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Bazinga 39
02:28 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:28 PM by Bazinga 39 - Hi we are staying in Coronado Springs in October with QSDP, I would like to have a look at a few other resorts and get a bite to eat while there, so my question is what is your favourite resort quick...Favourite resort quick service
Hi we are staying in Coronado Springs in October with QSDP, I would like to have a look at a few other resorts and get a bite to eat while there, so my question is what is your favourite resort quick... (New Thread)
mickey house
02:28 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:05 PM by WhereIBelong - Waiting for a well known replacement windows/home improvement company to turn up and quote at 11am ... now 1pm... well, not waiting, just going on with a usual Saturday really.  
Do they really...Getting fed up... windows...
No way would I entertain them. If they are this unreliable at this stage god only knows what they would be like if they actually got the job. I give my customers a one hour time slot and I rarely... (6 replies)
Peter H
02:28 PM
FIRST POST 25 Jan 19 04:30 PM by margyloveswdw - Just made a coffee sponge cake at Mums request for her birthday tomorrow. She requested coffee and walnut. Should I do coffee buttercream too or will that be too much? Ive done that before Im sure...Quick baking question
Yes. Need I say more. (8 replies)
02:27 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:25 AM by MissBianca1 - Hi All! 
New here! 
Having been to Florida years ago I would love to take my daughter...Looking at early next October (she will be 5 then), and just researching prices. I know its early but the...October 2020
We were there last Oct and it was extremely hot , more than usual. We did MK the day of a Halloween party and it was a day after extra magic hours in the evening. The park was empty until about 4pm... (3 replies)
Peter H
02:26 PM
FIRST POST 10 Jun 18 07:21 PM by rsbrowndog - Very excited to have booked to go back next year after previous trips in 2009, 2012 and 2015! Anyway, I've been looking at the videos I made on previous trips and I'm thinking about investing in a...Video camera recommendations?
I use a Sony Camcorder. Never let me down. (2 replies)
FIRST POST Today 12:34 AM by RickT - EDIT - mods - move to general chat pls...  
Travel Agent rip off or shall we shall over pricing or paying a premium for their service. 
Like most, im very in touch with online shopping, price...Travel Agent rip off or shall we shall over pricing/full rack price
If you look at it slightly differently it could be argued the travel agent is charging the normal price for their holiday. We can go online and book it ourselves using all the tips we have learned... (13 replies)
02:25 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:30 AM by Disney Dizzy - We have 5 nights planned to stay in the Keys.  I have already got accommodation booked at Islamorada but the cost is horrendous - 1700.  I can cancel without penalty so have been thinking about...Key Largo - Kawama Yacht Club
Cant help on your location - sorry. We only have one night at Key Largo on our way down to the Keys. We have booked Amy Slate Amory dive resort for one night. We have also looked at the... (1 reply)
02:25 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:28 AM by JessBlu - So just checking that a one night Disney hotel booking would give us 
4 magic bands  
60 day FP bookings  
2 days theme park parking  
This is currently 108 so seems good value for  
$80 bands ...One night booking questions
Sorry, I wasn't having a go at you. I've seen a couple of posts on here where a couple of people aren't happy with it, eg, one with a sad face. I was just speaking in general terms in relation to... (17 replies)
02:24 PM
FIRST POST 17 Feb 19 06:42 PM by mickey house - I am undecided if there is life after death (hopefully I won't find out for a while yet).  I hope there is so I can one day be with my departed loved ones again (including my pets). 
So do you...Is there life after death?
I'm another undecided. But with your question of why only some people have experiences.. I think many believe that some people are more 'open' than others - apparently children and animals are... (108 replies)
02:23 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:59 AM by Queen of Herts - Want to go to the beach for a night or two  for our upcoming 25th anniversary stay but its ridiculously expensive. Can anyone recommend somewhere nice on the west coast not more than a couple of...Budget/moderate hotel anywhere around Clearwater/St Petes etc
We've booked South Beach Condos at Treasure Island for 3 nights in Sept. Cost 384 on Expedia but getting 42 cashback on Quidco. It gets great review on TripAdvisor, all condos have a beachfront... (9 replies)
FIRST POST 29 Oct 18 03:44 PM by PoohBears#1fan - Can anyone suggest what we can do with this please? 
