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FIRST POST Today 12:11 AM by katy341 - My step daughter has been vegetarian for the last couple of months. She's not vegan. She likes anything that is a meat substitute and hates salad lol 
Any recommendations for eating offsite please? Offsite recommendations for vegetarians...not vegan!
I'd say vegetarian is easy as there's always some kind of cheese dish. I often used to say vegan when I was actually vegetarian because I couldn't handle that much cheese. :d: To give an example...
FIRST POST 18 Oct 21 02:23 PM by Tink Tina - Just popped into my local store and it got me wondering have any dibbers  got their shopping FREE by using their sparks card 
Not heard of anyone getting this 
Got some great stocking fillers,... M&S Sparks
My friend got £110 of free shopping earlier in the year , she had 2 Tee Shirts in with her Food shop so done really well , all I have got is a couple of bags of Percy Pigs , hand cream a few weeks...
FIRST POST 25 Oct 21 01:50 PM by VS075 - Hi 
Within the next few hours we should have all the information about testing for entry into the US.  
... US testing information being released today!
I guess easier in a villa than a hotel who may tell you to leave :confused2
12:15 AM · Post #676 by State27 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 16 Oct 21 05:02 PM by lme30005 - Opening a new thread for those only who have children and just want to share info on when they will be allowed into the US. The other thread has gone after people attacking each other so please keep... Info on children reopening - again!
Yep Walgreens too. Not sure how good they are both kids tested positive on them but the one done by Walgreens themselves was negative :confused2
12:11 AM · Post #241 by State27 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:12 PM by sully301 - Has anyone used them? I know that it's more expensive but for me knowing I would pitch up be tested and have result and certificate in my hand would make me less nervous about the whole thing! Lloyds pharmacy lateral flow
We booked our tests but realised they didn't send any ref numbers which you need for the forms you need to fill in to travel. I rang them & they don't supply the codes/ref numbers.
12:04 AM · Post #8 by missy E · General Chat
FIRST POST 25 Oct 21 03:08 PM by Tinks2014 - For those aged 23 itís rising to £9.50 and those aged 21-22 it goes up to £9.18.  
For those who are in lower paid jobs this is good news for a change . Minimum wage rise
How was this problem solved in the past? This was ever the problem with a minimum wage. Throughout its lifetime those who got a raise in minimum wage suddenly found they were close to or the same...
12:01 AM · Post #24 by levtweeney · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:07 PM by skinnybaby - Been to Florida a couple of times and each time ive booked flights first (once using reward flights) then ive booked hotels and everything else after. 
Now im looking at booking for late next year to... Booking schedule, which first?
Same as Donaldfan I booked Disney part first with the best offer then flights months after. Disney is flexible if you need to move dates about to suit flights.
11:56 PM · Post #4 by LOU LOU DISNEY · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 8 Sep 20 05:28 AM by Pinchy - The UK seems to be entering a new phase of the pandemic as cases are now rising as fast as they did in the first wave. 
Two SAGE members have now warned about the sharp increase: 
... Analysis - ex Growth of cases now exponential
That the govt will wait two weeks befofe a decision on restrictions and if cases rise again after half term there may be restrictions on household mixing at home and In pubs, cafes and restaurants...
11:51 PM · Post #8972 by lisa12000___ · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 24 Oct 21 08:24 AM by Wazza - So yesterday me and DD went the open day at university of east anglia, just outside Norwich.  
The trip from Harlow to Norwich must be the dullest journey in the UK.  
M11 on to A11 straight... Most boring road in UK
My mind went immediately to the Acle straight also! Been such a long time since Iíve visited the dibb that Iíd forgotten how many local folk posted! Glad to hear your DD enjoyed the UEA open day...
