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Today we go home.

I apologise in advance for the lack of photos. It was just one of those days where I was too busy doing stuff to take photos.

I got up at 7am, sorted the washings, got the iPad out and planned the logistics of where we were going before the airport today, and made my coffee. While I was waiting for my coffee I turned on my phone and thought something terrible had happened as I had loads of messages, then remembered - it’s my birthday! And all my family and friends at home had sent messages.

Sat outside by the pool for my last peaceful sunny morning. All quiet today. No exciting wildlife. Once kevin got up at 8 (and stripped our bed - well trained) I woke the girls to start getting organised. I also got my birthday cards bought here so I’m Mom not Mum!

I cleared out the fridge, cleaned it, then put back in some bits n pieces we have left over that JudeB and her family might be able to use when they arrive later today. I had checked with Randy this was ok to do and I wrote a note for the management company to make sure they didn’t take it all.

Once packed, showered and dressed we started weighing the cases. Kevin started his usual flap as soon as one case was overweight. Had to tell him to stop it, calm down and leave me to distribute things more evenly. I stuck a few things in my hand luggage, a few in Kierans hand luggage, then moved some stuff from one of ours into Hannah’s - done.

Caitlin had hers already perfect all by herself, having been packing and weighing since yesterday. Kevin packed the car (just as efficiently as he packs his coolbag)

We left the villa at 10:45 and were heading to Golden Corral on 192 for a feed. This was Hannah’s choice so we just went with it. We arrived at 10:55 and it was mobbed!

We stood in the queue and eventually Reached the til at 11:15. And that queue cost us $25! Before 11am $9.99 per adult, after 11am $15.99 per adult! Overall it cost us the same as Teak by the time we bought the drinks. Not doing that again!

It filled a hole and I must admit, Kevin discovered the steak counter and it was really very tasty. He ate a wad of steak. Maybe not the best idea before an 8hr flight.

all filled up, back into the car and up to the Florida Mall. The mall was so quiet. Must remember that for future! I thought a Sunday would be mobbed. Into Charlotte Russe and I got the tag off the trousers at the counter while the girls raced about like something out of supermarket sweep. We were in that shop 7 minutes and the girls still managed to try on and buy a dress, a pair of shorts and 2 tops between them. Back out to the boys in the car and onto MCO. Arrived MCO, terminal B at 1:05 and returned the car to Alamo. Final charges for Alamo were exactly what Kevin expected and he was proud of his fuel management

As we exited the car park and crossed towards departures, I put our visitor toll pass ticket into the drop box. I should be billed in the next 3 days. We did use quite a few tolls so will be interesting to see.

Bags out and over to checkin which was quite busy.

We could see the flight time now said 5:30pm (was supposed to be 4:05) but given what I’d been reading about Thomas Cook on the dibb over the past couple of I decided I would just be happy as long as it didn’t get any worse.

when we reached checkin we got this wee old man. God bless him he was as deaf as a post and soooo sloooooow. I had to tell him about 5 times that Caitlin had booked an extra case before he heard me. He just couldn’t get his round there being 5 of us but having 6 cases. And every time kevin lifted a case into the scale he then had to climb on and lift it off to the belt behind the wee man as he had no chance. The younger guy on the adjacent desk kept glaring at him though as he did about 6 families in the time it took the wee man to do ours.

He was very impressed with our packing. Caitlins cases were 22.4 and 23.0, and all 4 of ours were EXACTLY 23.0 each. Get in!

Once in, we had a look round the shops, Then sat at a wee bench and passed some time

Hannah got a caramel frap from Starbucks

Through security which took ages, and Hannah got a pat down once I was through and taken over to supervise it.

waiting at the gate I had one of these

Bumped into my cousin Frances who was on the 6pm virgin flight back to Glasgow. She had stayed in the Royal Pacific for a week doing Universal, then a Disney cruise for a week. She had absolutely loved the cruise.

Started boarding at 4:30 but we were one of the last rows called so we were on at 5:15.

Took off just before 6 so almost 2hrs delayed.

They announced that due to the delay they would be upgrading every passenger to the premium entertainment for free, which was great.

Drinks service at 7pm. Bought 2 rekorderlig for me and 2 punk ipa for Kevin. The kids didn’t want anything but we got some water incase anyone needed it later

I watched Green Book then Isn’t It Romantic, then I settled down and tried to sleep. I did sort of sleep on and off but in that groggy, not sound way. I did completely miss the breakfast service which was apparently yoghurt, orange juice and a muffin.

I woke 50 minutes before landing. Kevin told me kieran had only slept about 45 minutes which is really unusual for him. He normally sleeps most of the flight. This could be an issue today! As I’ve mentioned before, Kieran has got right into his Rugby. Before went away I booked him into the Glasgow Warriers Rugby Summer Camp and the first day was today. We booked it thinking we would land at 5am, with Kieran having slept most of the flight. Hmm. Yeah.

Landed, off the plane, luggage collected and through to arrivals. Caitlins dad had come to collect her (they live 2 mins from the airport) and the 4 of us got a taxi (we are 5 minutes from the airport in the other direction).

Home at 7:45. Kieran made a fuss of our cat for a while, then had a shower, got his Rugby gear on and was picked up by another Rugby mum at 8:30am. It finishes at 1pm and was then going to her house to play for the rest of the day. He was surprisingly fine when I picked him up at teatime!

Hannah went to bed and started binge watching 3 weeks of Love Island, determined to watch every one even though we now know the main goings on. We only saw her when she staggered down for dinner.

Kevin and I slept til 12 then I unpacked the 4 cases. Well, Hannah’s I just tipped out on her bedroom floor so I could put the empty case up the loft. It also meant there was at least a chance she would put it all away! Kevin got stuck into the grass and hedges as they had grown like crazy while we were away. We had no need to go food shopping as my lovely mum had been in and left lots of fresh food including home made lentil soup and a chicken and veg for dinner. She is a total superstar.

Then my parents came over and we had tea and birthday cake.

We spent the evening binge watching Stranger Things and trying to stay awake til a respectable bedtime.

So that’s that. All over.

We’ve no idea what will happen next year. Kevin wants Florida with no parks. I would be happy with that or Turkey with our friends. Hannah wants Turkey and Kieran doesn’t mind.

On top of that it depends what we decide to do work/life balance and finance wise. We have all enjoyed my year at home not working, and it has benefited all of us in lots of ways quality of life wise. But it’s time to make some decisions on whether I stay at home or get a job, and if so what sort of job/hours/salary that should be. I’m not keen to go back to a job as senior as I had before, and certainly not full time. So much to think about.

Thank you so much to all of you who have read along, especially those who left comments. It’s sometimes a slog to get the report done before bed but it is so motivating when you know people are reading and looking forward to the next day. And a special mention to the dibbers who normally lurk and don’t post. I’m well chuffed that a few of you stuck your head up to chat!

