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09:14 PM
FIRST POST Today 11:46 AM by papasmurf - If I book a hotel with Disney, are they fairly good with changing dates?   
I wont be able to book flights until november, but want to start booking things now. 
Also, do you need to pay upfront...Booking with Disney - question
We booked last year direct with Disney for October before flights were released and had to move dates by a couple of days. We were lucky they could keep us in the same resort but they were... (4 replies)
FIRST POST Today 09:14 PM by MargaretMouse - Hi my, poor dog has pancrititis again, she also suffer with IBD. She is, eating small amounts and her stools have firmed up, but she is still unwell,she has a low fat diet of Turkey and Mash Potato....Dog with pancrititis
Hi my, poor dog has pancrititis again, she also suffer with IBD. She is, eating small amounts and her stools have firmed up, but she is still unwell,she has a low fat diet of Turkey and Mash Potato.... (New Thread)
09:14 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:46 PM by Myakka17 - Hi aside from the normal items what did you purchase that turned out to be really useful?  
ThanksUniversity ....most useful items?
I bought my son a pair of Adidas Sliders as he was sharing a bathroom. Those things have never been off his feet including all winter!!!!!! His other big use item was a mini fridge. His favourite... (3 replies)
09:14 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:15 PM by Leyfy - Landed at 1pm on the Norwegian flight from MCO to LGW. Desperately trying to keep myself awake!  
Me and my husband (known for his pint pointing!) did four days into Fort Lauderdale, four on a...Just back - 3 weeks. Mini review
Sounds like you had an amazing time, especially love your sunset pictures. Hoping to get some myself on our next visit as finally visiting a beach. Cant wait to read your trip report, especially key... (20 replies)
09:14 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:44 PM by MilesHi - Hello from Spain! 
It's out first time to Orlando and I wanted to ask your opinion on my planning for this trip. 
We're a couple of 44 year olds without kids. 
We're not keen on shopping, or...Hello, and help planning first trip to Orlando (October 2018)
That looks like it will work, on our last visit in 2016 we visited Magic Kingdom on that same Thursday and wasn't too busy, we then went back 9 days later on the Sat which was our last day and there... (6 replies)
09:12 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:44 PM by dancingbear - Ok bit panicky as fast pass day is this Wednesday! But am sure it will all be fine!!  
How does this plan seem (am well aware it peters off at the end a bit!!) 
We are 2 adults and 3 kids (thrill...First time/oct/Disney only/ qsdp....any suggestions?!
Fab advice, thanks! Purchasing chocolate is defo a great plan and also leaving time at the end flexible is maybe good so we can revisit whatever we want. I guess I may just book fast passes... (3 replies)
09:12 PM
FIRST POST 12 Aug 18 05:46 PM by disneytime - Id never really considered upgrading our economy seats before but watching videos online its very tempting. 
What kind of prices can we expect and would you recommend?Upgrading to Upper Class (Virgin)
I've done that too. I'd love a bargain but if it's not coming within a reasonable time frame, I'll just pay. now the important thing is to feel good and not to look again ;-) it's booked and done... (52 replies)
09:11 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:04 PM by Mary A - Hi, we usually fly Virgin/ Delta so asking for a friend!  
They're flying man-lhr-san Diego,  does the higher international hold allowance apply to domestic flight?They're on a through ticket. Is...BA Luggage allowance
Hi Mary its worth looking at the BA website as it is confusing, if it is all BA I would say 23kg but I would double check to be sure. Just checked website and it is 23kg on short and long ... (1 reply)
09:11 PM
FIRST POST Today 11:42 AM by sha9 - Has anyone who booked for next year had their cash back paid yet? In previous years when Ive had my cash back paid in the July after booking in April. I was kind of hoping we could use it towards...Disney Quidco cash back
We booked in April. Got the 25 but not the actual cashback yet. (6 replies)
09:11 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:54 PM by daisymae - Can someone keep your belongings for a debt thats not yours but someone elses? Ds was at a festival at weekend, a so called friend rented a house with a few of his mates but not ds for 2 nights. Ds...Keeping belongings that are not yours in lieu of a debt
No hes a bully. Call him out. (3 replies)
09:09 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:09 PM by aimo - Evening all! 
