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01:00 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:39 PM by EvilQueen1937 - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/120652/34ea475d0641.jpg 
Wow guys, WHAT A DAY! I can now announce that I am OFFICIALLY a Cast Member! Disney Traditions was amazing, and I now have all the perks...Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) DISNEY TRADITIONS!
New Photo Added by EvilQueen1937 - 22 Jun 18 1:00 AM. (10 replies)
12:54 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:45 PM by vonid123 - Hi , does anyone know if you can pull luggage allowance with Thomson  ? ThanksThomson Dreamliner - pulling luggage
It definitely is pooling on our way out we had a 20kg allowance each and we pooled our allowance to take one bag weighing 23kg. If pooling wasn't allowed we would of had to take two bags. (11 replies)
12:53 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:58 PM by HappyThoughts - Bit of a random question but Im just looking to see whats best way to for us to do a water park or if should we maybe consider avoiding it? 
Basically Im taking an autistic & epileptic adult...Avoid or go?
I wear prescription sunglasses in the waterparks all the time. On a fast slide I sometimes tuck them inside my swimsuit top or hold them in my hand but have never had a problem. Lifejackets are... (5 replies)
12:42 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:32 PM by Jan - Do I even have the right words!   
Our DGS has an iPhone 5 which fell on the ground a couple of days ago. I have an appointment with Apple on Saturday. 
We want him to have a phone so that he can...iPhone or android?
OP. Just a personal opinion, like everything on theDibb 😄 iOS is apple nobkndy can mess with it. Android is google, developed only because google did not want to pay apple for ad revenue. Problem... (24 replies)
12:14 AM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 09:50 PM by Diesel_Staffie - Hello, we are staying onsite at Sapphire falls for a week, 2 adults and 1 child. Ive got my parking costs separate. Breakfast we will just get from the new vhub so its only lunch and evening meal...1000 spending money for a week?
Definitely :) As a couple we spent around 1,000 on food and drinks over two weeks - pretty cheap lunches, but very nice dinners (we basically ate at City Walk every night!). Some alcohol, but... (12 replies)
12:09 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jun 18 10:28 PM by Liv - Hi All, 
Is it worth getting a fastpass for Rivers of Light? We're going in August  
ThanksRivers of light - opinions?
My thoughts precisely! (18 replies)
11:57 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 10:29 PM by sgjk - Hey guys just wondering where's the best place to do mens clothes shopping were staying in DisneyClothes shopping
American Eagle in Mall at Millenia is good (5 replies)
11:51 PM
FIRST POST 19 Jun 18 11:11 AM by scottishnellie - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/79402/4c01bdcf0c04.jpg 
I lay down to sleep at 10 and took ages to fall over. Woke up thinking Right, I am up and ready to go!      but it was only midnight . Back...Scottishnellies Redundancy Trip Jun18. Day 1. RPR Club Level, IOA, US And A Kong...
Cheers Helen, just taken the plunge and ordered. Love the fact that Im not the only one who occasionally refashions items with a pair of scissors 🤣🤣 (42 replies)
FIRST POST 20 Feb 18 11:00 PM by floridafan101 - So lovely Dibbers I am as you may or may not know currently in the middle of writing a trip report from our fantastic holiday to the US last October. 
Wow we had a great time, it definitely is up...From Boston to Miami. By car? Of course!
Cont.. less than 5 weeks to go! Day 2 and 3 We only have 2 full days in New York on this trip but we had 4 nights last October so did see quite a lot then. However our eldest son wasnt able... (12 replies)
11:48 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 05:13 PM by vonid123 - Hi when am I able to check in online for Alamo booked with Virgin from Sanford? Thank youVirgin Alamo Sanford
No hard sell at Sanford they are used to us brits 😆😆 No queue usually and out into the car park within 5 minutes. The guy in the car park looks at your paperwork and asks if youre looking for... (11 replies)
11:46 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 09:06 AM by Stretlow - Hi there. 
My first time at Disney so i'm new to this could any of you kind people please help me out? 