Eat and Play Card

So today is our last full day. I can't believe how fast the last two weeks have gone! I know it maybe seems from reading the report that we've been away for ages but it's flown by.

Today we wanted to do the kayak down Rock River Run that we did last year. Hannah doesn't want to do it it. She admits it was stunningly beautiful and good fun, but says she doesn't want to deal with the spiders again. Fair enough. I would force anybody to do something they don't want to so she is happy to stay at home, eating eggos and binge watching greys anatomy.

Caitlin is desperate to do the kayaking, and although she hates spiders she thinks she can handle it. I hope so - coz if she panics and capsizes our boat I'll murder her! It's not that I'm scared of being in the water, I'm just scared I won't be able to haul my butt back in if it's deep, and knowing me I'd then start laughing til I was incapable anyway. I'm also hoping the spiders might be less this year as it's now 18 months since the hurricane that brought all the trees down over the river so more of them should have been cleared away than last year.

I woke Caitlin at 6:30 and checked whether she felt well enough for it and she said yes.

Needs to be an early start for this place as you want to be on the river early before it's busy, and also to make sure you cover the 8.5 mile run in time to be picked up at wekiwa state park, where you end up. With this now being Saturday we expect it to be busier than last year.

Last year we did it by 1pm but we really hammered it because we had no idea how far along we were and were worried about missing our lift. We are looking to do it a bit slower this year.

So we left at 7:20 and after a 50 minute drive we reached our turning and the road was closed, with a sheriff at the top and a queue a mile long. I could see this queue were buying the inflatable tubes from a truck for kelly springs which is along the same road. This is something else still on our possible to do list, but having seen this queue we sure as hell wouldn't do it on a Saturday!

Kevin u- turned, we drove right up past the queue and I wound the window down to speak to the sheriff. She told us to put on our hazards and drive right along the road on the opposite side until we reached kings landing so that's what we did. We drove right past the queue then after that turned off into Kelly Park we were able to go onto the right side of the road again.

We arrived at Kings Landing at 8:10 so only 10 minutes after it opened. Last time we were here there was only one other car!

We had to queue to pay which took 30minutes and when we got served we got the last canoe, and had to take a kayak for the other boat. If we hadn't had the brass neck to skip that traffic queue and speak to the sheriff we would've had a completely wasted journey! They have obviously become way more popular. Last time it was just a woman and what seemed to be her 2 teenage boys that launched us. Now they are a full team of maybe 20 people with kings landing uniforms. When we told the assistant we had done it last year she said ‘it's a lot busier this year huh? You can thank social media for that. We ain't no hidden secret anymore!'

we climbed in at 8:50 and off we went with the boys in the kayak and us girls in the canoe. The canoe felt way more shoogly than last year, with one seat either end. I'm sure last year I was sitting nearer the centre. The fuzzy photos are taken in my iPhone inside a plastic waterproof cover. I'm hoping kevin will upload his GoPro ones so I can add those.

It was overcast so thankfully a bit cooler today. We were still roasting but not as hot as last years blazing sun. On the first half we saw a couple of alligators, both away up on the banks, and loads of turtles and massive fish that looked like catfish. The water is so clear, it's gorgeous. It goes from really narrow leafy areas to big wide channels with water lilies either side. It's so peaceful and calm. It's beautiful. There are parts where it's so silent you can hear every fish that plops out.

They also have deeper pool areas with rope swings where you can stop and play. The biggest difference this year was there were no spiders! And no limboing under tree trunks. They have obviously managed to clear away all the hurricane damage we had to navigate last year. It's now a full clear run. Caitlin and I did fine. We did get stuck on a couple of submerged trunks and at one point kevin had to lean over and push us back off, but for the most part we were fine. When I was telling Caitlin which side to paddle depending which direction we wanted to go I said ‘Here Caitlin, this is like when you were learning to drive and we were doing parallel parking!' When we were out in the dual control car and I was trying to explain which way she needed to turn the wheel to reverse park. It was hilarious. The paddling was much the same! ‘Left. Left! No Caitlin your other left!'

When we reached big buck camp at the halfway point we pulled the boats up and had some water and some cereal bars. Kevin said he was finding the kayak much easier to manoeuvre so Caitlin and I decided we would have a go at that. It was SO much easier. And felt more secure. We were a far more coordinated team on this!

We reached Wekiwa State Park at 12:30, and much like last time it was full of families playing and barbecuing. Last time it was all country music. This time it was more salsa/South American and R&B. Fab atmosphere.

I had a few of these off the bar at $4 each

And we ordered food

We had

Chicken quesadillas

Banging shrimp quesadillas

Chicken tacos

And sloppy hog fries

Came to $43 total inc tax. The food was absolutely delicious and we hoovered the lot having worked up an appetite.

Then Caitlin and Kieran had a bit of a swim, Kieran had some ice cream

Caitlin was chuffed with her wristband because of the Game Of Thrones Thing. I've no idea. I don't watch it but she says it's where everyone dies?

and we just people watched til It was time to leave for our shuttle home. We also saw lots of turtles from the bridge and a wee alligator that only had wee stumps for front feet poor thing. It was swimming around with the turtles doing no harm.

Midweek the only pickup is 4pm, but sat/sun they do a 2:30, and with today being so busy they also did a 1:30. We got the 2:30.

Caitlin said she had loved this, that is was a perfect last day and was so glad she had got up to go and do it.

On the shuttle back to our car the bus driver was telling us that the line to get into Kelly Springs had started at 5am and by 8:35 it was closed for being at full capacity! So a word of warning there for anyone looking to do the tubing at Kelly Springs. Avoid the weekend!

Unloaded at KL, into the car and set waze for home. Both kids were sound asleep within 10 minutes!

Reached home at 3:40.

Kevin and I relaxed beside the pool for a while, and I checked in online for tomorrow's flight home. Then showered and got ready to go out for dinner.

There was only one place all 5 of us wanted to go. It had to be Teak!

Left home at 5:40 and arrived at 6:20 and seated outside. It's perfect out on this patio. Warm with a nice breeze from the fans and good music.

Kevin ordered chicken wings in bbq sauce with a blue cheese dip. We never normally manage starters but kevin saw someone with these last time and was just desperate to try them.

Kevin then had a spicy veronica with garlic bistro fries. He loves this burger too - it's pretty spicy!

I ordered the cedar plank salmon again, and Hannah ordered the same having tasted mine last time. It was delicious again.

Kieran ordered a fundamental burger with chill cheese fries. He loved the burger but barely made a dent in the fries again, despite being certain he would manage them tonight!

