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Tangierine Cafe
Disney Restaurant Pages

Tangierine Cafe


Location: World Showcase - Morocco

Cuisine: Moroccan

Type: Counter Service

Dining Plan: Yes

Disney Menus

Tangierine Cafe is located in the Morocco Pavillion of the Epcot World Showcase. This is quite easily a 'gem' of a counter service restaurant, which is open for lunch and dinner and consistently provides a high quality unique menu.

The restaurant has authentic Moroccan influences which can be seen in the intricate architecture and design. Indoor seating is provided and there is also a fenced-in patio outside where you can simply watch the world go by as you eat.

If you fancy something a little more healthy and interesting than the usual burger and chips, then you won't be disappointed with the menu here. Try the Chicken or Lamb Shawarma Platters, Mediterranean Specialities with a Meatball or Vegetarian Platter or the Saffron Rotisserie Chien served with Yellow Rice. A nice addition of sides include tabouleh, cous cous and lentil salad, hummus and marinated olives.

A children's menu is also available with a choice of Hamburger or Chicken Nuggets.

There are a selection of desserts, including the traditional Moroccan pastry 'Baklava'.

There is a plentiful choice of hot and cold beverages, beers, wines and cocktails. For an authentic experience you could try a Moroccan mint tea.
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