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So today was our last day 😢

I was really missing my boys but messaged Kevin to say I would rather they were flying out to me than I was flying home to them. Could have done with another week of this glorious sunshine and heat.

We had to vacate the room by 12. I often keep the room on when we have a late flight home from somewhere as I can’t stand that whole courtesy room nonsense, where you get a key to the hottest, sweatiest room in the hotel to try to shower. 15 other families have been in before you, the place is swimming and you come out dirtier than you went in. Then you have to lug your hand luggage about all day. Not here. The facilities in this place are so top notch there really is no need.

Hannah and I showered and creamed up then wandered up for breakfast. I was at the grilled halloumi and egg again 😊 while Hannah ate her body weight in waffles and pancakes as usual. I had yet another latte

Then we strolled back down to room to get organised. Hannah made me phone through to her Aunty Dianne to check she was up and getting ready and hadn’t slept in. She was of course up and about mid pack.

Once packed we left our cases with the luggage room at reception who took our room numbers, name and time we wanted to collect our bags to leave which for us was 10:30pm

Then we made our way to the spa with our getting ready bags for later, and our hand luggage. We went into the changing rooms of the spa, located a couple of empty lockers, of which there are plenty. They operate a simple code entry where you enter your own code to lock and unlock. Stuff safely stashed away we were out at the pool by 11 and soaking up every last ray the sun could offer 🌞

I finished my second book today too

We had lunch. Hannah had pizza n chips. Dianne had her 3 courses as usual and groaned that we would need to roll her into the plane.

Dianne and I started our cocktails at 4 pm as usual. Plus today I had a message from my boss telling me the next meeting about the management restructure and potential redundancies was to happen the day after I get back to work. My tummy was turning all afternoon after that! So the cocktails helped. No point wasting the last day eh?

The girls made a wee friend who came and cuddled into them for a while

Then we went into the spa about 6:30 to get showered. The spa is lovely so we had no problems showering and drying and straightening hair etc. Didn’t bother with make up. Just plenty of face cream for the flight ahead. Should have taken photos of gene spa but just forgot. Sorry. Have found one of the indoor pool there to give you an idea though.

Repacked our bags so we could just slip them into the suitcases when we got to reception. We went up to the library after this and relaxed in the big leather recliners while we plugged in all the electronics back to full charge for going home. You can’t take iPads on the flight from Turkey to uk but we still charge them so the girls could use them til the last minute when they would go in the case.

About 8pm we headed to the main buffet restaurant for dinner.

Had a lovely dinner and really took our time over it. The we popped in and watched some of the magic show before heading down to reception.

We went to the bell boys who immediately brought our cases in for us. We rearranged our bags into the cases, locked them up again and put the iPads away.

Had a couple of cocktails while we waited.

Our pick up time was 23:05 as confirmed by the text I got that morning from them.

It got to 23:20 so I asked the girl on reception to phone them. They gave me nonsense about how it was actually 23:30 so would be there in the next 6 minutes. I was raging at this saying I was looking at the text, on which the pick up time matched my original booking paperwork, also sitting right in front of me. Bad customer service gets on my wick. If you make a mistake, admit it, apologise and fix it. Do not lie. 😡

Wee guy arrived within a few minutes, we put the bags in and off we went. At first.

500 yards down the road he takes a call on his mobile and does a U turn back the way we came. I am going mental in the back asking him what he is doing pointing at my watch saying we would be late. He pulls in at the Gloria hotel and jumps out. I jump out after him and it turns out he had left cases and golf clubs in the back for the people he had dropped off before us and was having to drop them. I. Was. Going. Nuts.

Dianne is so calm (thankfully)and she is saying to me He doesn’t understand you. Just write a big email when you get home’. The veins are popping out of my neck by now and yes, I am actually screaming at him 😳 I have zero patience when I don’t get what I have paid for.

The main thing annoying me was we hadn’t paid to book seats together but I knew because we always get the private transfer we are always there in plenty time, and get checked in before the coaches arrive so always get seats together. You can’t check in online 24 hours before on the way back. I knew that was at risk now and was not happy.

Sure enough Dianne was in row 17 with Emma (presumably as she is younger), but Hannah was in row 19 on her own and I was down in row 10. Not the end of the world I know but definitely due to that delay. Raging.

