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02:47 AM
FIRST POST 18 Feb 17 05:31 PM by debidee - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/26522/3dcc5b98b438.jpg 
Hi everyone I'm back with a super late Pre Trippy,  I can't believe it's been over a year since our last adventure so I'm very excited it's...No long-haul... I'm a local now! Pre-Trippy
I expect it my shopping twin :spin: xx September will be here in no time - the year is flying by!! :wavey: It just kinda crept up - I was so late with the report and now I am here!!! (38 replies)
02:19 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:08 PM by beautybutterfly - Just seen a deal on the universal website for 2 days + 2 free days, 1 park per day for $199 + tax which will be about 175. The tickets must be used within a 7 day period of first activation (which...Anyone booked tickets direct with universal
Did you read the 'small print'? :confused2 Even ignoring the fact they'd probably suss you out by your UK address! ... very restricted time window for these tickets: First use of this ticket... (1 reply)
Cazza 73
02:19 AM
FIRST POST Today 02:19 AM by Cazza 73 - Finally got another countdown after 2 years.  Decided 2 weeks in Florida was cheaper than 2 weeks in Spain woo hoo :wavey::wavey::wavey :Joined again
Finally got another countdown after 2 years. Decided 2 weeks in Florida was cheaper than 2 weeks in Spain woo hoo :wavey::wavey::wavey : (New Thread)
02:10 AM
FIRST POST 4 Feb 17 07:45 PM by princess allie - :(  Well we have come to a momentous decision, but we don't really think that we can justify the cost of going to Universal Studios as well as Disney this year.  DS really wants to go to the Harry...Telling DS we can't really afford Universal Tickets
I think you have the delivery price wrong.....? From their website:\ Is there an additional charge for postage? We strongly advise that you use our next day, special delivery option. This service... (57 replies)
02:06 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:18 PM by Excited6910 - 2 weeks just disney. How would YOU split the days?Just wondering...
All mornings at parks, pretty much. Back to hotel for pool time and relaxing, evenings at restaurants and shows, 3 or 4 park evenings. We're always out of parks by 12 to avoid the hordes. (4 replies)
02:04 AM
FIRST POST 26 Jan 17 02:00 AM by nutsydownunder - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...Game... Keep One, Drop One
Match point (424 replies)
01:56 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:42 AM by pamatt - Hi, just realised that the weekend we stay at Universal in April, both parks close at 6pm on the Friday night 😡 gutted as we were planning to go back in the evening. Is this likely to change?Universal 6pm closing?!
April 7, 21, 28 and 29th according to this............... https://www.universalorlando youth.com/Grad-Events/Grad-Bash/Default.html (12 replies)
01:54 AM
FIRST POST Today 12:06 AM by Alfiesmum - I've booked an ADR at the Rose & Crown for dinner at 6:40 so that we can hopefully get a table to view the fireworks. What I'm wandering is what is the food like? In terms of is it really tasty or...Food at the Rose & Crown
I've only ever had the takeaway fish n chips which were fab but never eaten in (6 replies)
01:46 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:30 AM by fluffychicken - Checked in at a SSR last night and got the newstyle Magic Bands. I know a lot of people where wondering which they would get so thought I would update. 
They aren't as big as I thought they would be...Got new Magic bands
Does anyone know where you can get the puck holders, and what they look like? (12 replies)
FIRST POST 10 Feb 17 10:35 PM by BigKidUK - As the title says :D We will have a car, but would rather just shuttle it there and back- it seems Tampa is not quite so, er 'nice' as Orlando so a bit nervous about finding a reasonable hotel :erm:...Hotel in Tampa with free shuttle to Busch- any recommendations?
We've stayed twice at the Wingate by Wyndham which has a free shuttle service. You either give them a pick up time or ring them when you want to be picked up. (3 replies)
01:39 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:26 PM by katy341 - Weather wise is this worth doing or not?Water parks in November?
