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FIRST POST 31 Oct 19 09:09 PM by Mexy02 - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/65478/4ff34dcb22da.jpg 
Today was going to be Star Wars day . I’d got the t shirts and everyone got up just before 6 to be in the park at 6:30 . We had a...Trippity Doo Dah - My Oh My What A Wonderful Day Oct/Nov 19 Day 3 HS
Fab day, did everyone love GE as much as you imagined? We also enjoyed oga's not the bill though lol We loved H&V we had fab character interaction again. (10 replies)
05:41 PM
FIRST POST Today 11:47 AM by magickate - I hadn't seen it mentioned on here (though it probably has been!) so thought I would mention it. 
I thought they charged $3.95 per day to use their toll pass up to a maximum of $20 plus whatever...Avis Toll road scheme
An option in the future could be using Visitor Toll Pass which is free until next July I believe? We used it last month and we avoided the daily charge with Alamo (which is reasonable compared to... (4 replies)
05:39 PM
FIRST POST 16 Nov 19 06:33 PM by Omega1 - Prince Andrews justification for staying with Jeffrey Epstein shortly after he was released from prison was that it was convenient, adding, I admit fully that my judgement was probably coloured by...Prince Andrew
Youre all bloody wrong this is how the Royles do Christmas :pgig::pgig::pgig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM8FuztOggE (78 replies)
05:39 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:52 PM by mskitty - We are looking and doing our bathroom as it's been in 16 years and in need of a makeover.  
At the moment we have a large bath with shower over it and then a large ledge at the back of it and loads...Bathroom design help!
Hi, I design bathrooms for a living, I don't mind helping you out if you like? Where are you planning on buying the sanitary ware from? I can have a look and see what they do in what sizes and... (14 replies)
05:37 PM
FIRST POST 30 Jul 19 03:50 PM by juliab - Hi lovely Dibbers :) 
It's been a while since I've visited this forum :blush:  What with one thing and another I never got round to writing our trippy from our last trip.  I felt a bit bad as I do...Five Fords Fifth Family Floriday-August 2018
Day 11 is now up :wavey: (12 replies)
05:37 PM
FIRST POST Today 05:37 PM by Rebelrebel - Ray Donovan is back on our tv tomorrow (19 Nov) at 9pm, looking forward to it :)Ray Donovan series 7 is back
Ray Donovan is back on our tv tomorrow (19 Nov) at 9pm, looking forward to it :) (New Thread)
05:36 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:58 PM by Angiesmash - We're flying from Gatwick next month. We've never driven to the airport before. Any advice on the best car parking options?Gatwick parking
Depends what you prefer. Plenty of good reliable offsite parking round there. Lots of ways to get discounts such as signing up with Holiday Extras. If you prefer official parking again depends... (1 reply)
05:35 PM
05:34 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:46 PM by fmol196 - Although we have been members for many years we have never bothered waitisting before . Did it for the first time for our March trip as I fancied VGF- and it came through this afternoon ! I am so...Waitlist
I waitlisted last week - I checked myself last night and the room I wanted was was available, so its also worth just keeping an eye yourself. I never got any notification via waitlist so have now... (2 replies)
05:32 PM
FIRST POST Today 05:32 PM by orlando10 - Hi 
We are hoping to visit Portventura next year and will possibly be flying into Barcelona. 
Has anyone experience of renting a car instead of a transfer? 
Many thanks.Car hire - Barcelona airport
Hi We are hoping to visit Portventura next year and will possibly be flying into Barcelona. Has anyone experience of renting a car instead of a transfer? Many thanks. (New Thread)
05:31 PM
FIRST POST Today 05:31 PM by juliab - Saturday 18th August 
We had another early start today but not quite as early as the previous morning thankfully.   
It didn't take long for us to get ready as we were having breakfast in the...Five Fords Fifth Family Floriday Aug 18 - Day 11 - Epcot, Garden Grill & H/Studios...
