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I woke up at 11.45 pm and thought oh no - going to be a long night! But thankfully I nodded off again, woke up at 6.15 and then dozed until 8.30! A successful night!

I made my way over to the airport to pick up my breakfast voucher. Whilst at the Air Canada desk, I asked if they could just check if the afternoon direct flight had seats available. The agent looked on the computer, said it looked full but would ring Brussels Airline for me. Success, there was a seat which they would deblock for me. I swear that being nice yesterday paid off!

She advised me to check in immediately, which I did. I then got a cheese sandwich and latte for breakfast.

The airport was quite busy. I headed back to my room until midday when I had to check out.

I love the old fashioned flight boards!

I forgot to say that when I checked in I was actually in what Brussels called their Fast and Flex seats - front of plane, free seat next to you, fast track and priority boarding! So for the first time ever I went through the no queue line!

Once through l got myself an apple lime and ginger juice. It was lovely - just what I needed. I found a quiet place and sat and tableted.

Boarding started on time! We were probably about 10 minutes late taking off and also arriving.

Passport control was a zoo but surprising my bag was there!

J and F came to pick me up and I was home by 6.30pm - only about 29 hours late!

My final thoughts:

I loved doing the statue walks - it was such an interesting way to see things that often just pass you by. This one was my favourite statue.

Using the RESO underground tunnels. Once I got my bearings it was such a fabulous way of getting around.

Visiting the churches - so visibly stunning and so restful. Though I did find St Joseph’s Oratory very odd with all its escalators.

The food - especially the fish and chips! It is a lit easier feeding one than four!

The snow - indeed I would have liked even more of it! The city is obviously well set up to deal with it!

I thought the hotel was good - well situated, big room though the breakfast did get repetitive! I would definitely recommend it!

Not many low points:

The snooty cafe! No coffee and an expensive piece of baguette and cheese!

My french course in the sense that it didn’t really meet my expectations. The teacher spoke way too much. One positive is that I feel I am making more effort to not make so many mistakes.

The detour to Brussels - arriving 29 hours late was not really on my agenda. I made the best of it but I would have preferred just to get home!!

So overall I had a great trip! The rest of the family survived!

I calculated that I walked over 150km! No wonder I was asleep by 9pm most nights!!

Many thanks to everyone who has read along with me - it is much appreciated!

Next trip is New England in July! See you then!

Florida Magical Tours

So retracing my steps a little!

We boarded on time! Things were looking good! The screens were showing a flight time of 6 1/2 hours so we would be arriving at Brussels about 8.30am. My flight back home was at 9.45am so fine.

Then the pilot spoke. There was a problem loading the cargo so would take 10-15 minutes to finish. Ok, still doable. Then he added that in fact there was a strong wind so flight time would be over 7 hours. Ok - not looking so good. Add in the deicing and my only hope was a delayed flight on my home leg.

Now I am one of those annoying people who can sleep on flights - a finely honed skill! I was asleep before we even took off! I was not happy that the air hostess woke me up for the meal which I refused (I have had Air Canada food before!) I managed to sleep until 90 minutes before landing.

We landed at 9.33am. I turned my phone on - to see immediately a text by J who was tracking both flights. My home flight was on final call. As J succinctly put it - no chance!

Never one for giving up, I tried but by the time I had got through to the A gates the flight had departed.

I went to the Brussel Airline desk to be told it wasn’t their problem and I had to go out to departures and the Air Canada desk. On my way over, J came up with the best solutions as the other flight to my home airport today had already been cancelled.

At the Air Canada desk they had already done the rerouting. No flights available today. Only option was tomorrow afternoon via Frankfurt - not arriving in until after 10pm. Not great but no use ranting.

Air Canada had booked me in the Sheraton, literally across the road (this is the view from my room). Dinner was included. They also gave me an 8 euro voucher for lunch do all in all I can’t complain.

The room is fine - though I think it us more about location!

I talked to F and J and the view was even though my winter coat was in my suitcase (which is somewhere...) I should try to get into Brussels. I had a fleece and a sleeveless jacket together with a scarf and gloves.

I took the airport train into the city centre - it didn’t take long (about 15 minutes).

I was last in Brussels 17 years ago when pregnant with O.

First stop was food. I had to have a Belgian classic - frites and mayonnaise.

I then headed to Grand Place which has some very impressive buildings.

It was very busy - I guess this is one of the two must dos in Brussels.

As I hadn’t researched this little side trip I wasn’t sure what else there actually was in the square.

Then it was on to the other iconic (and I say that with a raised eyebrow) statue in Brussels - Manneken-Pis.

All dressed up. He is all of 2 feet tall. I don’t really get how it us so popular! A 30 second attraction!

