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FIRST POST 24 Feb 18 02:00 AM by Megandllsmum - This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts. 
    The original thread was located HERE.Who would like a slimming world food blog kind of thing with pics?
Apologies for my picture tonight, iíd already started eating when I realised I hadnít taken one yet! Simple tonight with a lean beef steak cooked on the George foreman, with baby potatoes and tender... (1,560 reply)
09:27 PM
FIRST POST 16 Mar 19 12:38 PM by floridian 1949 - Why is it that when searching for Virgin flights on their website for MAN to MCO the prices are in the thousands. We are looking at January 2020 but Iíve also looked at November this year and they...Virgin flight prices
Hi we had the same problem with Virgin prices. We have decided to go from Gatwick with British Airways £377 each with luggage, food and drinks included. driving down the day before and staying in 2... (9 replies)
09:27 PM
FIRST POST 15 Mar 19 10:26 PM by caitlinsmummy - Find the previous day HERE 
Day 15 ~ The Final Day :( HS, Blaze, Cookes of Dublin, D-Luxe, Spending Credits and Flight Home ~ 10th November 2018 
Well it was the final day :cry: I apologise for...Day 15 ~ The Final Day - HS, Blaze, Cookes of Dublin, D-Luxe & Flight Home ~ 10th...
It seems like forever since we were planning this trip! I've just made our ADRs for the next one :) (9 replies)
09:26 PM
FIRST POST 16 Mar 19 09:59 PM by lapixiefairy - Evening all!  
Like the title says, are we crazy to even think of doing Florida with a 6 month old? Iím trying to convince the husband itís a good idea so any thoughts/hints or tips would be good....Florida with a 6 month old - are we crazy?
We traveled with our son when he was 4 months. Indirect flight which was ok and August heat which we managed well. We got a small fan for the pushchair and he just slept when needed. We werenít put... (16 replies)
09:26 PM
FIRST POST 8 Nov 18 03:04 PM by riversider2014 - Tentatively looking at doing Disneyland December 2019 for DW 40th birthday. 
Probably going to do a 'moderate' good neighbour hotel that is over the road, anyone got any suggestions. (or any others...Best 'over the street' hotels for disneyland?
Sure thing - feel free to remind me! (37 replies)
09:25 PM
FIRST POST 16 Mar 19 05:54 PM by CathyEarnshaw - Hello all, apologies for the survey overload (I guess itís that time of the academic  year! :D ) my lovely daughter at Kent Uni is writing her Marketing dissertation on the influence of social media....Anyone born between 1982-2004 who can help please?
My 16 year old daughter has just filled it in for you. Kat (26 replies)
09:25 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:25 PM by alansmed - My wife and I are thinking of booking a trip mid may and she will be around 6 months pregnant. It will be just the two of us and obviously a slower pace than what we are used to. 
I'm wondering if...5-6 months Pregnant at WDW
My wife and I are thinking of booking a trip mid may and she will be around 6 months pregnant. It will be just the two of us and obviously a slower pace than what we are used to. I'm wondering if... (New Thread)
09:25 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:25 PM by Warkman58 - Apologies, wrong link was posted,  
I will check better this time! 
New Ford Explorer to come to UK 
...Ford Explorer to UK
Apologies, wrong link was posted, I will check better this time! New Ford Explorer to come to UK ... (New Thread)
09:24 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:53 PM by SW82SW - Hi, 
I know this question has been asked previously but I just wondered if anyone has any recent experience of taking the ready made formula bottles rather than the formula powder. We are heading...Travelling with ready made baby milk bottles
It was no problems at all, the only issue is the weight but we knew we had space to come home! They did fill the top of the tv cabinet in the room! Lol! We just wanted to have the same milk as home... (18 replies)
09:22 PM
FIRST POST Today 06:56 PM by dreamisawish - If you want to read about our first day at universal and island you'll find it here! 
And the index for our trip is here! 
We started today a bit later then planned once again, but where out of...Our First Orlando Trip! Day Two- Epcot and an emergency dentist!
We were so happy to have it dealt with so we could continue with the holiday! At the time it felt like we were worried about it for ages, and in reality we literally had an appointment on the day it... (4 replies)
09:22 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:38 AM by greekgranny - The child next door has got to the age where they learn the recorder, I wouldn't mind but just wish she could practice in the evening not at 6.30 in the morning.Recorders should be banned
66.... (37 replies)
09:22 PM
FIRST POST Today 12:48 PM by Megandllsmum - Has anyone got her number 
The photo cos of sunshine doesn't show the full extent of his filthiness...  But after days of rain the...If Mrs Hinch cleans dogs.......
