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11:46 PM
FIRST POST 24 May 17 07:37 AM by beeftinkler - Does anyone know any ATMs in Orlando (I-drive/Disney/Universal) that don't charge a fee for withdrawing $? I know it's usually only a few dollars, but it's a real pet-hate with me.Fee Free ATM Orlando
The OP is referring to cash point fees and unfortunately In the USA a large amount of cash points charge unless you bank with them so you would get charged with Monzo regardless. You wouldn't get... (9 replies)
11:46 PM
FIRST POST 23 May 17 02:43 PM by tikka234 - Hi what's would be your top 3 priorities when choosing a villa in Orlando. 
We are looking for one would it be  
Location to Disney 
Pool south facing. /pool with a view/ size of pool...What's your top 3 priorities when choosing a villa
1. Location (Windsor Hills, Indian Creek, Formosa Gardens) Stayed at Orange Tree once and found it so far out, too long driving back and forth to Disney with 5 bickering teens in the car - also,... (63 replies)
11:45 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:15 AM by Iwish2017 - Going to Orlando in 7 weeks. Need to get shoes now, probably. I have the kind of feet that only have to look at an uncomfortable strap and blister. 
So, what do you prefer? Trainers or sandals? Any...Sandals or trainers for the parks?
You do a huge amount of walking whilst in Florida, without even realising it. Its so important that you have the correct footwear. I have terrible feet! My ankles swell. I get pains in my arches... (18 replies)
11:43 PM
FIRST POST Today 03:18 PM by Donzy - Ok So I'm gonna just say it.... I HATE Suncream, the greasiness, the smell, the way your hair sticks to your face..... But we're going in August so know there is no way we can get by without...Suncream recommendations...
We bought Nivea aerosol spray, factor 20 and used it last week, really good and non greasy. We ran out and I got some factor 15 banana boat sport spray which was good also. I find the sprays are good... (21 replies)
11:42 PM
FIRST POST Today 11:28 PM by Annie17 - How many of you travelling next August have already done your esta?Going next August?
Sorry not really answering your question, but another one. If you've booked or about to book a holiday to USA you should get Esta as soon as possible, providing your passport is not about to... (1 reply)
11:42 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:15 PM by HarryJPotter - I've found some very good prices, far cheaper than Has anyone booked through them? Are they reputable?Has anyone booked with
Yes, we've booked our Florida hotels this year with them and used them lots of times before for both Florida and European holidays. Never had a problem 😎 (3 replies)
11:41 PM
FIRST POST 16 May 17 03:13 PM by Snowball24 - We are a family of 4, 1 teen, I almost a teen, a cat, fish and 2 hamsters! I budget 70 per week, how about you? Just done a shop at Morrisons and was 75 and us forgotten a meal so gutted I'm over...Food shopping budgets
Family of 4, 2A, 2teens one of whom is a 16yo rugby player with a massive appetite. We spend around 90 per week. That's everything apart from alcohol. All lunches etc included in that. I... (117 replies)
11:39 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:28 PM by Unexpectedpenny - We arrived home Saturday 13th after an amazing 18 nights away. After many trips going with family and staying in a villa this was our first on site trip just me and DH. We stayed at POFQ with one...Just back, highs!
Glad you liked POFQ, we've just booked there for Oct/Nov 2018! Nice you bumped into Living the Dream! Love their vlogs! (18 replies)
11:38 PM
FIRST POST 22 May 17 02:00 AM by Cha cha - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...Caribbean Beach Resort building works and Old Port Royal closure
It would be funny. I think if Justin is on she has no chance as Justin just disnae (or should that be Disney) listen. Good to see the buses going the short route to Disney Springs and back to the... (283 replies)
FIRST POST Today 01:06 PM by hawki - Just seen these.. hmentid=63973&stc=1& d=1495802535 
Looks like they will sell out, the wait time to buy is 1 hour!Look at these shoes!
I got these today from IC store in Leicester after queuing for nearly 2 hours to get in as it was an organised queue system so there were only a couple of people in the shop at a time and wasn't a... (11 replies)
11:36 PM
FIRST POST Today 11:36 PM by YLL - Hi all, advice please. I'm going to WDW with one of my mates (his first visit) and he's scared of rollercoasters. At the same time, the only ones he knows are the ones at Thorpe Park ie lots of loops...Fear of rollercoasters - help!