Stopped at duty free and Diane picked up toblerones for her boys. I didn’t buy anything.

All through security which had no queues. Hannah got selected for extra checks and had to go through another queue herself while we got seated at the gate. She was not chuffed!

When we got on the young couple next to me just got themselves all settled to sleep, so I just did the same. I slept the whole flight home and only woke as we descended into glasgow. Result. Maybe sitting on my own was not so bad after all!

We were out, through passport control easily, bags collected, into a taxi and away. Kevin had put my electric blanket on for me so I went to bed for a couple of hours then got up and started the marathon washing and unpacking. Hannah lazed about all day and could barely be bothered to hang up the clean stuff I was taking into her, but I just left her to it. Back to school tomorrow. I did make her come with Kieran and I for a drive in the new Volvo. Kevin had left it for me so I could have a go. I love it.

So back to work tomorrow and I have my next meeting about my possible redundancy to get through. Scary.

Next week the boys head off on their holiday to the titanic in Lara Beach

God save us. So far my pleas for a trippie have fallen on deaf ears, especially as they can’t access the dibb from Turkey anyway. I might just ghost write one using just their WhatsApp messages and photos. That may well be hilarious anyway!

I was awake at 9:15, up showered, suncreamed and at the main pool by 10am. It was roasting already.

Hannah joined me about 15 minutes later and we went for breakfast in the main buffet. Hannah had waffles and chocolate followed by a muffin and some biscuits while I had a latte with some grilled halloumi and a fried egg.

Dianne and Emma joined us before 11 having swung by the patisserie for some coffee, muffins and and pastries for breakfast. At one point Dianne popped down to the garden pool with Emma to let her play in the heated pool for a bit. It was absolutely roasting today. It has been so much warmer this week than when we were all here this same week last year. Last year we had 3 days indoors as was wet and cold, and on the 4 days it was sunny we would have to give up about 4pm. This year we have only had one afternoon of cloud and the rest has been scorching with the sun still hot at 6pm. Heaven for a sun worshipper like me. And I think the main pool must be heating up now as plenty of people braving it. Not that I was about to test that theory you understand.

We passed the day away as usual lazing about and having our usual lunch in the buffet restaurant with dessert of piles of strawberries and chocolate again.

Hannah left about 4pm to start getting ready. She takes hours. Doing things like BAKING her face??

Which is apparently a make up thing which looks like this

Oh to be young and care that much about your appearance eh?!

Not long after a bunch of very serious sportsmen arrived at the pool having finished playing golf wherever they had been. We were treated to very loud chatter on such intelligent subjects as who had the largest appendage, who had been the biggest idiot off the golf course (could you differentiate between them really?) all littered with choice language. Bunch o divs.

They then proceeded to play their own music very loudly despite the fact the entertainment team were already playing chilled out music not 30 yards away.

I am not good at keeping my mouth shut when things like this happen but I could tell they were already half a brewery down and there would just be no point. So we turned our beds around as best we could to ignore them for our last hour.

Back to the room to get ready

I could barely do the zip up in my dress tonight 😀 and Hannah was telling me off off for all those Pina Coladas. Don’t care. Worry about that when I get home!

Usual pics at the restaurant with waiters ‘helping’

Then in for dinner. This one is 20 euros per head but the food is incredible so we think it’s worth it. We did try to skip some courses in here so we could make the most of our steaks, so we asked them to skip the soup and salad courses. We noticed at checkout they had given us a 10% discount and we think this was why. We still struggled to eat everything but oh my god it was lovely.

There is a saxophonist playing in here during dinner which is a nice touch.

Stuffed to bursting we headed down to watch the show then into the lobby bar for guess what? Cocktails. Sorry. This is now ridiculously repetitive to read I know!

Then bed. We are getting sleepier every night which is madness when all we do is lie around eating and drinking.

I was up early again and out at the garden pool by 9:30. It was a bit busier today and lovely and warm already. Typed up my trip report, noticing how very repetitive it is. All we do is eat and drink!

Lots more kids here today and very noisy. No music at this pool though just people noise. Ive sat here so Emma can play in the pool when she gets here but I think Hannah and I might head for the outdoor pool tomorrow for more music and less kiddie noise for a wee change.

