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FIRST POST Yesterday 11:08 PM by colquhoun - Last year I flew with Thomas cook and used garage on side b but which garage is virgin on and which has best choice of cars .Virgin garage side A or B using Alamo
We will be flying to MIA (virgin Atlantic through virgin holidays) so will be landing at MCO on a domestic flight. We have a car booked through Alamo and I have done the skip the counter paperwork ... (2 replies)
07:45 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:43 PM by WindyMiller2 - Hi 
I have left it late to make my ADR's and can only get a brunch reservation for 12:40.  Has anyone had a reservation this late?  I am just a bit worried as I thought 1pm was the finishing time? ...Cali Grill Brunch is a 12:40 reservation time too late?
Ive only been once, but it was definitely a full house. (8 replies)
07:41 AM
FIRST POST 18 Feb 18 01:43 PM by mickey house - Last Werdnesday my wife dropped me off locally to pick up my car and a woman approached me and said that she had lost her ticket to Reading and could I give her 5. 
Today I was at our local...Beggars have increased the amount they want?
Must admit this thread has made me feel much better. Last night DH and I went to the theatre and there were loads of beggars after the show including one with a dog. I wanted to do something but... (41 replies)
07:35 AM
FIRST POST 16 Feb 18 02:00 AM by BerkshireBugsy - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...OK...own up...who was it - the sequel
Thank you caj Good morning all (293 replies)
07:24 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:37 PM by DisneyHoneymoon - DD is in year 2 and brings homework home every Friday. I feel like I am very patient with her when it comes to anything other than homework. I always end up frustrated, because DD acts like she has...I hate homework!
Totally agree! Additionally, is it any wonder we have stressed out children, when we are asking them to work in school and then go home and do yet more school work! Parents should also be able to... (10 replies)
FIRST POST Today 02:39 AM by Ninnybobs - Just in case anyone is interested in the choice of Premium Cars at Alamo.... today I had the choice of 9 Chevy Impalas, 1 Nissan Maxima and hidden right down at the bottom was a Black Chevy Camaro...Alamo Premium Car row today
Well done. Good choice to take the Nissan Maxima.:pgig::pgig: For some unknown reason I booked a Premium for Sunday week, I won't be having that so will speak to the Garage Guys. Enjoy the... (1 reply)
07:22 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:24 PM by Tweety1 - As the title what are the differences? Anyone have preferences? 
TIAManchester premier inn North or South
They wouldnt mind sharing tbh, I just want the comfiest option. Has anyone used the shuttle/taxi option from there as we wouldnt be driving to the airport? It says on website 3pp but just... (5 replies)
07:20 AM
FIRST POST 17 Feb 18 11:52 PM by I love walmart - We are going in August as part of a bigger trip. Im finding the accommodation much more expensive than anywhere else. Im not tight fisted, theres just other things Id rather spend the money on....Is it possible to stay in San Francisco on a budget?
I booked there when we went a few years ago. It was featured on Good Morning America as a hidden gem in San Fran. I've stayed in a few JDV hotels and I like their unique styles and boutique feel. ... (19 replies)
FIRST POST 17 Feb 18 03:41 PM by Millymops - This august we are doing a split stay 1 week stvpetes 1 week emerald island. Am I right in thinking that ellerton is the closest outlet to st Pete's and is it any good.  We are thinking of doing a...Ellerton outlets
I go to ellenton every time as not as busy and better atmosphere I feel too . Maybe its also due to know hassle parking ( like Orlando) (10 replies)
07:19 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:40 PM by Traincrashing - I'm just checking our flight with United, on a Boeing 777-200. I normally sit around the same area as I have already selected seats for (see circle on top row). There's only two of us flying, so I...United flights - Should I change seats?
The twos at the back of the cabin are our choice seats - as far forward as possible. I can only remember one occasion being irked by cabin crew parking a trolley next to me for quite a long time -... (6 replies)
07:18 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:36 PM by jessandjon2005 - Hi all, hope you are all well. 
We have been to Orlando 6 times now and always stayed on I.Drive in the hotels. 
We have always found, come 10pm after a long day that the place always dies down and...Is staying on site Disney quiet/noisy?