We are heading to Clarion Inn LBV in October for 11 nights - family of 4, 2 adults, 2 kids aged 8 & 11. We plan to just visit Universal (3 parks) this time, and maybe have a beach...First Trip Without DDP - Tips Needed for Food Budget!
Evening all! We are heading to Clarion Inn LBV in October for 11 nights - family of 4, 2 adults, 2 kids aged 8 & 11. We plan to just visit Universal (3 parks) this time, and maybe have a beach... (New Thread)
FIRST POST 2 Apr 18 09:05 AM by Stu - Halloween Horror Nights 
So who's going? 
Official Dates: Select Nights 14 Sep  3 Nov 2018 
...Halloween Horror Nights
DW and I going on the 18th also with a night at RPR (192 replies)
09:09 PM
09:07 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:14 AM by Mermazing - Hi, we have booked car hire through Thomas cook, we have the Alamo gold insurance but im unsure what we need to do when we get to the airport.  
I hear people talking about skipping the counter...Alamo at MCO
Thank you everyone that really explains things for me. It seems like we are good to go in terms of insurance too. (13 replies)
09:07 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:17 PM by VickieMH - Hi 
Ive always bought a Disney universal combo for 2 weeks  
We are going for a week to universal only. Want to do 3 parks.  
Im assuming we will want to visit some places for a couple of those ...7 Day Universal
You're welcome :) (5 replies)
Finn family
09:07 PM
FIRST POST 18 Aug 18 12:00 PM by boltyboy - Hello there Dibbers and welcome to our offsite (with one on ;) )food troppy. You can find my intro thread HERE  . This is a semi live report I am trying to upload every couple of days or so, so its...The Witty Ditty Food Trippy - Aug 2018
Love the updates so far! Thank you for sharing :) We love IHOP and Bahama Breeze! Teak also looked amazing, we have been meaning to go there before but unfortunatly haven't. We personally don't... (27 replies)
09:06 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:50 PM by Andrea1 - Hi all. 
We are booked for 2 weeks this September, and we always get the Disney/Universal Switch tickets from Orlando Attractions. 
We are looking next year doing 1 week Disney/Universal and 1...Question about 7 day tickets.
For Disney have a look at the Magic Your Way tickets for how many days you want. If you want to compare prices for these have a look on www.undercovertouris t.com, orlandoattractions.c om, and the US... (1 reply)
09:05 PM
FIRST POST 16 Aug 18 05:12 PM by SimonB - Just trying to canvas peoples opinions. 
We did early dining on the Queen Victoria and found we were rushing about for a 6 oclock meal and missing sail aways. Also it limited pool time after...Early or late dining?
We had flexible dining last week but found if we didnt go early there was a long wait to be seated. (8 replies)
09:05 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:40 PM by Trumper - Hi Im thinking of going to see the blue man group but will my two kids who will be 10 and 12 enjoy it.Blue man group
My 10 year old loved it. One of his highlights of the holiday. We booked via Orlando attractions, it was a good price. Be aware though when I called to redeem the voucher to book the show they told... (12 replies)
09:04 PM
FIRST POST 17 Aug 18 09:07 AM by TractorBoy - Was caught speeding a couple of weeks ago. 35 in a 30. Have accepted for offence and sent off paperwork. Currently waiting for reply with fine and how to pay. 
My question is do I need to send my...Speeding offence question UPDATED
Really glad it's sorted for you John (49 replies)
09:04 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:32 AM by Dennys - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/44666/1e7d9f7f246f.jpg 
So we were back at Animal Kingdom today for our Flights of Passage fast pass - wow! What a great experience- could have happily stayed on...Beware The Snack Police - Day 9 - Yak & Yeti And D-Luxe Burgers
Your Malaysian seafood curry looks gorgeous (5 replies)
09:04 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:36 PM by Estietwig - Hi all. 
