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07:46 AM
FIRST POST 14 Jul 17 08:12 PM by DisneyDaffodil - We are considering visiting Vietnam next summer. Our adult son teaches in Hoi Chi Minh and we would love to visit him there naturally. However, we would also like to visit some more natural beauty...Vietnam suggestions
Hello, These are the places we visited while in Vietnam, Da Nang, it has a massive beach if thats of any intrest to you, it was a lovely place to relax at night, the town is worth a visit but its... (13 replies)
Bazinga 39
07:44 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 05:26 PM by Bazinga 39 - Hi all, I know that the supermarkets are a good place to pick up cheaper Disney souvenirs does the same apply to other characters as I have a Harry Potter fan and a sponge bob fan, they'll no doubt...Harry Potter/sponge bob in Walmart,etc
Thanks for replies I'll have a look, female HP fans, me and DD🙂 (5 replies)
Nicki G
07:44 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:18 PM by salmon70 - Hi there 
Are there any perfume shops at the outlets/in Orlando? Just wondering whether it would be cheaper to buy in duty free before leaving the UK or not. 
Thank you 😊Best places for Perfume
I've found depends what you are buying. A lot I've found are more expensive. If you look on Sephora/Macy's website you'll get an idea of prices there and can then check in duty free :) (2 replies)
07:43 AM
FIRST POST Today 06:09 AM by Disneymaddaddy - Hi all, 
Can't quite believe I'm going to do this but I'm posting a picture of me before and after my 5 stone weighloss!  
I know...Weight loss before and after
No advice. Just wanted to say well done, you look amazing :smile: (8 replies)
07:42 AM
FIRST POST 20 Jul 17 03:18 PM by syber32 - Has anyone heard the song Attention by Charlie Puth.   (you prob have as are prob much more with it than I am, as Id never heard of him) I nearly spat my coffee out when I heard it the other week. ...Throwing Turtles ?
It will always be 'fish' to me :):blush: (20 replies)
07:35 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:04 AM by geoffa - In the past I have always tried to do our holiday reports as we have gone along - save for a day or two. After reading an article this morning I'm ceasing this practice. 
Apparently, by doing...Sorry - No more "live" trippies
They think we all came down the Clyde on a tea biscuit! (70 replies)
07:34 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:31 AM by LaughingPlace - That is the question. 
I'm a fridge kinda guy, Mrs LaughingPlaceEars is a cupboard kinda girl... where do you stand?Ketchup - to fridge or not to fridge
Fridge once opened :) (49 replies)
07:31 AM
FIRST POST Today 05:46 AM by PMM - Where is best place to fill up with fuel for best value on way to airport?  ThanksFill up with fuel on way to drop car back at airport
Look at the map on orlandogasprices.com (3 replies)
07:30 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:22 PM by jo21977 - Hi, We are sorting out the last few details and want to buy a Disney photopass for a week.  I'm confused as to whether I can buy it now and activate it when there or do I need to purchase it just...Disney Photopass
Brilliant, thank you ;) (2 replies)
07:26 AM
FIRST POST Today 07:26 AM by DISNEYLIZ - I want to book the Disney's The magic behind our steam trains tour. 
Who do I have to ring? and what phone number do I use? (calling from the UK) 
ThanksPhone number for Disney
I want to book the Disney's The magic behind our steam trains tour. Who do I have to ring? and what phone number do I use? (calling from the UK) Thanks (New Thread)
07:23 AM
FIRST POST 23 Jun 17 01:00 AM by nutsydownunder - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...Game... Keep One, Drop One
Delayed flight (396 replies)
07:23 AM
FIRST POST 12 Jul 17 07:45 PM by TiggerBounces - Yesterday at work, my friend and I were tucking into some M&Ms and I was telling her I'm sure I had seen they do strawberry ones in the US and I'd bring some back.  
