so we can download them. So I will need to add them later.

Dinner at Yak and Yeti was next - this was a favourite on our last trip and DS has been dreaming about their honey chicken. Last time we came we had got a Landry card and I had a $25 reward on it so we decided to pay out of pocket for this meal, rather than using ddp credits, particularly as DD and I wanted to share a main meal and a side. The food was very good again and we all enjoyed it although DH had a feeling that the honey chicken came with more sauce last time.

We left AK and got the bus back to the Boardwalk. DD, DS and I all went to Ample Hills for more ice cream (delicious again!) and then DD and went to the quiet pool near our room for a bit of a cool down and a swim. We stayed in there for about an hour as the sun was setting, then we saw some lightning a little way away so we thought we had better get out because we didn’t want to get fried!

Magic shot from AK.

We decided to head down to the Boardwalk for breakfast this morning - DD had a Mickey Mouse brownie, DH had a jersey crumb cake and I had a blueberry Greek yogurt. DS decided to save himself and use a snack credit when we got in to MK.

DS looking cool on the Boardwalk.

We were off to MK today - the three peaks challenge: Space, Thunder and Splash Mountain! We caught the bus from in front of the Boardwalk. It only took about 5 minutes to come and then 15 mins to get to MK.

Heading down Main Street.

This is where we were heading. DS wanted a Cheshire Cat tail.

He said it was well nice and proper good!

We had a FastPass for Space Mountain but a bit of time to kill beforehand so we went on the Peoplemover. It was a walk on and we all enjoyed the breeze and the birds-eye view of Tomorrow Land as we zipped along.

Then we went on Carousel of Progress - a favourite since the first time we came to MK with the kids. I know it is old fashioned but I love the fact it was created by Walt himself and it’s so retro!

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day!

Then on to Space Mountain. It always feels you are walking for miles to get on and off this ride. We all enjoyed it, although again the kids spent most time laughing at me screaming!

DD, me and DS on Space Mountain. I do enjoy these rides - honest!

DH and two random strangers.

We now had a FastPass for Big Thunder Mountain so headed back round to Frontierland. I want to do Hall of Presidents this trip as I’ve never done it before. We went in but a show had just started and we didn’t have time to wait and then do the show so we left and watched a show outside with Muppets instead.

From there we walked back to Fantasyland for our lunch date in the Beasts Castle for Be Our Guest.

Liberty Belle in the background.

Waiting outside Beasts Castle.

Inside the castle having lunch. Both DH and DS had the French Dip sandwich with fries - they both absolutely loved this. DD and I had the chicken casserole which was ok but I would order the French dip next time round. DD hardly ate any of hers. We did have a nice time in here though, the theming is great so we sat and enjoyed a second drink after we had finished our meal.

Bathroom stop at the prettiest bathrooms - Tangled themed! (DD - Mum, why do you want to take my picture in front of the toilets?).

We went to see Philharmagic after this as we had some time before our next FastPass. I don’t know if I’m imagining it but I’m sure you used to be able to smell apple pie during the Be Our Guest part of this - but if it used to do that it doesn’t anymore! But still a pleasant 10 minutes.

Then we had to head back round to Frontierland for our final FastPass of the day on Splash Mountain. On the way we caught the parade as we were walking along.

DS trying on a Goofy hat.

We left the park, via Hall of Presidents - but we’d just missed the show again and didn’t want to wait 20 mins. We got the bus back to the resort and arrived back at about 4pm.

We all decided to use a snack credit at Ample Hills Creamery.

I had Oatmeal lace (cinnamon flavour) and a pecan and treacle flavour one. Both were delicious - DH had the same flavours but in a cone. DD had a mint chic chip and milk cookies and cream. DS had blue cotton candy (bubblegum) and baked / unbaked (vanilla with cookie dough).

I can’t work out whether DH is showing off his ice cream cone or pretending to be the Statue of Liberty in this one!

We all chilled out in the room for a while, reading, playing on devices, and watching Disney movies (Ratatouille and Incredibles). DH had a dodgy tummy so just DS, DD and me went down to the Boardwalk for some dinner.

It was Saturday night, and the atmosphere on the Boardwalk was great. Loads of people but really laid back, and street entertainment as well as all of the bars shops and restaurants.

DS had ham and cheese on rye, I had beef and arugula, DD had a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. We all had desserts (as we could swap out the drink that would normally come with a QS meal because we had the refillable resort mugs). DD had a chocolate sponge, DS had peanut butter cake and I had key lime pie. All delicious! We went back to the room - DH was feeling better but didn’t want anything to eat. We decided to book in for breakfast tomorrow at Trattoria al Forno instead of later in the holiday. We had a reasonably early night.

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