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Wet 'n Wild

"Wet 'n Wild permanantly closed on the 31st December 2016"

Wet 'n Wild - Orlando, voted by Amusement Business magazine as America's number one water park, features a full-day of fun for the entire family.

Also honored by Aquatic's International as the first true water park, Wet 'n Wild's world-class signature thrill rides and quality service offer something for fun-lovers of all ages.

Wet n Wild Orlando invites local families to help kick off the summer with the grand opening of its newest thrill-seeking attraction, the Aqua Drag Racer on Thursday, 12 June.

2014 Attendance Figures = 1,284,000

Rides & Attractions

Aqua Drag Racer
Standing six stories tall and featuring four parallel racing lanes, the Aqua Drag Racer is Floridas tallest and fastest water-based racing attraction of its kind. Guests will take their place at a starting line that is 65 feet high and prepare for a turbo-charged adrenaline rush the whole family can share.

Get ready for a full throttle plunge at screaming speeds while powering through enclosed braided, twisting tunnels at fifteen feet per second. It is full throttle acceleration with no brakes allowed and the newest way families share the rush in a head-to head racing competition at Wet n Wild!

Individuals must be 42 inches in height or taller.

The Black Hole
Grab a friend and battle time and space on The Black Hole. A two-person raft propelled by a 1,000 gallon-a-minute blast of water will send you and a friend on a 30-second, run-away journey through 500 feet of twisting, turning darkness.

No riders under 36". Individuals 36" to 48" in height must be accompanied by a person 48" in height or taller.

The Flyer
Seated in eight-foot long toboggans, thrill-seekers begin their exciting descent from an awe-inspiring vantage point located 40 feet above the park. The momentum builds with the first curve of the course sending the toboggan twisting and turning as it circles above the park spiraling downward. This exhilarating journey sends passengers racing through over 450 feet of banked curves and speed-enhancing straightaways until they catch their breath and glide to a stop in the final run-out lanes below.

No riders under 36". Individuals 36" to 48" in height must be accompanied by a person 48" in height or taller.

The Surge
This multi-passenger ride takes you on an incredible journey from a six-story tower topped by a 50-foot high geodesic dome, twisting and turning through almost 600 feet of exciting, banked curves.

No riders under 36". Individuals 36" to 48" in height must be accompanied by a person 48" in height or taller.

Brain Wash
Take a mind-altering trip down a 53 foot vertical drop into a domed funnel!

Individuals must be 48" in height or taller.

The Blast
Introducing Wet n Wilds raging new tube ride that will soak you to the core. This is no ordinary water ride - its The Blast. Blasting water thrills, colorful icons and fun sound effects will stimulate your senses around the many twists and turns, explosive pipe bursts and drenching waterspouts that lead up to a final waterfall plunge.

No riders under 36". Individuals 36" to 48" in height must be accompanied by a person 48" in height or taller.

Disco H20
grab your platform shoes, bellbottoms, and favorite 8-track and prepare for a trip to the funky 1970's! Splash to the hits of the 70's as you spin circles through an enclosed aqua nightclub on Disco H2O.

A four-person cloverleaf raft that descends through a time warp, toward a watery disco nightclub. Once inside, youll find yourself rotating around the aqua club surrounded by music, lights, and disco balls! Shake your booty to the sounds of the seventies on this jivin new ride!

Bomb Bay
Ranked as Florida's greatest thrill ride in Orlando Magazine, the Bomb Bay is designed to operate like the area in the fuselage of a military plane from which bombs are dropped. Enter a bomb-like capsule and feel the floor drop from beneath you as you take a heart-stopping plunge down a 76-foot high, nearly vertical slide.

Individuals must be 48" in height or taller

Der Stuka
Wet 'n Wild's first signature thrill ride, the Der Stuka, is a six-story speed slide which lets you "free fall" down a 250-foot slide, then coast to a stop along a 115-foot long water runway.

Individuals must be 48" in height or taller.

Mach 5
Choose from three different flumes totaling 1,700 feet that twist and turn over different thrill courses ending in an exhilarating splash below.

The Storm
Give Wet 'n Wild's swirling body coaster a whirl! Reach maximum speed as you drop from an elevated chute into a giant open bowl where you spin in circles to a splash landing! It's a raging ride that will blow you away!

Individuals must be 48" in height or taller

Wake Zone
One of the fastest growing water sports is now at Wet 'n Wild! Beginners and experts alike can show off their techniques on the 1/2 mile WakeZone cableway. And newbies can watch from the dock to get pointers before giving it a try. Use our wakeskates or bring your own. Helmets and lifevests provided. (Seasonal attraction)

Individuals must be 56" in height or taller.

Just for Kids

Wet 'n Wild -Orlando keeps children's fun-filled needs in mind so smaller kids don't have to miss out on the fun at Wet 'n Wild. Wet 'n Wild's Kids' Park stands apart from other water parks because it features miniature versions of the park's most popular adult attractions.

Blastaway Beach
Visit the largest family water play area in Florida. Here at Blastaway Beach you'll find a six-story castle, two pools, 15 slides and over 160 interactive water elements, making this a perfect spot for the little ones.

Bubble Up
A large, multi-colored air-filled balloon, was created especially for kids. It is crowned with a mushroom-shaped fountain that sprays water over the Bubble Up's slippery surface. Children can climb to the top with the aid of a rope and then bounce down the side into the three-foot-deep landing pool while their friends squirt them with water guns.

Individuals must be 42" to 64" in height and under 13 years of age.


When it's time to take a break and soak up the warm Florida sunshine guests can enjoy the Lazy River, Wave Pool, Volleyball, or spend time under the sun on the Wet 'n Wild beach.

Lazy River
Escape to old Florida as you float leisurely through reaching palms and flowering hibiscus on Wet 'n Wild's newly renovated Lazy River attraction. Drift away to "The Springs" and engulf yourself in thousands of bubbles. Drift further into the alcove of the spring to find an enchanting waterfall spilling down a rocky hillside. With rope bridges, lush orange groves and billowing mist - you'll never want to return to shore

Surf Lagoon
The 17,000 square foot Surf Lagoon Wave Pool has been upgraded with a more powerful wave machine which can produce stronger, higher waves. A waterfall which splashes off the back wall of the wave pool has also been added to create an ocean of fun for swimmers of all ages.

Beach Volleyball
Experience the ultimate beach challenge, Volleyball! Guests can enjoy sand volleyball games on our regulation size volleyball courts.
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