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Another sunny morning after the storm last night!

I went to get the chocolatines before anyone else had stirred!!

These little cabins were on the VIP tent sites - a toilet, a shower and a sink! All to yourself! Not that I would ever camp but if Idid this would help

Those of you who are observant will note the title says coming home! Whilst we had booked for 4 nights we had discussed coming back earlier. J was struggling with his ribs and wrist after his bike accident and really fancied having the day at home on Sunday. Check out time was 10 am anyway which meant we couldn't do much anyway on Sunday!

The kids were fine - as long as we hit the beach today!

We came prepared today with the pop up tent! Easy to get up ....

F loves American Girl dolls and has started her own instagram for it. She wanted to do a beach photoshoot! She makes most of their clothes - all self taught!

The surf was perfect so the three of them body boarded for about 4 hours whilst I read (and maybe napped )

The tent was somewhat harder to get down - even for an engineer....

Us girls did laugh!

When we got back we had a late lunch and then started packing - there seemed to he more stuff!!

It took us about 3 hours to get back - and we avoided the "journée rouge" tomorrow (I predict it will be awful from 4pm onwards!!)

Thoughts on the trip:
Being near the beach was great - we all had fun and the kids really enjoyed messing around in the water. It was a great idea to go away and it is a stunning part of France - much preferred over the Med!

The mobile home was fine - cramped in the bedrooms. It was hot too - no aircon in the one we rented! If going in the height of summer that would be essential. It was worth paying extra to be near the beach which was the big draw for us.

We only went to the pool complex once - the kids admitted they had been spoilt by Dubai's waterparks! Also we have a pool (remember we live in the south of France where it is normal!!) so they don't see it as anything special!!

It was a perfect time with the family - lots of laughter and good humour!

For anyone heading out to one of the Eurocamp sites this summer - enjoy!

US Rent A Car

I was awake early as usual!

About 7.45am I went to the Spar to get a loaf of bread as we had somehow managed to leave the one we picked up at the end of the till ...

We are in the red zone - the campsite is enormous and it is easy to get disorientated!!

I was early getting to the Spar. The bar wasn't open yet so no coffee to be had!

Breakfast was grilled cheese for DD and scrambled egg on toast for the rest of us!

It was getting very hot - yesterday it had got up to 36C which is way too hot for me ( that is why we like our summer holidays in Canada - where we live it can be that hot for weeks on end!!)

I walked with the rest of the family to the beach but decided that I would go back as I knew even at 10am I would frizzle! Even with 50+ suncream!

I did manage a nap though

After a pasta lunch we drove 30 minutes to Hossegor - a surf shop paradise!!

J got a super hoodie in SuperDry and F a dress in Roxy!

Ice creams and smoothies may have been had

We called into the local supermarket (a lot cheaper!!) - pizzas were acquired as well as drinks and snacks! Hungry work this surfing!!

After dinner, we made the walk back to the beach. It is quite a hike and not flat!! This was about half way there - and we were lucky as we were in the bit nearest to it!!!

The waves were high and, according to the surf guru (aka J!!) not very rideable! Thus picture doesn't do them justice!!

O decided to mess around near the shore! He is the one lying down!

While F flew her kite for the first time - quite successfully!!

They all ventured out with the body boards but some bought them back as it was difficult to catch a wave. Instead they just messed around.

The sky got darker and it noticeably cooled down. We decided to head back.

The wind started picking up and we decided a storm was brewing.

We packed as much away on the terrace and sure enough it started to rumble.

As I am writing this it is raining and there is lots of thunder - glad we are not in a tent...

I woke up early - about 5.30am. It had at least cooled down over night but it wasn't to last!!

I caught up on the news and eventually F and J woke up at 7.30am! I had a quick shower before heading to the spar for some chocolatines for breakfast.

You can see from here how close the mobile homes are...

While everyone was faffing I went to reception to check in. This was about an 8 minute walk. The receptionist said she couldn't give me the wrist bands for the others and we would need to queue up again. After some sweet talking 3 more wristbands were discretely procured
Just as well as when we went past at lunch time the queue was about 30 families!!!

J had booked a surf lesson for the kids and the rental of a surf canoe for him.

There were 3 kids for the surf lesson - the other being an English child who the kids had to translate for. He was extremely polite.

We knew from experience that surfing causes F's blood sugar to plummet so we had both cut her insulin and given her more breakfast. However, she still suffered a long hypo which took a while and a lot of resugaring to get rid of!

Both kids enjoyed the lesson but admitted they were just as happy on a body board!

J struggled because of his injured rib - so it was decided that one day would be enough!