11:51 PM · Post #46 by angel81uk · General Chat
FIRST POST 25 Oct 21 09:31 PM by SmurfDestroyer7 - As final test details have been released by the US I thought it could be useful to have a thread of deals or just prices for what tests people have booked as there's so many options out there! Test Deals!
got the breathe assured video call next saturday. fly to manchester on sunday and orlando tuesday. didnt want to risk going to manchester without the all clear
11:48 PM · Post #93 by peter+lynne · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 25 Oct 21 08:56 PM by ChickenLittle - Hi guys. We are planning on going in 2024! So I know I am asking for advice  way to early but I want to try and get my head around things so I am prepared for when we can book. We are looking at the... Way to early advice please
DIY all the way... I would also look at getting a US annual pass will give you a discount on your accommodation and depending on which pass you go for, on foot outlets etc
11:42 PM · Post #7 by babbymint · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:51 PM by oateyboy - Afternoon all 
We have a trip booked for March next year and I was due to apply for ESTAs this week. 
Unfortunately my 17 year old son got arrested yesterday for assault. He has not been charged... Moral Torpitude
Your son got arrested for assault, not abh or gbh. I would go with the esta.
11:29 PM · Post #6 by 7SeasSailor · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:37 AM by sutheli - Hi we fly to Heathrow 20/11 and out to Orlando on 21/11 and need to organise a PCR test. 
Can anyone who has flown from Glasgow tell me who you have arranged for your test (if you have recently had... Glasgow PCR test
I notice most of you are going for a pcr test rather than an antigen test. We are going Glasgow - Gatwick - Orlando but not until 2nd January. Glasgow to Gatwick on 2nd then fly out 3rd. I decided to...
11:26 PM · Post #14 by frances01 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 23 Oct 21 10:32 PM by Borderbairn - Just sitting here watching Simon & Garfunkel: The Concert in Central Park. So many beautiful songs but Bridge Over Troubled Water moved me to tears. Simon & Garfunkel
I saw them in concert together in 2004 in Dublin. It was amazing. I had The Concert in Central Park worn out on tape in my Walkman as a teenager. :) Having a few older siblings some of my musical...
11:20 PM · Post #8 by Joshie1 · TV and Film
FIRST POST 24 Oct 21 04:14 PM by All-smiles - Hello all,  
I have never done pin trading before (only went as a kid) and for the rest of our family it's their first ever visit to disney. How does it work? Can I use the new wishables pins to... Pin trading
Pin trading turned out to be a huge hit with my kids! We bought a bunch off of ebay, and spent the extra on the lanyards at Magic Kingdom. Now my kids are teens and they still want to do it!
11:06 PM · Post #11 by Beachgirl71 · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST 14 Oct 21 10:10 PM by Disney Dizzy - Looking at indirect flights from London to Miami to Orlando and the same in reverse.  The connection time going out is 2hrs 35mins and coming back is 1hr 30.  Will this be enough time? 
Have only... Miami - Orlando connecting flights
Weíve got 1hr30 connection at Miami returning to Heathrow too so good to hear thatís enough. We had a much longer connection a few years back (having missed a connection a few years before that) but...
11:03 PM · Post #10 by Louiseanne · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:44 PM by Mr Tom Morrow - The Post was late arriving today but my goodness it was worth waiting for. So what did we get. 
I had a letter from the DWP saying I'm getting a £200 Winter Fuel Payment.  
I also had a copy of... Can Our Day Get Any Better!
Could be worse. You could be the person that receives the package posted back.
10:59 PM · Post #12 by Stitch & Smudge · General Chat
FIRST POST 24 Oct 21 09:03 PM by fraser301 - Having snagged several UC seats in April (Man) and August (Edi) I am aware the new clubhouse at Man will begin subject to demand and wonder if anyone has any insight when it may open. Never flown... Virgin lounges Man and Edi
I have free v room booked with virgin so goodness knows now. It was the last detail that convinced me to book though as i havr a son with special needs.
10:58 PM · Post #8 by MTEC · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:38 PM by looloomoomoo - This petition to fire the current CEO of Disney is gaining momentum on some of the other bulletin boards in case anyone interested. 