Hi all, advice please. I'm going to WDW with one of my mates (his first visit) and he's scared of rollercoasters. At the same time, the only ones he knows are the ones at Thorpe Park ie lots of loops... (New Thread)
11:35 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:45 PM by skindogg - Never flown into MCO in May/June.  Been in January and July always.  On the later VS73 flight on 31 May anyone let me know what the Immigration lines are like? 
I know it's hard to predict but just...MCO Immigration Queues - Wednesday 31 May
Best way to approach MCO or Miami arrivals is to always expect the worst, then anything better will make you feel happier. :smile: . (7 replies)
11:33 PM
FIRST POST Today 03:01 PM by GKnH - Hi all 
I'm so excited to be back here, planning another trip and need advice from New York experts.  The DH, DD14 and I are planning a trip to the US for Christmas & New Year and our loose plan is...Advice needed for New York at Christmas
We were there for Christmas last year. I'd recommend the Marriott Marquis Times Sq, in the mayhem of Times Sq but lovely when you're inside! Great location for everything. We spent Christmas Day... (3 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:51 PM by KristyA - DH and I are just back from 3 nights in NYC and a week on Orlando and thought I would do a food report. I love reading everyone else's food reports and they have given me a lot of ideas for our...NYC & Orlando May 2017
Lovely food report, keep posting 😊 (15 replies)
11:24 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:41 PM by daftasabrush - Hi all we have found some very good prices from Edinburgh to Tampa via EWR Newark. the only problem I can see with this route is the change over in Newark is 50 Mins. I think that is not enough time...Airport transfers
Usually like 120 mins (3 replies)
11:21 PM
FIRST POST 24 May 17 06:15 PM by Disneygimp - Has anyone got any funny stories about something they experienced while on holiday in Florida? 
Here's one of mine. On our first trip we went to Aqatica and I don't know if our visit coincided with...Funny experiences while holidaying in Florida
Yesterday we brought a inflatable toy car for the kids to play on, brought it back to the villa and pumped it up, it was a lot bigger than we thought and struggled to fit it in the car to take to the... (18 replies)
Talland 2016
11:19 PM
FIRST POST 11 Apr 17 11:06 AM by act1980 - Where are you staying? Who have you booked with? What are your plans while there? If on the DDP, what ADR's do you plan to book? Fastpass must-dos?  
We're flying with VA, got a great deal on...November/December 2017 - Who's Going?
Just booked an 8 night stay travelling on 1st November and returning on 9th November Planning to take part in wine and dine half marathon Booked using DVC points over the phone and found... (60 replies)
11:19 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:58 PM by Mental Minnie - Just to update on the above. It took several emails and phone calls to get church to respond. Eventually they did and my husband had a meeting with them. They accepted that the incident should never...UPDATE on Son getting injured at church youth club
I understand. Again though who is having any oversight into if they are doing what they say? Pleased you feel reassured. And absolutely right that you'd hope they don't consider it appropriate to... (21 replies)
11:19 PM
FIRST POST Today 07:33 PM by CMFewkesHarrie - DD22 is lucky enough to be working  at Disney World on their academic exchange programme this summer and she has found out she will be working at Chef Mickeys !!!!:d: 
If anyone is going to be...Chef Mickeys newest employee !!
Dd only has a week to travel As she needs to come home as she starts her year in Industry ( 3rd year uni ) Eldest dd did the 1 year CRP back in 2011/12 Fingers crossed dd 3 follows in their... (11 replies)
FIRST POST 24 May 17 04:47 PM by rambocat1974 - Hi all 
Looking at flying to Miami for Easter 18 with flights from 29th March to 11th April for 2 ads and 1 ch. 
Best price coming up is with Air Portugal from Heathrow, via Lisbon for a total of...Air Portugal thoughts
tAP long haul is pretty good. If you have to take a flight to Lisbon first those are a bit ropey though (5 replies)
Bazinga 39
11:18 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:18 PM by Disney Novice - After reading a few stories on the Dibb of people having close calls with holidays and children with chicken pox, we decided to get our daughter immunised. First injection 10 days ago and yesterday...Paid private for chicken pox vaccine for she has chicken pox!
