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07:28 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:47 AM by Locolauren04 - We are visiting at the end of August with our just turned 4 year old, who is tall. We think we are going to take a stroller with us. Does anyone have any suggestions for a stroller for a larger...Stroller for 4 year old
We did this a lot when the kids were younger and they left it in the villa for someone else to use. (12 replies)
07:25 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:45 PM by tomdan - Not been for a few years and the last time we went was with Thomsons. Before landing we had to fill in a green form. Do we still do this?Filling in forms on areoplane
We didnt fill in custom forms two years ago. We were told they were being phased out. The ESTA replaces the green forms. (9 replies)
07:24 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:51 PM by Radcliffe - Hi Dibbers 
Can anyone tell me about best way to make the most of Eat to the Beat in Epcot please?Eat to the Beat - Epcot
The concerts themselves will be busiest on weekends. Certain artists always draw large crowds so there are large queues however they usually do dining packages that allow you access to one of the... (1 reply)
FIRST POST Today 06:16 AM by Triciamcl - Thoughts please..... we were going to book for POFQ for me DH and our DGD but now it looks like our other DD and her daughter might come too, so now not sure whether to book 2 rooms at POFQ or go for...3 adults 2 kids one room Riverside ??
We stayed with 6 in POR (one being a baby) the others 5, 9 and 11. For the amount of time we spent in the room we didn't really notice the lack of space. My husband did enjoy his space when we... (5 replies)
FIRST POST 14 Apr 19 07:11 PM by NewtoOrlando - So who is staying up to watch the season opener? My hubby is finishing at 3am so home by 3.30, we've made a pact that I will get up to watch it, so going to get an early ish night! We're both off...GOT - Tonight is the night!!
Tormund is officially my favourite character, he was fantastic last night. (87 replies)
07:21 AM
FIRST POST 14 Apr 19 08:00 PM by scottishnellie - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/79402/9322bc15213940.jpg 
This will be our 5th trip to Florida as a family (but thats not why Im calling the trippie the 5th element. More on that later). As...Scottishnellies 5th Element Trip Jun/Jul 2019
Hi Helen, your trip sounds amazing as usual. Hopefully all will be ok and you don't have to cancel AMI. It will be great to share your trip with your niece too. I'm a wee bit jealous we're not... (41 replies)
07:21 AM
FIRST POST 21 Apr 19 07:42 PM by Getyogrooveon - After 4 years of just doing Disney, now been forced into leaving the real magic and going to Universal. 
Every year we have got Photopass signature shot photos printed as canvases for the living...Universal Photopass Equivalent
Didnt see any photopass photographers in that area, when we visited. There are photographers at ebtrance, and i think character meets like spiderman. As well as the various options in terms of days,... (4 replies)
07:21 AM
FIRST POST 17 Mar 19 06:33 PM by Bellasmummy - Ive sat down today to do some calculations to decide if its worth us getting annual passes for next year, wow what a palaver! Wish it was easier to work out. 
Anyway, Ive got three figures now...Would anybody mind checking my annual pass calculations?
So it might be like me where to get free dining you have to have a 14 day ticket but you know you are travelling again within the next year without free dining so upgrading make sense. That's what... (9 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:43 PM by miked1e - So back this morning from 15 nights (was supposed to be 14 nights only, but had an extra night due to flight cancellation) at WDW, and before I do a trip report just wanted to give an insight into...Back 22/04 - highs, ok and lows
Still remember the trip with DD when was 2! So amazing seeing it through their eyes. Sounds like mostly highs. (3 replies)
07:15 AM
FIRST POST 21 Apr 19 05:16 PM by ShamuLvr - Am I the only one who wants to throw my TV out of the window when the Peloton advert comes on? It's so annoying and seems to be on every channel :cry:Irritating Adverts
I want to put my foot through screen when I see this, but as annoying as it is I've seen a lot of house simple signs up so it's working. (48 replies)
FIRST POST 28 Feb 18 02:00 AM by nutsydownunder - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...Game... Keep One, Drop One
Folding Chair (3,423 replies)
07:15 AM
FIRST POST 17 Apr 19 09:19 AM by Tinkerbell - Plans 
This has been really niggling at me for the past 24 hours:blush: 
In the past we have always simply put a credit card against the room account ( can you use a debit card.?).  Gone to the...due To WDW CC hold policy change of UPDATED LAST PAGE RESPONSE FROM WDW
I was told by all senior POFQ desk managers that this was a known problem affecting many U.K. visitors so Im surprised she was unaware of issues.... (117 replies)
07:14 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:23 PM by hols2florida - Due to the fact that I have little will power & an under active thyroid, I am finding it difficult to lose weight. Being left to my own devices doesnt seem to be working! Does anyone know of any...Weight loss help
I have been ill so have been eating what I fancy (within reason) but today I am back to 16:8, I did do 5:2 but find this easier as you sleep for a lot of your fasting time. Since I started eating low... (10 replies)
Pumpkin Pie
07:12 AM
FIRST POST 20 Apr 19 02:16 PM by Burgmeister - We haven't been to Hong Kong since 1996 but we are booked to go next February and I'm sure an awful lot has changed since our last visit. 
