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Location: Kidani Village

Cuisine: African

Type: Table Service

Dining Plan: Yes

Disney Menus

Sanaa is a table service restaurant located in Kidani Village, which is the Disney Vacation Club section of the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort. The restaurant serves food with Indian and African influences, and offers a wonderful view of the Sunset Savanna where guests get a chance to see zebra, giraffes and other animals up close.

The restaurant also hosts the Dine With an Animal Specialist four course lunches, where guests dine with an animal expert and get a chance to ask questions. The experience is offered every Wednesday between 11:30 am and 1:15pm, and is open to all visitors, not just resort guests.

Be tempted by delicious appetisers of Lamb Kefta Kebabs or Mustard Seed Scallops. Enjoy tastes from the tandoor ovens and simple well seasoned dishes that have been slow cooked in gravy, such as Spicy Durban Chicken and Butter Chicken. Add accompaniments such as indian style bread and dips of cucumber raita, coconut chutney and red chile sambai to compliment your chosen dish.

The wine story ensures that each menu item is carefully paired with a favoured matching wine which compliments the food perfectly. An assortment of wine flights are available. Cocktails are also on offer, there's the Malawi Mango Margarita, a Painted Lemur or a Kande Coconut Cooler.

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