What other flavours do they...M&Ms
The above photo is my son's idea of heaven I think! (27 replies)
07:22 AM
FIRST POST 20 Jul 17 09:14 PM by RAF - Good Evening, 
My wife and I (plus our three children(girl 8, girl 6 and boy 7 months)) have recently come back from Disney world this year. We have the Disney bug now big time!! 
We are looking...DLP newbie
I would think before getting a meal plan. There are lots of varieties, but I have kids (5 and 3) and they are generally too restrictive for us. (8 replies)
07:19 AM
FIRST POST 16 Jul 17 07:52 AM by deeley - I'm a huge fan of hollister and dd10 adores bath and body works 
When is the best time to sign up for any vouchers?  
Or does anyone have any they don't need perhaps? (Pretty please) 
Are there any...Hollister and bbw vouchers..
Thank you. Some offers expire tomorrow and some on 30th, so will check back in next couple of days and hopefully print some off before we go. Have signed up to BBW website as well. (7 replies)
07:17 AM
FIRST POST 17 Jul 17 05:01 PM by lallan - After dinner last night at Hash House a Go Go we took a wee jaunt down to the Premium Outlets.  
And this somehow happened lol ...  
https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/22073/785fa565ffe5d8.jpg.. .My bargains from UGG last night
OP, which outlet did you go to ? Vineland or the on closer to universal? (29 replies)
07:17 AM
FIRST POST Today 01:00 AM by BerkshireBugsy - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...OK...own up...who was it - the sequel
I'm fine now thanks ..... tablets kicking in nicely .... enjoy rest of your holiday 😀🌞 (14 replies)
07:14 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:46 PM by knads2012 - Hi all - Im looking for a bit of advice please. Apologies for the long description beforehand! 
We have recently been speaking with DSs school as we noticed that he was starting to struggle with...Any junior school teachers on here please? Advice on visual memory required please...
My friends daughter has this issue she is 15 now. She will be given a little extra time in exams next year - it's really hard for her as a lot of subjects have gone back to exams rather than... (6 replies)
07:13 AM
FIRST POST 21 Jun 17 12:20 PM by MissVincent - We still havent booked our flights and I am beginning to panic as currently they are still way out of budget 
Our dates are pretty fixed as we have a cruise booked and MnSSHP and DVC accomodationAnyone else still not got October flights?
Pound just tanked again, chances of getting good prices are pretty minimal. (27 replies)
07:11 AM
FIRST POST Today 06:01 AM by OttoPlugnut - BBC reporting .....How sad he has gone to the big stage in the sky now.BGT Pudsey has died
RIP Pudsey (2 replies)
07:09 AM
FIRST POST 20 Jul 17 01:17 PM by scenicafc - I wonder if someone can answer my question.  
I've just been told that they have new Kiosks at MCO which means you don't have to queue at immigration but can use these self service things.    All...New Kiosks at MCO
I'm pretty sure though not certain, that it's to do with the photograph & fingerprint which started being taken then. (5 replies)
Bee happy
07:06 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jun 17 10:47 PM by Mamie Baldwin - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/29368/836d350ee8a887.jpg 
I would love to buy this when we are out next month but iI don't think it would fit in my suitcase.  Does anybody have any idea how...How could I get this home?
Looks amazing,I love it. Well done getting home 😁 (29 replies)
07:05 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:23 PM by BONDY LAD - Don't expect to get knighted or anything,but going for a look round the house so to speak,mrs,b has been mithering for a while to go for a nosey,don't think I will have time to meet ma'am,as on a...Off to Buckingham palace tomorrow.
