Height Restriction
42 inches (107cm)

Quick Queue

Rider Duration
5 minutes

Journey to Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis ride is accommodated in a beautiful 10 storey golden temple, right next door to Kraken.
The first thing you notice is the very high and very steep slope coming from the top with water cascading down into the pool below and at regular intervals a boat full of screaming passengers plummets down creating a tidal wave of epic proportions.

The queue area is themed as a Greek village and you can watch the news story of the reappearance Atlantis on the overhead monitors whilst you await your fate.

Before riding, it's helpful to know the storyline behind the journey you're about to begin. The action takes place on Thera, an island off the coast of Greece where, without explanation, the ancient city of Atlantis has risen from its watery grave. Needless to say, this has caused quite a stir, attracting the media and assorted onlookers, you and I included. As we walk through the village, overhead monitors telecast the newsfeed. Experts are at a loss to explain this miraculous event and one person in particular, an old Greek fisherman, is supremely agitated about the whole thing. Stavros has only this to say, "Keep Out". Seems there's something bad hidden behind the city's walls, and we don't want to mess with it. "It" turns out to be an evil Siren known as Allura, an ethereal goddess who plans to use her seductive charms to lure us into Atlantis... and to Our Doom.

When you reach the loading area and you havenít changed your mind, you will be directed to your boat.

"Evil spirits - yeah, whatever..." Disregarding Stavros like the fools we are, we board our eight-person boat and set sail for adventure, already victims of Allura's malevolent powers. This is your last chance to stow yer valuables, my friends, and you better stow 'em good.

The beginning of this ride is peaceful with plenty to look at and admire as your boat navigates itself through the wonderful city of Atlantis. But there is something not quite right, suddenly the angry spirit of Allura has been awoken and she drags your boat to the highest point in the city in a storm of wind and rain. She then releases the boat and itís frightful passengers on a hair-raising journey down a 60 foot incline into a wall of water that washes over the boat and itís passengers. Maybe you didnít get too wet and are feeling relieved, but wait, you are not free yet. Now you have to endure the sadistic members of the public as they drench you with water cannons as you pass below them! The Greek urns at the waterís edge are not there just for show!

You are now dragged through another part of the city before Allura releases her grip on you, but as she does this ride takes an unexpected turn and suddenly becomes a short roller coaster. This is a wonderful twist to what is essentially a Log Flume, but I donít suppose thatíll be going through your mind as you are holding on for dear life!.

You made it to the end and now you realise what soggy pants in the Florida sunshine feels like. As you exit the ride, squelching along from the gallons of water in your shoes, donít forget to stop and view your photograph.

The exit leads you into the Atlantis gift shop, if you go to the right there is the wonderful Jewels of the Sea aquarium. Sharks and Sting Rays swim above in the Domed ceiling and below your feet beneath the glass floor. Look around the walls and see if you can find the mermaid and the beautiful moon jellyfish.

Just outside the Jewels of the Sea aquarium there is a great photo opportunity. Here there is a viewing area which affords an excellent view of the 60 foot plunge and the screaming passengers, plummeting to a tidal wave below.
Warning, donít get too close, especially with expensive camera gear.

Download Journey to Atlantis Video HERE (right click and save to desktop)

There are Lockers located to the right of the entrance to this ride.

Ride Info:
ē Ride Photo - Yes
ē 8 passengers per boat
ē More than 116,000 gallons of water circulate through the attraction
ē Spans 6 acres, and stands 10 stories high
ē Each eight-person boat tips the scales at 1.2 tons
ē 24,000 fiber optic lights illuminate the spirited Hermes
ē Allura's ear-piercing shriek is produced through a careful remixing of eight animal noises including a lion's roar, a bear's growl and a rattle snake's trademark rattle.
ē Ride Manufacturer

Ride Opened: 1999
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