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Busy Day Guide - Crowd Calendar
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This Busy Day Guide / Crowd Calendar should be taken only as a guide to crowd levels. Although we try to make this crowd calendar as accurate as possible for each day, there are many factors that can influence the crowd levels at any of the theme parks on any given day.

As a general rule the crowd calendar below is accurate, however please keep in mind the following:
  • Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom has the highest attendance record year by year.
  • Walt Disney World Extra Magic Hours (EMH) will influence the crowd levels. If a Disney park has EMH then it will usually be much busier on that day. We recommend that if you are not staying in a Disney resort or are not intending to take advantage of EMH days then you should plan to visit a Disney theme park the day before or the day after it's scheduled EMH day.
  • Disney Water Parks usually have busier days at the weekends and public holidays.
  • Crowd levels in any of the theme parks are seasonal. See When To Visit.
  • Busy Day Guide / Crowd Calendar Accuracy - Click Here
PLEASE NOTE: If a park is not listed below, then the park hours for that day have not been released yet!

Hover over the park to see the operating hours and Wait Time Levels.
Wait Time Levels: Rating 10 = Extremely Busy/Crowded ~ Down To 1 = Very Quiet/Park Empty
Day Most Recommended Average Least Recommended

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This Busy Day Guide / Crowd Calendar is produced by the DIBB and is to be used as a guide to the predicted crowd levels at Disney and other Orlando theme parks on a day by day basis. This Busy Day Guide / Crowd Calendar is updated each day.

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