Stayed at CBR and SSR - no noise problems at either and I was sticking with UK TZ at CBR because I had to be up at 3am for the Disney 10k. (28 replies)
07:11 AM
FIRST POST 18 Feb 18 04:04 PM by nquart - DH and I are looking at quick service good court breakfast, and we think 2 platters between us and DD with a slice of bread each would be enough.  
BUT is it frowned upon to take your own bread to...Can I take my own bread to breakfast??
I need to think about it but re chains sweet tomato - dirty and smelly, stay away olive garden - unlimited salad i-hop - there aren't vegetables in this restaurant, they had egg white omelette... (163 replies)
FIRST POST 4 Feb 18 11:28 AM by nutsydownunder - Names are on the way out... 
Please have your candles in the mail by Saturday 17th February (1st class recorded/signed for)2018 Yankee Candle Exchange ~ sent/received
Still one exchange to be received. What would we like to see next? I'm up for suggestions/ideas? Stationery (13 replies)
06:40 AM
FIRST POST 20 Feb 18 09:54 PM by married2mm - When waiting for a delivery at home-  
And nature calls?:tongue:What do you do
The delivery driver opens the door and leaves the parcel, same as if we're not in. (15 replies)
06:14 AM
FIRST POST Today 06:14 AM by CardiffBob - Hi - I am trying to convince the family that we should all get those Disney family t-shirts (with 'mum' on the mums t-shirt etc). Not usually our thing (I guess it is not anybody's usual attire...Disney Family t-shirts
Hi - I am trying to convince the family that we should all get those Disney family t-shirts (with 'mum' on the mums t-shirt etc). Not usually our thing (I guess it is not anybody's usual attire... (New Thread)
06:01 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:34 PM by Redrach1903 - So it's looking more and more likely that we just wont be able to get a FP for this (being offsiters and all), so if we go to AK for rope drop, what kind of Standby wait time are we looking at?...Flight of Passage - SB wait time?
I didn't realise it was so difficult at 60 days... I might try to get a FP/visit to AK towards the end of our holiday - it might be easier... (19 replies)
FIRST POST 4 Nov 17 02:00 AM by BerkshireBugsy - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...Your Friday in exactly 3 words
Last day commuting (343 replies)
05:35 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:34 PM by Lucky23 - Just checking my my experience app, looking at live wait times and it is saying splash mountain and thunder mountain is closed. Does anyone know why? I've looked at refurbishment closure and they are...Ride closure
Yesterday and today there have been multiple closures - yesterday at opening 7 dwarfs was down for 1.5 hours, Splash for 2.5 hours and Space for at least 3.5. Today I believe Splash and Big Thunder... (6 replies)
04:45 AM
FIRST POST 22 Jun 17 10:49 AM by mandco - Our store isn't the greatest and any disney stock they get in seems to go pretty quick or be in tiny sizes but I found these yesterday :D...disney at primark what have you found?
Ive been after this for months after seeing it online. Been impossible to get as it sold out everywhere, until today 🤩 https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/64073/b878f0b58a8aae.jpg I also got... (305 replies)
Palm trees
04:03 AM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 18 05:49 PM by DisneyHoneymoon - As amazing as Disney World is with kids, DH and I are already planning our grown up Disney trip for in 18 years :d: 
Anyone else?Does anyone else dream of a no-kids-Orlando trip?
We're here now and I've had a couple of moments imagining it without my boys... especially when it was really hot this afternoon and we were back and forwards trying to do sorcerers of the magic... (51 replies)
03:24 AM
FIRST POST 19 Feb 18 02:35 PM by lolalolo86 - This is just for fun and pure curiosity for me :)  
Its our honeymoon in September and my friend has told me to make sure that on all our related bookings I state its our honeymoon for a chance of...Best upgrade you have received?
Weve been upgraded to Club in both hrh and yacht club. :grin: Wasnt overly impressed by hrh tbh but loved the yacht club. We had an amazing view overlooking the lighthouse and loved the club room. (78 replies)
03:15 AM
FIRST POST Today 12:21 AM by floridalover1 - Hi could you give me a rough idea how long the itrolly takes to get to universal & is it about a 15 walk to the park entrance. I looked on google maps. Looks a long way.  
