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After 6 months without a trip, we are now only 5 days away from my first trip to the southern hemisphere and therefore my first trip to South America!

First of all, while this isn't a full family trip, it isn't a solo trip either! It all started back in October when I found some bargain flights to Buenos Aires. I spoke to my DH who was happy for me to go! But before I could book, our 17 year old son (O) asked if he could come! I was going in the school holidays anyway as otherwise it is too difficult logistically. What was going to be a simple 7 night trip to Buenos Aires became a 12 night tour of Argentina.

So, the two of us are leaving my DH and our 14 year old at home! They are going away too - but only 90 minutes away to a horse competition!

For those of you who don't know me, I am Mel, a 50 year old travel fanatic. I live in the South-West of France and am a Training manager. My partner in crime is our 17 year old son - O. Another one who loves travelling. He will be taking his baccalaureate in June and then off to university in August so this is possibly our last big trip together.

So down to details! O has done a few group trips with other teenagers where they see a lot in a short period of time. His view was that we should see as much as possible...

So it all starts with Lufthansa flights via Frankfurt to Buenos Aires. This cost 450 euros each! We are leaving on Friday evening - so he will go to school and I will go to work for the day. Not ideal but O doesn't want to miss his 4 hours of maths - though he was happy to finish an hour early and miss English! The flight arrives at BA at 8am on Saturday morning.

The trip involves 5 different accommodations - 3 of which are in BA!

The schedule is:
BA - one night
Iguazu Falls - 2 nights
BA - 2 nights
Patagonia - 3 nights
BA - 2 nights

Then there are two nights on each flights. It worked out like this as trying to fly from Iguazu to Patagonia was difficult to plan and apparently flights are often changed at the last minute. The view was it was better to go via BA and stay before moving on! I have chosen three different areas in BA - and trying to increase the niceness of the hotel each time!

So we have three stays in BA! It is probably the bit I am most unprepared for! We have three hotels in three areas - so will concentrate on those areas.

A lot will be taking in the atmosphere, perhaps some tango and eating!

I will probably plan the days on the plane

After one night in BA we have a 9.30am flight to Iguazu Falls. The flight is with Norwegian Argentina - it takes about 1h30.

Once there, we have organised that our Airbnb host, who just happens also to be a taxi driver, to pick us up and take us to the apartment. We will spend the afternoon exploring the town!

The next day we are off to the Brazilian side of the falls! Then the Argentinian side on our final day! The Falls are one of the new natural wonders of the world. It will be interesting to see how they compare with Niagara Falls!

We have a very late flight back to BA. The next day will be another day exploring BA!

Another day, another flight! This time a 3h flight down to El Calafate in Patagonia. I have booked transfers to the hotel.

At 3pm we have a tour which includes a zipline descent - this is a surprise for O!

The following day we are doing the minitrek on the Perito Moreno glacier!

The last full day in Patagonia and we are off to the Petrified Forest. The initial plan was to go to Plain Torres National Park - but travelling with a minor and only one parent into Chile is a nightmare - you need a legally approved authority from the non accompanying parent by the Chilean Embassy. Too complicated so this seemed an interesting alternative - a hike is involved!

The last morning we will explore the town before our afternoon flight back!

The last full day will be visiting anything we still want to see, perhaps some shopping and just enjoying ourselves!

We also have a good 3/4 day before our flight home!

I hope to do a live report - but it will depend on wifi connections

Still need to pack, print out everything, work, have a haircut - plus evenings at the pony! I can't wait!


Last day today! Back to reality.

We finished off the packing - thankfully it has all gone in! I hate packing. There were scales on the apartments and the bags went from 22kg to 16kg. The two cabin bags were 6kg (spoiler - these weights were spot on - phew. No unpacking at the airport.)

At about 9am we left to go back to the Blue Blind Bakery for breakfast. If you are in Plymouth I highly recommend this place. Though perhaps don’t google it for the history of the community behind it...

O had the french toast again.

I gad the waffles again.

F and J had pancakes again. We are creatures of habit. It was all delicious.

With 2 cappuccinos it was $38.

