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Victoria & Alberts Chef's Table
Disney Restaurant Pages
Article written by: JaneSI

Back in Dec 2004 Ian and I decided to push the boat out and try and book the Chefs Table. We thought we could celebrate Ian's 50th birthday, albeit 4 months late. In trepidation I called Disney Dining and pushed the button for Victoria and Alberts reservations. I didn't have long to wait and then i asked for the chefs Table any time during the 2nd week we would be in Disney, the week beginning the 5th June. 1 was asked if I had a date in mind and I just plucked the 6th from nowhere. Imagine my surprise to be told that the table was free that evening - I couldn't believe my luck, so it was duly booked.

Fast forward to Tuesday 6th June 2005. We had had a relatively quiet day, spending at Blizzard Beach. We got a cab to the Grand Floridian and dropped Jack our 11 yr old son off at the Mouseketeer Club, before climbing the stairs to the 1st Floor and Victoria and Alberts Restaurant.

As we approached the grand double doors they were opened from within by "Victoria". As we gave our name, she immediately knew we were eating at the Chefs Table and the maitre'd came out and introduced himself. It seemed very wierd to be called Mr & Mrs Simpson the whole time. We were escorted throught the candlelit restaurant, then through the kitchen to our special table. It is set in an alcove attached to the kitchen itself so you can literally sit and watch your dinner (and everyones elses being prepared.)

The table was set with a few glasses and a plate for each setting. Our waiter came along and introduced himself and then poured us a glass of Charles Lafitte Brut Champagne NV. We talked to ourselves for a wee while, Ian was so excited, he had a grin from ear to ear the whole evening! Then the head chef came along - Thomas - apologising that Scott Hunnell had been called away to a meeting and wouldn't be here this evening. Thomas then asked if we had any likes and dislikes and I did mention that I was diabetic, but tonight was so special that it wasn't to be a big issue. I also mentioned that I didn't like offal. Apart from that we were open to anything. So let's begin this wonderful culinary expedition.

This was our first course - in the top lefthand corner was a beautiful soup, Cream of Georgia corn. It was simply divine and I would have been happy with a little bit more of this. In the top right hand corner a cube of salmon "Amuse Bouche". Bottom left hand corner is Lobster Tempura, again lovely, melted in the mouth. Finally in the bottom right hand corner, Iranian Ostera Caviar, with a little blini and a portion of egg. This was very nice, not at all salty and was delicious. Ian was still very excited and couldn't believe he was actually sitting there!

This was Ian's 2nd course, served up with a glass of King Estate Pinot Gris, Oregon 2003. It was "Applewood Smoked Buffalo "Waldorf" with Apple Walnut Vinaigrette.

My 2nd course, served with the same wine. Terrine of Dunganess and Lump Crab with Spring Green and wild asparagus. There were 3 types of aspargus - White, French and Green. It was very Tasty.

This was our 3rd Course, served with Chateau de Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre 2003. Maine Skate Wing with Artichoke Confit and Preserved Lemon. Again this was delicious and there was nothing left on the plate.

This was Marcho Farms Veal "Napoleon" with Melted Leeks and Roasted Baby Fennel. Served with a glass of Albert Bichot Domaine Long-Depaquit Chardonnay, Chablis 2003. This dish was to die for - we had watched the chef preparing and cooking the veal. It was so good that again I could have eaten a full main course of that.

Ian was so excited, here he is after 4 glasses of wine, I won't post the picture of me as I'm a little squiffy by now and my allergic reaction to alcohol shows with a very red face!

This is my 5th course, served with a glass of Chateau de La Chaize Gamay, Brouilly 2003. This was Guinea Hen with Mushroom Risotto, Morels and Truffle Foam. I think this must have been the most exquisite meal I have ever tasted, the guinea hen melted in the mouth, the risotto just right and the truffle foam finishing it off to a tee. I can still taste it now.

This is Ians 5th course - Pan Roasted Foie Gras and Peach Tart, Peach Cider reduction. Ian thought this was fantastic, and could have eaten more.
This was served with a glass of Trefethen Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa 2001.

This is the 6th course, a very dainty, delicate strawberry sorbet to cleanse the palette - very good.

Top left Hand corner: "Kobe" Beef Tenderloin with Celery Root-Potato Puree. Top Right: Jamison Farm Lamb with Laura Chenel Goat Cheese Gnocchi and Ratatouille. Bottom left: Braised Short Ribs and Oxtail Jus. This was a very interesting dish. The Beef Tenderloin was another melt in the mouth meal, the potato ring being what we had seen being cut up by Antony. Neither of us were too keen on the lamb dish, finding it very salty. The Ribs in the Jus was lovely and again a nearly clean plate.

English Stilton Cheescake with a Parmigiano Cheese Stick, 36month aged Parmigiano Reggiano with 25 year aged Balsamic and Tupelo Honey. Served with a glass of Banyuls Rimage "Les Clos de Pauliles", Banyuls 2002. I'm not keen on cooked stilton, however this was delicious, nowhere near as strong as eating it "neat". The aged Parmesan was extremely strong and I'm afraid I didn't eat it all.

Course 9 consisted of 3 puddings in a dish - EACH!

Warm Almond Chocolate Timbale

Orange Chocolate Napoleon

Minature Chocolate Pyramid - with gold leaf on top.

Having polished off all 3 of these delicious desserts, I thought we had finished, but no! We were served coffee and then another dessert turned up.

Having polished off all 3 of these delicious desserts, I thought we had finished, but no! We were served coffee and then another dessert turned up.

These were both delicious. My favourite dessert is Creme Brulee, and I struggled to finish the Souffle - however it was so light and fluffy - I really was far too full to eat another mouthful.

The kitchen - it was so quiet that I had to ask if it was always so quiet, or was this becuase there was someone at the Chefs Table - Thomas replied it was always this quiet. It was very pleasant - nothing like your Gordon Ramseys!

The Table setting, before we devoured all the food!

Thomas the Chef came to our table as we had been served each course to explain what it all was. We were able to stand at the railings and talk to the Chefs and we were both dying to go and work in the kitchen and learn some more, but unfortunately we were not allowed to. Once we had finished our meal, Thomas came over for a chat, but was unable to stay for too long as they were preparing for the next sitting at 9.15. We were welcome to stay as long as we wished as the table was ours for the evening. Thomas showed an interest in the Dibb and asked for the email address so that he could pass it on to Scott Hunnell.

The personal Menu

To sum up we had the most magical evening and it is something we would certainly consider doing again. We collected Jack from the Mouseketeer Club at 9.45pm, he had had a good evening. We got a taxi back to the hotel at $14.50. We went to bed, but Ian had terrible indigestion and was up quite a bit of the night. Whether this was the food, or the worry of a phone call from work we shall never know. But at 3.45am we were sitting by the pool making phone calls to Ians office. There weren't any major problems, other than the company is being taken over. We went back to bed and slept till 7.30am.

All in all a most memorable day - aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.
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