My son also got a mild dose of the measles after his MMR. (5 replies)
11:17 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:58 PM by scottsman - I am wondering if people have any expereance of visiting Florida after the new year? 
it's a bit of an unknown to me and I appear to be hitting several challenges which I was hoping some kind...Florida in January
We've been in January twice, love the weather as its not hot, queues are good, planes are half empty. We usually do a Virgin package as Thomson don't fly in January. Some rides are closed for... (2 replies)
11:15 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:39 AM by smut1312 - A few weeks ago I completed the online ESTAs application for my children. They both have middle names and so I put these in the "first name" field.  
I have done some ESTAs for our friends tonight...ESTA - first and middle names
Despite the instruction not to include middle name I always do because my name is Anne Marie which is technically both first and middle name and I've never had a problem. My current ESTA has both... (8 replies)
FIRST POST 22 May 17 11:11 AM by FlorayG - There's a house I ride my horse past regularly where their dog charges out from round the side of the house like a maniac and runs up to the gate and barks and growls at horses going past. 
Because I...How far are you responsible for your dog's behaviour?
Good job I'm in the States, here it would be the fault of the child's parents. (72 replies)
Talland 2016
11:12 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:31 PM by LOU68 - Arrived back Sunday and thought I would do a Highs, Lows and in-Betweens of our visit, rather than a full blown TR. I commend those who do and love reading them but I didnt take note how much things...Highs,Lows and in-betweeners 6-20/5.
Thanks for sharing (10 replies)
11:10 PM
FIRST POST 15 May 17 05:06 PM by mylander - We have just sold our contracts at Saratoga Springs for a substantial loss and incurred exorbitant fees across the board and considerable running around. We regret buying into DVC and believe Disney...DVC Not worth it
For a similar contract at AK to the one I bought resale some years back, the price per point is the same (some slightly higher), so with the exchange rate to euro, I'd actually break even OR even... (50 replies)
11:09 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:19 AM by jess1ca100 - I am hoping you can help me with the question of how far you actually have to swim when you do the deep water swim?  I have only just learnt how to swim this year (specifically for this as it is our...Discovery Cove dolphon swim - how far?
You don't need to be able to swim......... :) Neither my DW or DD can swim a stroke, but both did the dolphin swim. The wetsuits and aids will keep you afloat, no question at all about that, don't... (17 replies)
11:08 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:17 PM by lardypops - Got a quote off charter travel for 15th August 2018 for 16 nights.  Direct flights with VA Manchester to MCO for me, DD12 and DS13, car for 16 days including insurance, 10 nights at RPR (already have...Is this a good price or could I do better DIY?
Most airlines don't release flights until 11 months before departure (so, for you, from sept 2017). It is almost always cheaper to DIY rather than book everything through an agent. As a guide, if... (1 reply)
11:08 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:36 PM by xxSmileyKyliexx - So today I booked my first solo trip! 😱 I'll be staying at pop century for 10nights on the QS dining plan and doing Disney only. I'm excited but nervous also that I'll be by myself! Can anyone...Solo trip!
What a wonderful way to spend your birthday (1 reply)
11:05 PM
FIRST POST Today 11:14 AM by novocastrian - any one know a code for  off parking onsite at edinburgh 
looking at the surface terminal parking. 
no faffing about on shuttle buses / offsite car parks 
thanksParking edinburgh airport
Surface terminal parking is the outdoor car park beside the multi storey. The long stay is the car park with a bus. (10 replies)
FIRST POST 24 May 17 12:03 PM by robertgreen99 - i am planning on going back in 2020. Its soooo far away!! I cant wait that long!! 
at least there will be new stuff to see by thenwhen you going back?
we only got back on Sunday and that was our first time there since 2003 - we're hoping it won't be such a long wait until we get to go again but no idea when we'll actually be back :cry: (48 replies)
11:03 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:06 PM by Disney Smiths - Evening could you please tell me whether you can wear shorts at dinner in STK.Stk - dress code
You can. But don't do it. (4 replies)
11:02 PM
FIRST POST 23 May 17 07:46 PM by Fiona35 - I have heard that you can check in from 60 days online and wondered if anyone knew what options might be available for a Standard Room please? 
Many thanksOn line Check In POFQ
Hey Bubba !! We're in building 1, only takes a few minutes to walk to reception/food court. As Bubba says, it never gets that busy We're in a corner room (1st floor) with 2 queens overlooking... (21 replies)
11:01 PM
FIRST POST 24 May 17 09:25 AM by Maxymoo - For those of us in Scotland with older teenagers how are they going /gone?? 