Caitlin had the donut burger again but this time with the garlic mash as her side (having tasted mine with the salmon last time and loved it)

I had a strawberry lemonade as I had already been drinking those ciders this afternoon so felt I needed something non alcoholic (don't all faint now) and the others had various cokes etc.

As always, our server was cheery and friendly and the service was excellent.

despite talking most of the day about how we were aiming to manage dessert tonight not one person could fit it in, so we asked for the check

and as an extra bonus Caitlins mum and dad insisted on treating us to dinner tonight (thanks Julie & Derek!)

We are now in the car on the way home and I am doing the trip report as it's a beautiful night and we are headed straight for that spa.

See ya!

New specs, new day. Thank god I had spares with me

I had a long lie to 8:30 this morning. We had originally planned to the kayak down Rock River Run today (like we did last year) but yesterday our wee weather watcher (Caitlin) reported it was 90% chance of thunderstorms. We might get the kayak done but would likely be caught in it while waiting at Wekiwa State Park for our ride back to our car. Plus last night was a late night having stayed out for HEA. (Kevin and I stayed in the spa til almost 2am last night once we had all agreed we didn’t have to be out this morning. It was lovely) so to get up at 6am was quite an ask. Caitlin is gutted though, as she is desperate to do the kayak. Hannah is not!

So we decided to pull Saturdays plans forward to today instead and maybe do the kayak on Saturday (weather looks better)

So today should now consist of
Lazy morning, packing (ouch) last shop in Walmart for stuff to take home, return to a Charlotte Russe to get a security tag removed from Caitlins trousers, a wander round Disney Springs. And an early night.

It was beautiful around the pool this morning and quite quiet. The alligator popped up on the bank again but he was gone back into the lake in seconds before I got the SLR.

I had a wee whatsapp chat with JudeB who moves in here the day we move out (hi Judith!) and I sat by the pool til 10:30 then thought I better make a move.

The rest of the morning was spent packing, weighing, packing again, showers, getting ready and eating up leftovers from the fridge.

Went out at 1:30, first stop Walmart liquor store where we picked up the vodkas Caitlin wanted to take home. We also got this for us 1.75 litres for $8.50!

Then Walmart grocery where I picked up a years supply of secret deodorants, some heartburn stuff to take home and a couple of the Weber seasonings I like.

Next stop, rolling oaks. The kids all went to dollar tree for lots of sweeties to take home. I went to Ross and TJ Max to check the tranny sized shoe aisles but nothing interesting today. I didn’t even look at clothes as I would just have had to talk myself out of buying work dresses. It’s like an addiction.

Next stop, Vineland outlets. Kevin dropped us off while he found a space so we could get a head start. When we bought stuff last week at Charlotte Russe at the international outlets, they left a security tag on caitlins trousers, so we needed that removed plus the girls wanted another look in there. Yup. We only remembered the Charlotte Russe in Vineland had closed down once we were there. I wasn’t for going to international drive or Florida mall today so that will need to be patched til on the way to the airport.

Caitlin did go back into Michael Kors to buy a bag her mum wanted so at least wegot that done

Kevin went to Ralph Lauren (yes, yet again) as he now has a $20 off $40 code burning the screen of his iPhone. He bought a black polo top.

last stop Disney Springs. We had a look at House Of Blues to see who was playing.

Then onto the marvel shop where Kieran bought a Spider-Man figure $15.

Looked around the Star Wars shop and Caitlin bought a wee thing for her brother

Then we went to the balloon. I’ve had a groupon for this since 2016. Yup 2016. Which was for 4 people to ride. We brought it in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Every single time we were in Disney Springs it would be grounded for weather. Every time we were out and about and not doing Disney Springs we could see it flying up there for miles. Thus it has become known in our family as that bloody balloon. I even offered the voucher out on the dibb last year and nobody took it. Because it’s now expired it should still be worth face value $40 towards a balloon ride so I brought it yet again and took it with me today. When we were in the marvel and star wars shops we could see it was up. Yay! At last!

We stood in the queue, gave the vouchers over, and he said we could still use them for 4 flights. Yes - result. Paid the $20 for the 5th flight, signed all the waivers, got the tickets and went and joined the queue. It was up in the air at that point, it came down, refilled with the people in front of us and up again. It came back down and........the guy told us they were grounding it due to weather. Whit??

We were told to go back for a refund and when we did the guy was really nice and said if we wanted to hold onto it the rest of the evening while we were there and come back later we could, and if it didn’t go back up he could refund us then. Hey ho.

We wanted to try the poutine (well I’ve been dying to try it and everybody else agreed). We walked round to the daily poutine

and ordered 2 Italian, a classic and a Latin.

Oh my, this is delicious. Every single one of them. Yum! I wish I knew how to make cheese curds at home. If anyone does please do tell.

When we had finished eating, the balloon was still down even though the sky was a lot lighter, so we went into world of Disney for a bit.

And we had a wander down to Ghirardelli for a nosy and all got our free chocolate

I had my Landry card with my $25 joining credit and my $25 birthday credit on it. You used to be able to use both these credits together but now they need to be used in 2 separate visits. We decided to get dessert so went to T-Rex. The woman in front of me was told it would be 90 minutes wait. When I asked for a table, showing my Landry card, I was given this receipt and shown to the line waiting to be seated.

We were seated within 15 minutes.

We ordered a chocolate extinction (for four) and a meteor donut bites (for two)

Plus lemonades and waters. the chocolate fudge cake was very dense and only kevin managed to finish his portion. Even Kieran got beat. I wouldn’t rush to order this to be honest. It was all effect and no flavour. The donuts were lovely though. I also had a Candy apple Cotton-Tini cocktail

We handed over the Landry card and asked them to use whatever credit they could off the bill. It came back with the expected $25 off.

when we got to the door we were met with this.

And of course I still had to stop by that bloody balloon for a refund coz that thing was going nowhere.

God bless Kevin and Kieran. They ran back to the garage to get the bag with the fleeces and ponchos and us girls cowered under the shelter of T-Rex, just out of the rain in front of us and the aircon behind us.

When they came back we ponchod up and over to that bloody balloon. They refunded me the $20 I had paid plus $46 cash saying it was $23 per groupon. I’ve no idea how they worked that out but since I only paid $40 (and appear to be cursed never to use them) who was I to argue.

Goodbye to that bloody balloon. It was never meant to be.

Back to the car and set waze for home through the pouring rain arriving back at 9:15.

Poor Caitlins cold seems to have come back with a vengeance. I’ve never seen anyone sneeze so much. So as much as she is desperate to do the kayak, we will need to see how she feels in the morning. Aircon just does not agree with her and T-Rex was baltic.

Trippie done, rain off, we’ve been watching an episode of stranger things while I’ve uploaded this, and the spa is heating up. Kevin is waiting in the spa with my drink ready so I’m off!