Dianne and Emma came up about 11:45 and Hannah finally stoated up at 12:40 after numerous phone calls reminding her that she had said she would get up and sleep in the sun instead of lying in her lazy pit. When Hannah arrived we headed to the main buffet restaurant for lunch. On the way in Hannah was saying she wanted a tuna sandwich so I said I would make her up one. When I went to the massive salad bar there was unusually no tuna so I asked one of the passing management. He said no problem, radioed someone and within 2 minutes a huge bowl of tuna appeared. Nothing is too much trouble in this place its amazing. Took a chunk of that, mayo sachets from the salad bar, a nice big slice of white bread and some butter from the bakery bit and made H her tuna sandwich at the table. She scoffed it and went for a wee white bap to put the rest of the tuna on.

I had soup again. I love the soup here. It usually has a weird name but tastes amazing. This one was called Chicken soup with egg yolk sauce but it tasted just like chicken soup to me in which I chucked lots of croutons and cheese.

Dianne had salad, followed by chicken stew and rice. Emma had spag Bol. Then we all raided the chocolate fountain for fruit and bowls of yummy chocolate. Oh it was so nice and when we got back to the pool we all had sugar comas and flopped on the sunloungers in the lovely hot sun.

We had a really annoying family beside us today. Dianne called him Mr fitness. He had an Essex type accent, tanned and talked about visiting the gym that afternoon and what he was going to do there. His wife was quiet. He had 2 boys about 7 and 9 I would say and he was so strict. There are fridges and freezers dotted all around the pools at this hotel stacked with drinks and ice lollies which you just help yourself to, so of course most kids do indulge a fair bit. One of his boys came back at one point with a can of Fanta and as he opened it the dad said you know the rules. You drink that you don’t get one tonight. So the boy took a sip, thought about it then said no I will just wait til tonight and sat it down. The dad said no too late, You’ve already drank it so that’s that. Later on when they were asking for ice cream he kept saying no and eventually let them get a tub of Doritos from the bar instead. Now I know we all have to be careful with our kids but surely that’s a bit much when they are on holiday in a place where everything is on tap? When we came here last year we counted Matthew ate 10 ice creams on his first day, and that’s only the ones we actually saw him with. They are mini ones, not full size by the way! The wife seemed miserable too. Was no fun sitting next to them at all.

Know what these are?

These are swim nappies which the hotel provide free of charge and families just help themselves. Don’t see that at many hotels do you? They think of everything

I had a wee bit of excitement later that day when Kevin messaged to say he had been to collect his new car. Well new to us. It’s a one year old Volvo XC60. We buy cars a year or so old then run them til they die so it was time to trade in our old 12 year vectra for this. He was very excited.

Kieran FaceTimed us from it saying it was awesome. I leaned to Hannah and said talk to your brother handing her the phone. Kierans goes all excited Hiya Hannah, I LOVE YOU!! Hannah goes och shut up. Dianne was howling laughing at them. Poor Kieran! To be fair she did then chat away to him for a while about the holiday and the car.

It will be my turn at the end of the year when my wee 12 year old Corsa gets upgraded. Today was the first day I really missed my boys so its lovely to be able to FaceTime and catch up whenever we want. Dianne and I were saying that it feels fine while we are the ones away but that we will probably struggle with missing them more when they go away and we are at home less occupied.

We stayed at the garden pool most of the afternoon but when it started losing the sun and we could tell there was a good couple of hours left in the sun today we moved up to the main pool. Here we made good use of the skating waiters services and had a few cocktails

As it got near 6 pm we were reluctant to leave the pool as there was still such a lovely hazy heat and the cocktails were going down nicely, but we had the Turkish restaurant booked for 7pm so had to get a move on.

Back to the rooms, showers and hair and faces done. You know when you hit that point on holiday that you are fed up doing your hair and makeup every night? I hit that tonight. I wanted to leave that pool at 6:55pm, press a button and be ready at 7.

When I sent this pic to my mum that night she messaged back OH LOOK it is Wonder Woman. Made me laugh but for gods sake don’t tell Pouty McPouty that 😁

Hannah still thinks it is hilarious that I have a whole other outfit on underneath that nobody can see!

