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FIRST POST 1 Oct 23 03:40 PM by Claudette - The Disney bubble that is!  Yes for the first time ever, Nev and I will not be spending our entire time on a Disney (or Universal) property.  Although as will be revealed in a moment, we are not... Claudette and Nev burst the bubble! - NOW LIVE!
Your steak looks really good, in fact your full meal looks great, and a reasonable price as well. Itís not on my list but I think if I could get a lounge booking I would just to go and see it.
FIRST POST Today 06:57 PM by Tinks2014 - Had an interview for a job on Tuesday. Found out today I got the job. Office based mon-fri, no working weekends or bank holidays or silly hours.Have been working in our supermarket for over 18 years... So excited New year new job ..
Oh how fantastic !! Well done 👏👏👏😁
09:52 PM · Post #6 by Stitchesmumanddad · General Chat
FIRST POST 28 Feb 18 02:00 AM by nutsydownunder - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free... Game... Keep One, Drop One
Guest list
09:50 PM · Post #20915 by Looby123 · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:16 PM by jdybnsn - We've recently got new tenants - nice couple - both reasonably paid jobs. Youngish - in their late 20's. The rental is next door to us so easy to keep an eye on. 
However, we already seem to have... Tenants Not Putting Heating On
Landlord here. You are running into danger by preventing the tenants from having quiet enjoyment of the property. Living so close, watching their hearing "emmissions", speaking to neighbours. ...
09:50 PM · Post #41 by Stitchesmumanddad · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 11:08 AM by cornishfrogboy - 
A very sad day. I grew up with the wise words and leadership of this, great man. Henry Kissinger passes away aged 100.
There was something of a myth to the man. Thatís not quite correct, there had been calls for him to face war crimes. It was his direct involvement in the secret bombing of neutral Cambodia which...
09:44 PM · Post #4 by Manny Haines · General Chat
FIRST POST 26 Nov 23 06:45 PM by walt4it - Anyone is welcome to play :wave:If you haven't played before the rules are as below:- 
Its very easy :erm:and here is a very brief rundown of how it works. 
If, for example, Luton are playing Man... The Award Winning Dibb Prediction League...Week 14 Fixtures
Arsenal 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 Brentford 2 Luton Town 0 Burnley 2 DOUBLE POINTS Sheffield United 0 Nottingham Forest 1
09:44 PM · Post #7 by Manc_Chris · Sport
FIRST POST Today 09:43 PM by Bevawelly - Hi all, 
Can anyone recommend some sweet treats at the following parks: 
Six Flags over Georgia 
Busch Gardens 
Ma favourite types of snacks are usually bakery - brownies, cinnamon... Non Disney/Universal Theme Park Sweet Snack Recommendations
Hi all, Can anyone recommend some sweet treats at the following parks: Six Flags over Georgia Dollywood Busch Gardens Ma favourite types of snacks are usually bakery - brownies, cinnamon...
09:43 PM · New Thread by Bevawelly · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST 27 Nov 23 08:22 PM by PinkPrincess84 - Has anyone seen/heard anything to suggest when or if this will be returningÖ.always enjoyed breakfast here 1900 park fareÖany update?
Sheíd been testing the Ďdrink meí bottle 😆
FIRST POST Today 09:37 PM by louiseybobs - So a car which was supposed to follow the road markings and come off onto an expressway suddenly changed her mind and swerved right and clipped the back of our car as we were in the over taking lane... Small car accident
From what you describe she is at fault as you would not be going right from her lane
09:41 PM · Post #2 by lizzie145 · General Chat
FIRST POST 14 Nov 23 06:50 PM by Mr Andy - Hello All 
So myself and my mother are off to Orlando, Florida on 27/11/2023 flying with BA from Gatwick direct. 
We have 11 nights booked staying offsite near Vineland on South International... MrAndy and mother Orlando offsite trip with 10% tipping
Day 4 (Part 1) A beautiful sunny morning as we opened the curtains today. We started the day with cereal and fruit in the room and then showered and headed straight to Universal for our 2nd day of...
FIRST POST 4 Sep 23 10:35 PM by Moles Family - Evening all 
Just looking for advice 
So our return flight from MCO -LGW on the 2nd BA2036 (8:50pm) was cancelled. 
We were offered an indirect flight the same night which went to Dallas with a... Claim with BA for cancelled flight
We put in a claim about 9 weeks ago for a flight delay (fault in the communication system) which caused us to miss our connecting flight so flew a day later. Hadnít heard anything by last week so...
