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FIRST POST Yesterday 01:23 PM by Hotlush - Booked 7 nights Disney/4 universal. 
Wanting to do Discovery Cove and thinking "best" day might be the hotel move day. 
Check-out, leave bags with bell services, go to DC, come back that evening... Split stay - DC on "moving" day?
Sounds like a great idea. Discovery cove is a very early morning so would be an extra early one for checking out and getting there. Thatís the only downside I can seeÖ. A good use of the day...
05:56 PM · Post #4 by ELLENUT · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 7 Apr 24 05:24 PM by DisneyHundred - ETA 
Summary taken from another site. 
Per Disney Destinations:  
1. Weíre adding more Cast Members and investing in specialized training on each coast to help guests identify and better... Now confirmed: changes coming to Disney DAS system
No, they're not asking for any proof. Basically anyone can say they have autistic members in their party, and they'll qualify. Exactly how that's meant to stop the people who lied about it and abused...
05:56 PM · Post #290 by loves2plan · Additional Support Needs & DAS
FIRST POST 20 Mar 24 11:56 AM by Nev20 - Surprise! 
Or it will be when Claudette reads this... 
For clarity it is my 50th this year, but we will be away on Claudette's birthday. 
We did have a trip to Vienna booked using a BA... Nev and Claudette's surprise 50th birthday trip - NOW LIVE!!
We have paid about £235 per night, which is much better value than a WDW property for the space we have. But it is not especially good value compared to other offsite options. For our dates next...
FIRST POST Today 05:41 PM by yogadeb - I thought I got a good deal other day for 10 nights from 10th august at £390 a night for club level but just saw the price  has now dropped again to £371 a night for same room and club level. 
So... Travel republic great price for RPR
Could it be an exchange rate change (their end), which filters through to our gbp prices. I thought with reduced prices people were calling to change it as you then keep the deposit?
05:52 PM · Post #2 by Softy · Accommodation
FIRST POST 18 Apr 24 03:16 PM by PixieFairies - If availing the QSDP which resort would be best between PO (either FQ or RS ) or CBR.  
Esp with access to either Disney Springs or Skyline? If on the QSDP what Moderate is best
We stayed at CBR and still went to POFQ by boat for beignets and jazz .
05:52 PM · Post #20 by elise · ADR's, Dining, Food and Restaurants
FIRST POST Today 05:15 PM by Picklepuppy - Weíve booked CBR in a 5th sleeper room, our son will be 10 when we go will the bed be ok for him?  
Thereís no way my kids will share a bed!! CBR 5th sleeper
Yes, absolutely fine. Our daughter has slept on it since she was 15 and will be 23 on our next trip and is still happy to sleep on it 😊
05:49 PM · Post #4 by loves2plan · Accommodation
FIRST POST 17 Mar 24 10:42 AM by ClaireNJ - Well the time has come to live in a pigsty for a few weeks months or whatever 😳as promised I gave Dave 3 years off after successfully fitting our bathroom 3 years ago, heís very very handy with a... Daveís had 3 years rest time to start the kitchen
Iíve only been on here sporadically so had missed all of your updates. Dave is doing a fantastic job, as are you! Itís like Dejavu of last year when I was chief apprentice/site manager for our...
05:48 PM · Post #137 by Dazed · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 04:50 PM by Toria_dee - Hello, 
Currently have 7 days booked, but considering making it 10 nights.  
If I kept the 7 days ticket would I still get the free dine for my other three nights or is it linked to park ticket... Free dine linked to hotel or ticket?
Chances are that the room type you've booked isn't available now, however if you wait I'm sure they'll come back. At the start of the offer it's very common for standard rooms to be limited or...
05:47 PM · Post #7 by loves2plan · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 05:35 PM by JPO - Has anyone used Turo for car rental? Turo
TBH., it might be OK, but the insurance thing always worried me. It isnt for us.