Also does the Rosen plaza...I trolley & shuttle bus from Rosen plaza
Is that from the Rosen Plaza or from further up International Drive at the junction with Universal Boulevard ? There's a big difference. (2 replies)
03:12 AM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 18 10:42 AM by mandco - Ds has the flu type virus thing I had last week which is vile and so has missed the last couple of days off school. Now I know how to treat flu type illness and obviously the doctors do not want...kids off school sick medical proof?
From gov.uk: Schools should advise parents to notify them on the first day the child is unable to attend due to illness. Schools should authorise absences due to illness unless they have genuine... (65 replies)
03:09 AM
FIRST POST Today 03:09 AM by DVCBT - I just want everyone to know that if I'm a little slow to answer e-mails I will definitely get to all of them and try looking over them for anything urgent. I am a participant in the run Disney...Weekend Activities FPS
I just want everyone to know that if I'm a little slow to answer e-mails I will definitely get to all of them and try looking over them for anything urgent. I am a participant in the run Disney... (New Thread)
03:03 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:38 PM by dollydaydream7 - So exciting Ive booked us 4 nights for Dec 2018 over our sons birthday. We want to book a nice character meal for him, we did the breakfast before 6 years ago and it was so so. Are there any better...Best character meal?
We did the Plaza Gardens character breakfast in May and really enjoyed it. DS2 wasnt at all interested in the characters but they still tried to engage him and went over to his highchair. My mum's... (11 replies)
FIRST POST 17 Feb 18 08:34 PM by cornishfrogboy - Bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' question this one and I am very interested in other people's experiences, but many, many threads ask about various Beach options during Florida vacations....For a family group, what are the very best 3 beaches in the whole of Florida?
Clearwater has just been voted best beach in America. While not my favourite, it is a great place. (3 replies)
02:33 AM
FIRST POST 19 Feb 18 12:02 AM by harryz750 - Quick question.  
If I chose to do full to full on the fuel option. And when you fill back up near airport, but the time you return is not full. What do they charge you. Is it just the fuel to topup...Alamo fuel return.
As you leave the Alamo garage the prices of the fuel options are on the side of each kiosk. Today it was $2.50 per gallon pre paid or $3.75 per gallon if they charge you for it on your return. Hope... (10 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:39 AM by electo - where around IDrive area is the best place for brisket and burnt ends  
all i can find is londhorns and its only a starterbest place for brisket
Have you tried Cecil's on South Orange Avenue? I've been to most BBQ places in Orlando and this is a favourite. It's a one-off, no frills diner. http://www.cecilsbbq.com 4Rivers is good...great... (15 replies)
02:00 AM
FIRST POST Today 02:00 AM by Craft-ique - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...Disney hotel prices 2019
This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. The original thread was located HERE. The first post was.... Please feel free... (New Thread)
02:00 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 18 12:40 PM by Craft-ique - Does anyone know when Disney release their hotel prices for 2019? 
Im hoping to look at my budget soon to see what we can afford next year. 
Am I right in thinking that these will be similar...Disney hotel prices 2019
This thread has been automatically closed. You will find the new thread created by clicking HERE. (515 replies)
01:50 AM
FIRST POST 27 Jul 16 09:46 AM by sunshine-state - Just for a bit of fun and for those who have experienced different times of the year, which is your favourite time to be out there?When is your personal favourite time to visit Florida?
I loved September .....can't go September this year so it's going to be an August visit (53 replies)
01:33 AM
FIRST POST 20 Feb 18 02:31 PM by xmelaniee - Hi everyone!  
We're currently getting the spreadsheet prepped ready for our honeymoon next year, with a view to booking when free dining is (hopefully) released. 
Based on the hotel-only pricing...Contemporary or Beach/Yacht Club
Basically you can't go wrong with either, but very different. And it may boil down to which park you want the easiest access to. Epcot resorts for the Eisner experience. Great Stern architecture,... (22 replies)
01:25 AM
FIRST POST 8 Feb 18 03:12 PM by saratogajan - Just managed to book this for our March trip. If anyone else is planning on going on 21st March it already says limited availability.Moonlight magic animal kingdom
I'm going end of July and missed them all grrrr. Then again for July they opened 7am EMH for HWS all month. And I'm at BWV. So I'm taking a deep breath, and doing what the Americans do and saying... (13 replies)
01:20 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:30 AM by mg1502 - Hi 
May be a silly question, but what is the link for the US Disney booking site? 