I passed the Stoke Exchange on the way to finding Primark to get myself a clean t-shirt and some socks! It was like a zoo in there (we don’t have one). Is it always that mad?

I couldn’t go to Brussels and not have a waffle!!!

The buildings are so very lovely!

So picturesque!

I walked up to le Parc de Bruxelles. By this stage I was tired. I decided to head back to the Airport and the hotel.

Back at the hotel I had a Starbucks, then a very long shower and watched some TV.

At about 6.45pm I headed down to see about dinner. There was a buffet. I had salad and then some fish and lyonnaise potatoes.

Dessert was a selection of tarts - I had creme caramel and a lemon tart.

Now back in my room, I have managed 17,857 steps - just over 13km walked. So much for resting my legs!

It won’t be long before I am in bed!!! Hopefully tomorrow will see me getting home!

Yet again an early wake up. Here's hoping that bodes well for the jetlag once I get home!

I decided to just get a coffee this morning and eat breakfast at a diner bear the school for a change! I managed to get a slightly later check out of 1pm which would at least give me time to get back as the class finished at 12 today.

I left at about 7.30 am for the walk to the school.

I gad walked this route on the lady 5 days and only noticed these statues today ! They did blend in with the background...

I went to a diner that had only opened yesterday. I had a toasted veggie egg benedict with potato and onion rosti and coffee. It was very nice!

I headed over to the school. I wasn't the only one who hadn't done their homework! What I found frustrating was that she got us yo read out our texts from the day before yesterday and also those who had done the one from yesterday. This took almost 2 hours and was fairly dull!

My overall view was there was a lot of deadtime and the teacher spoke way too much. The other people there were very nice and I enjoyed it. I also managed to break a bad habit - yay me!

I made my way back to the hotel. In the RESO they had art exhibitions! This had appeared overnight!

Some were photos...

Some were more abstract. This one was a French guy who applied for jobs - but in such a way that was funny and really took the job advert literally.

I wasn't impressed the the exhibit of 2 tyres - even I could have done that!

I got back to the hotel, finished sorting out my luggage and decided that I would put my big coat on as it was freezing out and snow was threatened.

I returned to the fish and chip restaurant - living in France we don't get good fish and chips so often. This time I had cod in a beer batter. Again it defeated me!

I walked back to the hotel, stopping off in Indigo - a book shop. I got a book on New England ready for the summer!

On the walk from the book shop to the hotel it started to snow - not the best timing!

I got my suitcase and timed my run to the bus stop. The bus arrived after about 5 minutes.

As it was Friday afternoon the traffic was pretty busy but we arrived at the airport about 45 minutes later.

I took a photo of my suitcase in case of ...

The flight seemed full so I couldn't change my seat. Oh well. At least being in the middle of two aisle seats I shouldn't get disturbed if I want to sleep!

They deal with snow a little better here!

Brussels Airport gas been closed today due to snow do here's hoping it us open in the morning. All seems OK at the minute!

After going through security, I grabbed some supplies from Tim Hortons (after a long queue!)

I made my way to the gate (about as far as you could get!)

Now it us the waiting game...

UPDATE: Due to a cargo issue left late and because of winds over the Atlantic flight took 35 minutes longer than expected. So missed my connection (on final call as we landed).

Due to snow issues yesterday, no available flights until tomorrow! In a nice room in the Sheraton and about to go to Brussels for a waffle and wander!

Another early start! I guess that is the consequence of going to sleep at 9pm!

I had toast and coffee for breakfast!

I left at 8.10am as usual and used the tunnel system to get to the school, picking up a flat white on the way.

Today's discussion was on the evolution of mobile phones - I was the only one who remembered the first version! And what life was like pre-mobile phones!

I have rebelled and not done my homework as I won't get it back!

On the way back I picked up a magnet for one of my colleagues who collects them as well as some maple candies for the office!

The old town is do much quieter than when we have been in summer - positively empty!

This was in one of the tunnels - they were sticking blue soldiers onto the floor! Another artwork?

I got a veggie fried rice for lunch in one of the many foodcourts! It was actually pretty tasty!

I went also to pick up a felafel salad for dinner to avoid having to think what to have tonight!

It was actually considerably colder today - and despite the forecasts promising sun it was cloudy all day!

On the way back to the hotel, I spotted more statues! This city is a museum of statues - they are everywhere!

I went back yo the hotel to drop off the salad, and empty my bag of this morning's purchases!

I decided to head west to the area around the Museum of Fine Art. We had visited the museum two years ago.

The area has a lot of university buildings and is obviously a quite well to do part of the town - the houses were very nice and there were quite a lot of high end shops such as Tiffany's.

Around the museum were a lot of statues! This one was called Le Grand Tournesol - the big sunflower.

I loved the totem pole - such an iconic Canadian symbol.

