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So today we were heading to SeaWorld but through the magical dining month.

We booked it through the website and its basically $35 per person for a 3 course meal which includes access to SeaWorld for the rest of the day.

We booked 3.15 sitting (I think the earliest was 3pm) and booked it on a day that had the electric Ocean show on.

This worked out as extremely good value.

For starter I had the lobster bisque, this was super tasty and had plenty of lobster in it.

Lee had the coconut chicken tenders that had a sticky glase. Plus two dips. This was quite a big portion and were really tasty too.

DM had the shrimp cocktail. This had a Cajun sauce that was super spicy.

For main Lee and I had the filet mignon, served with mash and veg.

This was so tasty and cooked perfectly.

DM had the sword fish with a cheesy polenta, pineapple salsa and greens.

Mia had the chicken tenders and fries.

We were say right by the tank so plenty of views of sharks. We really enjoyed.

Puddings were a choice of two, this chocolate cake, it was nothing special but fine.

The key lime martini, bit hard to eat with all the loose crumb under the scoop of lime mouse. It was ok too, but most of the puds were left as we were full and wanted to ride some coasters.

This was the sharks sundae. Perfectly fine and all eaten up!

The children's included their drink and was only $13 so even more of a bargain! By the time you added a fountain drink tax and tip each adult cost around $45. Amazing value for a 3 course meal and entry to SeaWorld.

You can only access the park from your reservation time and you are escorted directly to the restaurant. But once you are done the park is yours.

We rode the coasters and did queue for the penguin ride as Mia adores them!

Then it was time to dance the night away in the glow party. Id suggest buying a pack of glow sticks to bring with you.

This dancer was the happiest guy I've ever seen!

And then we enjoyed the fire works. These are actually our favourite. You are all seated in stadium stands so every seat is good. Or you can stand at the railing but will get wet!

There is water, lasers, fire, fire works and music. It's got everything!!

Hope this will be some help to someone. Thanks for reading! It's time for bed!

Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

Today started early. 7 am we were filling the mini van and checking out so we could head out for our last ADR. We made it to the board walk by 7.40.

Breakfast was at trattoria Al forno. This is a character breakfast with Rapunzel and Flynn, Ariel and Eric.

I went for the pancakes with bacon and a magic flower cocktail. This was a vodka with pineapple and cranberry juice and glitter!

But there was no cranberry and it was super strong so I couldn't drink it. Shame! I should have just stuck to orange juice but wanted to make the most of the dining plan.

Lee had the calzone.

My mother had the under the sea which was smoked salmon in an omlette from the look of it and potatoes.

Mia had the kids waffles.

We then headed to HS. We met chewy and bb8 and rode star tours, RNR and TOT.

We also caught the beauty and the beast show and the little mermaid.

They was lightening in the area again so no Indiana Jones show today.

We met Edna mode before making our way to slinky. This was the only FP we managed to got for slinky so we were determined to get on it.

It's was actually really good, I thought it would be just for kids but it was fun for all!

We got one chocolate and one raspberry pop tart things from Woody's lunch box. Tbh we weren't overly impressed, they were very much a pastry. The chocolate and bacon one was the nicest of the two we thought.

We then made our way out of the park and to DS for some late lunch to use the last of our QS meals. We all did a make your own pizza. These were really yum.

This one was Lee's- fully loaded 🤣

We then were on a mission to spend 20 snack credits.

We spent 4 in Ghirardelli's on the pick n mix chocolate squares.

The rest went in goofys candy co, we did the make your own treats, few bags of goofy candy, treats for relatives back home and kept two for two dole whips from the stand outside.

We made it to the Marriott harbor lake by about 6pm.

Checked in and headed straight to the pool. Wash put on in the in room washer and dryers (my fave part of these apartments 🤦🏼‍♀️&#129315 and relax!

Now the second and more relaxed off site week can start.

Late start today as we weren't home until 12am again last night. I forgot to say there was EMH in MK last night (maybe that's why it was so packed??). After the show we got on its a small world, pirates, buzz light year space ranger spin and the people mover.

This morning we had cereal and fruit in the room before setting of around 10.30am for AK. We had a FP for Kali which was valid till 11.30 then a FOP one straight after.

We made it onto both. We were lucky to get 3 FOP FP this week so made sure we made the most of them.

Lunch was at flame tree BBQ. This was great value for money as a QS.

We shared the BBQ platter which had chicken, pulled pork and ribs with a side of corn bread, coleslaw and beans.

Lee got a beer with that so it was 1QS and then we ordered two portions of the pulled pork fries with cheese. These were 1SC each and were super good use for snacks.

One came without pork so Lee went back to change it and they just said keep it and have a 3rd portion!

We met Pocahontas and then ride Everest.

Then it was gone to pack before heading to homecoming for dinner.

This was really good. Loads of drinks to choose from as part of a TS meal.

These were the main plates

I went for the classic chicken. I want keen on the gravy but the rest was amazing. Chicken want greasy at all.