When I google it, it always direct me through to the UK page. 
Many ThanksDisney US booking site
I think they've tried to crack down on it. Very irritating for DVC owners as it was impossible to book the 5 day ticket online (but it let you book the DVC annual pass). Yes VPN is virtual private... (9 replies)
01:18 AM
FIRST POST 13 Feb 18 09:32 AM by SMAX - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/attachment.php?attac hmentid=64883&stc=1& d=1518511294Disney have asked theDIBB to make this post as there is a lot of misinformation being posted on various sites...Official Caribbean Beach Resort Update Information
great post. the current issue is 2 fold 1) some TA and TOs didn't inform people about construction at all! Yep TUI and VA and TC - booked people on holiday here and then they found the dibb... (32 replies)
01:15 AM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 18 06:56 PM by Allisonjane - I've had 3 emails in 3 weeks informing me of changes, 1st just the flight number change, so no problem with that, 2nd was a 6 hour time change both ways, not happy as prefer a later flight especially...Norwegian flight changes... again
We are flying Premium 14th August and 1st September. Cabin is still showing 5 rows. (20 replies)
01:14 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:16 PM by abiknox - As usual on the first day, I woke up ridiculously early at 3.30am and could not get back to sleep.  Edith woke at 5.30am, which meant Aaron did too, so at that point we started to get moving.  We fed...We are the Millers + 1, our first trip with Edith - Day 1
Not need on here much in the last 18 months to a year so my, where did Edith come from, lol! Congratulations she is gorgeous. (8 replies)
01:14 AM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 18 12:28 PM by Mia1 - We've done Mama Melrose and Tusker House before but these were the kids favourites last time we went so said that we would do these again.  
Trails End @ Fort wilderness 
Mama Melrose @ Hollywood...Got all my ADR's thoughts and experiences of these?
Are you on dining plan? If yes, go for Biergarten I'd suggest. If paying out of pocket, Via Napoli. (13 replies)
01:11 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:02 AM by dizzymcfarlane - Anyone does this and would you recommend it.  Husband thinks we should but Im happy walking everywhere.   I unsderstand everything is walkable ?Rome - hop on/off buses
I wouldn't - I love Rome and have found everything walkable as long as you are up for 15-20k steps per day (which is the norm for us on holiday). :grin: (9 replies)
01:08 AM
FIRST POST 15 Feb 18 08:55 PM by Happyhaunt1000 - INDEX 
Our day started at 5:45 am when Marceline woke up... we bundled her into bed with us in a vain attempt at getting an extra hour or twos kip, but unfortunately she didnt go back to sleep,...Brett, Jo & Marceline's Festive Adventure - Day 2: Fights, Food and Handbags
Another great trip report is underway! Finding the D and B bags if a lottery- so glad she got the ones she wanted. I had the same with my DVC bag, found it by chance at the YC an drew my Forth of... (57 replies)
01:07 AM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 18 11:55 AM by lydscl - Hi :wave: 
I'm currently weighing up upgrading my QSDP to DDP for a 5 night solo trip i'm making in January (ignore the countdown that's for a family trip i'm taking in October first!!) 
As it's...If you can only pick one Signature...
Cg brunch was amazing! We also liked cg dinner and yachtsman too. I dont think my OH would be happy, but a solo trip sounds amazing! 😃 (11 replies)
01:05 AM
FIRST POST 25 Mar 16 12:22 AM by wayner - What is your preferred car rental company and why?Your preferred car rental company and why?
Alamo was the pits historically. But since they were taken over by Enterprise, quite a few years ago, they are the ones to go with. Enterprise group of companies has a very good customer service... (148 replies)
01:00 AM
FIRST POST 19 Feb 18 09:27 PM by Katnic1 - I am looking at booking some extra legroom seats on the Dreamliner and have the choice of extra space or extra legroom 
One states exit or bulk head seats and the other normal seats with up to 2...Thomson Dreamliner extra leg room seats.
We sat in these 2 years ago well worth the extra few pounds x (15 replies)
12:57 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:01 PM by klairbear - I just watched DISunplugged and they are changing Frozen Sing a Long!! 
They are reducing the jokes and funny bits and focusing more on the songs.  
