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10:10 AM
FIRST POST Today 10:10 AM by arielrocks - Has anyone done transatlantic on the QM2? Or any other ship? We want to do it next year for our 40th and 50th but not sure whether it will be too rough or we will get bored. 
Thinking about...Transatlantic in May
Has anyone done transatlantic on the QM2? Or any other ship? We want to do it next year for our 40th and 50th but not sure whether it will be too rough or we will get bored. Thinking about... (New Thread)
10:09 AM
FIRST POST 14 Jan 20 05:24 PM by mrs_dlw - Hello. We are returning in August this year. Last visit was August 2018. Obviously since we last went all the SW stuff is new in HS. I have been following all the news/updates on various sites and...Star Wars - Boarding Group
Thats really helpful, we had actually written off doing this in April but will try and give it a go :d: (22 replies)
10:09 AM
FIRST POST Today 10:09 AM by vampiress88 - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/122313/ca3b1ae0cef3d7.jpgCan I take these into the US?
https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/122313/ca3b1ae0cef3d7.jpg (New Thread)
10:08 AM
FIRST POST Today 09:33 AM by SussexFamily - ...I didnt realise Costa had evolved into pit-stop delivery ... how innovative...I need to get out more clearly! 
https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/132389/4d6967cf4864a9.jpgStopped for breakfast ...
This has just been added to a motorway slip road within the services area - but appears popular nonetheless (4 replies)
10:08 AM
FIRST POST Today 09:50 AM by mickey house - I took this picture out of my loft window at 7.54am today (just taken on my iPhone with no adjustment made to the picture): 
https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/12686/7871113414bca9.jpgIsn't the world beautiful
Beautiful 😊 (3 replies)
10:05 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:26 AM by Amybelle88 - Hey everyone, 
Currently posting from Florida! We leave on Wednesday and Ive already got the blues - we want to rebook for the end of May. 
Ive got really good flights but Im in a conundrum...Cheapest Way to book Disney
Even with a good DVC discount it needed 3 trips within a 1 year period to upgrade to the pass- at least to Platinum which I had to get as I am going at Xmas twice. Gold which is DVC only, 2 trips... (17 replies)
10:05 AM
FIRST POST Today 09:33 AM by Yorkshirelad - Hi, Ive got a set of American Tourister disney luggage and looking to add a cabin case to it.  
Ive seen the AT Disney legends 55cm case which looks good but dimension wise its ok except 4cm too...American tourister cabin case
You'll probably get it through check-in ok (most typically just eye-ball the cases if at all), however if it's too big for the overhead lockers and you do take it on, be prepared for it to be... (1 reply)
10:04 AM
FIRST POST 8 Jan 20 07:46 PM by EssexSue - Breaking news.Harry and Meghan to stand down
If this is aimed at me then can I confirm that I also read all the posts as I'm actually interested in other people's opinions, even though I don't always agree, sometimes it will give me a different... (682 replies)
10:01 AM
FIRST POST 27 Mar 18 02:00 AM by BerkshireBugsy - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    Please feel free to carry on.Your Monday in just one word !
Cosy. 😴 (1,501 reply)
FIRST POST 12 Oct 19 09:28 AM by MsMinervaMouse - My back and shoulder are in constant knots 😭 I used to see a physio occasionally but now its become almost constant and the cost of physio became a bit too much.  
Last night, my shoulder was so...Back Problems - New Mattress Needed!
Ooo good question. Looking at the pictures Im pretty sure its the Shine plus or Shine advanced but Ill double check (21 replies)
09:59 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:21 PM by k1971 - We've got a tentative plan to do New York for a few days and then pick up a car and do a road trip down to Orlando. 
The prices are astronomical! 2k for the end of June. 
Going the other way is 530...one way car hire
Are there any locations between NY and Orlando that don't charge a one-way fee? you could then split your booking into multiple vehicles (even offer at keep the vehicle you have at the hire-place but... (2 replies)
09:56 AM
FIRST POST 15 Jan 20 02:31 PM by archibald - I've done the last bit of booking today for our Easter holiday (school holidays, 3rd April) and been brave and added up the costs. The last time that I posted this sort of thing was 2015 and it seems...How much is your 2020 trip costing?
