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So in the car on the way to the airport and while waiting at the gate to board the plane home we discussed this. Mainly as I am already planning next year in my head so may as well get their input while it’s fresh!

Kevin’s (dad) highs
RPR club level with FOLP
Rest Day at the villa
Canoeing down Rock river run
Anna Maria island

Helens (Mum)highs
Anna Maria island
Bongos at St Petes
Canoeing down Rock river run
RPR club level with FOLP

Hannahs (age14) highs
Grand Plaza St Petes
Bongos at night St Petes
RPR club level & Citywalk at night

Kierans (age10) highs
Fireworks over Hogwarts
Disney hotel exploring
RPR club level
Skyride at Busch

Kevin’s (dad) lows
Hash house a go go
Weather (too much rain, not enough sunsets)
Helen buying soap to bring home (bloody cheek! I only got 10. I wanted double that !

Helens (Mum) lows
Hash house a go go
More Rain than last year
Mosquito bites at Busch

Hannahs (age14) lows
Spiders at Rock river run
Hash house a go go
Queues at Busch
Queues at Seaworld
Sharing hotel rooms

Kierans (age10) lows
Spiders at Rock River Run
Queues at Busch
Hash house a go go
I can only think of 3!

So in summary next year will have way more AMI / St Petes, no Seaworld or busch, more villa downtime, and I need a volunteer to watch my kids for a day so kevin and I can canoe the rock river run ourselves. Any takers??

Florida Magical Tours

Up at 8am and had my last morning coffee out by the pool before all the final packing and getting ready would start.

I was dreading this morning. Not just coz it’s horrible going home, but all the agro this causes, trying to get Hannah out of her bed so I can strip it, trying to get her to hand everything over that needs packed, kevin getting himself all in a stooshie over the weight of the suitcases and, no matter what else we bought, blaming only the foaming hand soaps.

I would actually rather they each got up, had showers, dressed in what they are wearing to the airport then left me alone for 2 hours to sort everything. They just get in my way!

Randy had kindly said he would ask the cleaners to come a bit later so we didn’t need to be out until 12, so that was good.

Kieran went up to the clubhouse for a wee while to visit the cat, then came back and played in the pool before his shower at 11am

Hannah spent the morning refusing to let me in to strip her sheets, refusing to let us weigh her hand luggage, insisting she had given us everything that needed to be packed then producing something else every 5 minutes. Yes. Not difficult at all.

We used up the last of the food for an early lunch so was very cobbled together

Eventually everyone was dressed and the cases were packed. Final weigh in time. Thomas cook allowance is 23kg and we got them to what seemed to be exactly 23kg each. That was with the old fashioned lift up dial scales. Pray to the god of luggage scales whoever that might be.

Final checks of the villa, all sheets washed and in the dryer. All towels in the washing machine. Why don’t we get these big US washing machines? I’d love one at home.

Gave the kitchen and bathrooms a quick wipe over. I know you don’t need to do this stuff but it makes me feel better leaving a place nice. There were 3 single beds that hadn’t been touched while we were there so I left notes on those to say so. No idea whether that’s helpful or they would just ignore it anyway. Left the villa at 11:50

We had to drop in my leftover seagrams to the clubhouse so while there we decided we would weigh the cases on their digital scales. They came in at 23.2 or 23.3 each so we decided to take the chance.

Each hand luggage we have is 4.5kg against a 6kg allowance so if they were to be really strict we would just need to pull stuff out into our hand luggage.

Kids under 18 are not normally allowed in the gym but since we were with him Kieran had a wee go on the cross trainer. He would love one of those.

The kids played a few games while Kevin cooled down again in the aircon after lugging all the cases around.

Then they said goodbye to duchess

Packing prayers n pixie dust 😳 we set off for the airport.

Easily found the rental return area at terminal B for Thomas cook as it’s very well signposted. Dropped the car confirming the only charge was still the original full tank of gas (we had 18 miles left in it) and into the terminal building.

Got to the Thomas Cook checkin and only 1 family in front of us so only waited a couple of minutes. She weighed each case, labelled them and never said a word. She didn’t even look at the hand luggage never mind weigh it. 👍

We did look at each weight though and they were each EXACTLY what the clubhouse scales weighed them at.