Night all x

This morning kevin was up before me at 7am, with me following at 7:45. He only got up as he was too hot. We’ve been turning the aircon off at night as that seems to help the girls sleep with their ongoing sniffles, but it does mean it gets warm by the early hours. Once I got up and put the aircon back on he went back to bed for another hour.

But not before we saw these wee beauties out the back. Florida White Tailed Deer!

This is the first time we’ve ever seen these. The Mum was very watchful the whole time. Not surprising given what else must live over there eh? Hoping not to see our own live version of Bambi we were kind of urging them to get back under cover but loving seeing them at the same time!

I started today’s trip report notes and footered about trying to work out how to save/back them up.

The way I do my report is to use the notes on my iPhone throughout the day, and whenever I have a gap like in the car, or in a ride queue, I will type up what’s happened so far and just keep it running all day. At the end of the day I use the photo reporter app to upload it. To do that you choose a picture, then cut n paste in a paragraph, wait for it to upload, then choose another picture, cut n paste another paragraph and so on. So it takes some time even when the text is already written.

Last night, relaxed but tired, I started the upload whilst having some ice cream. And as a pretty woman once said. Big mistake. Huge.

I dropped a blob of ice cream on my phone and as it ran down the screen it highlighted all my text. When I juggled everything enough to get a tissue to wipe it, it deleted the entire text. All gone. And notes are not like word. There’s no back button, there’s no undo button. It was just gone! I was nearly greetin’!

And although I could remember all the wee details of the day, no way was I able to type it all up again. I’d have been there til 2 in the morning. I was not a happy bunny 😔 so that’s why yesterday got picture heavy with no info towards the end!

So I sat at the pool with my coffee til 9:15 then woke the girls and Kevin. Today we originally had magic kingdom planned for daytime but, much like the other day, we modified the fastpasses to evening to give us a free day, as our main reason for visiting MK again was Happily Ever After for Caitlin. I messaged Stan who also had morning MK FPS and told him what ours were now. He said he would try to do the same and do the outlets during the day. Check him out! Using MDE all on his own to modify!

So today we are now off on another Randy planned adventure, We are getting the train to Winter PARK (not winter garden where we went the other day. 2 totally different places as you can see from left to right on this map)

As before, Randy had given us full info on the logistics of this trip including he and Barbs favourite restaurant. I LOVE that!

We got ready which ended up being a fractious affair as Kevin locked our bedroom door then swanned into the shower forgetting to unlock it, leaving me unable to finish getting ready. I wasn’t happy. Then when we were all ready to leave he decides to start googling about where we are going while we are all standing waiting for him. Aaaargh. Then he was a grumpy sod in the car. He would probably say it’s all my fault but it’s my trippie so unless he wants to write his own.......

We left at 10:20 to Kissimmee train station, arriving at 10:55 so a 35min Drive. Waze had showed it would have been an hour to drive straight to winter park from the villa so the train doesn’t really save any time, but its a new experience if nothing else. But things were about to take a turn.

When we looked at the website I thought this meant the trains would be every half hour

This would turn out to be a major fail, which did not help Kevin’s mood.

There was no ticket office, but there was an employee sitting reading his book who then stood to help us as we appeared on the platform.

He helped us use the ticket machine to buy tickets. He correctly predicted it would reject our credit card as it won’t normally accept anything but US cards. It did, so we then had to use cash which you just fed into the machine

He then said the next train was at 12:20. EH??? so that’s what ’less frequently during the mid day’ meant. Aaaargh! Why on earth hadn’t I looked at the schedule in more detail?

When I looked up waze it would be a 45 minute drive from here to winter park, yet we were going to wait an hour for the train to come which would then take another half hour to get there. But kevin was not for budging as we had just bought the tickets. This is going well eh?

So we settled onto the benches in the shade and waited it out. Thankfully there was a nice breeze. I think the kids were scared to say anything as they didn’t complain once, probably seeing that the day was already heading to hell in a handcart!

While waiting, a maintenance truck drove along the line. It Looked so weird.

Then a train arrived on the opposite platform and it was a double decker.

Each time another family appeared the ticket guy would help them. Another Scottish family turned up, also going to winter park

When the train came we sat upstairs, purely as it’s a novelty! The places we went through were very industrial, so not too much to see. Arrived in winter park just after 1 and headed to the lake as we wanted to do the scenic boat tour. It’s an hour long, around 3 lakes and the prices are below. For 4 adults and 1 child we were $63 inc tax.

there was a wee turtle and lots of fish swimming around the pier. There are loos here and they sell water at $1 a bottle. Once you get on the boat there are no facilities so make sure you go, before you go, if you know what I mean.

Off we went at 2pm. This was really good. If we thought we had house envy at celebration, it was nothing on the houses round this lake. They were amazing!

And because we went from lake to lake we travelled through these tiny wee canals which was quite cool.

By the time we reached the third lake the big black clouds were rolling in and the wind was pretty strong. Warm but strong. My cap blew off but thankfully only into Kierans lap behind me. The guy at the back from Aberdeen wasn’t so lucky and his was left floating in the lake.

The guide explained we would have to head back so we docked at 2:45 instead of 3pm. Even though it was only 15mins short, as we left he handed us all rain check vouchers to come and take the trip another time, so I will leave these in the villa for Randy and Barb to use sometime.

It was windy and dark but didn’t actually start raining. We had a look around the shops at the square, stopping at Barbs favourite shop

It was while in this shop I broke my reading specs, completely in two with one lense out and away. So I then couldn’t see what on earth I was looking at.

we were supposed to be finding somewhere to eat. But Kevin was turning his nose up at every place we looked at, saying he didn’t know what he wanted. Normally I’d have googled, or browsed the restaurants and just put my foot down deciding what was to happen. But I couldn’t see a thing with no specs. Even when we reached the place Randy recommended he wasn’t happy with that either.

The kids were trailing behind us getting more starving by the minute. In the finish up I asked kevin would he rather get an earlier train back to Kissimmee and eat there, So we ended up back on the 3:36 train. Hannah was glowering daggers at her dad by this time. At the station we were still asking him where he wanted to eat but he still didn’t know. I explained he would need to google and find somewhere as I couldn’t bloomin see now!

In the end he decided we would eat at johns BBQ place or something right at Kissimmee station before we head to disney. God knows what it would be like.

So here we are up to this point. I’m sitting on the train with Kevin acting like he doesn’t know what the problem is, the weans all starving, glaring at him, and me sitting here updating my notes like mr magoo wearing broken specs with one eye shut. Help me!

We get off the train and I stop at the car in the car park to see if I have any other specs. The only pair I can find are tinted, so now I’m going to be sitting in the restaurant studying the menu looking like Roy Orbison.

I catch up to the others who by now are in the ‘’restaurant’. Oh dear god this place.