Saturday 18th August We had another early start today but not quite as early as the previous morning thankfully. It didn't take long for us to get ready as we were having breakfast in the... (New Thread)
Mrs dee
05:30 PM
FIRST POST 30 Aug 19 03:16 PM by Rebelrebel - This started back on Sky Atlantic this week, anyone else watching it?The Affair season 5 - contains spoilers
Oh no I tried not to tell people the ending just in case they havent see it yet ;) - maybe put spoiler at the top of your post :) I would loveeeeee to go to montauk - did you drive there. What was... (36 replies)
05:26 PM
FIRST POST 19 Oct 19 04:34 PM by shirley - Sorry Im a week late, have been to Manchester to visit youngest DS.  Then helped DS1 move out of his flat, then to top it off had a head on smash at traffic lights yesterday whilst I was stationery,...Secret Santa 2019
Rosheen's SS has arrived. I'll call round to her tonight to give her it, although I've a feeling I'll be sent home with it again so she doesn't open it:pgig: (90 replies)
05:25 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:54 PM by mandco - I had blood tests to check my thyroid last week as I constantly feel like there is something stuck in my throat and the nurse called me today and said my B12 levels are low and I need to see my gp to...low B12 levels?
I also have b12 injections every 12 weeks. I've a blood test this week as I've been struggling with extreme tiredness and losing the feeling in my hands so this may well increase in frequency. I feel... (6 replies)
05:16 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:22 PM by buryboy - Hi guys  
Am sure I remember a thread a while back where people were being negative about having a smart meter installed 
To me I  am not sure what the downside is ? Its designed to save money and...Smart meter anyone ?
It so smart after all, are they, if they need a carer? (41 replies)
05:14 PM
FIRST POST Today 03:32 PM by ellie666 - So for my birthday we decided to do something we've never done before, and that is a trip to Ravello for breakfast. 
They do offer this as a character breakfast but not on the day we wanted to go....Ravello @ The Four Seasons
Sounds fab and right up my street. We're there for a milestone birthday next year and this has most definitely now gone on to the breakfast shortllst. Off to take a look at their website. (2 replies)
05:03 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:53 AM by vampiress88 - We usually park with cps at Southampton and its gonna be 162 for two weeks. Weve used them twice with no issues.  
I can get meet and greet through holiday extra for 119 but I dont know who...Cruise parking through holiday extra
Holiday Extra is a broker, although they did buy Purple Parking when they went bust a couple of years ago. So if not PP then it will be a 3rd party provider. So you would need to know the 3rd party... (3 replies)
04:59 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:38 AM by YorkshireT - According to someone on another board, the guide told them there had been a meeting about the resale restrictions where guides were complaining, and to expect changes. 
Now personally I am...Riviera Resale Restrictions- Rumour and Speculation
As it stands at the moment, yes. I was one of the ones hoping to buy Riviera but this was the reason I didn't. I'm really hoping there's some truth to the current rumours! Originally people... (10 replies)
04:57 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:34 PM by teerts - Hi All, 
We have our trip booked in August next year, this is the first time travelling to Orlando via BA, normally Virgin, we did book Thomas Cook due to cost, however that failed... 
With...BA - Choosing Seats
Thanks for your help, I've investigated and looked further at my booking and I can see that it does not have a ticket number yet, so it must be, as it is with a 3rd party they have made the booking,... (4 replies)
bonnies mum
04:55 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:55 PM by Prospect1 - Hi 
Firstly apologies for this update being late.  I have now had five cycles of Chemotherapy.  After the fourth I did quite well with not too many after effects.  Boy, did cycle five make up for...Cancer Update
Hope the final one goes better. What a relief it will be for you to get chemo finished with. I know some people who had chemo and I always delighted with how quickly they get over it and back to... (19 replies)
04:53 PM
FIRST POST 15 Nov 19 11:28 PM by f1girly - DD Nadine, is nervous but very excited to be starting her dream Disney job tomorrow :spin:  She'll be working at The Crown and Crest in the UK pavilion in Epcot until Jan 2021. 
It would be so...DD's first shift as a Cast member it Epcot tomorrow-please say Hi if you can
We are going in april and will definitely say hi! Do u want us to take any enlgish small food items over for her? Xx (32 replies)
04:49 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:38 AM by Picalily - Hi, I am about to purchase one of these for my holiday next week and it says you have to use it in the UK first for something chargeable, how do you do this if texts and calls are free? What would be...3 go roam?
What is zipcall?? Does it work around the world? Or just USA 🇺🇸? I travel a lot so it could save me some pennies (17 replies)
04:45 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:43 PM by littlefeet1972 - Hi all we go to New York  in February and land at JFK airport.  
What would you all recommend to transfer from the airport to accommodation which is by Central Park.  