This one - l'Oeil - the Eye was actually quite disturbing. I didn't like it at all!

More nice houses! I imagine these houses are not cheap!

After having got the metro to the area, I did walk back. It actually wasn't far!

I think this statue was my favourite of the week!

I loved the detail and the simplicity of it. I would have missed it if I hadn't walked back!

I treated myself to a hot chocolate!

I did a load of washing - I didn't like the socks I had left so wanted a clean pair for tomorrow!

I started packing as the washing was washing and drying!

Once the washing was done, I had dinner. I have done quite well on the veggie front this week!

I finished my packing (phew it all fits in! ).

I then went for a walk to stretch my legs. I found where the bus stop was for tomorrow. I still managed 20,740 steps today somehow - just over 15km!!

Now about to get some sleep - will be a long day tomorrow!

I managed to sleep to about 5.30am but the last hour was a bit restless!

Breakfast was still the same - I had cinnamon toast, juice and coffee!

At about 8.15am I left to go to class. Rain was forecast today but this morning the sky was blue!

The underground walkway system really is great! I imagine it is even better when it is -20C but even on days like today I enjoy using it (especially now I have got my bearings!) One of the big advantages for me is the lack of crossings - and often crowds! There really is a whole world of shops and malls in the tunnels! I keep coming across shopping areas I never knew existed!

I got myself a Starbucks flat white which seems to be the trendy drink of the moment. Still not sure how it is different to a latte - any suggestions gladly received!!

I was first into class. Two of my classmate seem to have disappeared - I know neither of them were happy with being in this class.

Theme of the day - how you should dress for work! Homework was given.

I wandered about the area (near the Notre Dame Cathedral). I liked this building with the clock. It reminded me of parts of New York.

My statue tour has encouraged me to look more at what us around me!

This statue is a monument yo Marguerite Bourgeoys - she was the founder of the Congregation of Notre Dame of Montreal in Quebec and has since been declared a saint.

I took a different route back in order to see a part of the Berlin Wall. This was donated to Montreal in 1993.
I had passed it on Sunday but didn’t realize the significance of it!

I went back to Ben & Florentine and had avocado toast with eggs - an odd combination but very tasty.

I spent lunch iMessaging with F. I asked her if there was anything else she wanted and she asked if there was a Children’s Place nearby for some t-shirts.

A quick google showed there were several. The nearest involved the metro and a bus but one a little further out was on the metro line that my nearest station was on. Easy choice to make (I don’t like buses!)

After dropping off my folder at the hotel and iMessaging with O a little, I headed out again! I bought a 3 day pass - I could use it to get to the airport on Friday.

The metro took about 25 minutes to get to Radisson station. The mall was just across the road from the exit!

I managed to find 5 t-shirts I thought F would like (the advice had bern no Hello Kitty and not babyish!!)

They were 50% off so C$37 for all 5 - not bad! And F gets 5 t-shirts her mates don’t have!!

Even in the mall I found a statue - outside J’s favourite Canadian store!!!

I got off at Patineau so I could walk through the Village. I lived the view down yo the Biosphere in the distance. I didn’t manage to capture it very well.

The housing stock was interesting too.

The area developed as the hub for the Gay community. It had a lovely ambiance which coupled with the interesting buildings made me appreciate why it was a popular area to live in.

It started to drizzle but thankfully I wasn’t too far from the next metro stop. It was only 3 stops until I got off and it wasn’t long until I was back at the hotel.

I decided to attack my homework which took about an hour.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat. I admit to getting fed up of eating out !!

I wandered around the food court in the Eaton Centre but nothing yelled out to me!

I decided to grab a beetroot burger from Copper Branch but to take it back to the hotel. That involved a very quick walk so I could get it back still warm. The burger was really nice but, as usual, I couldn’t eat it all

It is now 8.30pm. I have again managed to walk a lot - 19,296 steps which equated to over 14.5 km! I can’t see me lasting much longer before flaking out!!

I managed to sleep until just before 6am - so almost 9 hours. Unheard of for me!

After a shower, I went down to get some breakfast. I bought it back to my room - juice, coffee, toast and hard boiled eggs!

On the way to my class, I picked up an iced cappuccino.

The class was fine - we read out our homework. One thing I learnt was that the hispanic languages don't generally have words which start with 2 consonants so their native speakers find words such as “trés” difficult to pronounce! They add in a vowel between the two consonants!

After the class (no homework today! ) I walked back to the hotel.

Lunch was reheated pizza and the rest of the pear and endive salad!

It was a lovely day today - blue skies and unseasonably warm! Rain is forecast tomorrow.

One of the leaflets I had picked up from reception had walking tours of statues around different areas of Montreal. I thought this would be a fun way to walk around the area and also visit the Redpath Museum.

