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FIRST POST 19 Feb 21 11:35 AM by munmun - I guess they are right when they say 'you dont appreciate what you have till its gone' 
I am missing the light hearted and amusing side to the forum.  I have backed off a bit myself so can... Missing the light hearted
Regarding Mh - I think he has received a few week ban if the Dibb do that kind of thing We will hopefully see him log back on when that time is up
07:44 PM · Post #59 by aqualiv · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 07:16 PM by Button17 - Is it legal to share a car with my parents to go on a 2 hour journey (4 hour round trip) to attend a funeral? 
Sadly my Uncle passed away of Covid last week and his funeral is in a couple of weeks.... Lift sharing for a funeral
Thank you xx
07:44 PM · Post #6 by Button17 · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 12:34 PM by shirley - My friend is working at our local gym with jabs, seeminly the odd person  is refusing the Oxford jab, wanting the Pyzar (sp) instead!!!!  Has a year in lockdown not been hard enough without fussing... Refusing Oxford jab!!!
I am 67 and had the AZ and was fine ! Now Iím reading that if you donít get symptoms you arenít developing the antibodies so havenít got the same efficacy. Thatís how this entire vaccine is being...
07:44 PM · Post #33 by CarolynU · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 07:39 PM by Katenbeth - And no one really knows why. It is a story from a few weeks ago, but Iíve only just picked up on it. 
I suppose the reasons could be many, but are they seeing something unusual. India cases fall 90%
Herd immunity? They always seemed close to each other..... Disney332
07:43 PM · Post #2 by disney332 · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 10 Feb 21 11:15 AM by adamtoonarmy - So which highly rated Disney restaurants didnt you like and which less popular restaurants did you love 
I will go first 
I thought Boma was awful and vastly overpriced even for Disney 
Also... Restaurants the Wrong Way Around
Everyone always seems to rave about Mama Melrose, but we've not eaten there since 2011 - our experience was horrific. 90 minute wait, terrible wine, luke warm food. No ta. Via Napoli also always...
FIRST POST Today 09:59 AM by gjdjud - Sorry if this should be in the current issues forum but I'm avoiding it!  
Disney have updated their policy regarding face masks. They must now even be worn at table while dining. They can only be... Face masks now to be worn at the table in Disney Restaurants
You just have to hope your food comes out quick then if you donít like wearing the mask ;)
FIRST POST 22 Feb 21 02:42 PM by Nicksgirl - We have our usual cottage booked for our Norfolk Doggy holiday in April, I so hope we get there.  Italy in June..... is a hope so but will they let us travel.   
So I thought get in early and book... Cottages in the UK... How Much ?
We stayed in a nice cottage in Whitby last September. It sleeps 6, 3 bathrooms and one of the bedrooms has an en suite wet room and is on the ground floor. Small enclosed patio and they allow two...
07:42 PM · Post #14 by borntoshop · UK Holiday Planning
FIRST POST Today 04:13 PM by vowels - I have just read a report that a retiring Commissioner, Afron Jones, is calling for controlled amounts of cannabis to be given to prisoners to help stem the drug problem in our jails. 
... Would legalising drugs help resolve this social ill?
In my opinion, no. There will always be black market commodities and those who want to profit from them and exploit others. If it wasn't drugs, it would be something else. As to the article,...
07:42 PM · Post #6 by skalexander · General Chat
FIRST POST 25 Feb 21 11:03 PM by Unforgiven - Very tempted for a 2 week trip in July/August 2021, am I mad? 
Have been called up for my jab next week so will have had at least one if not both jabs by then. 
What do you think? Am I an idiot for going August 2021?
Our family is hoping for an August holiday over there and Iíve just booked flights for 14 of us for 4 weeks from 24 July.
07:41 PM · Post #32 by SteveC · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 04:47 PM by stecee - Following on from Loopyloolooís visit to Sutton Hoo I thought Iíd post some photos of the local walk we did this afternoon to Worsley. 
Worsley is the home to the first canal built in the UK, the... My local area.
I suggested a walk round here to Joan this morning. ;) Mick
07:40 PM · Post #6 by mick · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:47 PM by maidmarian - We all do!  🤞 
If we all try and stay positive we'll all get at least one holiday this year, hopefully 4 though 🙊 
Let's set the ball rolling,..who's the first to go?  
Ours is April 24th to... So, who needs a stonking good holiday?