... Petition to fire the current CEO of Disney
At that level Chapek will sign off on things about parks but it won't be his main concern, he is looking over the entire company from a strategic level trying to maximise market share, profit, brand....
10:55 PM · Post #36 by SmurfDestroyer7 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 24 Oct 21 02:00 PM by RachelM - We are busy planning our epic 5 week trip for 2023 😁. (July/August) 
We've almost sorted a villa and can't do flights until next year so my kind has turned to what we can do. 
 In the past we have... Off the beaten track ideas ?
Mucky Ducks at revolutionoffroad just off the 27 for something close to Orlando. If I had the time Iíve always wanted to go to Dry Tortugas national park to see Fort Jefferson.
10:55 PM · Post #35 by Stitch & Smudge · Beyond the Parks
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:12 AM by shirley - Our breeder told us not to get l2&4 injection on our pup.  Vet says they would 100% advise for getting it.  Any dinner have knowledge about this component of the 2nd set of jabs? Injection l2&l4?
We will get l2 done, she wonít be anywhere near water, but appreciate it is worth looking at both sides of the case x
10:53 PM · Post #5 by shirley · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:36 PM by mitch84 - Hi all,  
I oiled my oak worktops myself with Osmo oil, but stupidly wasnít that careful with my brand new hob and my ceramic sink, I genuinely thought that the oil would just wipe off, well it... Spilt worktop oil in new kitchen
Oh my... what a shame! Hopefully you can get the stains off. On both, I would consider BarKeepers Friend (original powder version), or a hob cleaner called Wellco cream ceramic hob cleaner. It...
10:52 PM · Post #3 by ncmurray · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:45 PM by Allisonjane - I donít know what to do, I was waiting for the announcement about children as we have an unvaccinated 15 year old, but I was secretly hoping she wouldnít be allowed to travel, so the decision would... Christmas or August?
Weíve decided to go in the summer. We love the heat and while weíd love a WDW Christmas on balance we prefer Florida in summer. However, for our Disney fix we have booked DLP for 5 days just after...
10:49 PM · Post #6 by Louiseanne · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:53 PM by katy341 - Please tell me your all stressing like crazy too?  
Trying to buy, sort, wrap for everyone (including our 4 children) so that when we arrive home on 23rd we will be sorted....  
As well as sorting... For those going near/around/for christmas
I've been in your situation so big hugs! Personally, I'd get I there first about Xmas...text and offer boxing day as the kids will be jet lagged (before he asks for Xmas day) and if he starts then...
10:47 PM · Post #11 by katy341 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 24 Oct 21 10:22 AM by Sj1313 - Hiya 
Weíre looking at planning our next disneyworld trip and have found that they are planning on making changes to the DAS pass however there doesnít seem to be any consistent information on what... DAS changes
The fact you can book a ride as soon as youíve scanned in is pretty awesome, I wonder if they will change that, as technically you are riding a ride and during that time you are already virtually...
10:42 PM · Post #16 by dan223 · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:48 PM by oO-Gemma-Oo - I can't decide whether to stick to my initial flight and clear immigration in Dublin or whether to change to direct, the direct flight price is now roughly the same as indirect and there are no fees... Direct or Indirect via Dublin
Im not sure where you are, but a direct flight home is a big bonus, especially if you consider the stopover on the return flight in Dublin. I think the pre-clearance in Dublin is a fantastic...
10:38 PM · Post #5 by ncmurray · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:41 PM by Johnjones - The other thread that this topic is being discussed in seems to be covering more than just this issue, so I thought Iíd start this thread. 
Please help us. Do kids need to isolate for 7 days??? 