Up to the Turkish and in we went to find Thomas serving in here tonight. They fair get about these waiters. We were generously plied with wine and all sorts of lovely food. Dianne and I agreed that for food quality the Turkish has probably been the nicest so far. The lamb and chicken were just delicious and we love all the different wee starters with big buttered pita.

When we left we slipped a few leftovers into a napkin so the girls could feed the pregnant cat that hangs around this restaurant. There are cats all over and they do a grand job. You never see a single beastie or cockroach despite how green and lush the gardens are. We gave her a wee treat of chicken and lamb chunks as we passed her by. Not too much so she still does her job mind! Each outdoor restaurant will have a couple of cats patrolling around. Not in and around your feet but around the edges or in the gardens directly outside. During the day you can see them sleeping under bushes around the pool.

We watched tonight’s entertainment which was salsa dancing with a bit of street dancing and acrobatics thrown in. It was entertaining enough but I felt really sleepy tonight. I think because we had spent much longer in the sun today, plus we had started the cocktails quite early too.

I checked my WhatsApp to find the messages I had thought I was sending Hannah last night I had actually been sending the WhatsApp group for my work girls, so they had been sending me GIFs taking the mick that I had been having too many Pina Coladas. They were probably right!

We really shouldn’t be allowed out 😳.

At least I didn’t fall out of the bath tonight. Result.

So after a while in the lobby bar we decided it was early night time so we rounded up the girls who were just finishing a game of ten pin bowling in the arcade and set off home. The girls wanted food on the way so they went into the 24hr restaurant for cheese toasties and chips while Dianne and I stopped in the reception bar and Dianne had a jack n safari as a nightcap. I was all drank out by now and just needed my bed. By 11:30 I was tucked up sound.

I was up quite early today despite not needing to book a restaurant any more. My body has obviously caught up with its sleep and I am back to normal again with my 6 hours a night.

I pottered about then went to the garden pool where I was totally on my own. Well me and the wee waiter off the bar who kept me going in lattes as I was his only customer to keep him from boredom.

It was here I decided to start tying up the trip report even though I couldn’t upload it to the dibb til I got home. I had tried to take notes but found when reading them back that one day was running into another and I was getting so confused. The only real defining factor was the different restaurants each night so that’s why I have ended up titling the days that way!

I got my ipad and keyboard out and tapped away quite happy. At one point a group of lady golfers came along for their coffees before heading off to their coach. There are always lots of golfers here but Dianne and I have been saying how many more women there are. There are almost as many women groups as there are men this time.

Dianne messaged to say they had a long lie and would probably go for lunch before joining me. So they appeared about 12:45. Hannah eventually stoated up at 1:30 looking like the walking dead, white as a sheet, and came with me for lunch. We went to main buffet where I had soup and salad again and Hannah had various kinds of pizza and Turkish pastry. Then we stopped at the patisserie and took away tiramisu for me and a requested chocolate muffin for Dianne back at the pool.

Hannah made a wee pal beside the pool

It had been lovely and sunny all morning but started to cloud over after lunch and got a bit chilly. So we decided to head back to the room, put some clothes on and go for a wander. The sports areas were all heaving as people had obviously decided to go do stuff when the weather wasn’t so nice.

We went to the café bar at the beach. I had chicken and chips, Dianne had a chicken kebab and Emma had chips. Hannah was still full from her pizza. All we do is eat and drink eh?

We sat here and watched the world go by. Hannah took some sneaking pics of the ripped young guys playing volleyball and Dianne and I were teasing her singing the Top Gun 🎶Playing, playing with the boys🎶 from the bit where Mav and Goose play beach volleyball. She is a walking hormone that girl. It was actually quite funny as on one side of the net were these 3 tanned ripped young guys, and on the other side these 3 big beer bellied older guys in speedos. Dianne and I were telling Hannah that you get the young side but eventually they turn into the beer bellied side anyway!

There were still lots of people sitting by the pool though

Hannah went back to the room with Emma and Dianne and I stayed on a while then wandered up to the reception bar for some Pina colada and beer. I don’t know how they keep this place so immaculate. It has white velvet seats everywhere. Gorgeous.

Got to 5:45 and we decided we better go get ready!

Legs out tonight in dresses as the Italian restaurant is inside so not so cold.

As usual the waiters have to get in on the pictures!