I join them at the table and Hannah has her arms folded, looking at the menu with a face like fizz refusing to eat anything. To be fair, the place looked rank. So we abandoned ship to the pizza place across the road

I ordered boneless bites, which I thought were boneless wings but turned out to be processed chicken in batter. I are 2 of them. Even Kieran thought they were rotten. When the waitress asked if everything was ok I said I hadn’t realised they were processed chicken. She just looked down her nose and growled ‘yeah, they just come in a bag’. She couldn’t care less. This day just gets better.

Kieran ordered a meat feast which looked amazing and he said was nice, but to be fair he was so hungry I think he would’ve eaten his own toes

Kevin ordered pepperoni which certainly had plenty of pepperoni on it

Hannah ordered a white broccoli pizza which was cheesy and garlicky - very nice

And Caitlin ordered a chicken and apple salad which she thought was lovely.

With various waters/lemonades

We started off inside but the aircon was fierce so we ended up moving to outside.

Finished eating and paid the bill leaving $65 so only a 15% tip. I also paid cash as I didn’t want that mardy besom taking my credit card away. Our drive time on waze showed we would arrive 6:20pm our first fastpass being Haunted Mansion 6:05-7:05.

Parked and walked to the TTC as the current construction means you are dropped miles from the entrance anyway. Reached TTC and through security. Both girls needed the loo which was waaaaay over to the side so they legged it over there while we went towards the monorail. As we approached we bumped into Stan and Calum getting help from a security guard to cancel an uber. When the girls appeared I was waving at them to hurry so we could try to get on the monorail that was waiting as it was now 18:43. Seeing this, the security guard called Kevin back and gave him 7 fastpasses from his top pocket, saying not to worry about missing it, and if we made it to go ahead and enjoy another ride. Woo hoo! Finally something good has happened today! This meant we would be able to do Seven Dwarves Mine Train that I hadn’t been able to get a fastpass for despite constant checking. And for all 7 of us too!

We still made it onto that monorail and through the entrance, Stan and Calum headed off towards Buzz to catch the end of their fastpass window on that. We reached haunted mansion at 18:50 and the fastpass line was right out past the scanners. Scanned our FP at 7pm. The FP line moved along and we entered the stretching room at 7:05. We were only on the ride a minute when it broke down. And we sat, and we sat eventually moving again at 7:17

Other than the breakdown (or maybe boarding wheelchairs or whatever) everyone liked it.

We came out and over to Pirates of the Caribbean. Our fastpass was 7:05 and Stans was 7:25 so a convenient overlap. We got on at 7:36 and again it was fun. The boys especially liked it.

Next up we marched over to SDMT to use our freebie fastpasses. And I mean marched. I was determined to shoehorn it in. Because nobody else has any clue where they are going, and with there now being 7 of us and it being mobbed, I was up front and kept waving my arm up so they could see me. The girls thought this was hilarious and sent me this.

Yay! We got on at 8pm. This was a laugh with both Stan and Kevin bellowing out Hi Ho!! The kids loved it and it was really nice for Calum and Kieran to do it together.

Next was back over to Big Thunder Mountain for our 8:20 FP. Stan had managed to modify his to 8:25. Hannah said she was dead proud of her uncle Stan!

This was also really good fun and for some reason seemed to go on for ages! Maybe because SDMT is so short.

We had loo breaks on our way round to Main Street, arriving there at 8:45. Main Street looks so pretty all lit up.

And at 9:15 Happily Ever After started. Wow. Just wow. It was fabulous. The projections on the castle are just stunning and it’s so atmospheric.

When it finished Caitlin just turned with a huge grin and said OH I LOVED THAT!

We all did.

We linked hands and made our way out with the crowd. Then onto the resort monorail. Remember dibbers - always the resort monorail, never the TTC monorail. As we pulled away we could see the massive queue for the TTC monorail snaking right back down to the park exit. The monorail stopped at the Contemporary then the TTC as always.

Stan ordered his Uber and he and Calum ran off for that. We walked back to Scar and into the car. We were out and away by 10:05.

As we got into the car I said how we might have had a doofer of a day but we had a magic night. Both girls piped up that they had really loved the boat ride today, so there you go.

But tonight being our last Disney Park visit, we did indeed end on an absolute high. Just fab.

Home to the villa and kevin turned the spa on to heat up while I uploaded my trip report. The girls fixed themselves some snacks and disappeared to their rooms. Kieran was straight into bed.

So that’s me all done.

Bikini on, drink in my hand. I’m off to the spa!

Night all x

Up at 7:30 this morning and sat by the pool. Very quiet this morning. I did spot the alligator sunning himself but too far down the lake to get a good pic.

Beautiful sunny day predicted today so the plan is a water park.

Packed the coolbag for lunch and out of interest kevin weighed it. 9kg! So that’s what he is humphing about each day until we start eating and drinking the contents. Just as well he’s a big strong boy eh?

We set off at 9:20 for blizzard beach and arrived at 9:40. We reached the rope at 9:50 and waited to get through. While waiting we were wondering about why there are no security bag checks at the water parks? You could take anything in there at all. I wonder why they think there’s no risk here when they are SO strict at the 4 theme parks?

set ourselves up at a row of beds with a mixture of some sun and some shade. The boys went off to do some rides while us girls settled down.

It was lovely and chilled lying here with the soft reggae and steel drum music. Read my kindle, had a wee snooze.....ahhhhh. So nice after yesterday’s busy day.

The boys went off to do some rides and came back saying they had done loads with no queues but that school groups were now poring in and it looked like it was getting busier

I’m not sure how anyone can do this slide but Kieran did!

We had a coolbag lunch at about 12. Then Kieran went off to do more slides while the rest of us chilled. I read my kindle, I had a snooze, I read my kindle, I had a snooze........

Kieran then bought himself a massive sugary donut

But he remembered to ask for free iced water!

At 2:45 kieran Kevin and I went out to the summer/winter mini golf course. Hannah thought it would be too hot and Caitlin hates mini golf.

It was a 29 minute wait for both courses so we played winter

This is another mini golf that you get free on your ultimate tickets but if you don’t have that the prices are above

We got stuck behind this American woman and her 2 teenage daughters who were as slow as a week in jail.

The Mum took a shot, they recorded a 1 on their card, daughter 1 took a shot, they recorded a 1 on their card, daughter 2 took a shot, they recorded a 1 on their card. Mum took her second shot and they recorded a 1 on their card. I kid you not.

By hole 3 I said to kevin we would need to skip that hole and move in front of them. That level of inefficiency for the next 15 holes would make me burst into flames.

In the end the family who had been behind us had to skip them too. By the time we were on hole 11, they were still on hole 5!

In the end Kevin won but Kieran and I think he might’ve cheated when he marked up the score sheet.he is not to be trusted!

