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FIRST POST Today 09:23 PM by buryboy - Iíve drawn up a list of what I hope are the most popular breakfast cereals . 
Which is your favourite ?  
Sorry could have done with more than 15 !  
Please let the poll be completed before... Whatís your favourite breakfast cereal ?
Iíve drawn up a list of what I hope are the most popular breakfast cereals . Which is your favourite ? Sorry could have done with more than 15 ! Please let the poll be completed before...
09:37 PM · New Thread by buryboy · Polls, Puzzles & Quizzes
FIRST POST 16 May 21 09:38 AM by Stokieuk - By the next review on 7th June 👍 ter_impression=true BA Pushing for US UK travel corridor
Called around 11sh I think, was wrong number first time and then put through to flights instead of Holidays when finally was given the right one, was on hold for around 35 mins a think till goe...
09:36 PM · Post #19 by dannigizmo · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 10:51 AM by GoofyK - In the latest email for2022 offers, it mention weíll get special something extraí if book directly with Disney does anyone know what that might be?  
Also this offer is bookable on 20th May, would... What is Ďspecial something extraí?
Yeah, I had that offer booked. Which is why I was so keen to not have missed this email 😂 Although doesnít seem like Iíve missed much this time round
09:36 PM · Post #23 by Louck · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 11 Feb 21 10:29 PM by act1980 - Disney World 2022 deals have now been released: 
Celebrate the World's Most Magical Celebration at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida with our new 50th Anniversary Package! ✨ 
This special package... Disney 2022 deals are out - up to $950 dining credit
The hotels do tend to come and go just before an offer. You have your heart set on somewhere and it vanishes only for a more expensive alternative :(
09:36 PM · Post #1117 by gjdjud · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 09:29 PM by antietam - Hi i have booked a Standard 2 bed at SSR as i was really not convinced that a 10 min or so longer walk from Standard areas to DS was worth the extra points. 
Especially as i would always go for less... SSR a Preferred really worth the extra points?
My thinking would be exactly the same as yours. Request Grandstand and you can walk over the bridge and into the top end of DS. We like that walk, particularly if we are going to Splitsville or...
09:32 PM · Post #3 by Dazed · General DVC Discussion
FIRST POST 13 May 21 01:58 PM by Rikki - Following on from the 2020 trip costing thread that never happened. What is your 2022 trip coming out at? 
I'll start: 
2 Adults & 2 Children 7 & 5 
14 nights from May 11th    LHR to MCO 
... What is your 2022 trip costing?
About 16k give or take going for 3 weeks in October 2022 Includes; Virgin Premium economy for 2 people 3 weeks hire of 7 seater SUV/Truck type car (meeting family from Ireland out there) 2...
09:32 PM · Post #63 by Seaworldfan · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 06:35 PM by Jenfie80 - Today we have booked a dream holiday to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Hong Kong!! Looking for tips and suggestions for all these places, Going April 22 😍😍😍 Dream Far East Holiday
Thank you, sounds like you had an amazing trip and lots of ideas for us!! 😍😍
09:31 PM · Post #7 by Jenfie80 · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST 7 May 21 09:59 AM by dac123 - I just looked at Hertz UK site for 2 week hire early April 2022, some prices are excellent. Someone much wiser than me has confirmed the last price is a good one. These are UK gold member prices... Hertz, some great prices for April 2022
Did you book direct through Hertz? Iíve just tried Costco & their quote was £1056 for 23 nights holiday in Sept, int.SUV. £200+ more than DFCH I did book direct with Hertz as they had the best...
09:31 PM · Post #22 by Grumps Mrs · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST 10 Jan 21 06:50 PM by TAGG - Anyone else got their fingers crossed for July? July 2021
Will do, thank you for offering to try for us x
09:30 PM · Post #403 by lovestoplan · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:12 PM by goofyfan - I have never been to wdw but I have now planned three trips at three different hotels and somehow I feel like i've been to each one now because of the amount of time this planning has been going... Third time lucky...anyone else feel like this?
Kind of. Booked June 2019 for August 2020 - 14 nights at Coronado Springs with Free Dining Rebooked for August 2021 - 14 nights at Rosen Inn International Rebooked for May 2022 - 14 nights at...
