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02:22 AM
FIRST POST 27 Mar 20 02:29 PM by Kat11 - What was the number one single on your 12th Birthday = Story of your life. 
Mine is I think were alone now by Tiffany 😂  
Apt considering we are isolating at the moment! 
KatNumber 1 single on your 12th Birthday?
Equally apt for the time now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPTk5poAa1c (188 replies)
Mrs dee
02:10 AM
FIRST POST 21 Mar 20 04:56 PM by kateb78 - Otherwise known as the covid19 tour where we got sent home early... 
Well what a couple of weeks its been! Today we should have been in Las Vegas. Instead Im writing this summary from my...Pacific Coast Highway - March 2020 - trip summary
Loved reading this x (16 replies)
02:01 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:23 PM by BaconAndAvocado - Guess I'm looking for some positivity! 
Obviously, we're booked for August this year and (like a lot of other folk) would like to know what the likelihood of our Floriday happening this year. 
Of...What are People's Honest thoughts on Disney being up and running by August this year?
At the moment i dont feel comfortable going to a supermarket for a small shop, so wouldnt think come a few months things are anywhere near 'normal' enough to go to a foreign country with a greater... (27 replies)
01:58 AM
FIRST POST Today 01:58 AM by Tinkjon - I booked RPR with this agent.  RPR are refunding people because the hotel is shut but my agent isn't.  I'm being batted back and forth between departments, being told one thing and then another.  I...My America Holiday refund?
I booked RPR with this agent. RPR are refunding people because the hotel is shut but my agent isn't. I'm being batted back and forth between departments, being told one thing and then another. I... (New Thread)
01:54 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:09 PM by Tweety1 - Can you be Furloughed if on 12 week isolation(will full pay)? Sounds a daft q but a friend is isolating and her company is doing furlough didnt know whether she would be furloughed at the end of the...Furlough
Thank you for that clarification 😊 (12 replies)
01:46 AM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 08:22 AM by legallyblonde - 😭 never been so sad on fastpass day! Is there really any point in doing them???Fastpass Day
We did ours on Sunday..... not much hope of going on the original dates but we t cheered us up a little for an hour! (4 replies)
01:37 AM
FIRST POST 28 Mar 20 12:56 AM by makria - So we are in the midst of cancelling our May trip to Orlando. 
Car hire - refund 
Villa - refund 
Flights - refund, based on the fact that the flight will be cancelled. 
2 x Sticking point - park...no refund- as we printed tickets
We are the same. Downloaded and printed our Disneyland California tickets and because we have done this the website states no refund. (4 replies)
01:27 AM
FIRST POST 20 Mar 20 12:40 PM by disneywiseowl - Ok - not sure this would be classed as positive but it did cheer me up! 
In fact Im still laughing. 😂 
So - mother with kids in front of me at the till. The assistant picked up a bunch of bananas,...Saw the daftest thing in Aldi today
My son went into Tesco express to pay for his fuel and spontaneously picked up 4 chocolate mousse desserts as a treat for us (4) they removed one as he was only allowed three ! Bizarre. (40 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:11 PM by stanleycamel - Tui UK is to furlough 11,000 staff in the UK, including almost 4,500 retail agents. 
The company said 4,455 travel agency staff, which represents 99% of its shop staff, will be furloughed from...TUI to furlough 11000 UK staff
My husband works with a lady who used to work for them. Her biggest issue was she was rarely able to meet the targets to get commission so she said it was a minimum wage job with very high staff... (10 replies)
Helen J
01:11 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:15 PM by greekgranny - I have a 1996 t-shirt with a picture of the 25th Anniversary Birthday cake castle on it.What is your oldest piece of Disney clothing?
I've still got t'shirts from 1994, the first time I went. I couldn't possibly throw them away. :d: (6 replies)
01:11 AM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 07:35 PM by willow - My husband has being ill since Tuesday,111 advised that he should self isolate and drink fluids.  
By Sunday he had really deteriorated to the point I had to call an ambulance. Hes now in hospital...Hubby in hospital
Whereabouts in Leeds are you Willow (176 replies)
12:53 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:46 PM by grannyed - Hi just wondering if anyone has heard anymore about this. 