We went back to the mobile home to get changed and headed out to the bar area.

We ordered a panini, a cheese pizza, a cheese sandwich and some fries and drinks - 30 euros. We were not that impressed!

After lunch J had a nap while I took the kids to the pool.

I found a lounger in the shade while they did the rounds.

The slides were fun - the one on the right was very fast.

The pools were fairly cool but in view of the fact the temperature was in the mid 30s that was appreciated.

F had another mild hypo (again we had overfed and under insulined!) so a nutella crepe was had!

A nap may have been had before we headed out to finish some cash - not an easy job! We also picked up some pasta in the spar for dinner.

After dinner we headed back to the beach.

The kids and J spent an hour body boarding! I read my kindle!!

The kids then decided they would cover each other with sand!

And go rolling down the hill on the beach!!

The sun started setting. We decided to head back as everyone was tired. It is about a 10 minute walk to the beach over the sand dunes - do up and down hill both ways

Showers were had to try to cool down.

Do far no tent behind us so a lovely view through the trees!!

Only 17398 steps - about 12km!! No wonder I am tired!!

This weekend is a long weekend here in France - Thursday is Ascension and Friday is basically a day where few work and the schools are shut!

Last week, F (DD12) asked if we could go away in a tent... Now I am the first to admit I don't do tents but I had read about Eurocamp on here. I had a look with F and was amazed at how reasonable it was - £120 for 4 nights in a mobile home on the Atlantic coast about a 3hour drive from home.

DH and DS15 were on board, a campsite was picked for it proximity to the beach and the slides it had and before you knew it I had booked! I elected to pay a whole extra £8 for a mobile home near the beach!

So who are we:
Me -Mel aged 48. I am a training manager in a small company. Mum of two and wife of one I love travelling!

DH - J aged 49. He works hard to fund our holidays! A keen cyclist but currently off the bike due to a nasty accident 5 weeks ago when he crashed into DS resulting in at least one cracked rib! Loves water!

DS - O aged 15. A delightful boy with a great sense of humour. He has just started learning to drive and loving it!

DD - F aged 12. A lovely lass who has recently discovered sewing! A future fashion designer? She is diabetic but doesn't let that get in her way!

The campsite is Le Vieux Port in Messanges. As you can see it is right next to the beach. It is an enormous site. It is a new departure for us to stay on a campsite but we are all looking forward to it!

We are staying in a 3 bed mobile home. It seems to have everything we need for the stay!

So back to today!

O and J were up at 6am - the kids gave school this morning and J has work. I am off (I don't work Wednesdays )

They left at 7.15am. F got up, had breakfast and got ready, having another look at the poem she wrote last night for her French class this morning (not her strongest subject!!)

I ran her to school at 8.20am then nipped to the supermarket to pick up some supplies.

Back at home, I have continued to get the washing finished and tidy up a bit!

I feel we are taking the kitchen sink - the two cases above just have the bedding (booked too late to order bedding) and wetsuits! At least driving we don't have a space issue!!

J is hopefully booking surf lessons this morning for the kids. He is hoping to rent a paddle board! We have body boards too!

The aim is to chill out - the forecast is pretty good! The kids love the water so it should be fun!

Off out to run dome errands and pick up O at 11.50am.

Not sure what time we will leave. O has a driving lesson from 3-4pm and J doesn't know what time he will get away.

J arrived home at 4.30pm which wasn't bad going. By 5pm we were on our way.

The motorway wasn't too bad - but we were going north rather than south - south had lots of traffic jams according to the radio.

We came off the motorway north of Agen and were then on A roads.

The scenery changed to trees and more trees - somewhat reminiscent of Quebec!

We ate sandwiches on the go - a quicker option than stopping somewhere!!

There was some traffic around Mont de Marsan which slowed us down a little but all in all it wasn't too bad considering it was a holiday weekend!!

We arrived at about 8.30pm. The reception was closed and there was quite a queue at the guard's hut.

We eventually got dealt with but were told just where our mobile home was and that it would be open - he did call a number but something was lost in translation.

We drove to it - and it was locked! As we were about to go back a Eurocamp girl - Aiofe - came along on her bike with the key!

First impressions - it was hot but clean and good for what we had paid!

We quickly made the beds and then hotfooted it out to the beach!

What a sunset!

We played some ball - the water was cold on our feet but that was a good thing as it was hot!

The kids were so happy to be at the beach!!

The guy who J had booked the surf lessons with was at his hut! J told him we would meet him there tomorrow as it was nearer than the carpark

We chatted with him for half an hour before climbing the sand dunes and back to the mobile home (I promise photos tomorrow )

Showers were had to cool down! Everyone is in bed but it is hot! I forgot that about mobile homes

Hopefully the fresh air will help us sleep!