Just booked Center Parcs for 12 April 🥳 I canít wait, we really just need a change of scene and dh needs a break from work. Heís not been able to take planned days off as work has been so busy, he...
07:39 PM · Post #43 by Bellasmummy · General Chat
FIRST POST 19 Feb 21 08:31 PM by maidmarian - Anyone with some good but not to rude jokes ...don't want the mods taking them off 😉😄 Please share some delicately worded rude jokes...
After much deliberation, the Cambridge University Netball Team decided not to abbreviate their name!:erm::d:
07:38 PM · Post #69 by Ninja · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 10:38 AM by mushumadness - and hopefull? 
Im more positive I have to admit, I guess I have to be as our original trip was meant to be easter 2020 then kept moving 
we are going october 12th for 3 weeks with 4 nights at... Anyone else October 2021?
Weíre booked for 1st - 16th October feeling a little more hopeful now. Keeping everything crossed
07:36 PM · Post #23 by ralphster · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 11:42 AM by jenna288 - Ugh - I keep reading about local lockdowns being imposed.  Hopefully it's just scaremongering and click baiting. 
I live in GM and keep trying to understand why, when our rates fall, they only get... Greater manchester and leicester covid rates
It does bother me because if the numbers are high due to the low uptake of the vaccine, people unable to work at home and those who live with extended family then how will the figures ever change? ...
07:33 PM · Post #8 by jenna288 · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 16 Feb 21 12:11 AM by Newbie2021 - Hi all :wavey:, 
First timer booking Disney here (went once when I was 12 - 35 now!). 
Before I get obsessed with reading these threads, is my budget realistic?  
2 adults, 2 children (7 and 9). 14... £7000 budget do-able?
I am the Queen of Orlando Budget holidays.. all of our holidays haven't come to anything like your budget. Ours for this year, flights, villa, car hire, Disney tickets is less than £4000.Add £1000...
07:31 PM · Post #39 by Mandij39 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 06:57 PM by nursetina - I'm after some advice from all you knowledgeable people please. I've booked a package with BA for December 21 (desperately hoping it goes ahead) the car hire is th Avis, I've downloaded Avis... Avis car hire and Tolls?
I'm seriously hoping that things have improved in 272 days time so that the VTP is back. We go 20 days earlier than you and having lost three holidays we do feel moderately confident. :grin: I'll...
07:31 PM · Post #6 by mick · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST Today 10:54 AM by janeywaney - I had my first vaccine today, for which I am extremely thankful. 
I had the Pfizer one, will be called back 10-12 weeks from now 😊 
It was a smooth operation at the vaccination centre, and I was in... Been Jabbed Today!
My husband had that too today. I had the same back on 14th Feb. I actually felt quite emotional when he got back in the car as I drove him there. Both now had the first vaccine along with...
07:28 PM · Post #6 by ROBBOTOO · Positivity Forum
FIRST POST 28 Mar 20 05:55 PM by SussexFamily - Anyone joining me? 
Has your alcohol intake gone up recently??? Itís gin oíclock
Cheers all still dry here. My daughter bought me a bottle of no alcohol wine I wonít be buying myself any more.
07:27 PM · Post #1694 by Macca04 · General Chat
FIRST POST 11 Feb 21 09:48 PM by AntonyJ - Thinking of moving our May trip this year, to March next year - anyone been in March? 
How was weather? 
Feels mid to end of March would be better. 
Thoughts?? Tokyo March 2022
Wow, that's brilliant, thank you! :)
FIRST POST 16 Feb 21 03:36 PM by JudyC - I've just seen this on parks info.  
BREAKING: Disney Park Pass Theme Park Reservation System Extended, Will Remain Through January 2023 Park pass reservations extended.
This doesn't really bother me to be honest. We're not big park hoppers and the itinerary is usually nailed down at 180 days (because of the ADR requirement) so I'd be fine with this. If the 180 day...
07:26 PM · Post #20 by tracey1302 · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST 21 Feb 21 11:01 PM by Helenr - Having just spoken to MS, they are now extending (by another year) and 2019 banked points with use years before June for international members. 
Hope this helps someone. 
My UY is December, but... Extension on banked points
For a big company Disney is very keen at Ďnot putting it in writingí!