I've purchase 9x 2 day tickets from undercover tourist.com 
I've registered on my Disney...2 Day Tickets - Disney Experience + Fastpasses
Nimbus won't mean if they are genuine. You get paper tickets to exchange at the gate for 'real' tickets and you get 'actual' tickets - depends where you buy them. Hope that makes sense. (4 replies)
11:45 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:06 AM by scottishnellie - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/79402/54abf58ac27d.jpg 
We were all exhausted so no alarms set and the plan was to sleep as long as we needed, have breakfast then decide what to do before moving...Scottishnellies Redundancy Trip Jun18. Day 3. Grand Plaza At St Petes Beach, Bongos
Looks like youre having a fab time Helen. Absolutely loving your daily updates. Hope you finally manage to adjust to US time and sleep more normally. Reading with interest as just me and hubby... (44 replies)
11:37 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:10 PM by LadyDebs86 - They've made changes to the Resort Availability Tracker on the website which is useful. 
They've also made adjoining studios at the Poly a bookable room category which I'm sure will be good for...Changes to the DVC Website
Yep, I did a dummy booking earlier and played around with it, so should be able to just do it yourself from now on! Exciting! (7 replies)
11:36 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:36 PM by feelingnuts - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/78864/77a3c9558fdd.jpg 
Hellooooo we’re back I’ve attempted a trip report before but didn’t make it to the end, I’m suitably ashamed. My...Did we mention we like a drink??? Pre-trip Report August 18
https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/78864/77a3c9558fdd.jpg Hellooooo we’re back I’ve attempted a trip report before but didn’t make it to the end, I’m suitably ashamed. My... (New Thread)
11:33 PM
FIRST POST 16 Jun 18 10:24 AM by beck_loz - We went last night for the first time. Oh my the food was amazing and huge. Amazing value for money and so tasty. We will be going back next weekHash a go go
Was thinking of getting the travelzoo voucher to try it as its a good price for breakfast with the voucher (10 replies)
11:33 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 09:00 PM by Fourdoors - Hi,  
My booking is for Glasgow to Gatwick then Gatwick to Orlando. The return is the reverse. 
The problem is the manage my booking section does not show my return flights. 
Has anyone else...Ba site
That is not a satisfactory solution! Hope you can sort something soon. (8 replies)
11:33 PM
FIRST POST 19 Jun 18 08:40 PM by Dsc2 - Hi, can anyone who has ridden FoP at AK advise what the ride restraints are like? How quickly and firmly does the back restraint come up? And how much pressure does it apply during the ride. 
If...Flight of Passage Ride Restraints
You sit next to each other there is one row so Dd should sit between you both For me if soaring is a 7 for thril then FOP is 100! It's not scary, it is so hard to describe you are flying through... (11 replies)
11:32 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:30 PM by whiteswan - Hi 
We are setting off soon to the first ever H20Glow Party at Typhoon Lagoon - runs from 8pm - 11pm. 
Not too sure what to expect but will report back tomorrow ! 
DaveToy Story Glow Party Tonight at Typhoon Lagoon !
We've booked for August...there hasn't been much information about it (that we have found anyway) so really interested to hear what it is like and what you think of it! (2 replies)
11:32 PM
FIRST POST 18 Jun 18 12:27 PM by -kat- - Hey there guys, I was just wondering if any of you have ever purchased a Starbucks gift card using the Groupon offer at $5 for a $10 gift card?  
And, if you have did you find it to be a useful...Starbucks Groupon
I have an invite email but keeps saying change payment method.have bought loads for the USA before so i dont know why i cant buy it.even my postcode is down as an american one as my other purchases... (12 replies)
11:31 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:31 PM by kerrie1781 - Okay, just booked a week on 19th November on-site and then realised its Thanksgiving on the 22nd!! I usually go in August. Is it much much busier than this?? Im really worried now and its put a...Thanksgiving.
Okay, just booked a week on 19th November on-site and then realised its Thanksgiving on the 22nd!! I usually go in August. Is it much much busier than this?? Im really worried now and its put a... (New Thread)
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:29 PM by mousettes - Hi everyone.  
I wanted to share and let you all know just how much I am in love with my Barney. The first 2 weeks we had him I really struggled and Ive never felt so down before. I now know I put...My toilet roll puppy update
Wow, as a black lab father of 2 (mother and daughter) I only like black labs:pgig: But that is one handsome chap, stunning dog, you will have years of love both ways from him, well done. (13 replies)
11:28 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:28 PM by 1972 - I have given blood for years and my 17 year old daughter knows how important it is to do so and how low blood stocks are. 