Just over a week ago, after trying for days, to find a slot I was directed to a Gov.uk site to register as an extremely vulnerable .......Gov.uk. - grocery deliveries
I wonder if we would be eligible to get this once my husband comes out of hospital. Ive got neighbours and get me stuff in but due to the supermarket limited and amount you can get I wouldnt feel... (18 replies)
12:53 AM
FIRST POST 18 Mar 20 09:07 AM by archibald - I have car parking with Holiday Extras that needs to be cancelled. I paid an extra 1.50 cancellation insurance, but all the website will allow me to do is cancel and receive a voucher for use within...Holiday Extras Refunds
I'm probably the next guinea pig with them and appreciate all of your posts above. We have/ had airport hotel ( Premier Inn ) and airport parking booked with them - Premier Inn have refunded all... (9 replies)
12:49 AM
FIRST POST 29 Mar 20 10:55 PM by walt4it - Welcome back again:thumbs-up - you made it...I hoped you would!:thumbs-up 
Amidst all the stuff happening in the World right now, posting another day has been difficult. 
A longer explanation as to...Going Out in a Blaze of Glory - Summer of Sorcery 2019 - DAY 11. From the Yacht Club...
Aww thank you :blush::blush: Can I steal your description for the blurb of the book ?;) Never has my writing been described as a Lovely, 'dreamy' read before, thank you x really appreciate... (8 replies)
12:48 AM
FIRST POST 27 Mar 20 05:39 PM by Princess Alison - For every letter of the alphabet...  
H-Name a singer/band you've seen live
Beautiful South Bay City Rollers Brian Wilson Buble..Michael Bob Dylan Bare Naked Ladies Dolly Parton Elton John (108 replies)
12:47 AM
FIRST POST 9 Feb 20 07:08 PM by Stewboy - Index 
Thursday 24th October 2019 
Exactly a week until Halloween and today was the day we were attending the Oogie Boogie Bash Halloween party at California Adventure. We were really looking...Wonder on the West Coast: Day 4 - Oogie Boogie Bash
Ah just about to say those hand sanitisers will have been more use than you could ever imagine, you beat me to it. Just catching up on these reports, thanks for continuing posting 👍Its great to... (12 replies)
12:38 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:54 PM by Pink_Fairy_Dust - A close friend found out in Jan there were going to be redundancies at her Company, shes a developer and its a really big global IT Company but they needed to make cuts so were getting rid of quite a...Advice on my understanding of furlough to help a friend
With 22 years service, your redundancy liability is substantial. It would be a very benevolent employer who would willingly take on that responsibility. I know several people who have successfully... (12 replies)
12:36 AM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 08:04 PM by Duwsh - So I had to make the dreaded call today to reschedule my Disney holiday from May to September, in some ways I'm glad and other ways I'm devastated but then again worse things are going on so I guess...Opinions on Caribbean Beach Resort
Glad to hear of so many positive experiences, I was worried but I think the pros outweigh the cons which I'm thankful for. I'm honestly just happy we've still got a holiday! (6 replies)
12:36 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:59 PM by Sandra & co - Just imagine when all this is over, imagine the day when Boris Johnson comes on TV and says 'lockdown is over, its lifted, as a nation we've done it.' 
Imagine the British public running outside...Just sharing this! 😁
I am going to give my Grandkids the biggest hug and then I am going to take them to McDonalds ( I dont even like McDonalds and they usually arent allowed it:grin:) (3 replies)
12:33 AM
FIRST POST 28 Mar 20 05:52 PM by dabjam22 - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/61597/d35496c846bb18.jpg 
Just been looking on the Closure page on WDW, does this mean they will honour the free dining as obviously this is an existing offer...Can we keep dining?
It says 'if applicable' which makes all the difference. Eg if you want to reschedule for after 3rd October free dining isn't applcable then so you won't get it. (6 replies)
12:15 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:35 PM by neilhd - This is not me, but for my son-in-law (to be). 
His company has decided that everyone is furloughed, but is expecting them still to work (full time, from home). 
As per my understanding this is...Made to work during furlough
I totally agree about being sure of your facts before kicking up a fuss. If the ops son in law knows that he and his colleagues will be expected to work full time for the whole length of his... (88 replies)
12:11 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:02 PM by RickT - First food parcels delivered to clinically vulnerable people 
The first free food boxes containing essential supplies have been delivered in England to those at highest risk from coronavirus. 