My booking comes with free breakfast. Does that mean I just get to eat it at the resort or can it be used at any breakfast?Dining
this is really good just imagine all the quick service meals you can have now!! (3 replies)
09:02 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:13 PM by vanlou - Not disputing what she says, but how do you fall off a cruise ship?  
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6075837/British-woman-saved-TEN-HOURS-falling-sea-cruise-ship-coast-Croatia.htmlFell off a cruise ship ...
Its easy to avoid the railings on a ship. We sailed last week and only went near a railing a handful of times to take a photo. Most of the time we were inside or on a deck completely enclosed in... (50 replies)
08:59 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:20 PM by miked1e - So we go next April for 2 weeks on DDP, and first time not just the two of us.... we will be taking DS who will be 22 months old when we go. 
We know things are going to be a lot slower and at the...WDW with a toddler
Oh wow bargain! I ordered the same one but from eBay and it was 6:cry: (17 replies)
08:59 PM
FIRST POST Today 02:55 PM by Dandyhighwayman - Highs and Lows 
This was the surprise reveal holiday! 30th July to 18th August. 
I will not have the energy for a trippie, so I thought I would have a few musings on the highs and lows of the...August 2018 Highs and Lows (and moans)
Love reading highs and lows, thanks for sharing 😁 (8 replies)
08:56 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:41 PM by markiemark90 - Hi All 
After another hiatus from the Dibb, I am back in planning mode.  Just opened 2015 (last visit) spreadsheet and added in new dates for Oct 2018.  Cant believe I have so much to fit in and so...How Expensive is at the moment to eat out?
You could all eat for a fortnight at Sweet Tomatoes for $260 ;) You might fancy a change from lettuce though. We do go maybe once every holiday when we've had our share of Longhorn, Texas, Bonefish... (49 replies)
08:55 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:52 AM by papasmurf - I'm trying to look at a price for next october, for 2a2c.  I cant seem to get the disney site to give me a price for a standard room, just the suites. 
Am I being daft? 
For less cost, I can stay...Art Of Animations Question
It probably isnt booked up. We stayed in a little mermaid room for 3 nights last year. While Disney had the free dining offer on we couldnt get it. I ended up booking with kenwood. We stayed for... (6 replies)
08:55 PM
FIRST POST 18 Aug 18 08:20 PM by Estietwig - Omg I am so excited. Have been to DLP before but never managed WDW. 
I have only gone and booked a surprise trip for my hubby and son. How do I keep this quiet until Christmas?Booked surprise trip oct2019
Where are you staying etc (8 replies)
08:52 PM
08:50 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:50 PM by anna68 - Anyone toying with trying to go? We are really tempted to try and do 4/5 days in tokoyo but would not even know where to begin!Olympics 2020
Anyone toying with trying to go? We are really tempted to try and do 4/5 days in tokoyo but would not even know where to begin! (New Thread)
08:50 PM
08:50 PM
FIRST POST Today 07:16 PM by Floridaagogo - House reveal today is combination house of Happy Death Day and The First Purge :spin: only one more house to be announced :wavey:Another house announced for Hhn
They were all leaked a couple of weeks ago...see the sticky thread (5 replies)
08:49 PM
FIRST POST Today 12:55 PM by DisneyPlanner73 - I am after some advice and help. I have just had a health screening done and received the results all were good apart from the following - 
weight (bmi 33.5) - very overweight 
Biochemistry AST -...Health test results
I'm anaemic and my red blood count is low too. I think from your results you are anaemic too - you may need iron supplements but speak to your doctor first. Your GP may want to do further tests to... (2 replies)
08:48 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:35 PM by shysarah - Hi everyone, I've been running on the treadmill at the local gym for some weeks and really enjoying it. I thought I'd look into getting a treadmill to put in the garage. 