Were going on 21st Aug for 14 nights. 3 adults and 1 teen. Flights - LGW to MCO direct - 2,067. 5 nights at Beach Club (inc DDP and Disney tickets) - 3,861. 6 nights Dibb villa - 698. 3... (146 replies)
FIRST POST Today 09:56 AM by Geordieprincess - Has anyone sailed out of Miami and parked a car there? 
The onsite parking says its $22 a day but there doesnt appear to be a way to book. Do you just turn up? Does the $22 include taxes etc?...Parking at port of Miami?
Has anyone sailed out of Miami and parked a car there? The onsite parking says its $22 a day but there doesnt appear to be a way to book. Do you just turn up? Does the $22 include taxes etc?... (New Thread)
09:51 AM
FIRST POST Today 09:31 AM by DisneyAL - Hi all, 
I am going to be hiring a car for one day only on our upcoming trip as this works out cheaper than paying for multiple Ubers/Lyfts on our shopping day. 
I am going to hire from the...First time car hire
For collection from resort to take you to DCCC you have to book in advance and are typically on the hour or half hour, or they were when we used it (they don't hang around so make sure you're waiting... (1 reply)
09:50 AM
FIRST POST 16 Jan 20 06:19 PM by juliab - INDEX 
Thursday 8th August 
After a really good nights sleep on those super comfy beds both Scott and I were awake and then up for 9am.  Wasnt long after until the kids woke up then - washed,...The 260 Mile West Coast Wander - August 2019 - Day 5 - From New York to Venice!
Your pool time sounds delightful and well deserved! Fancy a roller coaster passing by you at the pool - sounds fab. I remember that ride being so uncomfortable i thought your boys may say that!... (9 replies)
09:49 AM
FIRST POST 2 Jan 20 10:03 AM by Nimbus - So, anyone else see the New Years Day episode of Doctor Who? 
Personally, I thought it was surprisingly good. Great in fact. I hadnt been expecting much - the last series was just okay and Im...Doctor Whos back
I have to agree with you, I think Doctor Who is past it's prime. I really enjoyed watching David Tennant and Matt Smith's being Doctor Who. I like Jodie but I just think the stories aren't suited to... (28 replies)
FIRST POST Today 12:57 AM by Elodie - Were looking at doing a DCL cruise in 2022. There would be one adult and two children, and possibly my DH too if we can persuade him! 
Our wish list / must have lists 
Must have: 
*Fully within...DCL 2022 - what are the chances?
Im no expert, but we had a 4 night cruise on magic from Miami with castaway, key west and Nassau (no sea day) booked for last Easter for 2600 inside cabin but had to cancel when my dad died... (1 reply)
09:48 AM
FIRST POST Today 07:32 AM by Ellelledee - What even is it???? 
I did the correct water to seed ratio and tried to simmer it but Ive practically burnt my pan out and it looks like the bits of TRILL from when we used to have a budgie and you...Tried to make quinoa today
You probably needed to add more water as it was simmering. It doesnt have much flavour but I find it ok to have instead of rice to cut down on carbs (1 reply)
09:47 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:17 PM by teamsingo134 - Can someone please let me know do I need to download and setup in the UK or do I wait until I'm in the USA? I will be using my UK card as there is no transaction fees so wasn't sure if it needed to...Uber/Lyft setup and codes. Help please.
There's an uber sticky here. (3 replies)
09:47 AM
FIRST POST 18 Oct 19 01:33 PM by scousepete37 - Hi  All, 
Sorry if this is a daft question but best to be safe than sorry. 
We arrive very late and will be too much to stop at supermarket on the way to the villa. 
We have made arrangements...Taking Food into US
As you say bonny lass we haven't seen a customs form going into MCO for over two years and the automated kiosks disappeared sometime in 2018. There's no official procedure to declare food now... (22 replies)
09:46 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:44 PM by scouser - Just asking does anyone have any experience of this hotel, I can get a really good price for the 3 nights I want and its a bed and breakfast rate. 
If it,s booked through virgin hotels only the...Hilton bonnet creek
We ask in advance of every stay at every hotel now, connecting rooms can ruin a stay. (10 replies)
09:41 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:05 PM by baggers - We have booked a few days in Edinburgh next months for my husbands birthday. We will be there with our 7 year old too. Could anyone recommend a restaurant for his birthday night? We arent fussy...Edinburgh
Goto fazenda leeds quite a bit , cracking one word... meat sweats... (7 replies)
09:39 AM
FIRST POST 11 Jan 20 08:33 PM by stecee - Been to watch this, this afternoon. The story, acting and cinematography are superb, there are several moments in the film where I was spellbound by the action.  