We then drove north yo Duxbury - the next town up the coast. We gad hoped to see the lighthouse.

We came to this bridge and drove across - hoping to then turn right and drive down to the lighthouse.

However, there is the harbor police at the end of the bridge. If you are a resident you can park in the carpark to the left. To drive along the toad you need a permit. So we turned round snd drove back across the bridge. There was a free car park there so we parked up and walked across.

We went onto the beach. It was fairly cloudy and windy.

Most people on the beach were just walking - only one person was brave enough yo have gone in! It was pretty rough out there!

We wished we had discovered the beach earlier as it could have been a good surf beach! It was a shame we never saw the lighthouse though.

Time was ticking on so we walked back across the bridge and drove back to the apartment.

We took the bins out and stripped the beds, leaving them downstairs for the owner.

J thought it would take about 1h to get yo the airport. As it was a Sunday we thought the traffic wouldn’t be do bad. We had to have the car back by 2.30pm yo avoid any further charges. We decided we would eat at the airport.

We left about 12.30pm. In fact the traffic was pretty bad - not helped by a sellout Redsox game due yo start at 2pm!!

We got to the airport at 2.15pm - so it took quite a bit longer. Car drop off was easy. We had had a free tank of petrol so we didn’t need to fill it up. One less stress.

Check in wasn’t open. We were in Terminal C - this was mainly s Blue Jet terminal. There was just Aer Lingus and TAP as other airlines.

There was just one proper restaurant but it had something for us all. Service was very slow - it took nearly an hour for our meals to arrive but we weren’t in a hurry!

O had fish and chips (as usual!!)

F had a veggie burger and fries. J had a tuna burger - again with fries.

I had fish tacos. Thankfully the food was lovely. It cost $64 which for airport food I thought was good.

We then checked in. Either side of us were passengers who had very overweight bags - one was 36kg! She got it down to 32kg and paid about $200 in excess baggage!! The other side was still trying to organise alternatively! Fun to watch!!

Security was fairly easy. Though they did pill over one of the wheely cases! They were suspicious of the white powder - which was cake mix. I only threw it in as I had space!! They were satisfied that it really was cake mix.

There are not too many shops so we went to the gate. F and I went to find her a sandwich for the plane. She had a made to order cheese and avocado - a bargain for $3.50.

O then went off with the last $5 and got a cookie and a yoghurt and muesli.

They asked for volunteers yo check in hand luggage. I checked in the cake mix one through to our final destination - there was nothing in there we needed!

Boarding was on time. The flight was pretty full.

Dinner was either chicken or fish. I had fish - it was edible.

Disaster then struck (well that may be a bit melodramatic!!) I was next to a middle aged guy. When he opened his salad dressing it squirted all over my brand new, only worn once LLBean jacket. And all over the front part. I rushed to the toilets to try to sponge it off. With little success. He was horrified.
He gave me his business card (he us a professor st one of the Boston universities) and made me promise that if couldn’t get it out to let him know snd he will get me a new one. I have washed it but you can still clearly see the oil stain. I will try again at the weekend but I feel bad saying that it hasn’t come out. Any hints on how to get olive oil stains out gratefully received.

We landed after 5h30 at 6am. I think we all managed about 2 hours sleep. Leaving at 6.30pm makes it difficult yo get to sleep.

Passport control took 2 minutes as did security.

We had a croissant and coffee then went to the gate. The flight left from a remote stand. We all fell asleep for the whole flight.

After landing we were home within an hour! Washing was done as was a grocery shop! The dog came home!

O went yo sleep at 4pm and woke up at 11pm. He has managed yo stay awake today though. The rest of us managed until 9pm.

I will try yo do a highs and lows post in the coming days.

Thanks for reading along. I will reply yo all your comments soon too!

Another early wake up for me!! I don’t think I gave slept past 7am all holiday!

Usual breakfasts!

We asked the kids if they had any preferences today. O really wanted to go back to the Cape Cod beach. J had a look at tide times - low tide was midday. He also saw that a shark had been caught not far away on Thursday!! We thought that this information better not be given to F!!