As you can see, our sink is tiny & we tend to end up getting more water on...UPDATE - finally finished! - Ideas for a sink in downstairs toilet please?
And finally, its finished!.. We did change the door to open out. https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/1417/0b5ab230e904a8.jpg https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/1417/665194a29e10e4.jpg ... (41 replies)
02:22 PM
FIRST POST Today 03:04 AM by jazzyrath3 - Hi currently here i4 is a complete pain in the ≈≈≈≈. We are staying in Davenport and was wondering if anyone could advise on best route to and from Universal avoiding the i4.Avoiding i4
The road works are North of Universal and aren't the problem. From the junction with 27 past Disney Springs can be very slow every morning due purely to the large number of cars. OP where exactly... (5 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:04 PM by Procrastinator - We are contemplating getting AP and doing 3 trips in 12 months.  
But it seems you only get 7 days of fp at 30 days per month.  
Does that mean you just never ride the likes of fop or SD? Or do...Annual pass - don't you miss the 60 day fp?
Yes, the first visit is fine as you upgrade when there, no problem. But subsequent visits, you can book to stay on site, but you are effectively excluded from the free dinning offer, so you struggle... (6 replies)
02:21 PM
FIRST POST 2 Feb 19 04:28 PM by DadToThree - Really excited as we've just booked a week at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest at the end of February. 
Due to jobs we're restricted to school holidays.  As we all know with Center Parcs that = lots of...Just Booked Center Parcs last minute!
yes please on the trip report...:d::d: We went to one of the Dutch ones a few years ago - same with the accommodation (well, ours was also Premium - but shabby, basic and a bit damp) - but the... (18 replies)
02:20 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:32 PM by Bigkitty266 - We will be spending a few days nearby to Gisburn next weekend and was Wondering if any Dibbers  could help with some recommendations places to visit, things to do, places to eat etc ? In and around...Anyone live in the Gisburn Area ?!
My hometown Barnoldswick is about 10 minutes down the road, has a really good tearooms (Victoria's) on the square and a few independent shops that are quite nice. Clitheroe also nice in the other... (5 replies)
02:19 PM
FIRST POST 14 Feb 19 11:51 AM by Shellbell - Musement are offering 20% off universal and Disney tickets 😊Musement 20% off tickets
Ordered 3 Universal 3 park tickets yesterday and have now had the email with the tickets. Great saving (121 replies)
02:18 PM
FIRST POST 17 Feb 19 05:56 PM by grannyed - We are thinking of booking one for July.  We have never cruised and just wondering if there are any pitfalls.  Are they cramped, noisy etc 
 My insurance wont cover me for ocean cruises. 
We...Does anyone have experience of river cruises
Sounds fab! I often say to my hubby I need a 'gap' year 🤣 (9 replies)
02:18 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:44 PM by k1971 - Due to a mixup with our accommodation we've had to make alternative arrangements for our last night in Florida - 20th-21st July  (though I suspect the villa owner was reluctant to commit to a...One night onsite at end of holiday? Any disadvantages?
You could ask the villa owner if you could have your magic bands despatched to them so you have them for arrival there and also use the magical express for the airport if you gave up the car a day... (1 reply)
FIRST POST Today 12:26 PM by GALE88 - Would someone mind talking me through the refillable cup options for US/IOA? 
Is it worth doing? We're a family of 4 and will be staying at HRH for 3 nights in August.  
Should we get one each,...Universal Refillable Cups
We tend to buy one between us. You do have to wait a few minutes between fills, but this isn't an issue as one person fills and drinks it by the time we got to the next station. Still drinks were... (1 reply)
02:16 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:16 PM by sully301 - has anyone stayed in one of these? any photos of what it's like please?Sofitel Gatwick triple room
has anyone stayed in one of these? any photos of what it's like please? (New Thread)
mickey house
02:11 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:11 PM by mickey house - It's been decades since I bought a house and in the future we plan to move, so I was having a look at properties further out (outside the M25) and was shocked to discover that we could be paying...Omg stamp duty on property for what?
