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02:20 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 19 06:06 PM by k4ti3-x - Hello,  
Looking for some recommendations on a GPS tracker for my puppy. She's 10 months old and a cavapoo (cavalier king spaniel crossed with a toy poodle). She loves to chase deer on her walk and...Dog GPS Tracker
I was also bewildered by that. Foxes are big cowards, my cat could see off a fox with no trouble whatsoever. It could only be a rabid fox that would even contemplate attacking three dogs and a human. (17 replies)
02:20 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:49 PM by Glasgow trip - Ive been thinking about security on my Revolut card, and I see its easy to freeze and unfreeze it on the app. 
Is there any reason why you couldnt keep it frozen and then just unfreeze it when...Keeping Revolut card frozen?
The freezing is ok for long term non usage, however for the likes of pre-auths under certain amount and vendors collecting payments in due course, its not a good idea to freeze a card and denied... (6 replies)
02:17 AM
FIRST POST 19 Aug 18 01:40 AM by pinkstargirl - So once again I find myself planning for a Florida trip. Some things dont change - Im still going solo and Ill still be flying into MCO! But nearly everything else... well, read on and youll see...All Change Please! Nov 2019 Pre Trip (Solo) UPDATED 20/01/19
Another update now I am officially going this year! My flights are booked. I'm flying out of Gatwick on 4/11 at 09:40, landing into MCO at 14:15. I'm flying PE and am currently deciding whether I... (2 replies)
02:14 AM
FIRST POST Today 01:03 AM by dreamisawish - We have two 12 year old cats. One is very placid and will sleep for hours and the other is very anxious, is rather scared of the other cat (with good enough reason, we have seen cat no.1 lash out at...Introducing a puppy to two older cats
I got my first puppy three and a half years ago and had two cats aged 7 and 5 who had never lived with a dog before. They were not anxious cats, just normal cats, hmm well one of them was the alpha... (1 reply)
02:13 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:13 PM by EssexSue - While the government employees continue to work without pay I am assuming there is some dreadful hardship over there.   
We are going over next week, are there any food collection places? I have...Food Banks in Florida
Was in Las Vegas the other month and as always have a car, we was around 10 miles east of vegas and the homeless population was unreal. With out sounding out of hand, it got to the point where the... (9 replies)
02:09 AM
FIRST POST 4 Jan 19 09:24 PM by Frostie13 - hello every one 
has any one ever hired a 8 seater 4x4 (ie ford expedition) through Alamo or virgin ?? 
we've hired the 7 seat Chevrolet Suburban LTZ in Florida last time we were there and we...has anyone hired an 8 seater 4x4 through Alamo
Remember if you do get 2019 Expedition most rental ones are 2WD not 4x4. Best not find that out on a twisty off ramp in the wet :omg: :) Also check the Suburban as they can be 2wd also. (5 replies)
02:09 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 19 04:51 PM by col2501 - August 8th - August 29th 
I cannot quite believe I am writing this. but unfotunately I am. I am putting it here in the hope more people see it and can help me. 
I booked a Dibb villa in 2015, all...**Help** Dibb Villa fallen through for August 2019
I honestly dont think think she makes out that Dibb villa owners do what and when they like. A mistake was made she is obviously upset and I thought her post was very well worded, and she was... (52 replies)
02:02 AM
FIRST POST 17 Jan 19 02:53 PM by jclutton - 50 people booked on economy outgoing, 75 booked homebound. Now that virgin don't charge to book over 300 people can't all be waiting until check in to get their seats, so am I going to get a row of 4...Currently only 50 people booked on plane leaving in 10 days, what's the chance I get...
plus there's high risk of another flight being cancelled and merged onto yours depending on the aircraft positioning. (6 replies)
01:59 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 19 07:51 PM by Car62 - Anyone booked fly drive without collecting the car. We have everything booked but the flight and flydrive 350.00 cheaper than flight only for the same time and dayFly drive without picking up car
Yes, and it reduces the overall cost of just booking for car for 1 day / one way. Also, read the T&C's for BA and AVIS.. Avis detail a NO SHOW FEE to be charged to the renter. Nor Avis or BA... (11 replies)
01:55 AM
FIRST POST Today 01:07 AM by Rapunzel13 - Booked to go to Florida for my 21st Birthday in October this year! Does anyone have any tips on spending a birthday in Disney? :)21st Birthday Planning
Whatever you choose to do take your passport to the parks then you will be able to celebrate with an alcoholic drink, if you want, with the legal age being 21.:) (1 reply)
01:51 AM
FIRST POST Today 01:51 AM by PPM - I know that you have to use the Alamo kiosk or hire desk at Sanford even tho you do OLCI, but do you pick your car from a line just like MCO? 