I am giving blood tomorrow and have asked if she wants to come with me and...Giving Blood at 17
I have given blood for years and my 17 year old daughter knows how important it is to do so and how low blood stocks are. I am giving blood tomorrow and have asked if she wants to come with me and... (New Thread)
11:26 PM
FIRST POST 14 Jun 18 12:29 PM by Sparky - So I have everything sorted and prepared for our upcoming holiday.... but for some reason I keep coming back to this card. 
It maybe that I dont want to trust all my money on a prepaid card, Im...Revolut Care - anyone had a problems
Ive found their customer care great today. Really efficient. I needed to change my name and they were very quick to advise and followed up about 10 times during the day too. Its all sorted (42 replies)
11:26 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:26 PM by TICH1952 - Just seen tonight that going through passport control at MCO will now include facial recognition booth's. 
:smile:MCO new measures
Just seen tonight that going through passport control at MCO will now include facial recognition booth's. :smile: (New Thread)
11:24 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:11 PM by Gipsy 4 - Dont know if this has been posted but Disney have released a video of the first cast members trying the new roller coaster. Hopefully this link will work 
...Slinky Dog video
I'm not going to judge it until I've been on it but it looks a bit slower than I was expecting. I still think it will be good though! (14 replies)
11:23 PM
FIRST POST 3 May 18 08:21 PM by NatsyNoo - We woke up at 6.30am ready for a fun day at Typhoon Lagoon before our family photoshoot this afternoon  or that was the plan anyway. Mother Nature had other plans. We looked at the radar pictures...Once Upon a Family / April 2018 / Day 3 Magic Kingdom & Disney Springs (A Very Rainy...
Your dress is lovely :) All the food looks yummy :tongue: (19 replies)
11:22 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 09:22 PM by Lovesholidays - Hi can anyone recommend a restaurant that offers a typical thanksgiving meal, not on site, we are staying in a villa this year. Many thanksThanksgiving meal
Went to Cracker Barrel on the 27 last year and it was exceedingly busy and we had a 40 minute wait but it was a great atmosphere in the shop as everyone seemed to be having a great family day out. ... (5 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:58 PM by ROBBOTOO - Currently in a gorgeous villa up a mountain in Spain.  
Last two nights had a drone buzzing above us from a villa a bit further down...Drones and privacy ...l
Better with a shotgun, more lead in the air gives a better chance of downing it:D (11 replies)
FIRST POST 15 Jun 18 12:54 PM by nutsydownunder - Welcome one and all to the 2018 Christmas in July Exchange. 
This exchange is open to young and old alike, only thing I ask is that if you are signing up a child to please sent through their age,...Christmas in July Exchange ~ CLOSED!
Sign ups are now closed. (30 replies)
11:20 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:09 PM by Fraser789 - A friend of mine has just come back from holiday and they used the Meet & Greet parking at Manchester. When they left the car it had half a tank of fuel but when they came back it was almost empty...Meet And Greet - Manchester
We have used it a couple of times now and have been very happy with it. Would be very unhappy if this happened to us. (2 replies)
11:19 PM
FIRST POST 8 Jun 18 03:37 AM by Myakka17 - Hi. Who have you booked you flights with into Miami or Fort Lauderdale. 
What was you reason for choosing those airports over the others. 
ThanksMiami flyers.
What is the drive to Orlando like? We are flying to Miami for the 1st time this year thanks (16 replies)
11:19 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 09:54 PM by lally1 - We are going in November, we want a villa with private pool and we are hiring a car...  But we are taking my 20 year old daughter, who will want to be in the parks most days, I on the other hand do...Can anyone advise on a villa with private pool and a shuttle service to parks
On the way there would be OK I guess as you'd be at the villa. On the way back, I'm not sure ... I'd guess it would be a problem if you stay at Disney 'til the fireworks. Be interesting to hear... (4 replies)
dee slack
11:17 PM
FIRST POST 21 May 18 03:28 PM by dizneemad - Looking at pre purchasing the all your digital and photo print package. Reading on the web site it states you only get prints that were displayed in the photo gallery.  