09:39 PM · Post #137 by Lell · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 7 Oct 23 12:12 PM by Alfiesmum - Looking for recommendations for an overview stay at or near Manchester Airport for next August. We want to do Twilight checkin so easy access to T2 and back to the hotel the night before is a must!... Manchester Airport Hotels
Yes the rooms are nice, plenty of room for one night and was quiet enough for us. We have always stopped at the premier inns previously but the HI will be our first choice now. It's about a 10 minute...
09:38 PM · Post #26 by elmspenguin · Accommodation
FIRST POST 26 Nov 23 10:21 AM by act1980 - Morning all! 
Bit of a dilemma but if I make these changes to my flights I will save 54k air milesÖ 
Weíre currently flying out to Tampa on Good Friday in PE. I canít amend my flights on the same... Would you do this?
This is my DH too. I would bet my savings if you asked him our travel dates, he couldnít even get the month right :pgig:
09:33 PM · Post #40 by LiquidSunshine · Trip Planning Florida
BA started arrivals from 21st September. 
First dibb member due in through MCO TC is...... MCO Terminal C Reports - PLEASE KEEP THIS CONCISE THANKS (EDITED)
I have not read the other answersÖ. My daughter flew into Terminal C off the London Gatwick Norse flight. She saidÖ.. Her three large suitcases were off in decent time and first. Moral for Norse....
09:31 PM · Post #981 by scoobydooby · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 08:27 PM by Zodilocks1 - Iíve been looking through some of the posts about booking car hire without a credit card but the posts are from a while ago. 
I have a visa debit card and was wondering if this will be sufficient for... Car hire without credit card
I wound NEVER travel overseas without a credit card! I always err on the side of caution and have one or two just in case of any unexpected emergency. My partner also has a couple as well for an...
09:30 PM · Post #6 by Fanofdisney · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST Today 08:00 PM by Jan - We have an over-bath shower in a tiny bathroom. One side of the bath has a rail and shower curtain. The other two sides have tiled walls but the problem is not too bad there. We try to keep the walls... Trying to prevent mould on bathroom walls
Second this.
09:24 PM · Post #5 by Anne · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 09:00 PM by mskitty - Hello all you lovely people in my phone. 
DS is applying for music courses (BTEC using Rock School syllabus) for 6th form and he needs to prepare 2 contrasting pieces for his audition.  
He plays... Songs for college audition
The best of luck to him 👍🏻
09:24 PM · Post #5 by HORSE · General Chat
FIRST POST 21 Mar 23 08:26 PM by stanleycamel - :spin: For any Dibbers wanting to check on their flights this is the information that you need to use:- 
Flight number 
Departure and arrival airports 
as it really helps when checking... Is My Flight Full 13th Birthday Edition 21/3/2023
Sorry Julie but as in your previous request the inbound EI 34 is now under Aer Lingus control so the GDS systems do not show seating occupancy (EI work slightly differently to other airlines in...
09:23 PM · Post #1247 by stanleycamel · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:53 AM by cornishfrogboy - Guten Morgen, meine kleine Dibb Auslander Freunde! 
There! That was a surprising, cosmopolitan and possibly unique beginning to a DIBB trip report.. and the surprises will simply keep on coming in... CFB rejoins the EU (temporarily) for Berlin Christmas Marketing.. and other stuff.
Looking forward to reading along. We have been to Berlin twice on a city break,and have really enjoyed it. We always go in February half term so it will be good to read what it is like over the...
09:20 PM · Post #32 by Jessie2012 · General Trip Reports
FIRST POST 27 Dec 21 04:10 PM by Loftus - Having found out about this through an online article just before Christmas I'm now doing this daily word puzzle. Is anyone else? 
Annoying there's only one a day, but it's probably a good thing... Wordle - Anyone else
Wordle 894 3/6 ⬜⬜⬜🟨🟨 🟨⬜🟨🟩⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
09:18 PM · Post #18101 by Lell · General Chat
FIRST POST 3 Dec 22 05:08 PM by Libby - As a child I was always excited when the Christmas TV listing magazines came out.  We didn't buy them the rest of the year, but at Christmas we'd buy both the Radio and TV Times as we needed both... Christmas Radio Times - do you buy one?