... Do unvaccinated kids have to quarantine
An NHS test would have been nice. I missed that bit.😂
10:36 PM · Post #29 by Rac20 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 23 Jul 21 05:09 PM by bunts - I originally started the September positive thread and there were a lot of supportive posts, however the hubby had a wobble (and me to be honest) and weíve changed to the first two weeks of November... November 21 positive thread please
And it's only part 1! We still have Epcot and the resorts to come. :beer2:
10:31 PM · Post #850 by loldis · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 17 Jan 21 05:26 PM by act1980 - I've noticed that a few of us are planning on going for Christmas and NYE so I thought I would start a thread for any questions and planning tips that people may want to share :wave: 
We plan to do... We're actually going! Christmas planning 2021
It was ADR day for us today, we fly on 22nd December starting at Universal and move to Disney on 25th. I already had our Universal restaurant bookings done for the first couple of days and Iím...
10:30 PM · Post #420 by moosha · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 28 Apr 21 08:12 PM by MrsBC - After our cancelled pre Christmas trip to stay at Cheyenne last year, and getting refunded,  DD and I decided to bite the bullet and rebook for 3 nights/4 days at the end of November this year.  ... Newport Bay for Christmastime
Yes we've used them quite a few times, never had a problem. You don't pay until the day. Communication (email) is good too. They don't just do Disney, they transfer anywhere in the area. Check out...
10:21 PM · Post #14 by MrsBC · Pre-Trip Reports
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:46 AM by dg252193 - As its a lot cheaper to fly into Miami we are after suggestions for a decent hotel to stop over about an hour from the airport to break the journey up going to Orlando. Thanks in advance. Drive Miami to Orlando - Hotel?
That's why we didn't book it for next year, it's £100 more than what we paid for 2 nights in 2019!
10:19 PM · Post #8 by NewtoOrlando · Accommodation
FIRST POST 10 Aug 07 10:39 AM by Michelle - Hi 
As we've had a few threads asking about who's staying where and when. I thought I would start this one and keep it all in one thread. 
**Please post your dates for your hotels and flight like... When & Where are you staying & Who are you flying with?
Flying LHR - MIA 17/08/21 Double Tree by Hilton Palm Beach Gardens - 17/08 to 18/08 Hard Rock Hotel - 18/08 to 20/08 Pop Century - 20/08 to 23/08 Dibb villa - 23/08 to 05/09 Fly home TPA - LGW...
10:17 PM · Post #198 by NewtoOrlando · Accommodation
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:57 PM by Vickyvoo - I have been looking at car prices for a week in February.  Booking an Alamo car through Virgin Atlantic is less than half of the price of booking an Alamo car through Virgin... 
Is this really... Virgin-what the catch?
Yes they are. Itís not easy to find where it says it. Try Googling virgin Atlantic car hire free cancellation and you can find it that way. We cancelled ours no problem when our flight was cancelled.
10:16 PM · Post #5 by sha9 · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:52 PM by disney332 - BBC News 
ďFace coverings have been made mandatory for everyone working in the House of Commons except MPs.Ē 
Give me strength. 
Disney332 House of Commons Masks
Well to be fair does not make a lot of sense then all wearing masks in the chamber and then going to the commons bar and all whipping them off whilst having a back slapping and pint of ale session......
10:12 PM · Post #9 by Harry · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:52 PM by Emmie2016 - Bit of an embaressing one! So I've been diagnosed with stage 4 hemorrhoids and been past onto the surgical team to go through options.  
I've looked online and now I'm petrified of the pain!  
... Hemorrhoid surgery
Yeah I've had heavy bleeding since May and I'm now aneamic. I've upped the laxatives and fibre. I will be glad to have it resolved but I'm not looking forward to it 😭
10:05 PM · Post #19 by Emmie2016 · General Chat
FIRST POST 23 Oct 21 10:42 AM by stecee - Iíve got an appointment for a MRI scan in a week or so. Itís for a problem with my hearing. Iím in the process of filling in the relevant forms and it is asking if I have any metal in my body.  