Steps for the day : 15806 (11.2km)

I was awake at 1.30am so I checked us in online! I moved our seats as usual - we were seated in the four across the middle and I moved us to a window three and an aisle behind.

I woke up for day at 6.30am. F was awake shortly after and the boys by 8am.

We went to the Club Lounge for breakfast. Three of us had omelettes and J had museli!

The destination for the morning was Wild Wadi. We took a cab as the easiest option and were just there for opening.

Compared to last year when we came at the end of April it was a lot busier this year. The kids' school holidays were later and didn't coincide with anywhere else!

We had learnt to do the slow loading rides first so both J and O did the free surf a few times!

We did a few goes on the spiral tube rides (the boys going on the extreme version) before hitting our favourite slides. Your backside does half get bruised!!

But it is a lot of fun ....

And there seemed to be a lot if pushing and shoving between the boys to be the first ones down

O also went a few times on the Jumeirah Screamer! Never any queues for this - I wonder why

We ended up in another lazy river which was quiet and very relaxing!

We had lunch - fish and chips again - before I went onto a sun lounger for a nap and the others apparently did the slides and lazy river again.

They woke me up at 2pm and we decided to leave as it was heaving. The advantage of not paying for access meant we didn't feel bad leaving after a few hours (4 today!!)

We got a cab to the Mall of Emirates. Another big mall but more manageable than the Dubai Mall.

F was a bit low (well quite a lot actually!) so we took the opportunity to have a couple of cheesecakes at the Cheesecake Factory.

We had learnt from last year and only got 2 pieces - salted caramel and key lime pie. They were more than enough - the jury is still out on whether they live up to the hype.

One reason for coming here was to get some photos of Dubai Ski. F's class has discussed this in geography when looking at water and she promised to get some photos!

After a few purchases (A&F t-shirt and hoodie for F and some new Superstar trainers in mint green also for F (we had been looking for the latter since we arrived!) we got a can back as no-one fancied the metro!

We left O in the room whilst we looked for a restaurant for dinner. An Indian restaurant in the Irish Village seemed like it could be a good bet. J went off for another shave and F and I got some treats for the flight!

We got back and once J turned up clean shaven we went back to the restaurant! Big fail on the photo front though! We had various curries and F had mac n cheese which came from the Italian restaurant next door!!

The photo us our view down onto the lobby. J who gates heights was not a fan (nor of the glass lifts!)

We had the room until 10ish (the hotel do a 24h check in option so we had the room 6 x 24h from when we checked in - but we had to show flight times!). We all showered and did the last of the packing.

We checked out via the Club Lounge and got a cab to the airport - probably too early but I hate feeling rushed!

Bag drop was quick as was security. Now we are just waiting for the gate to be announced!

The flight was called on time - we were beeped at boarding pass control as F's screen wasn't working and they offered to move us to a row of 4 in the middle. We declined! I swapped with F (win for me as I got next to the window)!

I fell asleep before take off (a 1am take off time works well ) and slept for most of the flight!

At Frankfurt it was a long walk - over 3.5km all told! We were at the furthest gate possible. Thankfully the flight was short and uneventful!

Unfortunately our lovely suitcase above has gone walkabouts - the other arrived! It has our still damp swimsuits and all of J's clothes and some of ours - though the new stuff was in the other case! When we reported it missing we were told it was currently untraceable.....

Hopefully it will turn up either this evening or tomorrow!

At home now- washing machine going and grocery shop done!

Thanks for reading and accompanying us on this trip! I will try to do a highs and lows at some point!

Another early start. Really must try harder on holiday to have some lie ins!

We had a quick breakfast in the club room and then went to reception for 7.15am.

Our guide Salem arrived two minutes later. We were off but had to go and pick up another couple at a hotel in the business centre. We arrived there at 7.50 and then waited and waited and waited. I hate lateness so I was a little narked! Eventually Salem abandoned them as he had waited 15minutes past the pick ip time.

That was good news as we had the car to ourselves!

It was about a 35 minute drive to the meet zone at the edge of a conservation area. Everyone else was waiting for us! The tyres were deflated and we were off!

We had about 30 minutes of dune bashing.

It was a lot of fun. The kids were in the back of the Landcruiser and loved it!

We stopped for some photo opportunities!

These were the cars used - they had extra roll bars fitted inside in case of any whoopsies

We drove on a little and then stopped to go camel riding. I last did this in Morocco and hated it but it was easier this time and only 15 minutes!