Used to but not know
09:14 PM · Post #18 by cartoonp · Polls
FIRST POST Today 04:01 PM by MENTALMUM - Looking to have a few nights in St Augustines next March, been all over Florida but never to this area. Hoping there may be a few Dibbers who have visited and can give me recommendations or ideas... St. Augustines
Love the sound of this, will definitely have a look x
09:11 PM · Post #7 by MENTALMUM · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 01:37 PM by Colette-S - Reports that Shane McGowan has died aged 65. Very sad 
Think we can guess what will be Christmas number 1 Shane McGowan
Love The Pogues. First band I ever saw, always my favourite. Love Sally MacLennane, Broad Majestic Shannon, Transmetrapolitan and the brilliant Bottle of Smoke. Weird how many of...
09:02 PM · Post #20 by vowels · General Chat
FIRST POST 19 Nov 23 10:03 PM by Geordie Al - Well hello again fellow Dibbers, as the title suggests we have been back to Orlando for another visit. YAAY! I must apologise for the delay in getting around to doing the report but don't seem to... Food... I am your father! Return to the dockside. Offsite food report. September...
DAY ONE SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 IHOP INTERNATIONAL DRIVE PANDA EXPRESS UNIVERSAL CITYWALK Elaine and I were up early as expected on the Sunday and were eventually joined by Steph and Matt. So...
FIRST POST Today 07:21 PM by dizzymcfarlane - any one any helpful suggestions.    Normal ones arenít comfy he says.    Someone has suggested crocs or fit flops but Iím not sure theyíd work.   Thanks. Slippers for plantar fasciitis
I have lined crocs at the moment and fitflop slippers and both are excellent
08:57 PM · Post #9 by Alices Aunt · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:57 PM by BevS97 - I've seen a cruise on Celebrity Constellation with an itinerary I like but I'm not sure about the ship.  
  It seems a challenge to find the best right ship and itinerary!  
Has anyone sailed on... Anyone cruised on Celebrity Constellation?
My preference is also for the newer, bigger ships, but sometimes the itinerary wins! My last Alaskan cruise was with RCI but on a very dated older ship - still had a fab time as it was the scenery...
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:11 AM by Picklepuppy - Weíre booked to go to Caribbean beach for 3 weeks in August. We got the spending money deal and got $2350 in spending money. Weíve got our Disney tickets, our universal tickets, our discovery cove... Not feeling it
Sorry to hear about your illness, I totally agree with you and have been saying so for a while. A poster said earlier they had just got back from their first time and had been dreading it due to...
08:49 PM · Post #38 by Nanna Frozen · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 08:09 PM by Lisbon - Macdonalds - never had to wait so long when it wasnt self serve  
Crackerbarrel - hadnt eaten there for years but was pleasantly surprised 
Dennys - the philly melt has gone from the menu but still... Our view on places to eat
We were maybe just unlucky on our last trip then, the previous meal had been really good. We found the cost of eating out had risen quite a bit on our last trip. We had a really good meal at...
FIRST POST Today 08:21 PM by vampiress88 - So we are all sat in the kitchen, kids are having pudding, Iím trying to get warm by radiator and hubby is installing a game.  
All of a sudden the Apple home pod starts playing. Hubbys like have... Technology doing weird things 🤪
A glitch in the Matrix?
08:37 PM · Post #2 by grumpybri · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 03:22 PM by Disney_time - So we had our outdoor sockets fitted yesterday and got our lights all ready. Except they all have huge transformers on the plugs, so they won't fit in the cover on the outdoor socket. 
Looks as if... First World problem! Outdoor lights.
They will fit inside most weatherproof boxes if you angle them a little
08:37 PM · Post #5 by m84ourlife · Christmas
FIRST POST Today 12:22 PM by arial - Does anyone have any thoughts on preference between a resort studio or studio when renting DVC points at Grand Floridian? I presume the difference is location but not entirely sure where they each... Grand Floridian renting DVC points - Studio or Resort Studio
Besides location the resort studios are larger and have two proper beds rather than a bed and a pull down murphy bed. The deluxe studio has a kitchenette while the resort studio is more like a hotel...
08:21 PM · Post #5 by shelle · Accommodation
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:15 PM by themacfamily - We last went to Orlando in May 2022 and paid $700 for an intermediate SUV for 16 days through DFCH. That price seemed really high compared to what we've been used to in the past and everyone said it... Why is car hire so expensive now?