Airtrain and subway is the cheapest and fastest but depends on your party and luggage. Other than that as mention go to the official taxi queue (do not get one from anywhere else) and the... (3 replies)
04:44 PM
FIRST POST 2 Nov 19 11:56 AM by DisneyDaft88 - Decided to skip Christmas presents this year and instead bought ourselves tickets to MK After Hours for February 3rd :)  
its the 1 park we feel we never get a decent amount of time in to do the...MK After Hours
Thats awesome! Its just us 2 (big) kids so well be aiming for as much as we can before the park closes 😁 (7 replies)
FIRST POST 28 Feb 18 02:00 AM by nutsydownunder - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...Game... Keep One, Drop One
Warm Welcome (6,236 replies)
04:42 PM
FIRST POST Today 03:14 PM by ellie666 - WOW - what a let down: 
We haven't visited this particular branch since 2011 but have visited others a couple of years ago and up to this visit have always been very happy and indeed very much...CheeseCake Factory - Mall of M!
I personally have never understood the raves for it. We had a good meal at the one in Fort Lauderdale last year but previous experiences have been very disappointing. Our first visit in Texas they... (3 replies)
04:40 PM
FIRST POST 27 Mar 18 02:00 AM by BerkshireBugsy - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    Please feel free to carry on.Your Monday in just one word !
Bored! (1,401 reply)
04:37 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:21 PM by Nicksgirl - We were not thinking about going to Italy again next year (we must have been about 5 or 6 years now on the trot), but that wonderful place is calling us back.  I have now yet again, made enquires...The destination that calls at your heart ??
Anywhere on the West Coast of Scotland, especially the Outer Hebrides. (58 replies)
04:32 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:08 AM by NeeNeeWong - Didnt get a chance to post this yesterday. We arrived in HK! 
We had a uneventful morning, we packed up our suitcases and left them at the hotel for a quick shopping trip. 
We headed back to pearl...Beijing and HK Nov 2019 - Day7&8
I hope somehow it would all be resolved peacefully but I am not sure how. The students at PolyU have nothing to lose as they know they face prison anyway. The worse possible situation. Stay safe. (6 replies)
Sandra & co
04:31 PM
FIRST POST Today 04:03 PM by Sandra & co - Thinking of going to either Prague or Berlin for dds 18th Birthday, its only going to be dh, myself and her. I asked if she thought it would be boring but she said no she likes going with just us!...Prague or Berlin ?
I was a bit worried Berlin is Hitler museums and graveyards, which dh would love. I wouldnt like it or dd, what fun things are there to do? (2 replies)
04:28 PM
FIRST POST Today 12:23 PM by PL55 - Picked up my Fully Inclusive rental on Saturday, I asked to pay for a tank of fuel to avoid having to fill up when I returned it, but he said no need just bring it back empty and well charge you...Alamo Fuel
Yeah, theyve just put a $ holding charge on my card, so Ill be filling up and checking my receipt (3 replies)
FIRST POST 16 Nov 19 03:09 PM by MrsSevSpaghetti - Ive been so busy lately I havent done much planning. My booking window opens this week, and I still have some gaps.... 
Its me, DH and a fussy coeliac child (hence all the Italians!). So far we...Nearly booking day - panicking about my list!
When we get home I am going to post about the research I have done nightly ref ADR availability for that day. Very interesting. I no longer worry about bookings and chop and change constantly... (11 replies)
04:25 PM
FIRST POST 15 Nov 19 12:22 PM by chids - Just under 1600 for 2 adults, 2 children around the first weekend of May (2 days in term so the children would be out of school) 
3 nights at the sequoia lodge with the HB & gift card, and flights...Does this sound right price wise?
Sorry, just got back to this. Having played around with prices, it seems it isn't too bad. Food/drink/transport/tickets is included apart from getting from CDG to DLP I spotted it was the run... (9 replies)
04:23 PM
FIRST POST 14 Nov 19 02:46 PM by minimum77 - I was on auto europe website doing my usual price check. The dates I'm going are not giving Alamo as an option. I wonder if its just a glitch. I have already booked with them but found it strange...Alamo not showing on Auto Europe.
