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FIRST POST 12 Aug 20 06:12 PM by mandco - If they lift the travel ban and we're actually allowed to go this year would you? 
I really can't see it happening as it stands the experience would be a far cry from what we are used to and... If by some miracle they lift the travel ban would you go this year?
It is lovely to have. Just a shame we canít get there right now! I hope you manage to get some viewings in soon.
05:47 AM · Post #71 by Mqt · Current Issues Forum
FIRST POST 11 Aug 20 09:47 AM by wendy7654 - Morning Dibbers  
Just wondering who else is waiting for Thursday and have the nerves kicked in yet? 
DD18 is a little stressed so off to Blackpool pleasure beach tomorrow to try take her mind off... A level results day looming
There are so many similar stories , itís shocking what has gone on . Itís unbelievable that a student can get 1 A* and 4 A yet canít get into the first choice university. Can she appeal , I would...
05:31 AM · Post #147 by Deanotheworker · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 04:57 AM by YorkshireT - Weíve seen ROFR being triggered again in the last few weeks, it seems mainly on Saratoga and OKW. 
Well according to the other board, they have a waitlist going now for direct Saratoga points. 
... Waitlist for direct Saratoga points- triggers ROFR
Weíve seen ROFR being triggered again in the last few weeks, it seems mainly on Saratoga and OKW. Well according to the other board, they have a waitlist going now for direct Saratoga points. ...
04:57 AM · New Thread by YorkshireT · General DVC Discussion
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:52 AM by louiseybobs - I'm looking for my 'up the isle' song as we're no longer getting married in a church, and I feel like I've settled on the second one in. But listen to them all Just to make you all emotional this morning
I think whatever you choose will be lovely but I do agree number 2 is a very good choice
04:31 AM · Post #22 by Taffy1959 · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:42 PM by irvin38a - We are still waiting for refund from Netflights Virgin flights that were meant to go in June. Thatís frustrating and you think they are bad but are on another level! 
Flights booked... - Are they the worst company ever?
They sound as bad as TravelUp who are another company to avoid
04:19 AM · Post #7 by Taffy1959 · Current Issues Forum
FIRST POST 21 Jul 20 08:50 AM by Leemcd - Hey all, 
Not sure if my positivity is misplaced or not! but i'm remaining hopeful for next Feb. any body else booked for then?  
Flying from MAN with Virgin :) Feb 2021 - who's going?
Waterparks are a big draw for me mate ..daughter obsessed with them ...currently trying to decide wether to keep the Orlando hol or change it till 2022 when you would hope everything is normal again...
01:18 AM · Post #61 by Manc1979 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:07 PM by vickitoria10 - Thinking of taking the kids on the train from Berwick to Edinburgh for the day. Is this currently allowed? As it will obviously be non essential? I know us adults will have to wear masks on the train... Scottish Dibbers....non essential rail travel?
The M8 was the same. Seems like folk just need to get out now.
01:00 AM · Post #8 by Libby29 · Current Issues Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:36 PM by Libby29 - Just a heads up for chocolate lovers , home bargains have Godiva chocolates in for £2.49 & £2.99 per box :wave: Godiva chocolate
Thatís what I thought, but Iím not complaining at a snip off the price theyíre charging ;)
12:58 AM · Post #6 by Libby29 · General Chat
FIRST POST 16 Jul 20 05:06 PM by Tracyjj0 - I booked a villa for 25th July, from a private renter. BA cancelled my flights on 5th June. I believe government advice was in place against non-essential travel to USA. I let the villa owner know... Beware when you cancel a villa. Travel Insurance claim
Itís so frustrating isnít it? Iíd be very interested to hear if you get anywhere with pursuing this. Bonkers that if youíd waited until youíd paid the balance, they wouldíve paid out a lot more...
12:49 AM · Post #45 by Tracyjj0 · Accommodation
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:23 PM by mickey house - In view of the pandemic should we cancel Christmas this year and have two Christmases in the same year when things are back to normal? Should Christmas be cancelled?
Can we just hold up and focus on what's really important? Halloween!
12:35 AM · Post #28 by Wee_Red · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:46 PM by madhatter3 - My son is of to uclan  in Sept.. I have to put deposit down this week, however his course may well be all online.. but he will still be expected to pay for accommodation  that he may not even use. Uni accommodation 2020
Son left accommodation on March 13th, keys handed back 14th July, still paying his rent until 25th August. No movement at all on rent so assume you'll be paying it for the full contract you sign....
