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Here's a list of useful planning apps for you upcoming trip to Orlando. The following are a list of apps for use on Apple products. Feel free to leave comments below on the apps which you have tried and any recommendations for further apps to be added. Apologies for only displaying euro prices.
Note The majority of apps do not require wifi access. However some which work on GPS ie looking for dining options near me do require wifi access. If you are unsure you can always switch your phone to airplane mode.

iOrlando Tourist Map
iOrlando is the fantastic electronic version of the popular mapman's map. iOrlando allows you to search the map for POIs and also includes park maps of Sea World, Busch Gardens, Discovery Cove and Aquatica. Opening hours and park information is also available for the above parks.
Wi Fi required No
Cost 3.99/2.99

OLP WDW Transportation Wizard for WDW (TWiz)
TWiz is an app for those planning on using the Disney transportation service throughout their journey. Twiz allows for you to select and starting point and enter your final destination. TWiz suggest routes for you and your party to take based on the transportation service. It allows for a starting point anywhere on Disney property ie park, hotel, DTD or TTC. An approximate journey time will appear when a route has been given to you and tips about the route too i.e location of boat docks.
Tip for this app: Do play around with this app when you've downloaded it before traveling as sometimes the routes displayed aren't necessarily the quickest
Wi Fi required No
Cost 1.59/

WDW Hours
WDW Hours is an app which give access to park hours including water park hours. Extra Magic Hours are also displayed on the app. Parade times and fireworks are displayed on the selected nights. Also displayed on some of the days are times of park shows. On searching for this app there are 3 available options. I recommend the app that costs.
Wi Fi required -No
Cost Free - .79

WDW Dining
WDW Dining is an app giving access to restaurants on Disney property. Menus, prices and locations of the restaurant are available. The app allows you to search by location or finds a restaurant that's near to you. The app allows you to save a "My Dining Schedule" and "My Favourites". When you select into the area/restaurant you wish to eat at, the app will inform you which restaurant is available on the DDP, offers TIW discount, if it is a Quick Service or Table Service restaurant, if DVC or AP holder discounts are available.
Wi Fi required Wifi only required if you use the "Search near me" option on the app
Cost - 1.59

Walt Disney World Guide by Notescaste
WDW Guide is a guidebook in app form for WDW. Information on the app includes everything from how to find characters, special events, hidden Mickey's, information on tours. Included in the app is also full descriptions of attractions in WDW.
Wi Fi required No
Cost - 2.99

Point Inside Maps for Airports and Malls
Point inside allows you to navigate around airports and malls for your upcoming trip. For malls you can save a wish list making your shopping trip easier. A must for anyone who gets lost in airports or who is stopping over in a number of airports on their trip.
Wi Fi required Yes
Cost - Free

WDW What 2 Ride
What 2 Ride allows you to randomly choose (by location) what ride to experience next. Perfect for when traveling in a group or when people are indecisive
How it workds:
First, choose a park
Second, choose a land,
Hit the SPIN button or SHAKE your iPhone
What 2 Ride then randomly chooses a ride for you based on the locations you selected.
The app also gives attraction descriptions and details, visitor rates, reviews etc.
Wi Fi required
Cost - Free

WDW Ride Counter
This is certainly an app for the competitive family. WDW Ride counter allows you to input a list of users record how many times each user has rode their favourite ride. You can add comments as to where you rode on the ride and at the end of the day you can review your statistics and see who has come out on top.
Wi Fi required No
Cost - Free

Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracker
The Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracker allows you to track flight status'. The app also allows for you to check in, select seats and check you Flying CLub account. You can set your app to alert when the flight you're tracking lands. The app also includes two simple games.
Wi Fi required Yes
Cost - Free

British Airways
The British Airways app allows instant access to all information about your upcoming flights. There is also full integration of the app with your Executive Club details. Also available on some routes is the option to use your phones as a boarding pass! View flight information for any flight in the next 8 days and save your favourites.
Wi Fi required Yes
Cost - Free

Park Maps
There are a number of app options available for park maps. Have a search and browse through which apps you feel would benefit you. They are unofficial apps it must be pointed out.
Wi Fi required No
Cost Generally free

Walt Disney World Main Street, USA Windows by Notescast
Discover the secrets behind the Main St USA Windows. You can use this app for a guided tour of the windows or else you can use it by selecting random and playing a game of "hide and seek" with your family.
Wi Fi required No
Cost 1.59

Walt Disney World Secrets: Hidden Mickey by Notescast
Electronic version of the ever popular Hidden Mickey Book. You can use this app with or without photos. A must for keeping the lil dears entertained while waiting in lines.
Wi Fi required No
Cost 1.59

After a few too many Rainbowtinis this is the perfect app for calculating tips. Enter your bill amount and select your percentage and your tip will be calculated. It also allows you to calculate splitting the bill between friends. A must for at home and abroad. Don't over calculate your tips from now on.
Wi Fi required No
Cost 0.79

D Point Disney Vacation Club Point Calculator
This app allows you to calculate the number of points required to stay at any DVC resort. Point values are included for 2011 and 2012. Also allows for estimating point values till the end of January 2013.
Wi Fi required No
Cost 1.59

DisOnADime.com Dining Plan Dashboard
Perfect app for anyone on the Dining Plan. The app allows you to keep track of your dining plan credits which have been purchased and used.
Wi Fi required Again only if you use the "Dining near Me"
Cost - 0.79

Live Flight Tracker - FLight Aware
App that allows you to track various flights throughout US, Canada and UK. Allows you to search flight number, airport code or airline.
Wi Fi required Yes
Cost - Free

Mouse Memo - A Walt Disney World Trip Organizer
Mouse memo allows you to keep details regarding your upcoming trip in one place. The app allows you to keep track of ADR's and all those important reservation numbers. Mouse Memo also includes a WDW Restaurant Guide.
Wi Fi required No
Cost 0.79
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