I... MRI scan, metal fillings / crowns
Iíve just had a letter from Nuffield, with all the details and requirements, mask to be worn at all times ! Hope I dont feel too claustrophobic, itís lumbar and hip, so hopefully it wonít be over my...
10:00 PM · Post #19 by Cocobean121 · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:06 PM by Jack&LucysMumy - Hi all  
Can anyone tell me anything about the Epcot Candlelight Procession? I really fancy going to it this December whilst we are visiting but I canít find any more details on it apart from the... Epcot Candlelight Procession
Oh, I would absolutely reschedule for Whoopi too. Sorry Jodi. :pgig: I was wondering if NPH may not go this year as he normally turns it into a family vacation and may not have wanted to commit...
09:59 PM · Post #10 by loldis · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST 20 Oct 21 01:11 PM by stacy87 - Hi everyone!  
A little bit of background first. I had my first ever trip to DLP booked for May 2020 - then Covid hit :( I then booked WDW (a returning trip) with my best friend for October this... First solo trip to DLP!
Gosh, I didn't know that! I do know refillable drinks are supposedly against the law in France (to cut down on sugary drinks).
09:58 PM · Post #19 by Gill H · Disneyland Paris Trip Planning
FIRST POST 25 Oct 21 11:05 PM by jenna288 - ugh feeling a bit disheartened.  Just had a new floor put throughout the downstairs of my house.  Paid alot of it and opted for herringbone.  After lots of research I am just feeling a bit meh about... New floor problems :(
Funnily enough I bought that rug and sent it back. The light coming through seemed to make it almost shiny. Thank you.for looking..we obs have similar taste x
09:58 PM · Post #28 by jenna288 · General Chat
FIRST POST 23 Oct 21 12:43 PM by skinnybaby - Hi, never done any shows in DLP before and ive just seen the Lion King on the app saying reserve seating. 
Is this a paid for show or is it just paid to reserve certain seats?  
Also, will it be... Lion King Show and others
So can I this time. I now have osteo-arthritis and if it means not having to queue, I'm in.
09:56 PM · Post #8 by Gill H · Disneyland Paris Trip Planning
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:45 PM by princessnicki - Another mini trip report from us- Nicki (35) and Brett (about to turn 39), two Disney loving, cocktail drinking foodies from the North of England 
... Team Bricki's Merry Mancunian Mini Break
Fab! I live in the leafy suburbs of Manchester and I rarely ever go even though it's a tram ride away. Looking forward to reading along have you ever been to Whistle Punks axe throwing in Manchester?...
09:54 PM · Post #6 by P&S · General Trip Reports
FIRST POST 2 Oct 21 12:36 PM by disney332 - Kicks off Monday 7.30pm E4. 
I wonder if any of the grooms have a large Didgeridoo :pgig: 
See you all then ! 
Disney332 Married at First Sight Australia
Tomorrows looks very entertaining. Mum always shoots from the hip and never disappoints :pgig: Disney332
09:50 PM · Post #80 by disney332 · TV and Film
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:56 AM by Melanie R - Welcome to my third and sadly final cruise trippie for this year! 
I appreciate I have been very lucky to have 3 cruises so close together, but they have made for a very lovely way to reintroduce... Anthem Adventures with Andy - Day 0 Pre Travel Day
Excited to read along and Andy looks very nice ;)
FIRST POST 19 Sep 21 10:22 PM by Excitedx4 - This is a fab watch based on a true story. Iím on episode 7/8 and canít wait to get home from work tomorrow to watch the last 2! 
Here is a synopsis; 
Based on a hit podcast and inspired by the... Dr Death
Thank you for the heads up, very much enjoyed this. Despicable, shame on him, the Texas Medical Board and the hospitals turning a blind eye to make a buck.
