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FIRST POST Today 11:30 AM by munmun - BA have linked there sale to the Daily Mail !  You dont have to buy one 
... BA Black Friday Sale
Is there a actual code ? I can not see one.
12:43 PM · Post #5 by MrsFizz · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 21 Nov 20 05:33 PM by Mango76 - We are fortunate to have been to Orlando a few times when our children were quite young, a few times when they were toddlers and the last trip when they were 8 and 6.   
We were due to go in 2019... Orlando with teenagers - give me your top tips! (which parks did they like best?)
I can base this on my 1st trip in 1993 when I was 12. I really enjoyed the space centre. Epcot was my favourite park and still is today and I really loved US when it was all about been part of the...
12:40 PM · Post #20 by themeparksandy · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST 19 Nov 20 12:03 PM by Br'er Bear - Noticed a few new notifications on the website this morning so thought I would post them. 
2021 Annual Dues Statements 
Your 2021 Annual Dues Statements will be posted online on or after December... A few recent Notifications on the member website
I also used the feedback option to raise these concerns for international members. Received a call from member services to be told that, although they are hearing this from many, there are no plans...
12:40 PM · Post #5 by grantasmic · General DVC Discussion
FIRST POST Today 07:35 AM by SussexFamily - BBC One announce not one, but two MrsBrownsBoys specials to air this Christmas. 
Three cheers for Sky, Netflix and Prime then!  
... Just when you thought it couldnít get worse - Part 2
I dont get it... I suppose it has some appeal if you are a transvestite I guess :erm:
12:39 PM · Post #5 by SussexFamily · TV and Film
FIRST POST 22 Nov 20 09:56 AM by natanddaz - So i had written our feb flights off and had even booked a second trip in august which im much more hopeful about. I cancelled all the hotels i had booked and thought i would just wait for flights to... Any hope for feb 2021?
Thanks everyone i think you are all right and it will be a non starter. Tbh i dont feel too disappointed as have another trip booked in aug which i am hopeful for. Think im just going to hang on for...
12:39 PM · Post #14 by natanddaz · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 09:47 AM by FlorayG - I was musing yesterday evening about COVID all over the world and the fact that we hear a lot about certain countries and nothing at all about others. 
We hear about Brazil but not Paraguay 
We hear... Countries we don't hear about
This link to a section of CNN's website shows the cases and deaths around the world and is updated every 15 minutes. It...
12:36 PM · Post #3 by Jennywren · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:57 PM by act1980 - We've booked a Disney cruise and when I search for it our particular cruise isn't even showing. When I log into our booking it's there! 🤷🏼≈♀️ I'm really confused.  
Has anyone experienced this... Disney Cruise has disappeared
They will tell you its cancelled even up to the annoucement being made online as unfortunately the people who answer the phone don't get any prior warning to a calculation. We just have to sit and...
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:58 PM by CarolynU - We call ourselves a DIBB family and like every family we squabble. Iím afraid that Covid has naturally made us fight more than usual. Thatís to be expected, but this is a plea to try and hold our... Please Please Support Each Other!
Well I hope that the tiers are kind for you and my offer still stands for next year when we are free and maybe even vaccinated too.
12:33 PM · Post #30 by CarolynU · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 12:04 PM by mandco - I feel like I'm being mean but I really don't want to bubble over xmas  
I know my sdd will be wanting to bubble with us so we can see the grandkids - and yes I'd love to see them but I know they... anyone else not want to bubble over xmas?
We're not mixing with anyone expect my oldest son who is coming home from University. I had the virus last month but I still think it's the wrong time to be mixing households.
12:33 PM · Post #9 by jdndt · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 10:02 AM by Donz1979 - Gutted that I tested positive yesterday and husband tested positive Saturday.  We have been sooo careful since all this started and we still catch it. 
Both been totally wiped out and no apetite at... I have covid
Sorry to hear this Wish you both better soon 💕x
12:32 PM · Post #18 by ClaireNJ · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:14 PM by SussexFamily - 
...... oh no.... Reality check
Yes please.
12:27 PM · Post #11 by SussexFamily · General Chat
FIRST POST 25 Sep 20 08:37 AM by JanetteP - Updated Post 34 
2 star gifts available this week- Spectrum 10 piece brush set, and Isle of Paradise self tanning kit, along with a few others. 