We have booked a STD SUV, but hoping to get a Truck (...Alamo Sanford Car collection
I know that you have to use the Alamo kiosk or hire desk at Sanford even tho you do OLCI, but do you pick your car from a line just like MCO? We have booked a STD SUV, but hoping to get a Truck (... (New Thread)
FIRST POST Today 01:47 AM by disneyfangirl01 - Apologies this may be a stupid question!  
If the current free nights offers is on until April 1st then when Disney directly release their prices for 2020 will those dates be discounted until/if...2020 Free nights offer
Apologies this may be a stupid question! If the current free nights offers is on until April 1st then when Disney directly release their prices for 2020 will those dates be discounted until/if... (New Thread)
01:37 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 19 11:26 PM by Floridaobsessed - Hi 
So weve booked our holiday this year, both mine and hubbys big birthdays so splashing out a bit more on a multi stop holiday. 
Stop 1 - one night in NYC - cant do loads in our time so just...What would you/wouldnt you do??
So you could rely on public transport in LA but it might be a bit of a faff but is doable. Anaheim to LA (Union Station) is really easy with Amtrak and from there it's easy to switch to the metro... (8 replies)
01:21 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 19 04:06 PM by katy341 - It looks like we will be travelling possibly at the very end of May and into june next year... I hear American schools break up then... does it impact upon ride queue times that much at this point?...Very end of May...advice needed please x
You were really unlucky Hornet. Always been great for us, last two years have been the odd ones out. Certainly hope so anyway! It never stops us having a great time regardless but we missed not... (13 replies)
01:13 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 19 03:38 PM by JosieMcfeene - We are looking at pooping over to Universal for a couple of days when we at Disney this summer. As we are only going a couple of days, the 14 day tickets you seem to get on all the UK sites seem to...Universal tickets through US webiste
Don't forget if you want to ride the Hogwarts Express you will need the Park to Park ticket. If you want a 2 Day Park to Park ticket try orlandoattractions.c om, link below. I should mention that... (4 replies)
01:09 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:45 PM by TiggerBounces - Does anyone know roughly what time of year to expect Disney to realease bookings/prices for their resorts for 2020 stays? I thought they may be out by now!Disney resort prices for 2020
Yeah, flights will be expensive at the moment as it's so far ahead and they haven't been released. TC is a bit different as they have their own airline and release flights well in advance of everyone... (16 replies)
01:09 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:51 PM by Pussycat Doll - 8th January 
Its moving day again! 
Were up at you guessed it - 7am! 
Rice crispies and then the final clean which includes stripping and remaking the bed etc. 
We have photographers...While shepherds watch their flocks, lets fly to Florida, Day 14 - moving day
I was in both outlets on Friday have to say they were very quiet maybe the paid parking is putting folks off I parked no problem in both in the free areas though (2 replies)
FIRST POST 18 Jan 19 09:01 PM by Butterbeer - Hi :wave: 
I'm beginning to plan our next visit to Orlando, most likely for 2020. We last visited in late February/early March 2015, so it's been a while and I'm desperate to go back! I have a few...Starting to plan :)
Yes thats the Rosen Inn we have stayed at before! - I would like the Dinning plan but will deffo be exploring options when next years prices come out! (6 replies)
01:05 AM
FIRST POST 11 Jan 19 01:12 PM by harryhaflinger - Has anyone used the V room at Manchester Airport, was it worth the money and would you recommend to others. Many thanks !!:)V Room Manchester
We are also trying to decide if its worth booking this too when flying from Manchester. Good and bad points brought up to think about. (13 replies)
FIRST POST 15 Jan 19 02:54 PM by Lulu Belle - Can someone please tell me which park this is being built at? We only have 2 days at Universal so I'm trying to make sure we have early entry wherever the new ride will be as presumably it won't be...New Harry Potter ride - which park?
You actually want to be there before 9.00 to get through the entrance. They then let you walk further into the park and have the ropes at Hulk for rope drop. It the same in Universal although no... (16 replies)
01:04 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 06:28 PM by Pussycat Doll - Guess what time were up? Yep, thatll be 7am then! 
And this morning will be a boring one for you all! 
Rice crispies for breakfast and then on with our villa Spring Clean! 
