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FIRST POST 20 Jun 21 09:22 AM by Lesley Cassidy - Thinking of getting a Summer house with some of my redundancy pay. 
Would like to know if you have one do you use it all year and what does it look like thank you :) Thinking of a Summer house
We wanted a fire like that but our insurance wouldn’t cover us unless we had it all fire proofed inside . Which company did you use ?
04:18 PM · Post #19 by Mexy02 · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 07:28 AM by Reereef - https://usuktravel.blogspot. com/2021/07/no-quarantine-for-americans-who-enter.html?m=1 
Americans who can prove they are double vaccinated will be able to escape UK quarantine rules. Plans to be... Americans to be allowed to escape UK quarantine - Start of a reciprocal agreement?
Article I read headlines were “Ministers voice frustration at USA not in any hurry to open up flights to U.K. citizens” Also said due to rise in cases from Delta variant.It is so disappointing for so...
04:17 PM · Post #37 by Disneydevotee · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 8 Sep 20 05:28 AM by Pinchy - The UK seems to be entering a new phase of the pandemic as cases are now rising as fast as they did in the first wave. 
Two SAGE members have now warned about the sharp increase: 
... Analysis - ex Growth of cases now exponential
Its the 40% weekly increase that I was refering to as sad, you might feel thats "all good" but I still find it sad even if it is expected.
04:17 PM · Post #7755 by lovewdw · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 04:03 PM by AmyP1989 - We need a carpet cleaner for our stairs and landing a house with 5 boys this area always gets dirty 
Thank you Recommend a carpet cleaner
Good reviews for this carpet cleaner:
04:17 PM · Post #2 by mickey house · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 01:41 PM by Floridatilly - Does anyone have these? Or know people who have them? 
I am looking for honest opinions, the good, the bad and the ugly. 
When we did our extension we put two sets of patio doors in. One in the... Large bifold doors
^^ i would say a lot of that is down to correct installation in the first place we have had ours @3.5 years and had no issues at all so still worth considering it is great having them fully...
04:14 PM · Post #9 by novocastrian · General Chat
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:09 AM by lisa12000___ - 
As I suspected the net is widening - thought it would. This was my worry really that the... Double vaccination may be required to attend leectures at university
No, it's not being "ENFORCED". And putting it in capitals doesn't change that. Assuming this goes ahead (it's highly unlikely to actually happen, btw) it'll be a mandatory requirement to be able...
04:13 PM · Post #158 by Nimbus · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 24 Jul 21 07:29 PM by bwfc4ife - Hi all 
Does anyone know how/where to book PCR travel tests in Orlando for return flight to UK please? We are flying back to UK on 3rd September but want to get them booked before we go out to... PCR tests in orlando
This is a great price. Is it too early to get these for our trip in May? Do they have an expirt date?
04:11 PM · Post #34 by Mickeyspals · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 28 Dec 20 10:26 AM by act1980 - Who else is booked for August? 
We booked flights for March when Virgin were doing their crazy cheap sale, we knew they wouldn't go ahead but booked them so we could lock in the price. Virgin... August 2021 Planning - Will we get there?
If you don't like the comments there, avoid the Public Health England twitter page when it releases the daily case numbers. Sadly just as depressing.
04:09 PM · Post #7134 by Hopefuldad · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 01:41 PM by State27 - fnc&fbclid=IwAR0_JPL cagHtTDaF9aL-BEHWr3qgKhiBrd-Pk2S0k3q3tUHE-4e6X51RX_w 
Jet fuel shortages due to... And now Jet Fuel shortages
And topping up their tanks at unaffected airports! 😉 The shortage is more likely on the logistics side than shortage of fuel as such.
