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Dolphin Cove

Here, itís possible to feed and touch the beautiful Bottlenose Dolphins!

Dolphin Cove is themed in the Key West style and offers the guests both an underwater viewing and an up close and personal experience of these wonderfully intelligent creatures.

The interactive dolphin experience usually occurs five times a day. Feeding times are posted at the feeding station, so guests are advised to check these so as to avoid disappointment, as this is a very popular experience and the numbers are limited. Be aware that queue's can begin to form up to an hour before the next show.

It costs $7 in order to join the experience ($6 for annual pass holders), you will be given a tray of fish, led to the cove by an instructor and be given instructions on how best to feed the dolphins safely. The dolphins can safely be petted under the chin, but you should avoid touching the top of their head, as they see this as their own personal space!

Guests usually start at the lagoon, getting close to the waters edge where you can lean against the wall and stroke the dolphins as they swim past. Meanwhile staff members are on hand to explain the lifestyles of the dolphins.

Whilst you are feeding and stroking the dolphins you will undoubtedly have your photoís taken by one of the staff photographers, so donít be surprised when you receive a tap on the shoulder from a member of staff offering you a ticket to view your photo.

When you exit the cove at the far end there is a path which leads to the underwater viewing area, many people seem to miss this and as such usually isnít that crowded.

Dolphins Up-Close Tour

Join this 60 minute tour that allows guests to get up-close and personal with the Park's dolphins where you can help train, feed and touch these gorgeous creatures.

The Tour begins at the Dolphin Nursery, where you can see newborn calves with their mothers, and gain an in sight in to their behaviours and see the interaction they have with their trainers.

You then continue to Dolphin Cove where you are assigned a trainer, and can actively participate in training sessions with these extremely intelligent animals and their trainer. You get the chance to be hands on and actually touch the dolphins as they play and interact in their tropical lagoon.

Guests are required to check-in at the Park's Information and Reservation counter at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the tour.
  • Admission to Seaworld is required and not included
  • All guests under 18yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult
  • Small groups will be combined to form a party of 16 guests
  • Late arrivals may miss tour components or not be accommodated due to limited availability
  • Cancellations with less than 24hrs notice are non-refundable
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