Richard scrubs the...While Shepherds watch their flocks, lets fly to Florida, Day 13- Disney Springs
World of Disney looks so much better I spent today scrapping chewing gum off our deck pavers and cleaning the travel cot high chair and the 3strollers and doing windows outside (2 replies)
FIRST POST 18 Jan 19 10:53 PM by Friday'sChild - So excited we booked a crafty little 3 night break to DLP this June, 4 adults 1 child.  As first timers could you please help with the following : 
1. We have booked Eurostar direct - can we...Wooo hoo booked - First Timer Quetions
Thanks for your replies everybody, we booked direct with Disney so I guess they will allocate later, hope we get a table seat :pgig: (6 replies)
01:00 AM
FIRST POST Today 12:37 AM by Minnie Mum - Hi.  
We are staying at OKW for 9 night, YC for 2 nights and then four seasons for 3 nights.  
How will this impact on our fast pass booking. I assume ill be able to book the first 9 nights without...Fast pass with split disney stay.
Yes I was pleased to discover all the fastpasses could be booked at the same time as we were less than 14 days between the 2 stats in total. Especially with the Christmas crowd levels in our case. (4 replies)
FIRST POST 31 Dec 18 06:05 PM by Scuttler01 - Apologies, I realise this has been asked before but can someone explain it to me like Im 5. 
Just booked to go to universal in August 2019. First date would be 25th. Definitely doing a 3 week trip...Universal annual pass-sorry!
Agreed. We have the preferred and you only need to park there a couple of times to get the difference back. This alo give early park entry the same as staying at a Universal Hotel, so also allows... (18 replies)
12:58 AM
FIRST POST 2 Sep 18 12:06 PM by Disney Wishing - Had 5 nights in SF staying at the Hyatt Centric Fishermans Wharf. We stay here a couple of years ago and loved it so we were happy to get a reasonable rate again (By SF prices al least). We love the...The Shady Side of California - Part 1 - San Francisco
Now its my turn to apologise :blush: Our thinking was that 13 would be a good age. DD has had a couple of wobbles over the idea (ultimately she just wants to go to Florida again), but weve... (10 replies)
FIRST POST 29 Apr 16 06:49 AM by Gill H - It's been a long time since we had a thread like this for DLP so I thought I would start one! 
If you would like to join the list, post below with the following info: 
Dibb name 
Start and finish...DLP - who's going when?
25th-28th Oct Santa Fe. First trip (543 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:08 PM by mickey house - Recently I've started having a few more take aways than usual as my son and his girlfriend have a couple a week so I've gone with the flow, but I am seriously no longer eating them as they are in the...Enough is enough - no more takeaways!
Have you tried the Mayflower southern gravy. Delicious with the KFC fakeaway? (42 replies)
12:54 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:49 PM by discoclare - .or what I'm really asking is for someone to sell it to me.:grin: 
So I keep seeing people here saying they have booked Club level at RPR/HRH/PB or always stay in club level. Can I ask what the...Tell me the benefits of Club level at RPR
We did a week club level at RPR last year. Theres lots about it in my food report. https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=108 5442&page=18 (3 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:44 PM by corbennic - I mucked up when booking our return flights. We are on mco to gatwick landing at 6.55 and the connecting flight is heathrow to glasgow at 11.55. 
Is it going to be easy to get between airports and...Gatwick to Heathrow.
As said Friday mornings are the quietest day on the M25 (but not Fri afternoons - they are the busiest). I do not believe you will have an issue. Of all the years I have been going from LGW to... (11 replies)
12:51 AM
FIRST POST 11 May 18 08:18 AM by miked1e - Who is going in April 19? 
We fly out 6th for 2 weeks staying at BLT and POFQ.April 2019
Were going on the 28th, can not wait! 2 whole weeks (55 replies)
12:47 AM
FIRST POST 28 Feb 18 02:00 AM by nutsydownunder - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE. 
    The first post was.... 
    Please feel free...Game... Keep One, Drop One
Engine oil (2,493 replies)
12:41 AM
FIRST POST 16 Jan 19 10:57 PM by BerkshireBugsy - In a typical night ? I'm just curious and there are no right or wrong answers 
I  must admit if I watch anything it will be YouTube rather than live tv. It's not unusual here for the television not...just for fun - how much live tv do you watch ...