I had checked in online yesterday as I was desperate to see whether we had seats together (another thing Kevin and I disagree about paying for). I had been relieved to see we had row 11, 4 centre seats together and these stayed the same when she printed our boarding cards. I would have made Kevin’s life hell had we been split up all over the place 😉

Off to security. We had to keep our cellphones in our bags but take out any electronics larger than a phone. We also had to take out all snacks or candy, all liquids in a separate clear bag as usual, anyone between ages 12 and 75 had to remove shoes. Hannah was getting in a right kerfuffle with her shoes!

had worn my blingy jeans and the body scanner didn’t like them. So I was treated to an extra pat down. When she asked if I was ok to do it there or wanted to go to a private room I wondered how extensive it was going to be! But it was just because she lifted my top a bit to check around the inside of my waistband.

Confirmed as non terrorist we were free to carry on. Picked up a packet of Cheetos for me and some water for the kids. Went to the gate where there was a wee market with a bar in it. Bought Kevin a bud and a glass of red for me

Ooft airports are not cheap are they?!

As we are sitting at the gate with nothing to do I typed today’s report up to this point and we also had a good chat about our highs n lows so I took a note of them for each person. Even though one of Kevin’s is so completely unfair!

More later once we land.........

We were supposed to fly at 16:35 but took off an hour late at 17:35. Hannah and Kevin were both asleep before we took off.

And so we started the long flight home.

I upgraded the films to premium for Hannah Kieran and I which is £5 each. Kevin refuses to pay for such luxuries remember.

I did check the economy movies but I had seen them all and knew that even if I slept a bit I would watch at least one film.

I watched A Wrinkle In a Time

I liked it but then I love anything with Reese Witherspoon.

After an hour they came round with a drinks service.

45mins later the kids meals came out, which was pasta, fruit snacks, cheese n crackers, chocolate cake.

20mins after that the adult meals were served which turned out to be exactly the same as the kids meals - just without the fruit snacks!

I watched Blockers after that, some of which was cheesy, but 4 or 5 bits I really did laugh out loud! Hannah wanted to watch it as I was laughing so much but she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t find it. When I looked at her screen she had a completely different set of films. Then I realised it’s because she is only 14 and all the films over that certification were missing from her selection. Clever.

I had noticed that all the swearing was still in the film whereas it’s usually dubbed over on the plane so this must be how they control it now.

about an hour away from landing they served breakfast, which was orange juice, yoghurt and a thin crunchy cereal bar.

The wheels hit the tarmac at 6:45 uk time. It took them a wee while to get the tunnel connected to the door but as we were row 11 and the door is at row 12 we were off sharp and through passport control by 7:02.

Suitcases were so quick! And all 4 came together which almost never happens. Straight out and into a taxi home.

We walked in our front door at 7:30am. 45mins after we landed. Must be a new record for us!

The first thing I did was go for my mail as I knew a very special letter was supposed to have arrived on 2nd July. And there it was. Official. I first found out my job was at risk on 15th March so it has already been over 3 months of decisions, sleepless nights, rumours, stress, moving goalposts, changing dates. But here we are now. After 28 years with the company my job is no more

Gulp! Such mixed emotions.

We all headed straight to bed for a couple of hours, setting alarms for 11am so we can try to get back on track before work tomorrow.

We really struggled to get up at 11 but we did. Well, apart from Hannah who point blank refused, but I am just leaving her to it. With no school she is old enough to sort herself out over the next few days. Besides she has about 45 episodes of Love Island to binge watch so we will be lucky to see her face within the next fortnight.

My fabulous wee mammy had been in before we came home and left fresh milk and bread, potato scones, and her amazing home made lentil soup. Which is Kierans favourite thing in the whole wide world when he comes back from a holiday 😍 so we sorted. She had also left some farm fresh Ayrshire totties for tonights dinner. That woman sure knows how to welcome us home!

Our wee cat was delighted to see us - running from one to the next for a good pet while we were unpacking the cases (god knows where I am going to put everything).

The garden was like something out of Jurassic Park! 3 weeks of glorious sunshine while we were away and we had weeds knee high! The good thing is my lillies look incredible and my lettuce is plentiful. My hanging herb garden has died a death though, as that would’ve needed watered at least twice a day to survive that heat, so that will all need to be replanted.

So we cut the grass, weeded the path and flowerbeds, and washed the cars. And actually just enjoyed the strange sensation of being home yet it still being gloriously sunny ☀️

And now, I am sitting on my sun lounger, having a wee kopparberg, finishing this report and already planning next year.