I have a number of questions that, hopefully, someone will...Hong Kong?
We were there last year and arrived with no cash. We have a Halifax Clarity card and had no bother at all withdrawing money. We used an ATM at the airport and also at a mall near our hotel with no... (6 replies)
07:10 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:43 PM by macy - Has anyone managed flights successfully - whilst suffering sciatica or back pain. In particular in relation to discomfort whilst sitting ? Did you find the crew understanding if you needed to stand...Tips for flight with sciatica or back pain
Something I didn't realise that Volterol is sold in two different strengths. I did buy some but from the supermarket shelf. Visit to the chemist for me this week - think it might be quite a shipping... (17 replies)
07:07 AM
FIRST POST 20 Apr 19 11:47 AM by mermaids1960 - Is it just me, I feel sad that we do not get to have free DDP if we buy our passes through Disney as we are DVC members, I don't even think we get a discount on this.DDP free :(
Im still trying to work out whether to buy the QS for the first part of our stay. I know it will probably cost us more but I do like the idea of some of our food being paid for in advance. (23 replies)
07:02 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:45 PM by Bondi - Can anyone recommend what sort of travel insurance I need when booking my holiday separately?  I've only ever booked a package holiday before and therefore taken out just basic holiday insurance from...Insurance for DIY Holiday
We used Aviva - never had to claim so far! Make sure you look at the defaqto rating as this tells you how comprehensive the insurance is. (11 replies)
06:58 AM
FIRST POST 11 Apr 19 12:46 PM by florida_jm - Hi, after reading many good reviews I signed up for the landrys card on Friday. When I signed up it gave me a transaction ID and said that I would get my card in 10 working days but get more...Landrys Select Club
Perfect, thanks. (17 replies)
06:56 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:07 PM by Ciano - Hi all we have been to Celebration before but was 4th July so very busy and evening time. Would like to go back again this time and see it properly. Kids are 10 and 15. Any recommendations?Trip to Celebration - What to do?
I would recommend hiring bikes to go and look at all the huge houses! (2 replies)
06:54 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:39 AM by sam7 - Been using my revolut card about 6 months in UK and love it, but have a couple of questions. 
Twice I have had the weekly update state I have spent ....on shopping and 12 on utilities.  I cant see...Revolut Users Can You Help?
I wouldnt worry too much about it, especially the way it breaks down the payment by category. From my experience, the categories are a little hit and miss, Ive had food purchases show as travel... (1 reply)
06:52 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:08 PM by Nicksgirl - We take our dogs on their holiday twice a year to Winterton renting a cottage.  Every year, we get sadder and sadder at leaving. 
We now have many friends there who say its lovely but the winters are...Norfolk residents..... help please.
I live near Cromer, so right on the coast, I can walk out of my drive and be on the beach or in the woods in minutes. I live in a little village that doesnt even have a shop, I stand in my garden... (14 replies)
06:52 AM
FIRST POST Today 06:52 AM by skinnybaby - Hi, 
Does anyone know how long it normally takes to receive tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct once full payment has been made? 