12:21 AM · Post #2 by rhyger · General Chat
FIRST POST 15 Jul 20 09:24 AM by macdonald - What are you all planning?.....Will you plan for 2021,do you feel safe to do so or will you plan for 2022?..:) Disney 2021?
our trip got cancelled so rescheduled flights to april 21. We're with KLM operated by VA so a bit nervous about that. We have tickets already and car hire but managed to get our money back on the...
12:13 AM · Post #67 by jenna288 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 13 Aug 20 06:00 PM by LOU LOU DISNEY - Iíve been waiting on flights for next July & I booked today! Flying from Dub to SF direct with United, internal flight to Seattle also with United, then back from Seattle via Toronto to Dublin with... Just booked SF & Seattle!
The monorail was originally built for the World's Fair in 1962 to take people from downtown Seattle to the Fairground. Disney's monorail is based on it. :)
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:42 PM by MargaretMouse - Looking to go in 2022 now and wondering if anybody is booking this far ahead. Iím also wondering who you have booked with and also who you will book with and why. Thanks for any help. This is for... Who would you book with and why 2022
I would not consider booking for 2022 at this point with so much uncertainty around business sustainability and travel. Is there a reason you want to book so far in advance Margaret?
12:09 AM · Post #4 by KarenG · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 13 Aug 20 07:25 PM by shirley - DS2 works in a club in Manchester, started back on Friday at 11pm, at 2am tbey closed the club as one of the managers flatmates had tested for covid.  They sent workers and customers home.  DS came... Unpaid leave
What does his contract say? No one here can answer the question without knowing his contracted terms and conditions.
12:02 AM · Post #14 by Morganza · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:25 PM by Bazinga 39 - Iím still holding on to the hope of a west coast trip next year even though DH doesnít want to book anything for a while, if flights prices are really high for mid summer Iím thinking maybe end of... May/June or October for west coast
We have been in July, August, October and November. The weather in October was absolutely wonderful in Southern California. I wouldnít build Yosemite into an itinerary just in case if was a problem...
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:58 PM by Dancer80 - Has anyone else who has the dining plan booked for 2021 (paying for it), just received an email saying itís been cancelled from your booking?  
We are booked to go August 2021, I think itís a little... Paid dining plan 2021 - cancelled
We are going in October 2021 and received the email about the DDP being removed from our booking.
FIRST POST 13 Aug 20 09:26 PM by EssexSue - We have booked a big family holiday for next July /August to Costa Rica but looking at the weather app it is thunderstorms all day and every day. I asked on the hotel facebook page if this meant we... Costa Rica - don't know what to do.
We are so boring, we have booked the Riu Palace all inclusive. I was kinda planning to slob out on the beach but our age range covers 4 in their sixties, 6 in their 40s, 2 in 20s, 2 teens and a 12, 9...
11:51 PM · Post #15 by EssexSue · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST 9 May 20 10:15 PM by Ryles - nally received my new addition today. He arrived earlier after 3 full days of travelling from Romania. He is my second rescue from one... New addition to my family
What wonderful news. So glad he has settled in and you are all enjoying him. What a cutie he is.
11:51 PM · Post #91 by Vinniecat · General Chat
FIRST POST 13 Aug 20 06:32 PM by munmun - My heart has lifted over the last few days as my yoga and pilates classes are restarting and so is my Slimming World group.  I love all these groups. 
As I dont work this makes me feel like... What activities will make it feel 'normal' again
Give my wife a kiss and a cuddle. She has been telling me to socially distance from her for the last three years. Funny I never new Covid 19 had been around that long 😚
11:45 PM · Post #45 by levtweeney · General Chat
FIRST POST 12 Aug 20 10:11 AM by jorm35 - We are heading to Edinburgh next week for a few days and hope to make the most of the 50% eat out scheme whilst there. We have 2 teens so are looking for recommended places to eat - they would be... Places to eat in Edinburgh with teens?
Hard Rock Cafe George to The Dome Disney332
11:43 PM · Post #10 by disney332 · UK Holiday Planning
FIRST POST 13 Aug 20 10:34 PM by RickT - BBC News - Coronavirus: Lockdown to ease further in England from Saturday Lockdown to be eased for some sectors from Saturday in England . .