We were due to visit Blizzard beach on 11th November 2014 but was rained off, so we went back a few days and wished that we hadn't. It was PERISHING. The CM's were in big bomber jackets and said we... (6 replies)
Talland 2016
01:32 AM
FIRST POST Today 12:39 AM by Talland 2016 - This time next week I'll be on a plane travelling to Perth via KL 
I'm flying with Air Malaysia with a short break in KL airport  
Spending a week in Perth then flying to Auckland for a week staying...Australia
Thanks for the ideas (2 replies)
01:30 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:14 PM by AbigailF - I assume we're all busy stocking up with clothing items from their new online shop? :pgig: 
I find it so odd!"Tom and Sophie"
Same here. Too much talking in the car and over-usage of the word "like". We used to love watching them but got a bit bored of their videos recently (34 replies)
01:26 AM
FIRST POST Today 01:26 AM by thepopos - We arrive at MCO on 22/8 and are booked for 14 nights Onsite at Disney from 24/8. 
The original plan was two nights at Rosen Pointe with a trip to Kennedy on the 23rd. I'm now tempted to book a...Universal for 1 night - worth it?
We arrive at MCO on 22/8 and are booked for 14 nights Onsite at Disney from 24/8. The original plan was two nights at Rosen Pointe with a trip to Kennedy on the 23rd. I'm now tempted to book a... (New Thread)
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:35 PM by Sindysam - Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong place. 
I've a few questions to anyone that's visited the parks with an ileostomy how was it?  
I'm booked for September but unfortunately had emergency...Anyone with an ileostomy
Bump this tomorrow and hopefully you will get lots of helpful replies. But well done for your attitude and good luck after your operation, stay strong and have a great holiday ☺ (6 replies)
01:18 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:47 PM by Izziamberwoo - Just wondering if anyone knows if you can buy fast passes for IOA or US?  
If so has anyone bought them and know the price and what rides and how many you can fastpass? 
Thanks guysCan you buy fast passes for IOA or US
I've not booked yet - but prices seem cheapest at Hard Rock! X (11 replies)
01:18 AM
FIRST POST 14 Feb 17 07:30 PM by kllbc - Hi. Have just ordered 4 x tickets for La Nouba in August for the total price of 93.60! This seems too good a price compared to other sellers. Just wondered what other peoples experiences were of...Cirque Du Soleil from Thomson 23.40?
Thankyou so much for the heads up this is a brilliant offer. Just booked for September :) (188 replies)
01:05 AM
FIRST POST 16 Feb 17 10:46 PM by buzz2001 - https://disneyparks.disney.g o.com/blog/2017/02/more-guest-experiences-and-dining-options-coming-to-disneys-coronado-springs-and-caribbean-beach-resorts/ 
A 15 story business deluxe tower with 583...Breaking csr news!
Exactly! It is making for a worrisome time for people who were looking forward to their trips and it must massively limit Disney's ability to look after/move guests whose stays will be affected. ... (20 replies)
01:05 AM
FIRST POST 13 Feb 17 12:28 PM by gjdjud - Good news for us! Volcano Bay here we come! 
Please find below updates on the 3 Park Explorer ticket validity and information on how guests can upgrade from a 2 Park Explorer to a 3 Park Explorer...Official confirmation from Universal re: Explorer tickets activation before May 25th
I really can't see the point of Universal trying to withhold information when it does nothing but annoy customers who have spent a fortune to attend the parks. (17 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:48 PM by Dreamer1977 - We are Getting closer to our 3 week holiday in August, we are staying at universal for the first week and planning a day at Busch Gardens as we have never been before. :spin: 
We are contemplating...Busch gardens hotel advice
Weve stayed at the Wingate by Wyndham twice, which is 5 mins away and has a free shuttle service. (8 replies)
01:00 AM
FIRST POST Today 01:00 AM by MickeyMouse - 3 members that we know of are celebrating their birthday on 20 Feb 17: 
					-Bellemum (born in 1969, Age: 48) 
					-andyjwheeler (born in 1973, Age: 44) 
					-Emmyt (born in 1991, Age: 26) 
...Happy Birthday Bellemum, andyjwheeler, Emmyt
3 members that we know of are celebrating their birthday on 20 Feb 17: -Bellemum (born in 1969, Age: 48) -andyjwheeler (born in 1973, Age: 44) -Emmyt (born in 1991, Age: 26) ... (New Thread)
12:59 AM
FIRST POST 24 Jun 15 10:44 PM by 66Caunce - We consider ourselves Uber experts after our trip six months ago and, having just written a guide for an Orlando FB group, thought I'd share it here. For those that don't know, Uber is a ride-sharing...Uber Guide, Tips & FAQs
Anyone had experience using uber late at night? (after midnight?) Wondering whether I could use it reliably after MNSSHP. (326 replies)
12:54 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:28 PM by Scotsmomma - Almost time for your long awaited Golden Wedding trip..you've waited a long time for this due to Joan's cancer treatment,but you've got there.Have a wonderful relaxing time in the sun both of you,you...Mick and Joan
Congratulations have a good trip x (68 replies)
bonnies mum
12:50 AM
FIRST POST 18 Feb 17 04:17 PM by Noddy22 - Just wondering what people's thoughts are, but what is the lowest exchange rate on the USD would you still be willing to pay or travel at?  