Gutted, the jokes were the best bit!Frozen Sing a Long
I was just saying to my wife tonight (I've never seen the movie BTW, my wife and kids like it, and I love the ride for the animatronics) that I thought it was rubbish until the last bit when they... (5 replies)
12:56 AM
FIRST POST 17 Feb 18 07:01 PM by johnandmaz - Bit of a left field question but... 
I was just watching a Tim Tracker Video of US where he was watching a street show in US park. It struck me that in all our 27 years of visiting, sadly we've...US & IoA - What do you do to actually enjoy the parks?
Its worth stopping for :) (26 replies)
12:48 AM
FIRST POST 2 Feb 18 07:27 PM by lexie32 - DH and I are having an adult only trip for a week in September and are currently booked into the Naples grand beach resort which does look lovely but slightly remote and we would like to walk out to...Naples hotel choices?
We are staying at the inn on Fifth for 4 nights. We decided against club level as I felt if we paid the extra for it (and it was expensive) we would feel obliged to eat and drink there as it was... (13 replies)
12:48 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:36 PM by DadToThree - I was just examining my sky TV bill - we have the full package with a 50% discount.  
I was a bit surprised to see that at full price Sky Box sets are 38 a month. Theres no way I could justify...Sky TV Box Sets
Yes you're on the half price offer and savvy with the offers. I find a good trick is when the new offer letter arrives I set a reminder on my phone or tablet for 5 or 6 weeks before it expires to... (8 replies)
12:48 AM
FIRST POST 17 Feb 18 12:41 AM by carpozijr - Hi Im looking to book this for May 2018 but no dates are showing beyond March 2018. Would anyone know why? Thank you.Epcot Frozen Dessert Party - May?
Yes it sounds lovely, hopefully we will be able to book :) (4 replies)
12:46 AM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 18 11:23 PM by carpozijr - We are staying onsite for 14 nights.  Checking in on 5 May.  We won't start using our 14 day tickets until 6 May. When we come to book our fastpasses, will we be able to book for our last day (19...FP Booking at 60 days out
Great thank you for this :smile: (2 replies)
12:44 AM
FIRST POST Today 12:10 AM by catlady - Hi, 
My dh and ds are flying out 3 days after dd and myself get to Beach Club. Can they still get the MAGICAL express even though we will have checked in already?  
Dh is thinking of getting the...Magical express question?
Yes its fine. We did it in reverse when 2 of our family had to get an earlier flight home and we stayed on. (3 replies)
12:44 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:15 PM by florida_2012 - We've managed to book ADR's for the five days / nights that we are onsite. Even managed to get a BoG breakfast reservation for the 25th August. 
I have another ADR to make during the following days...180 day ADR rule? Onsite Offsite split
Many thanks. I had misunderstood this completely - I thought we could book 5 days initially then each day on a rolling basis. Obs not ☺️ Presumably the 180+ rule even when staying partly offsite... (2 replies)
12:42 AM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 18 09:32 AM by avvy-xo - It works out at 80 extra each to add on DC to the seaworld tickets. 
Would you do this? I think its a good price but unsure?Discovery Cove 80 extra pp, would you book?
Hi I am getting around the same price and definitely going to book it. I'm not going to bother with the dolphin swim as have been before and it used up alot of our time in the park. Husband said... (14 replies)
12:34 AM
FIRST POST 19 Feb 18 06:34 PM by Bozza - How often does this happen? 
https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/1055/2c814e695e4ad9.jpgVerandah cheapest of 3 room types
Thanks for correcting me Joa. Ive never booked this way, always chose my own room! So, do peeps that choose the GTY have the ability to request a change if not happy with the alloted room? (3 replies)
12:33 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:17 PM by topazcat - Hi, if i pay for parking at seaworld and then later go to universal, will i have to pay for parking again? thanks for any advice:)Universal/sea world parking
Thanks, its a combined ticket i have as well so i wasnt sure how parking costs worked :/ (5 replies)
Kidd McFluff
12:33 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:19 PM by MamaMia - Hello, I've started my planning but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and wonder if anyone could offer some advice. 
We arrive at CBR on a Wednesday afternoon in August and so far I've planned MK on that...Newbie help please
Hello and welcome! First things first....It's almost impossible not to enjoy yourselves at the wonderful world of Disney. Whatever you end up doing you'll have a great time. There are some... (4 replies)
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