Disney Vacation Planner
Disney Vacation Planner

The Disney Vacation Planner is now available FREE in an On-Line version.
The Disney Vacation Planner will allow you to plan your holiday by adding various elements such as people in your party, number of nights, attractions, theme parks, restaurants, flight details and more.

There are some special features like birthdays will be highlighted if they occur on a day in your plan. Park hours, EMH and Rehabs are automatically added to days in your plan when they are available.

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Below is our OLD Disney Vacation Planner - this version is no longer supported or updated.

version 2.2

This unique program is designed to aid you in your planning of a Disney/Orlando vacation.
**IMPORTANT** Please do not type Speech Marks "" into the planner as this can corrupt the database.
DOWNLOAD, the latest version.
Run (double Click) the downloaded file (dvpsetup22a.exe), the setup is automatic.

COPYRIGHT Stu Barton 2001~2009
The Disney Vacation Planner is fully copyrighted and is not in the public domain. All rights are retained by the author (Stu Barton). The PC version of Disney Vacation Planner is "freeware" for most uses. Freeware distribution allows individuals and non-profit organizations to use the software at no charge. The software cannot be "sold", "rented", or otherwise distributed in a "for profit" enterprise. Companies, government agencies, and for profit organizations must contact the author for specific licensing costs and terms of use.

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