Specifications for Advertising Banners on theDIBB

All banners can be in the following formats
  • .jpg
  • .gif
  • HTML5

We do not allow strobe effects in banners or excessive blinking of the frames as this has been found to cause problems for some people.

Please ensure that any HTML5 banner is CPU friendly. Poorly designed banners can use a high percentage of the viewers processor power, this has the effect of slowing the site and may lead to the user not being able to view the banner.

Additional Considerations: CPU Usage
In contrast to file size, the complexity of drawings, gradients, slow moving animations and detailed moving elements can affect the number of calculations the CPU must make for each frame. In addition to file weight guidelines, requirements for rich media advertisements that take CPU usage into account. The IAB Ad Sizes Working Group recommends a maximum of 18 frames per second.
Common High CPU Usage Factors:
  • Frame Rate is over 18 frames per second; reducing the number to 18 does not degrade visual performance.
  • Multiple animated sequences across many layers animating at the same time.
  • Animated sequences set to be translucent and animating on top of an imported graphic (ex: jpeg, png, etc.).
  • Action Script-generated events set to randomly generate (ex: fog and rain).
  • Imported graphics scaled up over a long period of time.

HTML5 Banners

  • We do not accept expanding or popup creating banners or banners that cause excessive viewer CPU usage.
  • All HTML5 banners should adhere to the iab Digital Advertising guidelines.

We prefer to host the creatives on our site however we do accept remotely hosted creatives.

468x60 Banner
Dimensions : Width = 468 pixels Height = 60 pixels
File Size : not to exceed 50Kb
160x600 Super Skyscraper
Dimensions : Width = 160 pixels Height = 600 pixels
File Size : Not to exceed 90Kb
728x90 Leaderboard
Dimensions : Width = 728 pixels Height = 90 pixels
File Size : Not to exceed 80Kb
300x250 MPU Rectangle
Dimensions : Width = 300 pixels Height = 250 pixels
File Size : Not to exceed 80Kb
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