04:09 PM · Post #14 by PPM · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 23 Jul 21 04:48 PM by greekgranny - 
Wouldn't enlarge:( Parkin being investigated - Love parkin
You ain't seen my cooking:blush:
04:08 PM · Post #28 by greekgranny · General Chat
FIRST POST 23 Jul 21 05:09 PM by bunts - I originally started the September positive thread and there were a lot of supportive posts, however the hubby had a wobble (and me to be honest) and we’ve changed to the first two weeks of November... November 21 positive thread please
I would be making reservations for restaurants NOW in Vegas
04:07 PM · Post #53 by State27 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 01:48 PM by hawki - I wonder if anyone can help or has experience of this, my Aunty lives in Italy, a uk citizen with British passport. We need her to come over & help out with  my mum who is unwell. 
Even though she... Arriving from Italy - UK national?
oh have thet already announced this? I thought they were thinking about it!
04:06 PM · Post #11 by hawki · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:48 PM by YorkshireT - According to Reuters, the White House refuse to end the ban because of the Delta variant.  
They are supposedly following the  science. 
Remember, virtually 100% of their virus now is Delta. 
... US say they won’t end travel ban
Ree in this case I have to respectfully disagree. Americans (broadly, generally) don’t care about your freedom or lack thereof or anyone else’s. Heck most don’t care about what goes on in the next...
04:06 PM · Post #175 by SleepingBeauty · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 24 Jul 21 03:39 PM by Malificent - I’m staying in Heathrow in a few weeks and wanting to get a train or underground into central London.  
Harrods and NBA store Soho are what I’m going for. 
What are my best options transport... London transport
Thank you again. We are put off the tube because of all the stops. But understand what you are saying about Paddington being way out.
04:05 PM · Post #26 by Malificent · UK Holiday Planning
FIRST POST 24 Jul 21 10:20 PM by iLaura - As most of you guys will know, DH and I have had 13 miscarriages in the 8 years we've been trying to conceive. Something which I try and post about at least once a year, to raise awareness. 
Our... So... I have some news.
Wonderful, wonderful news! I hope you find the extra pieces of your family soon.
04:05 PM · Post #124 by Disneysid · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 02:00 PM by Starmum22 - Just wondered if anyone had been to a Haven holiday park recently and were successful in booking swimming sessions online? 
I received an email saying I could book online from 1pm today but so far... Haven holiday parks - swimming
You can book when there if there is space, we found that very very limited though, really only the first morning session had space when we went but the park was very busy at the time, you might get...
04:04 PM · Post #4 by Hopefuldad · UK Holiday Planning
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:35 PM by lisa12000___ - Now I’m not making any judgement on this as they’re still in hospital but it seems that 54% of Covid cases in the hospital figures are from tests performed after admission. Now I assume most of these... More than half of hospitalisations for Covid are found after admission
It did in June in Scotland. Exactly this scenario when our Health Secretary reported a rise in children in hospitals with Covid. NHS boards are supposed to publish figures to differentiate these...
04:04 PM · Post #26 by Stitch & Smudge · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 10:28 AM by act1980 - Based on the news coming out of the US yesterday (article here: when do you... When will US borders open?
Tbh, and not putting a damperner on things, im still thinking 2022. Orlando is kicking off on covid again, they seem to have gotten lax on the virus less than 50% of the population have had or want...
04:02 PM · Post #4 by colin39 · Polls, Puzzles & Quizzes
FIRST POST 6 Apr 21 07:50 AM by mushumadness - Hi 
Hows everyones ones October planning going? 
we are 12-2nd 
so far 
villa booked 
cars booked 
flights booked 
tickets booked 
and Im itching for a primark visit lol October 2021 POSITIVE Planning
The two PO resorts and Sports resort don't reopen until later in October so for that first week when the Anniversary traffic will peak, there are nearly 5000 rooms outside of the Deluxe category...
04:01 PM · Post #542 by DonkeyCentreArf · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 23 Mar 21 10:42 AM by bunts - Due to go mid September this year and I’ve rebooked 3 times now and last week became quite positive that we might actually be going this time. I even started looking into booking up airport parking... September 21... positivity only please
Hopeful for September because that's all I can be!! Last March (2020) I was hopeful for May, July, November, January, May etc etc!! Perhaps I should say I'm "hanging on by a thread" for September!