The Guardian has a good interactive map as does this page here: 7a6e454dc6a42c5f6912 ed7076
11:34 PM · Post #21 by Sue · Current Issues Forum
FIRST POST 10 Aug 20 06:49 PM by Floridafan - We are looking at booking a cottage or apartment for next July/August in Devon or Cornwall but itís something we havenít done for donkeys years and we are a bit out of touch with areas and... Devon/Cornwall recommendations for 5 adults and a baby
How about West Dorset (Lyme Regis etc) or the Sidmouth area? Like Exmouth and close but nicer (apologies to any Exmouthians).
11:33 PM · Post #7 by KarenG · UK Holiday Planning
FIRST POST 13 Aug 20 02:21 PM by DisneyYoda - Not sure if this should be in Ďpoliticsí but Iím not a member of that group and it is a Ďcurrent issueí related to covid 🙂 
Anyone else think the current ĎA Level triple lockí is fundamentally... A level results - give the kids a break!
The question is how did there results fair against previous years?
11:21 PM · Post #81 by jdouds · Current Issues Forum
FIRST POST 9 Aug 20 04:42 PM by ziggyzag - 1062 today :( Cases Rising
By: Gene Saladna, Updated: August 14, 2020 - 12:17 PM ORLANDO, Fla. ó Florida reported a total of 6,148 new COVID-19 cases on Friday and 229 additional deaths statewide. Of the latest...
11:18 PM · Post #173 by Gasman66 · Current Issues Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:27 PM by maidmarian - Not in a good place at the moment, my Auntie just died from a short illness, a family friend has died too 😢 and now my dear Uncle had a massive stroke yesterday and has been taken off life support... It's all doom and gloom... update
So sorry, I canít imagine how you are feeling, sending hugs your way x
11:16 PM · Post #38 by linder · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:02 PM by disney332 - 
Disney332 Your Greatness...... Disney332
11:12 PM · Post #4 by disney332 · General Chat
FIRST POST 2 Jul 20 07:48 AM by mazzadee - I have been chatting on another thread regarding exams for next year. I have a dd taking gcse exams next year and my other dd is waiting for A level results. She has a place at Durham which she... Uni 2020 how are people feeling about their child going this year ?
My DD has pretty well decided she won't be going this year. Just too much up in the air for her to deal with
11:08 PM · Post #40 by buryboy · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:38 PM by skinnybaby - Hi, 
Im going through the info on each ride on the Disney website so see what the height/age restrictions are. 
Planning to take a 1 year old. Ive realised there are ALOT that say 'any height'... Babies and height restrictions at DLP
Some good advice about age restrictions on this page ; Https://
FIRST POST Yesterday 05:33 PM by Leggibone - My car is a 61plate Ford Focus ecoboost - great car, just doing my head in today - I went to go out and itís dead as a dodo, for the 2nd time in about 3 months, unfortunately when itís like this... Car batteries
thank you for your replies, my brother can do a little diagnostic (he will be able to check the battery at least) between the family were pretty convinced its time to change the battery, the start...
11:06 PM · Post #5 by Leggibone · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:21 PM by kadiekaismummi - Hi can anyone please give me some. Advice if Iíve had my holiday flights changed from LGW VS15 to LHR VS91. Meaning my LGW VS15 has been cancelled & have been put on flight LHR VS91, different... Being changed from VS15 to VS91
Yeah, nice and convenient for them isn't it. Cancel one flight, re book you on to another and hope you accept or don't fully understand your rights enabling them to hang onto your dosh.
11:01 PM · Post #17 by Dr.JumbaJookiba · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:44 AM by SHS - Hi all,  
We were due to go on Sunday but now are going to move our trip to Easter as we are worried France imposing quarantine their side is imminent! :cry: 
I was on hold for two hours at 9am... Cancelling - Help Please!
Oh dear. I'm not sure how this affects us in Ireland as although no non essential travel permitted, as ireland is still in the EU and they have 'opened up' their borders to each other, technically...
11:01 PM · Post #11 by lam · Disneyland Paris Trip Planning
FIRST POST 10 Sep 19 10:37 PM by smithlane - Hello :wavey: and welcome to my latest trip report from our amazing 3 week road trip around California. We started with 3 nights in San Francisco, then moved down to Monterey for 3 nights, drove down... The BIG Little Lies California Road Trip - July/August 2019
Hey Jacko, thanks so much for reading along :wavey: Hope and Sam were similar to yours a few years ago so staying in a huge villa in Florida was ideal for us. As they got older they became more...