My question is has anyone...Photo package
we've never done the photo book, just the all prints (all digital on last cruise) but we were talking to a lady on our last cruise and she did say that it took her quite a long time to go through all... (7 replies)
11:17 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:26 PM by Princ3ss D - Hi, 
Looking for your help once again :) 
We got back last week after 3 weeks in Florida doing Disney and Universal and to get over the Disney blues :cry: we desperately need to book our next...Tell me about MSC Seaside
I know what you mean, you can't count on the weather anywhere 100% can you! :omg: Mind you I'm pretty sure it will be nicer than at home! :pgig: :wave: Let us know if you do book! :thumbs-up ... (8 replies)
11:14 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 10:28 PM by Eeyore rocks - Ive mentioned in many of posts that I was driving for the very first time...well I drove a little way along the 192 a couple of years ago :blush:... and this holiday I was doing all the driving with...First time drivers...
Oh, be still my beating heart, you know how to talk dirty to a lass... manual mode and steering wheel paddles (now in hot fantasy double de-clutch mode :D). Bagged an auto Mustang V6 in May 2017... (23 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:23 PM by JK's Mummy - Hi, I am a very novice runner but was wanting some advice on a decent (not too expensive) running watch. I like to use strava to log my run but hate taking my phone with me, but like music to listen...Beginners running watch
Samsung have a tie up deal with spotify. The samsung gear sport lets you download to the watch your playlist and listen to it while running. No need to take your phone. That is an awesome feature!... (1 reply)
11:11 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 09:05 PM by Stewboy - The Index 
Friday 25th May 2018 
Yesterday had been an odd day. Both Jo and I commented a few times that, even though wed been looking forward to this holiday and definitely needed it, it didnt...Split Stay Get Away - Day 1: Today we had a very long day
Another fantastic start :thumbs-up Your so lucky, I still haven't seen my name on the board yet and we've been Avis Preferred members for 6 years! :pgig: Great photo's (20 replies)
11:10 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:31 PM by CarolynU - I've received an email today from N Power thanking me for choosing a smart meter, and saying that they will be in touch when they are in my area. 
Well I didn't do any such thing. I did supply my...Email saying that I've chosen a smart meter!
Just want to add the other side of the story but please dont lynch me :pgig: I work for one of the main suppliers, actually on the smart meter project. None of the suppliers instigated smart... (29 replies)
11:08 PM
FIRST POST 28 May 18 07:53 PM by slaleyhall - Ok so this is my first time doing a trip report so hope I can do it right, so here it goes and please go easy on me: 
Lets introduce us all: 
Me: Becca - 39 and chief planner and lover of all...First time on DDP April/May 2018... You used a snack credit on what ! Complete
Really fab report. Thanks for taking the time to share. (111 replies)
11:05 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 10:34 PM by PMM - We are staying onsite fir 3 nights for first time.  We are booked into Beach Club but just found better price for Yacht Club.  I can cancel BC and book YC - what are differences, pros and cons?...Yacht Club or Beach Club
Thanks for all the replies. Changed to Yacht Club - can't wait :spin: (6 replies)
11:04 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:19 PM by MOUSEMARSH - So here goes, 
We are two families  
Me, wife, son and daughter. 
Dad, Mum, son and daughter. 
Plan is for us to spend a week in Disney with DDP and friends a week in Universal or close...Complicated booking looking for help.
Book your flights separately. Choosing the same ones is not going to be hard. Book your first week hotels separately. Youll have to nominate a Villa booker. Choose together. Transfer money to booker... (7 replies)
10:59 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:48 PM by roland_rat - Evening  
Probably been asked before but what's the best card to use over there for spending etc? 
Used TC cash passport which was a pain at times when trying to add more fund.Spending money
I use Halifax Clarity but for it it be a good deal you need to be able to pay it off in full on time. Otherwise its just debt like any other CC. (2 replies)
10:59 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 09:04 PM by Blue nose - My DH is keen to travel East and I want to do Disney for the kids plus some site seeing but don't know where to start. 
We're stuck on school holidays and only chance of two weeks in 2019 is August...Thinking about Japan or HK or any other Disney
OP check out apps such as Skyscanner, kayak or momondo where you can put your flight preferences in. You can set up alerts where they inform you of price changes but as I mentioned earlier it seemed... (7 replies)
10:56 PM
FIRST POST 6 Jun 18 10:49 PM by Cuxi - Someone on here recommended these books and I quickly read the whole series they are so good. 