Any suggestions for a good...Treadmill
I have a Reebok one that I got from Argos and use it every day. I have had it at least 3 years now and Argos do normally have them on special offer. A similar one to mine would be the Reebok One... (1 reply)
08:46 PM
FIRST POST 17 Apr 18 09:59 PM by Cherrypie - Hopefully well all be making extra money for Disney holidays!Matched betting - chat, help and advice
Thank you. I'll remember that for next time (as I'm sure there will be one!), but I just didn't think of it until after I'd traded out and re-laid. Not too worried about a 5p loss :) (2,942 replies)
08:46 PM
FIRST POST 1 Apr 18 02:00 AM by Cha cha - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
A brief summary of what's happening at CBR: 
***Disney...Caribbean Beach Resort building works and Old Port Royal closure
I last stayed there in 2008 and the distance did my head in albeit its a lovely resort Im not so happy about spending more either, ended up at 1200 more so I must have made an error pricing it up... (555 replies)
08:46 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:19 PM by Loulou127 - Hi All, our Manchester to Newquay flight is delayed 3 and a half hours at the moment, our plane is stuck in Newquay because of fog so we have to wait for a plane to go to Innsbruck and come back to...Delayed info urgent
It was cancelled again this morning. The fog only lifted here about 4 on the north coast. Flybe didnt handle things well and i hope that they sort it out for you. (28 replies)
08:45 PM
FIRST POST 17 Aug 18 09:31 AM by Vanillapod - Can anyone help please?  
Ive seen a car I quite like and I wondered what the etiquette is on prices for second hand cars in dealerships.  
I dont think I have the confidence to haggle if its not...Second hand cars from a dealership
Hi Yeah I know but it's just a bit gutting when they insist there's not another penny in the deal 😏😏. We always buy from a main dealer for the security etc and obviously expect to pay more for... (24 replies)
FIRST POST Today 02:06 PM by florida_noob - We ate here last night, really really busy,  in waiting area two elderly ladies came in a manager was trying to find a spot for them to sit for 35 min wait. My son and I gave our seats up.  
When...Olive Garden rolling oaks - great experience
Really nice gesture by you your son and the manager Olive Garden is one of out favourite places to eat (5 replies)
08:45 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:18 PM by -kat- - Hey there guys, I was just wondering if any of can advise the best way of making this work? We plan on trying it on our last full day, just for fun obv!  
We'll be staying at YC by this point in our...4 park challenge...
Last time we did AK - bus - HS - boat - EPCOT - monorail - MK. We left MK to last primarily for night time entertainment and also greater 4+FP availability. It was also pre-Pandora / Rivers of... (17 replies)
08:44 PM
FIRST POST 25 Jul 18 03:53 PM by Jennywren - Hi Everyone, 
Important please read thru to the end of these posts as the situation is very confusing, and we do still need to apply for temporary permits after all. 
Have just been informed by...Blue Badges recognised again no need for temporary Florida permit
Yes, every one I have noticed from different states is blue too other than temporary ones. My daughter's need for a wheelchair has no set timescale so the doctor signed for a standard 3 years. (60 replies)
08:44 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:44 PM by CrispyA - 19 July 
We were so tired that we did sleep okay - apart from having the phone ring twice at about 10.30pm which woke us up and confused us greatly. However, we were awake by about 3.30am, and got...Expedition East Coast: Day 1 Statue of Liberty, 911 Memorial, Chinatown
19 July We were so tired that we did sleep okay - apart from having the phone ring twice at about 10.30pm which woke us up and confused us greatly. However, we were awake by about 3.30am, and got... (New Thread)
08:44 PM
FIRST POST Today 04:27 PM by Arthurperno - I am visiting Orlando in September and plan to visit SeaWorld on Saturday 22nd. I was considering buying quick queue for $34 each but have realised that Kraken is not included. I also contacted...Seaworld Quick Queue
Walk on last August! Save your money (3 replies)
08:44 PM
FIRST POST 17 Aug 18 11:20 AM by Coda - I see that dates have been released for the above party, I take it the park doesnt close early like the xmas party at MK ..DHS jingle jam party.