During the week never as I work a late shift A little at weekend but more usually via catch up. I've flirted with Netflix over the years and have it as part of my Sky package now as at 5 it's the... (28 replies)
12:32 AM
FIRST POST 18 Jan 19 05:51 PM by Percairwen - Hello, 
Recently booked my flights with Norwegian as they were the cheapest by far. 
Never flown with them before - any tips or reviews? 
TIA :spin: :thumbs-upNorweigan
We flew with them for our Florida holiday last year, economy on the way out and premier on the way back, and thought they were great. We've booked with Virgin this time as they had the best price,... (14 replies)
12:32 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:09 PM by KateD - I love reading others renovation threads so thought Id share mine so far. We bought a new house in September 2017, we completed and moved in the day after returning from Florida.  Since then we...Renovations anyone want to see?
Some pretty amazing transformations already. Look forward to the next updates :smile: (22 replies)
12:32 AM
FIRST POST 17 Jan 19 07:36 PM by Chair1519 - Honestly glad he appears to be OK but I do wonder which poor PC drew the short straw and had to ask for him to do the breathalyzer.Prince Philip Car Crash
I suspect he'll get off having the excuse of being dazzled. But if the sun is in your eyes just stop. Simple. Now it looks like he's been caught by police for not wearing a seat belt after the... (114 replies)
12:31 AM
12:31 AM
FIRST POST 8 Jan 19 02:46 PM by dreamisawish - Hey! Im heading to Florida in the next month and Im trying to get a list together of shops we should visit. We are two young women so cosmetic shops, clothes shops etc- really anything we dont...Any must see shops for Florida first timers?
I notice that Dressbarn has been rebranded as Roz & Ali - at least the one at LBV Outlets was in October https://www.dressbarn.com/the-roz-ali-collection-/C-10991 (40 replies)
Alices Aunt
12:27 AM
FIRST POST 10 Jan 19 11:37 PM by Floridaobsessed - Have booked our trip this year and we fly into NYC for one night followed by 4 nights in LV 5 nights in San Fran and 6 in Anaheim.  Had booked to stay at Golden Nugget in Vegas but after reading some...Help.. cosmopolitan or treasure island?
We went for Christmas and went to the TI the first night to have a look round. Whilst it is a little more run down than the last we saw it still was ok. You couldnt compare it to the Cosmo... (35 replies)
Pumpkin Pie
12:27 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:57 PM by ozzyowl1 - Got a small box for Christmas and now I think I'm addicted! Been today and got three selector packs, can't wait to try them! Which one is your favourite?Hotel Chocolat
I make up goody bags for the two of us to take on the plane when we go on holiday. Hotel Chocolat treats are always featured. I have yet to find one I dont like. (16 replies)
12:23 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 05:18 AM by Dazed - We are buying into DVC at CCV and will be staying there in August (hopefully).  
We are wanting to stay at Aulani in August 2020 using our 2019 & 2020 points. I am new to owning DVC but have rented...Aulani - How popular is it for DVC?
As long as you don't mind what room view you have, I have no doubt you'll find a room at Aulani at seven months - we've stayed twice (and thought about staying a third time and checked availability)... (5 replies)
12:20 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 03:30 PM by TC Devon - Hello 
We are looking to go back in 2021. Staying in a villa as we just dont think we can afford a Disney hotel and three weeks in a hotel room with two young children will drive me loopy/to drink! ...Which is your preferred area to stay and why?
Are there any good Hotels or Condos on bus route near Universal as may look at two weeks there next year. However, we dont want to drive or be dependent on shuttles which will only take you to... (9 replies)
12:20 AM
FIRST POST 9 Aug 16 08:06 PM by miked1e - Pre-Trippie 
Day 0 - Hilton, Manchester Airport 
Day 1 - Travel Day & Santa Monica 
Day 2 - WB Tour & LA / Hollywood 
Day 3 - Santa Monica to Las VegasA Suitcase and a Dream - Californian Adventure Trip Report **COMPLETE**
Over 15k views. Really hoped this report helps people looking at West Coast trips. California is amazing.... Any questions just ask. Back off to the East Coast this year including... (34 replies)
12:19 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 07:53 PM by jacimac - Hi 
My DD is getting married at Paradise Cove in July, we are looking to book a restaurant for a celebration dinner at the Grand Floridian but not sure which restaurant yet, we then have 3 pontoon...Photos at Grand Floridian if not married on property?
