There are three Red Telephone Boxes in EPCOT which are on the right as you walk from Canada Pavilion into the United Kingdom Pavilion.

You can telephone these boxes and talk to anyone in the park that just happens to be passing and answers.

If calling from the UK the numbers are:
  • Right Phone Box: 001-407-827-9861
  • Left Phone Box: 001-407-827-9862
  • Center Phone Box: 001-407-827-9863
There is a thread here on the DIBB Forums about these Telephone Boxes and the people that have telephoned... SEE HERE

If you feel like adding some Magic to someones holiday then you could telephone one of the numbers and surprise someone currently at EPCOT.

PLEASE do not abuse this by winding up the people that answer. Be nice and add some friendly magic to a strangers holiday experience.

Originally Posted by Doody View Post
Yeah i was lucky, i got a nice person.

She couldnt believe we was calling from the UK. She really liked the idea, and she was a regular visitor of Disney as she goes every year with her family.

She was standing in the telephone box with her 10 year old brother when i called them lol. I dont know how old she was, i would say early 20's etc.

I asked her about herself, if she was having a good time, what her plans was for the evening, where she is from etc. She said they was very tired, but will stay and watch the fireworks on the evening and head back to the hotel. I wished them a great vacation and that was about it really, about a 5 min conversation etc

She wished me a 'Magical Day' at the end of the phone conversation..

Glad i did it now, made my evening lol.

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