Say for instance it dropped into the negative against the...How low would you go?
I would admit to having got this figure wrong but in the new world order it's just an alternative truth :d::d: (23 replies)
12:48 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:23 PM by bex986 - Is this now done when you check in online? 
As it always used to be ages beforehand but can't seem to find it on there and can't find info on their website. 
Also when checking in online do I need to...API for virgin
Not anymore. Since the website changes you can no longer enter your API until OLCI. -Steve (7 replies)
12:48 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:10 PM by Leyfy - Just found this article about what WDW would look like abandoned. Have to admit it made me feel quite uncomfortable to see the images as they are so realistic! Hope the parks never end up in this...Abandoned WDW
Oooh! :erm: I can just imagine a film scene in that deserted Grand Floridian foyer. Mind you, an empty Main Street and no crane by the castle if you want a photo! :pgig::pgig: (17 replies)
Talland 2016
12:43 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:58 PM by Eeyorefanuk - Hi if we ordered an American sat nav to be sent to the UK would we have pay custom charges etc 
ThanksSat nav from US
We have a Tom tom and have bought US maps for it (4 replies)
12:42 AM
12:33 AM
FIRST POST Today 12:33 AM by mcaulayr - Hello I am looking for a villa for 2 golfers , looking for minimum 2 double bedrooms and must have wifi, location not a problem as we are only there to play golf. 
the dates are arrive 1/11/2017...looking for a villa
Hello I am looking for a villa for 2 golfers , looking for minimum 2 double bedrooms and must have wifi, location not a problem as we are only there to play golf. the dates are arrive 1/11/2017... (New Thread)
12:27 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:38 PM by lme30005 - Looking at flights coming back from Honolulu and because of the flight length and time difference, we can either fly really early and land at tea time, or get an early afternoon flight and land at...Landing late evening at LAX?
Traffic will be building up before 8am..I was told by a local it starts as early as 5am in the week . (4 replies)
12:27 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:35 PM by Steveb3005 - In the initial stages of planning first family trip with wife and 2 kids (12 and 6) I came 6 years ago in October time but this time Having to book in U.K. school holidays and wondering which would...Easter or august??
Maybe a little busier at Easter but not enough to be an issue to us. Weather wise not great to be honest, we got delayed flying in due to a thunderstorm then the first 4 or 5 days was so hot, no... (8 replies)
12:25 AM
FIRST POST 13 Feb 17 10:53 PM by macdonald - Hi can anyone tell me if the shuttle from Seaworld is free or is there a $10 per person charge..info on line seems unclear (maybe its me )..i have the 3 park Seaworld ticket..Also for anyone thats...Busch Garden Info
busch gardens was one of our favourite days. be warned you do get there quite late on the free bus but tbh it was so quiet when we were there midweek in february. no queues for anything apart from... (13 replies)
12:24 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:40 PM by skalexander - I usually have the Mums round for lunch on Mother's Day. I'm a good cook but tend to play it fairly safe. Last year I did leek and potato soup, roast lamb and trimmings, and sticky toffee pudding. 
...Menu for Mother's Day
Can't beat a nice beef wellington! Eton Mess is nice as a dessert (blueberries are nice in it too), or there was a recipe on Facebook the other day for gin and tonic cheesecake. (2 replies)
FIRST POST Today 12:23 AM by Cantbbothered - Hello all.  