My mother had the turkey summer salad

Lee had the pulled pork and Mac n cheese

Mia had the fish sticks with two sides

We had a key lime pie for pud and a takeaway humming bird which was super good- no pic of that sorry!

Me and Lee ended to night having a drink at the top of the tower in the Dalia lounge. Lovely!

And just like that we were back in Epcot.

Breakfast was in garden grille do we were in Epcot by 8am.

Breakfast here is family style.

The cinnamon bread was amazing. It was all super tasty.

I did feel like the characters zoomed round here really fast with little interaction which was a Shame. Mia was fine with a pic and autograph for her book though.

We then got straight on soaring again which was great.

Then did a swap with my sis so they could ride it while we stayed with Theo. He wanted to go on living the land again. He is obsessed with tractors. He loved this!

We then got on figment again, Theo's second ride of the day (3rd if you count the land twice!) We are doing well!

Then we met wreck it Ralph and vanelopy.

Mia bought herself a figment toy.

Then it was into our first FP for test track.

Then mission space.

Mia and her uncle Tristian did the Mars ride, while four of us did the earth ride. Theo serve Steph sat this one out.

The kids decided to call or a day with Trisian while the rest of us headed into the world.

Pit stop in Starbucks for some snack credits, super size strawberry acai and a blueberry iced tea.

And a 3rd snack credit went on done cake pops, the lovely lady threw in a 4th one for Mia's birthday. Hope lovely! Everyone here is so kind, that's one reason I love it!

We did a pit stop in the UK to meet Alice, France for a mango sorbet for Mia and to meet belle.

Stopped in Germany to spend 4 SC in the caramel shop. Yum.

Then Mexico for a margarita which was super strong!

Then we called it a day for Epcot.

Pool time now to cool off.

We are going to reassess tonight after everyone has had a chill out and recharge.

MK had EMH tonight and id like to try and see the fireworks there while we are on site. I will finish up tonight once we have decided.

Thanks to anyone who is reading along.

So we did decide to head into MK to try and see wishes, but it didn't go so well 😟

We got there at around 8pm and it was heaving. Everyone had already claimed a space for the fire works. We still have eaten so headed to grab something.

When we returned we were told to 'keep walking' by every cast member. They seem to be cordoning off sections you are allowed to stand in and as they were full of people rammed in like sardines we had to keep walking. They had white lines on the ground and noone was allowed to stand outside of them in the walkways, even though the walkways were really wide.

We were really disappointed.

We hadn't been here since 2013 so they have clearly tried to control crowd levels but all they have done is make it worse in my opinion. There's no way people in the sections could see as they were so tightly squeezed in. The only sections that looked comfortable were the ones that cost more, like for the dessert parties.

It just seemed to us like Disney are trying to make more money out of everyone.

We saw this much of the castle so none of the projections really. The fireworks were good but we were all a bit deflated by it all so didn't enjoy.

I think you need to pick a spot and stand there for the hour before the show off you want to see anything.

So I've fallen a day behind! Tuesday was a busy day and started with breakfast in cafe Rix in three Coronado springs. I had the full breakfast.

Lee had the omlette.

We used our refillable mugs so had a muffin each for me and Mia and donut for Lee for later (only one for eaten).

Then it was off to Epcot.

We had a FP for Nemo which everyone enjoyed. We then did turtle talk with crush. Theo put his hand up to ask a question and we all held our breath. But it was a good question!! Phew.

Then it was a FP for mission space with 10 mins left. Or so we thought! We scanned in to be told it was spaceship earth!

Fast walk over and we got on with 2 mins spare.

I think this ride is ready for its update but glad we got to ride it one last time.

What Epcot without a stop in club cool.

And then onto our 3rd fast pass efficient was for frozen. Even Theo made it onto this.

I've only ridden this was the Viking ride before, they've done a good job converting it to frozen.

We couldn't really leave Norway without stopping in to meet Anna and Elsa. This was a nice interaction.

Dinner was an ADR table service in teppen Edo.

This was amazing, I think the best take service so far. Everyone loved the chef and cooking, plus the food was so good!

I would highly recommend here.

We had a nice walk around the world after dinner, Morocco is so pretty, I think it's my fav.

Even though it wasn't really needed, we wanted to try the croque glace ?? The brioche filled with ice cream in France.

We had the Apple ice cream and caramel sauce. This was nice. Not a snack credit. Mia had a mango sorbet and loved it.

We watched the fireworks, this isn't one id stay to watch again. The others are much better I feel.

Then it's was into soaring as we had extra magic hours.

This is my fave ride (until FOP 🤦🏼‍♀️ made first place a tough choice!) But so pleased we got on it, it was a 20 minute wait.

Then we rode figment, Mia was looking forward to this having decided figment is her favourite character.

We called it a night at around 10.50 and made our way home.

We got into bed after a quick shower each at 12.00! A full day!