My ds15 has just finished his Nat 5's- he is a boy so you don't get much feed back but as far as I can tell 
Maths-...Nat 5's / Higher
We're done here... This is her verdict: Higher English - no problem, she came skipping in! Higher photography- no problem Higher modern studies - ok, the big points question was on one of her... (7 replies)
10:59 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:39 PM by stace - hi 
just wondering if someone can give me some advise on a good place to drop off and pick up my son for the concert on saturday at old trafford cricket club. 
which is the quietest route for me...advice re drop off and pick up at old trafford cricket
Thanks, yes it's my son (18) I'm also dropping off will be worried sick till he's back in the car, but I'm sure he concert will be amazing! #bemoremartyn STACEY x (6 replies)
10:59 PM
FIRST POST Today 07:52 AM by GopherLass - We are a family of three - me (April), DH (R.C.) and DS (Poot - who turned 10 on this holiday!). We visited Orlando and Sanibel Island, travelling from Gatwick on BA. 
...And When Did You Last See Your Father? - Universal Part 5 (SeaWorld and Home to...
Thanks, Dissie. Those are really lovely compliments - and I appreciate them. :wavey: Lol, the Clampetts! That's exactly what Hans said about us! :pgig: You must be worried sick about your... (76 replies)
10:57 PM
FIRST POST 4 May 17 10:25 AM by Wigan Lass - Do annual passes expire on the first day you've used them the following year? 
So if I upgraded my tickets to AP and had my first day on 23/10, it would expire on that day next year? 
Do you lose...Annual passes
Also, there is no memory maker on an AP BUT there is photopass and it comes with photopass downloads. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is so worthwhile checking before you upgrade. We are... (7 replies)
Mrs dee
10:55 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:03 AM by Mrs dee - Hi everyone  
Well it's now under 30 days till our holiday and I'm starting my trip report now. Ok technically it's a pretrip one but I don't want to do lots of threads - so this will be a continuous...Nyc/Washington/Disney
Of course - we have basically done the same as last time. Go to Thomas cook airlines and when searching do advanced search. Do outgoing flight man to jfk them flight home mco to man. Our flights for... (6 replies)
FIRST POST Today 08:02 PM by 1 pink princess - Well just got a phone call and email to say the stansted flight on 21st July is now going at 10.50am. Was originally going out at 9.50. The air tanker is still the plane scheduled,but new flight time...Thomas cook MT2922 stansted flight times changed.
Double checked my booking ref same plane, same seats. The website still states MT2922 is at 9.50am and MT2923 is at 10.50. Quite bizarre.Wondering if mt2923 been pushed forward or the same time.... (2 replies)
10:54 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:46 AM by stormflm595 - Hi all, 
I have finally gotten my insurance sorted for Disney and can now start paying it off whoohoooooooo! Which number is the UK direct lane to make a payment? Thanks!UK Phone number to pay off holiday
ah good point AB (5 replies)
10:52 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:53 AM by Mezza1991 - Your last Orlando holiday what was your highs and what was your lows? 
Finding a 20 dollar note 
Winning the hotel volleyball tournament & getting a big Bart Simpson Teddy 
Lows:-Highs and Lows
Highs: Watching our three year old dance with Chip and Dale Spotting a cloud shaped exactly like Mickey Mouse while we ate lunch Lows: The same three year old crying for an hour when he... (15 replies)
10:52 PM
FIRST POST 19 May 17 04:56 PM by roxie2001 - So first week of exams over, dd has been ok with Social ethics and biology, but struggled a little with chemistry.  
Moods are up and down, ok then stressed out. Just trying to keep spirits up, and...GCSEs, how are things so far?
Thank you x (262 replies)
10:49 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:49 PM by HarryJPotter - I can add them through alpharooms (if we end up booking through there) but wondered if there was somewhere cheaper if you book direct?Where is the best place to book airport transfers if you aren't booking a package...
I can add them through alpharooms (if we end up booking through there) but wondered if there was somewhere cheaper if you book direct? (New Thread)
10:46 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:35 AM by Gill H - According to the 'Who's going when' list, there are 20 Dibbers who will be at DLP for some time over the next few days.  Not even counting those who are going from Tuesday onwards. 
Keep a look out...Look out for Dibbers at DLP!