Now the rest of this report is about to get a lot less wordy as I have just managed to delete the ENTIRE days notes by dropping a blob of Haagen Dazs on my phone. Oh the shame..,.

But we came home and showered to get ready to go out. Hannah curled my hair

We were heading to Lilly’s on the lake as I had a for it.

We said hello to jasmine on the way out. She is the 2 year old dog that lives next door. She is very good - you never hear her

Arrived at lake Minneola and had a look around and a walk along the pier.

Its open Mike night in a Wednesday so when we arrived they were playing new country music (which I love) until a guitarist and singer started up

I had a pina colada and we ordered our food

The food was really nice. Then we paid the check. Now look carefully. You will notice they already added 18% gratuity before the total.

Then they have the standard bit at the bottom with the suggested tip on top of that. If you weren’t checking properly, and got used to the Florida checks you might just add it again. That’s why you need to check your checks folks.

We headed outside and sat on their beach while the sun set. It was lovely! No more chat though. I’m too tired to retype this whole night ! But I will leave you with the photos....

I was up at 7:15 and my usual morning routine. I got a better picture of the rabbit today, as for the first time he didn’t run away as soon as I opened the pool cage door. Still just on the iPhone though.

Kevin joined me at the pool and just as he did Mr Hawk popped down to say hello so kevin got some good shots on his SLR

then he introduced Mrs Hawk so we got some pics of the pair of them in the tree

At 8:30 I went to check the girls were up and not only were they up but they were in full on beauty mode. Must be expecting lots of insta worthy shots today!

Today had been supposed to be Hollywood Studios and we had fastpasses booked for morning.

But in the family meeting last night the kids felt the only things they really wanted to do there again were Rock N Roller and the Star Wars Fireworks. So we kept the 5pm RnR and I modified star tours and TSM from morning to evening. This gave us a free day to do an activity, and if we make it to HS at night then all good.

As we are approaching the end of our holiday (oh no! it’s going too fast!) we have a list of things we still want to do and not enough days to do them. Thus the meeting last night to agree some changes dropping some Disney park time (shock horror) for ’other’ Florida stuff. What was hilarious last night was, after I’d drafted the revised plan, the girls were taking photos of it and chattering about what outfits they would need for each day. I got as far as thinking - If I’m going on a bike it will need to be shorts. Yup - a bike.

A year or so ago I had asked Randy (our villa owner) if he had ever cycled the west orange trail as I had seen it on the Internet and was interested in it. He hadn’t then, but he has now, and gave me all the logistical info on where to drive to, where to hire the bikes, how much, how long it took, good lunch choices - fab!!

So that was today. We are hoping with an early start we can enjoy this and still be home to do HS later. We left at 9:15 and programmed waze to Killarney Station - 29minutes Drive. The trail is along what used to be old railroad tracks which is why there are stations along the way, but they are in fact bike rental places.

Arrived and went in, arranging for 5 bikes. Under 16 have to wear a helmet by law, adults can sign to say they don’t want one if they wish. Kieran and Hannah had helmets but Hannah took hers off a wee while into the ride complaining it was too hot. At home, we would never ride our bikes without helmets but because we knew it was just a slow ride on a trail with no road cycling we did without.

It was beautiful here cycling along. Very pretty. It took us 40 minutes to cycle to downtown winter garden with a wee 5 minute stop along the way. lots of pretty houses.

We passed umpteen pensioners cycling in the full on Tour De France gear. They obviously take it very seriously!

Winter garden was lovely. Lots of boutique shops and really interesting looking cafes and restaurants.

The town has all these speakers around and music is piped through all the time - Tracks of my tears, Don’t go breaking my heart, Then he kissed me, dancing queen, but mostly Motown.

We stopped at the winter garden station and I bought dippin dots and drinks.

We sat in the shade on the rocking chairs then went a walk back through the town looking at all the shops.

Caitlin went into the pet shop which had a huge range of fancy dog biscuits and things. She bought presents for her German shepherd back home.

Kieran had a cool down in the town fountains as it was getting very hot.

We went into the Plant Street Market. This was fab. It had lots of different street food stalls

Then a bar at the very end. It looked like a really cool place to spend an evening. When I said this to Kevin he said well maybe if we have a spare evening and I’m thinking are you kidding? We are going to struggle to fit everything in as it is!

then we got back on our bikes and cycled back, taking us 40mins again.

We were back by 2pm. It’s $7 something per bike, per hour so for 5 bikes for 4 hours we were $149. Every one of us loved it.

Back down the US27 and a stop at Walmart for beer, and milk and other bits. I had asked kevin to get me mikes hard lemonade but they had none in the main store and they’d told him he would get it in the liquor store, so he Caitlin and Kieran headed over there. Kevin picked up the mikes, and Caitlin handed him a bottle of flavoured vodka she wants to take home. When they got to the checkout the guy refused to serve them as a minor had touched the alcohol. So kevin said could he sell him the mikes then as she hadn’t touched that and he said no, he wouldn’t serve Kevin any alcohol. Lesson learned there! Don’t take any kids into the liquor store! He came out and I had to go in myself and get it.

Home at 2:30 and we had another hiccup. The boot in this Tahoe is a nightmare. The first shop we did, Kevin opened the boot as we walked towards the car, a bag fell out and the jar smashed. He bought a replacement jar a few days later and got to the house, opened the boot and smashed it exactly the same way! We’ve had no jam since. He refused to buy more.

Today was a belter. We get home and Kevin is saying right Caitlin we need to watch how we open this boot. I go round to unlock the front door as I always do and I hear CRASH! He had got out, opened the boot and the bag was still on the shelf fine, he turned away for 2 seconds and it fell out. A whole bottle of Merlot smashed on the drive. With lots of sweary words he bends down to pick it up and unbeknown to him, just to his left.......the entire huge carton of milk slides out of the boot and cracks open on the drive. We are now all staring at the pool of purple and white running down the drive. Kieran managed to pick up the milk and carry it into the house cracked side up so saved half of it. We then put the rest of the shopping away while trying not to laugh as Kevin and Caitlin were running about with buckets cleaning the drive. It was actually quite funny though! He did laugh once he finished cleaning it. ’Randys neighbour is out there with her dog, she’ll think I’m a nutcase!’ From now on food shopping goes in beside the girls.

We had a 90 minute break before heading back out so we all showered and changed, then ate the last couple of days leftovers as an early dinner.

While I was waiting for everyone to get ready I sat at the pool and spotted a red cardinal. These birds are so pretty.

Back out at just after 4 and reached Hollywood studios at 4:35. Parked in buzz and walked to the park rather than wait for a tram.

Through security and up Main Street we stopped for a photopass.

Up to our first FP for Rock n Roller. We do love this. 2 years ago Hannah (in her full on pouty mcpouty phaze) tried to pout on RnR for the photo but couldn’t hold it. She was determined to get a pouty one and managed it this time!

