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Busch Gardens Theme Park Busch Gardens Theme Park
Busch Gardens is the ultimate family adventure park, featuring an unparalleled combination of up-close animal encounters, live entertainment and world-class thrill rides. Busch Gardens has brought guests face-to-face ... Read More
Cobra's Curse Cobra's Curse
Location Busch Gardens Height Restriction 42 inches Quick Queue Yes Rider Duration 3 minutes 30 seconds Cobra's Curse Floridas thrill leader, Busch Gardens Tampa, puts a new SPIN on family ... Read More
Falcon's Fury Falcon's Fury
Location Pantopia Height Restriction 54 inches (137 cm) Quick Queue Yes Ride Duration 2 minutes Falcon's Fury After a long awaited arrival Busch Gardens brand new centrepiece 'Falcon's Fury' is now ... Read More
Howl-o-Scream Halloween Party Howl-o-Scream Halloween Party
HOWL-O SCREAM From the 29th September through to 30th October 2016 'Howl-o Sream' returns to Busch Gardens with an 'Evil Encore' for 21 select nights. Friday 23rd September and Saturday 24... Read More
Gwazi Gwazi
Location Morocco Height Restriction 48 inches Quick Queue Yes Ride Duration 2 minutes 30 seconds Gwazi Gwazi is located in the Morocco area of Seaworld's Busch Gardens theme park. It is ... Read More
Sheikra Sheikra
Location Stanleyville Height Restriction 54 inches (137cm) Quick Queue Yes Ride Duration 2 minutes 20 seconds SheiKra It's not a dream - or a nightmare. It's SheiKra: A fierce, floorless, blazing-fast ... Read More
Stanley Falls Stanley Falls
Location Stanleyville Height Restriction 46 inches and minimum of 2yrs Quick Queue Yes Ride Duration 3 minutes Stanley Falls Stanley Falls is located in Busch Gardens Stanleyville area and it ... Read More
Tanganyika Tidal Wave Tanganyika Tidal Wave
Location Stanleyville Height Restriction 48 inches Quick Queue Yes Tanganyika Tidal Wave The Tanganyika Tidal Wave ride, is located in the stanleyville area of Busch Gardens theme park. Jump ... Read More
Skyride Skyride
View the spectacular scenery as you fly through the air from the Crown Colony area to the Congo on the opposite side of the park on Skyride. .
Montu Montu
If you're crazy about coasters, Montu has your lucky number: 7. That's the number of insane inversions you'll do on this monster coaster - one of the tallest and ... Read More
Kumba Kumba
Consistently voted one of the world's top roller coasters by enthusiasts around the world, this legendary beast takes you from hair-raising heights to absolute weightlessness through seven inversions, ... Read More
Congo River Rapids Congo River Rapids
Congo River Rapids Climb aboard for an exciting white water rafting expedition that will send you twirling down this racing river, where thrilling plunges, looming waterfalls and a ... Read More
Sand Serpent Sand Serpent
Location Timbuktu Height Restriction 46 inches & 6 years of age Ride Duration 1 minute 50 seconds Sand Serpent The Sand Serpent can be found when you travel to the Timbuktu area ... Read More
Scorpion Scorpion
The Scorpion is one of only three roller coasters of its kind remaining in the world today, yet its sting is every bit as effective at instilling thrills ... Read More
Serengeti Railway Serengeti Railway
Serengeti Railway A ride on the Serengeti Railway is one of the best ways to take in the breathtaking beauty and scale of Busch Garden's Serengeti Plain. With ... Read More
Mystic Sheiks of Morocco Mystic Sheiks of Morocco
Mystic Sheiks of Morocco The Mystic Sheiks of Morocco have been a symbol of Busch Gardens since the 1970s and serve as ambassadors for the theme park at ... Read More
Jungala Jungala
Jungala Have you ever been close enough to a Bengal tiger to feel the hair on the back of your neck rise? Or ridden a zip-line through a ... Read More
Edge of Africa Edge of Africa
Edge of Africa Embark on a walking safari through Edge of Africa and encounter exotic African animals in naturalistic habitats, including hippos, lions, hyenas, lemurs, meerkats, crocodiles and ... Read More
Lory Landing Lory Landing
Lory Landing This interactive, free-flight habitat is home to some of the most brilliantly colored birds you'll meet. Step inside with a cup of fruit fresh nectar from ... Read More
Myombe Reserve Myombe Reserve
Myombe Reserve Enter a lush forest habitat where gorillas and chimpanzees can be found enjoying life to the fullest as they live and play in a natural environment. ... Read More
Serengeti Safari Serengeti Safari
This is an amazing experience, definitely something to try at least once! You feel yourself being swept away to the African plains on an open-truck tour that takes ... Read More
Cheetah Hunt Cheetah Hunt
Cheetah Hunt For more than five decades, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has found inspiration in its animals. Animal care experts have turned that inspiration into adventure with immersive ... Read More
Sesame Street Safari of Fun Sesame Street Safari of Fun
Come join everyones favorite Sesame Street friends on a family-friendly Safari adventure where the rhythms of Africa are sprinkled with giggles. Its Busch Gardens newest land ... Read More
Mears Shuttle Information Mears Shuttle Information
Currently complimentary shuttles are provided with all paid for Busch Gardens tickets. The buses are operated by Mears and there are currently 7 pick-up points around the main tourist ... Read More
Quick Queue! Quick Queue!
So you know about Disney Fast Pass, but what about non Disney parks? Well here is Bush Gardens answer to that question! Quick Queue Quick Queue is the ... Read More
Real Music Concert Series Real Music Concert Series
Real Music Concert Series The longest-running concert series at Busch Gardens returns at the beginning of 2017. From January 9 until March 4, Real Music will present two shows a day ... Read More

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