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06:34 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:48 PM by Minnie18 - I am feeling nervous as we have completed several rounds of interviews with production staff and are now waiting to hear if we will be successful on getting on the show. We will be filmed for 2 weeks...Has anyone been on tv?
I would probably feel differently about had I wanted to be on TV but it was one of those thins I was thrust into and at the time my eldest was 7 middle 4 and youngest pretty only a few months... (25 replies)
06:26 PM
06:24 PM
FIRST POST 30 Oct 18 06:51 PM by Susan62 - As Christmas is just over 7 weeks away, I thought it was about the right time to start a new Christmas thread. 
Would anyone like to join in and post any offers that they have found. (In the past I...Christmas 2018 - Bargains/Offers
Double reversible Mickey minnie Christmas bedding 9 ... (444 replies)
FIRST POST 1 Apr 18 02:00 AM by BerkshireBugsy - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    Please feel free to carry on.OK...own up...who was it - the sequel
Are you surprised? I mean look at who started this random thread in the first place! (4,808 replies)
06:16 PM
FIRST POST Today 06:05 PM by buryboy - Hi all 
Not been in the DLP forum for a few years but planning a surprise trip just me and the 2 kids ( 16 and 20 by then ) next June or July  
Want to have a week away but think 3 or 4 days at DLP...Anyone been to parc asterix ? Or other things to do outside of DLP or Paris itself ?
My daughter went on a school trip in year 7 and said it was good fun. Why would you be scared to go to Paris? We had a brilliant day there as part of our Disneyland Paris trip. I think... (1 reply)
06:12 PM
FIRST POST 7 Dec 18 03:49 PM by amicipat - Hi, I hope someone can help. 
We are 2 senior ladies from UK who arrived yesterday and booked into our villa - it is awful we cannot stay and owners' management, whilst agreeing with our opinion of...Help accomodation required now
So sorry not to have updated, and thank you for your kind suggestions and offers. We are home now, but just a quick query, if a villa is advertised with TV's in all rooms, then that is quite... (13 replies)
06:07 PM
FIRST POST 10 Dec 18 08:22 PM by Mexy02 - The kids are dogging me to open the sweets ( as they do every year ) , Ive told them Its not Christmas yet so Im interested when do you open yours?:wavey:  
Ps they will probably come out when...When do you open the roses/quality street ?
Where I work customers bring in "a little something to open at coffee time" during the couple of weeks before Christmas - they are blooming marvellous! Nobody has to, nobody expects it, they have... (57 replies)
06:06 PM
FIRST POST Today 04:42 PM by Tinkerbell - I am once again tentatively thinking about our 40th wedding anniversary in 2020.  DH would not want to stay on site for a full two weeks, however, I would! 
DVC points   September...explain to me please
Thanks guys. Thats very useful in the planning (5 replies)
06:05 PM
FIRST POST Today 05:05 PM by Bigste - Just looking at booking our ADR's for Febuary half term, any idea when the parade is on? Don't want our times to clash. Thanks.Parade times for feb half term?
The main parade should be at 5pm - we always watch it near IASW so are done by 5.10pm (2 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:03 PM by Princess Alison - Im thinking of getting one but there are many different types and models and I wondered if any dibbers could offer advice please! 
Many thanksWhich kithenaid mixer?
I had a whole thread on here on Black Friday trying to decide what colour to go for, it's the toughest choice! :pgig: (12 replies)
06:00 PM
FIRST POST 26 Nov 18 02:05 PM by Stubbs86 - Disneyland have updated the long term ride closure list for 2019 on their website currently going up to September 2019. 
Bear in mind this is just the longer term closures for refurbs etc, this...Long Term Ride Closure List 2019
Yeah i think you're probably right! Works out well for us so I'm happy (although I'd obviously have preferred Phantom Manor to be open like it was supposed to be!) (8 replies)
05:57 PM
FIRST POST Today 05:26 PM by Mr Tom Morrow - Today was our 3yr old Grandsons Nursery School concert. 
The first performance was on Monday and he was a bit reluctant. 