The camel guide was a dab hand at taking photos of us!

The camels were obviously very used to the tourists - no hissing involved!

It was then time for sand boarding. I just took photos - didn't fancy face palming the sand (I am not very coordinated)!

The boys loved it - F was not so convinced!

Then it was time for a bit of fat tyred cycling. J loved this as he is a big cycling fan!

Breakfast number 2 - at 11am. Thank goodness we had eaten earlier! It hit the spot though!

On the way back we saw some gazelles..

And some oryx!

Back at the hotel at 12.30pm we had a rest before the kids and J went in the pool. Back at the room both F and J had a nap!

Afternoon tea wad taken in the club room. The egg sandwiches were very nice.

We then took the metro to the Dubai Mall. O was left again in the bookshop whilst F dragged J and I to Segaworld. Thankfully we didn't stay long and left with our wallets still intact!

We went back to O who had found 2 books he wanted (yay! ).

We then went to the foodcourt which was a bit of a disaster for me. J and O sorted themselves out and I was left trying to sort out F who is a nightmare at times when there is too much choice. I ended up not bothering to get anything as I had had enough of cajoling F yet again.

Once fed we went outside to watch the fountains. The music was Skyfall!

They are very impressive! Spookily when we called into Virgin on the way back to the metro the Arabic song we heard at the fountains last year was playing.

We got the metro back - it was packed. Now time for bed soon!

I had hoped for a long lie in today - no such luck! I was awake at 6.30am again!

F and J were awake not long after and we woke O up at 7.30am as we were all starving.

O chose the downstairs restaurant. I had poached eggs with potatoes and toast! I enjoyed it a lot!

J and I then went to book a trip to the desert for tomorrow - unlike last year the kids were keen. The concierge here is fabulous - he asked about the Oman trip and remembered our details! Another early morning tomorrow then

After a slow start we took a cab to Festival City Mall - about 5 minutes from the hotel.

We came last year and quite liked it but this year we struggled. Lots of empty units and not an easy one to get around. There was a DIBB favourite there but no-one fancied a piece of cheesecake!

I got some PJ bottoms and F some running gear in Old Navy. O spent the whole time on Borders Book shop!

Lunch was in the food court. O had fish and chips, F a very spicy veggie burger (which she ate much to my surprise) and I had a mango, strawberry, orange and mint smoothie which was delicious.

J was feeling a little under the weather so had nothing!

Afterwards there was a fountain to music display in the Creek. Not on a par with similar ones I have seen!

Being light didn't help. F and I moved back but the boys liked the water spray!

After a rest time back at the hotel, we caught a cab to the Global Village at about 3.45pm. We had debated taking public transport but the thought of an 8 minute walk, followed by a 3 stop metro trip and then 30 minutes on a bus didn't fill us with much joy. The 15 minute/50dhs taxi ride was more palatable and probably not that much more expensive!

We arrived just as it opened. It was 60dhs / 15euros of the 4 of us.

Global Village is a bit of an Epcot World showcase type thing that is open for a few months each year. I don't think it is quite in the same league and each country has lots of stalls trying to sell things. As you saw the same things in several different places you had to wonder at the actual origin of much of the stuff.

Thankfully there weren't too many people! There are some live shows but we didn't stay long enough.

The African pavilion was probably one if the better ones on terms of what they had to sell. And we learnt that Yemen produces honey as nearly every stall sold just that!

Our only purchase was a traditional Arabic headgear for J - 40dhs/13 euros in the UAE pavilion.

Don't get me wrong, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but probably not as the organisers expected

One of the highlights was the placing of these two pavilions next to each other - what do they know that we don't?

It was really getting busy (not our thing) so we had done what we wanted to and left at 5.45pm.

J had lost his sunglasses yesterday (a regular occurrence - hence why he only had fairly cheap ones from Decathlon)!

There was a Decathlon at another nearby mall - Mirdif City Centre Mall. The sunglasses were duly acquired as were a hat for J, three t-shirts for F at The Children's Place and finally a book for O who again spent the whole time in a book shop!

Dinner was at Californian Pizza Kitchen. O had a mushroom pizza, I had a margarita one and F had fried mac n cheese which she loved! J had some of the pizzas.

The kids had dessert at Cold Stone Creamery as F fancied ice cream and this was something we don't have at home. F's peanut butter cup delight was lovely but I wasn't do keen on O's chocolate feast - but as I wasn't the one eating them it wasn't a big deal!

We got another cab back to the hotel.

After a half hour rest we are now down at the pool. The kids and J are racing - there may be some cheating going on

Will be back up to bed shortly as another early day tomorrow!

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