We did wonder about the traffic as it was a Saturday and therefore changeover day. In fact it was fine both ways - though in the morning the other direction was very slow moving.

We arrived at 10.30am. J got the parking ticket and we headed down to the same beach.

The water was very far out. It was do different to our first day!

We spent the next 2 hours walking out as far as we could. We saw so many different things. There were thousands of these hermit crabs.

As well as this horseshoe crab. These are not edible and bury themselves in the sand. They don’t look that crab like. Apparently you can trace them back millions of years!!

There were also what we thought were a type of seaworm.

And a type of jelly fish thing!!

It was a really enjoyable explore! There were not many people around at all.

You can see how far we were from the actual land!

It really was do different being able to walk out so far!

At one stage there were lots of seagulls. Some of them were dive bombing for the fish!

On the way back to the shore we came across thus little chappy!

We decided that as it was after 12pm we would go to a cafe we had seen for lunch and come back for the afternoon.

O had a fish burger and fries! F had a veggie and cheese omelette with toast and home fries.

J and I both had eggs, home fries and toast.

They also shared a banana and chocolate pancake! It came to a very reasonable $47

We returned. The ocean was in a lot more than we had thought it would be.

J and O ventured out to mess around and play frisbee.

F decided to do some damming.

She was soon joined by 3 boys who asked if they could join her.

They all dammed for over an hour. F was asked lots of questions (the boys were about 10/11 years old and were staying in their grandparents house on the beach. Their grandparents owned 5 houses ...)

J and O returned and O joined in. The boys had gone.

They built dams, channels and a bridge! The water was coming in quickly and in the space of about 15 minutes all their hard work was destroyed.

We left about 4pm. It had been a great day - we all really enjoyed it. It had been a little cooler and as we were getting ready to leave we could hear thunder.

On the way back, about 15 km from Plymouth it started to pour down. I was driving. It was torrential rain. I slowed down as did everyone. I took the first exit for Plymouth as we felt it would be better to be off the highway. It rained hard for about an hour all in all!

The boys decided to go back to the cinema to see Equalizer 2.

F and I stayed at the apartment. We had english muffins with cheese and then went out for an ice cream. Plymouth was heaving! Indeed, when J got back he had to kick someone out of his parking spot!!

On our way back we saw a rainbow!

Back at the apartment, I started the packing and did the online check in. Yesterday I had seen on the reservation for J,F and O that one of the bags we had paid for had disappeared (with me when I had been deleted from the booking as a no show). I sent a message to TAP via Facebook messenger and was impressed with their rapidity in fixing the issue. I was happy to see that the bags were there when I check in. I also gad to do a separate check in for me. My seat is just 2 rows behind (you gave to pay to move) and an aisle seat do all is good!

Our airbnb host has said that we can stay until 4pm as long as we strip the beds and put everything in the washing basket at the bottom of the steps by 10am so he can get them washed. I think we will probably leave at 12- I need do see what time is on the car hire papers for when they picked up the car as we will need to have it back before then to avoid an extra charge!!

The boys came back at about 9.30pm. We were all in bed by about 10.30!

Another early start for me - 5.30am. The boys both managed to sleep until 8am which was a huge improvement.

Yoghurts, toast were the staples of breakfast.

About 9am we headed off to Plimouth Plantation. Today it was Free Friday - over the summer a foundation sponsors free days at museums all over the state. Today was the turn of Plimouth Plantation. It was expected to be busy, hence the early start!

It took about 15 minutes to drive there. The car park was already about 40% full.

We started off watching a film about the history of the Pilgrims and the Natives which gave a good overall context to the museum.

We then went on Wampanoag Homestead which is a recreation of the home of an indigenous person back in 1620. All over the museum they had people dressed up as of that epoque playing the role of being in that era. It was an interesting way of sharing the information rather than just information hoards.

The homestead from outside. It was constructed so as to be warm in the cold winters.

Next up was the craft centre. This had people showing how things were made in the 17th century.

The candle making lady was very interesting.

They even had a beehive outside (you could see the bees through the window!)

Next up was the Meeting House - which just had a few cannons in it. It gave a good view down to the English Village though.