So holiday now all been payed off ESTAS all done (tonight) all passed. Now the search for a hire car has started.  Ive been looking at Alamo brits and have by far come up with the best...Everything done now just car hire
Hello all. So holiday now all been payed off ESTAS all done (tonight) all passed. Now the search for a hire car has started. Ive been looking at Alamo brits and have by far come up with the best... (New Thread)
12:19 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:22 PM by Lottie2004 - Hi, our ADR day is fast approaching ...  and on Wednesday (22/2) we can hopefully make reservations for the restaurants we want !  So just after a bit of advice ...  we are staying on site from 21/8...Nearly ADR Day
Thanks .... that's just such a pain as I'm off to Dublin on Thursday and wanted it all sorted !!! (2 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 05:59 PM by smithlane - After our day at Kennedy Space Centre I thought it would be nice to do a small detour for dinner around the Cocoa Beach area. Any recommendations? Doesn't have to be fine dining, just needs a half...Places to eat in or around Cocoa Beach
Was just saying it was in Titusville in case OP was looking for it in Cocoa. (9 replies)
FIRST POST 16 Feb 17 09:32 PM by Gillybean08 - Just been browsing virgin holidays and its coming up with 29th october 20 nights flydrive for a family of four for 870ish! Thats direct from Gatwick. Hope it might be useful for someone :)anybody looking to fly 29th October?
I had a spreadsheet showing what we were doing each day last year. This time not really sure what we are doing yet. The second week we are doing a cruise, the first week is undecided yet. We aren't... (26 replies)
12:14 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:32 PM by Stew_the_red - So after a lot of kicking back and too we've finally decided that we're going back for Halloween 2018.  
Can't wait to fill in the blanks after our first trip' 
Let the planning commence!!2nd once in a lifetime.....
Well I know I'm going... with or without DW and the kids :D:pgig: (4 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:32 AM by CRISSY61 - Santander are encouraging me to use their card to draw cash from ATMs on holiday and use it in shops and restaurants telling me the conversion rate will be as good as anywhere. Has anyone used this...Using Santander card in USA
Always use my Santander Zero card when abroad, zero charges, zero currency loading. Exchange rate is always quite close to what xe.com states. I use it for card purchases and ATM withdrawals.... (6 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:36 PM by MCOfan - I know Orlando well but have always stayed onsite at either WDW or Universal... heading back in September (5 adults & 1 2year old) and looking for a villa. Liked the look of Encore Club but I'm...Encore Club @ Reunion Resort
There are 35,000 villas in the Orlando tourist area. (5 replies)
florida girl
12:13 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:20 PM by Noddy22 - Would anyone be able to possibly advise me on my Virgin mile useage please. 
I've collected approximately 100k miles this year and so far Virgin have been so unhelpful on their use both telling me I...Virgin miles
We have miles and free upgrade to use and are planning on going away in November time. There has been no availability at all to use miles to MCO in any class but plenty of availability for Miami for... (11 replies)
12:13 AM
FIRST POST 6 Feb 17 01:31 PM by pwalton - Hi, 
We're going to Orlando end of October for 3 weeks, four adults and three children, and good old Daddy (me) has to pay for everyone (again). 
Looking around, think the theme park tickets have...AVIOS for theme park tickets
I used AVIOS for Disney park tickets in 2013, tickets were inflated but AVIOS are free so why not. I struggle with reward flights as we're in school holidays, so use AVIOS for tickets or car hire. (3 replies)
12:11 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:57 PM by jmo82 - Hello, we are counting down the days but nervous about Flying into Tampa for the first time.  We have a fly drive with BA so the car is with AVIS.  Does anyone have any experience with them from...AVIS at Tampa
Do you know whether Avis have the swap line or upgrade line as at MCO? Also I believe if you are a preferred club member you collect keys in the baggage claim area, rather than the main desk... (3 replies)
12:09 AM
FIRST POST 1 Jan 17 06:17 PM by Gryff - I'm sure many of you told the kids over the holidays that they were going We are out for 11 weeks going 2 weeks today so if anybody wants  
A card just Pm They will be sent from Disney Springs though...Pixie Dust Postcards
Glad to see it arrived we love doing these (3 replies)
Gill H
12:08 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:13 PM by Gill H - Never yet done any branch of Bubba Gumps. 
Considering it for Peter's birthday. It's right opposite the theatre we will be seeing a show in, and we don't have much time before the show starts so...Bubba Gumps London, any recommendations?