Its not a Saving Private Ryan type...1917
yeah on reflection they were all crap shots but this happens a lot in war films ... your thinking how the hell did they all miss dont think this was ever meant to be a full on blood & guts war... (33 replies)
09:37 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:08 PM by Tinkerbell - Not the frizzy type. 
My hair is getting long and due to living off grid, the summer months hair gadgets are ok but in the winter its a pain. 
So I thought Id try a perm to keep a style in  
...Perm but....
I look like a scarecrow dragged backwards through a hedge. Im not a hair doer. I cant cut it short as it grows at the rate of knots and Id be permanently at the hairdressers equally I find... (7 replies)
09:37 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:12 PM by miss_piggy - Would anyone be able to explain to me how the green passes work please? Do you show up at the rides and get put on the next one or do you get given a return time, say return in 30 mins? 
We are...Green pass
You go to the disabled entrance to the ride, and show your card. They'll check the person with the issue/disability is with you, and then you wait in that queue. There's no guarantee you'll be next... (1 reply)
FIRST POST 18 Jan 20 12:34 AM by Gryff - We been emptying the loft again and come across boxes of old photos documents  
We found how our parents met detailed on old photos  
Mine my father literally picked my mother up she was a student...How did your parents meet
This thread is putting such a smile on my face! :) My parents met at a charity baseball game (Canadians). My mum was driving some sort of fancy convertible and my dad was smitten. She was 9 years... (55 replies)
FIRST POST 16 Jan 20 07:38 AM by PhillySpecial - Hi all,  
First post so nice to meet you all :)  
Ive basically stumbled upon this amazing site whilst looking for to dos in Florida and general advice as this will be my first time visiting...Out of term
1. I never said it was an easy job; 2. Who mentioned a call centre? 3. I was simply saying that many other jobs have similar pressures without so many perks and therefore on balance, from the... (59 replies)
09:28 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:13 PM by toots82 - As it says really, we arrive 30th Sept for 6 nights and have CSR booked which we are happy with (upgraded dining) but ultimately would love a studio at SSR, preferred would be great to stand a chance...anyone seen SSR pref studio availability for Oct?
Just looked in the disneyholidays.co.uk and OKW studio is available when you want it. Not SSR, but it is closer to what you want. (4 replies)
09:27 AM
FIRST POST 17 Jan 18 12:37 PM by x_Ange_x - Hi  
can you recommend any Vloggers to watch? 
No Links - Just names - No Self Promoting Own Vlogs 
We love Tim Tracker and what I like about him is that he shows a bit of everything not just...Vloggers
Even Vloggers cant work it out. Theres no published clear methodology of how you get paid. To give you an idea, before they took away my earnings on it (need 1000 subscribers now and I dont have... (371 replies)
09:26 AM
FIRST POST 12 Jul 19 01:01 PM by ChoppyGirl - Well as we have about 6 weeks to go I thought I would start the trip report as I have been doing the pre-trip for a while.  They are such hard work, making notes then typing it all up but I love...The Highlands Fling August 2019
I realise that I have been a bit lax with the updates - I will try and post more soon but I stopped taking notes so will have to rely on the photos. (10 replies)
FIRST POST 18 Jan 20 11:47 PM by Vanillapod - So in true DS style, hes just realised the sheet music he needs to hand in tomorrow is in C Major and hes singing in G Major.  
Is it likely the accompaniest can just play it in G Major or is he...Sheet music help please!
Got to love a transpose button! (3 replies)
09:24 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 20 11:45 AM by JulesAyr - So BA say theyll guarantee theyre provide lowest price so I wondered how this works. Ive found the same flights cheaper on Travel Up but I ld rather book direct with BA. If I phone BA will they...British Airways Price Match
I expect the fare code will be the downfall of this. You'll get a price from BA that'll be Y or T or something, but then get a price from an online agent that will be the same in everyway but will... (5 replies)
09:22 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:23 PM by buryboy - What are people's view on the annual increases in the NMW ? 