Some nice Hugo Boss and Paco Rabanne perfume and... Boots Star Gift 19th November - Harry Potter A Night at Hogwarts
Thank you for this. Will definitely be keeping an eye out.
12:26 PM · Post #40 by Irishlass · Christmas
FIRST POST 22 Nov 20 06:22 PM by mickeyandmoana - Is anybody else waiting until Dining plans come back into the booking game? I don't feel its worth it with all that's not included at the moment, particularly without having the free dining- as much... Waiting for Dining plan?
It's a discussion forum and it's good to hear both sides. I have prayed frequently for the demise of the free dining plan and major changes to the paid one. It's been the major contributor to the...
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:48 PM by scottishmum - We are having our downstairs loo refurbished . 
Itís literally at the front door. It was mean to start 18 Nov (has been booked since early Aug)  we got a  call the week before advising us they would... Workmen in house ~ what do you think.
New guy arrived today, he works for himself and canít believe how the place has been left, heís taken photos and some of out the front garden and sent them to the owner. This isnít due to them...
12:23 PM · Post #21 by scottishmum · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 10:00 AM by EssexSue - Nothing is ever simple in this house! I need a new toilet seat for the main bathroom. As I hate decorating, upheaval etc we chose a classic retro style, white fixtures, wooden bath panel and matching... New toilet seat - how much?????
On the other hand I am planning on getting the black glitter one from B and M for the other bathroom. 😂
12:23 PM · Post #21 by EssexSue · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 08:52 AM by disney332 - GMTV showing a poll this morning about the recently announced Xmas bubble rule.  
Interestingly, 78% of voters are saying they will not embrace the new rules, and instead they will have a quiet... GMTV Xmas Gatherings Poll
I think the level of non compliance would have been too great had the rules not been relaxed. Then the government would look weak and non compliance would probably become more widespread beyond the...
12:22 PM · Post #25 by Claudette · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 12:19 PM by ChoppyGirl - Does anyone know why the 4th contestant was cut from the show last night? Missing Masterchef contestant
Does anyone know why the 4th contestant was cut from the show last night?
12:19 PM · New Thread by ChoppyGirl · TV and Film
FIRST POST 3 Oct 20 10:51 AM by Jakey Neverland - I take advantage of this each year so set the start date so it includes the Christmas/New Year Edition. You need to initially set up a standing order, I cancel this once the payment of £1.00 has come... Radio Times 6 issues £1.00
Thank you hopefully it turns up today, we have been in Isolation for just over a week and I have decided once I get out I am posting all the Christmas gifts early this year. I think Royal Mail will...
12:18 PM · Post #32 by Jakey Neverland · Christmas
FIRST POST Yesterday 05:18 PM by sam7 - Had an amazon delivery  today, he rang the door bell, by the time I got to the hall he had pushed my door handle down and the door was just starting to open.  Now I have no idea why he did this, if... Amazon Delivery - Should I Let it Go?
We keep our front door locked. It's a habit we've got into since a sneak thief walked into a neighbours house and stole her handbag. We have a loo opposite the front door, the loo door opens when...
12:18 PM · Post #46 by Feebee2 · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 12:14 PM by EssexSue - As this is a bank holiday I wonder why the 23rd is included (when people will be working) and this is not - anyone know? Monday 28th December
I guess everyone travelling on Christmas eve would be a nightmare, there has to be a cut off somewhere for the five days
12:18 PM · Post #3 by JudyC · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 15 Sep 20 06:58 AM by orlandoN21 - Can't wait for this to start on 22nd September :wiggle: Great British Bake Off: 2020
The right result I think. I do find Laura so relatable but despite her excellent flavours, she was never going to win and she knew that. I hope she manages to rise above the horrible Twitter trolls...
12:09 PM · Post #146 by Gill H · TV and Film
FIRST POST 28 Feb 18 02:00 AM by nutsydownunder - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free... Game... Keep One, Drop One
Front door
12:08 PM · Post #10508 by DisneyDaffodil · General Chat
FIRST POST 13 Mar 20 08:46 PM by Floridadreams - Friday 13th March 
I was chatting to my Mum just now (in the UK) and we were talking about the different response between the UK and Ireland, how it felt here at the moment etc. I thought others... Updates on Situation in Ireland
So theyíre talking about maybe three households mixing over Christmas (I imagine similar to the UK) and lifting inter country travel restrictions for two weeks! That seems a lot! I mean I would love...