03:59 PM · Post #1137 by Suey12 · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:12 PM by jenna288 - Anyone else struggling with the complete lack of control? 
After 3 rescheduled disney trips I have almost given up completely on this type of holiday now.  I thought this would make me completely... Lack of control
Once you accept that matters are outside your control, and covid issues are totally random and unpredictable, life is sweet and your blood pressure is chilled out. All I crave is good health for...
03:55 PM · Post #17 by disney332 · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 01:10 AM by kikimouse - Hi, I’m at the stage of pricing our flights for Aug 2022.  We are thinking of indirect to keep costs down. 
Which airports are better for transits, please?  
I always get pulled aside for extra... Help with indirect flights. Which airport would you choose?
Always worth using tools like Skyscanner or Google Flights to look at the various options. Taking an alternative route provides some savings but as you move up the classes their can be some...
03:55 PM · Post #18 by DonkeyCentreArf · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Today 02:42 PM by macadoo - For the very end of August. 
Not sure whether to book or wait to see what happens. Would you book now for Tenerife?
I wouldn’t book anywhere more than 1-2 weeks in advance at the moment, things change too quickly.
03:54 PM · Post #3 by PoohBears#1fan · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST 17 Jan 18 12:37 PM by x_Ange_x - Hi  
can you recommend any Vloggers to watch? 
No Links - Just names - No Self Promoting Own Vlogs 
We love Tim Tracker and what I like about him is that he shows a bit of everything not just... Vloggers
I have family with a US address who happily receive parcels/ shopping for me. Some Disney bits & bobs that will keep til another visit 😀
03:54 PM · Post #760 by Orlandobelle · Photo, Video & Vlogs
FIRST POST Today 10:28 AM by Libby - I was just about to pop off to the local garden centre when I realised that it's somewhere I've seldom been with DH. 
Also because I work part time (and in the town) I go to the bank and... Is there somewhere your other half doesn't go?
The washing machine! He’s also not a fan of coffee shops
03:54 PM · Post #34 by xXxSammi88xXx · General Chat
FIRST POST 18 Jul 21 08:41 PM by Brummie92 - Hi all,  
New to here;  
I have trip booked with my GF next September and as title says I am planning on proposing while we are there.  
Has anyone proposed out of Disney?  
I want to do it... Engagement
Don’t forget there’s more to Orlando than Disney, plenty of other venues to consider. Golden Corral, 7-Eleven or even Walmart (beside the trolleys), the list goes on and on…
03:54 PM · Post #22 by alvin_purple · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:19 PM by Shkyler - So I don’t do roller coasters (absolutely terrified of them) but love Harry Potter, apart from the Hogwarts Express which rides can I do?  
I’ve googled/ you tubed and wikipedia’d but it’s still not... Which Harry Potter ride?
I am not a thrill ride fan, but I enjoyed Gringotts, the screens are involving. The drop was ok to me as it was smooth and I knew it was the only one. I tolerated flight of the hippogryph, it is...
03:45 PM · Post #25 by WhereIBelong · Theme Parks Florida
FIRST POST Today 10:24 AM by katiec68 - Anyone booked on the Maiden voyage next week? 
Anyone one else on her this summer? 
Fancy sharing any hints/tip/photos as we go along? 
I guess we have all seen the public area photos but who's... P&o iona
We’re on the Christmas markets cruise and can’t wait to see some real pictures and read reviews of the cabins! Please share if you’re going this summer :)
FIRST POST Today 03:38 PM by MissCellaneous - Because I booked an annual policy last year (when I moved to this year) before 29th April 2021, apparently we're not covered for: 
"Cancelling your trip if you’re told to self-isolate by the... Peeved with staysure
Because I booked an annual policy last year (when I moved to this year) before 29th April 2021, apparently we're not covered for: "Cancelling your trip if you’re told to self-isolate by the...