05:46 PM · Post #3 by tspill · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST 16 Apr 24 09:04 PM by lcm23 - So tomorrow is pre-travel day and will be the official start of my trip/dining report. Link to my pre-trippy is here: 0502 
I'll be... The trip that almost wasn't! LIVE
Hope you have a better nights sleep. The breakfast at A&C looked good, shame the cherry waffle did not seem as good this time especially when you were hungry and dreaming of them. A lovely time at...
FIRST POST 18 Apr 24 09:00 AM by florida 1877 - Hi everyone i was just wondering what Florida used to be like 90s, 00s, 10s compared to now? Your opinions on how things have changed, for the good, the bad and why? Hope you donít mind me asking I... What was Florida like back in the day compared to now?
great thread! My first visit was in 1992 (with an ex) - I can remember staying offsite (the plan was one week in orlando and one week in Miami). I had a car, freaked myself out, took car back and...
05:36 PM · Post #134 by Peanutt · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 11:19 AM by Wizzyanne - We are travelling with BA in October, evening with no flying status. Iíd like to pick and pay for our seats this weekend but in manage my booking it states: 
Seat choices are only available at... BA Seat selection
I suspect you will need to pay the flight cost off in full before you can book seats.
05:33 PM · Post #6 by disney20042012 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 7 Sep 20 03:20 PM by Kd0758 - We watched Bad Samaritan yesterday. We thought it was really good but when I googled it afterwards it had quite poor reviews.  
It does stress me out watching thriller-type things though, always... What is the very last movie you watched? Do you recommend it?
Rebel Moon Part 2: Seven Star Samurai Wars in Space As formulaic, unoriginal, derivative and utter bobbins as the first. And still too much slo-mo
05:30 PM · Post #1819 by IndianaMac · TV and Film
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:16 PM by Sandra & co - We booked to go to New York in December, paid for flights in January. In feb Poppy our dog went blind and got diabetes, sheís since had Cataract surgery and can see quite well. My oldest son and his... What would you do? Going to NY
Can your son come around around a few times and watch you, and even try himself giving Poppy her injections? It would reassure you and let him see how heíd cope. Alternatively you could ask if your...
05:30 PM · Post #25 by DisneyDaffodil · General Chat
FIRST POST 15 Apr 24 11:41 PM by fluff48 - Hi ladies, 
Iím early 50 & DD said people get dressed up for TS concerts.   
Are any ladies of a similar age going & can you give me some inspiration on what to wear.  Iím more a jeans, T-shirt,... Ladies - Taylor Swift concert - what to wear
We are going to Cardiff - driving down from Scotland and staying a few days. We're in the process of making our friendship bracelets and I've most of my outfit sorted - I'm going 1989 era with my...
05:25 PM · Post #22 by Toria_dee · General Chat
FIRST POST 18 Apr 24 09:31 PM by lacrymosa146 - Got the QSDP for my 2025 trip and considering treating my kids to Ohana for breakfast as they love Stitch.  
Is it worth the cost? Will be $210 for all 4 of us including gratuity 😂 Ohana
Thanks everyone! Think Iím just to book it! Would people recommend doing first thing or for brunch around 11am after hitting the parks?
FIRST POST 15 Apr 24 12:07 PM by dantheweeman - Hi all, 
I've been going through the various threads and want to make sure i'm getting the best value ticket for what we're trying to achieve. 
We want to go to MK on Friday 9 Aug, DHS on Sunday 11... Best ticket option for 3 days - MK x2 & DHS x1
Yes, a 3-Day Base ticket would be the cheapest option for you, with the start date selected as 9th August. You can choose to go on any 3 days between 9th and 13th (inclusive). So, for example, if the...
05:24 PM · Post #5 by Nimbus · Tickets
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:23 PM by Porradude - Hi. 
We're looking at going to Disney World next year around August. First time going, 2 adults, 2 kids 10 and 13.  
Spoken to Tui and Virgin so far for 14 nights. 
We're planning on staying on... Disney World planning advice please
Thanks very much everyone for the advice. Someone's also suggested booking a hotel with access to the skyline due to the time it saves getting around. Does that really help? Saw some reviews on...