From April it goes up 6.2% to 8.72 for over 25's 
In January 2016 , four years ago, it was 6.70, so by April it will have gone up just...National Minimum Wage increases
Totally agree with this. At my old place of work, no one wanted to train to do the more difficult roles as they could do the easy ones for a couple of pence less per hour with no stress. I have... (52 replies)
09:21 AM
FIRST POST 17 Jan 20 02:33 PM by YorkshireT - Mrs YT has very particular requirements, including suite like accommodation, fridge, and if possible washer and dryer. Spoilt by years of villas and DVC 1 beds Mrs YT, but that's another story..........Elara Las Vegas- anyone been?
I think it was about $7 for a latte in the lobby Starbucks! Do you get DVD rental too? There were vending machines in the lobby and we used it a few times, probably due to the novelty! Tax is on top... (7 replies)
09:18 AM
FIRST POST 17 Jan 20 11:05 PM by THE WIZARD - COBRA anyone else watch it?  Looks promising, ready to download whole series if you want to bingeCobra
I binge watched the lot and, on the whole, enjoyed it. There were a few inaccuracies (but given there was no power then water would not have been able to be pumped to properties so the camp made... (9 replies)
09:14 AM
FIRST POST Today 07:26 AM by Ellelledee - So I might have mentioned the nightmare parking where I live. We have new neighbours renting Nextdoor recently moved in. Since they moved in the started parking behind me which is tight due to a...Those of you that have drives
If you don't drop the kerb, I think you would be breaking the law every time you parked on the drive as you aren't allowed to cross the footpath otherwise. Also, if someone parks and blocks you... (12 replies)
09:12 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:12 PM by Flamingo - Hi, does anyone know roughly when the August 2020 dates will be released for MNSSHP and magic hours for each park? 
I'm trying to plan but don't want to get too carried away in case we want to take...MNSSHP & magic hours release dates for August?
They rarely do swap them once published. If they do it only tends to be odd days and not the entire month. Sign up to the free DIBB Park Hours notifications and you will be emailed if they change. (9 replies)
09:07 AM
FIRST POST 2 Jan 20 06:05 PM by theriler - Very tempted by the current half board dining plan offer but wondering how worth it others have found it, particularly for the table service restaurants. From what ive found quite a few table service...DLP Halfboard dining plan - Worth it?
We had the half board In December! We stayed at Newport bay so it was the plus option. We found it pretty good- we had breakfast at the hotel, this was your usual hotel brekkie. We usually did EMH... (4 replies)
09:06 AM
FIRST POST 5 Jan 20 11:11 AM by amy56 - Hi all, 
So Ive just finished a marathon run of watching all of Breaking Bad and the Breaking Bad movie, based on repeated recommendations on here. 
Absolutely loved Breaking Bad, but it was...Better call Saul?
I have totally forgotten what happened at the end, might have to re-watch the previous episode before the new one starts. (19 replies)
09:00 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:36 AM by HermioneFuzzle - DS12 is (understandably) refusing to share a queen bed with younger sister at POFQ.  
Will a single airbed fit in the room? Thinking of taking an airbed to save the arguments.  
Failing that, I may...Another question: will i fit an airbed in POFQ garden view room
We always take an air bed with us for DD. We stayed at POFQ in 2018 in a garden view room and there was plenty of room for the air bed DD was 11 at the time. Housekeeping will give you spare bedding. (7 replies)
08:55 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:55 PM by miked1e - Anyone please explain about the special magic bands.... 
We want these instead of the plain colour ones. However, every time I look the selection is limited, with ones disappearing. 
How have...Special Magic Bands...
I go: MDE My plans View room details Scroll down to magic bands (9 replies)
08:54 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 20 12:06 PM by xXxSammi88xXx - I just wanted to ask a question to see if this is the norm or if im being over sensitive. Yesterday the funeral home called me to say my grans ashes were back and ready to collect so that afternoon...Collecting loved ones ashes. Sensitive post
This is a lovely idea but I would suggest a large planter. That way if you move you can take her with you. (42 replies)
08:48 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 20 12:04 PM by Elodie - Sorry, couldnt think of a clear title! DH would like to occasionally eat in different places from the rest of us. The girls want to do character meals, which hes not interested in, and he wants to...ADRs - splitting up for meals?
He might be able to just walk up to Morimotos we had no trouble getting in there for dinner without a reservation. (15 replies)
08:44 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:01 PM by Lorry69 - We have only two days onsite and were not doing Disney but of course as time goes on you think what could I squeeze in. So, we now have the choice of a one day ticket for MK or the Villans After...One day at MK or Villans After Hours
I havent done the Villains one yet but I have it booked. I have previously been to three AH events. In your case I would definitely do AH rather than regular park tickets, you would get more done... (1 reply)
08:41 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:28 PM by Tinkjon - We're going at Easter - if we left it until a few days before an after hours event, is it likely to be sold out? 