03:38 PM · New Thread by MissCellaneous · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 05:46 PM by deeley - My only-just-gone 17 year old son, is currently flying over Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and west mids on his cross country solo flight for his private pilots licence 
I cant sit still here at home,... Nervous…..
Grounded today by cloud. Trying again Thursday.
03:38 PM · Post #9 by deeley · General Chat
FIRST POST 6 Jan 21 01:29 PM by Sandra & co - I feel a bit miserable at the moment blah blah I won’t go into it we are all in the same boat! I was looking thro my pics and thought let’s have a happy picture thread! Here’s us in Kefalonia in... Post a happy picture!
That’s what I call a Claire reaction 😂
03:34 PM · Post #1466 by WIGGYSMUM · Photo, Video & Vlogs
FIRST POST 25 Jul 21 08:29 PM by Disneypls - Hi 
I have no idea about location. 
We wanna be able to get to universal and other parks (not Disney as going to stay on site). Wanna be near restaurants. 
Thanks x Best location for getting to parks not disney
Have a look around LBV at places like Grande Villas Resort or there is Floridays Resort on the other side of the I4. That general area gives you access to Palm Park Way/Turkey Lake Road which...
03:30 PM · Post #7 by ayeready · Accommodation
FIRST POST 11 May 21 08:50 PM by stanleycamel - BA have today cancelled the LHR/LGW-MCO BA 205/2037 up to and including 29th August.  TPA also cancelled 
Revised timetable now scheduled as from 30th August (AT THE MOMENT) 
LGW-MCO BA 2037 1045... BA have Cancelled LGW/LHR-MCO up to and inc **AMENDED AGAIN** to 29th AUGUST
Oh what a shame and sorry it didn't work out for you and that's the sort of thing that happens to me so I really feel for you. Fingers crossed you get a good deal for August - keep watching the 2022...
03:27 PM · Post #676 by DisneyCupcake · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 27 Jun 21 07:02 PM by 1972 - Anyone else cruising this summer with Princess on a Seacation? 
We are on the Regal on 31st July for 3 nights. 
Really looking forward to a few nights away with my husband as we were unable to go... Regal Princess Seacation
See you onboard! I’ve printed out our certificates, I’ve got the app, and screenshots of the QR codes just in case! Don’t want to take any chances lol 😂 Looking forward to to trying Princess,...
FIRST POST 21 Mar 20 02:32 AM by stanleycamel - For any Dibbers wanting to check on their flights this is the information that you need to use:- 
Flight number 
Departure and arrival airports 
as it really helps when checking how the... Is my flight full? 10th Birthday Edition
Of course - no trouble at all BA 253 - scheduled to be operated as an 777W ( with 74 Club Suites) First - Full Club - Wide Open WTP - Wide Open WT - Wide Open At this stage BA selling no...
03:18 PM · Post #611 by stanleycamel · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST 27 Jun 21 05:24 PM by FamilyGWales - We are supposed to be going to Crete at start of August. 
Love Greece and really want a holiday but unfortunately can't go if it is still Amber.    
Keeping an eye on the website and the... Anyone planning Greece this year?
Hmm because we are booking a villa and would get zero pounds and zero pence refund if we can't go, we are only booking the villa at the very last minute. Thinking of waiting for the next traffic...
03:17 PM · Post #361 by linnite · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:16 PM by Rac20 - How ill have your teens been? 
DS 15 started with a sore throat on Saturday, bit of a cough and sneezing last night. This morning, still sore throat but he was complaining of his heart aching. His... Teens and Covid
Dd 21 (tomorrow!) now tested positive along with ds13 last week.Have had ds7 and ds9 tested just in case,hopefully get results soon.
03:15 PM · Post #10 by nadya · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST Today 11:13 AM by Pupbelly - We have received an email stating our ESTAs are about to expire. We are due to go to Boston in October, NYC in December and Florida in April (we hope!:confused2). 
I intend to get them renewed... ESTA renewal help please...