Stand by for RnR was 105 mins and we noticed ToT was 140mins. Can’t see us getting on that again. Not that I would, but the others love it.

We walked round and stopped to watch the Star Wars show on the stage from 5:30-5:50 and I tapped the app and brought forward our star tours FP to 5:50 so we could head straight there.

We got a completely different film on Star Tours from last week so that was good.

Back along to the Frozen theatre and went in for the singalong show that Kevin avoided last week. Hee hee hee! Caitlin and I particularly love this!

Loo break then with almost an hour to kill before our TSM fastpass, we wandered round to Toy Story Land. Slinky was 100 minutes so that was out. We went on Alien Swirling Saucers which was 35 minutes instead

Off at 8:10pm and straight into our FP for Toy Story Mania. Caitlin said she was ready to be good at a shooting game now she’d had some practice! She got a respectable 115000

We walked through Toy Story Land which was all lit up nice now.

Loo break, then back towards to the cart that sells pretzels outside the old movie ride to buy a couple of snacks.

At 8:50pm we took up position in front of the Chinese theatre for the 9:30 Star Wars fireworks.

We sat on the warm concrete and had snacks and water from the coolbag while waiting. It was a lovely night. Earlier it had drizzled here n there but hadn’t come to anything.

I had forgotten that before Star Wars they showed World Of Animation. This was a lovely show with clips of all the classics. It finished at 9:20.

Then everyone was asked to stand and move forward for the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular.

This was brilliant! The projections on the theatre are stunning and the fireworks impressive, even for a non Star Wars fan.

We filed out of the park with the crowd and walked to the car rather than wait for a tram. Plenty of steps done today - around 15000 outwith the cycling!

Into the car at 10:05 and away. And here I am sitting in the car uploading the trip report to get a head start!

This was a busy day but we loved doing the bike ride and still doing what we wanted to tick off in Hollywood Studios so it was well worth it.

Night all x

Today was a free day in the planner, but from the chat last night the idea was a water park nice and early before the storms hit, then maybe shops.

I was up early as usual (still after Kieran though. I’m starting to wonder if that boy actually sleeps!) sorting the never ending washing, rolling up the now dry ponchos, repositioning the still damp shoes.

Had a coffee by the pool. All quiet again this morning. Kevin was up, woke Caitlin, but when I woke Hannah she croaked that she had been up most of the night still not well and was going nowhere today. So I made sure she had her medicine etc and left her to it. Hoping maybe she might agree to be picked up after the water park.

It was a lovely sunny morning after all that rain yesterday, but the weather said it would rain from around 3pm again.

We left at 9:35 and arrived at Typhoon Lagoon at 10:03. On the way there I messaged Kevin’s brother Stan to say that’s where we were headed, as on his plan today was either magic kingdom or typhoon lagoon.

This is their first time in Florida and I eventually had to get him to give me details of what he had booked and planned so far, then do some research and make him an actual plan to follow. He started down in Miami then Marathon, fishing (which is his only passion in life) and was originally only doing 3 days in Orlando despite having 14 day ultimates, staying in The Avanti and planning to use their shuttle busses. When I looked up their shuttle bus timetable they were rubbish. They only go once early morning then once mid morning, they only take you to Hollywood studios or Epcot then for anything else you need to use the Disney busses. poor wee Calum was going to spend half of his 3 Disney days on a bus. I eventually talked some sense into Stan for Calum’s sake, and persuaded him to come up to Orlando a bit earlier, for 5 days instead. Then to download Uber for the days going anywhere other than HS or Epcot, then I got stuck into the Busy day guide, did him a plan, set him up on MDE and booked him fastpasses. I planned it right down to when he needed to book the shuttle bus the night before etc and aligned some of their days to ours so Calum would have some other kids company at some points.

Thankfully so far Stan has just trusted me and followed the plan religiously.

Parked up and in.

It’s a most recommended today on the busy day guide yet still quite busy. We got some beds (none with any shade left) laid our towels and left our bags with non valuables in.

I put all purses, phones, and car keys into my kipling multiple and took that off to a locker. $10 for a standard size (small backpack) or $15 for a large (large backpack).

That done we went and did a couple of rides. I will do a couple where you sit on a ring but don’t like the ones you just lie on. I go down like a bullet, flipping about all over the place and coming fleeing out the end spluttering. I used to be really big (well over 20 stone) so I think when I lie down I now have a little too much excess surface area if you know what I mean! They’re not for me! We did the big round family one with the 4 of us which was very tame, then the blue ring keelhall falls which was faster. Mayday falls was next and already showing a 20min queue at 10:35 so I bowed out here and retrieved my stuff from the locker.

Any annual readers noticed that I’ve had none of my beloved dippin dots yet? Day 17! You can’t get them in any of the Disney parks and with no universal/sea world/busch I’ve been gubbed. But I knew I had read a dibber having them in TL in May so they had to be here somewhere.

Yay! Well a version of them anyway.

I got the biggest one (obs) with 3 flavours; strawberry, mint and banana split

As I got back to our beds Stan & Calum were waiting, before heading into the wave pool.

Kevin and the kids came back shortly after then they all went off again to do some rides. Caitlin flopped down for a rest and some sunbathing saying she’d had enough of nearly drowning and needed a rest!

I messaged Hannah who was feeling a bit better and agreed to be picked up later for shopping and dinner.

We all took a wee tourey round the lazy river. That’s one of my favourite things.

It was scorching hot and by 1:30 the others felt they’d had enough and we went for showers. Stan and Calum were staying a while.

The showers here have a dispenser with general wash stuff so you just need to take your shampoo and conditioner. They also have a free wall mounted hair dryer if you can stand the heat. The shower areas have ceiling fans but no actual aircon so can be warm. Caitlin and I were fine but kevin was complaining how sweaty he was getting dried.

Before we left I bought Kieran and I dipping dots for the car. Caitlin didn’t want any.

Got back to the house at 2:30, dropped in the wet towels, sorted a wash, picked up teeny (who looked a lot better and had eaten some eggos) and we were out again to Florida Mall.

Kieran conked out in the car after his morning of climbing stairs, riding slides and fighting waves.

Oh - and crazy driving again. How is this guy ever going to see his mirrors with his missus holding this up?!

Oh - and crazy driving again. How is this guy ever going to see his mirrors with his missus holding this up?!

arrived at Florida Mall and the boys went to M&M world

while us girls first stop was Macys. Here I got these gorgeous Michael Kors. A bargainous $22! How do you like these girls? What a price eh?