Hi We have actually just booked Grand Floridian Cafe for our celebration meal, hope we have made the right choice (5 replies)
12:14 AM
FIRST POST 16 Jan 19 03:28 PM by OllieT - We are staying onsite at Coronado Springs Resort and will take an Uber. Is TLR the preferred Dibber Walmart to go to?Turkey Lake Road - preferred Walmart?
Love this store, Asda on steroids. (11 replies)
Alices Aunt
12:12 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:40 PM by Thecornflake - Hi, 
Ill try and summarise this without writing a big essay. 
2 adults 2 kids (10 and 16). Have done Orlando twice - 2016 and 2018 - and this year (for a variety of reasons) were talking about a...Looking at California this year
Sounds fun to plan. Have a look at flying into LA and out of San Fran or the other way round so you dont have to circle back on yourself. 2-3 days is plenty as Disney but if you want to take... (5 replies)
12:10 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:15 PM by GezzasGem - Oh wow, have **finally** got my elusive first gold ear - only taken me 5 and a half years... :pgig:Thank you Ear Fairy!
Congratulations 😊 (2 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:39 PM by k1971 - Just wondering what the best option for the Dessert Party is at MK? 
We've looked at various options and I'm worried that sitting in the Tomorrowland terrace won't give as good a view as the  Plaza...What MK Fireworks Dessert Party?
We did the after one and loved it. By the time we had finished the desserts the crowds had diminished and getting a bus was easy. We liked the fact that when we got there it was hardly full as... (3 replies)
12:05 AM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:40 PM by Loobylou_82 - And say that you'll have this dance, 
But let's dance, well let's dance, 
We'll do the twist, the stomp, the mash potato too, any old dance that you wanna do, well let's dance, let's dance. 
That's...Hey Baby Won't You Take A Chance,
Not long to go😊 it will fly in from here... (3 replies)
12:00 AM
FIRST POST 16 Jan 19 05:00 PM by dizzymcfarlane - We are flying to Canada from Heathrow in August and intend coming down day before and staying overnight at airport.   We have the option to fly to either London City or London Heathrow and as husband...Londoners - transport advice
Although we love this hotel (stayed 5/6 times) I wouldn't really say it was somewhere I would want to spend a whole afternoon "chilling" 😉😉 It's not near the tube so you'd have to do the shuttle... (6 replies)
12:00 AM
FIRST POST 24 Aug 18 09:50 AM by VeryexcitedH - Welcome to my trip report! First full trip report, I did a short one for our trip to DLP last November (link is here if you would like to read it) but I have never done a WDW trip report. Initially I...1 year later than plannned... We made it back!
Sounds like a brilliant holiday looking forward to reading the rest :-) (8 replies)
11:57 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:05 PM by Sandraoh40 - Hi,  
We are off in October and we will have a 12 seater mini van. I think I am going to upgrade my ticket to an annual pass as I am going back in May.  
In October there will be 8 of us, 4 adults...Parking charges and Disney AP
yes its free, you show your AP and a photo ID (1 reply)
11:49 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 10:28 PM by Mswanda - Hey folks 
Quick question, for those of you who have used the mobile ordering, do you know if its possible to swap out your drink for a snack when on the dining plan? 
Planning on sharing some...Mobile ordering swap?
No, mobile ordering is available at CBR However currently people have been having problems there swapping the drink for a snack (3 replies)
11:47 PM
FIRST POST 15 Jan 19 04:23 PM by pocketaces - Hello  
I set up Google Trips and in the "discounts" section there was 20% off from a company called Musement , I have seen both good and bad reviews for this seller. However I went ahead and...universal 3 park explorer passes @ musement
That is good...what a bargain ! (165 replies)
Bazinga 39
11:47 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:47 PM by Bazinga 39 - We are going 25thOct-8thNov, staying onsite at CSR with QSDP, it was supposed be just Disney this time but weve decided we cant not do universal, we have previously done a one night stay at RPR in...What would you do
We are going 25thOct-8thNov, staying onsite at CSR with QSDP, it was supposed be just Disney this time but weve decided we cant not do universal, we have previously done a one night stay at RPR in... (New Thread)
Red Nats
11:46 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 02:59 PM by Busby - Still not yet booked any flights for this August and wondering if there are others still looking for flights :confused2 
Looking to go last couple of weeks and looking at different options mco,tpa...Anyone still not booked Aug19
Me. Looking (daily) for 14/8 return 1/9. Seemed to be some Good deals around yesterday. Found indirect out via Atlanta and direct back PE cheaper than E but on the 3/9. Means staying an extra 2... (10 replies)

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