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Teppan Edo Restaurant
Disney Restaurant Pages

Teppan Edo Restuarant


Location: World Showcase - Japan

Cuisine: Japanese

Type: Table Service

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Teppan Edo is located in the Japan Pavilion of the Epcot World Showcase. It is a highly recommended Japanese restaurant offering guests authentic Teppan-yaki style cuisine celebrated through the culinary talents of Teppan Chefs, who put on a fantastic show as they cook tasty traditional dishes right in front of you at the grills on your table.

The eating area is comprised of many small dining rooms which have communal tables, so unless your party has 8 people in it, you will share your table with other diners. Once sat your server will take the food and drinks orders and will attend to you throughout the meal. The rooms can get quite noisy as the lively show takes place.

Skillful chefs cook fresh shellfish, meats and vegetables at your table, all served with Udon noodles and steamed rice, or dine on sushi, croquettes and other authentic dishes. Each person receives a selection of dipping sauces which include, ginger, mustard and japanese ranch.

The Chef begins by chopping, mushrooms and courgettes, they then skilfully makes an 'Onion Volcano' and adds udon noodles to the grill, when cooked they share this out between the group. They then proceed to cook individual orders of either chicken, swordfish, shrimps, vegetables or filet mignon to each persons taste, which then completes the dish.

Accompany your meal with a Kirin beer, a glass of wine or a choice of cold beverages. For a more traditional taste, try Sake, a Japanese rice-based alcoholic beverage.

For dessert, indulge in a treat with an Asian twist like the chocolate ginger cake or the green tea cheesecake garnished with raspberry sauce. It's the perfect ending to any meal.

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