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Disney FastPass Plus (FastPass+) Disney FastPass Plus (FastPass+)
Disney FastPass Plus (FastPass+) Scroll down for FastPass+ recommendations. FastPass+ is free and included with your admission ticket FastPass+ is a Disney ride and attraction reservation system, a ... Read More
Disney MagicBand Disney MagicBand
Disney's MagicBand or Card Disney MagicBands and cards are all-in-one devices that serve as your Disney theme park ticket, Disney resort room key and more. With a MagicBand ... Read More
Disney Character Finder Disney Character Finder
Disney Character Finder: The list below shows you where you can find your favourite Disney characters at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Magic Kingdom - CharactersAladdin - Adventureland ... Read More
When to Visit Orlando and WDW When to Visit Orlando and WDW
Deciding when to visit Orlando is one of the most important steps in planning a WDW holiday. Sometimes it's out of your hands and you have to go ... Read More
Ride Height Restrictions Ride Height Restrictions
Ride Height Restrictions All the theme parks employ height restrictions on some of their rides for safety reasons. It's a good idea to measure your child's height before ... Read More
AA Discounts AA Discounts
The "AA" discount is actually supplied via the Arc Europe member services. Personal AA breakdown cover with the AA normally includes this benefit, and the Arc ... Read More
Contact Information Disney Contact Information Disney
Walt Disney World For tours, hotels, packages,reservations, and general information, call (407) W-Disney or (407) 827-7200 or email Email Walt Disney World Central Reservations P.O. Box 10,100 Lake Buena ... Read More
Deciding Where To Stay Deciding Where To Stay
One of the big considerations when planning a Disney holiday is where do you stay. There are three basic choices you need to consider, the choices are 'On-Site', ... Read More
Disney Hidden Mickeys Disney Hidden Mickeys
There are hundreds of them, in the parks, in the attractions, in the resorts, even on the roads leading into the parks As millions of guests scurry throughout ... Read More
Disney Ride Times at a Glance Disney Ride Times at a Glance
Magic Kingdom Ride Times Land Ride Ride (mins) Ride Type When to ride Fastpass? Adventureland Magic Carpets of Aladdin 1.5 Ride First Hour / After Dinner No Adventureland Jungle Cruise 11 ... Read More
Disney Secrets Disney Secrets
Walt Disney World Theme park Secrets Magic Kingdom - EPCOT - Animal Kingdom - Disney Hollywood Studios Magic Kingdom General Magic Kingdom Most cast members arrive to the ... Read More
Disney's Fastpass+ Disney's Fastpass+
Disney's MyMagic+ Disney's MyMagic+
Disney's MyMagic+ Disney has embraced technology to enhance a guests experience at their theme parks and resorts. Disney's MyMagic+ gives you control of your vacation and makes it ... Read More
FastPass+ FAQ FastPass+ FAQ
FastPass+ Frequently Asked Questions What is FastPass+ and how do I use it?Please check out the FastPass+ page HERE on the DIBBWill FastPass+ service make it difficult ... Read More
FastPass+ MDE Tutorial FastPass+ MDE Tutorial
Open up the My Disney Experience website and log in You will then get a welcome screen, with a count down, a date that you must personalise your ... Read More
Forthcoming Attractions Forthcoming Attractions
Forthcoming Theme Park Attractions and New Parks Listed below are a number of possible upcoming theme park attractions, lands, and new theme parks coming to Florida. Although the ... Read More
Magic Kingdom Utilidors - Underground Tunnels Magic Kingdom Utilidors - Underground Tunnels
Disney's Underground Magic. If there is one thing that Disney has it's Magic. No matter where you look, no matter where you go, it's in abundance! Everywhere you ... Read More
My Disney Experience FAQ My Disney Experience FAQ
In order to make FastPass reservations, you need to use the My Disney Experience website. You will need to link your tickets to your account in order to ... Read More
Park and Resort Maps Park and Resort Maps
Updated Weekly, so theDIBB always has the latest maps. All the maps on this page are in Adobe PDF format. Theme ParksDisney's Animal Kingdom Park Map Disney's Hollywood ... Read More
Planning 101 Planning 101
Planning 101! original article by DIBB member MattF So youve booked your holiday to Orlando. As youre reading this post, you realize that there is more to ... Read More
Ready...Steady...Go Ready...Steady...Go
So you are off to one of the parks for the day. Here are some hints and tips gathered from the DIBB and guidebooks. The following tips assume ... Read More
Spending Money Spending Money
One of the most common questions asked from first time visitors to Florida / WDW is How much spending money will I need? This question is notoriously hard to ... Read More
Theme Park Refurbishments & Attraction Closures Theme Park Refurbishments & Attraction Closures
Theme Park Refurbishments, Ride & Attraction Closures There are a lot of attractions and rides at the theme parks in Orlando and all of these attractions and rides ... Read More
Three Mobile Network - Feel at Home Three Mobile Network - Feel at Home
With Feel At Home you can use your allowance to call and text UK numbers and use your data without paying a penny more. Three pay monthly and ... Read More
Tipping in Orlando Tipping in Orlando
Tipping in Orlando, Florida, USA. We get asked about tipping many times on our forums, when to tip? how much to tip? To Tip or not to Tip? ... Read More
Using an iPhone in the USA Using an iPhone in the USA
Making Calls The article Using UK Mobile Phone in USA covers this very nicely, so please look there for that information. Surfing, eMail and Apps Unless you really ... Read More
Using UK Mobile Phone in USA Using UK Mobile Phone in USA
How much will it cost you to use your UK mobile phone whilst in the USA. Please click on the links below:- Orange links don't work Orange ... Read More
WDW Rides 101 WDW Rides 101
A brief summary and other information regarding the rides and attractions at Walt Disney World. KeyLength: Duration of the actual attraction in minutes (m) and seconds (s). Description: ... Read More
Protecting your holiday Protecting your holiday
There have been a few incidents recently that have caused people to lose their holidays, flights and more importantly the money they paid for them. There was an ... Read More
Theme Park Closing Strategy Theme Park Closing Strategy
The Disney theme parks can handle very large crowds however there are certain times when the parks reach capacity. When the theme parks start to reach their maximum ... Read More

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Travelex  $1.3607
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Travelex  €1.1137
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CaxtonFX  €1.1184
FAIRFX  €1.1165
Travelex CP  €1.1137
Updated: 15:30 25/04/2018

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