I loved it too. Went because a friend wanted to go. Would love to go again (22 replies)
07:04 AM
FIRST POST 12 Jul 17 01:00 AM by Cha cha - A brief summary of what's happening at CBR: 
***It has now been confirmed that the new building will be a DVC resort, called Riviera resort. See below for announcement details*** 
 Old Port...Caribbean Beach Resort building works and Old Port Royal closure
I agree with PM keep at them but don't let it ruin your holiday. I had a voice mail left on the room phone about the room credit. I said to the previous two managers I spoke to that denied my... (254 replies)
Bee happy
07:03 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:19 PM by Disney Jo - Hi, 
I have a very old pair of GHD's that don't work in America. I need to get a new set of straighteners (cheaply hopefully) that will work - do I need to purchase dual voltage ones to guarantee...Help with hair straighteners that work in Florida
I bought cheap ones in Walmart years ago and take them every year,they are great just for holidays :) (13 replies)
07:01 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:39 PM by tikka234 - I am going on Norwegian cruise next Sunday, would like to be able to contact home, I know its not easy on the ship but in Norway what's the best option? 
Anyone get the ee roaming  
 when I was on...Using EE mobile on Fjords cruise / Norway
Oooh who are you cruising with??? I'm going on a Fjords cruise on Sunday too!😀 (3 replies)
Bee happy
07:00 AM
FIRST POST 2 Apr 17 01:36 PM by cartoonp - Just for information and to let others see are you a on site or off site group please give reasons thank youOn /. Off simple pole on or off site
We do a bit of both,usually 5 days at Disney them move onto villa. (105 replies)
07:00 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:58 PM by JK's Mummy - Hi, sorry if this has been asked- with 3 month to go I'm starting to worry about what I need to pack clothes wise? Will it still be warm enough for summer clothes in the day? Will be need something...Weather end of oct/start of nov
It can be cool early mornings, late at night. Depends on your tolerance. I think about 15c was the worst we got. Coldest day was 19c, hottest was 37c! Most of the time it was high twenties. A... (7 replies)
06:56 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:59 AM by rasmus - As in purple, aqua, blue etc? 
I'm gonna go for it finally and have some wild colors put in but would like some recommendations on which is the best brand to use :wavey: 
*I'm not doing it...Does anyone here dye their hair crazy colors?
Just a note for directions dye. I put purple on my bleached hair. The purple was out after 3 washes but stained my hair turqoise - you can see it when the colour washes out.. (32 replies)
06:55 AM
FIRST POST 21 Jun 17 07:00 PM by Bootrip2 - DD going to have MRI tomorrow, should really be used to it by now, she's had so many. She is bravely going to school in the morning and I will collect her midday. It's getting herder the more she...Any spare pixie dust?
We had a long journey home yesterday, got stuck in traffic for around 2 hours, she decided to have pizzahut for tea, but she only managed her garlic bread and 1/2 slice pizza. She had her meds and a... (65 replies)
06:55 AM
FIRST POST Today 06:55 AM by suesmum - One thing led to another and after a long thread where some of us got addicted to buying Gumbies flip flops, they are so comfortable. 
Gumbies agreed to give a discount 
10% until 10am Monday 24th...10% off Gumbies for Dibb members
One thing led to another and after a long thread where some of us got addicted to buying Gumbies flip flops, they are so comfortable. Gumbies agreed to give a discount 10% until 10am Monday 24th... (New Thread)
FIRST POST 13 Jul 17 10:10 AM by Mr & Mrs Duck - Hi all  
Just a quick update about POFQ... 
Staying at POFQ for the first time and it is brilliant. We're really happy as it's been a great choice for our first trip with DD who is 16 months old....POFQ - great resort!
We swapped here from CBR and so excited now! Check in next friday woooo (37 replies)
Disney Ash
06:49 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:42 PM by Katherine - Hi all, 
Was going to go and see if I can buy sandwiches at Boots after Manchester security, but wondered if I can take sandwiches I bought from Asda instead??  
Thanks:d::d::d::d::d ::d:Taking sandwiches through U.K. security
Newcastle airport has a Greggs Bakery in it... when I am flying home from the UK I buy stuff and take it with me on the plane... I have never had an issue! (7 replies)
06:42 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:07 PM by zoebums - Anyone know why British Airways are coming in as cheapest for flydrive? nearly 300 cheaper per person  than Virgin and thomas cook!British Airways
This has been a very interesting and informative thread. Thank you all. I too love the customise your trip feature of the BA website and although I do not have the research or knowledge at the level... (18 replies)
06:39 AM
FIRST POST Today 01:13 AM by walt4it - If you missed yesterday - it is a click here 
If you enjoy this and want to read the rest - it is here 
As for today - how different it looks now ... 