05:22 PM · Post #12 by Porradude · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 2 Jun 23 06:04 PM by Floridadreams - My dd who is a MASSIVE Taylor Swift fan is driving me insane waiting for this announcement! She is analysing every tweet, announcement, concert etc for clues. Has a theory for a date she might come... Taylor Swift international tour - WHEN?!!!
No dispatch email here either. It just arrived today with the postman
05:22 PM · Post #1047 by DisneyDaffodil · General Chat
FIRST POST 18 Apr 24 08:45 PM by Bazinga 39 - Just after some recent reviews from anybody, we are off-site in July but would like to try a restaurant at Disney that we've never done, had originally wanted to try Ohana but it doesn't seem to get... Breakfast buffet at Boma
Had breakfast at Boma on 1 April and have attached photos of some of the items I tried from the buffet. POG juice and coffee were plentiful and the oven roasted tomatoes were amazing. Had a...
FIRST POST 5 Dec 23 02:24 PM by JSP - 
Itís a daily word search, sometimes itís fairly fast, other times it takes a while! Another daily word game
I played 04/20: 42/42 words (+12 bonus words) 📖 In the top 13% by bonus words 🔥 Solve streak: 97
05:15 PM · Post #955 by p3aud · General Chat
FIRST POST 18 Apr 24 11:39 PM by stanleycamel - BA have indicated that it will be launching flights from Gatwick to Dublin.  These will be operated by Emerald Airlines and will possibly open up links to connect with EI flights to the USA.  Will... Possible new BA flights Gatwick - Dublin to be launched
We live right of the middle between Edinburgh and Glasgow but either way the flights are pain at times especially if you are delayed on the way back to catch the Glasgow flight
05:15 PM · Post #9 by Gryff · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 4 Feb 24 11:26 AM by Katnic1 - We usually fly in to Tampa, head to Orlando and then spend a few days on the beach before flying home, but have never actually been into the city of Tampa. We have to be out of our Madeira beach... Is Tampa city worth a visit?
Also check out of the Tampa Bay Rays are playing while you're there, that's a great day out! And even see if there are any concerts on at the Midlife Credit Union. We went to a gig last year when we...
05:09 PM · Post #25 by *cath* · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 09:28 AM by brindle - If you work in a school and need any time for a few days holiday is it allowed?   
For instance if we were to travel say before the May half term 2025 but need to have four days off prior would you... Teachers or school employed.
Iím a teacher and they are reasonably flexible. Itís unpaid but they are quite understanding. My husband on the other hand works in F1 and they struggle for annual leave as 2 weeks shutdown in...
05:05 PM · Post #28 by Picklepuppy · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 18 Apr 24 09:49 AM by Memories4You - I though it might be useful to have a central thread with how much weíre all paying for our WDW holiday. Lots of people posting on multiple threads at the moment. Cost Thread
We got put up in the Captains deck suite at YC a few yrs ago as our dvc villa at BC had been overbooked, and they gave us concierge/club access too...that was an experience we'll never be able to...
05:04 PM · Post #32 by julie42 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 05:04 PM by samthewriter - I haven't been to Universal since 2016 and my partner has never been, but we're going in July. We're doing Disney as well so imagine we'll only spend a couple of days or a few half days at Universal.... Help me plan Universal!
I haven't been to Universal since 2016 and my partner has never been, but we're going in July. We're doing Disney as well so imagine we'll only spend a couple of days or a few half days at Universal....
05:04 PM · New Thread by samthewriter · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST Today 11:29 AM by Wizz - We are a family of 6 and donít need 6 lots of checked baggage, we could probably manage with cabin cases if I wasnít such an over packer 🙈 
Weíre looking at BA and itís an extra £100 each to check... Checked bag just for 1 or 2?