We only have 2 days at MK this time and I thought we'd see how crowded it was the...Do after hours sell out?
Other than perhaps the Villains one, having done AH three times now, I would say the whole and only point of them is getting rides done without a wait. ;) Sorry I do not know the answer to your... (2 replies)
08:40 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:40 PM by philinmerthyr - Were planning our only Disney day to be at Epcot for my birthday in Feb celebrating with a long day drinking around the world. 
What are the best drinks at each of the pavilions? :confused2:beer2:Drinking around the World
Tipsy Ducks in love- China pavilion 😊 (8 replies)
08:39 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 20 11:05 AM by Elodie - Just figuring out whats best to do about hotels the night before our flight. We fly from Manchester at 9:20am, and I understand we need to have checked in and be ready to go through security by...How long before flight?
Were flying to Frankfurt, then Orlando, so I think wed best allow three hours. (6 replies)
08:38 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 20 01:28 PM by NewtoOrlando - I don't know anyone close to me personally who has gone through the process, but I have seen it mentioned on by some dibbers before so thought I would ask.  
I have been referred by my GP for...Bariatric Surgery - initial consultation?
My mums surgeon was Stephen Pollard, he spoke to her initially for nearly three hours without charging a penny, and has been incredibly supportive throughout. This is us out yesterday in London... (20 replies)
08:34 AM
FIRST POST 7 Jan 20 11:32 PM by darth plagueis - Need someone who is reliableWhat travel agent do you use?
Book everything myself. Flights and car direct with BA, Disney through Disney, villa through the owner on the dibb or through homeaway/holiday lettings, any other tickets through... (42 replies)
08:28 AM
FIRST POST 1 Jan 20 07:26 PM by Ele - Just read on facebook: as of today qs-credits are differentiated between adults and kids.  
So you can no longer use kids-credits on adult qs-meals.2020 Dining plan - kids credits
I booked a package through a travel agent and it wasn't a problem so hopefully Disney will let you Upgrade. (131 replies)
08:23 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 20 12:31 PM by DISNEYALI - As I have a few days off work and my ESTA expired next month I decided to sit down quietly and do it this morning. 
A lot more information required then of two years ago. 
Did prompt to say I had one...Esta done approved in 2 hours
That section was marked as optional so I declined to do it. (27 replies)
08:23 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:23 PM by jothp - Finally it is time to start my Pre trip report. 
We are a family of 5 and this will be our 3rd trip to the magic. We are: 
Jo (me) Mum and chief planning fanatic. 
Ollie Dad, just goes along with...Florida: the next episode August 2020 Pre Trip Report.
Thanks for reading my ramblings. Looking back at all the old photos certainly made me feel nostalgic. I'll be at work all day, but I plan to start posting this year's plans this evening. :d: (2 replies)
08:20 AM
FIRST POST 17 Jan 20 11:05 PM by Northerndave - The site has been down all day for 'Maintainance'. Do we have another Travelex situation brewing I wonder?Autoeurope.co.uk
Im not worried about that at all. Once you get the voucher youre all good to go from that angle. Its the possible data breach thats more concerning, if there has been a hack. (13 replies)
FIRST POST 31 Mar 19 06:01 PM by kzrr02 - Hi. So Ive done my Estas last October for our trip this year and its been approved. Now I cant remember if I filled in middle names and whether it was needed for the application. When i received...ESTA help - middle names
Our estas - which I completed without middle names - are about to expire. I've travelled on them without middle names twice and not had any problem whatsoever. If I have the need to fill a new one... (132 replies)
08:11 AM
FIRST POST 3 Nov 19 05:15 PM by Goldia - Yo Ho, A Disney Life for Me 
Im back with another pre trip :wave:  
For those dont know me and for those who like reminders and reminiscing ;) heres a bit of background information. 
Im...Yo Ho, A Disney Life for Me - Summer 2020 pre trip
Ooh I do love a margarita. Hopefully it's still on the menu in the summer. :pgig: I don't know what came over me as soon as I said it I thought it sounded ridiculous. I suppose it's just that... (109 replies)
My Magic Holiday

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