Today my Daughter went to see him. Straight away he spotted her and...Out Of The Mouths Of Children - School Concert
My school did a production of 'Oliver' last year. After the opening song and in a silent moment a colleagues four year old daughter called over very loudly 'Is it over yet, daddy?!' We haven't... (3 replies)
05:54 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:20 AM by Mr Tom Morrow - I ordered a box of Duracell AAA batteries from Amazon. 
Yesterday a parcel arrived from them and when I checked my orders online it said the batteries had been delivered. 
Bit strange that as my...Amazon Delivery - Wrong Item Received.
I ordered a computer game for my son via Prime Now, 2 hour delivery. They turned up with a bag of whiskey! I emailed Amazon who apologised and refunded me. Then an hour later they came back with... (32 replies)
05:52 PM
FIRST POST 7 Nov 18 10:17 PM by Noodlez - ... and terrified, and panicked, and everything else! 
Our contract has now been sent for ROFR, and this is a first for us!  Thank you so much to everyone for all your help.   
I'd love to know...I'm so excited ...
That may be how they do it, but it's unusual. I think others on here have used them, not sure what they did. Problem is if you have to raise a draft via your bank, you may get a worse exchange... (33 replies)
05:50 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:44 AM by Jockey - My DD and I are arriving 2 days before DS and DH sue to school for my DS. I have an annual pass and we have free dining package  - with 14 days tickets  too however was wondering has anyone been able...14 day ticket with free dining early activation.
It doesn't matter as the ticket itself will only actually activate the first time it's used to enter a park, so the ones that aren't used early will just activate as normal when they're first used. (8 replies)
05:49 PM
FIRST POST 6 Dec 18 02:59 AM by YorkshireT - I had two contracts taken ROFR this time. I needed the points for Xmas 2019,  
Finally I got one passed ROFR.overpaid but a lot less than direct. 
I am done now buying DVC. I will enjoy my contracts...Eventually passed
It's always the dilemma Matt. But I look what it would cost me next year in 1 beds at Xmas when there's no free DDP (we are talking silly money, many are $750+ a night) and I think my DVC isn't such... (11 replies)
FIRST POST 12 Dec 18 05:27 PM by Halsteragain - I've had an email exchange with Virgin Atlantic about what happens if we miss our connection at JFK en route to Tampa. 
They are saying that if it's their fault they will of course put us on the...If miss connection virgin say we'll be charged to change ticket.
We go via JFK to Tampa 3 days before you - we have a 4 hr layover but are going with Delta (on Virgin plane LHR - JFK) then Delta to Tampa. What is your layover time? (15 replies)
05:46 PM
FIRST POST Today 05:03 PM by EssexSue - I go to Tesco generally twice a week, approx same time same day. Today I could not believe the car park, absolutely rammed.  I know is Christmas in eleven days but honestly its one day! Who are these...Where did they all come from?
nooooo - I "lost" mine - I'm sure I will be able to find it so there is no point buying another one... is there...;) (7 replies)
05:45 PM
FIRST POST Today 03:38 PM by Andi - I have just noticed that each weekly stay in a deluxe studio concierge level at Jambo House has increased in 2019 by 14 points except at Christmas when it is 21 points. 
It maybe that I haven't...Increase in points at AKL Concierge
Good spot Andy. Will make them MUCH less popular at effectively another 150 a night (assuming points worth $14). You can go out and eat a nice meal for that. What points are you seeing overall?... (2 replies)
05:39 PM
FIRST POST 12 Dec 18 09:23 AM by floridavisitor - So Theresa is going to be "voted on" tonight, result will be known before the 10 o'clock news shows. 
Irresponsible to impose this uncertainty on the country at this time in my view.New PM
Qualified people can't generally afford the pay cut. (369 replies)
05:39 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:19 PM by Bluegirl5353 - Hi Dibbers,  
Please could someone recommend which company is best to book a throwaway hotel night at Universal so we can get the early entry and fast pass options. We went in Aug this year and it...Booking a Universal hotel for the early entry & fast pass
as above will be an expensive "throw away" as an example club level for 2 nights last August 2017, was @650 for one room imo early entry is negated by the all day FOLP... (7 replies)
05:34 PM
FIRST POST 26 May 18 08:51 AM by DisneyDaffodil - I know there are a few of us on here planning university open days with our 17/18 year olds soon so I thought a thread to chat about them may be useful.  