07:25 PM · Post #38 by YorkshireT · General DVC Discussion
FIRST POST Today 10:40 AM by Bootrip2 - Hi- before we seemed to have regular updates of what the situation was in USA/florida, have things changed a great deal with regards to covid etc? Whats it like in USA now?
I was trying to under promise and over deliver! ;) I also think it will actually be a lot sooner.
07:25 PM · Post #26 by Wolf1984 · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 06:55 PM by LOU LOU DISNEY - Confirmed today for 21st March. Love it & love location spotting around Belfast as we live close by! Line Of Duty season 6
Snap! No life but tv is making up for it! Weíre watching so much at the min, I never got round to watching 24 the first time round so weíre glued to this on Disney star!
07:24 PM · Post #5 by LOU LOU DISNEY · TV and Film
FIRST POST Today 04:17 PM by Stitchesmumanddad - Yes this is covid related :thumb:  
Last night feeling sooooo positive over the fabulous vaccine progress and reducing infections, I was actually looking at Disney menus and thinking about where I... Choosing my Disney dining last night :-)
How many days out can you now book the dining? Iíve lost track Iíve cancelled so much and didnít have dining booked for any of it.
07:23 PM · Post #9 by YorkshireT · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 24 Feb 21 09:22 AM by act1980 - Looking at fly drive prices for next May and theyíre pretty high at the moment.  
Really not sure whether we should wait or just book them. I keep hearing how busy itís going to be and how much... 2022 flight prices
Ahhhh thank you! Yes it will be deposit only at this stage. Iíve had my BA deposit refunded back to me now. The £4,700 covers, flights, hotels, car and gold insurance which I think is good.
07:22 PM · Post #48 by Aarti · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 10 Dec 20 09:34 AM by mickey house - Is anyone up for a dibb weight loss challenge from the 1st January 2021 to the 31st March 2021. 
£1 for every pound lost seems reasonable and dibbers can send that money direct to a charity of... Dibb 2021 weight loss for charity?
We were going to go to the chippy tonight, but I raided the freezer and found a left over lamb casserole. I had frozen winter veg chucked it all in the oven on low for a couple of hours and served...
07:21 PM · Post #1162 by Macca04 · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 05:01 PM by Scotsmomma2 - I loved this, shows how happy and relaxed Harry is over there. Worth a watch. Prince Harry and James Corden
More stage than the palladium. x
07:21 PM · Post #34 by Nicksgirl · TV and Film
FIRST POST Today 10:34 AM by Tweety1 - I quite fancy going to New Orleans but tbh havenít researched it yet. Can anyone provide any must sees/doís? Where did you fly from/drive from 
Any advice in that surrounding area would be great. Iím... New Orleans
I recall when we went how cheap it was. Probably changed now as our trip was 18 years ago. No queues back then. Live Jazz was on. Iíve heard of Ruby Slipper Cafe. We are due to fly in July, and...
07:19 PM · Post #12 by YorkshireT · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:54 PM by maidmarian - What's yours? 😋 
My favourite sandwich is either Walkers cheese and onion crisps or Cheese and red onion, both smell so either, or 😄 Favourite sandwich
Yep but it roared at me when I opened it 😂
07:18 PM · Post #41 by maidmarian · Food, Wine, Cooking & Eating
FIRST POST 25 Feb 21 07:27 PM by Simba05 - Hi there :wavey: 
Has anyone booked a villa through Vrbo? 
ive seen some nice ones in the Windsor Hills/ Windsor Palms area. 
catherine:thumbs-up villa booking
We advertise on VRBO and to be honest they are brilliant for us at the moment. However as others have said it would cost you more to book via them than direct with us.
07:15 PM · Post #6 by EssexSue · Accommodation
FIRST POST Today 10:42 AM by top4 - I work in a special needs school and we've been very great fully allowed to  
Be vaccinated ,we all had our 1st jab the end of January, and the email has arrived to book our 2nd ..what's the minimum... Booking 2nd vaccine ..
I had the Pfizer on 18th Jan getting my second on 4th March
07:15 PM · Post #14 by ziggyzag · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 8 Sep 20 05:28 AM by Pinchy - The UK seems to be entering a new phase of the pandemic as cases are now rising as fast as they did in the first wave. 
Two SAGE members have now warned about the sharp increase: 
... Analysis - ex Growth of cases now exponential
I just want to mention something: every day the headline deaths figure has two components - deaths in NHS hospitals and the recording done by Public Health England which I don't know but must cover...