Yes, it is customary to take the Friday off as well and have a long weekend as you say. I do think next week will still be busy, but not as bad as this weekend (thank goodness) - at one point... (26 replies)
10:46 PM
FIRST POST Today 12:05 AM by Elodie - I've got loads of questions about Annette's! I wanted to eat there on our non-meal-plan day last year, but I got outvoted, so I'm going to put my foot down this year! 
1) We have premium vouchers -...Annette's
yeah, just the extra cost over the face value of the meal plan vouchers (still cant remember about the darn drinks!). We did only go over because of my challenge burger! and didnt realise 1730... (5 replies)
10:45 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:07 AM by irvin38a - ...We are!  Well, that's the plan anyway!  
All going smoothly we plan to be at the Universal parking lot for 8:30 and on that tram to Volcano Bay for the 10am opening. Wish us luck! We know it's...So who's going Volcano Bay in the morning?...
I didn't know that. I only started looking at Orlando stuff earlier this year, when I decided to go to WDW next year. (I've spent the last few years on the DLP forum). (56 replies)
10:45 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:59 PM by wozza - My names Wozza and I'm a spendsholic.  
So...after recently selling and buying a house (fingers crossed)  and writing down income and expensive, I've come to realise that we spend a horrific amount...The "I will save money in 2017/18" challenge!
Hi, it was all the things I should have done months before. Changed suppliers or asked for a better deal with all our household and mobile phone bills. Changed bank accounts etc. There is a list on... (28 replies)
10:44 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:56 AM by bodiddly33 - We want to do an airboat tour on this trip as have never been, can anyone recommend a company please? ThanksBoggy Air Boat Tours or Wild Florida?
Just booked this for July :) really looking forward to it (10 replies)
10:44 PM
FIRST POST 23 Feb 17 02:47 AM by Sarah84 - I know a few people ask about this often, I did myself quite a bit recently so thought I'd let everyone know my experience in case you're thinking of doing it soon. 
I upgraded my 14 day ultimate at...Just upgraded to Disney AP
Thank you. Thats very reassuring!! (12 replies)
10:42 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:40 AM by 1972 - On one of the GCSE threads yesterday, we were talking about proms! 
I thought it would be nice to discuss what our children will be doing, wearing, transport etc, and post pictures after the event....Exciting Prom Season!
Beautiful ❤️ Hope she had a great night :wavey: (29 replies)
10:40 PM
FIRST POST 6 May 17 08:48 AM by Wubbster - Am i being unreasobale expecting Virgin to refund the 200+ difference? We book the 11.45 flight on Feb 7th and now changed us to 1pm flight. Not massive deal, but I paid extra for the earlier...Virgin Changed Flight Time to Later and Cheaper Flight, Will Not Refund Difference
Simple. They haven't cancelled the first flight - they've simply moved OP to the second (lower value) flight. That'll be because there is more demand for the first flight so they want to re-sell the... (78 replies)
10:40 PM
FIRST POST 22 May 17 11:58 PM by Debski - Hi, 
Has anyone stayed here recently. 
Any recommendation on rooms - when checking in should we request a certain area/floor if available.  Also interested in times to Disney Parks  will be using...Hyatt Regency Grand Cyprus
We go on the 25th - 1 day before you for 7 nights - hopefully it will be as nice as the pictures :grin: (2 replies)
10:38 PM
FIRST POST 22 May 17 03:00 AM by PixieFairies - Got it out. Sore sore sore & high on morphine.Gallbladder is finally out but omg I'm sore
Goodness, you're having a bad time! You poor thing! I thought I was feeling better, then this evening sudden onset of pain under the top incision. Currently waiting for NHS24 to call me back. ... (39 replies)
10:36 PM
FIRST POST 18 May 17 09:01 AM by whitec - Hi :wavey: 
We are looking at staying 4/5 days on the west coast probably based in Clearwater beach but looking for ideas of places to visit , great places to eat ( love seafood and restaurants...Ideas for staying on the coast but not the beach
Thanks for the suggestions guys ... Naples sounds interesting.... Any recommendations for things to do, places to eat there ? (10 replies)
The Golfer
10:34 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:11 PM by jo williams - I'm really being nosy and asking any one with bi folds how do you find them, we are having an extension and am looking at getting them, although everyone I approach always try's to give me the hard...Bi fold doors
Buy them next time you come to the usa they are so cheap (2 replies)
Florida Tix

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