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Intermission Food Court
Disney Restaurant Pages

Intermission Food Court


Location: All-Star Music Resort

Cuisine: American

Type: Quick Service

Dining Plan: Yes

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Intermission Food Court is located in Melody Hall in the main building of Disney's All-Star Music Resort. It is the main eatery for guests staying at this resort and is open daily from 6am til midnight.

There are a number of different food stations offering a various range in cuisine. Plentiful indoor seating is available either as booths or tables of varying sizes to accommodate your party. To keep the children occupied while you eat they show Disney cartoons on a widescreen TV.

For something to keep you going all day, start off with the 'Bounty Platter' which consists of bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, fries, french toast sticks and a biscuit! Hot breakfast items are available until 11am.

For lunch and dinner service food stations are categorised as The Pizza & Pasta Shop, The Grill Shop and the Speciality Shop, which offer an array of foods to suit all.

They have a 'Speciality Counter' where you can make your own salad and chicken quesadillas.

A 'Market' provides a range of 'grab-and-go' items including fresh fruit and yogurts.

To finish off your meal with a tasty sweet treat, don't forget to visit The Gelato Shop.
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