10:56 PM · Post #10 by smithlane · Indexes
FIRST POST 10 Aug 20 07:28 AM by Hogwarts - My kids are 18 and 17 and I really want to go next year for my 50 th,Iíve asked them both if they want to come and there like yeah if you want but there not that bothered .Im getting obsessed with... At what age do kids stop coming?
Never , it just keeps costing you more
10:46 PM · Post #57 by jdouds · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 12 Aug 20 11:15 PM by scottish mama - We've got a few nights booked away in Collace which apparently is 15 mins from both Perth and Dundee. Looking for some advice on eating out nearby. Thanks. :) Eating out near Perth/Dundee
I think itís maybe more like 30 minutes drive from Collace to Dundee, but if you want to drive a few minutes more on top and fancy something on the finer dining side of things, The Newport Restaurant...
10:39 PM · Post #3 by Wordsworth · UK Holiday Planning
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:02 PM by Melbatb - 
We woke up to clouds. Though one of us had women very early to sit his final exam for his summer course -  poor O was awake at 3.45am for a... Switzerland Summer 2020 - Day 12 - Aosta Italy
Well done O on completing his exam, not much fun at 4am. What a lovely day you had, it looked beautiful and loved seeing some of the Roman ruins. Lunch looked delicious and well worth the money for...
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:03 PM by hols2florida - We have flights booked to Fuerteventura with Ryanair for 22/8. 1 out of the 3 (we were flying back via Dublin) has already been cancelled by them & we are due a refund. Iíve contacted them to ask... Hopefully useful to someone!
Thatís interesting. Submit a claim to whom? How did you manage to contact Ryanair and receive a response?
10:35 PM · Post #2 by wayne77 · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST 12 Aug 20 04:39 PM by Ciano - Well finally we have got to our travel day even thou we have known it wasnt going to happen for a few months now. I couldn't bring myself to change my Dibb countdown. All day we are saying we should... Should have been today
We should have gone today. 😭
10:30 PM · Post #19 by Hels80 · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:28 PM by Lola - As per the title we received an email today to say the flight booked as part of our packaged trip to Poland is now cancelled and they want us to book another flight. We are legally entitled to a full... Just starting the refund fight with Expedia
As per the title we received an email today to say the flight booked as part of our packaged trip to Poland is now cancelled and they want us to book another flight. We are legally entitled to a full...
10:28 PM · New Thread by Lola · Current Issues Forum
FIRST POST 16 Jul 20 08:08 AM by salmim - Why would you plan a holiday in the UK? The last 6 weeks have been rubbish apart from a couple of days. I'll only part with my hard earned for a holiday guaranteeing warm sunshine. (Sorry just very... British weather, why would you holiday here!
How come U.K. not an option?
10:28 PM · Post #54 by anna68 · UK Holiday Planning
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:07 PM by hexagon - I have Touretteís.  And itís stressing me out so so so much.  And thereís nothing I can do. 
Iím having violent tic attacks multiple times daily, usually in the evening so luckily Iím usually in... Im so stressed, I canít even do anything
Thanks. Iím gonna try that.
10:23 PM · Post #9 by hexagon · General Chat
FIRST POST 11 Aug 20 11:32 PM by skalexander - What a nightmare buying pyjamas is! 
Iím a size 14, and I like pyjamas with long legs and short sleeves (not strappy or sleeveless). Boring, I know. 
Everywhere seems to sell in dual sizing - but... Buying Pyjamas
Uniqlo is where I buy pyjama bottoms; great quality at great prices; I buy short sleeve soft t-shirts from various places to pair with them
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:23 PM by 2waterford - I have 150 BCV points available at £12 p.p 150 BCV Points @ £12 p.p
Hi When do these points needs to be used by? Thanks
10:15 PM · Post #3 by Raph_b · DVC Points Available for Rent
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:21 PM by princess pixie - Husband just got letter in for appointment less than 2 weeks away advising self isolate for 2 weeks 
I take it we all have to self isolate? My son just went back to school on wednesday!  
Other... Self isolating for operation
Government guidance has recently changed from recommending 14 days to 72 hours (with Covid test) self isolation prior to procedures so the hospital I work in has switched to 72 hours. Our...
