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Dolphin Nursery

One of the popular attractions is the Dolphin Nursery at SeaWorld. Down at the dolphin crèche mothers are teaching young calves everything they know. Take your own kids – it’s very moving to watch the youngsters playing, jumping and diving and communicating with their patient mums.
Nothing draws a crowd quite like a newborn—especially when the baby is a Bottlenose dolphin. The Dolphin Nursery is a great place to introduce kids to the beauty of life in the animal world from its very first chapters. Watch as dolphin calves practice jumping, playing, and communicating with their mum`s and other newborns through clicks and vocalizations.
Dolphins are amazing creatures, seemingly always happy, and ready to perform tricks for the occasional treat of fish.
Dolphins are crowd pleaser's.
Your family will be excited to stop by and learn about these playful animals.
Besides being able to view these marine mammals, as well as their offspring.
SeaWorld Orlando gives you the opportunity to view these precious creatures up close.
The nursery has entertained spectators for almost forty years.
This is an encounter is a one of a kind experience.
Baby Dolphins
Witness the amazing interactions between baby dolphins and their mothers.
Look out for calves frolicking and interacting with their mothers.
Hear them communicate with each other through clicking and the use of other vocal sounds.
Few have been able to hear this communication in the wild, yet every visitor to the Dolphin Nursery gets the chance.
There are eight adult dolphins in this area, seven females and one male.
The cute baby calves are the most amusing compared to the adults.
Bottlenose Dolphins
These are, of course, the famous Bottlenose dolphins.
Chosen for their demeanour and their familiarity with people, Bottlenose dolphins are highly intelligent creatures.
Notice the signs with the birth dates of the calves posted, this will tell you how old they are.
The host on hand will answer any questions during this educational exhibit
As is always the case at SeaWorld, this attraction is handicap accessible.
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