ThanksTicket delivery from ATD
Hi, Does anyone know how long it normally takes to receive tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct once full payment has been made? Thanks (New Thread)
06:51 AM
FIRST POST 21 Apr 19 02:14 PM by MillyMoo - I haven't been able to get into this part of MDE to choose magicbands for over a week, it keeps saying there's a problem and try again later. Just wondered if anybody else has this problem or if it's...MDE choosing your magicband
I had a problem with one of my sets of bands (we have 2 reservations). I phoned them in the end and he could see it wasnt set up correctly and was able to fix it so we could choose. (6 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:10 PM by kissimmee kate - It's our 40th wedding anniversary and DH wanted us to go on a romantic getaway. I saw bargain premium flights to Sanford with TUI and we gave it some thought and decided we should do something...Knew we should have chosen Orlando!! Rant
OP. It niggled me not knowing so I had to check out your rights ref this building work. ABTA say:- If your holiday is booked and then your travel company finds out about building works at your... (15 replies)
Alices Aunt
06:37 AM
FIRST POST Today 06:33 AM by act1980 - Disneyland are allowing people to book a free reservation into Galaxys Edge. Would be good if WDW does the same but Ive not heard anything with regards to it happening.  
Guests staying at a...Do you think WDW will also do this?
I think they will see how it goes. The reservation system is having teething problems at the moment from looking at some of the groups on Facebook. Obviously it would be more problematic in wdw as... (1 reply)
06:34 AM
FIRST POST 21 Apr 19 03:02 PM by dizzymcfarlane - Looking for recommendations please.   We have trailfinders and explore on our list 🤣Who have u booked a safari trip with ?
We used Somak - not sure if they still operate .for our Honeymoon to Kenya Visited Tsavo and stayed overnight at Salt Lick Lodge Make sure you take Maleria tablets . Kenya is a stunningly... (7 replies)
06:19 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:46 PM by candycat75 - My neighbours dog attacked my cat yesterday and unfortunately he died on the way to the vet. Obviously I'm devastated but really worried as I have 2 other cats. Is there anything I can do about the...What can i do about a dangerous dog?
What!!! They are obviously concerned themselves .Im sorry about your cat thats horrible but I hope that they do the right thing with that dog now that they have a baby . (29 replies)
06:18 AM
FIRST POST 20 Apr 19 06:45 PM by Emmymouse - Hi all! 
I just have a quick question about the gift cards - we're booking with Disney direct once dining goes live, but just wondered if it's $200 per booking or per room? 4x adults will be going,...$200 Gift Card
Yep Ive now tried three different emails and have my original one thats been signed up for years now and no emails at all !! (9 replies)
06:17 AM
FIRST POST 12 Feb 10 02:33 AM by rummy63 - www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=351 691Date 11/9/09 to 25/9/09 
The cast 
Me: 52 years, been to Disney 10 times, slightly OCD that tight I only breathe in. 
Al: 52 years, my OH, Driver and...Jilly and Willy's First. Meemee's 6th
All rummy63s trip reports are so funny! (18 replies)
05:20 AM
FIRST POST 17 Apr 19 07:00 PM by Triciamcl - As DH has now decided we should take the DGDs to Disney next year I thought Id price up a rough cost but theres no availability showing for our preferred park, POFQ, been twice before so def want...No POFQ availability Sep 2020 ?
I still hope for a good deal to be honest. Sun, water parks, pool days, few attractions, shopping. Just disney is one option that could offer us this - but not a must for us anymore Disney food... (19 replies)
FIRST POST Today 05:13 AM by LittleMissusR - Morning!  
We try and book character meals as much as we can to cut down the amount of waiting in line in the parks. Finding it hard on the websites to see who is at what. Does anyone know? Think...Shanghai and HK character meals
Morning! We try and book character meals as much as we can to cut down the amount of waiting in line in the parks. Finding it hard on the websites to see who is at what. Does anyone know? Think... (New Thread)
05:08 AM
FIRST POST 19 Apr 19 10:23 PM by glenandem - Had loads of fast food while we been here and checkers was our favourite until we tried Steak n Shake, absolutely dirt cheap and they do a 4 items 4 4 bucks, had a double cheeseburger fries cookie...Steak n Shake wow
Love Steak 'n Shake, have you tried their breakfast, when we stayed down in Bradenton there was one just around the corner of the condo we were staying in so we had one almost every morning, the 2 of... (22 replies)
05:08 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:57 PM by Mrs-Weasley - Hi I was just wondering if there are any dentists on here I have a crown and its just come out but it looks like the pointy bit of the tooth they put it on has snapped and is still in the crown....Any dentists?
