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Tune-In Lounge
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Tune-In Lounge


Location: Echo Lake

Cuisine: American

Type: Bar/Snack Service

Dining Plan: No

Disney Menus

Tune-In Lounge is located between 50's Prime Time Cafe and the Hollywood and Vine Restaurant at Echo Lake in Disney's Hollywood Studios. The well stocked bar is themed in the era of the 1950's and you can sit and watch black and white TV clips of shows such as the original Mickey Mouse Club.

The lounge's main seating area is also shared with waiting area of the 50's Prime Time Cafe, 'Dad's Living Room, so it can get quite busy.

The Tune-In Lounge is a full serve bar where when you are seated, you can also order from the 50's Prime Time Cafe menu.

There are many wines, beers and Dad's Classic cocktails on offer, as well as selections from 'Dad's Liquor Cabinet' - choose from Uncle Tim's Summer Breeze, Mowie Wowie, Grandma's Picnic Punch, Dad's Electric Lemonade or Mickey's Be-Bop Drink, made with Cherry flavoured sprite, served with Dad's 'Experimental Electric Ice Cubes'.

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