Well that gone and jinxed it all now hasn't it? :d:
03:13 PM · Post #6 by Pupbelly · Trip Planning Florida
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:58 PM by PABBY - We've just received a letter from our Mastercard company (Tesco Bank) stating that we have been credited with a refund from August 2012 that had originally been sent to an expired card. The refunded... Strange Refund!
No they're not! They're closing current accounts, but all other accounts (credit cards, savings, loans etc.) are remaining open.
03:10 PM · Post #21 by Endeavour · General Chat
FIRST POST 19 Jul 21 03:26 PM by novocastrian - in a nutshell 
my daughter is looking into uni degree's for entry in 23/24 (starts Y12) she wants to do a BA in Dance 
so some courses she has found the fee's are greater than the maximum ,... Another Uni Fees/Loans/Grants question...
Thanks for this she is currently compiling a list of potential schools & uni's didnt have chichester so she will have a look we are now read up on contact hours / conservatoire ... have also...
03:07 PM · Post #20 by novocastrian · General Chat
FIRST POST 13 Jul 21 05:56 PM by Sparksy72 - After almost three years in our house, we have finally taken the plunge to update our wardrobes (the existing ones were in the house when we bought it).  Whilst they were in good condition, they... New Built-in Wardrobes - with Pictures Updated 23rd July
The Installation Manager dropped in today and we went through all the snagging issues and it went much better than expected. He was aware of rather ‘throwing materials from the second floor window’...
03:07 PM · Post #76 by Sparksy72 · General Chat
FIRST POST 8 Jun 21 07:06 PM by Tinkerbell - Not a thread for my &_£#@ bigger than your &-&£ 
Simply where those of us on here living in EU countries can update what's happening across the waters 
First today from Spain. 
Re travel 
... Updates from the EU
What great news :cool2: hope you are having a great time with family in Spain Tink. Belgium is doing 0.6% of population per day in 2nd doses. Today they stand at 54.70% fully expect them to wizz...
03:05 PM · Post #226 by jas72 · Current Virus Issue Forum
FIRST POST 6 Apr 21 08:11 AM by NewtoOrlando - I know there are some HMT fans on here, like me who are eagerly awaiting the 4th season! 
Has anyone seen the trailers for it? Oh my good, my anxiety levels rise with every one they bring out!  
... Handmaids Tale - Season 4...
I did think when I was catching up with it yesterday wouldn’t it be wonderful if Nick got Hannah back to June and they could raise the baby together
03:02 PM · Post #58 by dubletrub · TV and Film
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:34 PM by Rescuer - Summer in the Wild West of Scotland - Coming Down the Road - Day 7 
Index is here 
Had a horrendous nights sleep. Kept worrying we’d be pinged as close contacts, have nowhere to stay up... Summer in the Wild West of Scotland - Coming Down the Road - Day 7
She has just turned 7 months, can’t believe I’m going on dog holidays!
02:56 PM · Post #14 by OB1LukeLucas · General Trip Reports
FIRST POST Today 02:55 PM by munmun - FYI 
Flights and holidays on sale – Sale offers on flights and holidays to selected European destinations apply to bookings made between 12:00 BST 27 July 2021 and 23:59 BST 3 August 2021... BA flights and holiday sale- europe/Caribbean/Mexico
FYI Flights and holidays on sale – Sale offers on flights and holidays to selected European destinations apply to bookings made between 12:00 BST 27 July 2021 and 23:59 BST 3 August 2021...
02:55 PM · New Thread by munmun · General Chat
FIRST POST Today 11:34 AM by DebbieJRoss - My dh, dd and I going August from Belfast to Scotland. Starting and ending in cairnryan . My dh loves driving and has suggested loads of places he wants to cover but it's a lot of miles. We will be... Scotland in 4/5 days then england
It sounds lovely
02:50 PM · Post #6 by DebbieJRoss · UK Holiday Planning
FIRST POST 2 Jul 20 08:45 PM by smithlane - We have a 2 week break to the Smokies and Hilton Head Island this October that is hanging precariously in the balance so thoughts have turned to option B and a Canadian holiday instead. Obviously... Talk to me about Canada
Might see you there!