I had something similar happen to me and the dentist cleaned the crown and made a new base for the crown to sit on, the whole procedure took 45 mins. There was no cost to me as the crown was less... (10 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:48 PM by rosiebun3 - We have just booked a Holiday with VH but booked economy classic as premium too expensive; as flights not currently available 500 days out.  
We have never used our points to upgrade before... 
When...Virgin upgrading econmony delight to premium using flying club points.
I booked with virgin holidays and was able to upgrade using miles from economy to premium but they said I had to pay the actual cost of the flight part off then they would issue our tickets then it... (6 replies)
04:03 AM
FIRST POST 18 Apr 19 07:43 PM by Rickster1978 - Hi all 
Do were flying back today and weve just been advised that there has been a change with the plane and the new one doesnt have the same premium allocation. Looks like well be economy on...Thomas Cook plane swap and now not premium
We were on the flight TO mco so definately was a James Martin meal. Was a chicken meal with a square potato thing. I Had curry in economy. Did they have any pillows and blankets? My son was given... (33 replies)
01:34 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:57 PM by Danex - Hi everyone  
Im looking some advice for my DD, she is in a joint tenancy agreement with another girl and due to the unreasonable behaviour of the other tenant she has had to move out of the...Tenancy Advice
It really depends on what her tenancy states and what the terms are. In some cases a joint tenancy can be ended by either tenant it may depend on whether she is tied in for any length of time. I... (7 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:12 PM by COL41 - As we were walking through the sports hall, DH noticed a lady Dibbing on her iPad. Glad Im not the only one who still goes on the Dibb whilst on holidayWho was the Dibber at Center Parcs Elveden this morning?
I thought it could have been me, but then read it again and saw it was a lady. That makes at least three dibbers here then... (9 replies)
01:08 AM
FIRST POST 26 May 18 08:51 AM by DisneyDaffodil - I know there are a few of us on here planning university open days with our 17/18 year olds soon so I thought a thread to chat about them may be useful.  
My 17 yo DD is thinking of studying...University visits
Oh no. Im so sorry for your loss. Its heartbreaking losing a treasured family member 😢 xx (2,131 replies)
12:56 AM
FIRST POST Today 12:56 AM by bel - Part One can be found HERE   
Hello dibb friends. 
Well it seems I was going to include lots of little detail pics in this second part of the pretrip but I seem to have already...A rather belated honeymoon with two extra guests! Part 2
Part One can be found HERE PART TWO: Hello dibb friends. Well it seems I was going to include lots of little detail pics in this second part of the pretrip but I seem to have already... (New Thread)
12:37 AM
FIRST POST 17 Apr 19 11:06 AM by rachel1618 - Does anyone have any recommendations of who I could use? I want a few things from walmart but not everything is online to order, ideally want it the day we arrive (the main thing is a birthday cake...personal delivery service
we deliver when it works best for you. (32 replies)
12:36 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:13 PM by lesliejohn - Hello, 
 If I download the Uber app???? Here in the uk can I use the same app in Orlando?? 
LesNever used Uber
I like Lyft better as well but would use either. (14 replies)
The Muppets
12:31 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:04 PM by Kawaii - Hiya  
After a bit of advice, we are in Lanzarote, and I've been using Malibu hair protection spray for my hair and my daughter when we are in the pool. It has worked fine, but I don't like the...Hair sun screen
I also really like the Aveda hair veil, it seems to protect my coloured hair and stop it feeling like straw. (6 replies)
12:28 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:20 PM by Princesa - Does anyone know of any places onsite that has French toast as an option? Im just watching tim tracker in California and he showed somewhere that did and now I need to find some on a buffet. We...Breakfast buffet - French toast?