And I also bought Hannah these guess heels. Can’t go wrong with black n white heels I don’t think

Then, the one we’ve all been waiting for - Sephora. Oh Lordy. Here are mine, Hannah & caitlins stashes

And because I had my Sephora insider card, she scanned it and gave me my birthday free gift

Next up Charlotte Russe where both girls tried LOADS on. We were there for ages and I was in and out the changing rooms finding them all different sizes. I was shattered! I bought Hannah these. $58

And Caitlin bought a pile of stuff too. $50

We walked (and walked and walked, Florida mall is massive) all the way to JC Penny but nothing we wanted. The boys had been patiently waiting outside Macy’s since we left Sephora, bless them, so we headed back.

Their reward was their favourite restaurant - Teak!

Set waze, and although it was only 7 miles away it showed to expect a 25minute drive as the traffic was so heavy being 6:15pm.

Sure enough we got there exactly when it said. I do like that about the waze app. Because it monitors live traffic you know how long it will be, and if it finds a better route it will tell you the difference and ask you if you want to change.

Seated outside in the nice warm air we ordered for Kevin a Wholey Hell. He loves these and always goes back to them!

Salmon for me. This was DELICIOUS. Juicy smokey salmon, tasty garlic mash and a buttery beurre blanc sauce. Sooo nice. Nicest meal of my whole holiday

Caitlin had the OMG burger with blue cheese in a pretzel bun. She said it was really tasty. And she had the garlic bistro fries with it that she loved last time

Hannah had the donut burger but subbed the beef for chicken again. Loved it

Kieran had the the cronie burger - yes, that is a sugar coated donut! He had the chilli cheese fries as his side and barely made a dent in them so they came home in a box.

Hannah ate really well and even finished off my mash. She is still full of the cold but definitely brighter. I had a strawberry stoli mule off the happy hour $5. Very tasty

The server was lovely as always and the server we had last week came over to say hi and nice to see us again.

Excellent service, so we left a nice tip with the bill

Into the car and set waze for home which was 40mins. I typed up the trip report in the car!

Home at 8pm, took the photos of the shopping for the trip report, then called a family meeting.

We chatted through the days still remaining on the planner, what we wanted to keep, what we wanted to change, voted on the changes and agreed a revised plan for our last 5 days. Done.

Rattled up the trip report, and uploaded it while the kids played pool with a bit of Stevie Wonder provided by Alexa .

now I’m grabbing a couple of Seagrams and I’m off to join Kevin in the spa with his beer.

Tomorrow we are hoping to do something new.

Night all x

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Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 13, Caribe Villa Brisa & Teak Neighborhood Grill
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 12, Villa Chillin & Tiki Bar & Grill 4th July 2017
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 11, Blizzard Beach & 4th July Fireworks At Magic Ki
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 10. Vineland Outlets, Florida Mall & Hash House A
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 9 Animal Kingdom, Villa Chillin
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 8 Busch Gardens
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 7, Seaworld & Villa Chillin
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 6, Animal Kingdom, Shopping, Teak, Hollywood Studio
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 5, Hollywood Studios & Cici's Pizza
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 4. Massage, Shopping, Burger Craft & Animal Kingdom
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 3. Epcot & Olive Garden
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 2. All Star Movies & Magic Kingdom
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 1. Typhoon Lagoon
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Travel Day. Dreamliner Manchester To Sanford, Walmart &
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Pre Travel Day. Train To Manchester & Heald Green
Day 21. Packing, Shopping, Flying Home :-(( - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Rep
Day 20. Last Full Day. Packing, Villa Chillin', Red Lobster - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live
Day 19. Blizzard Beach, MiniGolf, Bahama Breeze, Hollywood Studios - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2n
Day 18. Typhoon Lagoon, Magic Kingdom & Wishes - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip R
Day 17. Epcot, Mini Golf, Teak - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Repor
Day 16. Hollywood Studios, House Of Blues - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Repor
Day 15 Kennedy Space Centre, Olive Garden Takeout - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Tri
Day 14. Villa Chillin, Fantasia Mini Golf, Mannys Chophouse - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live
Day 13. The Pharmacy! Hollywood Studios, Sci-FI Diner, Olive Garden - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2
Day 12. Mall At Millenia, Cheesecake Factory, North Face, Florida Mall - April 2016, Scottishnellie
Day 11. Magic Kingdom - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Report
Day 10, Zip Lining At Gatorland, Teak Neighbourhood Grill - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Flo
Day 9. Animal Kingdom, Villa Chillin, Texas Roadhouse - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florid
Day 8. Shopping, Aquatica, House Of Blues At Disney Springs - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live
Day 7. Villa Chillin' - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Report
Day 6. Move To Joanne's Orland Dream Villa, Lindfields - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Flori
Day 5 Universal Studios, Cowfish At Citywalk - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Rep
Day 4 - Move To RPR Club Level, IOA & Citywalk - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip R
Day 3 - Shopping, Mindquest, Teak Neighbourhood Grill - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida
Day 2 - Busch Gardens, Maggianos - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Report
Day 1 - Denny's, Seaworld, Bahama Breeze, April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Report
Travel Day. Escape Lounge, TC Flight, Rosen Inn Pointe, Millers Ale House April 2016, Scottishnelli
Pre-travel Day - Train To Manchester, TC Sundown Checkin, Clayton Hotel. April 2016, Scottishnellies
Pre-trip Report - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida TR
Here now! - First WDW Family Holiday - Day 22, Going home, so we are not 'here now' any more!
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 21, Champions World Resort. Shopping, Bahama Breeze, Red Lo
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 20, Hollywood Studios, House of Blues at DTD
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 19, Seaworld & Aquatica
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 18, Chef Mickeys, MK, Wishes Cruise
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 17 Mall at Millenia and Cheesecake Factory
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 16. Florida Mall, Cypress Grove, Kitchen Sink at Beaches &
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 15. Epcot (take 2)
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 14. Dolphin Swim at Discovery Cove
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 13. Leave HRH, Finish US and IOA, Longhorns Steakhouse
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 12. Hard Rock Hotel, IOA, US & Hard Rock Cafe
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 11. Shopping and Villa
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 10. Busch Gardens and Davenport Ale House
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 9. Epcot, the day that rain stopped play :-((
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 8, Hollywood Studios, Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 7, Typhoon Lagoon & Raglan Road DTD
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 6, Animal Kingdom & Rainforest Cafe
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 5 Shopping and Eastons arrive!
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 4 Seaworld & Bahama Breeze
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 3 Hollywood Studios & Jedi Training
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 2 part 2 All Star Sports & Downtown Disney
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 2 part 1 Magic Kingdom
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 1 Typhoon Lagoon
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Travel Day
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - live Airport / Hotel
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - live report (hopefully)
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Magic Kingdom
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Covent Garden FX  $1.2766
FAIRFX  $1.2605
John Lewis  $1.2744
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Sainsburys  €1.1699
Travelex  €1.1611
Updated: 03:02 25/02/2020