Ssshh don’t tell Kevin. We don’t want to give him a heart attack.😉

Here’s to all of you who have read along and commented - it’s so very much appreciated.


Woke up at 7:30 and was out by the pool with my coffee shortly after. When Kevin came out he spotted an armadillo that had just come out of the bushes. I snapped a quick pic on my phone through the pool mesh. It’s a bit rubbish but we had no time to grab the SLR but he had gone back into the bushes

All ready, left at 10:30 and popped down the US27 to get the protection spray for my boots that they said they would set aside for me when it came in.

Drove back along the I4 east to Magic Kingdom. Felt really strange going through the arches and paying for parking knowing we wouldn’t be visiting a park!

I know we could have started at Disney springs and used the buses but I was trying not to waste too much time as we had shoehorned this day in having patched it twice. We had already decided to cut out the Wilderness Lodge and just do the 3 hotels around seven seas lagoon.

parked in rapunzel 228 and boarded the tram to TTC

When I looked at Kieran he was all smiles and said ^I love Disney^. I said ^you know we’re not going into a park right? Just the hotels.^ And he said yes but that he was excited even to see the castle. Oh man I felt so bad! Looking at me with those big brown eyes, all excited bless him.

Off the tram and through security, we decided to do a loop on the Epcot monorail. Just because we’ve seen it above us so many times when in the park.

It was pretty cool going over the park that way and Kieran loved it.

back to TTC on our round trip, off and onto the resort monorail.

We rode it right past the Polynesian

Past the Grand Floridian

Past Magic Kingdom

And got off at the Contemporary

we had a look around in here at the shops

we have been to chef Mickeys before in 2015 when we came with the Easton’s

We had a look at the viewing platform I had considered when searching for somewhere to watch the fireworks from without park tickets and agreed that it would indeed have been an option.

then out onto the boat dock where I wanted to hire a sun tracker boat. I hadn’t told Kevin about this as I knew he wouldn’t want to pay the money for it. He doesn’t bat an eyelid when I spend $500 on cowboy boots n jeans, but he has a kind of mental block about paying to DO something!

I took his driving licence, told him we were doing it and that was that. He screwed his face up, shook his head and rolled his eyes. I knew he would like it once he did it. He’s always the same.

We had to wait 15mins as they had 2 sun Tracker pontoon boats and they were both out. Completed the paperwork.

We were shown on the map where we could and couldn’t go

Then we’re taken down the walkway to our boat.

the guy gave Kevin all the instructions he needed and away we went.

It was great fun! We went right round discovery island, and could see River Country, the old water park lying abandoned.

Then round into the seven seas lagoon and round each of the hotels. Folk were waving to us from the hot tub of one of the Polynesian fancy rooms. Maybe one day eh?!

When we pulled back in Kevin turns with a smile and says ^that was pretty good eh?^. I knew it!

$45 for the boat, regardless of number of people and it seats up to 10. They then charge per additional 5 minutes up to $90 for the full 60mins so they clock the time you go out then the time you get back and charge for exactly how long you had.

We stopped at the Sand Bar next to the Contemporary swimming pool and ordered a portion of chilli cheese nachos and a portion of fries to share

While we were sitting there the sky darkened and the rain came down in sheets! Hannah grabbed the tray and we ran under shelter. Hannah and Kieran finished eating while standing there.

Made a run for it to back inside the contemporary and we got the Monorail to the Polynesian. Had a look around in here and went to Trader Sams only to find it closed as it opens at 4pm. Pity - I had been looking forward to a cocktail!

I had planned to walk from here to the Grand Floridian but the rain was still lashing down so it was back into the monorail to GF.

Wow! What a lobby! We had a look in basin white trying all the nice soaps and scrubs by the sinks.

while we were watching the band came out to play and Cinderella and Prince Charming came out for a dance

then they danced with the wee kids - too cute 😍

We had a good look around then, as the sun was splitting again, we left by walking outside by the pool then along the walkway by the beach back to the Polynesian.

It’s only a 5 minute walk, if that. And when we reached the Polynesian guess what was open? Trader Sams!

And the kids wanted sprites

So we stopped here for a drink and listened to the singer for a while.

Back into the monorail and round the whole circuit again til we reached the TTC to get the car again.

We stopped at the Vineland outlets in the way back and I picked up a polo top and jumper.

and Hannah got 4 t-shirts

decent prices as they were in the sale then Kevin had the further 30% off code thanks to toonarmani’s thread.