Late to the party on Mrs Hinch after much nagging by my best friend Have to say totally hooked I bet her Henry never gets that dirty though - and he has his own bedroom. Never thought Iíd be... (17 replies)
09:21 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 01:23 PM by Big Jim - We are booked on an Air France/Virgin code share. We've already booked our seats on Virgins website for the way out, however, they haven't released the return date yet. Our return is showing on the...Code shares
Most code shares, if the flight us on another airline than the one you book through, for example BA but Aer Lingus plane, you gave to contact Aer Lingus to book seats Same issue with online checking. (5 replies)
09:20 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:41 PM by SimonB - Thinking of investing in a pair of these. Tbh Iím a Sennheiser user and currently use the Urbanite XL. After a pair of wireless noise cancelling ones.  
Love the Sennheiser and the bass but they do...Bose QC35ii Headphones worth it?
OMG!!! I love mine. If you had told me I'd pay that much for a set of headphones I'd have laughed in your face. :erm: I hope to god mine never break because I couldn't be without them now.... (10 replies)
FIRST POST 26 May 18 08:51 AM by DisneyDaffodil - I know there are a few of us on here planning university open days with our 17/18 year olds soon so I thought a thread to chat about them may be useful.  
My 17 yo DD is thinking of studying...University visits
We were told at the applicant day last week that the Biology department doesnít encourage students to take part time jobs because of the workload involved in the course. Georgia had considered... (1,702 reply)
09:20 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:20 PM by stitchsmum - We fly out on Oct 23rd Manchester-Newark-Orlando on United Airlines and fly back  6th Nov Orlando-Frankfurt-Manchester on Lufthansa. First time flying  indirect and with both airlines.  
on arrival...7 Years since last visit.........feels like the first time!!
We fly out on Oct 23rd Manchester-Newark-Orlando on United Airlines and fly back 6th Nov Orlando-Frankfurt-Manchester on Lufthansa. First time flying indirect and with both airlines. on arrival... (New Thread)
09:19 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:34 PM by jorm35 - So with only 11 days to go (eeek!) my thoughts are turning to seats on the plane! We are booked with BA going Edinburgh to Dublin then onto Orlando. The flight from Dublin, although a BA booking is...BA/Aer Lingus Seat booking
Ring up Aer Lingus, have a copy of the seat map in front of you and they will book them for you for free (6 replies)
09:19 PM
FIRST POST Today 10:43 AM by LOU LOU DISNEY - 3 teens have died, 2 17year olds a boy & a girl & 16 year old boy at a St Patricks day party at a hotel in Cookstown. So so sad & makes it even worse when youíve kids that age & the hotel isnít that...Awful news from Cookstown N.Ireland.
Such sad news, so sorry for all the families xx (13 replies)
09:19 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 08:45 AM by Sally42 - Recap - diagnosed with Colon cancer last month and had a R hemicholectomy on monday.  
The op went well and unfortunately I developed Ileas which is where your bowel goes into shock and stops...How to get things 'moving' Update on page 4.
Glad you are recovering well Sally. My Nan had exactly the same as you back in January.She drank lots of peppermint tea and the nurses also recommend I bring her some chewing gum as apparently that... (35 replies)
09:19 PM
FIRST POST Today 04:47 PM by mitch84 - Hopefully no one minds me having a quick rant.  I get married on Saturday.  We are having a small ceremony and 3 course meal in the hotel for close family and friends only, we basically picked 20...RSVP Rant
How would they know though? Will they take names? You obviously wouldnít say you are having 90 and paying for 80, but how would they know. Some will drop out, and as people arrive at different times... (32 replies)
09:18 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:38 PM by justmagical - Getting frustrated trying to pre order🙈 
We have 2 8am BOG bookings - the first for our family before other parties arrive - great all ordered👍 
The second is for 3 parties (i.e. 3 separate...Is there any way around this?
The only other option is for them to order individually at the podiums rather than pre-order. One up side is they'd all get a plate of pastries! (5 replies)
09:17 PM
FIRST POST Today 04:33 PM by May2017 - Any one used the Airport lounge at Orlando international 
Prices are good for a relax and bit of food and drink before the flight 
What terminal do Virgin fly from A or B back to Manchester? 
...The Club MCO (Airport Lounge)
Yes, Aer Lingus use it. But crowded but good choice in food and drink. (9 replies)
09:17 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:05 PM by Andycm81 - Hi dibbers, 
This may be a daft question, but hopefully someone will know. 