Happens to me every year. Disappears for a few days - a week then magically reappears. (17 replies)
04:23 PM
FIRST POST 13 Nov 19 11:16 PM by tiggertastic - I may sound grumpy but what is the point of tinsel?  I know its a Christmas decoration - its just plastic waste that is totally unnecessary in my mind.  As with a lot of other plastic Christmas...tinsel
We (I) have tinsel - it creates a sparkle and a smile like nothing else. Mind you haven't bought any new since DH arrived as he doesn't really like it, but will tolerate it... that was over 20... (15 replies)
04:19 PM
FIRST POST Today 04:19 PM by Stu - SeaWorld's Aquatica Orlando, is racing into 2020 with a one-of-a-kind new park attraction that will thrill park-goers - Florida's first-ever duelling water slide, Riptide Race....Florida's First-Ever Duelling Water Slide Debuts at Aquatica 2020
SeaWorld's Aquatica Orlando, is racing into 2020 with a one-of-a-kind new park attraction that will thrill park-goers - Florida's first-ever duelling water slide, Riptide Race.... (New Thread)
04:13 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:50 PM by Duh_Prez - Hi, 
Just in case anyone is looking at using M&G terminal 2 at Manchester, or indeed has already booked but has paid the cancellation premium. 
I checked one of our booking today for June and it...Meet and Greet Price reduction
Excellent👍 (8 replies)
04:12 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 05:22 PM by lumers - Hello:wavey: 
Can I ask which is the nearest room with a Murphy bed to the the Reception? 
We are a group of us- Grandma and Grandad - with 2 of our grandchildren in with us . Then mum and dad with...Murphy Bed and Room Enq
all rooms in aligator bayou have a muprhy bed there are 2 ways to 100% guarantee a murphy bed - book a preferred, which will be in Aligator Bayou with a murphy - book for 5 in the room, and be... (4 replies)
04:09 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:53 PM by Picalily - Hi, if I wear a money belt will I have to remove it when I go through security or can I just keep it under my clothes? Thank youmoney belt?
How do you get the key thro? As you have to put all items from your pockets ( coins etc) in the tray or on your bag. (9 replies)
04:04 PM
FIRST POST 7 Oct 19 07:30 PM by gavvy - I have been trying to book a BWV standard view studio for next September.  every day at noon I am frozen out, you can see both Today and yesterday with no availability. 
About an hour later...Walkers Grr
I'm sorry to be dopey but what exactly does walking mean? (39 replies)
04:01 PM
FIRST POST 16 Nov 19 06:07 PM by scooby 52 - Anyone had one of these radios working  or have you had to pay an additional charge for it.siriusXM radio on Alamo rental
I always hope to get my fill of E Street Radio, but it is hit and miss. Sometimes it's enabled and other times not, across various rental companies. I guess there are plenty of AM/FM stations if out... (3 replies)
03:59 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:39 AM by Gryff - I've never been a great sleeper somthingbi put down to being a nurse since I was 17 between days later nights and split shifts  
I've not slept recently the last 3months which started when our...Not sleeping
I also take the pill form of equate. Im a very poor sleeper and this knocks me out, however I try not to take it that often as I feel quite woozy when I wake up for an hour or so. I tend to take it... (10 replies)
03:58 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:54 PM by Posiesmum - Not sure if anyone has seen this yet! 
https://mobile.twitter.com/MCO/status/1196420405860405249MCO People MoverStar Wars Wrap
That is soooo cool! We are hoping to get the Falcon when we fly next week - long shot, but this will definitely make up for it :-) (3 replies)
03:58 PM
FIRST POST 27 Sep 19 02:59 PM by Pottery - I just seen that overnight car parking will now be chargeable from 1st Jan 2020. Starting at $15, Currently $13, for Value resorts raising to $25 for Deluxe  
...Disney Hotel Parking Chargeable from 2020
The white lines are neater at deluxe resorts and are mined from the finest white paint mines from across the world #TrueStory (12 replies)
03:56 PM
FIRST POST Today 12:28 PM by TheHughesCrew - Having bought our 'Black Friday' tickets, the excitement is setting in! 
What's your strategy? 
I've read that it's best to get sun beds before you have breakfast, but wheres the best place to...Discovery Cove ...best place to sit? And other questions!