I make no apology , I make no judgement...Follow that Dream! - Day 27 , August 27th 2016 - Our Farewell to Magic Kingdom and ...
Great end to the holiday! Not long now until you are back! (3 replies)
06:37 AM
FIRST POST 29 Aug 16 02:00 AM by Christopher_Ro - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...Halloween Horror Nights 2017
September tends to be quieter but I have still seen queues in excess of an hour on a Friday or Saturday night... so better than the 2 hours you see in October. If you are only going for one night,... (470 replies)
06:32 AM
FIRST POST Today 03:26 AM by nats1211 - Pre travel day is here - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=126 92664#post12692664 
We were up at 6 this morning and raring to go. Everything ran smoothly and we were all checked in...'Mother knows best' July 2017 - travel day
Great travel day , the delay at this end sounded as though it worked in your favour arriving a bit later and straight through immigration..... I bet you panicked when you saw a case was missing this... (2 replies)
06:21 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:39 PM by LOU LOU DISNEY - OMG I have managed to talk hubby into going & we've just booked it!  
Got a really good price (I think) going out on Sunday 29th April for 5 nights staying at NYNY... YES!  Flights are with Aer...I'm finally going to LV! Just booked!
i feel your excitement i booked our first trip a couple of days ago for may next year. i honestly cannot wait :spin::happy::spin:: happy: (33 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:23 PM by Megara84 - Has anyone done this and can you give me a review? The prices are amazing but it's 11 hours and I don't want to substitute price for comfort on a flight that long!Flying to California with Norwegian
In California at the moment and flew out on the 6th of July with Norwegian. The flight was excellent and comfortable and was only 10 hours. We had seats in the first row of economy seats and they... (4 replies)
05:46 AM
FIRST POST 30 Apr 17 10:53 AM by Alien - I was looking for answer few days ago and I couldn't find it! 
If you are an Irish Dibber looking to book on disneyholidays.ie in euro  
you can use topcashback website by running a search for...Irish dibbers can use topcashback for disneyholidays.ie in euro
Yes. It's code you can use paying (5 replies)
05:44 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:49 PM by metalguru - Looks like Encore are starting bloody charging for parking in August😣Encore
I always get email confirmation for stuff like this. (3 replies)
05:03 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:22 AM by leenkerri - To settle an argument, is it ok to wear jeans and a casual type shirt to a wedding if you don't own any smart suit type clothing?? 
I've said I won't wear trainers but she's still saying its...Wedding attire
Well I'll have the excuse it's too hot for trousers over there 😉 (42 replies)
04:02 AM
FIRST POST Today 01:55 AM by Floridatilly - We are hoping to visit VB in about 10 days. Expecting it to be extremely busy so we will only be doing about one ride plus the kiddie area. 
We are not staying onsite so no early access and we are...Sorry another volcano bay question
Today it did get to capacity. It tells you this if you go to the universal website and check the opening times page. I checked at 11am local today. My friend got there early today and were first at... (1 reply)
04:02 AM
FIRST POST 11 Jul 17 03:21 PM by tiger01204 - I've left it late to purchase our Universal 3 Park and Sea World 3 park tickets this year, no reason apart from having to save up! 
I saw the comments about Orlando Attractions on here and had a...Outstanding Service from Orlando Attractions
Thanks y'all - we love 2 plan your vacations!;) (21 replies)
03:47 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:29 AM by louiseybobs - I lost my grandad last night...  
Diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago and passed last night, I kissed him goodbye and got a phone call on my way home to say he'd gone  
I'm heartbroken...I lost my best friend
I'm very sorry to hear your news. (73 replies)
02:54 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:53 PM by snoopy2468 - Booked today for June-July next year glasgow-toronto-MCO for 1600 for 2adults, 1teen,1child. Didn't realise it was Rouge transatlantic and not Air Canada, wondering whether to cancel and continue...Air Canada Rouge - cancel or not?