I agree the French toast at CP is fab. We also found it at Cape May breakfast and I think Tusker House - seem to remember finding it at most b/f buffets that were table service. (4 replies)
12:26 AM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 19 07:48 PM by Tweety1 - So we said we would try and keep a relatively new car and the one we have is 4 yrs old. I do begrudge spending money on cars as to get a newer car its 1000s more for the same thing!So what do you...Leasing/buying car (or any other option)
I would suggest, consider all options for your chosen car. Leasing is now often the way to go, but I have seen PCP deals sometimes beat leasing. In fact just got one myself, even if I hand the car... (83 replies)
12:24 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:10 PM by toonarmani - Do they still give you a free snorkel to keep or has this stopped now? :confused2Discovery Cove snorkels
Yes we brought ours home yesterday, LOVE Discovery Cove (2 replies)
12:23 AM
FIRST POST 13 Apr 19 10:00 AM by Sas - We went to see this opening night show last night, it was amazing. All of you that are going will have a fantastic time.  ❤Take That greatest hits tour
Something very wrong with him ! (60 replies)
12:23 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:07 PM by Iridescence - Where can you get decent human hair wigs from, none of the nhs ones look good.  If you want to keep yourself confidential then please pm me. Thank you.Odd question for women.
My friend went to Optima hair in Birmingham when she lost her hair through chemo. (11 replies)
12:18 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:03 PM by Nicksgirl - anyone watching this comedy.  I love it. xGhosts....
We found the first episode quite funny. It might get a bit repetitive but Ill stick with it (7 replies)
12:11 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:49 AM by Robblps - Use the Dibb availability page. 
 https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/fastpass_plus_availa bility.php 
I go in May, I only had the 30 day fastpass too, Ive managed.....thanks to the above link, to...Fastpass tip !
Curious how a ride can have availability for 4 but not for 2. How does that work? (21 replies)
12:11 AM
FIRST POST 21 Apr 19 11:56 AM by Disney Nanny - hello all 
so it appears I have successfully activated the $100 when i book through the site, but if I do this on Thursday do I also get the $200?? 
Thank you :)'Activated' the $100 but
Is there some where I need to go to find the additional $100, or have I totally missed the boat? Thanks Laura (15 replies)
12:05 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:12 AM by MENTALMUM - I have upgraded my seats from economy to premium and believe I now have access to a lounge at the airport. I cannot find anything on TUI website. Do they have their own lounge?, does it include all...TUI Premium airport lounge access
Im sure we used the Aspire swissport lounge in Manchester in 2015, and the Aspire in Newcastle in 2017 with TUI PE. (13 replies)
12:00 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:21 PM by fitzybhoy - Can you check in early at this motel? 
Staying an extra 2 days here after 14 days a CSR. Check out is 11am at CSR and check-in is 3 or 4 at Rosen Inn. 
We plan on going to Universal for the day...Rosen Inn @ Pointe Orlando - Check In
You could always try emailing their customer services. Ive had luck in the past with Samantha on. SMatos@rosenhotels.c om (2 replies)
11:56 PM
FIRST POST 21 Apr 19 12:30 PM by Sallee45 - Morning all  
Is there any recent photos of the construction works ? Due to check in September cheersEndless summer photos
I was wrong on that one, but its not $12, its $14 per night (before tax) Not sure where I got $23 in my head from. :-) (10 replies)
11:53 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:41 AM by Markpc2013 - Hi all, 
Has anyone sat at seat 18HK downstairs in Premium on Virgin? I like the fact its the back row but concerned the toilets are behind us. Does this restrict recline? Is the toilet being...Virgin PE seat question
We had 19 EFG last Sept both ways ...never again . Awful seats right next to the toilet. Constant slamming of the door and flushing the loo meant no peace at all. The curtain hitting me every few... (17 replies)
11:50 PM
FIRST POST 20 Apr 19 08:36 PM by Rescuer - Shop till you Strop - 10.4.19 -Day 1  
After a fairly restless night I was awake at 4am. I dozed for a bit and woke up about 4.45am. The other 2 woke up about an hour later. 
I nipped...Shop till you Strop - 10.4.19 -Day 1
It was great. (4 replies)

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