I'd choose somewhere relatively close to snacks and drinks but agree it really isn't important as there is so much to do. I looked for beds in the shade or partial shade, that was more important than... (4 replies)
03:55 PM
FIRST POST 11 Nov 19 12:53 AM by SquishTheWhale - We got the keys to our house at the weekend which is amazing- except the sellers have left a sofa they were not supposed to! It was definitely not listed in the contents document or we would have...Old sofa in our new house!
exact same put stuff from my mams house on gumtree free if you collect asap.. bring a mate to help etc then bombarded with can you deliver/can you hang on to it for x weeks etc etc (48 replies)
03:42 PM
FIRST POST 16 Nov 19 12:13 PM by minnie52 - Firstly, I don't seem to have many pictures from today! So I apologise if it seems sparse!  
I woke around 7am today  Ellie had been up in the night with a temperature and she woke not long after...'The One Where They Do Disney' - Day Two
Really enjoying the report, thanks for sharing. Regarding Crush - they have trialed fastpass on this attraction a few times but due to its low capacity it just can't cope. It makes the standby... (2 replies)
03:38 PM
FIRST POST 5 Nov 19 12:16 PM by mitch84 - I have a new countdown, a 7 night fly cruise from Manc-Montego Bay in Jamaica, with 3 ports, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Havana (2 days and overnight). 
Would love t hear from anyone who has been on...Anyone been on Marella discovery 2 - cruise booked for Jan
It is indeed, thankyou very much. I'm not a fan of buffets anyway really, so I never eat at them except in emergency. I really fancy the 2 speciality restaurants though, so good to hear you... (11 replies)
03:37 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:11 PM by Gizzyspop - Hi everyone. Looking to visit DLP next Christmas. Hopefully be there for Christmas day. 
Do the parks operate as normal on Christmas day?  
Am I a little early to be booking just now? 
Where's...Christmas 2020
And I actually like the idea of coach travel. Longer yeah, but I like the idea of getting on and then getting off, rather than transfers etc. Wonder why Disney don't do a Magical Express? ... (5 replies)
03:31 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:47 AM by merkat - Hi guys, 
This is my third attempt at planning this holiday due to a sudden close member family death I have had to move the holiday from August 19 to September 19 to May 2020. 
I am struggling...Which day would you book Universal hotel?
It depends on your flights. Option A - If your flight to MCO is a later one, get a budget airport hotel for the first night and then go to Universal the next day and checkin early and leave your... (6 replies)
03:31 PM
FIRST POST 13 Nov 19 01:01 PM by Rebelrebel - Did anyone else watch it last night, I really enjoyed it and am glad it is a box set on iplayer now as TV is pretty much back to celebrity jungle dancing and all that ;).Gold Digger
Finished this last night, I really liked it, DH thought they dragged out the last 20 mins but I thought it was just fine :) (10 replies)
03:26 PM
FIRST POST 5 Nov 19 11:31 AM by Mickey74 - We are here now and went to Mk on our first day did really well and did all mountain rides, went to HS yesterday did TOT and smugglers run ,I thought the pics were automatically uploaded to my...Memory maker pics gutted
Mine was brand new that trip. My husband was using one he bought in January. (14 replies)
03:24 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:46 AM by BerkshireBugsy - Just watching a YouTube video on this Qantas research flight which takes 19.5 hours to go from LHR to Sydney (SYD) non stop.  
If you had to get to australia would you rather do it in one 19.5 hour...london to Sydney non-stop - could you ?
I just flew almost halfway around the world last week to get home from WDW. The most direct routes I have to get to WDW include the choice of a 15 hour flight then a 5 hour flight, or a 13 hour... (21 replies)
03:10 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:28 PM by NewtoOrlando - I'm doing my parents ESTAS for next years trip, they are both retired (approaching 70) and have been for a good while. In the employment section it asks if you have a current or previous...ESTA Question re employment?
If they made the social media bit compulsory then I still leave if blank and have no apps or bookmarks on any device I take to the US. None of my social media stuff has where I live and a lot doesn't... (17 replies)
Sunset girl
03:09 PM
FIRST POST 8 Aug 18 10:34 PM by djewkes - I would have said that I never had ppi, 100% I would never pay it........then I read a thread on here about claiming..........so being as not only didnt have account numbers I also didnt know who...PPI........thankyou
we received ppi and now Im trying to do the r40 form to claim the tax back. Im getting a bit confused :confused2 on the uk interests and dividends part it says about net interest how do i know... (434 replies)
Florida Tix

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