The first one in the series is free for Kindle at the moment on Amazon. 
The Chronicles of St Mary's...A free holiday read ...
I did too. I also enjoyed the follow up The Something Girl. She has a lovely turn of phrase and a nice way of looking at things but The St Mary's Chronicles are out of the ballpark good. Someone... (10 replies)
Monty moo
10:55 PM
FIRST POST 28 Feb 18 02:00 AM by nutsydownunder - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...Game... Keep One, Drop One
Rag doll (683 replies)
10:50 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:09 PM by Melbatb - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/76223/ecd1b4f2e69a.jpg 
I woke up at about 6.30am after a pretty good night's sleep. After a shower I headed downstairs for breakfast.  
This was a buffet. As...A Week In Bangkok - June 2018: Day 3 - Grand Palace & the Reclining Buddha
Loving following along....thanks for taking the time to share your experiences (5 replies)
10:50 PM
FIRST POST 20 Jun 18 11:43 PM by Minnie18 - My husband has a dream of building a home for us from scratch 🙄.  
Has anyone done this? or have any advice/words of wisdom...  
Thanks in advance 🤩 
P.S words of wisdom can be, forget about...Has any Dibber built there own house?
We built ours 25 years ago, we done it on a tight budget and everything in it was hand me downs from family, like sofas, fridge, curtains etc. We moved in with no carpets or heating on Christmas Eve,... (10 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:27 PM by bladerfc - Flying with ba from Gatwick on Tuesday what is the in flight entertainment like when I went online there seemed loads of films to choose but when I go on the app there doesn't seem to be as many...Ba in flight entertainment
If you are on the earlier BA2037 flight then yes it has usb charging as a refurbed plane and also a better entertaintment system with bigger screen and more choice. If on the later ba2039 then no... (1 reply)
10:46 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:00 PM by RickyRaccoon - Hi, we have planned to have a late start/evening EMH at DHS one night during our stay. Just wondered if there was anywhere we should try not to miss for a table service meal?Disney HS Recommendation TS
Thanks for the Info. Ill have a look and see if they have some availability for the evening we are going. 👌🏻 (2 replies)
10:45 PM
FIRST POST 1 Apr 18 02:00 AM by BerkshireBugsy - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    Please feel free to carry on.OK...own up...who was it - the sequel
Good point. In the interests of equality B.B. you have to wear a rainbow poncho with matching crocs (1,682 reply)
10:42 PM
FIRST POST 7 Jun 18 02:43 PM by Rich30 - Hi, looking for some ideas if possible... Getting married at Disney Springs in September. Ceremony at 3pm on top deck of Paddlefish followed by hour of drinks and harp up there. Then inside at 430pm...What to do after wedding?
The other similar option is the Ferrytale fireworks dessert cruise which is very big and open to public but is $99 each so works out lot more than the grand one per person. The 10 man boats are good... (17 replies)
10:41 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:30 PM by Princ3ss D - Hi, 
We are looking to fly into Miami next July for a 2 week trip as we are potentially picking up a cruise ship there.  So does anyone know if you can fly direct from Manchester to Miami or will...Flights to Miami from Manchester
Hiya, no direct flights from Man to Mia, it'll likely have to be Man to LHR to Mia. (1 reply)
10:41 PM
FIRST POST 11 May 18 08:28 PM by caitlinsmummy - :wavey: 
So I haven't found a group for Oct/Nov 2018 so thought I'd start one.  
We're going 27th October from Manchester with Virgin. We're staying at Port Orleans Riverside and staying at Loews...October/November 2018
I think Im going to keep pondering for a bit... would hate to get there and it be really loud and the kids be miserable because of it. Ill keep scouring another 1000 menus! I could always bin it... (174 replies)
10:40 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:10 PM by littlefeet1972 - Hi all we have booked our next magical trip for next August but didnt book car hire as we are staying onsite at the Beach Club so decided to use the disney transport. 
Our party which are all...To hire or not to hire that is the question?
Its a non issue, you have the dates mixed up :) (3 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:07 PM by clyde/seymore - I was just about to check in online when I got to the part about expiry and issue of your license. Might sound a bit thick but do they mean the dates of your plastic license on the front, so the 10...Online checkin license dates?!
Ah, ok. Thanks. I shall try that! (5 replies)
Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

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