Prices do change quite a bit. I think around 8-9 months before trip prices come down. We were looking at £1000+ for pretty much anything, but managed to book Premium Elite SUV for 18 days for £600.
08:21 PM · Post #22 by Ritz · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST 17 May 23 06:27 PM by Noodle500 - Hi open days for 2024 are stepping up for June and DS has booked a couple with a view for going to Uni in 2024. 
He's also booked a taster day for engineering. 
It's the same week as his mocks but... University class of 2024
Yay, 1st offer yesterday from Leicester for Physics with Space Science:grin:
08:08 PM · Post #70 by Noodle500 · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 08:08 PM by norwell - When checking in to Disney Resort and the room isínt ready can you leave groceries and alcohol with your luggage?  We are moving from a villa and have quite a lot of stuff left and not sure to take... Leaving groceries with luggage
When checking in to Disney Resort and the room isínt ready can you leave groceries and alcohol with your luggage? We are moving from a villa and have quite a lot of stuff left and not sure to take...
08:08 PM · New Thread by norwell · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 10 Nov 23 05:06 PM by 2waterford - I have 164 BCV points available to rent @ £16 per point, bookings can be made up until October 2024 164 points @ BCV. £16 p.p
Hi If you have enough points left, we are interested in booking a studio at BCV from 15 October 2024 for 6 nights (110 points I think). We have rented DVC points on the Dibb previously, for our...
08:08 PM · Post #17 by Gabsnoot · DVC Points Available for Rent
FIRST POST 24 Nov 23 03:29 PM by corrinda - Iím actually freezing in Florida lol first time in thirty years of coming I had my long coat on but still having fun xx Freezing
It's strange but I can happily do 3-4 nights at DLP in the depths of winter, wrapped up in layers to the eyeballs - but I'd hate it being cold at WDW :d:
08:06 PM · Post #72 by MrsBC · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 14 Nov 23 07:05 PM by YLL - I find this new word game very addictive - give it a try! Pyramid Scheme - the new Wordle?
I solved the Nov 30, 2023 Pyramid Scheme in 3m 14s!
07:59 PM · Post #182 by simmofamily · General Chat
FIRST POST 10 Sep 23 04:23 PM by Hallowishes - Hi everyone, does anyone have any idea of what water park 
Might be open the end of October and November? I know itís usually just the one if they are doing maintenance on one but Iím not sure which... Anyone have an idea what Water park might be open end of Oct/beg. Of November?
We were at Blizzard Beach 3rd week of November , grey drizzly day - it was fantastic , about 100 people there . The lifeguards said the last week of TL had been crazy busy compared to the now...
07:58 PM · Post #10 by Lisbon · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST Today 07:38 PM by Bootrip2 - I need to do a photo gift, either calender or book for someone with deteriorating sight, just looking for advice really- do I need a contrast background? Going for a4 size, also will gloss or Matt... Photo gifts for limited sight
I need to do a photo gift, either calender or book for someone with deteriorating sight, just looking for advice really- do I need a contrast background? Going for a4 size, also will gloss or Matt...
07:38 PM · New Thread by Bootrip2 · Additional Support Needs & DAS
FIRST POST 26 Nov 23 09:12 PM by fizzypop - Does anyone know of any nice restaurants in maidstone please? I donít know the area but looking to buy a voucher for my sister and BIL but I havenít got a clue.  
Thanks Nice Restaurants in/near Maidstone
I think the potting shed is dreadful. The pub food in there before it was ďmums who lunchedĒ was excellent.
07:29 PM · Post #9 by Nomis · General Chat
FIRST POST 8 Oct 23 06:59 AM by gjdjud - I absolutely love the US version of this show. Iíve pretty much watched every season of this, not available in the UK so always have to find other ways to see it;) Me and my youngest daughter watch... Survivor is coming back!
Iím really glad the did the Survivor auction. They did miss a trick by not having mystery items. On last weeks US version something that was hidden under a klosh that was bid for turned out to be...
07:28 PM · Post #21 by gjdjud · TV and Film
FIRST POST Today 07:19 PM by corrinda - Can you return here for when we landed had to pick hire car from b  which was a nightmare for 13 people on tram and cases Terminal c
Thankyou would be so much easier
07:27 PM · Post #3 by corrinda · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:42 PM by iLaura - I feel like my life has crashed and burned since we came back from holiday.  