The first statue was La Foule Illuminée, which apparently symbolizes the fragility of the human race. The work of a British sculptor, it is one of the most photographed and controversial statues in the city. I felt it was impressive size wise but the details that made it controversial seemed to have passed me by!

Across the road was one that spoke to me more - Les Bancs des Secrets. It was very detailed, down to having images and scribblings on the actual bench!

This was another one which I liked Totem Urbain - when you looked closely at it you could see the 4 different elements that tied it into its location. I like sculptures that seem to actually have a story and are not abstract!

I had walked past this one - Inukshuk - several times without paying much attention. This type of statue seems to be quite common in Canada - I saw a similar shaped advent themed one in St Joseph's Oratoire on Sunday.

The Commonwealth ties were commemorated too - Queen Victoria (her facial features were somewhat odd - intentional or weather inflicted!)

Robert Burns (a bit random? )

And a memorial to the soldiers list in the Boer War in South Africa.

Some of them - like this one (Fenetre sur L'Avenir - Window to the Future) - didn't do much for me. Where was the creativity?

Another friendly squirrel - actually came towards me rather than running away!

On the route was the Redpath Museum - a natural history museum. It was quite funny as a couple in their late 20s voiced what I was thinking - namely how the heck did the museum get to be such a big deal in all the guidebooks?

I liked the ceiling!

Another one I liked - Kouros Horse.

I won't bore you with all the images but it was an interesting way to do a walk and to see things that you may have otherwise missed.

I stopped for a cappuccino - the coffee was very bitter.

I headed back to the hotel via Pink again. I had seen a hoody on their sale rack yesterday but needed F's approval - daren't buy anything for her without her seeing it first! She loved it (I thought she would) and it was a steal at C$21 ( reduced from C$60).

After resting my weary feet, I headed out to Copper Branch for an avocado toast - didn't feel like much more! It was very tasty!

Now back at the hotel and I feel it won't be long before I am asleep. I again managed 18,697 steps - over 14 km.

Another early start - I woke up before 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep!

I went down to breakfast at 6.30am. It hadn’t changed since yesterday! I had toast with a hard boiled egg, copious amounts of coffee and an orange juice.

I used the RESO underground tunnel system to get to the language centre.

I was there by 8.30am as instructed!

I was taken off to do my oral test - I think there were a bit perplexed as to why I was there! They put me in the exam group as they felt all the other groups were too low!

I had to go to their other building where the lesson had already started.

My thoughts on the morning - not what I was expected. My weak point is the grammar but this was more preparing for an exam I will never take. The group is nice enough but the teacher likes the sound of her own voice.

The good news is that the lessons finish at 1pm rather than 2pm - by not taking a lunch break from 12-1pm. The had news is that we were given homework - today on sexism in schools!

I hadn’t neither eaten nor drunk since 6.30am so I was hungry!

I went to the foodcourt in le Complexe Desjardins and got a teriyaki vegetable and rice dish which was nice enough.

I then did a bit of shopping - some plasters because I was having problems with my ankle - I hoped that by giving it such cushioning it may help and some paper for doing my homework.

On the way back to the hotel I realized at last why the Starbucks sign seemed odd!!

I also picked up some goodies for the office!

I decided I would be a good student and write my essay!

It was now nearing 3.30pm so I abandoned my idea to go to the Redpath Museum as it shut at 5pm. I decided to stay local!

My first port of call was the Cathedrale Christ Church just 100m from the hotel. Over 150 years old, the church as saved from falling apart by the construction of a shopping centre beneath it which reinforced its foundations.

It was another peaceful respite from the noise of the city!

After a visit to Bath & Body Works to get O some hand creams and some hand sanitizers I went to another church in the area - Cathedrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde. It was built in 1870 - it always amazes me how such wonderful buildings were built without all the help we have now!

The inside was spectacular!

With a superb ceiling.

I continued my wanderings around the area - finding another park - there is plenty of green space within the city.

Opposite the park was this impressive building - a bank....

I went to Victoria’s Secret to get the hoodie for F. Thankfully they still had one in stock.

I wondered back, picking up some sodas!

The pizza restaurant near the hotel had good reviews so I ordered a takeout mushroom pizza! It was a bit lacking on the mushroom front but tasty nonetheless.

I recopied my homework and watched some French TV.

My legs are still aching - today I have only done 19,162 steps - just 14km.

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Euro Rates
Cash/Travellers Cheques
Covent Garden FX  €1.1239
FAIRFX  €1.1195
M&S  €1.1086
Travelex  €1.1130
Prepaid MasterCard Rates
CaxtonFX  €1.1122
FAIRFX  €1.1195
Travelex CP  €1.1130
Updated: 02:02 28/05/2018