My 17 yo DD is thinking of studying...University visits
What fabulous news! You must all be delighted! (905 replies)
05:30 PM
FIRST POST 12 Oct 18 07:26 PM by shirley - I have copied and pasted last years points, with a change of last day for receiving parcels.  I am away for a few days, later in the week so wont start giving out names until the 22ns October but...Secret Santa 2018
Just got home - not had anything today either Shirley. X x (317 replies)
05:29 PM
FIRST POST Today 05:29 PM by toffiness - Can you walk from here to the airport? We normally stay at the Holiday Inn express which is practically joint onto the airport but we are too early for breakfast anyway and Premier is coming up...Premier Inn Glasgow Airport
Can you walk from here to the airport? We normally stay at the Holiday Inn express which is practically joint onto the airport but we are too early for breakfast anyway and Premier is coming up... (New Thread)
05:28 PM
FIRST POST 20 Aug 18 06:17 PM by EmmaBolan - I know they aren't on sale yet, but at the moment I'm looking at either the first two weeks of Oct, or the last week & first week of Nov.  
How do people find the price of flights around these...October 2019 Flights
British airways. Its a long journey from Inverness via London and Philadelphia but at that price I really dont mind! (193 replies)
05:20 PM
FIRST POST Today 07:13 AM by gjdjud - The name has been rumoured for a while but apparently the name got leaked yesterday and it will be called Universals Fantastic Worlds. There was a very grainy picture with the leak but Mario featured...New Universal Park name leaked?
is this destined for the land they bought recently away from the other 2 parks?/ (5 replies)
05:16 PM
FIRST POST Today 05:16 PM by YorkshireT - Over on DVC News, a lot of photos. 
Well, I like it, think it looks great and quite luxurious. Cannot wait to stay when done.More photos of Saratoga refurb
Over on DVC News, a lot of photos. Well, I like it, think it looks great and quite luxurious. Cannot wait to stay when done. (New Thread)
05:15 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:53 AM by FamilyGWales - It's very cold and frosty today. Having a nose out the window watched a dad walk his kids to school.  
He was walking with purpose, head down shoulders up. Older daughter weighted down under the...Make life more interesting. Be 4 for a day.
What a lovely idea! (7 replies)
FIRST POST Today 04:11 PM by act1980 - Anyone eaten here? I've seen it a few times over various visits but not made it in. How's the food in this particular one? I'd like to take my Dad there as he like his beer and I know they have a...Millers Ale House - Champions Gate
Eaten dinner here a few times and would recommend it, it does fill up fast as it is popular so if you are not going early you may have to wait for a table. Steve (3 replies)
05:12 PM
FIRST POST 5 Dec 18 02:30 PM by HFJohnson - I'm thinking this would be a nice project in the run up to Christmas but I've never tried it before. Does anyone have any tips? Some websites recommend a foam base while others use wire bases and...Has anyone made their own Christmas wreath?
Wow! All these wreaths are amazing. Congratulations to you all. (25 replies)
05:09 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:22 AM by spencem - Day 8 October 12th 2018 
Sad, sad day today, we were checking out and going home, but on the plus side our flight wasnt scheduled to depart until 23:45 tonight so we had a full day in the parks...Stranger Trip, The Report. Day 8, MK, Hollywood Studios and travelling home.
Thank you for reading along and taking the time to comment. (4 replies)
05:08 PM
FIRST POST 4 Dec 18 11:39 PM by spencem - Day 7 October 11th 2018 
After our less than fruitful shopping trip to Disney Springs the other night we realised that the only way we would get the t-shirts we wanted was to return to Animal...Stranger Trip, The Report. Day 7, AK, Epcot meeting friends and Epcot again.