...EXTREMELY Clinically Vulnerable people.. Food parcel support.
I have applied on behalf of my son. Havent heard anything yet but from a couple of the other parents on a Facebook support group, it seems the parcels turn up with no prior notice. Will update here... (4 replies)
12:08 AM
FIRST POST 12 Mar 20 05:07 PM by Jerseyfirst - I'm trying to pre order Disney +...I've received several emails with a link to pre-order, but each time I click it takes me to a page that says 'start streaming Nov 19th 2019'. It has a 'keep me...Disney + - cant subscribe?
The VPN is a little bit of a faf, luckily we won't be needing that anymore :wiggle: (7 replies)
FIRST POST 23 Mar 20 10:19 PM by Procrastinator - Cases are soaring. 42,443 cases. 8,877 today alone. Trajectory is near vertical. Will be 20,000 per day in less than a week.  
Trump debating whether it might be better to just let it run its...Is the US going to be the hardest hit western democracy?
Trump taking a bit of a roasting on not starting mitigation earlier today. His experts concede the point that if there were undetected cases earlier on then by waiting the number of people that will... (78 replies)
12:03 AM
FIRST POST 25 Aug 19 10:11 PM by caitlinsmummy - Hi and welcome to our Pre-Trip Report!  
We have an Instagram and YouTube channel if you'd like to follow along with our adventures: 
YouTube: HughesFamilyAdventur es 
Instagram:...Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Back To Disney We Go - May 2020
Isn't Disney Faiytale Weddings a lovely show!? I think I am too used to TLC car crash television and I expected to hate the couples but there was some lovely stories. I can't stop thinking about... (365 replies)
11:59 PM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 09:39 AM by guinness_79 - So with our main holiday in the summer to France looking unlikely it looks like our cheeky week for October half term may be our main holiday - we currently have a fly drive booked with BA staying on...Extending cheeky week - Anna Marie Island ?
We went to Anna Maria island for the day and were a bit underwhelmed. Maybe we were at the wrong side or something? What is there to do there? (4 replies)
11:45 PM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 02:07 PM by BruTamUK - So, we have a 4 week holiday booked independently for July/August this year. Booked everthing prior to the 18th of March so reading the new guidelines from our Nationwide bank account travel...Nationwide insurance not quite what it seems
Yes it does need more clarification definitely. (40 replies)
11:44 PM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 07:13 AM by Mazbar - This man started panic by saying half a million could die from covid 19 then changed his tune to saying it could be as low as 7000. This is the same man who said we would be all blithering idiot with...Prof Neil Ferguson
It's easy to focus in on the mortality rate or the confirmed Infected rate. However, please remember that dying is not the only way out of this. There is recovery. There is full recovery. Then... (83 replies)
11:37 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 05:03 PM by Rac20 - As the title says really. How are yours coping with the lockdown?  
Up until yesterday, I thought DS14 was coping pretty well. Some of you may recall that he was injured playing football at the end...Teenagers- How are yours coping?
Hi Rac, I also have an active 14yr old who was took out with an injury at the start of last summer so I can really understand your situation. She spent the whole of the last summer in pain unable to... (26 replies)
11:34 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:13 PM by Simon & Suzann - We're booked for Aug and gutted with all that's happening. It's devastating to see everyone losing money and their holidays. And pretty soon we'll be in that boat ourselves.  
We have discussed all...FCO giving the thumbs up
The FCO have to tread very carefully because if they bow to pressure from whoever to open the skies too quick and it backfires they would never be forgiven and lives could be lost (5 replies)
11:32 PM
FIRST POST 29 Mar 20 07:32 AM by Disneyfreaks - Random question please, has anyone hired an RV in America & done a road trip ?  
Just looking for any advice please on how you go about picking it up in one state/airport & dropping  it back in...Hiring an RV in the good ole U S of A...
Canadian Rockies: Traveland RV, Langley, BC. 25ft European style C-class on a Mercedes chassis, diesel engine. Was brand new and a breeze to drive, like driving a long wheelbase Sprinter. ... (6 replies)
11:27 PM
FIRST POST 26 Sep 19 12:33 AM by walt4it - Welcome... Welcome..Welcome do sing along whilst you read;) 
Welcome back:wavey: to anyone who has read before, the very fact you have clicked at...Going Out in a Blaze of Glory - Our Summer of Sorcery 2019. The final one.