10:15 PM · Post #14 by fissycist · Current Issues Forum
FIRST POST 29 Dec 19 09:18 PM by Grumpy&Happy - Hi there  
Iíd really appreciate any experiences people have of Mauritius. 
Weíve booked to go in March through BA who have been really disappointing and Iíve read a few things about the weather... Mauritius
Everyday dibb day is a school day! We very much enjoyed the Paul eat Virginie, we were 20 & 23 and couldnít believe we had made it to paradise, even if it wasnít complete 5 star luxury. When we...
10:06 PM · Post #20 by Mrs_O · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST 5 Aug 20 07:31 PM by Melbatb - 
As forecast we woke up to rain and cold! Nevermind, the show must go on! 
O has been up since 5am as he has his university course (his... Switzerland Summer 2020 - Day 3 - Snow and Altdorf
The afternoon certainly seemed better weather and nicer for walking :spin: Joan :wave:
09:55 PM · Post #9 by mick · DIBB Reporter Photo Trip Reports
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:49 AM by mickey house - I have been thinking about doing kayaking for years because I like the water and it's also good exercise.  I'm not a great swimmer but I would wear a life jacket (buoyancy vest). 
I like the idea... Kayaking on the Thames?
We have friends with a boathouse in Shiplake just outside of Henley, beautiful stretch of the River Thames. We always paddleboard, kayak and row when we go. A bit of a further drive but recently...
09:55 PM · Post #32 by smithlane · General Chat
FIRST POST 4 Dec 19 06:37 PM by Lisa_Lollipop - Index can be found here 
Tuesday 1st October 
Charlie woke up at 7:15am and we stayed tucked up in bed for a little while whilst he had his milk and watched Peppa (this was becoming a morning... Charlie's First WDW Adventure - Sep/Oct 2019 - Day 3: Seaworld
Seaworld looked like a great day , I last went in 1993 ! Maybe it deserves a revisit. The food looks delicious 😋
FIRST POST 25 Apr 20 10:08 PM by DisneyDaffodil - Following on from Tracy99ís do you miss the forum before Coronavirus? thread, I wondered if anyone wants to join me in a Ďletís chat about anything but Coronavirusí chat? I know itís scary and... General chat, as we knew it
Itís an SE but itís the same size as an iPhone 5 I think
09:53 PM · Post #612 by DisneyDaffodil · General Chat
FIRST POST 4 Aug 20 07:19 AM by Melbatb - 
As expected we woke up to a cloudy and rainy day. The forecast has been saying rain for the first two days for ages so we weren't... Switzerland Summer 2020 - Day 2 - Andermatt and Goscheneralpsee
A good day despite the rain! :spin: Joan
09:46 PM · Post #11 by mick · DIBB Reporter Photo Trip Reports
FIRST POST 17 Jul 20 04:17 PM by JLH - Has anyone been invited to do this about Covid which involves being swabbed and tested ? My family have been invited to which we want to but my son is worried that it is fake and our DNA could end up... Government study
Iíve had the university of oxford one through the post this morning. Just reading through it.
09:42 PM · Post #22 by Hels80 · Current Issues Forum
FIRST POST 3 Aug 20 05:43 AM by Melbatb - 
Let me start with some introductions and a brief history of how the trip came about! 
We are a family of four with an added member this... Switzerland Summer 2020 - Day 1 Travel Day
Hello Mel Iím late to the party I hadnít spotted your trippie but Mick has just pointed it out to me so as usual I shall enjoy reading along.:spin: That was a long journey but you took some...
09:41 PM · Post #12 by mick · DIBB Reporter Photo Trip Reports
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:40 AM by muffa2308 - Hi, 
My partner and I are looking to buy a house. We have the deposit and It's not a very large mortgage. (Easily affordable) I have been with my company for 6 years. My partner has recently... Any mortgage experts out there?
We are going through a re mortgage at the mo. My partner has only officially been employed since the 1st July, he was a Ltd company and contracting for them for 2 years before this. Santander weren't...
09:39 PM · Post #14 by smithlane · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:13 PM by soooexcited! - Apologies if already been said many times before. We have ryanair flights booked to go to Krakow next month. Neither my friend or I want to go. Neither of us can afford 2 weeks off work unpaid if... Ryanair flight
Iím in a similar position. Iíd booked to take my husband to Porto for his 50th in March but obviously had to move it. Now booked for September but of quarantine is still in place we canít go as got...
09:38 PM · Post #4 by Joellybum · Current Issues Forum

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