Thanks, it was a good day. The food tasted great. (4 replies)
05:07 PM
FIRST POST 24 Nov 18 12:23 PM by spencem - Day 6 October 11th 2018 
There had been a change to The Plan a couple of weeks before we came out, with Epcot being added for this morning.  I had been looking in vain for Fastpasses for either...Stranger Trip, The Report. Day 6, Epcot and HHN.
HHN is fantastic, I hope you'll get to it one day. (5 replies)
05:07 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:39 PM by RickT - https://news.sky.com/story/revealed-how-much-it-will-cost-to-travel-to-the-eu-after-brexit-11580454 
Millions of Britons travelling to the EU will have to pay 7 (6.29) for visa-free travel from...We have the ESTA, now the ETIAS
As I said above. They do charge them. Unfortunately, they are not always successful at recovering that money. It's already law that they should charge non-UK residents using the NHS. So I don't... (23 replies)
05:05 PM
05:04 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:51 PM by novocastrian - Talking to a customer earlier and he asked when our 'do' was, he was quite shocked when i explained we dont have one as we cant justify the expense to the powers that be.... 
for background i work...Christmas Do's - or lack of them
When it comes to work parties we get well looked after! We have a Christmas party each year paid for by the boss and he hosts a party at his home for all staff in the summer. (53 replies)
05:04 PM
FIRST POST 12 Nov 18 11:22 PM by spencem - Day 4 October 9th 2018 
Today The Plan said we should have a lazy morning followed by an afternoon and evening in Animal Kingdom finishing by seeing Rivers of Light.  Well that went wrong twice,...Stranger Trip, The Report. Day 4, AK and riding FoP.
Thanks, Pandora is amazing, try to see it at night as well as in the daytime. (9 replies)
05:02 PM
FIRST POST 1 Nov 18 12:58 AM by spencem - Day 3 October 8th 2018 
Todays plan had us going to Hollywood Studios for rope drop in order to ride Slinky Dog, with a set of Fastpasses for the rest of the morning and then a nap and then...Stranger Trip, The Report. Day 3, HS and MNSSHP.
The parties are well worth the extra money in our opinion, they are a great night out. (8 replies)
05:01 PM
FIRST POST 17 Jan 18 12:37 PM by x_Ange_x - Hi  
can you recommend any Vloggers to watch? 
We love Tim Tracker and what I like about him is that he shows a bit of everything not just the standard theme park stuff. 
My GS6 is coming with...Vloggers
they have just posted on instagram saying they've had a hard year and had to step away from social media - but are now back and planning on vlogging their next trip (169 replies)
05:01 PM
FIRST POST 25 Oct 18 09:52 PM by spencem - Day 2 October 7th 2018 
Today did not start well, it started far too early for a start with me waking up in the early hours with a bad head.  Some pain killers were found and taken and I went back...Stranger Trip, The Report. Day 2, AK, a bad head and MK.
Travel shock can certainly knock you back, but sadly this was my normal migraine coming on holiday with me. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as it can be and I got back out later in the day. (11 replies)
05:00 PM
FIRST POST 20 Oct 18 12:27 PM by spencem - Day 1 October 6th 2018 
I guess as many people do Id better start this on the day before, day 0 if you will.  I got home at a reasonable time for once on the Friday to find Julia had everything...Stranger Trip, The Report. Day 1, Getting There.
The resort and our apartment were lovely. To be fair to the salesperson on the night he did stop once I told him my status, the one on the phone a couple of days later took a bit more getting rid of. (15 replies)
05:00 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:24 PM by lesleykrystal - Hi, 
Does anyone know whether you can use a dash cam in a rental car in Florida.  Looking to take one with us in October but cant seem to find out if they are legal to use.Dash Cams
Because I own a good dash cam and not a go pro. Plus despite all the insurance, there's still value in a dashcam in proving all kinds of legal liability. (4 replies)
florida girl
04:59 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:52 AM by taylaboo - For anyone interested we just got our 4 rooms booked for 34.50 per room for our pre flight night next October. 😁Premier Inn Gatwick
We got the PI North for 35 for March a couple of months ago 😊😊 (9 replies)
04:59 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:11 PM by Pans - Apologies if this has been asked before. We have free dining for our trip next year. I have checked MDE and we all seem to be set up ok. I can see our tickets with the dining package included. My...How does your dining package link to MDE?