11:58 AM · Post #458 by Floridadreams · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:27 PM by emmafleur - The Government have said we can meet three households between 23rd - 27th December. It says the groupings must be Ďexclusiveí. From this Iím taking it to mean that we can only meet the same three... Confused already about Christmas rules
It gets complicated as while you can only be in a bubble of 3 households you don't actually have to chose the same bubble as the rest of the people you live with. 3.4 Households where everybody is...
11:50 AM · Post #169 by mandco · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 20 Nov 20 07:49 PM by Omega1 - Weíve just had an email from Princess Cruises to announce further cancellations, mainly in response to the CDC guidelines: 
All cruises sailing through 31 March 2021 
All cruises longer than seven... Further cruise cancellations
We had a cruise booked with Cunard on the Queen Mary 2 as a "big number" birthday treat for us both, in April 2022. Sailing to New York and then flight back, I had added 4 nights in NY as an extra...
FIRST POST Today 10:07 AM by FlorayG - I'm quite pleased that currently I don't have a lodger because I'm thinking about people who are unrelated/not in a relationship and live in the same household. 
If, say, you are two people who share... Christmas rules if you share a dwelling
I can't argue with that :grin:
11:49 AM · Post #13 by 123 · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:45 PM by pinkyoshi - Just booked tickets to see this in August!  So excited 😊😊😍😍 Beauty and the Beast Musical!
Booked for the 21st Aug in Bristol. Can't wait! We were meant to be going to The Lion King this past October, which was rescheduled to 2022 (! :d: ) so lots to look forward to.
11:41 AM · Post #12 by catherinesian · General Chat
FIRST POST 20 Nov 20 11:28 PM by LostPrincess - Hi everyone! 
Last week for a challenge my husband and I went vegan for a week. It was surprisingly easy and we definitely have made some changes that we can keep permanently. I never intended to... Do you feel bad eating meat and animal products?
That's lovely. I've made my choice and I'm happy with it. My friend is a trained inseminator for cows, I'm sure he'll be amused to be called a rapist. Take a step back and feel great...
11:34 AM · Post #82 by 2point · Food, Wine, Cooking & Eating
FIRST POST 18 Nov 20 01:34 AM by walt4it - Nearly forgot:blush: 
It's that time of the year again! Just signed up and will get 6 issues of the Radio Times for just £1 
edit to add that they have since informed me that they will not... Christmas Radio Times for £1
I phoned up. What a painful phone call. They said they will refund the £62.40 and the £1.00 for the 6 issues. Made out though that they were doing me a favour!
11:29 AM · Post #22 by MarkUK · Christmas
FIRST POST Yesterday 05:11 PM by Lovesholidays - Hi everyone  
I need a little inspiration on how to dress my kitchen window in our little cottage weíve just bought. It has a square bay window where this sink actually sit in. Nobody actually... Window dressing help
How about cafe curtains in just the top section so you can still look out at the garden?
11:22 AM · Post #7 by Picalily · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 08:27 AM by SussexFamily - 
Apparently a recent poll result showed: 
Is this correct?  
... Quality Street Favourites...
I donít get why the green one is so popular?
11:09 AM · Post #25 by Tinkerbell 1 · Food, Wine, Cooking & Eating
FIRST POST Today 11:09 AM by Dinglebert - We bought a Wax Lyrical Christmas advent calendar in a local store last January.  Stuck a diary entry into Google for today to remind me where I had put it. 
I am normally terrible as buying things... Google Diary worked!
We bought a Wax Lyrical Christmas advent calendar in a local store last January. Stuck a diary entry into Google for today to remind me where I had put it. I am normally terrible as buying things...
11:09 AM · New Thread by Dinglebert · Christmas
FIRST POST 15 Sep 20 08:04 AM by disney332 - Just for fun...The thread could run for 5 mins or 5 Days. 
Name anything, Theme Park, Hotel or Restaurant related. Starting A ...going onto Z. 
I will kick off (cause its easy peasy) 
Animal... A-Z of WDW IDrive & Universal
Mountain challenge now starting with Big Thunder Disney332
11:09 AM · Post #3049 by disney332 · General Chat
FIRST POST 23 Nov 20 10:35 PM by buryboy - Ok , so we are considering getting a new kitchen  
I have drawn a quick / rough overview of what it looks like below . We have a round dining table at the bottom of the picture  
So you come... Any kitchen designers ? Or ideas people ?