In many of the houses there were people who interacted with you and answered your questions.

This was probably the most interesting part of the plantation but the kids found it a bit heavy going.

We walked back to the car via the free hug a coke machine where we hugged the distributor and got a free coke!!

We were there about 90 minutes. We all agreed that we would gave felt paying $120 for us to visit a bit steep but it gave a good introduction to the lives of the Pilgrims.

We then visited the mall where the cinema was in Kingston. There was a Target here and one of O’s friends asked if he could see if there was a Target exclusive if the Ariana Grande album that was out that day. There wasn’t but we got the normal one for her.

The mall was pretty bad - at least half of the stores were closed.

We went back to the apartment and I made pasta and salad to use up things in the fridge.

The kids and I went yo Ziggy’s to get an ice cream. J fell asleep and slept for about 3 hours. He must have needed it!

We then drove to Plymouth Long Beach. As it was after 4pm the parking was free!

We spent about 90 minutes here - the kids and J messed around in the water - the frisbee came out again!

I read my Kindle.

On our way to another mall, we were stopped as a procession of people dressed in Pilgrim clothes passed by!

We went yo Colony Place. We had dinner in Moe’s - similar to Chipostle. I had a veggie bowl. I couldn’t manage it all.

J and O had burritos and F a cheese quesidilo. They all came with tortilla chips. It was a reasonable $31.

We went into Justice for F but there was nothing there.

I dropped them off at Dick’s Sporting Goods while I went into Walmart to get some treats. F managed to find a school bag there at last!

We were back by 9pm and I was soon in bed - with another headache! I had worn sunglasses on the beach but was still suffering.

Yet another early wake up - 5.30 am in my case. Everyone was awake by 7!!

We all had our usual breakfasts. It is a bit frustrating toasting things as there isn’t a normal toaster but one of those mini oven things. It takes ages and dries the bagels out.

We couldn’t decide what to do today. A lot of discussions were had between J and I. In the end we decided to go to Cape Cod which was our original idea! A plan was born!

After researching beaches we decided on Breakwater beach in Brewster. The surf was poor everywhere according to things J had found online (the swell in the Atlantic was non existent!).

The drive on the 6 is pretty dull - more trees! We stopped when on the smaller roads to get a snack at a county store. It was a good find as everything was homemade. The kids gad cookies and the adults cinnamon danishes (though the kids had part of J’s too!!)

We arrived at the car park st 11.30am and thankfully there were lots of places. However, you had to go to the town hall to get the pass.

It was a 3 minute drive. It is a bit of a rip off - $20 for a day pass. Impossible to get for less hours. But we went for it! No choice really. However, it did put you off trying several beaches in different towns.

We drove back to the beach, parked up, stuck the sticky pass on the bumper (thankfully managed to peel it off ok at the end!!) and got changed.

It was just after low tide. The water was coming back in. Effectively, it is very shallow for a long long way. And quite warm.

This was taken about 30 minutes after the first - the water was about 30m closer to the shore in that time. I guess that was why everyone set up camp right near the edge of the beach!

The sea was full of tiny fish - even at the edges. Thousands of them.

All in all we spent almost 2 hours here. J and the kids were in the water the whole time - either messing around or playing frisbee. They all really enjoyed it. It was a hood choice as different from where we had been before.

I paddled for about 30 minutes and then read my kindle. It was very hot - over 90?F again.

We then drove to Hyannis. The bakery where we had breakfast the other day recommended the Common Food Cafe in Hyannis. It was part of the same community.

We parked on Main Street easily - free for 2 hours.

I admit that had we not had the recommendation we would never had gone here. But it was fabulous.

I had a greek salad wrap. O had a baked haddock roll. F had grilled cheese and J a tuna melt.

We also shared a salad. They came round several times with smoothie samples. Everything was delicious and we cleared our plates.

Spookily, the community has a deli in our town. They only have one in France...

It came to $37. The staff were all really pleasant.

No meal is complete without an ice cream. We went into Kilwins. I tried their key line flavour which was very nice. But I decided to think of my waistline.

