A brief summary and other information regarding the rides and attractions at Walt Disney World.

  • Length: Duration of the actual attraction in minutes (m) and seconds (s).
  • Description: Brief summary of the attraction
  • FP+: States whether or not the attraction is available to fastpass and indicates the priority; H = High: Fastpass+ is highly recommended, M = Medium: Fastpass+ recommended but not necessary, L = Low: Fastpass+ not probably required but book if nothing else is available.
  • Height: The ride's height restriction in inches, if applicable.
  • When To Ride: An indication of when best to visit the attraction based on how popular it gets throughout the day. Popular attractions should be ridden at park opening or in the first hour before the crowds increase, less popular attraction can wait until later in the day.

Magic Kingdom

AttractionLengthDescriptionFP+HeightWhen to Ride
Astro Orbiter2m30sKind of like Dumbo and Aladdin but MUCH MUCH higher. Very slow loading so there can be a queueNoFirst Hour
Big Thunder Mountain3mA thrilling, but family friendly, roller coaster. Themed as a runaway train.Yes (H)40"First Hour
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin6mHelp Buzz defeat Zorg in this giant arcade shooting game that slowly moves through various animatronic scenes. Great fun and hugely popularYes (M)First Hour
Carousel of Progress20mDesigned by Walt himself for the Worlds Fair. Follow a family through the ages from the early 1900s to 1970s. A classic and sometimes a welcome rest in the cool airconNoAfternoon
Dumbo the Flying Elephant1m30sAn aerial carousel, with 'flying' elephants that gently lift into the air as the ride turns around. Same as Magic Carpets of AladdinYes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Enchanted Tales With Belle25mInteractive show with Belle and cast telling storiesYes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner
It's a Small World12mSlow boat ride through doll animatronics from various countries. Warning: you'll never get the song out of your headYes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Jungle Cruise11mCruise through the 'jungle', see many animatronic animals and hear loads of corny jokesYes (M)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Liberty Square Riverboat17mCircle Tom Sawyer Island on a replica paddle steamerNoAfternoon Filler
Mad Tea Party2m30sSpinning teacups rideYes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Magic Carpets of Aladdin1m30sAerial carousel, similar to Dumbo but with magic carpets instead of elephantsNoBefore Lunch / After Dinner
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh3mA gentle ride in a honeypot through scenes from Winnie the PoohYes (M)Early Morning or Evening
Mickey's PhilharMagic10mA 4D trip through some classic Disney moviesYes (L)Afternoon Filler
Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor10mInteractive show with animated characters from the Monsters Inc films on a large screen. Just hope that you're not "that guy".Yes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Peter Pan's Flight3mClimb aboard a flying pirate ship. Very popular ride.Yes (H)Park Opening
Pirates of the Caribbean9mA boat ride through the scenes that were the inspiration for the movie (yes, this came first). Parts are dark and noisy, might be scary for young childrenYes (M)First Hour / After Dinner
Prince Charming Regal Carousel3mTypical carrousel themed to Prince CharmingNoAfternoon Filler
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train3mA smooth roller coaster, some minor drops. Great theming to the movie. Extremely popular.Yes (H)38"Park Opening
Space Mountain3mDark roller coaster. Rocket through space. No inversions or corkscrews. NB seats are single file, so you cannot sit beside younger kidsYes (H)44"Park Opening
Splash Mountain12mA classic log flume ride through Briar patch. You will get wet. Big drop at the endYes (H)40"First Hour
Stitch's Great Escape15mDark noisy show with the addition of smells and water spray. Could be scary for kids. Ride it an make up your own mindNo40"Before Lunch / After Dinner
The Barnstormer1m10sA very gentle coaster, cars are quite smallYes (M)35"Before Lunch / After Dinner
The Haunted Mansion8mA slow ride through the Haunted Mansion. Dark and although not really scary, you may want to consider younger kidsYes (M)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Tomorrowland Peoplemover10mA continuously moving ride through tomorrowland. Can be a welcome breakNoAfternoon Filler
Tomorrowland Speedway6mRace your 'sports cars' around a guided track. 54" and above can drive alone. Yes (M)32"First Hour
Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid6mA gentle ride in a clamshell through Ariel's world. Animatronic.Yes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner


AttractionLengthDescriptionFP+HeightWhen to Ride
Circle of Life20mConservation film narrated by the 'cast' of The Lion KingNoAfternoon Filler
Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival20mThree short animated films - Get A Horse, For the Birds, La Luna - shown in 3D with some added effects.Yes (L)Afternoon Filler
Ellen's Energy Adventure45mEllen introduces us to where our energy comes from. And YES this is 45m long, 8m pre-show and 37m in a vehicle. Nice rest in cool aircon.NoAfternoon Filler
Frozen Ever After5mFrozen retheme of the old Maelstrom boat ride in the Norway pavilion. Wonderful animatronics of Anna, Elsa and Olaf. Extremely popular.Yes (H)Park Opening
Gran Fiesta Tour8mA gentle boat ride through Mexico searching for Donald DuckNoBefore Lunch / After Dinner
Journey into the Imagination with Figment6mExplore your senses with FigmentYes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Living with the Land15mSlow boat ride through Epcot's modern farms. Almost everything here is supplied to the restaurants in DisneyYes (M)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Mission Space5mBecome an explorer on a flight to Mars. Some may find this claustrophobic. NB there are 2 versions to this, Green and Orange. Orange is much more intense g-forces. If in doubt try Green firstYes (M)44"First Hour / Evening
Spaceship Earth15mA slow dark ride exploring advances in communication. Takes place inside Epcot's 'Golf Ball'Yes (M)Late Afternoon / Evening
Soarin' Around the World5mFly on a glider through various scenes projected on a huge screen. Popular. Try and get the first row if possible.Yes (H)40"Park Opening
Sum of All Thrills (Innoventions East)3mA robotic arm simulator that lets you design a roller coaster, jet flight or bobsled ride and then rider it. 54" ride height applies if there is an upside down element. Although a slow loading ride, it is also relatively unknown and hidden. No48"/54"First Hour
Test Track5m30sDesign your car and then test it against the ride's standard car on the track. The fastest ride in WDW. Has a single rider line. Very popularYes (H)40"Park Opening
The Seas with Nemo and Friends5mSimilar to Little Mermaid but themed to NemoYes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Turtle Talk with Crush15mSo funny. Get to have an interactive chat with Crush from Finding NemoYes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner

Hollywood Studios

AttractionLengthDescriptionFP+HeightWhen to Ride
Beauty & the Beast - Live on Stage25mA full on live stage show.Yes (L)Before Lunch
Disney Junior - Live on Stage25mLive show where children can meet characters from the Disney Junior channel.Yes (L)Before Lunch
Fantasmic25mWatch Sorcerer Mickey fight off the Disney bad guys, with fireworks, water fountains and dramatic lighting effects. Although it is a larger theatre it is very popular. Both FP+ and reserved seating is available with a dining package. If there is a 2nd showing this is usually quieter. Some parts can be scary for younger kidsYes (M)Evening
For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration30mLive musical show based on the popular Frozen filmYes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular30mBehind the scenes stunt show starring Indy.Yes (L)Afternoon Filler
Jedi Training Academy20mGet to fight Darth Vader or Seventh Sister Inquisitor. For kids 4-12. Very popular, no FP+. Go straight to sign up at opening, kids must be with you. You will get a return time for the show later in the day.NoPark Opening / Scheduled
Muppet Vision 3D20mGood fun 3D show with the classic Muppet characters and all the chaos that comes alone with themYes (L)Afternoon Filler
Rock'n'Roller Coaster1m30sA dark, fast roller coaster with inversions and corkscrews, all to the background of Aerosmith music. Also has a single rider lineYes (H)48"Park Opening
Star Tours10mBoard a starspeeder 'piloted' by C3PO and have an adventure. 3D and multiple movements (can be jerky). Great fun ride and multiple possible scenarios. Yes (H)40"First Hour
Star Wars Launch Bay Theater10mA film about the making of the latest Star Wars movie. Following that, the Launch Bay itself is an exhibit showing Star Wars models and costumes plus you can meet Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and some cheeky JawasNoAfternoon Filler
The Great Movie Ride20mA tram ride through classic movie scenes with animatronics. Get kidnapped by gangsters or bandits.Yes (M)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Tower of Terror10mA ride of drops and surprises. Computer controlled ride sequence means you never know when your going to go up and when you're going to go down. Might be a bit scary for younger kids.Yes (H)40"First Hour
Toy Story Midway Mania6mHugely popular family ride and large queues. It's an interactive 3D set of games, much like what you'd find in a carnival. All done through a pull string cannon, your arm will be falling off by the time you're finishedYes (H)Park Opening
Voyage of the Little Mermaid20mMusical stage production including live action, puppets and animatronicsYes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner

Animal Kingdom

AttractionLengthDescriptionFP+HeightWhen to Ride
It's Tough to be a Bug8mA 4D show with cast from A Bugs Life. Some scenes could be intense and scary for younger kids.Yes (L)Before Lunch
Dinosaur12mJourney on a jeep into to the past to rescue a dinosaur. This is a very bumpy and jerky ride some dark and loud parts. Some of the effects, especially the dinosaur animatronics might be scary for young kidsYes (H)40"First Hour
Expedition Everest3mA thrilling roller coaster through Mt Everest with a Yeti encounter. No inversions but does go backwards and there's a steep drop. Great funYes (H)44"Park Opening
Festival of the Lion King25mA live mini-broadway musical based on the Lion King. PopularYes (L)Before Lunch / After Dinner
Finding Nemo - The Musical40mA 'puppet' musical show based on Finding Nemo. Yes (L)Late Afternoon
Flights of Wonder20mA show with free flying birds demonstrating their skills. They do ask for a volunteer at one stage, do it.NoAfternoon Filler
Kali River Rapids5mA large raft ride, you will get wet. Yes (H)38"First Hour / Late Afternoon
Kilimanjaro Safaris25mTake a ride in a Safari Truck through the savannah. This can be a bumpy and jerky ride. Guides will give a commentary on everything so see. Expect some close up encounters. Try and sit on the outside if possible and even do twice, once on each side to see everythingYes (H)Park Opening / Early Evening
Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail / Maharajah Jungle Trek25mWalkthrough trail past various animal closuresNoAfternoon Filler
Primeval Whirl3mA small, but rough coaster, with spins and drops.Yes (M)48"First Hour / After Dinner
Triceratop Spin1m30sSimilar to Dumbo and Magic Carpets of AladdinNoBefore Lunch / After Dinner
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