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So you are off to one of the parks for the day. Here are some hints and tips gathered from the DIBB and guidebooks. The following tips assume you are travelling in the summer.

First, its going to be hot hot hot. In fact by about 2pm very hot. On your first day hit one of the supermarkets and buy a cold-box. Simple poly boxes are very cheap, they aren't that great, but this proves useful. See later.

The night before your park visit, fill some plastic water bottles (we usually fill around 8). Put half in the freezer and half in the fridge. In the morning put everything in your cold-box. Once you get to the park take the cooled water round with you and leave the frozen bottles in the car boot. When you return to your car, instant cold (partly frozen) water. Enjoy... repeat.

When to arrive
The following assumes that you are not on such a tight timescale there's no rest time. Get up between 6 and 7am. Leave the villa so that you arrive at the park around 8:30. Make sure you have checked for EMH the night before.

When to give up
Well this is a personal thing, but we have generally had enough after lunch. We quit the park and head back to the villa, and more importantly, the POOL. Chill for the afternoon. By the evening you are all ready for a meal out.
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