Is it possible to upgrade our tickets at the Universal Studios store in MCO? Iím thinking if so, it would save some...Upgrading to Universal AP
This may seem unreasonable, but it will depend on targets set to the individual reps and if they have met or exceeded them or still have offers to give. Customer Service works in a Sale and Reward... (4 replies)
09:17 PM
FIRST POST Today 05:16 PM by married2mm - Does anyone have experience of travelling with "probable gallstones"? 
Dd has most likely got gallstones... 
And has not yet booked her travel insurance:blush: 
We are flying beginning of May.  
...Florida with gallstones
Yes I have but had first attack there so not diagnosed before we travelled. Horrific. Thought I was having a heart attack three times. Had First Responders at HRH who clearly thought I was some freak... (8 replies)
09:15 PM
FIRST POST 23 Feb 19 11:58 AM by Cha cha - ĎMorning 😃 
Iíve been watching you tube videos of ASMu, looking at room & resort layout etc, but have a few questions if anyone can help. 
Iíd like a quiet room, looks like they are at the back of...All Stars Music Resort
:wavey:Don't know if you saw my reply to you in my trippie so I am posting it here for you too:):spin: Yea the tree is in the lobby, oh you will love it in Dec, the decorations are out of this... (15 replies)
09:15 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:08 PM by griffl02 - We're staying at AMI for 3 nights next month:grin:can anyone recommend a boat tour please, plus places to visit on the way back,  we're staying at AoA.  Thanks:spin:Anna Maria Island
We stayed in Bradenton last summer and really enjoyed a visit to Desoto National Memorial Park (about 20 mins drive from Anna Maria), lovely walk through the park with some historical information... (5 replies)
09:14 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 09:14 AM by ChoppyGirl - Hi all, 
The previous thread about uni visits and the process has been really informative so I thought I would start a new one for those starting September 2020. 
My DD wants to be a vet and so...University visits - class of 2020
Another one here, my son wants to do Electrical Engineering is automotive Engineering. Hoping to get him a university apprenticeship with an automotive manufacturer to pay for his university fees... (17 replies)
09:14 PM
FIRST POST 16 Mar 19 03:30 PM by markb - Anyone going?Dubai World Cup
Thought that!! (8 replies)
FIRST POST 22 Apr 18 06:57 AM by orangeone123 - So we have just booked our second Ď once in a lifetime holiday Ď we last went in 2015. I was all set to do it DIY, but after see a few threads where packages where coming up with good prices, I set...May 2019 club
Oh that is beautiful and so elegant looking xx (454 replies)
09:13 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:13 PM by edu_afp - Hi all! 
So my sister and I are travelling next April with our families, each family  booked the same category with Alamo, I did my reservation first for a Premium Elite SUV(BMW X3 or similar) and...Alamo difference between Premium SUV(PFAR) vs Premium Elite SUV(UFAR)
Hi all! So my sister and I are travelling next April with our families, each family booked the same category with Alamo, I did my reservation first for a Premium Elite SUV(BMW X3 or similar) and... (New Thread)
09:13 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:13 PM by Lmjenk - We are pricing up adjoining rooms as we need a bit of space with 2 teens on a long road trip and really don't want to put them in a double sofa bed or one queen together  - trust me its best for...Which of these vegas hotels for family with teens
We are pricing up adjoining rooms as we need a bit of space with 2 teens on a long road trip and really don't want to put them in a double sofa bed or one queen together - trust me its best for... (New Thread)
09:12 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:07 PM by Claudette - Last month I did my first live trip report, I surprised myself a bit by keeping up each day, so I thought I would give it another go. 
We do not usually do two Orlando trips a year, but we only had...Disney take two! - Live report coming up
Will look forward to reading along.... Good call going a bit earlier than planned.... Think after then it's gonna be crazy busy (4 replies)
09:11 PM
FIRST POST Today 09:07 PM by scoobydooby - Anyone know what number to phone with MDE issues. I have a friend whose MDE is not recognising her password and is not sending her an e mail link when she requests it to change her password. Thanks...MDE Phone Tech Support
Thanks much appreciated. (2 replies)
09:11 PM
FIRST POST 19 Oct 18 06:49 PM by 3disneykids - I have been inspired by recent threads I thought I would document our journey towards getting back into our dream house. 