This was the first of the 2 restaurants we have chosen to pay for. But us still very reasonable at 7 Euros per person and Emma free as we knew she would only eat the kids menu in here. We have paid full for her for the steakhouse though as she wants a fillet steak that night.

Dinner in here was delicious. We tried to get them to skip as many courses as possible as there is just so much food, but we had all sorts of starters, pizza pasta then salmon for mains. I only remembered to take photos a few times though. I better improve on that before our Florida trip!

Tiramisu, canoli and fruit cocktails for desserts

And the usual bottle of wine.

After dinner we went to see what the entertainment was but left after 5 minutes as it was a Turkish dance show and was a bit depressing to be honest. Dark and foreboding with big dark heavy costumes and slow music.

The girls went out to the outside pool bar to watch the karaoke while Dianne and I stayed in the lobby bar, We eventually got our wraps and cardis on and ventured out to meet them. It wasn’t nearly as cold as we expected it to be. Not sure if this is because it is under a canopy or because of the amount of alcohol we had by now consumed but it was fine.

That finished at midnight and we went to reception bar for more drinks while the girls went to pic up food to are back to the room. Headed home and I decided I wanted a bath before bed as my feet were freezing. I slipped on the wet tiled floor getting out and crashed down right onto my hip. I now have a huge big bruise but I am lucky that’s all I did. Eejit.

Cosy now and into bed about 1:30.

I woke with my alarm at 8:55 again and booked the Greek restaurant for 7pm. We like to book the earlier sitting and being outdoors again this is quite important as the later it is the cooler it gets.

I woke Hannah who had agreed to go to breakfast with Emma so she got up and of they went, with Dianne catching them up to join them. They had pancakes and waffles and chocolate spread to their hearts content then Hannah came back to the room and went back to bed. Dianne went up to the garden pool and got us some beds there. This is one of the heated ones so we knew Emma would be able to play in there all day. I joined her soon after leaving Hannah in bed to sleep off her sugar coma after all that chocolate. It was a gorgeous 26 degrees today

I even had a dip in the pool at one point to cool down. And trust me it has to be really hot to tempt me into the pool. Even the heated one. It’s not hot, just heated a tiny bit so its not freezing. You still have a wee sharp intake of breath getting into it but it’s lovely once you are in.

When it got to lunchtime Hannah and I decided to try the adult restaurant upstairs as Di and Emma were not going til later. It was lovely. Same buffet options but decorated a bit more high class and fancy. So quiet too.

They also had a street food fayre down by the pier today which is like a big BBQ party so after lunch we wandered down there for a nosey. We had eaten at this with the boys last year and it was lovely

We also had a walk out on the pier and around the adult pool, and adult bar and restaurant.

We stopped at the hairdresser to ask about braids as Hannah fancied a few at the side of her head. We booked Hannah in for 5:30. When we got back to the garden pool I showed Emma some pics of the designs available that I had taken from his wee book and she decided she fancied a Half head too. So we agreed Hannah would take her with her and see if they would squeeze her in.

We stayed at the garden pool til about 3 when it starts to lose the sun. Hannah and I headed back to the main pool leaving Di and Emma as Emma was still playing in the heated pool and understandably didn’t want to move to the unheated one. There we stayed til 4:15 when Hannah went back to the room to shower and I detoured to the patisserie. While I was having my latte and reading my book Andrew video called me saying he had just video called Dianne at the garden pool. We had a chat for a few mins. He is clearly bored already. Remember I explained one of the main reasons for this whole split holiday thing is that Andrew is a people person so needed someone to go away with. He is just not happy on his own!

Finished the call and whatsappd Dianne. You can see from this exchange why we are besties!

So we caught up in here and sank a few Pina Coladas

While the girls headed to the hairdresser for their braids.

While in reception we spoke to guest relations and booked the Italian and the steakhouse, the the Turkish for in between. Thus fulfilling my cunning restaurant master plan

Headed back to the room and got ready for dinner. Still in jeans as again we would be outside for the Greek restaurant. Now as you know I am always freezing and in April it is really quite chilly outside at night. The hotel have only just started opening up the outside restaurants as the season is just starting. So I really struggled with trying to decide outfits to take that looked dressed up but were warm enough. I have a wee secret. When I am wearing Jeans in these pictures I actually have a pair of leggings underneath them. And I also have a thick skin tight t shirt under the tops! You cant see them so nobody would ever know but it helps keeps me warm along with a cardi or fleece to cover my arms when the sun goes down.