O had a sundae and F had two very large scoops. They also gave us fudge samples.

We were in Hyannis for just under 2 hours. We looked in a few shops and got the usual magnets! We all really liked it.

We then went to the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory tour - also in Hyannis. O had seen it advertised on the packets.

It is effectively a corridor where you can see onto the factory with boards telling you about each process. No photos allowed!

It was interesting - worth a visit if you are in Hyannis. You all get a free packet of crisps!!

Unfortunately I had developed a headache (even though I wear a cap, I do get sun induced headaches) so J drove back.

The plan for the evening was to go to see Mamma Mia 2 - we wanted to see it in English. My headache was not budging so J took the kids whilst I lay in a dark room.

The kids both really enjoyed it. J apparently slept!! They had pizza for dinner.

After the second set of paracetamol my headache started to go! When they got back, J and I went for a short walk for me to get some fresh air.

Overall, a successful day (except for the headache!!)

Now first of all I have a confession to make. I don’t actually like Boston. I went there for a week in 2009 when J was on a course there. I don’t know why but it was just a city that I didn’t click with. That is the main reason why we didn’t base ourselves in Boston for the last few says of the trip. Only O really had a desire to go to see Harvard and MIT. So that is why we went today!

So as usual, we were awake early. We all had our usual breakfasts and were out of the door at 7.45am.

Our airbnb host had suggested we drove to Quincy Adams station where there was a big carpark and catch the MBTA train in. Everything we wanted to do was on the red line as was Quincy Adams.

The journey to the station took about 45 minutes. The carpark was signposted off the motorway and we parked on the 7th floor. Parking was $7 for the day.

The train ride in took about 30 minutes - and cost us $2.75 each which I thought was very reasonable.

After buying a map with info on from the tourist office (it cost $3) we set off on the Freedom Trail - I thought this would be a good way for us to see the sights. The trail is easy to follow as there is a red brick trail on the ground.

We walked through the common. This is the oldest public park in America.

This led us to Massachusetts State House. The dome is coveted in gold leaf! Thus building is still used, having been built in 1798 to run the state.

We went inside Park Street Church. Inside it was very modest.

Next stop was King’s Chapel Burying Ground. This was Boston’s first burying ground. The headstones seem to figure skeletons and skulls. Very strange but interesting to look at.

We walked over this mosaic. This marked the original Latin School - the oldest public school in America. The school is now located near Fenway.

Next up was the Old State House which has stood as an emblem of liberty for over 300 years. It was at the centre of events that sparked the American Revolution.

The next stop was Faneuil Hall. We walked through here to Quincy Market.

This was still quite quiet.

We decided we needed a break. Breakfast was a long time ago!

There were lots of options.

J went to get the adults coffee.

O got a pineapple and banana smoothie.

F got a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery.

After the break the kids wanted to go into Polo Assn. O got a t-shirt and F got two polo tops and a pair of jeans.

We walked through the Italian part of town.

And arrived st our final destination- Paul Revere House. Built on 1680, it is the oldest remaining building in Boston. We decided not to go in. It was getting hot.

We chose not to finish the trail as we wanted to do a tour at Harvard.

We went back to Quincy Market to eat.

O had fish and chips. J and F had falafels wraps, and I had a fried spinach rice ball. It was all ok - nothing special but filled a hole b

We then got the train to Harvard in Cambridge.

We booked to ho on the 1.30pm tour. This cost $36 - F wad free. Our tour guide was a student, Leila. She was very good - informative but not waffly!

We went round the Yard. All freshers are housed here in their first year.

This is John Harvard. Or rather what they think he might have looked like. He donated funds which transformed the then New College into Harvard. All pictures of him were destroyed in a fire.

The library was funded by a grieving mother whose husband and son were lost on the Titanic.

Interestingly, one of the conditions of her donation was that the outside of the building could not be changed. So when it was expanded, it was expanded downwards. So all you dan see if the tip of the iceberg ...

We finished up at the shop where both kids got t-shirts. O really enjoyed the tour. As did J and I.

F tolerated it for her brother!!

We caught the train down to MIT - where O would love to study. No tours available - we found that they only do one or two a day as not do much interest!