Our renovation started 5 years ago. Having always loved the idea of...Renovation thread with a twist or two. UPDATE 18/03 post 107
Today is my final instalment video: On Friday I arranged for some food beers and treats for the builders to say thank you. I am now sat here... (106 replies)
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:36 PM by Goldia - Here are all the highlights of the Itís all about the mouse trip report.  
If you haven't read the full report then the index is here 
I am in danger of retelling the whole story if Iím not...It's all about the mouse - Highlights and future plans
They make me laugh so much, I'll be sorely disappointed if Max doesn't provide them this time :pgig: There's always room for more cocktails and I'm looking forward to seeing even more :spin: :d: ... (12 replies)
09:10 PM
FIRST POST Today 12:22 AM by louiseybobs - Good evening dibbers! 
As some of you know Iím training for my first marathon (3 weeks today!!) however on Friday my blood test results show Iím quite anemic, god knows how Iíve got this far into...Iron deficiency
My daughter has an chronic immune deficiency syndrome - she's always anaemic but its usually B12 and Folate with her. She's just had 6 B12 injections and will get bloods retested in 3 months. (23 replies)
09:10 PM
FIRST POST Today 03:57 PM by Beaker7929 - Itís the last day :cry: 
My alarm went off at 6.45am, and after another late night the night before I dragged myself out of bed.  Usually on my last day I feel really down, but possibly due to how...When You're the Best of Friends - Glowtini Girls do DLP Jan 2019 - Day 5/Final Day
Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I look forward to hearing about the next one ;-) (6 replies)
09:08 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 11:21 PM by Eeyorefanuk - I thought I imagined it the first time it happened but just the same on another thread. Have I accidentally changed something? I go into previous threads and get this?  Thanks  
...Thread gone
Yes watch it it's a bit of an eye opener (8 replies)
09:07 PM
FIRST POST Today 05:03 PM by gemma-lou - i manage a school kitchen and have 3 staff beneath me. 
eldest who is my No3 is 61, No2 is 39 this year and No4 32 year old. 
the 62 year old is very disgrumpled as she should of retired last year...staff having a go at other staff...
I am a cook manager and I wouldnít work that many hours over for free or expect my staff to. Two of my staff do come in 5/10 mins early and start straight away (no one drinks tea in our kitchen so... (18 replies)
09:07 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:42 PM by tinytots - Hi 
We have narrowed our date down finally for next year but now having a dilemma on where to stay.  We want to stay onsite but at a hotel close to Disney Springs for the evenings.  Are we just...Disney Springs Area hotel
The nearest walkable onsite hotel is saratoga springs Disney332 (1 reply)
09:06 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 04:59 PM by Adcro - As promised, my two outfits for my first ever Disneybounding in Disneyland Paris in September... firstly, Ursula from Disneyís Little Mermaid.  
...Disneybound outfits update!
Fantastic love it (15 replies)
09:05 PM
FIRST POST 16 Mar 19 06:51 PM by Richey - Started looking again for 2020 and am totally shocked that TUI want £2000 per week for a Glenbrook villa that cost about $850 per week if booked separately. 
Can book flights only but then they...TUI Prices
Contacted my local branch to ask about a fly drive. Yes we can do that on a deposit and pay balance 12 weeks before fly date. We can also book fly drive and then remove the car. Great I... (2 replies)
09:04 PM
FIRST POST 1 May 18 07:42 AM by Taffy1959 - I can't see a September 2019 group so just wondering if anyone else has booked yet. 
We're planning to fly on the 3rd and have 4 nights booked at the Rosen Plaza on I- drive then 6 nights at POR...September 2019
I could not get CG Brunch for my first Sunday, two days in, but I got it for the following Sunday. I am actually not sure we will do it, but wanted to get it for time being whilst I make up my mind. (220 replies)
FIRST POST 12 Mar 19 01:01 PM by rasmus - So, I've been growing it since 2015, grew it for the wedding, it's down past my bra strap, no fringe. 
is it time for the big chop? 
I have problem hair- 
it's falling out (I'm 45-something to do...Should i get my hair cut short?
I've had similar problems with my hair, had it cut shorter a few weeks ago and the difference has been amazing. It looks so much healthier and has loads more body. Wish I'd done it months ago. (36 replies)
09:03 PM
FIRST POST Today 08:41 PM by JLH - What are your thoughts on school exclusions? Do you think they work? I know a boy who has been excluded so many times for anger issues and he has missed so much GCSE work yet he continues to be you think exclusion works?