We found out my sister in laws cancer has returned and spread into her spine. Itís now a case of being managed rather... Living a nightmare
Iím so sorry to hear this. What an awful time for you all. Sending you great big virtual hugs. Be kind to yourself xxx
07:27 PM · Post #36 by Floridadreams · General Chat
FIRST POST 10 Nov 23 10:48 PM by mollybogle - Good first episode For All Mankind is back
Started watching the series the other weekend. Really enjoying it, already on season 3.
07:24 PM · Post #7 by Fanofdisney · TV and Film
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:34 PM by adz_jh - Thought this may be useful and help save a few ££ possibly, I've got a trip coming up in Feb and are doing the usual daily checks on car hire prices and today Sixt seem to have dropped a fair bit. Up... Sixt price drop...
I have heard many good things about sixt, they tend to use the German brands for there flirts with is a big plus, there prices do go up and down but I got a great deal for next May so snapped it up
07:16 PM · Post #14 by Orlandoguy · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:18 AM by orlandoN21 - Hi...has anyone got a menu for Virgin Upper from LHR to MCO in December please? Thanks 😀 Virgin Upper menu LHR to MCO
The smell of fish makes me feel sick at the best of times 🤮🤮. I guess it will be the chicken for me and hope that no one close by decides they want trout.
07:15 PM · Post #20 by walden64 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:27 PM by lam - Just wondering, can I bring cadburys selection boxes to usa if they don't sell them in Orlando? I thought they're quite strict about bringing in some foods Inc chocolate.we don't have a car so will... Xmas Selection Box
You can def take chocolate not sure why you think you couldnít so go for it
07:13 PM · Post #8 by Orlandoguy · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 01:51 PM by scooby99 - BA CW menu to Tampa today
I tried the chicken dish on my Oct trip, it was ok eat about half of it he gave up went had my pret sandwich instead
07:13 PM · Post #11 by Orlandoguy · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 08:33 AM by Dazed - I will preface his by saying that I am an honest person and only want to do the right thing. I have hardly slept all night as I am worried sick and donít know the best thing to do. 
My 18 year old... Car Accident Advice please - what do I do? Updated post #27
I didnít see your comment but I know it would have been well intentioned 😊 When my other sons car was hit last week the police were called, attended and took statements. Apparently if there are no...
06:58 PM · Post #30 by Dazed · General Chat
FIRST POST 5 Apr 18 02:00 AM by cartoonp - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    Please feel free to carry on. So I told my girlfriend
If anybody knows of any lonely old people who will be eating Christmas dinner alone because they have no family or close friends, could they please let me know. I need to borrow some chairs.
06:35 PM · Post #970 by 51-a- good year · General Chat
FIRST POST 28 Nov 23 01:37 PM by cantwait2011 - We begrudgingly used Genie+ last year in August as we thought it would be useful with the crowds, and i guess it was but it was also v v expensive! 
Next trip is Sept '24, and im wondering if... Genie+ still a thing?
Imagine having to book a pass for certain shops at the WDW parks? Maybe that's what Disney should consider next - paid ILLS to enter the Emporium or the Creations Shop. :d: :grin:
06:34 PM · Post #29 by Nimbus · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 06:33 PM by spencem - Day 11, Wednesday September 13th.  Epcot and Hollywood Studios 
We had another slow start today after our 2am finish at MNSSHP last night and, again Iíd gone for the big green pills last night. ... Thanks Ian, Day11, Epcot and Hollywood Studios
We were out of the park about 3:50 and back at the hotel by 4:15, which was late for us. We woke up about an hour later to find the room with no power. A quick explore revealed that our whole floor...
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:43 AM by Loulou127 - Apparently the Dutch edition has had to be pulled from sale as it includes the name of the Royal who questioned the colour of Archieís skin - oops Omid Scobieís new book
Fair enough, she should have trusted Harryís take on it and if she did feel there was racism going on held her tongue until she got some stronger evidence. What is annoying is all the media...
06:25 PM · Post #35 by Norah22 · General Chat
FIRST POST 16 Nov 23 12:35 PM by barbie5 - We are looking at two celebrity cruises for next year (booked onboard our recent cruise so needs to be celebrity) 
The choices are  from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale October 23 on the Apex (which... Can't Decide between 2 celebrity cruises.
Thank you all, we are still torn but edging towards Southampton as the dates fit better for us. Christine

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