It was time for food and Hannah really fancied the zinger mountain melt her dad had back in our first night, so it was Millers Ale House we needed. Put it into waze and headed to the one on the 192 as it was on the way home.

As we were driving there the heavens opened and once parked we had to make a run for it. Being a Saturday night it was quite busy so 25mins wait for a table or see if we could find one outside

As we passed through a lady waved at me and said excuse me. When I leant over she told me she read my trip reports! This was Angela and her family (Yellowrose78 on the dibb). We had a good chat and they let me take a photo to put with their mention 😃. Pity we hadn’t met sooner as I could easily have pictured us going for a drink! Lovely to meet you Angela.

When I went back outside Kevin had found a table there. Thank god as I don’t think I could have stood the aircon inside. I was in my North face fleece and I was still a wee bit chilly sitting outside.

I ordered the $10.50 pitcher of watermelon marguarita

Kieran ordered Jambalaya - oh he loved this and totally scoffed it

Kevin and Hannah both had zinger mountain melts

and I had the salmon

Everybody was too stuffed for dessert but they had to wait a bit for me to finish my pitcher.

Kevin popped into publix for beer then we were off back along the road to the villa. It’s still raining now as I upload this so not sure whether we will brave the spa or just watch a film for the rest of the night yet.

Night all x

Last night after uploading my trippie I had a few games of pool with Hannah, a cup of tea and went to bed just after 10. I didn’t wake up til 9:30! Now that is a good nights sleep. If unnaturally long! I must’ve needed it.

Turns out that as well as suffering the heat yesterday, something had been eating me alive. I woke itching like mad and when I got up I am covered in bites. I have 15 on my legs, 4 on my arms and 6 on my back and they are huge solid belters 😳. And they are driving me nuts. I only had a couple of tiny bites before this and now I’m riddled with them after just one day in Busch. I am not a happy bunny.

Got a cup of tea and out beside the pool. Kevin had been out for ages already and was just telling me how quiet it had been when he glanced at the lake and said ^alligator!^ and sure enough, there he was in the middle of the lake swimming towards a single unsuspecting duck.

He would swim nearer then stop for a bit. Kevin got a couple of decent photos on his SLR before the duck waddled out of the water and the alligator turned and swam back down the lake again.

Very exciting! But you do have to be watching. Could so easily have missed it. When you are out looking at the lake every day you start to notice ripples where there usually are none. This started as a wee dot with a ripple in the distance

then a couple of ducks taking flight from that spot

but he is so silent we may not have noticed otherwise. And all the birds stayed quiet whereas I thought they might all have started making a riot.

Fab to see.

The ducks spent all morning out on the banks warily watching the water after that

We had moved the resort hopping to today after Hannahs wobbly day, but after my wobbler yesterday, and the fact Kevin was moaning we hadn’t had a single full day at home, we scrapped that in favour of a total rest day. Normally I would have argued, but having slept as long as I had last night I knew I needed to rest. That is not normal for me!

I still hope to do the resort hopping tomorrow, which is our last full day. Hannah is desperate to do it too. So as long as the boys get today to chill and explore the wildlife, I’m sure they will be up for it too.

Spent the morning split between sitting by the pool reading my kindle, and packing 3 of our 4 suitcases with everything we wouldn’t need for the last 2 days.

I think we are doing ok weight wise which makes me itch to go shopping again! It’s difficult to know until that last case on the day you leave though.

The boys went up to the clubhouse and had a few games of mini golf (but took no photos for the dibb - have I taught them nothing?!)

We decided we would drive up to Teak for dinner as that remains everyone’s favourite and would be nice to visit again before we go home.

I felt like dressing up a bit so got out my new blingy jeans. I do love them!

Got ready and left at 6:45, arriving at 7:20. Got seated at an outside table straight away but it was busy being a Friday night.

We had missed happy hour which is 4-7pm

Took some photos of the menu too

Kevin had a spicy Veronica

Kieran had a waffle burger

Hannah her usual donut burger but with chicken instead of beef

I had the spinach and blue crab dip

I worked my way through a few cocktails.

the kids had a brownie overload and lava cake for their dessert.

food was all just delicious as usual. The amount of times we’ve been here and we’ve had great food and a great experience every single time.