Thanks all, think this may be the way forward. Book as hand luggage and then add a case after 👍
05:01 PM · Post #6 by Wizz · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 14 Apr 24 11:27 AM by Lindaelaine - On Netflix, based on a true story, one of those series that I had to binge watch, it intrigued me as I had no idea as to where it was leading.  
I won't spoil it, just watch how it evolves, stick... Baby Reindeer *No Spoilers*
Iím about half way through, yes it gets worse but Iím compelled to find out whether everything ok in the end.
04:58 PM · Post #23 by Bootrip2 · TV and Film
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:40 PM by KSB8989 - Has anyone else been having problems with Disneyís online check in? 
I have been trying to do it for a couple of weeks. On the app it just tells me Ďonline checkin is not availableí. On a desktop,... Disney Online Checkin - not working
Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately this still doesnít work. I think I need to admit defeat 🤣
04:49 PM · Post #15 by KSB8989 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:48 PM by mike4scuba - is it possible to get the Suica or Pasmo cards at Haneda airports for tourists. Believe there there is a shortage of ic chips. 
if you cant but the card can you just pay to get from station to... Suica or Pasmo cards
Think it my brick the device if you alter the root files. Will see if I can get a suica at the airport
FIRST POST 18 Apr 24 06:01 PM by juless77 - :cry:booked a package holiday through virgin went to check in the car hire and itís  been cancelledÖ.rung virgin they said itís live on their system but she gave me 4 links to try and each time says... Car hire cancelled travel tomorrow .
They sent an email (virgin ) whilst on the flight giving us another reservation number all okay when we got to the desk though
04:29 PM · Post #7 by juless77 · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST 4 Oct 23 11:09 PM by babbymint - What are people's thoughts on the smoking suggestions? 
I'm an ex smoker and I don't have an issue with it being banned, but doing it year on year seems daft, with successive governments... Smoking
My daughter is also funding her ACL repair surgery. After sustaining the injury in Italy she returned to the U.K. to be told she faces a 12 month wait to be seen by the orthopaedic department. She...
04:28 PM · Post #181 by Tillyfloss · General Chat
FIRST POST 2 Jan 24 08:22 PM by Sparksy72 - Hello and Happy New Year!! 🥳 
I am Michelle (holiday lover, hotel Booker and Disney fan), my DH is Adam (holiday lover, flight Booker and Bourbon enthusiast) and our DS Cooper (holiday lover, sleep... A Sparks East Coast Adventure- Florida to NYC August 2024
I love pressing ( never called ironing in our house 😉) Your story reminded me of when Paulís niece asked his mum what pegs were , and proceeded to say why do you dry clothes outside when you have...
04:27 PM · Post #241 by WIGGYSMUM · Pre-Trip Reports
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:35 PM by AgentOso - Hi, 
I'm starting to plan for summer 2025 and will be looking at using our virgin miles for flights. This means we have full flexibility on where to stay. 
Looking at part stay for Universal but... Best gulf coast resort for chilled holiday
We love Clearwater. Really enjoyed staying at The SandPearl Resort and Opal Sands. Our Daughter's loved it too as teenagers. Sandpearl is right on the beach, which was perfect as one Daughter loved...
04:23 PM · Post #11 by tinytots · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 12 Apr 24 09:57 AM by uktigg - Well, This all looks like a good start with VH's link with Hertz. (from my point of view - NOT!) 
I FINALLY managed to get my reference number today to do online check-in with Hertz - YAY ! 
Not... Come back Alamo - All is forgiven :-)
Thanks Tom and YL. Picked it up yesterday - thought it was a hold but wanted to check.
04:23 PM · Post #20 by Twinklestar1 · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST Today 11:41 AM by sprocket - So many hotels are replacing irons with steamers. Now I don't know if its just me or does everyone else find that steamers are junk. 
For the life of me I just can't use a steamer and get creases out... Travel Iron vs Steamer
Not a chance of us ironing on holiday so not something we have to solve.
04:22 PM · Post #9 by tspill · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 03:15 PM by Blimpys - Hello  
I booked a uk cruise over the phone and am more than 100 days out but now need to cancel, does anyone know if they charge the cancellation fee of £150pp as shown on the Walt Disney travel... Cancel cruise?