09:29 PM · Post #5 by Disney2010 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 13 Mar 20 08:46 PM by Floridadreams - Friday 13th March 
I was chatting to my Mum just now (in the UK) and we were talking about the different response between the UK and Ireland, how it felt here at the moment etc. I thought others... Updates on Situation in Ireland
I know. That makes perfect sense. It wouldnít be fair - youíre right. Just 😭😭😭 I am refusing to accept that my mid July trip to England will need to be moved, but itís sounding more and more likely 😭
09:29 PM · Post #1144 by Floridadreams · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 03:58 PM by Homer'sWife - We bought a reclining leather sofa from Oakfurnitureland 3 years ago. Last night I thought DH had dropped some chocolate on it and so got a leather wipe and just wiped it. Turns out it was not... Problem with Oakfurnitureland leather sofa
Yeah, we have oak furniture land Ďleatherí chairs to our dining table. 6 years old, 6 chairs but some rarely used, 2 never used due to high chairs, and it all started to crack and peel. It was...
09:29 PM · Post #7 by Weddingnyc · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 07:31 AM by stanleycamel - The HM Gov and the NHS websites overnight changed from appointments for the 38 and over to 36 and over.  Hope this helps some Dibbers.:wavey: Gov and NHS Covid websites now shows 36+ can book in England
My sister is 33 and got her text yesterday. She is in Hertfordshire.
09:29 PM · Post #13 by DisneySarah · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:21 PM by buryboy - Which is your favourite ? 
I will go with mint choc chip Which Ice cream flavour ?
Mint choc chip. Yum!
09:28 PM · Post #59 by skalexander · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 09:12 PM by Bondy007 - Itís a lovely evening here in East Yorkshire so I thought Iíd enjoy some evening relaxation time on the patio. 
Currently having a large Ardmore Highland single malt. 
Whatís everyone else drinking... Whatís Everyone Drinking?
We like it 😊 Nice, easy drinking, well priced wine.
09:28 PM · Post #12 by Gull · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 03:12 PM by dizzymcfarlane - Has anyone heard or seen anything about the app being updated as the English has been with the vaccines updates ?   All the updates I can see refer to the English one !     
Thanks. NHS app Scotland
Thank you for posting this. Good old Dibb, not seen this site shown anywhere for checking appointments and status. Thank yo once again.
09:26 PM · Post #22 by brhrar · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 08:29 PM by FamilyGWales - In Wales we have been asked not to travel overseas this year.  
If I had a holiday booked for a green country I think I might still be tempted to go.  
With the PM and the FM trying to make clear... Travelling to an Amber country...
This whole "don't go to amber countries" has really faffed me off!! Green.. currently basically nowhere except Portugal and with lots of expensive testing. Red hotel quarantine and now this amber....
09:26 PM · Post #17 by lovestoplan · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 14 May 21 12:02 PM by Edie ray - :omg: 
I havenít bothered our doctors for a year and a half 
On Wednesday something bit my leg when I was walking the dog 
So obviously it has got bigger and nastier so I went to the pharmacy... Just tried to get in at the doctors ha ha
The really annoying thing with this is the lack of consistency between surgeries with some virtually locking up shop and others doing their best to provide a normalish service. I don't know what the...
09:25 PM · Post #54 by jim jehosofat · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 09:24 PM by antietam - Hi 
Where would you spend christmas? 
Boulder Ridge Villas Or the Beach Club and Why? 
Thanks Christmas .... which Resort?
Hi Where would you spend christmas? Boulder Ridge Villas Or the Beach Club and Why? Thanks
09:24 PM · New Thread by antietam · General DVC Discussion
FIRST POST Today 08:24 PM by mermaids1960 - Any advice on Celebrity Cruises, Iíve done P&O wondered what type of cruise Celebrity would be, ages, dress codes, fun or is it stuffy Celebrity v P&O
We love Celebrity- entertainment and food is great. I would say celebrity is classy, not stuffy at all, you can dress up but many dont and that's ok too. It was our daughters favourite cruise after...
FIRST POST Today 08:48 PM by disneywiseowl - Anyone watched ĎThe Neversí yet? New Joss Whedon Syfy/fantasy series. We really enjoyed it (movie quality) but highly recommend  you donít watch it with your children/teens. 😉 The Nevers - Sky Atlantic
Maybe give it a go. :smile: Haven't liked anything associated with Whedon since Buffy and Angel, but quite like The Nevers. Reminds me a bit of a mix of Year Of The Rabbit, Penny Dreadful and...