We walked up to the Greek restaurant, taking some pics along the way. This was the nicest one so far. Very atmospheric with twinkly lights and live music being played. The food was delicious with a range of different starters, and salads then Dianne and Hannah had lamb shank, I had chicken in lemon garlic sauce and Emma had burgers.

The waiter Thomas was a good laugh in here. We FaceTimed Andrew then Kevin halfway through the meal so we could show them around and they could see and hear the band. We couldn’t hear anything they were saying back to us because of the music but it was good for them to see us.

There was lots of dancing and napkin throwing as dinner came to an end. Great fun. For dessert they brought a couple of different things plus a chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, orange and apple to dip in. The girls scoffed the strawberries first so we asked for more and they brought a good plateful for them.

When we finished dinner we made our way back into the hotel and downstairs for the entertainment. The kids entertainment was just finishing and it was the Madagascar characters that were on stage. When they started taking photos with the kids Hannah jumped up for a couple of photos to send to Kieran as she knew he would think it was hilarious. Which Kevin told me later he did. He loves Madagascar.

Then it was the main show which was a Michael Jackson show tonight. Basically just lots of dancers reenacting the videos. The costumes and dancers were good so I enjoyed it. While in here Hannah met a girl her own age called Julieanna and palled about with her a wee bit.

Then we spent the rest of the night out in the lobby bar with our cocktails. This bit gets a bit repetitive doesn’t i? But it was great for us if boring for you!

On the way home we stopped at the all night restaurant and picked up some chicken wraps and chips to take back to the room. A cheek considering how much we had eaten earlier but hey ho. We were in bed around 1am.

I had set my alarm for 8:55 so I could get up and do the restaurant booking. Dialled in at 9am on the dot and booked the Chinese for 7pm. Hannah had told me to wake her for breakfast but when I tried I got a big fat NUP. So I decided to doze on a bit as still sleepy. Next thing I know housekeeping are trying to get in and I look at my watch and it is 11:50. What??? That’s almost 12 hrs sleep after sleeping at the pool all day yesterday. What on earth? Clearly my body had decided to compensate for all the sleepless nights over the past few weeks!

Got up and ready. We had intended to head for the garden pool today which is a smaller heated pool but being lunchtime by the time we got out there were not 4 beds together there any more. So instead we headed to the main pool again which has loads of beds. Set up and headed into the buffet restaurant for lunch.

Then out by the pool again with this cracking view

Today they were playing modern country music which Dianne and I love so were singing along in the sun. Happy days. Kieran FaceTimed me at one point and seemed to be having a great time. They had been out on their bikes for a good run so he was happy.

I had been trying to access the dibb since we got here as I had intended to do my report live same as when we go to Florida, but all I kept getting was this

I had thought it was the wi fi but having tried for days, and being able to access just about every other site I knew it wasn’t that. It was so frustrating and meant I also couldn’t log a message to say why I had suddenly gone awol after saying I was doing a trippie. Eventually Kevin said he would log in under me and post an explanation as he knew how much it was annoying me. He texted later to say it was done. No dibb for a whole week. Eek.

So back to lying in the sun being served cocktails by a waiter going round the pool on roller skates – great fun. So far the Aloha Berry is our favourite, sweet n fruity. Closely followed by the Pina Coladas made in the main reception bar - so creamy.

I can’t seem to add a video in the reporter app so will see if I can add it below in the comments

Since I was managing to stay awake today I read some of my book

And Hannah was under her towel watching Netflix again

Late afternoon we headed into the patisserie for a latte and some cakes. Perfect wee stop off.

About 5pm we headed back to the room to get ready for dinner at the chinese

What a difference a year makes eh

This restaurant is indoors and nicely decorated. As they all are to be fair.

I remembered to take some food pics this time

And again we were served by the same waiter as last year. The a la cartes all have roughly the same set up with 6 courses, some of which you chose a dish from 3 or 4 options and others where they just bring you a whole selection to share. They tell you which courses just come and which ones you need to choose something so its really easy.

Dinner was lovely but again we struggled with the amount and left loads. They cant do enough for you either, constantly asking if you want more of this or more of that.