09:39 PM · Post #6 by Manny Haines · TV and Film
FIRST POST 13 Oct 21 04:19 PM by wanye - decided to start a thread where we let each other know about upcoming TV releases in the US that may or may not be available via "legal" means (ie iplayer/netflix/etc) 
thats not to say watching... new 2021 US tv show awareness thread
I have Peacock running happily on my Tivo 4K Stream, with a VPN of course. I got the Tivo (android stick) from and delivered to UK
09:34 PM · Post #43 by stevo25 · TV and Film
FIRST POST 23 Oct 21 11:47 AM by Jessika - Good morning all, we were due to head off on our travels tomorrow morning via euro tunnel and daughter has tested positive on her travel lateral flow and so we are going nowhere. I only booked on the... Unable to travel tomorrow
Wow thatís terrible! Have to say though we have used the Tunnel about 8 times and never had any issues. We were on the 7:20am yesterday and it was fine and running smoothly, such a shame you had...
09:33 PM · Post #19 by ScoopsAhoy · Disneyland Paris Trip Planning
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:12 AM by jstephens - As the title really  
Travelling 22/12/21 to 6/1/22  
My son is desperate to go to Space 220 but typically on our 5th booking we are no longer on Disney property! Unfortunately got priced out... Tips for getting Space 220 ADR
I would deffo try a walk in if you donít get booked, we never book as we never plan any 9/10 have been lucky with walk ins.
09:23 PM · Post #10 by Mrs sun · ADR's, Dining, Food and Restaurants
FIRST POST 25 Oct 21 02:12 PM by arial - Looking for some help with meet & greet parking at Heathrow T5, having never flown from Heathrow before! 
Meet & Greet works well for us as we have 2 kids and lots of luggage but there seem to be... Heathrow T5 meet & greet recommendations
Weíve used Maple twice this year and couldnít fault them either and would definitely recommend. Hopefully Iíll never have to use them or Heathrow ever again though now that Manchester airport is back...
09:21 PM · Post #3 by SteveC · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST 13 Oct 21 10:12 AM by ScoopsAhoy - I thought Iíd do a short trip report for our Halloween half term trip to DLP as a couple of dibbers thought this may be helpful for their upcoming trips (no pressure then!) 😬 
I will keep it to one... A Marvel Halloween at DLP
Ä9.99 Ä9.99 .
09:15 PM · Post #33 by ScoopsAhoy · Disneyland Paris Trip Reports
FIRST POST 20 Sep 21 10:08 PM by Tinkerbell - I'm making a blanket for a friend. 
What is on your hook or needles What's on your hook or needles
Wow that blanket is amazing tinkerbell. Currently I am knitting a baby cardigan, Iím 3 rows in so weíll have to see how long it lasts lol
09:15 PM · Post #59 by hexagon · General Chat
FIRST POST 22 Oct 21 08:02 AM by eeyoremad32 - Hi i was wondering if anyone has had bariatric surgery recently that could give me some information of what to  
 expect, i've been under the icos team for nearly two year & finally have my... Weight loss surgery
Hi I had the Gastric Bypass in 2018 and it is the best thing I have ever done, I have lost over 10 stone and feel so much better. The first 10 days I could only eat liquid food, such as soups and...
09:14 PM · Post #17 by sheriffstar · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:09 PM by Sparksy72 - I loved this. It was incredible to watch and the parents of these girls should be so proud, they were just lovely young ladies and the Nannies that took care of them are just amazing women.  Eye... Found - Netflix
I loved this. It was incredible to watch and the parents of these girls should be so proud, they were just lovely young ladies and the Nannies that took care of them are just amazing women. Eye...
09:09 PM · New Thread by Sparksy72 · TV and Film
FIRST POST 25 Oct 21 08:30 PM by Warkman58 - ..with Tesla, pushing Tesla into the one trillion dollars club 
Hertz have signed a deal for... Hertz signs massive dealÖ
However, the saving is no engine servicing or gearbox servicing, or diffs, batteries do not need servicing so often, nor do electric motors as tgeyvare not so stressed
09:04 PM · Post #16 by Warkman58 · Car Hire & Transportation

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