09:22 PM · Post #6 by Pino_Spetzberg · TV and Film
FIRST POST Today 05:11 PM by stargazer69 - We are booked to stay in POFQ (booked via Disney in 2019 and then moved last year), in November this year, but as it looks like it is not opening any time soon, I thought I would see what options are... Pofq
No chance - they want your money one way or another so that won't happen.
09:17 PM · Post #4 by DonkeyCentreArf · Accommodation
FIRST POST Today 07:05 PM by sophiepop - I read on here somewhere that Disney may make it that you have to purchase a fast pass.  Does anyone have info on this?  We have just one Disney day and I don't want to book a hotel just to get the... Disney fast pass info
Nothing official anywhere. Just rumours, strong ones that there may be changes including a paid version but itís all speculation.
09:16 PM · Post #5 by gjdjud · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:20 AM by DLPFan - Update for everyone regarding Disneyland Paris reopening date. Sooner than expected! 
... Breaking News: Disneyland Paris reopening date!
I just booked for December so Iím keeping my fingers crossed itís mostly done by then!
FIRST POST Today 01:20 PM by LeClare76 - Hi all 
I was hoping to book Heathrow to Miami for August 2022 but keep hearing awful reports about MIA.  
Is really THAT bad?! 
Long queues at immigration with no toilets available? Surely that... Is MIA as bad as people say?!
Iíve flown London to MIA a number of times and only experienced horrendous queues once - typically on the one occasion that I had a connecting flight to Orlando! Itís usually ok though. It will be...
09:15 PM · Post #32 by GroovyYvee · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:52 AM by cornishfrogboy - Just when we thought it was all over and that perhaps he had learned the dangers of shooting at his Ďfriendsí, he comes out with this.. and it is very widely reported across all media outlets.. 
... And Harry is at it again...
Doria Ragland Children Meghan Markle Relatives Prince Harry (son-in-law) Archie Mountbatten-Windsor (grandson) Doria Loyce Ragland (born September 2, 1956) is an American former makeup artist,...
09:10 PM · Post #146 by Gull · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:33 PM by Beebops - How do you identify your car when parked in the disney car parks?! 
We lost our car years ago and it took forever to find it, so many had the same car as us 🤣🤣 How to avoid losing our car??
You can take a picture of your kids and the row each morning (that way you have a photo of either of you lose them). More generally I use the what3words app for so.many things. Including where I...
09:09 PM · Post #23 by FamilyGWales · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST 15 May 21 03:17 PM by myaquarium - Just as we look to be getting on with ending lockdown the scientist and media are Rampling up the anti that we are on the brink of another resurgence of Covid. 
My questions are who are the people at... Sage warning of increases of hospital admissions.
Perhaps we also need need another award for the New Year Honours. My suggestion would be called an MBO, Master of the Bleeding Obvious!
09:08 PM · Post #40 by jim jehosofat · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 08:31 PM by miked1e - Has anyone ever been able to change the day of pick up for a flydrive car and / or location of pick up? 
Or is this strictly day of arrival and at airport. 
Would like to have a drink or 2 with... VH Flydrive - picking up the car
Good question, I was thinking about this for my visit in December. If theyíre still having problems with a shortage of vehicles I was wondering if I can get an Uber from the airport to my villa...
09:06 PM · Post #2 by Mj1980 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 08:42 PM by Petalnick - Has anyone driven straight from Miami to Orlando?  
My husband is keen to drive straight from Miami airport to Orlando but Iím not sure. We arrive at 2pm in Miami. He is a confident overseas driver... Driving straight from Miami to Orlando
We are staying overnight and will use the early morning to drive to Orlando.
09:05 PM · Post #8 by legallyblonde · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 07:34 PM by Fantasmicmickey - I'm very close to booking WDW for early this December once baby is born. Would you book before she's born or not? Should I book it?
I had a horrific birth and needed an operation 9 months after. I would wait and see how well you hea
09:04 PM · Post #8 by GrumpyDopey&Me · General Chat
FIRST POST 16 May 21 04:21 PM by flutterby - Having only ever flown economy as a family, we thought that next year we might treat ourselves to PE as just the two of us flying.  