I'm a kitchen designer. I can have a look for you if you'd like and maybe do you some renders so you can see what you could achieve. You could just about squeeze an island in but you wouldn't be...
11:09 AM · Post #32 by flowerpetal · General Chat
FIRST POST 23 Nov 20 07:33 AM by Cabbie - Virgin launched their Black Friday sale at midnight and there are some good offers to be had; 
LHR-MCO from £999 (UC) 
LHR-MCO from £599 (PE) 
LHR-MCO from £310 (Economy) 
Plenty of other... Virgin Black Friday Sale & 50% Points Redemption
I managed to get through this morning after just over an hour on hold. They let me put on reserve 5 premium economy seats until Saturday. So now converting my Tesco points for the last few points I...
11:02 AM · Post #81 by Tiger Lily · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:06 PM by Sarryb - Looks like no offers this coming year. 
When you use the DLP website, the prices say 'prices valid until 30th March 2022' 
Which suggests no offers/changes until then. I'm looking at next... New dates live, no offers!!
I am really hoping we will be able to go for our May trip. Due to the uncertainty of the Marvel Hotel opening which we booked we managed to get a free upgrade to the Disneyland Hotel. We booked back...
10:51 AM · Post #9 by ChoppyGirl · Disneyland Paris Trip Planning
FIRST POST 16 Nov 20 12:49 PM by Loobylou_82 - Black Friday sales started at DC. All tickets half price including ultimate swim tickets. £139 for ultimate.  Not got anything booked yet for oct 2021 date, date I risk getting the tickets?? Free... Heads up..Discovery Cove
Thank you so much! I'm new to all this booking lark, so I'm grateful for your detailed post. I have a Halifax clarity card so I'll use that to purchase it and I'll make sure the USA box is ticked :)....
10:47 AM · Post #28 by kitjos · Tickets
FIRST POST 28 Mar 20 09:06 PM by BerkshireBugsy - The original was (understandably) close due to the number of images making it hard to follow. 
Feel free to start posting 
I will link to the original later- it's still there 
BB your meme of the day...join in
10:47 AM · Post #482 by caj · General Chat
FIRST POST 16 Nov 20 03:30 PM by jenna288 - We were booked for April 2020 and moved it to 5th April 2021 (back then we were sure we would be going by next April).  Although the vaccine news is great I'm not sure how likely it will be we will... April - change the booking or wait and see?
We are very much hoping to go 24 April (until 15 May). But we just made a back up booking with BA (flight and hotel, 1 night 3-27aug) for about 2150 pounds (2 adults, 2 teens, ams-lgw-mco and back...
10:40 AM · Post #43 by Dutchdisneyfan · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 23 Nov 20 06:27 PM by ChoppyGirl - Come Thursday I expect Worcester (where I live) to be in Tier 1 and I can go out for a meal with BFF.  Me and BFF plan to go to Birmingham for some Xmas shopping, food and a stay overnight. We expect... Tier rules where you live or where you are going?
Itís a pain that for tier 2 shops can open but not restaurants etc unless itís a family or support bubble. You can spend a day shopping with a friend but canít sit and have a coffee together which is...
10:40 AM · Post #75 by ChoppyGirl · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 11 Oct 20 02:35 PM by Princesa - Hi! 
Iím looking to spend less this year with large retailers, and buy more from local shops or from the likes of small businesses on Instagram/Etsy etc. I was hoping people would share things that... A small business Christmas
I can recommend -she does enamelware, cutlery etc. Names are engraved, not printed, so items can go in the oven and dishwasher. Very pleased with my purchases. :grin:
10:40 AM · Post #36 by FloridaNuts93 · Christmas
FIRST POST 16 Nov 20 09:36 PM by Pinchy - The darling of the minimizing and denying crowd is about to suffer huge losses following it's disastrous policy on prevention. They are currently panicking and trying to U-turn and clamp down. 
No... Swedish deaths about to go through the roof
Following on from Mazbars post, why do we count deaths up to 28 days after a positive COVID test and not 14 days, or even isolate for 28 days and not 14 ?
10:39 AM · Post #24 by Gull · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:15 PM by act1980 - Just heard that VA will be having another sale on 16th Dec. Thought this information may be of interest for those looking to book for later in the year.  