We left totally stuffed. Tonight’s show was an African acrobatic show so we picked up some cocktails and headed in. It was really good and we all really enjoyed it.

As it is still cold outside at night the entertainment is in a big ballroom at night. It moves to the outdoor amphitheatre as it heats up. So the photos are a bit rubbish being indoors and just on my iphone but it was really good.

After the show we headed out to the lobby bar and worked our way through the cocktail menu again. Emma had a caramel frappachino with no coffee which she sometimes gets from Starbucks. I am no expert but this looks better than Starbucks version to me

And so to bed. Well after stopping at the reception bar for a creamy pina colada. Would be rude not to lets face it.

I have decided to define the days by which restaurant we eat in as that is pretty much the main thing that separates one day from another here. There are 8 a la cartes here, Mexican, Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Fish which are all free and Japanese, Italian and Steak which incur an extra charge. The free of charge ones you can use once in your stay. The ones you pay extra for you can use as much as you like. All of the restaurants close on one or two days of the week so if you want to make the absolute most of them it helps to find this out so you can plan which ones to use on which days. The booking system is via phone in your room from 9am to 12 noon. So having stayed here so many times I have this down to a T. The trick is to phone a soon as it turns 9am, then press 1 to fast froward through all the extra info the recording gives you, then you select a number for which restaurant you want, you have the option to add another room to dine with you so I would then add Diannes room so she didn’t need to do anything and we would have the 4 of us at one table.

I woke at 9:35 so was a bit later than planned. I managed to book a table for just Hannah and I at the Mexican but couldn’t add Diannes room. So I took that, showered and got ready then popped into Guest Relations on my way to the pool to add Diannes room. Sorted.

This was the view from our rooms. Nothing special but bright and sunny

Got some beds at the pool and settled down. Much better view eh? And it was lovely and warm already.

Dianne and Emma arrived not far behind me, then Hannah appeared about 11:30. There’s a good atmosphere around the big pool with pop music playing and the entertainment team doing pool games and things. It’s the most lively pool, but being the largest one is not heated. Emma and Hannah did go in a few times but couldn’t really play in at all day as a bit too cold at this time of year.

This is where I went into sleep mode. I slept on the sun bed right up until lunch. We went for lunch in the main buffet restaurant

Then I slept all afternoon. I kid you not. I would fall asleep, wake up and turn over and fall straight asleep again. When I finally properly sat up at about 4pm, Dianne and Emma had been playing mini golf, been down the beach and in the sea, and been down the water slides. I had slept through the whole lot while Dianne was being supermum getting involved in everything and exploring! They had also bought this big inflatable flamingo for Emma for 40 euros from the hotel shop.

Hannah had dozed and watched Netflix on her ipad with her head under a towel so she could see it. This became a pattern!

We left the pool about 5pm to go and get ready. This is where we realised that Hannah had only suncreamed selected areas of the back of her legs and was all pink white stripes. Numpty. Her auntie Dianne christened her Hannah red legs after that.

We got ready

And headed to the Mexican for 7pm and were greeted by the same waiter as last year. The Mexican is outdoors and can get chilly at night so we were in jeans and tops with cardis at the ready.

Whenever you ask the waiters to take a photo for you they cannot resist a cheeky selfie first

The food was amazing and the service brilliant as always. They always pour your wine then just leave the rest of the bottle on the table for you as if you had bought it in a normal restaurant. I have found in some other hotel a la cartes in turkey you need to ask when you want more wine and have even had to buy a bottle of wine in some despite being all inclusive. The Voyage is so good at all these wee things making it a step ahead. We were beaten by the portion sizes though. We are so used to having the boys with us to hoover up the excess food.

After dinner we headed to the Pub. This is inside the hotel but is just like a proper pub. The girls lounged on the big couches outside catching up on their social media while me n Di had a few cocktails

We messaged the boys and got a message and pictures back to show they had got together and taken the boys to the local hotel where they had a few beers then back to Andrews for some food. This was good as it was actually Andrews birthday today. The boys are both off work all week as being the school holidays they need to be home to look after the kids so they didn’t need to get up next day either.

We then moved down into the main lobby bar and had a few more cocktails.

Despite having slept most of the day I was feeling really sleep again so we headed back to the rooms and were in bed by midnight.

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