I like your builders comments, which is particularly funny because I have just had to clarify to a customer with a faulty electrical circuit that I can't guarantee to find and/or fix his fault within... (16 replies)
02:10 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:06 PM by Hogwarts - Need 2 weeks in August flying from anywhere to Orlando  would consider tampa/ Miami  if cheap enough , spent all this week looking for flights and best I can find is 650 plus seats and bags direct...Is 650 best I'll find for august
Ive found 900 direct for August 2020 from Manchester to Orlando Int and though that was okay... might hold off hearing youve found 650 for this August... (11 replies)
Pumpkin Pie
02:09 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:48 AM by daisymae - We are in a fortunate position that we can pay off our mortgage. Dh has been working out whats for the best ie pay most keep some, pay off all (this is for my piece of mind), or mortgage at the...Title deeds and mortgage repayment.
I knew it was a different system. Not having a go at you but I notice a lot of information is given on the Dibb which is only relevant in England and Wales. Understandable but I sometimes wonder if... (33 replies)
02:04 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:04 PM by whlparkstone - We are off on our first family cruise on this ship in July. Ds aged 10 is keen to take part in the activities provided by kids club, I believe his age group allows him to join Voyagers. 
I am...Independence Of The Seas-Voyagers Club
We are off on our first family cruise on this ship in July. Ds aged 10 is keen to take part in the activities provided by kids club, I believe his age group allows him to join Voyagers. I am... (New Thread)
02:03 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:22 AM by Emma-p - Hi, been two to Magic Kingdom and never been to Chef Mickeys! Can someone tell me if its one credit or two please! Whats peoples opinions looking at going for an evening meal, thank you 😊Chef Mickey
We enjoyed it-kids loved it- noisy, crowded, characters were good not amazing, food good but again not amazing. I'd go back but trying Tuskers this time. (8 replies)
02:02 PM
FIRST POST 18 Nov 18 10:41 PM by Chickens06 - Has anyone been?  Any islands youcan recommend? 
Best time of year to go that's not too expensive?Maldives
We've booked to go to kuredu in February 2020! Can't wait!!! If there's anything I should know or anytips you may have please feel free to message me x (16 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:30 PM by voyagers_uk - Hi All 
I'm sure this has been asked before but for the life of me I can't find a definitive answer anywhere 
We're going for easter this year so booking our fastpasses from about the 14th March...fastpass booking
Daylight savings in the US start on the 10th March. You can always book a fastpass from 7am Florida time, which would be 11am UK time when you're booking them (as there would be a 4 hour time... (2 replies)
FIRST POST 7 May 18 08:26 PM by riversider2014 - As a 45 year old bloke would it be weird to get a Mickey Mouse tattoo or should I not care what people think..Should I get a Mickey Mouse tattoo...I did it. Update with photo😊
So. After my Mickey Mouse my other leg was feeling left out to so buzz has appeared this morning 😊 https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/80211/1b8366983b868f.jpg (46 replies)
01:56 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:59 AM by cdavenport - Its my 50th birthday in a few weeks. I know something is being organized and Im totally okay with it but...... 
Just over a week ago my head rang down to the nursery in school where I work for some...Surprise party dilemma
Thanks all, going to keep quiet, x (11 replies)
01:55 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:08 PM by Brewers - Hi, 
As we are in a villa, we've had the idea to just take hand luggage to get out of the airport asap. 
I was just wondering if any people that regularly do this have any tips about toiletries,...Thinking of taking hand luggage only, any tips please?
We are going handluggage only this year and did the same last trip. It is so nice to just walk out of the airport without the baggage hassle and I just find it generally less stressful. DH says... (16 replies)
01:55 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:21 AM by Garlicbread - Hi, 
Any tips for a preferred way of using a sat nav on my phone when we are away? Do people download maps offline? Any preferred apps? 
I will have mobile data whilst we are away which will be...Sat Nav app tips
I have Navmii too, also had no problems with it, have just downloaded the latest maps and POIs in preparation for my trip later in the year (11 replies)
01:54 PM
FIRST POST 9 Aug 18 11:56 AM by Annie17 - Can someone explain this for dummies please  
I have recently bought a Go Pro Hero 2018 with 2x 64gb memory cards and 1x32gb  
I really dont want to take my laptop with me but will need to clear...Rav Power File Hub
I used one on my last visit, took all photos and videos off at the end of the day into a day1,2,3 folder on a hard drive. Backing up from a Go-pro, camcorder and an SLR at various points. It worked... (3 replies)
01:53 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:44 PM by Marge88 - Hi, I have a couple of queries.  