Coda, I think its just a dessert party but it takes place outside the Chinese theatre in a roped off area then you go to a viewing area for the show. Its meant to be really good. (3 replies)
FIRST POST Today 05:43 PM by LOU LOU DISNEY - I'm getting conflicting info online from 69 euro & 79 euro. Does anyone know the price please? Also how much is it for a birthday cake. ThanksInventions lunch price
Forgot to ask about kids prices? Is it 40? (6 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:40 PM by buddy23 - Would anyone from the southwest or those that have flown from Bristol be prepared to share how much they paid?  
We went in 2016 from Gatwick and the drive home was a killer!! Would love to fly from...Southwest Dibbers........
Train changes at Reading... and yes, the lovely Dreamliner. We are flying London -Boston on 18 July and it was from their website at 314 pp minus the 75 or so app for my 12 yr old. It was a... (27 replies)
Sandra & co
08:41 PM
FIRST POST Today 04:22 PM by zanacal - Hi, we're planning our trip to Orlando at the end of October with our 4 children (6,8,11,12).  I've been twice before, once as a child in 1988 and once with my husband before we had a family in 2002....Views on EPCOT
We were there in July an loved it. Been before a few times but not for a while, it was a lovely chilled day. We went on misson space, test track, soarin and watched a few shows, the Guardians of the... (11 replies)
08:39 PM
FIRST POST 18 Aug 18 08:48 AM by themeparksandy - We thinking ahead for our next trip as Birmingham within 5 miles of our house and having 2 children by our next trip.  
Do you think it be best to fly direct with Tui to Sanford and get a coach...Flying from Birmingham
Coach transfers withTui next year are "free" (21 replies)
08:39 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:23 PM by BevS97 - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/517/7bc3c99c3c30.jpgFun In The Fjords - Day 8. At Sea
Lovely afternoon tea! (3 replies)
Orlando 2004
08:39 PM
08:39 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:40 PM by gh4 - Hi I am planning a trip to Orlando 2019 with my wife, and my 2 children under 14 years of age I have spent many an hour checking different sites and I am more confused than ever. 
I would like some...First time trip to Orlando
Hi lots of nice places both on and off site, on sight is very easy to get around plus the benefits of early or late hours. Just to say we have stayed onsite last 5 times and always have a car,... (5 replies)
08:38 PM
FIRST POST Today 01:52 PM by GEMMAMCG - We are thinking about turkey for next year as I have it it's cheap while there? No idea where best to stay? There will be me dh, ds (17) dd 13 and 7, the last 6 holidays have been to Orlando , so I'm...Turkey and suggestions?
Weve stayed at Hotel Tropical really liked Sarigerme still very unspoilt The jeep safari here was great fun . (14 replies)
08:37 PM
FIRST POST 19 Jun 18 06:37 AM by BerkshireBugsy - So in July we have the drive of about 45 minutes from Berkshire to Heathrow. So I am thinking of creating a playlist of stuff to reflect our mood of excitement on that journey. 
You know the sort...driving to the airport playlist- help me out dibbers :)
Love this idea! We have about the same time to travel to the airport. I'm going to make playlist too :) (86 replies)
08:37 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:31 AM by BevS97 - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/appImages/517/0716a8715327.jpgFun In The Fjords - Day 7 Bergen And Cooking Class
Wonderful pasta making! (4 replies)
08:37 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:34 PM by Nicsage - Going dlp on 24 october and it says the fireworks start when the park closes. I make that 10pm is that correct? It seems late.Firework times october
If its a weekend or half term that sounds about right. (1 reply)

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