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Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom


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inline imageDisney's Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World opened in 1971 and is the first park that anyone thinks of when they think of Disney. Although the Magic Kingdom park is only 107 acres in size it attracts nearly the same amount of visitors as the other Disney parks put together.

Magic Kingdom is split into seven different lands which are centred on the most famous landmark in Florida- "Cinderella Castle". One of the most magical sights of all is to catch your first view of "Cinderella Castle" on the ferry over Seven Sea's Lagoon to the entrance of Magic Kingdom.

The Share A Dream Come True Parade and the night time spectacular SpectroMagic Parade are held here along with the amazing 'Wishes' fireworks, these are not to be missed!

There is a great Character greeting opportunity is at the opening time of Magic Kingdom when the Characters arrive at Main Street Station.

2016 Attendance figure = 20,395,000

Arriving at the Magic Kingdom
If you arrive at the Magic Kingdom on one of the shuttle Buses then you will be dropped off at the park entrance but if you are driving then the Magic Kingdom has a unique arrivals procedure.

You approach the Magic Kingdom along World Drive, you will come to Toll Plaza where you purchase your car park ticket. After Toll Plaza follow the road and the signs and eventually you will end up at one of the huge car parks. You will be directed by the car park cast members where to park your car.

Once you vacate your car, make sure you have everything with you as it's still quite a way to the actual Magic Kingdom park. You will see everyone walking to the ends of the car park, here you wait for a Tram, the tram will take you to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC).

Make a note of where you parked your car, you will be glad you did when you leave the Magic Kingdom park and you realise you have been having so much fun that you have forgotten where you parked.

At the TTC you can purchase your tickets if you don't already have them, if you already have your tickets then just walk past the ticket kiosks. Once past the Kiosks you are presented with two choices, these being the Monorail and the Ferry.

To get to the actual Magic Kingdom Park entrance you need to take one of these forms of transport, head left to get the Ferry and straight on to get the Monorail. Both methods take about the same amount of time, unless you have only just missed a Ferry, then the Monorail may be a little quicker. Which ever method you take you will arrive at the Park Entrance.

Magic Kingdom Map can be found HERE

Magic Kingdom Attractions & Entertainment

Main Street, USA
Liberty Square
There are Guest Lockers located at the TTC and the entrance. Lockers allow you to secure items that you may need during the day but don't want to carry around the park all day. Don't forget to retrieve your items at the end of the day.

There is a very wide choice of attractions to entertain everyone. For details on the main attractions please select an item from the Magic Kingdom Menu on the left.

Parades & Fireworks
The Magic Kingdom currently hosts a daily parade called "Disney's Festival of Fantasy". At night the Magic Kingdom currently hosts the fabulous "Wishes" fireworks display. Commencing 4 November 2016 is a new evening projection show called "Once Upon A Time".

There is a very wide array of dining experiences available in the Magic Kingdom park. These range from snack food to full restaurant dining. For details of the main dining facilities please click on the Dining Link from our Menu.

There are lots of opportunities for you to spend your dollars in the Magic Kingdom. As soon as you enter the Park you'll walk down Main Street which is a street full of shops. I would advise giving this a miss and just head for the attractions. You can go shopping when you are ready to leave the park. Most of the rides will exit you into a gift shop so you won't miss out! For more details on Shopping please click the Shopping link on the Top Menu.

DIBB Bits:
  • Cinderella Castle is 189ft tall over 100ft taller than Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.
  • When you walk through the Magic Kingdom you are actually walking on the 2nd floor, the first floor is hidden beneath you. Utility corridors, called Utilidoors occupy the first floor of the park. The Utilidoors hide most of the everyday operations of the park from the guests, such as Character and Cast Member movements, restocking of merchandise, trash collection, etc. There are offices, changing rooms and even cafeterias.
  • Check out the paw prints in front of the stairs leading to Tony's Town Square.
  • You can get a real haircut at the Barbers Shop on Main Street.
  • While riding TTA you can get a sneak peak inside Space Mountain.
  • See Walt and Mickey holding hands in front of the castle.
  • Find the circle of small bronze character statues surrounding Walt & Mickey in front of the Castle.
  • Avoid the crowds lining Main Street before a parade, or if its raining, walk through the shops on the Tomorrowland side of the street they are all inter-connected.
  • Look for the horse with a golden ribbon on it's tail On Cinderella's Carousel, that is Cinderellas horse.
  • For all Tinkerbell fans - Go to Tinks Treasure Shop and look inside what is an old dresser. You will need to bend down as its at childs height, peek inside the drawer.
  • In the ground around Aladdin's Flying Carpets look for the rubies and diamonds in the pavement.
  • Find a paint brush on Tom Sawyers Island for a prize.
  • You can use the Resort Monorail to get from TTC to the Magic Kingdom Entrance, the queue will be much smaller.
  • Ride TTA and listen for the announcement "Paging Mr Tom Morrow".

Satellite Maps
Magic Kingdom during construction
Showing Fantasyland, castle and main street at the very top of the picture

Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle

From the Walt Disney Archives the pictures below show the parks first map wasnt a guide map as we know it today, but a multi-page newspaper called The Walt Disney World News. The first edition, titled Vacation Kingdom Opens, celebrated the opening of the park on 1st Oct.
The parks first map appears on page 4, and is followed with a listing of attractions, shops and restaurants in each land. While many of the parks original attractions still exist today, there are shops and entertainment offerings. How about following up your Peter Pans Flight with a performance by The Polka Band? Or buying greeting cards on Main Street, U.S.A.? Or hot dogs at Refreshment Corner instead of Caseys Corner?

The Walt Disney Archives

The Walt Disney Archives
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