Definitely still our favourite restaurant

headed home and heading for that spa with a nice cold drink in hand to watch for fireflies while we still have the chance

Driving home and this years favourite song is on the radio

I was up at 7 and had some peace out by the pool before waking everyone else at 7:45. Kieran was still asleep which is only the second time this whole holiday

Usual round of showers, suncream and getting ready. Hannah was first ready! Well seeing she was ready for some park action after a couple of lazy days. We were supposed to be taking the Seaworld cup with us to reactivate for all day refills but Kevin had put it in the dishwasher and melted it!

A quick look in the pantry turned up the Seaworld cup we had left behind last year, and another one someone else had left so we gave these a wash out and that lets the kids have their own. Yay! No fighting over flavours. No moaning who got to drink it first and who is the most disgusting!

we left the villa at 8:56 (with the kids taking great delight in pointing out to their dad that the cups do say hand wash only on them) and programmed the drive into waze. We drove along with the radio playing some of my faves so I was giving it Laldy in the front seat🎵 love all that country feel good stuff. Happy happy.

Arrived at the car park at 10:10 and paid our $22. Parked in Cheetah which is right next to preferred parking which is $34.

Onto the tram and away. Through the gate and scanned the barcodes on our groupon tickets again and in.

We usually head straight for Cheetah Hunt which is our favourite ride but having read my previous trippies this turns out to be our longest wait of the day. I wondered if we should what we did at Seaworld the other day and head left towards Sheikra instead. So asked the others and we agreed to try that.

We reached Sheikra and it was a 5 minute wait so they all went on. If you’ve read my previous trippies you will know I don’t do this one. I absolutely hate it with a passion and it brought me to real proper tears last time I rode it. So I was cups, caps n phones holder for a change.

I went and got them drinks refills while I waited. I had popped Hannahs phone in my Kipling multiple beside mine. The only problem with this is it buzzes every 2 seconds with Snapchat updates. When you are wearing your multiple around your body, this ends up feeling like one of those machines I used to strap to me when I was a teenager coz I was too lazy to do sit ups. Buzz buzz buzz

they came off and straight on for another ride while it was quiet. The noticeboard next to the ride showed I was right (so far anyway) Cheetah hunt was currently 40mins and everything else 5 mins. Whether cheetah hunt would be quieter when reached there later remained to be seen, but for now I was happy we had gone left.

I sat in the shade people watching and waited. By the time we moved on the board showed cheetah hunt 65m, montu 15m Sheikra 10m with everything else 5mins.

We walked on up to see the tigers and orangutans. The orangutans got up from sleeping in one spot and swung down under the glass floor to sleep in another.

When we went to see the big tiger, he suddenly ran across the enclosure towards 2 pigeons that were trying take flight. He just slapped a big paw down on top of one then ^chomp^ big jaws right on it. He lay there chewing away.

It was like a supersize version of when our own wee tiger Trixie catches a bird. The times I’ve chased that bloomin cat all over the garden trying to get her to let something go!

Hannah demonstrated the size of tigers again. Need to put this against the exact same pose she did last year

Kumba next. Know what I like about Busch? There are lockers, but for most rides they have wee cubby boxes beside the ride for non valuables, and they let you on wearing a Kipling multiple. So for most rides no locker needed as I put everyone’s phones into my multiple 👍

Kumba was a 5 minute wait which was correct. We did this one twice as I like it. It’s mostly loops instead of drops. We walked down through Pantopia to find Falcons Fury was off again. Same as last year

So Hannah and I found a seat in the shade while the boys rode the Scorpion twice. These wee rest areas are great

The wee white boxes are actually charging stations for mobiles if you happen to have your cable with you

I had some dippin dots here

from here we walked through Africa seeing the lions and hyenas. All sleeping of course. Don’t blame them, it was really scorching hot today. And the meerkats

We reached Cobras Curse to find it was a 75minute wait. No thanks. The ride lasts about 30 seconds! Hannah wanted us to wait in it so wasn’t happy that we moved to Montu instead.

Montu was a 30min wait so we went in. Actually waited 18mins so not bad. I started to feel a bit woozy in this queue so when we came off I sent the other 3 back in while I refilled the drinks cup, bought a packet of Cheetos, and found a seat in the shade. If I hadn’t felt a bit fragile I would have gone on Montu again as I do like that one.

Walking past Cheetah Hunt it was 65min wait so we decided to get the sky ride to the back of the park, maybe get some food and come back later. We even had to wait 30 mins for the skyride.

Got off and started to walk down again. Both kids were saying they weren’t that bothered for food and Kevin and I weren’t hungry. But it was 3pm so I thought I better get them something. All the food places were mobbed. The queue at the smokehouse grill was massive so we passed by and looked for a quick queue.