02:46 PM · Post #25 by smithlane · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST Today 08:46 AM by Mortimer Mouse - Specifically this summers staycation cruises - which ones would be best for a 17 year old, who has no interest in a 'kids' club but is just a few months too young for adults only areas. which cruise lines would you recommend for a 17 year old?
Norwegian aren't doing any of the staycation cruises. An interesting decision by them, as they're about the only well known cruise line that aren't!
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:07 PM by 2littleboys - I am weighing up my options for next year and wondered if anyone had ever drove to Heathrow from Scotland or am I crazy for even considering it?  
We are not far from the border and onto the M74... Driving to Heathrow from Scotland
I actually view driving to either Manchester or London as still having to travel indirect and not really hugely more beneficial than the indirect flying. BA is usually pretty decent prices and so is...
02:37 PM · Post #24 by sparklegirl · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:56 PM by JessBlu - Back after a weeks MSC cruise, we have Disney cruised before, transatlantic and Bahamas, we loved the MSC.  
We only had 1099 on a 6300 ship so it really felt like a private yacht!  
Hot tubs,... Back from MSC - fantastic
Yes doing Southampton to Liverpool as I didn’t have the budget for 7 nights as I have a Disney Cruise and a few other mini breaks planned over summer. This MSC cruise is very much a cheeky one!...
FIRST POST 15 Jul 21 04:26 PM by orlandoamber - Does anyone know when they should release the game schedule for the NBA next season?  
I presume it’s got to be very soon…!  
I need it to finish my planning ;) NBA 2021-22 dates
I’m signed up to the Magic already, hoping to get Miami tickets this time though so will sign up there too, thanks!
02:32 PM · Post #5 by orlandoamber · Beyond the Parks
FIRST POST 25 Jul 21 11:21 AM by Big Belle - Hi Dibbers 
We are staying at CSR next May 🤞. My partner will be using Uber or Lyft for golf trips and we will also have a trip to Walmart :grin: 
How does this work? Is the Uber app the same as... Advice on Uber and Lyft
We used Lyft a lot during our last visit. I downloaded the app and linked my credit card to it and it's good to go. I would recommend downloading it prior to going and setting it up. I think I'd...
02:27 PM · Post #5 by Muppetnation_20 · Car Hire & Transportation
FIRST POST 19 Jul 21 08:59 AM by shysarah - So, we’ve finally confirmed our May 2002 trip to Canada, thanks for the hotel tips. Fly to Vancouver, 4 nights at the Georgian Court Hotel, then onto the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Banff... Canada
We loved walking round Stanley Park, did a complete lap, stopping to watch the floatplanes coming and going. The Aquarium in the park is good too (if you like that sort of thing), DW fed the Sea...
02:26 PM · Post #7 by grant_w · General Trip Planning
FIRST POST 25 Jul 21 06:09 PM by Goldia - Welcome to my last minute trip to Jamaica. We had another Florida cancellation so booked to go to Jamaica instead.  
We allowed ourselves 2 weeks to plan the trip! :pgig: 
Here is what I've been... Jamaican Me Crazy - July/August 2021
So excited for you Abby. I’m so happy to be reading a trip report again! Can’t wait to read all about it. Have a safe flight 😃
02:22 PM · Post #65 by smithlane · Pre-Trip Reports
FIRST POST Today 09:46 AM by ashc13 - A number of articles in Irish MSM about vaccinating young children. Some articles mention 2 plus, other articles mention 5 plus.  
My kids have had all their vaccines, but I'm unsure about this.... Vaccinating Young Children
I always thought I would give it to you them but now they’ve both had covid and it was very mild. I guess it would depend upon the evidence or need in the future.
02:13 PM · Post #9 by Dendycat · Current Virus Issue Forum

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