If on the day that I have a fast pass for a certain ride I decide that I do not want to use it how do I remove it from my magic band so that when the other two have...Fast pass question.
Fastpasses are linked to each person individually, so you can book completely different fastpasses for all six of you if you would want to. As for your other question, if you're staying in the... (2 replies)
01:53 PM
FIRST POST 20 Feb 19 08:02 PM by myaquarium - Noticed 2020 14 day ticket  prices whilst looking at newly released prices for accommodation. Cant believe they are asking 429.Disney 2020 ticket prices
We are shocked at the prices for 21 days in 2020 There is not usually much difference to 14 days but its a big jump this time. We have also found universal to be really expensive for next year... (8 replies)
01:52 PM
FIRST POST Today 11:32 AM by sunny1 - can anyone help or advise 
i have seen indirect flights that are a great price but there is a change at LGW to LHR  
there seems plenty of time but how do we do this ? is there a bus or do we pay...airport change on indirect flight
I would 100% choose Dublin if the flight times and price are similar purely for the ability to clear US Immigration there! (5 replies)
01:51 PM
FIRST POST 19 Feb 19 05:05 PM by cartoonp - Anyone seen this 
https://www.reviewjournal.co m/weather/las-vegas-snow-blankets-parts-of-valley-in-february-storm-1599300/Been snowing in Las Vegas no jokev
So glad. How is Bellagio? (19 replies)
Twin mummy
01:50 PM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 19 07:48 PM by Tweety1 - So we said we would try and keep a relatively new car and the one we have is 4 yrs old. I do begrudge spending money on cars as to get a newer car its 1000s more for the same thing!So what do you...Leasing/buying car (or any other option)
We have had the same. What we have done is paid the balloon payment, well weve taken a loan out to do it as it was less and even at the end of the loan we should have equity left in the car.... (54 replies)
01:50 PM
FIRST POST 18 Feb 19 08:41 AM by AntonyJ - Well over the last few weeks have been finding, and adding places to go and see in Tokyo. We have first 2 days at Disney, then move into the city, but my list looks like: 
Giant Ghibli Clock...My places to visit in Tokyo. hmmmm LOL
Today we did the viator 'mt fuji and aokigahara forest and ice caves tour' and it was absolutely incredible. Id totally recommend it to anyone. Fuji is beautiful and the ice caves exploration is out... (19 replies)
01:46 PM
FIRST POST Today 12:44 AM by lorrie36 - Growing up we all had things our parents would or do still say. Not sure if its a thing from where you grew up. 
My mum used to always say certain things when I asked whats for tea... it was either...Things your parents would/do say.
my mum had always "run off with the milkman" too... those milkmen must have got about a bit... whenever anyone asked who a baby looked like it was always "the milkman" (66 replies)
01:44 PM
FIRST POST 25 May 18 09:01 PM by cartoonp - I been taken pictures since I don't know when :d: its one thing that keeps me sane :o: so Lets see some of yours Please but the are just a few rules ;) 
1. Please can you say what camera it can of...Lets see some pictures Please
https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/77404/b2c6a3ae2d27ef.jpg The Cairngorms on a very windy and cloudy day. (389 replies)
01:42 PM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 19 05:03 PM by Stitch & Smudge - June 13th opening datehttps://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/68495/ce2a4b6f733092.jpgHagrid coaster
It looks amazing, but having just been, I am not sure when we will make it back. (42 replies)
01:41 PM
FIRST POST 19 Feb 19 11:35 PM by rafjen - I'm starting to think about how to  use our snack credits, so if you could only have one snack per park what would you choose?One Snack per park
MK - All American Sundae HS - Funnel cake with ice cream AK - Giant Mickey shaped Cinnamon Roll Epcot - Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich (18 replies)
01:41 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:53 PM by MTEC - Hi, 
We returned this morning after 2 weeks in Orlando. Yesterday we went as a group of 10 to T-Rex which we normally LOVE.  
The waiter was very short with us, brought the wrong drinks and tried...Tipping bad service
I think by the time Ive got to leaving no tip (twice in 30 plus trips to USA) Ive given them many opportunities to get it right and the experience was long since ruined. I personally would have... (24 replies)
01:38 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:18 AM by V17rose - Hi! Completely new to Dibb! Sooo much stuff to read! Loving it so far!  