Stopped at a food booth and started to queue. After 10 mins standing I thought I was going to pass out. I waved to Hannah to get Kevin over to take my place in the queue and when he arrived I could hear my own voice echoing in my head when I was speaking to him and everything was a bit white round the edges. I really did think I was going to pass out. I made it to the table and put my head down. Hannah and Kieran both said they weren’t even bothered about food so we should just call it a day and aim for home. Got Kevin back out of the queue, which was barely moving anyway.

The kids went to see what the queue time was for Cheetah Hunt but at 50 minutes they were too hot n bothered to wait. It was so hot today and no sign of the 3pm rain that was predicted. We decided to call it a day.

We got the tram and when we reached the car it was 101 degrees. No wonder we were struggling

We set off along the road with the aircon full blast trying to cool everyone down. Once I was properly cool I started to feel better.

I whatsappd my best mates group to tell them I had overheated today. Their responses tell you how unusual that is!

Along the I4 we stopped in at the only other dressbarn I had seen in the area. I was in and out in 5 minutes though as was looking for one specific dress I had seen on the clearance rails of the other store, but not in my size. As soon as I could see they didn’t have it I was out. Not in the mood to browse. Not to mention that rain had finally caught up with us.

There was a Buffalo Wild Wings across the road so we decided to stop there for dinner.

Hannah had a BBQ ChIcken sandwich and the rest of us ordered to share

Boneless wings

Garlic mushrooms

Cheese curds

Chilli cheese nachos

And chicken street tacos

Hannah then had cheesecake balls for dessert

And Kieran had a mini chocolate cake which was the perfect size for him given how stuffed he was.

All lovely. The young waitress and another waitress who came along were so nice, talking about Scotland and Outlander! When she had brought the drinks to the table she bumped them and spilt a wee bit on the table. No problem for us and we just mopped it up. But when she brought the bill she said she had comped the drinks as she had ^spilt them all over you^ so the bill was pretty cheap.

Kevin put his leftover chilli and cheese into a box to have later after some beers 😃

And we drove home. It’s now 8:30 and despite the pouring rain my crazy husband is in the hot tub with his beer.

It’s still his favourite place, even when it’s chucking it down. Will he be warned about lightning? Will he heck!

I am ready for a bit of chilled time playing pool with the kids before an early night I think

And it might be a lazy day tomorrow given how I felt today. These last 3 crazy weeks must be catching up on me!

Night all xx

Got up at 8, and as usual folded and put away all the washing then got my coffee and out to the poolside.

Mr Hawk was around but staying very high up today

And this fella was drying his wings in the sun after a swim, same as he does every morning 😃

It was a scorcher this morning although we knew it was due to break at lunchtime

The original plan for today was celebration and I had a 4pm booking for celebration town tavern, but we had heard there was to be no fireworks there tonight (I think Helen posted it) so I was doubtful.

The kids and Kevin both wanted to go back to lake Minneola even though it would likely be different to last year with such different weather. So I cancelled the table and we opted for a lazy day then up to the lake instead.

Hannah was desperate to go back to the converse clearance shop and get 2 pairs for school so she and Kevin were headed there.

Kieran didn’t want to go shopping again so I said I would stay behind and take him up to the clubhouse pool, where he might find kids to play with and I could enjoy the sun until the rains hit.

for the first hour we had the place to ourselves

then more people started arriving and the three ladies from the clubhouse started setting up tables and putting stuff out. Ah, of course. It’s the 4th of July so they were putting stuff on.

Then the BBQ got lit

Before we knew it there was a full on pool party going on!

They laid on hotdogs, salads, pasta, chips, coleslaw, jello, and all kinds of soft drinks, beers and wine.

Kieran ate 3 hotdogs, countless cupcakes and salad. The ladies thought he was hilarious and kept taking photos of him for their Facebook page

By this time Kevin and Hannah were back and Kevin came to join us. Along with his hotdogs Kevin had a couple of beers as it would be hours before he would be driving again. He was surprised they had such a varied range of beers in the big iced bucket and cooler.

We found out why when one of the ladies asked what on earth has was drinking. He showed her and she said that people hand in all kinds of leftover alcohol when they leave and they just put it all away until they have one of these events then use it all up. That explains the extensive range!I had a couple of wines with mine.