Room breakfast again today!

We then headed to blizzard beach for opening. We didn't take phones or cameras so I'm lacking any pictures.

We got on most rides within 2 hours then had some lunch. We had a flat bread and some tenders and fries, the fries were like proper UK chips and really good!

The aim was to leave there by 1.30 but it was closer to 2pm. Which left us 30 mins to get ready to head to HS for our fast passes.

Once there we headed straight to toy story land for our 2.45 FP for TSM.

Everyone really enjoyed this.

We had a little look around before heading over to rock n roller coaster for our next FP. Steph and Theo sat this one out.
This was the first time Mia was riding it and she absolutely loved it! She clearly takes after her mammy and daddy!

We spent some toner looking around and thought about seeing the little mermaid but the next showing clashed with dinner.

Then the heavens opened which made our decision for us, sheltering in the gift shop until our ADR it was!

Our ADR was in Hollywood and Vine, doing Minnie's summertime dine package with FP for fantasmic included.

This was nice. The girls enjoyed meeting more characters and everyone liked something from the buffet.

Mia's birthday is a week after we are home so we got her a birthday badge which is getting lots of attention, she's clearly loving it! It was so nice here when the server brought out a Mickey shape trio of cakes/ desserts and sang happy birthday. She was made up! Id suggest anyone celebrating something gets a badge!

After dinner we went to Indiana Jones but they could only do the boulder scene as there was lightening in the area. So after that we headed back out.

Theo was a bit gutted as he was happy to give this a try. Instead he had to sit through the frozen sing along, not his cup of tea!

The girls of the other hand loved belting out the songs. Me too!

This was a nice change and the two narrators/ presenters were really funny, some adult humour thrown in which made sure everyone has a few laughs.

Next up was our FP for TOT.

Mia was nervous about to this, not the lift or drops, just the entrance and room before the ride.

She loved the up and downs but said she won't ride it next time as everything else was too scary 😟

After we got some drinks and headed into fantasmic to get some good seats. It was hot just waiting there from around 8.15 -9.00 but the seats we got were fab.

I got a margarita and Lee a daquari which were both frozen and really tasty.

Fantasmic was really good. It was the first time we had all seen it so a nice experience all round.

Back to Coronado springs by 10 for showers, drink refills, trip report writing and now bed!

So today we had a lie in which I think was needed!

We went and got some refills in our mugs, had some fruit and cereal we got from Walmart and got ready.

We headed to animal kingdom for 11ish so we could have a try and have some photo pass pictures before our dining reservation in tusker house at 11.45.

I didn't bother taking pictures of random food mixtures but the buffet was nice. There was roast ham and salmon then all the other sides. There was some lovely coconut shrimp too. Loads of breads and fruit then a pudding section.

Next up was the lion king show.

Lee and Mia love this film, they went to see the new version just before coming.

I had forgotten how good it was. Disney really do shows well!!

After that we made our way around to Dino land where the girls road this and made some on trades.

Then we watched the 3.30 Nemo show. This is my favourite 😍

Everyone was blown away but both shows we watched.

We watched the show and enjoyed a frozen lemonade with a snack credit.

We saw Kevin walking around.

Then went on a bug's Life. This did not go well!

When we visited in 2013 Mia was only 3 and had a melt down seeing the first spider so we had to walk out. This time she stuck it out but we had tears! From her and Chloe. Theo seemed to do well until the pick in the back and he had a total melt down. So much so that his dad had to leave the park with him.

It was a girls afternoon and my DH of course!

We met dug and Russell which was really nice. The photo pass took 22 pictures!! So some lovely ones to pick from for their autograph book.

I don't think I said before but we had lovely autograph books in the character warehouse for $2.99.

We watched the African acrobatics show, very impressive.

We then headed over to Pandora ready for our 6.30 FP for FOP.

We had to try the night blossom here which we all enjoyed. The balls on top were so random yet refreshing.

We then went into Satu'li canteen for some dinner.

My mother had the chili shrimp on salad.

I had the chicken on salad, this was really good. You would never think you were in a theme park eating this.

Lee had the combo chicken and beef on rice. Sorry it's messy, he started eating before the pic.

Mia had cheese quesadillas and chips. Her fav meal in the USA is grilled cheese sandwiches!

Chloe has the beef on rice.

Steph had the chili shrimp on mixed veg.

Everyone really enjoyed this meal and considering they were QS it was well worth a visit.

I had the sangria with mine and this was super tasty too!

After food we checked the wait times for Navi River journey and it was 25 mins so we headed for the queue.

I don't think it even took 20 mins and we were on the boat. This was really relaxing and calming. I don't think it should be a tier one and isn't worth getting if you do have a choice between this and FOP. if the queue is short enough or there are no FOP then go for it.

We made it home by 9.10, showers and PJ's and dibb report writing. Bed now before a water park in the am followed by fantasmic dinner package and PM in HS.

Thanks for reading!

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