Current locations for the Virgin Atlantic (VS) extra legroom seats are detailed below.
Extra legroom seats are standard economy seats but with 34" seat pitch compared to the standard 31".
They should not be confused with exit rows or bulkhead seats which also offer extra legroom but with some restrictions on who can book them.

Those booked direct with VS can reserve extra legroom seats from 20 pp one way (25 for MCO) on 0844 209 7730.
It now appears from reports that the extra legroom seats can also be booked if you have booked with Virgin holidays (VH) or Travel City Direct (TCD).
There have also been reports of VS taking payment for 3rd party bookings as well, so worth making the call.
For those who can't book them in advance for whatever reason, you can enquire about them at the airport as some are held back for airport check in.
Note you will not find out what seats you have been assigned in advance due to the possibility of aircraft changes. They may be allocated at OLCI.

Normally the "LGW and MAN based" 747 and the A330 are used for the Orlando routes.
The config 1 and 2 planes have now been reconfigured as "LGW and MAN based", though GLA flights use these as well.

The refurbished 747 planes used on the LGW/MAN/GLA to MCO normally (LGW and MAN based)
Row 39 - Seats A/B/C/H/J/K
Row 40 - Seats A/B/C/H/J/K
Row 41 - Seats A/B/C/H/J/K
Row 42 - Seats A/B/C/H/J/K
Row 43 - Seats A/B/C/H/J/K

Airbus A330 used on the used on the LGW/MAN/GLA to MCO: (2 & 3 cabin versions)
Row 51 - seats A/C/H/K
Row 52 - seats A/C/H/K
Row 53 - seats A/C/H/K
Row 54 - seats A/C/H/K
Row 55 - seats A/C/H/K
Row 56 - seats A/C/H/K

The better equipped 747 planes used from LHR normally (config 4)
Row 41 - seats A/B/C/H/J/K
Row 42 - seats A/B/C/H/J/K
Row 43 - seats A/B/C/H/J/K
Row 44 - seats A/B/C/H/J/K

Airbus A340-600
Row 33 - seats D/E/F/G/H/K
Row 34 - seats D/E/F/G/H/K
Row 35 - seats H/K
Row 36 - seats H/K
Row 53 - seats D/E/F/G/H/K
Row 54 - seats D/E/F/G/H/K

Airbus A340-300
Row 51 - seats A/C/H/K
Row 52 - seats A/C/H/K
Row 53 - seats A/C/H/K
Row 54 - seats A/C/H/K
Row 55 - seats A/C/H/K
Row 56 - seats A/C/H/K

For info the old locations on the config 1 and 2, 747s now reconfigured.

The 747 (config 2)
Row 22 - Seats A/B/C/H/J/K *
Row 31 - Seats D/E/F/G
Row 32 - Seats D/E/F/G
Row 62 - Seats H/K
Row 63 - Seats A/C/H/K.

The 747 (config 1)
Row 50 - Seats A/B/C/H/J/K
Row 51 - Seats A/B/C/H/J/K
Row 53 - Seats D/E/F/G
Row 54 - Seats D/E/F/G
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