Hi snoopy... have you checked out seatguru.com for the seat map of your aircraft? That will also tell you if it has seat back IFE, most pond hopping aircraft do now. I'm currently checking out... (1 reply)
Mr Tee
02:38 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:11 AM by Mr Tee - Left this to the last minute but only just realised the problem.... 
Party of 7 traveling in 2 batches tomorrow and Monday due to work. 
Bought tickets ages ago and linked on MDE. Issue is that...Help identifying tickets on MDE please
Ok, it's 02.30 (far too early), we're on the coach from Bournemouth to Stansted (why so far out of London?) but at least we have the right Disney Tickets! Thank you so much for your help (7 replies)
02:34 AM
FIRST POST 13 Jul 17 11:39 PM by pingufan - Out here at the moment and have a rental package through Alamo brits. Reading about others who have had flat tyres etc I looked at my agreement to see if anything was written about roadside...Alamo - why aren't breakdowns and tires covered automatically?
That'll be the one I picked up later that day - thanks!!! (6 replies)
02:29 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:40 PM by Toffee17 - My GF has two friends who are travelling with Trek America in October but have a day spare in Miami in which they want to get to Disney. I'm looking at buses for them and the first one i found was...Miami-Disney
I think trying to get to Orlando and back from Miami AND take in a Disney park in one day is too ambitious - they would not get to the park early enough to make the most of it, and would be clock... (6 replies)
02:28 AM
FIRST POST 30 Jun 16 02:00 AM by Michelle - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...DVC Members - Resort availability thread
Hi, would someone kindly check availability of a 2 bed at AKV or 2 studios on 15th April for our last night of our trip? We're also considering either a 2 bed or 2 studios at BC, GF and poly. Thank... (119 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:20 AM by Koalabottle - Researching options for our next trip- we're on site stayers through and through! :D However, For the first time, we shall be travelling as a family of five (where all the kids are over two,...POR or OKW??
We have stayed at bothe resorts (2 x Adult + 2 children, 8yr and 4yr). It depends what you value most. Both are good resorts. OKW gives you more space in room, but POR gives you more options when you... (13 replies)
01:33 AM
01:31 AM
FIRST POST 24 Oct 16 12:12 AM by walt4it - Welcome to the 4 week trip report that will see such written musings from places such as  
Orlando Airport 
Treasure Island 
The Beach Club  
Sunset Lakes 
and direct flights for the first and...Follow that Dream! August 2016.
Day 27 is now with you - click here to read and I hope you enjoy (48 replies)
FIRST POST 5 Jun 17 10:52 AM by H_C-2017 - Hello there! 
This time in 4 days we will be on our flight to Orlando. 
We are so exited and are massive foodies so hopefully will get to try lots of lovely things! 
One of my favourite things to...The 'Will I fit into my Graduation dress' Food Report - June 2017 - *Updated 20/07*
That breakfast looks so good! I'm now scanning our plans and seeing if I can fit it in anywhere. There are too many places to go! :( Absolutely love your outfit too - you look gorgeous! I think... (160 replies)
FIRST POST 20 Jul 17 04:43 PM by ian180 - We have booked dinner at BOG for our second day there (Sep 9th), and the only time I could get was 7.40pm (booked on the dot at 180 days out!). 
I am conscious that HEA fireworks are at 9pm, and we...Dinner at BOG - How long will it take?
To be fair, we turned up early (it was raining and all the outside rides had closed) on the offchance they'd let us go in early. Unfortunately the answer was 'no'. We had to wait in the overpacked... (9 replies)
FIRST POST 3 Jul 17 01:00 AM by BerkshireBugsy - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...OK...own up...who was it - the sequel
This thread has been automatically closed. You will find the new thread created by clicking HERE. (515 replies)
Florida Escapes

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