Who has the better PE out of Virgin & BA or are they much the... Premium economy seat cost
We booked premium there and back for beginning of next april and paid £500 each extra on top of the package deal price... I didn't think that was too bad compared to some prices I've seen.
08:59 PM · Post #12 by beautybutterfly · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 08:33 PM by Princess Ariel - I am planning to book 7 nights at Disney for 2 adults for next January when the offer is released on Thursday.  
Current prices on ATD show Coronado Springs around £345 more expensive than Pop,... Pop century or Coronado Springs?
Thank you, we are definately leaning towards Coronado, especially as itís just the two of us, we are just watching some YouTube vlogs to compare them both lol 😂
08:58 PM · Post #3 by Princess Ariel · Accommodation
FIRST POST 2 May 21 05:12 PM by Princess Alison - Can anyone recommend a ghosty tv series or film - fiction (not one of those reality type ghost finding shows). 
I don't like gore and blood so not horror. More supernatural  
Many thanks! Supernatural tv shows or films
I was even younger than that and I still remember Pipes 😭 What made it worse was that it was filmed not far from where we lived at the time so I was terrified 😂
08:58 PM · Post #18 by ScoopsAhoy · TV and Film
FIRST POST 16 May 21 06:45 PM by Snowball24 - Hello all 
Just wanted to reach out really, as I feel utter despair and so so lonely.  My dh had a 2nd surgery in March and is in bed most of the day as cannot weight bare at all, i am on my own... Feel so alone
So pleased about the trip out. A good step in the right direction. Have a good time. Please come back on here and tell us how it goes x
08:58 PM · Post #65 by JoS · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 07:44 PM by Pascaltimon - Just wondered what everyone's experience of table service restaurants at Disney are in regards to ordering on the kids menu now that there isn't the option of dining plan. 
If i make a dining... Disney kids menu age restriction
Thank you that makes me feel better as she just won't eat them. I assume the set menus are things like cinderellas royal table or storybook dining as examples?
FIRST POST 1 May 21 05:41 PM by Rescuer - Highs, Lows and Past/Future trips. 
Index is here 
Although Dh and I had a few offsite trips in the late 90s, If you had asked me in 2013 when we started going to Florida again with Ds... Wot no Disney - Well just a smidgeon - 2018 mainly offsite trip report - Highs, lows...
I saw someone recommending Travel Republic on another thread so had a look. Last week in August for £1650ish with only a £15 deposit.
FIRST POST Today 08:02 PM by MariaLynda - Hi, I posted on a quartz thread but decided to start my own so as to not hijack. 
I'm kitchen planning at the moment and had originally thought I would get white metro tiles but now I'm not sure... Tiles or upstands?
We have quartz upstands, window sill and splashback.
08:56 PM · Post #6 by Blue nose · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 11:40 AM by Sandra & co - Does anyone know Sean Doyleís email address, I sent him a email but I think it might be wrong. Does anyone know? Thanks 🙏 CEO British airways email address
dos san miguel por favor!
08:55 PM · Post #10 by jim jehosofat · General Chat
FIRST POST 12 May 21 04:16 PM by cartoonp - A lots happened over the past 6 months most not nice death of our cat and the wost death of my partner dad and of course covid which stopped partner going to funeral. We also had to cancel last year... Uk brake number 2
Yes we will be visiting later on. When son and partner visit us I will book for us all. :smile:
08:54 PM · Post #15 by MarionG · Pre-Trip Reports
FIRST POST Today 01:20 PM by PoohBears#1fan - We're looking at maybe booking MSC 4 night cruise for this Thursday, the price is very good, but do you think it's worth holding out till tomorrow to see if there are any real bargains to be had at... Very last minute cruise costs?
We are in an inside cabin. I booked a guarantee Bella but allocated a fantastica which is right in middle of ship quite near lifts on deck 13 so happy with that. I got an email to upgrade 25pp...
FIRST POST 8 Sep 20 05:28 AM by Pinchy - The UK seems to be entering a new phase of the pandemic as cases are now rising as fast as they did in the first wave. 
Two SAGE members have now warned about the sharp increase: 
... Analysis - ex Growth of cases now exponential
I watched the same but did not interpret it this way at all. I didn't find they presented it in any way, except here is Boris and there has been no change.