I'm looking to book mid-Oct but my dates... VA Sale - 16th December
Who was the CBR offer with? We stayed there in Jan and loved it..I am tempted to book the VA flights for April! Hoping the vaccine will be around by then
10:33 AM · Post #12 by Jockey · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 17 Sep 20 01:02 PM by Sparksy72 - Hello :grin: so I find The Dibb to be an awesome resource for all different types of information. I find it can be tricky to think of different gift ideas from year to year for some family members... Unique Gifts for Christmas
Hi, I ordered mine on 4/11 and they arrived on 19/11. I had an email to say they were 'in production' a few days before they arrived. I put a second order in the following week and have received...
10:29 AM · Post #400 by Hel22 · Christmas
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:47 PM by katiec68 - Dibber 
We have ordered a splashback but the way the photo would crop makes it not ideal to use :cry:. 
We have painted the walls a very light grey and have black worktops and fingers crossed -... Splashbacks
Me neither. I would have been sitting here wondering what Op was asking had Mr T not posted some photos. :) Personally, I would keep it plain because I would soon tire of looking at the same...
10:22 AM · Post #14 by Claudette · General Chat
FIRST POST 8 Nov 20 07:22 PM by hexagon - Not sure why Iím posting but youíve all been so kind in the past. 
Iím just really struggling.  Iím so anxious.  Iím struggling with the dark in case someone is in it.  My head is so noisy and... Im struggling
It's a PITA Hexy but I find I need to have something to plan towards, which is now what you have. Meanwhile keep looking round for ideas on a similar tact. Are there any OAP homes or even couples in...
10:21 AM · Post #139 by THE WIZARD · General Chat
FIRST POST 17 Sep 19 11:04 AM by wanye - anyone here make chocolates? i've been experimenting recently, but would like some tips from people who might have done this sort of thing before, as results have been patchy in places. 
one batch... chocolate making/tempering
Why do you have to torture me by posting these Wayne? Are they low calorie? :d:
10:06 AM · Post #32 by Colette-S · Food, Wine, Cooking & Eating
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:55 PM by Floridatilly - I need blinds for the whole front of our house. So 5 windows in total and I want them all the same. 
I really the wooden shutter blinds, I imagine those are very expensive! 
I also like wooden blinds... Blinds
We had a quote for wooden shutters (not the blind version) £700 for each window.
10:03 AM · Post #22 by rudie111 · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 01:27 AM by macdonald - Can anyone offer advice on the most appropriate Macbook to buy for a 16 year old now starting her GCSES..:) Best student Macbook?
Or a USBC one like they all will be soon... Yes having got two kids doing GCSEs (well my oldest has now finished and on A levels) thereís often more to buying it as a utilitarian tool. My...
10:02 AM · Post #9 by YorkshireT · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:58 PM by SarahJayne - Hi, m have 5% off for black friday if you book Universal hotel and tickets.  
Can anyone let me know if they have used them before for hotel and tickets and if they are... Booking hotel and tickets with
Thanks everyone! That's so reassuring. I've been surprised how quickly they have got back to me on FB. All good stuff - looks like we'll be booking with them soon!
09:59 AM · Post #8 by SarahJayne · Accommodation
FIRST POST 18 Nov 20 10:57 AM by SussexFamily - 
So who was the best James Bond? 
Sean Connery So... WHO was the best James Bond...and WHO is next?
I couldn't stand Daniel Craig as bond. They could put anyone in as 007. After all M was a woman and would have been a man only years ago. Pretty sure there are female spies
09:55 AM · Post #22 by lizzie145 · Polls, Puzzles & Quizzes
FIRST POST 12 Oct 20 02:20 PM by MariaLynda - Just a heads up to anyone who may be wanting an echo dot. Prime day prices out on echo devices.   Just ordered 2. Excited, our first echo item. X Echo dot, prime day 18.99 bargain!
OOoooh thanks. Maybe I should buy one hue then and see how I get along. I dont really want yet another app just for light bulbs PS. Just ordered an Alexa one to try...
FIRST POST 23 Nov 20 03:02 PM by YorkshireT - In the first to say it, Quantas CEO says once the vaccine is widely available if you havenít had it, you wonít be getting on an international flight. 
I expect this to become the norm. 
I expect... Quantas CEO says no vaccine, no flight.
You wonít need it again in 6 months, and I doubt 12 either. Perhaps never again or perhaps a booster at some point. Iíd expect minimum 2 years given they know even natural immunity which isnít as...
09:34 AM · Post #75 by YorkshireT · Current Virus Issue Forum

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