Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is located approximately 8.5km north of Dublin City Centre. It comprises of 2 terminals, T1 and T2. Originally opened in 1940, T1 was built in the 1970's and T2 in 2010. It currently serves approximately 22m passengers per year.

US Pre-Clearance
One of the great benefits of travelling from Dublin is US Preclearance. This essentially means that you do US Immigration & Customs in Dublin Airport before you even get on the plane. On arrival in the US you will disembark as a domestic passenger, collect your luggage and leave. It really is as simple as that. There are a few things to note:

Your first landing MUST be in the US. You will NOT get to pre-clear if you fly DUB-LHR-MCO for example.
The plane MUST be originating from Dublin, if it's on a stop on the way from gulf for instance, and you join the flight in Dublin, again you will NOT pre-clear
You still MUST do your ESTA
You still fill in the Customs Declaration Form
Dublin Airport website has a lot of information, including a video, here

Once you have cleared the standard Airport Security, you will arrive in The Loop. This is the airport shopping & restaurant area. There are numerous shops, bars and food outlets to keep you occupied. You can also pre-purchase on-line and collect prior to departure.

All US bound flights leave from gates 401-406. This area is only accessible once you have passed through USCBP. Please be aware there is very little here once you have cleared US immigration, just a few small shops/cafes (see Lounges below also). You are also limited on the food that can be brought through. There is a list here

NB Gates 401-406 and 407-426 are in the same wing, just different levels.

NB Gates 101-113 is a 8-10 min walk to immigration depending on your walking speed

Flights (as of Aug 2018)
Aer Lingus are the only ones who do a direct flight to MCO from Dublin. They fly at 3:00pm on Mon, Tue, Thu and Sat (Winter schedule usually drops the Mon flight). It does mean you get in late evening (7:45pm) but the return is also late (9:35pm) so you get some good time on departure day.

AA, Delta and United also fly regularly from Dublin. They all go to their main hubs, Philly, Atlanta and Chicago respectively, plus the likes of NY. They are earlier departures (10:00 to 12:00) so although flying indirect you'll probably end up in MCO at the same time. AA also fly to Charlotte (9:50am) which would be a pretty short hop (1h 30m) onward to MCO, regular flights too. Might be another option.

ToAirlineFlight No.TimeDays
Los AngelesAer LingusET50407:30Tu,We,Fr,Su
New YorkAmerican AirlinesAA29108:50
NewarkUnited AirlinesUA02209:20
CharlotteAmerican AirlinesAA72509:50
ChicagoAmerican AirlinesAA20909:55
BostonDelta Air LinesDL15510:25
New YorkAer LingusEI10510:50
AtlantaDelta Air LinesDL17711:00
PhiladelphiaAmerican AirlinesAA72311:20
New YorkDelta Air LinesDL04511:25
ChicagoAer LingusEI12311:30
BostonAer LingusEI13711:35
ChicagoUnited AirlinesUA15312:25
WashingtonAer LingusEI11912:30
San FranciscoAer LingusEI14712:30
WashingtonUnited AirlinesUA12712:55
NewarkAer LingusEI10113:00
PhiladelphiaAer LingusEI11513:40
HartfordAer LingusEI13114:20
Los AngelesAer LingusEI14515:00
OrlandoAer LingusEI12115:00Mo,Tu,Th,Sa
MiamiAer LingusWI14115:00We,Fr,Su
SeattleAer LingusEI14315:50Mo,We,Fr,Su
ChicagoAer LingusEI12515:50
New YorkAer LingusEI10916:10
BostonAer LingusEI13916:20

Lounges (Prices as of Apr 2018)
There are 2 lounges in T2. One, 51st & Green is AFTER US pre clearance and is 35(pre booked)/39(at reception) pp. Details here.

The other is before the 400 gates and is 25(pre booked)/29(at reception) pp. Details here. N.B. ensure you leave enough time to get through USCBP!


If you are transiting through Dublin airport on a single ticket your luggage will be checked through to your final destination. At US preclearance you will be shown them on the screen and asked to confirm that they are yours. All single ticketed travel currently only goes through T2. For those landing in T1 you have to collect your luggage, come out through customs, walk to the other terminal and checkin/bagdrop. The walkway between the 2 terminals is located at the departures level.

I have learned recently that there is shortcut walkway from T1 to T2. If you go to baggage collection belt 1 in T1 there is a door and stairs which brings you into a backway for T1 security check in. Go through here and head left, you'll get to a walkway to T2. I have not manager to verify this as yet

Once you are past security you can walk from T1 to T2 and back no problem. Easiest is to follow the signs for the gates, 400+ is T2 all the rest are T1

For transiting from a flight landing in T1, personally I would want at least 2.5hrs between flights to feel comfortable.

Information from DAA (Dublin Airport Authority) here. More detailed information here

DUBHUB APP also available (I've never used this)

Below is a map of the T2 gates layout. Gates are organised over 2 floors. The top floor, gates 407-426 service all destinations other than the US. The bottom floor, gates 401-406 are for US destinations only. from back to front it's approx. 400m.

And here is a handy guide to transiting

Smoking past security
For all the smokers there is one smoking area past security, but it is in T1. If you're leaving from T2 it's a good 10-15min walk. The area is behind The Garden Terrace Bar, which is upstairs near the Burger King

Getting to and from the Airport
  • By Car
    Dublin Airport is served by the M1 Motorway and is just minutes from the M50 (Dublin Orbital Motorway). Whist both are motorways, it should be noted that traffic, particularly on the M50, can be extremely heavy at times.
  • Public Transport
    Dublin Airport is well served by both City and National bus services. There are express services to the City Centre and outlying areas in addition to the standard city bus service. A full updated list can be found on the Dublin Airport website.
  • Rail
    Unfortunately no rail link currently exists, though there are plans to extend the LUAS (Dublin light rail) to the Airport in future.
  • Taxis
    Taxi ranks exist at both terminals and generally taxis are plentiful. The fare to the City Centre should be in the region of 22-30 depending on traffic and destination.
Short term parking is available at both terminals. These are run by the Dublin Airport Authority. There are 4 short term car parks in total:
  • Car Park C is closest to T1
  • Car Park A and the T2 Surface Car park are suitable for both terminals
  • T2 Short term car park is closest to T2
Full details on the short term car parks, including GPS co-ordinates and height restrictions can be found here

Long term parking is supplied by the DAA and also by a private company Quick Park. All have regular shuttle buses to and from both terminals. Transfer time can be from 5m to 15m depending on the park. Recommendations would be to allow at least 45m from car park arrival time to desired arrival at check in area in the Airport.

Car Rental
Herts, Avis, Budget, EuroCar & Dooley have presence in both terminals. T1 also has desks for Enterprise and Sixt.
N.B. T1 rentals desks are in the arrivals hall, T2 desks are in the Multi-storey car park.

Terminal 1Terminal 2Hotels Nearby
There are 2 hotels actually on/in the AirportOther nearby include

Also available Guidebook page on Aer Lingus
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