1st time (last-ish minute) family visit this summer to Orlando. Have seen a good deal on TC for Bahama Bay for 2.6k for 3, 2...Bahama Bay Thomas Cook or direct?
Bahamabaylisa has two properties at BB . Pm her and she will give you details or just help you in general. (5 replies)
01:37 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:37 PM by Tinkerbell - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bEJ8V_Cnx6I 
:pgig:A few tips for those travelling hand luggage only
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bEJ8V_Cnx6I :pgig: (New Thread)
01:36 PM
FIRST POST 21 Feb 19 01:28 PM by NatashaAudrey - I'm currently trying to come up with a plan for our trip in September so that I can book some ADR in 15 days and have an idea on which parks we will be in on certain days. There is so much to see and...How do you pick which parks to do on what days?
I always start by working out how much time we want to spend in each park. For us AK and MK are our favourites (plus there is lots more to do at MK) so more time there than the others. I... (16 replies)
01:36 PM
01:35 PM
FIRST POST 1 Apr 18 02:00 AM by BerkshireBugsy - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    Please feel free to carry on.OK...own up...who was it - the sequel
Park run 5k done ✅ & slightly quicker than last week!! Have a good weekend all (5,241 replies)
01:30 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:22 PM by Princess-Karla - Hi Dibbers, 
When purchasing tickets from musement they ask for a date. What date did you put?  Not sure exactly when I will be using the tickets etc.  Im looking to purchase 2day park to Park...Musement -Universal Orlando
I bought the 2 Day PTP ticket and put in 17/09/2019, but the ticket just says it's valid until 21/01/2020. So it doesn't really seem to matter. (2 replies)
01:29 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:29 PM by DrSteve - Hello all. 
I have joined up in preparation for our July 2020 family holiday. We are a family of 6 - 2 adults and 4 children. My wife and I visisted about 14 years ago before the kids came along so...New member - planning for July 2020
Hello all. I have joined up in preparation for our July 2020 family holiday. We are a family of 6 - 2 adults and 4 children. My wife and I visisted about 14 years ago before the kids came along so... (New Thread)
01:29 PM
FIRST POST 3 Feb 19 03:59 PM by arisser - I am no stranger to solo travel. Since 2016 I've visited Iceland, NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Stockholm, Dublin, Malta, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand (and probably others that I've forgotten!)...Just no telling how far I'll go solo - Solo WDW trip Feb/March 2019
If I have the energy (and money!!), shopping is definitely still on the cards! Nothing is packed yet but I currently have my last laundry load in the washer so as soon as that's dry, the suitcase... (21 replies)
FIRST POST 8 Apr 18 12:23 PM by gjdjud - HEY MICKEY YOUR SO FINE, YOUR SO FINE YOU BLOW MY... MONEY. MAY 2019 onsite/offsite Pre Trip Report 
Welcome to my 4th Disney pre...HEY MICKEY YOU'RE SO FINE,YOU'RE SO FINE YOU BLOW MY..MONEY. MAY 2019 onsite/offsite...
Haha that is exactly how I justify my holiday spending too :d: (185 replies)
01:18 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:56 AM by maznorm - Hi, 
Ok so we are currently thinking on again for our on again/off again trip to Florida in December.  We have had a few disastrous breaks in the UK and one monumentally awful trip to Paris.   
...Stuff to do in the villa
We take a pack of cards, Bananagrams (a word game), and hubby does some quizzes which is great fun after a drink or two on the deck in the evening. We also take the Mr and Mrs game as there are 3... (26 replies)
01:17 PM
FIRST POST 16 Sep 18 09:43 PM by Kidd McFluff - After reading so many great reports on the Dibb I have plucked up the courage to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) for my first attempt at a trip report. 
Who knew it could take so long? ...August 2018 Just The Four Of Us - 14 days onsite at Old Key West
I've really enjoyed reading your trip report so far and I'm looking forward to hearing about your last couple of days. (7 replies)
01:16 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:16 PM by Jet - I mentioned a while back how cheap Dubai was during Ramadan. 
Well the prices have got even cheaper!.Not sure if its Brexit and Ramadan together but they are practically giving the holidays away with...Dubai prices dropped again!
I mentioned a while back how cheap Dubai was during Ramadan. Well the prices have got even cheaper!.Not sure if its Brexit and Ramadan together but they are practically giving the holidays away with... (New Thread)
Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

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