We spent a good hour in the MIT Coop - O found a book on computer science. F found the wifi so was happy.

Wd left J and F here while we walked to the museum.

This building is part of MIT - not sure if it is really truly hideous or genius!!

The museum was mot about MIT but more exhibits from past alumni. We went round it but were not that impressed.

We hotfooted it back to the others and did the morning’s journey in reverse!! We walked about 14km so were glad to get seats on the train.

At home I made pasta. We are all too shattered to go out again!!

A far better day thankfully!

I was awake about 6ish. By 7 we were all up.

I went out to try to get some cash out on our cash passport prepaid card. Since we reloaded it last week we have had issues getting cash out. We keep on getting told we have reached our daily limit! I prefer to use cash in restaurants so it has been frustrating. I had the same issue again so got cash out from my normal card. I can use the card for purchases so will do that.

This is today's lobster. They are everywhere!

This is our Airbnb. You can see the harbour at the end if the road - when there isn't a mist!

When I got back we headed our for breakfast!

We went to the Blind Bakery. What a great place.

I had waffles - they were made with spelt flour and no refined sugar. All the maple syrup came from a family farm in Vermont.

Both J and F ordered pancakes but only one plate came. They said they would do another one straight away. Then we realised we had only been charged for one (we paid at the till when ordering). We told them but they insisted that it was on them. We left a good tip!

The pancakes were also made with no refined sugar and with wholewheat flour. F declared them delicious.

O had french toast - also highly recommended.

We walked down to the harbour. It was still very misty.

We did the walk on the rocky jetty. As we couldn't see the end we had no idea how far it was! It took us about 40 minutes to get to the end and back!

There were sone good photo opportunities though.

We walked around the harbour until it started to rain. All in all we walked about 5km - not bad!

We went back to the apartment and then headed out to Walmart to get breakfast and lunch things and fruit/veggies in.

We also visited Petco where F chose a new collar and lead for June, our dog.

Back at the apartment we had cheese and avocado sandwiches!

The sun was now out. J and I walked down to the harbour to grab a coffee! You could now see it!

Loved the birds perching on the boat!

When we got back I goggled local frisbee golf courses and found one 20 minutes away. Both kids were game - even though we all knew J would win and I would be last!

There was a bit of a whoops in that we thought we could lend frisbees there but there was just an honesty box. So we came back to Dick's and bought 4 frisbees!

When we got back again, just as we were putting our names on the list and our money in the box, the owner turned up in a golf buggy. He did go and get us more frisbees (one for driving, one for medium range and one for putting each! )

He was thrilled that he had British visitors!

The course was harder than the one we did on Acadia.

This is the net at the end of each hole!

Each hole also had the course mapped out. We obviously didn't manage the straight line...

We saw a few frogs.

Then on the 15th hole a stag came through - we all stood and watched him as he ran through about 5m from us - fantastic!

We all really enjoyed it. The scores were as predicted! Interesting if we had played parents v kids it would have been a draw again!

We drove back arriving about 7pm. F and J made alfredo gnocchi. I have been planning our day in Boston tomorrow.