An Irish family (who are apparently famous in Ireland) who are staying in Highgrove for 6 months while they perform somewhere in Disney every night, were there. The dad played a tune on his flute for us and the boys Irish danced - it was great!

We had a rerr old time!

The skies darkened and the rain started about 1:30 and the thunder was roaring a while away, so we packed up and made our way back to the villa.

Where we sat out beside the pool sheltered from the rain but still able to watch the goings on. It was still very warm and we were still in our swimmies. I had a few Seagrams and typed up the trippie to this point before getting back to my kindle. I needed a disco nap before tonight!

Kevin showed me what they had bought. A caramel leather pair for Kevin and 2 black n white high tops for H

we got ready and left the villa at 5:20 after a very lazy afternoon. Had to stop at Walmart for milk. We end up at the supermarket every blinkin day. We’d loads of milk but 2 lazy days equals kids pouring loads of cereal and glasses of milk and we suddenly have none. It’s just like at home!

I was a wee bit unsure about doing the Tiki bar tonight simply because last year the weather was amazing and this year it’s quite dull. I warned the kids we might not see all the speedboats and families and that glorious red sunset. I was worried they would get there and expect it to be exactly like last year, which was pretty magical let’s face it. They said ok they understood, but that they still wanted to go.

As we drove up it did get a bit more clear

When we got to the left turn right before the Tiki Bar kevin said about we hadn’t seen Superman this year. I turned to the right and there he was god bless him!

When we parked up we could see there were plenty of boats and families.

Kieran was in the water playing with the other kids within minutes

It was 6:15 so we took an empty table and ordered some drinks.

It was a lovely atmosphere again.

It was our villa owners Randy & Barb who told us about this place last year and it ended up being the best day of our holiday.

This year, Randy had left us a gift card for the Tiki Bar which was incredibly kind. So we had a wee toast to them with our first drink. Cheers Randy & Barb!

Kevin only had one beer. He still isn’t sold on the Draught and prefers his cans!

About 7pm we ordered some food, and had to drag Kieran out of the water to eat it.

Chicken Caesar for me

Chicken strips for Hannah

Burger for Kieran

Jalapeño burger for Kevin

The food was all really tasty and it was lovely sitting here again watching all the goings on and listening to the lovely beach vibe music.

As the sun set it was nowhere near as dramatic as last years vivid red, but it was still beautiful, with lightning happening all around at the same time

Then the fireworks started all around the lake.

we left at 9:15 and drove back down the US27 with fireworks going off all over the place. Then all that lightning caught up with us and the most biblical rain started. We were crawling along at barely any speed with the window wipers on full whack and could still hardly see.

Home and into cosy showers. We are now all huddled up watching Jurassic Park after another lovely 4th July.

Night all x

Longer lie ins with me up at 8:30. Kieran was up but said he had slept an hour longer than usual.

I sorted the washing, made my coffee and took half the Tiramisu out to the poolside for breakfast. Oh my word that tiramisu was yum!

All quiet out back this morning. Although whilst Kieran did his pool cleaning he realised a rescue mission was required.

A wee frog was in the pool. So he was gently evicted back into the lake.

Kevin joined us with his biscuit /scone for breakfast

We sat here all morning just reading and relaxing by the pool. Then we started getting ready as today’s plan was supposed to be this

You will notice I say supposed to be! Hannah was in her bed and when I went in to see her she said she wasn’t going anywhere today. She had been complaining of a bit of a sore tummy yesterday and today she said her tummy was still sore and she had a bit of a sore throat too. She was pretty pale so I decided maybe she had just overdone it and needed a day of rest. This happens with Hannah. She needs loads of sleep but can’t get to sleep early at night, so too many early mornings and busy days soon catch up with her. Some recharging was needed if we were to get back on track.

I am ok leaving her on her own for a half day or so but I wasn’t going to leave her all afternoon and evening, plus she had actually really been looking forward to the resort hopping day so I didn’t want to do it without her. So a change of plans was needed. We would do the resort hopping on one of our free days at the end of the week instead.

We decided the 3 of us would go have a look in another boot shop kevin had found online, then maybe take Kieran mini golfing or something so we were doing something he really liked. Hannah was delighted she was getting a day of rest but not missing the resort hopping.

We drove straight down the US27 to this place

Within 5 minutes we could see they had a better range and better prices than the two we had visited on I drive

Well. Oh my god. I went to town in here 😳

I’m a total magpie and this place had all sorts of sparkly belts, sparkly jeans and of course, the sparkly boots I had already seen.