08:49 PM · Post #5294 by unidentified · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:24 PM by Colette-S - Today is the beautiful Izzys 21st Birthday. An emotional day for her friends and family who miss her dearly. 
To mark the occasion her family have paid for a full days care at Claire House hospice in... Izzys 21st Birthday
Happy Birthday beautiful angel. My love and thoughts to her family and friends xx
08:48 PM · Post #37 by Magic Mouse · General Chat
FIRST POST 9 May 21 09:39 AM by act1980 - I'm booked to go to Florida in August and have to admit that I'm starting to feel a bit doubtful. After Fridays announcement I feel a bit deflated as we know no more than what we did weeks ago, I... When will travel to the US resume?
So whoís not on their banned list? are they red or amber on our list? if they are does that make it difficult to go there anyway, itís as clear as mud!!
08:47 PM · Post #258 by Loulou127 · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 12 May 21 06:35 AM by Big Belle - Hi Dibbers 
Still bravely battling on with planning our July Trip! :cool2: 
Iím a WDW veteran but have  never been to Volcano Bay and know nothing about it. Itís probably too scary for me :omg:... Advice on Volcano Bay
You can also go to the Gym and take them from there too!
08:47 PM · Post #14 by NewtoOrlando · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST Today 09:12 AM by alibeau - Itís my birthday today too, weíre keeping things simple, staying outdoors with a walk and an ice cream with a couple of pals, or should I be saving myself for a slice of this later? 
... Itís my birthday too!
Happy birthday to you! I hope you've had a lovely day!xx
08:46 PM · Post #28 by NewtoOrlando · General Chat
FIRST POST 21 Jan 21 07:23 PM by force ten - they have just said on the news that only 23.9% of the over 80s in Wales have actually had their first shot of the vaccine by comparison they said that over 65% of the people in Yorkshire had had... wales extremely poor vaccine rollout
Donít know about that the poster was stating facts.
08:45 PM · Post #624 by willmatt · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 8 May 21 07:02 PM by Barnpops - Its been six years since our last trip with our peanut allergic daughter. 
Apart from a couple of character meals we didn't really eat at any parks my daughter didn't feel comfortable. 
However... Peanut allergy-helpful restaurants
We are travelling next year with friends whos daughter has a tree nut & peanut allergy. I've been looking at MDE at different onsite restaurants, many of the menus list separate menus for different...
FIRST POST 8 May 21 03:10 PM by beck_loz - Has anyone stayed at the blue tree Resort. 
We have booked a two bed here for next Easter. Blue Tree Resort
I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. I have previously had perfectly ok rooms at Rosen LBV . Also I should point out that I requested a refurbished room at Bluetree only to be told that covid...
08:40 PM · Post #14 by may · Accommodation
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:15 PM by Tinkerbell - Are these worth it for universal resorts and I drive restaurants  
Thanks Discount cards Landry and open table?
At Universal, we went to Bubba Gump the weekend after Easter with ours, was a 45 min queue. We were seated within 2 minutes.
FIRST POST 4 May 21 07:34 PM by jadepansy459 - Just wondering if anyone has phoned the annual pass department and got any money back due to covid? 
Our passes were due to expire last sept and have obviously been extended, due to expire end of... Annual pass renew / refund?
After some back and forth they stood their ground and wouldn't offer anything ... The date has been updated on our annual pass to expire on the 3rd Oct ,but this is still too early for us to be...
08:37 PM · Post #14 by jadepansy459 · Disneyland Paris Trip Planning
FIRST POST 11 May 21 05:30 PM by Elodie - I was sure Iíd seen that people are able to view their vaccination status on the NHS app, and that you could request access from your GP if it wasnít showing up, but I think Iíve got in a muddle. 
... Proof of vaccination?
Unfortunately yes many travel in fake passports If there is money to be made people will make
FIRST POST 13 May 21 08:07 PM by quiddity - https://www.skyatnightmagazi 
So I admit I'm a geek!  
I was watching last months sky at night all about the meteor that landed here in January. It... Building a meteor detection camera
Nothing at all. Even ebay is wiped out! Well I'd ordered a 3b+ for this but then there was a deal for a 4 at the same price as the it was rude not to add in a zero w for £9.80!
08:34 PM · Post #12 by quiddity · General Chat

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