It will also show on your MDE account - this is mostly reliable, we had a delay with the snacks showing correctly though. But both QS and TS credits were instantly correct. But booking your ADRs... (6 replies)
04:59 PM
FIRST POST Today 04:12 PM by Jan - We have seen these driving round our area with the word surveying on the side and a notice on the rear. I am wondering if it could have something to do with Google Earth.  Any ideas?A couple of small white vans.....
Definitely not Google! (5 replies)
04:55 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:51 PM by ziggyzag - So mad right now, about an hour ago I get a phone call from the school to say my daughter had fallen in the play ground and twisted her arm between some railings, first aiders had looked at her, she...Dreaded phone call from the school
shocking but also a massive breach of confidentiality about a pupils welfare... for clarity do the girls have the same full name or surname? either way still shocking admin, imagine if we were... (9 replies)
04:46 PM
FIRST POST Today 12:44 PM by SimonB - Im not a Sunderland fan but enjoy watching these fly on the wall documentaries. Loved the one on Amazon about Man City. 
This one is now available on Netflix from today.Sunderland till I die - Netflix
oh no it isnt................ :grin: (4 replies)
04:45 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:10 PM by Hollie04 - I have booked through BA and picked group D because group E looked to be the same as Alamos small SUV option. Ive just read the FAQs here and discovered that its actually the same as a standard. ...Avis group D car through BA
You most probably know this already, the Ford Escape they mention is the same as the Ford Kuga in the U.K. so you could go into your local Ford dealer to see the space in the back. Glad you got... (3 replies)
04:38 PM
FIRST POST Today 11:54 AM by till - Hi, we arrived last night and picked our car up at avis we booked through BA and had our car voucher to give them, they didn't even look at it, he gave us a long cardboard receipt that said $589...Help please avis car hire
I had the same this Oct and wasted over an hour on returning the car getting it all sorted. Sorted in the end but was a huge hassle for the lady in the kiosk as she ended up having to cancel the... (5 replies)
04:26 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:19 PM by 2littleboys - I have been notified this morning that there is an article in my local newspaper this morning about me and it seems it has been submitted by my ex-employer. 
I worked for a charity for 3 years and...Newspaper Article - Permission
Theres quite a bit of grey around it and it gets interpreted differently but we wouldnt do that. We would come to you and ask if we can use the same photo for a new purpose and get you to sign a... (25 replies)
04:16 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:35 PM by fantasy - Hi  
We can get cheap flights to Alicante for a weekend in July. Always go easyJet. RA have best price but worried after last years flights they just cancelled.  
Anyone fly regularly and can give...Ryan air
flew to dublin with them for a lads trip for 11 quid.. cant go wrong but to be honest but for a family holiday (where everything else is geared around getting there the day we want etc etc) in all... (7 replies)
04:15 PM
FIRST POST 25 Sep 18 01:05 PM by louiseybobs - Hi everyone! I'm organising a trip to Paris for our running group, Run To The Magic have started taking bookings for next year but the only problem I can see is they want full payment by December...Run Disney Paris 2019
I booked through Magic Breaks: 2 Adults Thur-Mon Sequoia Lodge Half board 5 days park tickets 2 10k bibs 1250 I paid 199 deposit and the full balance is due 12 weeks before. It's a surprise... (58 replies)
04:13 PM
FIRST POST 11 Dec 18 09:19 AM by kc1 - For those who have an Alexa and little ones get the kids to ask Alexa how many sleeps till Christmas and see what happens 🎄🎅Alexa - for the little ones
My kids are loving doing this. (14 replies)
04:06 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:54 AM by 2littleboys - I have been contacted by the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 and asked to take part in a show next week.  
Anyone ever done this, Im worried to say yes as I might totally fluff it and be full of ahs...Anyone ever been on the Radio?
Quite a few times either in studios, on the phone or via Skype if its in the States. Just be yourself, relax, I always treat it as a conversation with friends over a brew. Good luck (23 replies)
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