07:10 PM · Post #3638 by linnite · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 23 Feb 21 03:15 PM by Beth_Disney - We went on a lovely cruise on Marella Explorer 2 in 2019 and had a balcony cabin. The cabin was spacious but we found that we didn't spend very much time on the balcony and really only used our cabin... Inside cabins
Our 2 favourite lines :)
FIRST POST Today 06:58 PM by mason1 - Just ordered some Disney themed Red Nose Day t-shirts from TK Maxx. Also treated myself to an apron as well. TK Maxx - Disney RND merch
We just got ours - only took a couple of days! Slinky-dog T shirt, Marlin and Dory T shirt and an Edna Mode Tote bag. Really nice quality.
FIRST POST 24 Feb 21 11:55 AM by Emily90 - So after the announcement of everthing *hopefully* back to normal by end of July, I've found myself browsing Orlando deals for end of September, beginning of October, which I had never even... Thoughts on Florida September / October 2021 - Masks, Fireworks, Waterparks open etc?
Masks in some form I think was what was said. He didnít say the mask policy will stay the same for the rest of 2021.
07:04 PM · Post #86 by macadoo · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 01:28 PM by CarolynU - Forgive me if this should have been in the tech forum but I canít find it lol. 
Iím looking to replace my portable iPhone charger. Or power bank if thatís the correct term. 
Doesnít need to be too... Power Banks
I may be wrong but I think Wanye on here recommended it to me.
07:03 PM · Post #12 by Mr Tom Morrow · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:50 PM by Mikeandrach - Hi everyone, Iím looking at a full size suv at Miami and specifically Alamo  
Weíre not going til July 2022 but would appreciate any feedback, especially from people whoíve been at that time of... Alamo at Miami
Vehicle availability changes constantly by the minute depending on flights, as does quality of the vehicles they have. In the past, they tend to get rid of them between 6 - 12 months or 30-40k miles....
07:01 PM · Post #4 by DFCH-Andy · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST Today 03:19 PM by Stella11 - Sorry to sound a bit thick and I wonít be offended by any answers.  
As a stand alone healthy 40something I know Iím way down the list for a vaccine and rightly so.  
However, my toddler grandson is... Am I eligible?
Our GP was most unhelpful and wouldnt recognise DH as DD carer because he doesnt get carers allowance, as he gets too much money, but he is her carer - they obviously thought he was trying to jump...
06:55 PM · Post #10 by Bootrip2 · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 08:53 AM by Shkyler - Just wondering which do you think is better? 
Was thinking of bringing a pac a Mac type coat rather than a plastic poncho.  
Weíre from Ireland so used to rain, going in June.  
Any advice welcome. Poncho or Raincoat?
06:52 PM · Post #27 by Shkyler · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST Today 05:11 PM by mrsnicola - Hi 
Sorry for a boring post on a Saturday afternoon 😉 last year we painted all our fence panels grey and our concrete fence posts/boards white. Iím thinking of painting the concrete grey to all tie... Concrete fence posts
I agree with Tspill albeit they do last forever which is a huge plus. I would go with grey to blend them in
06:47 PM · Post #3 by Mr Tom Morrow · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 06:27 PM by lizzie145 - Karma
I may be wrong but I thought when Cock Fighting took place in the UK that 'spurs' were attached to them.
06:39 PM · Post #3 by Mr Tom Morrow · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 04:17 PM by MargaretMouse - 12 nights Pop century preferred room 3 nights wilderness lodge nature view, Disney tickets 14 nights and flights with VA 6800.00. The reason I want to book, is I want to start paying a holiday off... Is this a fair price
Hi Margaret 👋 How many people is that for? Iíd break down the price and see what I thought the separate elements would come to.
06:39 PM · Post #2 by KarenG · Accommodation
FIRST POST Today 06:03 PM by Nelly7 - Hi there, Iím looking to book a 11 nights staying on site at a Disney resort hotel(probably POP) and then spend the remaining 3 nights at Universal, staying at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort in order... Disney/universal Package deal 2022
Ever After Holidays are the best
06:36 PM · Post #5 by Stepaway · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 25 Feb 21 07:26 PM by OutbackAddict - 'Mr' Potato Head goes gender neutral notifications&utm_so urce=pushly Has the world gone completely mad !