My feeling is exclusion units (isolation)within schools work much better. The kids are still in school , get one to one teaching , aren't allowed to chat, breaks and lunches are offset so they miss... (4 replies)
09:03 PM
FIRST POST Yesterday 12:58 PM by myvot - For the last few days I have a numb feeling in my right foot.  It also feels numb down the back/outside of my right leg from my hip/bum area.  I first noticed it only when I was in my bed or lying on...Could this be sciatica
My husband recently had sciatica and started like that numbness down the leg with pins and needles at times. eventually had a dropped foot where he had no feeling at all which lasted a few months.... (6 replies)
09:02 PM
FIRST POST Today 11:08 AM by orlandoN21 - At last I've made my mind up and booked this hotel to stay for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as I'll be going to Hollywood Studios and one other Disney theme park on these days (I have checked and...Holiday Inn Orlando-Disney Springs Area
Not stayed here but interested in responses myself. Do you get the Disney fastpasses perk? (60 days) Thanks (1 reply)
09:02 PM
FIRST POST 15 Mar 19 04:22 PM by Beaker7929 - After a late night it was a slow start to the morning, and weíd arranged to meet Grant outside the Golden Forest Lounge around 9.30am for breakfast. 
I got up, popped some music on, jumped in the...When You're the Best of Friends - Glowtini Girls do DLP Jan 2019 - Day 4
Sounds like another lovely day! You manage to pack so much in! (9 replies)
09:02 PM
FIRST POST Today 12:09 AM by M2dov - Hi guys  
We are staying at AKL only for 5 nights and we have ddp. So we are struggling to pick places to eat for our Ts. We have done Florida 10 times before but never stayed on site so never had...Help needed with favourite restaurants
Jiko is lovely at AK. (8 replies)
09:00 PM
FIRST POST 16 Mar 19 11:30 AM by Applejak - I cant quite believe it. Its come round so fast but we are heading back to Orlando in 2 weeks. After months of lurking its our turn to join in the fun :) 
Our kids break up early for Easter so we...We're going in 2 weeks!
Thatís why I think YC And BC are so good. All the restaurants to pick from in world showcase - Japan, Italy, Germany - so much choice - plus all the Boardwalk options :) We have been on a 3 night... (3 replies)
09:00 PM
FIRST POST 15 Mar 19 06:10 PM by bobcat12 - Hi all, 
We have booked a standard suv with Alamo, picking up at Miami airport late on a Friday night over Easter holiday so not too hopeful on having much choice! 
Can anyone who has picked a...standard SUV Miami airport
Update for you! Just returned my rental and stopped by to see the line up on STD SUVs. There were 2 Dodge Durangoīs, 3 Grand Cherokeeīs and a F150 Pick Up. I imagine the were running out of... (4 replies)
08:59 PM
FIRST POST Today 04:04 PM by moosha - Day 2 - Sunday 12th August 2018 
The alarm was set for 5.30 am. I woke at 4.15 and then managed to doze until 5. Freya woke up at 5 and came over to tell me she was awake. I told her to relax in...It's The Greatest Hits Tour August 2018 - Day 2: Volcano Bay and Hard Rock Cafe
So glad you enjoyed your visit to volcano bay! Thatís some will power not even taking your swimming cossie! The fast lazy river thing sounds fab. At least the girls had the good sense to go and... (4 replies)
08:59 PM
FIRST POST Today 07:40 PM by stephiesplodge - Has anyone ordered magic bands and got them shipped to you before the trip?  
Did it make it easier for you?Magic bands before you go.
You can buy them from shop disney US and get them sent to a US shipping company like myUS or shipitto and then get them to send it to you. An expensive workaround, but viable. I don't really think... (4 replies)
FIRST POST Today 06:36 PM by jenosaurus - Am I the only one who is realistically YEARS away from an Orlando trip but cannot stop lurking and reading trip reports jealously ! ? 
Little one is only 10 months old, and as single mother it will...Years away
You are not alone - I first went as a teenager in 1998 with my family - returned with my boyfriend (now husband) in 2003, was 14years till we made it back with the kids in 2017 and no idea when the... (14 replies)
08:58 PM
FIRST POST 1 Apr 18 02:00 AM by Cha cha - The original thread was located HERE. 
A brief summary of what's happening at CBR: 
Disney are building a new DVC resort, called Riviera resort on the land where Barbados and part of Martinique...Caribbean Beach Resort,Old Port Royal, Riviera and Skyliner works
We've just come back after 2 weeks staying in Jamaica 43. Didn't hear any construction noise at all except the odd beep when going to the car in the car park. There is still some groundwork going on... (1,620 reply)
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