I feared as much. Unfortunately the show starts 7.30 and we won't get there till at least 5.15 so don't want an elaborate meal as we won't have loads of time. Any other ideas round there? Don't... (12 replies)
12:08 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:13 PM by jorm35 - Taking the family to London at Easter and we want to take in a show - trouble is we don't know which one!! Ideally would love Aladdin but cannot justify the cost 🙁 We are - me, dh, ds17, ds12 & dd10....Which London show?
Loved The Lion King and Wicked. Was pretty underwhelmed by Aladdin. The Genie was fantastic and totally stole the show but we found the rest of the show to be pretty lacklustre. (19 replies)
12:07 AM
FIRST POST 13 Feb 17 08:59 PM by Tinkerbellworld - DH and I have already booked our PE seats for later this year in October at a great price. My daughter and her boyfriend have now decided they want to come! Same flights have now doubled so way too...Virgin Flights
Maybe worth keeping a check on Virgin Holidays flydrive prices, they are really up and down in price from day to day for late October and have been a lot cheaper than Virgin Atlantic. Hope they find... (2 replies)
12:06 AM
FIRST POST 18 Feb 17 02:37 PM by Leyfy - Launch today if anyone wants to have a watch. Launch is at 10am (3pm here) from the historic 39A at Kennedy Space Center.  
Having been to KSC quite a few times since 2013 it's been amazing to see...SpaceX Launch from Pad 39A KSC today
We watched from the beach to day the boom a few minutes later was amazing (9 replies)
12:06 AM
FIRST POST 18 Feb 17 12:02 AM by TartanTink - My DH and I are staying in a really lovely country hotel for the weekend, went for dinner and an older very posh couple in the dining room were commenting unkindly about others, after talking with...Really annoyed..should I have ignored it
I lied, we have 4 inside a 20 min drive (119 replies)
12:04 AM
FIRST POST 5 Feb 17 04:30 PM by Peacemaker - I want to buy a new camera for our holiday this year. I want something quite small, and to take pictures and videos. I have quite a small budget though of 100. I am wondering if I would be better...What camera do you take to WDW?
Which model please? They're pricier than I was looking at but if its a good camera I could probably stretch a little :) (10 replies)
12:03 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:06 PM by dizzymcfarlane - Has anyone appealed to have their council tax reassessed ?    Ours appears to be going up 60 a month approx.  So I checked last night only to find that our neighbours who are both in similar but not...Council tax (Scotland)
They base it on what it would have been worth in 1991. (14 replies)
12:01 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:44 PM by tearling - Good evening everyone! I cannot leave this pre trip much longer or else it will be too late, and I'll have to back track, that's too hard. So I've bitten the bullet and here goes... 
I'm typing this...On the road to Celebration(with a bit of Disney thrown in!)March/April Pre-trip
Looking forward to your trip report :wavey: (1 reply)
little tink
12:01 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:34 PM by little tink - Hi all, DH & I were gutted that Staring Rolls has shut as we loved the sandwiches they provided. Does anyone know of anywhere else at HS that provides a similar choice? 
Many...Alternative to Staring Rolls?
That's good to know, I will mark that down. Thank you. (2 replies)
11:59 PM
FIRST POST 11 Feb 17 06:08 PM by hurnae90 - Finally booked again. Going 16th April 2018 to celebrate mine and my SO's 10 year anniversary. I can't wait. Never been that time of year. Anyone got any tips?? 
:stitchbou:stitchbou :stitchbouYayy! Finally booked again!
I think I'm going to buy a new Magicband at Disney Springs. We're looking to book into a Little Mermaid room overnight though. :) (26 replies)
florida girl
11:59 PM
FIRST POST 5 Feb 17 10:15 PM by bLaZeR666_uk - Hi 
Looking to book a mid range suite hotel In Las Vegas (Along the Lines of the Platinum Suites Hotel).  
Was wondering if anyone has stayed or could recommend a Suite Hotel (Must have a...Vegas Suite Hotels
You won't be disappointed :spin: we had 2 X1 bed suites when we went for DD's 21st they are huge. Loved the floor to ceiling windows in the lounge and bedroom. We used the pool area everyday, did'nt... (26 replies)
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