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Satu'li Canteen
Disney Restaurant Pages

Satu'li Canteen


Location: Pandora - The World of Avatar

Cuisine: American

Type: Quick Service

Dining Plan: Yes

Disney Menus
Satu'li Canteen is the very first restaurant to open in the brand new land at Disney's Animal Kingdom - Pandora - The World of Avatar. It offers guests a choice of breakfast served from 9am - 10.30am with both lunch and dinner available until 10pm.

Satuíli Canteen is the main restaurant owned and operated by ACE. The museum like dining room a former RDA mess hall has been re-imagined and decorated with Na'vi art and items that symbolize the friendship and cultural understanding between the indigenous Na'vi and humans living on Pandora. Seating here is plentiful with 330 indoor seats and a further 190 outdoor.

From the opening date, guests had the use of 'Mobile Order" where you can order and pay for meals on-the-go using the My Disney Experience App. On arrival at the restaurant tap in 'I'm here' in the app, the kitchen will then prepare the meal and alert you to collect your meal at a designated window.

It offers a fast casual menu featuring internationally-inspired cuisine, with a choice of healthy wholesome dishes made with proteins and whole grains and vegetarian options too.



Steel-Cut Oatmeal
Fruit Plate
Breakfast Pod
Pork Hash
Steak and Eggs
French Toast

Create-Your-Own-Satu'li Bowl

Step 1- Select your protein

Slow-roasted sliced grilled beef
Chopped wood-grilled chicken
Sustainable fish fillet
Chiili-spiced crispy fried tofu

Step 2 - Select your base

Quinoa & vegetable salad
Red & sweet potato hash
Mixed whole grain & rice
Romaine & kale salad

Step 3 - Select Your Sauce

Charred onion chimichurri
Black bean vinaigrette
Creamy herb dressing

All of the above are served in a bowl accompanied with crunchy vegetable slaw and yogurt Boba Balls.

Steam Pods

Vegetable Curry Pods
Cheeseburger Pods

Served with root vegetable chips and crunchy vegetable slaw.


Chocolate Cake
Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse

Kids Meals

Slow roasted sliced grilled beef
Chopped wood-grilled chicken
Sustainable fish fillet
Crispy fried tofu
Cheeseburger steam pod
Teylu all-beef hot dog wrapped in dough
Cheese quesadilla

As well as the usual beverages you can try some specialities like the non-alcoholic Pandoran Sunrise made with a refreshing balance of Tropical juices blended with Powerade melon or draft beers Grog Ale, Mo'ara High Country Ale. The Dreamwalker Sangria is white with a hint of Blue Curacao and they have Banshee Pinot Noir or Banshee Chardonnay.
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