Once I started trying them all on I found another pair of cream boots I liked even more. And, they had every single pair of ladies boots in size 11. Size 11s everywhere! It was heaven. And nobody made me feel like a freak!

They had a 50% off section at the back with about half a dozen pairs in my size that I could easily have bought as day wear standard boots. But there were no glitzy ones there, and I was on the search for sparkle.

The young girl assistant was so helpful. When I said I liked the pockets of the jeans but didn’t like the really wide bootlegs, she had a skinny pair and a straight pair out in my exact size (without even asking me) in about 10 seconds flat.

I tried sooo much stuff on in here!

I asked the girl if I bought two pairs of jeans, skinny & straight, the boots and the belt could I have an extra discount. She gave me 20% off the belt and 10% off everything else which I thought was good.

So I ended up with the white sparkly boots.

Skinny jeans

straight jeans that fit over the boots

and a sparkly belt.

Told you I went to town! I love it all though. The skinny jeans I will be able to wear with heels, and I will wear the boots with the straight jeans over them out to our local, or wherever. I don’t even care, I love them 😍

Kevin had been worried about the dye from the straight jeans marking the boots. She said they have a scotch guard spray to stop that but were out of stock and it would be in on Friday $10. So we will go back for that.

We left there and headed for the pirates cove mini golf. As we did the skies were dark and the rain started pouring down. So what better to do but cut around a mini golf course holding your very own lightening rod eh?

We went in and paid up $33 as this was a last minute change so no vouchers, groupons or discounts. That almost makes me itch.

We got to the second hole before the thunder and lightening started and we had to take shelter back in the office. The girl on the til was really nice and offered us a rain check voucher for another day, but we decided to stick it out.

While we waited she let kieran choose a free ice cream from the freezer so he had a chocolate ice cream sandwich.

After 15 minutes the rain was off (and I had typed up today’s trip report to this point. I’m nothing if not a multitasker!) so we set off again. I kept my rain jacket on as there was still water running off the trees when we were under them. Checked Teeny was ok back in the villa

We had such a laugh, I was getting most holes in 2 or 3 and was definitely winning, then suddenly got one where it took me 14 shots! I swear it was rigged. Kevin and Kieran were doubled over laughing at me. That hole lost me the game. But I didn’t care. I’ve got sparkly cowboy boots 😃

When we got to the end she got Kieran to spin a wheel for a free gift so he got a free sprite, and she also gave me a coin for a free game. She was really nice.

We set off back for the villa and stopped off at publix on the way as we needed beer. We just keep running out. Can’t think why! Incidentally, if any of you like modern country music this station is the best one I’ve found this visit

Arrived back at the villa at 5pm and Hannah was feeling much better. We decided to walk round to the Irish pub on Highgrove, called Devenneys, for some dinner.

They are showing all the World Cup matches in here so at 2pm they’d had the Columbia England game on. The lady said it had been mobbed earlier but now at 6pm there were now just 4 Scots at the bar and a couple of families eating.

We ordered chicken strips, of which the portion was huge and Hannah gave half to Kevin and Kieran

BLT with cheese

Summer chicken

And baked fish

We had been chatting back n forth with Randy, our villa owner earlier and I had been explaining why Kevin keeps refusing beer when we go out when I offer to drive. I’d explained Kevin likes Draught beer at home to have a nice head and hates that the beer here all seems flat. Randy had said the only American stuff he really likes is Yuengling so kevin had picked some cans of that up in Publix. He had one before we went to the pub and said that he really liked it. Devenneys sell this on Draught so he had one here.

He liked it well enough but still prefers the can version.

Then Kieran, who was the only one who could possibly fit dessert, had chocolate cake with caramel sauce.

Paid the bill

And back out into that lazy hazy sunshine that is my absolute favourite. We walked (well we rolled Kieran) back round to the villa but when we got there Kevin and I felt like we could happily carry on walking, so the kids went inside and we went on for a stroll right around Highgrove and past the clubhouse again, finishing up by coming around the back of our villa along the lake. Magic

Cracked open a beer and a Seagrams and out to sit by the pool. Lovely to sit here all evening and watch the sun go down, and listen to the wildlife start to come to life.

The kids spent all evening playing in the pool diving for rings and doing races. It was fab to all be out together. Love it when Hannah comes out of her wee teenage bubble and comes back to us at these times 😍

Fair enjoyed our lazier day today.

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