Thatís what I canít work out. I just phones the uk cruise line phone number to book.
FIRST POST 18 Apr 24 07:50 PM by macdonald - Hi all as title says , i would love to know where you have all booked? Where have you all booked then for 2025?
Trip number 10 - we booked 14 nights at CBR, water view room - Oct/Nov 25. Just love Halloween and then changing into Christmas at the parks. Weíll stay 7 nights at the end over at Universal,...
04:10 PM · Post #74 by jentill · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 15 Mar 24 08:39 PM by Tink20 - Evening All 
When do we think Disney will be dropping any deals for 2025? 
I thought it was normally around this time? 
Also what do people think might be the offer this time round? 
... Disney Deal 2025
We've booked 8 nights Surfside 2 bed suite then 9 nights Pop century October 2025, only booked Disney tickets so far, waiting to see about Epic universe/IOA/US tickets and Seaworld etc, hoping for a...
04:10 PM · Post #1453 by firedance · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 09:57 AM by CARROLL82 - Hi  
I reading  this correctly?  
Busch gardens  
Plus food at all?  
Can visit on separate days ? 
I cant post the link Seems to good to be true
If you're not going until 2025 wait until the black Friday sales
04:04 PM · Post #13 by Helen uk · Tickets
FIRST POST 16 Apr 24 07:35 PM by amberspy - Hi 👋🏻  
What did you pay for direct flights  
End sept /oct from Edinburgh or Glasgow  
Just doing some research Scottish dibbers what did you pay for sept /oct flights
We were around this last year for economy delight. Itís gutting when you used to get PE for that. This year weíve used miles to go out economy and back PE and Iíve got the Virgin Atlantic reward plus...
04:01 PM · Post #9 by sha9 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:19 PM by mummybear - Hiya, 
Is it correct that Disney don't open both waterparks at the same time any more?  Is this likely to change for 2025? 
Thanks. Disney water parks open at the same?
They have basically said this and quoted lack of demand for 2 water parks. I guess most Americans have access to water parks where they live. I know my friends in Texas and Santa Cruz have water...
04:00 PM · Post #9 by Moorlandman · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:29 AM by Princessb13 - So there will be nine of us going next April, we are finding transport to Manchester Airport very difficult, how hard is it if we got the train. We would be looking to stay in a hotel at the airport... Am I crazy?
Yeah work out cost per person, we are £25 pp for the train, which is cheap - and £50 pp for overnight hotel. We went with TUI in 2022 and flew into Melbourne, and hired ATC to get us to and from...
03:54 PM · Post #11 by papamouse · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 8 Apr 24 05:35 PM by orlandoamber - Hello and welcome to my April 2024 live food report! :wave: 
If you've read my previous reports, you'll know I'm usually very organised, plan meticulously for months and have a long list of ADRs...... Help... where are my ADRs?! - April 2024 Orlando Live Food Report
Great start to Universal , you did well to get a few rides in before Grad Bash started, a nice taster to the parks. I love Moes 😍 Your room at Sapphire Falls looks lovely.
FIRST POST 13 Apr 24 06:17 PM by LOU LOU DISNEY - Which Universal hotels do the front of line passes? I know the hard Rock is one but what are the others? Which one would normally be the cheaper one? Hard rock for one night next year for our dates... Universal hotels
I was just coming on to say Ba have some really good prices....we have booked saffire falls for 5nts for £850 and have just paid extra for 2 days unlimited express pass ontop which was another £300...
03:50 PM · Post #18 by Helen uk · Accommodation
FIRST POST 7 Jan 24 06:27 PM by Goldia - Welcome to our summer 2024 pre trip report :wavey: 
I'm Abby, holiday enthusiast, who loves planning a new adventure, even when it's somewhere we've been before ;). Travelling with... Circle of Life - Summer 2024 PTR
It a looks delicious. Itís sunny but freezing here today so I would be thinking of Poutine if the weather doesnít sort itself out! The hummus theme for Morocco sounds better on a nice day.