Cheers John :thumbs-up:thumbs-up Can't thank you enough for your message. Appreciate your ongoing support and understanding too - although wish our back garden was big enough to pitch, but I... (40 replies)
11:26 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:26 PM by ukman - With most of us at home with the current situation just thought of starting a thread about your favourite area that you like staying in especially to villa renters and the reason for choosing said...Your favourite villa area to stay
With most of us at home with the current situation just thought of starting a thread about your favourite area that you like staying in especially to villa renters and the reason for choosing said... (New Thread)
11:25 PM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 10:24 AM by mickey house - Things will eventually get back to normal, and when they do our Florida trips could get more expensive as a result of the current situation. 
How much extra would you be prepared to pay to go back...How much extra will you pay to go to Florida?
Thank you so much ❤️ Thought Id add a photo of eldest grandson home schooling. Not a bad location! https://www.thedhttps://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/3941/985fdc1cb06796.jpg (54 replies)
11:25 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:02 PM by BerkshireBugsy - Let me give you and example. 
Mild cheese - cheese is meant to have a flavour ! Give me mature any day. 
Come on dibbers- join in !modern things that just aren't right (just for fun)
Chocolate Philadelphia. I love chocolate I love Philadelphia But who on earth thought it was a good idea,to put the together. Its just wrong!!!!!!! Tracy x (34 replies)
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 08:19 PM by act1980 - We had 2 trips booked for this year, one in May and one in December. Decided to just cancel both as we will have a 3 month old in December so thought it was wise to just be safe and cancel. 
We...Who's cancelling this year and rescheduling for 2021?
Was due to fly out tomorrow. ☹️ Not sure how we'll get through the day - may stick Disneyland game on XBox for a laugh 😂 Anyway, I think our plan is to try again Easter 2021 and start shopping for... (23 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:41 PM by buryboy - How sad  
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-5211447613 year old boy dies in London of coronavirus
My worse nightmare, no parent should outlive their children. (3 replies)
11:16 PM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 01:32 PM by priceclan - Hi all. 
Due to pay the balance in the next week or so. As mid June looks a bit iffy plan to rebook for next June. Do they send a letter explaining everything? 
Is there a dedicated webpage to...Has anyone paid their balance with Tui...
We are going on the 5th May and the same as you we havent heard anything from them yet. I dont know what to do if I do get the phone call, postpone till Nov, rebook for May next year or just get a... (18 replies)
11:15 PM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 07:09 PM by amberspy - Has anyone from Scotland had there NHS letter yet 🤔aware England have theresNHS scotland letter
Nothing in clackmannanshire but the posties are on strike due to their working conditions in the sorting office and rightly so too (13 replies)
11:09 PM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 02:02 PM by TINKERBELL44 - Has anyone been able to contact Travel Republic? 
Unable to find email address, telephone number not accepting calls and the manage my booking  not allowing cancellation or amendment !Travel republic
I had more success using my iPad than my phone getting in touch with them. There were options that werent visible from my phone that were on the iPad (9 replies)
11:09 PM
FIRST POST 17 Mar 20 11:44 AM by SMAX - With spending more time at home are you planning on using the time to catch up on some DIY that has been put off? 
Planning on taking up photography? 
Some crafts? 
I will be spending some time...Anyone learning a new skill?
I dont have the time, Im snowed under at work 😩🙈 (84 replies)
11:02 PM
FIRST POST 19 Mar 20 01:06 PM by Jan - Please can someone move this to the Positivity board? 
I am one of those people who always needs something to look forward to.  We were going on a two day trip next month but that has been...What are you looking forward to when all this is over?
right now a trip to the hairdresser! My cut and colour appointment for April was cancelled and the grey is taking over and I can't do a thing with my hair in the morning any more! (74 replies)
11:02 PM
FIRST POST 11 Mar 20 01:37 PM by SussexFamily - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/132389/a70ccd5a4b72e2.jpgPoll - Have you ever done this?
Im amazed that it stands at 90%... I thought it might have been a generational thing. (31 replies)
FIRST POST 31 Jan 20 10:35 AM by Nicksgirl - For anyone with Sky Premiere, The Box office hit "The Favourite" with Olivia Coleman playing Queen Anne is on tonight at 8. 
