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Seat Reclining

As airlines have given us the ability to recline our seats, often people choose to take up this facility as it is a paid for availability.

However, due to the limited space, or perceived limited space by a traveler, this can cause discomfort that some may be unaware of to those behind you, and it would be considered good form to consider your actions.

Some people suffer from claustrophobia - a real fear of confined spaces - and may genuinely feel very real anxiety or panic attacks as a space closes in on them.

You could consider using seat planning sites such as seatguru.com and book your seat in advance.

Laptops, magazines and books may also be caught, pushed down and even damaged by the act of rapidly reclining a seat.


It is custom for most airlines to ask travelers to sit upright until all food trays are collected.

Reclining onto a food tray may cause food or drink containers to be crushed, and possibly spill the contents. This may include red wine or coffee that has obvious consequences.


Seat Reclining opinions have been debated long and hard on theDibb, and one should consider if it is worth creating another thread to debate the topic as most opinions have been expressed.

In these days of cheap flights to exotic places we could never imagine visiting in the distant past, the inconvenience of a seat being too close to you (medical conditions aside) should be weighed up against the luxury we have right now.
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