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Ontario and Quebec 2017: Day 25 - Last Day at The Lake
Ontario and Quebec 2017: Day 24 - A Quiet Day At The Lake
Ontario and Quebec 2017: Day 23 - A Boat Trip and Tubing
Ontario and Quebec 2017: Day 22 - Fishing and Sunsets
Ontario and Quebec 2017: Day 21 - Kayaking
Ontario and Quebec 2017: Day 20 - Mont Cayamant and a Sunset
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 19 - Maniwaki and Storms
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 18 - Mont Morrisette
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 17 - Deers, Walks And 19 Fish
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 16 - A Hike, A Bear and A Fishing Trip
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 15 - Food, Fish and Boats
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 14 - Off To The Lake
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 13 - Montreal Wax, Cathedral and a Festival
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 12 - To Montreal
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 11 - Perth, Rapids and Lombardy Fair
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 10 - Perth and a Long Rapids Run
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 9 - Baird's Trail and More Rafting
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 8 - A Long Raft And Shopping
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 7 - Shopping and Riding the Rapids
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 6 - Messing Around on the River and an Old Friend
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 5 - River Otter Cabin
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 4 - Topiaries, Museum Of History And Night Lights
Ontario And Quebec 2017: Day 3 - Ottawa Bike Tour and a Very Big Spider
Ontario and Quebec 2017: Day 2 - Parliament Hill, Outlets and AG
Ontario and Quebec 2017: Day 1 - Travel Day
Ontario and Quebec 2017: Pre-Trip Introductions
EUROCAMP: A Long Weekend On The French Atlantic Coast - Day 4 The Beach Again And Coming Home
EUROCAMP: A Long Weekend On The French Atlantic Coast - Day 3 More Surfing And Hossegor
EUROCAMP: A Long Weekend On The French Atlantic Coast - Day 2 Surfing And Sun
EUROCAMP: A Long Weekend On The French Atlantic Coast- day 1 Travel Day
Dubai March/April 2017 LIVE - Day 7 - Wild Wadi, Cheesecake and Going Home
Dubai March/April 2017 LIVE - Day 6 - The Desert And The Fountains
Dubai March/April 2017 LIVE - Day 5 - The Global Village And Some Malls!
Dubai March/April 2017 LIVE - Day 4 - A Dhow Trip In Oman
Dubai March/April 2017 LIVE - Day 3 - Water And Dubai Mall
Dubai March/April 2017 LIVE - Day 2 - On The Move In Wild Wadi
Dubai March/April 2017 LIVE - Day 1 Travel Day
Dubai March/April 2017 LIVE - Pre-Trip Introductions
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 10 City of BY Museum, Central Park and Home
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 9 5th Avenue, Library And Times Square
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 8 Shopping
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 7 American Natural History Museum, Central Park and Roo
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 6 Intrepid and Top of the Rock
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 5 Highline, 9/11 Memorial and Shopping
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 4 ESB and Brooklyn Bridge
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 3 Metropolitan Museum And Carols
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 2 SOL And NHL
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 1 Meeting Santa
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Day 0 Travel Day
A Fairytale in New York Christmas 2016 - Pre-Trip Report
Kuala Lumpar 2016 LIVE - All By Myself: Day 9 - Arriving Home And Final Thoughts
Kuala Lumpar 2016 LIVE - All By Myself: Day 8 - KL Menara and Eco Park
Kuala Lumpar 2016 LIVE - All By Myself: Day 7 - Merdeka Square and a lot of walking
Kuala Lumpar 2016 LIVE - All By Myself: Day 6 - Towers And Brickfields
Kuala Lumpar 2016 LIVE - All By Myself: Day 5 - Rainforest And Caves
Kuala Lumpar 2016 LIVE - All By Myself: Day 4 - Birds And Towers
Kuala Lumpar 2016 LIVE - All By Myself: Day 3 - HOHO Bus, Chinatown and Mall
Kuala Lumpar 2016 LIVE - All By Myself: Day 2 - Still Travelling
Kuala Lumpar 2016 LIVE - All By Myself: Day 1- Travel Part 1
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 24 - Botanic Gardens And Home
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 23 - Wet And Wild
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 22 - A Pompei Impact
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 21 - Montreal And Shopping
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 20 - Walking And Tubing - Again!!
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 19 - S'more Messing Around On The River
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 18 - Walks And Lac Edouard
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 17 - Exploring La Tuque
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 16 - Le Bostonnais
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 15 - A Bit Of Culture
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 14 - Whale Watching
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 13 - Lac De L'Est
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 12 - Messing Around On The River
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 11 - Kamouraska And The River
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 10 - Down On The Beach
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 9 - Quebec City And A New House
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 8 Travel To Levis
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 7 Relaxation
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 6 Canoeing Down The River
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 5 Walks and Outlets
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 4 Walks And Waterfalls
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 3 Where Are The Sharks?
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 2 The Mountain Of Smiles
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 1 Messing Around On The Lake
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Day 0 travel day
Quebec 2016 - On y va LIVE - Pre-trip introduction
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