Have been waiting for ages to see this film. xx 
Heads up. xThe Favourite with Olivia Coleman on Premiere tonight.
Oh! Thought Id missed out on some special lockdown offer 😂 enjoy! (8 replies)
10:58 PM
FIRST POST 18 Mar 20 08:27 PM by Heavymetalnurse - To get away from the madness that is life at the moment. Silly pet photos please! Here's my wally of a dog with a sock on her head. She stayed like this for a good 10 minutes!...To cheer everyone up, silly pet photos
Bluebell chilling.x https://www.thedibb.co.uk/postImages/24804/9d799b7d29d7b0.jpg (80 replies)
10:55 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:05 PM by SussexFamily - Downloaded Anchorman last night - how have I not watched this before...  crying with laughter...   
What a talent Ferrell is ... and the supporting cast  
Love it! 
Anyone else a fan?Im in tears atm
I love lamp. (10 replies)
10:52 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:34 PM by Omega1 - Spent most of the afternoon ganderflanking - a great word for these trying times. For those of you who have been ganderflanking as well, see how many times you can get the word into your...Ganderflanking
Perhaps not! 😂 (29 replies)
10:49 PM
FIRST POST 29 Mar 20 08:42 PM by ashc13 - When this is over, what will be your first trip? (Im missing the trip planning and searching for good deals!)First Trip after Current Situation
Not too hopeful for St Ives in May, we've got DLP booked for August and maybe we've got an outside chance of that? Going to rebook our mid Wales Haven trip for next Easter and put a deposit down on... (18 replies)
10:49 PM
FIRST POST 28 Mar 20 03:24 PM by willow - My husband has been diagnosed with Coronavirus so Im stuck down stairs and running out of stuff to watch! 
Just watched an episode of Disney  fairytale Wedding on Disney +.  
How much must these...Disney fairytale Wedding- Disney +
Ive watched 3 or 4 episodes. Wow 😍 (13 replies)
10:48 PM
FIRST POST 23 Feb 20 11:21 AM by Lisa-72 - When cleaning your teeth do you use hot or cold water? 
I use hot, DH uses cold. 
Caused a long debate in our house with both of insisting were right 😂Hot or cold water?
I dont use water I only use mouth wash, I swill my mouth first with my interdental brush dipped in some then I use that with toothpaste on it, then I use a air flosser with mouth wash in it I then... (26 replies)
10:47 PM
FIRST POST 26 Mar 20 03:32 PM by novocastrian - Hat suitably doffed , what a chap (and chapess) 
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-52032618Paul Heaton / Jacqui Abbot free NHS gig
we saw the Beautiful South live many years back - was a brilliant evening - like being down the pub with your mates. (10 replies)
10:47 PM
FIRST POST 30 Mar 20 07:03 PM by Lily8 - Not at all keen on the refurbished rooms at POR... so looking at other alternatives and now considering the Swan :) 
Anyone stayed there recently and is happy to share their views? I'm particularly...Disney's Swan hotel
If the swan is cheaper than port Orleans then I would definitely stay there. Its a great location. Easy walk to Epcot and not bad to Hollywood. Access to the Boardwalk restaurants and bars as well... (12 replies)
10:46 PM
FIRST POST 29 Mar 20 11:17 AM by kirmat - Morning all.  
We are due to take the Eurostar tomorrow to DLP. They are only offering an e-voucher despite the trains being cancelled. I doubt I will be able to book to go again anytime soon as...Any Eurostar workers on here pls.
See my earlier post in this thread - You need to call them, I'm afraid, and no earlier than 2 days before travel date, as that is the only time they will confirm that a train has been cancelled. I... (9 replies)
10:44 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:44 PM by pdcdad - As the title says really. 
I think it will but who knows Im these very strange times.Free dining do you think it will happen
As the title says really. I think it will but who knows Im these very strange times. (New Thread)
10:44 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:42 AM by Mayflower33 - We cancelled our April trip last week and received an updated email showing the negative balance the same day. 
But, has anyone actually had their money back on their card yet? 
Im wondering how...Has anyone actually received any money back from Disney?
I cancelled a Tokyo Disneyland package with one click of a button, and had the money back on my credit card in 3 days. Of course now I have to wait 2 weeks for the UK card company to transfer me... (13 replies)
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