03:44 PM · Post #193 by OB1LukeLucas · Pre-Trip Reports
FIRST POST Today 10:13 AM by Omega1 - In October, weíre doing a transatlantic cruise that finishes in Galveston. We then transfer to New Orleans and have two full days there. Itís a package, so we donít have a car and no option to... New Orleans
Ahh OK. I was going to see if I could suggest any very local to you places :)
03:30 PM · Post #5 by KarenG · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST Today 03:01 PM by MickyC - Can anyone give me a list of non-rollercoaster/track type rides they recommend at Universal Studios & Islands of Adventures please? 
Havenít been since 2019 😢 Best Non-Rollercoaster rides at Universal/IOA
ioa I'd say theres not too much other than kong, spiderman,water rides and more kiddy friendly rides like cat in the hat etc, studios youve got loads of simulator rides, I won't reel them all off as...
03:25 PM · Post #2 by glenandem · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST Today 03:21 PM by LufcDeb - I'm so excited to be going back again!! 
Last time I went was June 2019, haven't been back due to Covid and then job changes, however I've booked to go back in Oct this year and March next year! We... I'm FINALLY going back!!
I'm so excited to be going back again!! Last time I went was June 2019, haven't been back due to Covid and then job changes, however I've booked to go back in Oct this year and March next year! We...
03:21 PM · New Thread by LufcDeb · Disneyland Paris Trip Planning
FIRST POST 28 Jan 24 09:57 PM by Bellesdream - Welcome to my 3rd trip report, unfortunately the second is incomplete, I never managed to finish writing up then we fell into COVID and my mind couldn't write it.  
If you've read my previous... The Florida 3 Pre Trip report
Quick update I had yesterday off, after a very lazy morning I went for a lovely lunch with a friend, she found the Mickey ears I gave her for her trip last year so she brought those and a travel...
03:21 PM · Post #73 by Bellesdream · Pre-Trip Reports
FIRST POST 11 Apr 24 05:12 PM by blondetea - Hi all, 
This is our first time flying long haul with our wee boy who is 8. He is dry during the day mostly but wears nappies overnight (we regularly have a couple of weeks of trying without and... Toileting/nappies on flight
The disabled toilet is still small, only just big enough for 2 adults ( DS is 16) and it's a squeeze. When still needed pads He used to wear pull-ups on the plane so I could change them while he sat...
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:59 PM by thingy003 - Hey Dibbers. 
I have just booked to go back next Oct and I have been looking at flight prices for this year to try and give myself a ballpark figure. I have one more seat to buy this year which... Carry on luggage only
We often do it. Worst case scenario weíd pay for one case on the return but we havenít had to so far. We take a case and a backpack each.
03:03 PM · Post #16 by BevS97 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 28 Feb 18 02:00 AM by nutsydownunder - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free... Game... Keep One, Drop One
Fast Food
02:59 PM · Post #21796 by tracy99 · General Chat
FIRST POST 15 Apr 24 09:48 PM by walt4it - Anyone is welcome to play:thumbs-up  If you haven't played before the rules are as below:- 
Its very easy ;)and here is a very brief rundown of how it works. 
If, for example, Luton are playing Man... The Award Winning Dibb Prediction League...Week 34 Fixtures
SATURDAY 20TH APRIL Luton Town 1 Brentford. 2 Sheffield United 2 Burnley 0 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Arsenal 2
02:55 PM · Post #19 by Darwen Bird · Sport
FIRST POST Today 10:00 AM by yogadeb - As title suggests , please help me justify the extortionate amount of money the beach club is, as I need it to fully persuade the husband ! 
( we have stayed at BC and POR before and hubby wants to... Help me justify BC prices please
I usually find the Boardwalk Inn more expensive than Yacht or Beach Club.
02:47 PM · Post #10 by Claudette · Accommodation

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