Over what? The fact that Mr Potato Head is now part of the Potato Head line of toys, together with Mrs Potato Head who is also now part of the same line of toys? :erm:
06:32 PM · Post #43 by Nimbus · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 08:45 AM by V09 - Whoís going May 22...the excitement and planning once again happens!:wavey::wave y: Moved May21 to May 22
We have moved to May/June 22. So excited that I can start reading up and watching vlogs again!
06:29 PM · Post #12 by Wishuponastar · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 05:31 PM by tracey1302 - Hi all :wavey: 
Just a quick question. Does anybody know when food and drink booths are operational at Epcot at the moment? I know they're at F&W Festival (Sept/Oct) and now, they're also out for... Food booths at Epcot
Festival of the Arts (Jan-Feb). I can soon see them being a year round thing to be honest.
FIRST POST Today 06:21 PM by tracey1302 - Hi all - 
How much have people usually paid for direct flights from Manchester to Orlando in the first week in September? We're hoping to go on the 1st... We don't need to go on a weekend. 
I was... Average flight prices - early September from Manchester
I'd normally be looking for under £500 at that time of year in economy.
06:27 PM · Post #2 by nolypops83 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 21 Feb 21 09:02 PM by scouse_minx - Looking to book another Disney trip and having always stayed on site at Disney, I just canít justify the prices right now. 
So Iíve looked at universal as Iíve stayed a couple of nights at cabana... Cabana Bay or Sapphire Falls
Turn right out of the lobby, over a bit of pavement and then walk along another bit of pavement which sort of circles up to the SF lobby and you're there. If memory serves. I LOVE Sapphire Falls....
06:26 PM · Post #34 by tracey1302 · Accommodation
FIRST POST Today 10:00 AM by SussexFamily - 
My hyacinths..... Indoor gardening - share your pictures tps:// tps:// Dwarf...
06:17 PM · Post #7 by SussexFamily · Photo, Video & Vlogs
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:33 PM by CarolynU - I live in Kent. 
We have seen our cases falling quite spectacularly recently until a week or so ago, and then out of nowhere that trend reversed in Dover and now continues to rise day on day. 
So... Cases rising every day in our next town.
As long as people are sensible doing this, then there is little to no risk of transmission.
06:15 PM · Post #50 by aprilshack · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 09:46 AM by katy341 - We currently have just flights arranged with TUI. 
We will 100% go if we can however they are booked for 25th very close to the 17th!! 
We can only go in October half term if this holiday... Flight only!
I think you would be better off taking the refund (assuming flight is cancelled) and then you can buy Disney tickets with a Florida ticket supplier like ATD and get the protection insurance in case...
06:11 PM · Post #8 by Disneybear · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 03:38 PM by MsMinervaMouse - Iíve gone to put on my favourite spirit jersey this morning, and discovered a horrible stain!  
Iíve only worn it a couple of times, and itís not been washed yet.  
Looks to me like it could be a... Thereís a stain on my spirit jersey
I use Fairy Liquid. Strange but it works
06:04 PM · Post #5 by Ds4ljs · General Chat
FIRST POST 26 Jan 21 07:16 PM by Lilpickle08 - I don't know about anyone else but I need a bit of positivity at the minute!!   
I'm tentatively excited about getting to Florida this year - hopefully in August. 
Who else is still planning? ... 2021 Planning - Positivity only on this thread!!
Hello everyone! I got tied up with a pile resembling a mountain of uni work and took a break from all my hobbies including WDW. I'm so pleased to come back to the Dibb and see this thread! We're...
05:57 PM · Post #278 by Megsey · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 17 Jan 21 05:26 PM by act1980 - I've noticed that a few of us are planning on going for Christmas and NYE so I thought I would start a thread for any questions and planning tips that people may want to share :wave: 
We plan to do... Christmas planning 2021
Iím so glad I booked when I seen it. I checked last night and the holiday has gone up over £500.
05:57 PM · Post #190 by Sandraoh40 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:08 PM by Wizzyanne - My employer sent us a link to book in for our vaccine this week. 
He owns a charity for vulnerable children and we are a small team. 
I recently joined a month ago. 
The boss went for his vaccine... Turned away?
Window opener here as well. Also turn off the radiators;) I face someone but we have a screen between us. The one person desks also have screens so that if we walk up to them there is that barrier. I...
05:57 PM · Post #33 by Anne · Current Virus Issue Forum

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