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pretty71 11 Aug 19 07:29 AM

The Pooles... Head Back To Orlando 2019 Pre Travel Day

So today is pre travel day... Hooray!

As it goes for us (well me as the organiser) it was fairly unstressful. I woke up a little extra early as expected at just after 5. I was happy to see that Mick had sent me a message to say he was leaving work a little earlier so would be in at 6.15. This was a great start.

Grace and I got up and he was soon home so I made some breakfast and then he went to bed soon after with instructions to get him up at 12.15 if he wasn't already.

Grace and I took our time getting ready and popped out to do some last minute jobs. A quick trip to lidl for some last minute bits and a trip to the library for a couple of books as Grace always does the summer reading challenge there where you have to read 6 books and tell someone about them. They get a certificate when they get back to school and a swim voucher. It's great because it keeps her reading over the holidays.

We got back in by 11 and Grace had some more food and I finished the packing and sent my annual email with all our details of the trip over to my Dad and Micks cousin Paul (the armed policeman we met with in my previous trip report when at Heathrow.) 😊

I was sure I was organised but checked the packing list on the DIBB just in case and realised I hadn't added any money to my phone for emergencies, so I did that.

Mick got up early at about 11.30 so we were now a little in front. I finished a bit of the cleaning... You know that bit we do for the burglars... Lol and emptied the fridge and the rubbish. We remembered to take the milk out of the fridge this time.

We loaded up the car and were off at 12.20 and made really good time round the M25 arriving at the premier Inn at about 2 so perfect timing.

We got checked in and had a cuppa in the room before going to the bar.

We enjoyed a couple of drinks and just chatted while Grace did some drawing. We then went through and had dinner at about 5.30, we were starving!

Grace has cheesy garlic bread and then steak and chips, so swapping peas for beans as she obviously doesn't eat anything green!
She also had a blackcurrant fruit shoot. She said the garlic bread was amazing... She ate all the steak and I made her eat a few, spoons of beans... The chips she didn't really eat, but she is not a fan of any type of potato really.. I know weird!

Mick had the Chicken Makhani Curry, he absolutely loved this and ate the lot... and Grace's chips. A glass of red wine was also enjoyed. We had paid for the meal deal so got breakfast and dinner (2 courses and a drink) for £26.49 each. Grace's breakfast is then free.

I ordered the Grilled Yellowfin Tuna Steak, this came with harrissa sauce and red peppers and new potatoes. It was under 600 calories and absolutely delicious. It was spicy but not too much, but really tasty.
I had a white wine with mine and was the perfect combination.

We really enjoyed our main courses 😊
I had decided not to have dessert but let Grace have mine so she ordered churros with salted caramel sauce.. It also came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Sorry nearly forgot the photo... One churro down and I've already eaten the ice cream.

This was amazing, all of it, the sauce was delicious and the churros nice and warm and not dry, a triumph... Grace couldn't finish it all so I wrapped up the last one and she has literally just eaten it for breakfast 😊😊

Mick had a Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart with ice cream. He said it was lovely but a bit small... Sorry no photo of this.

We finished up and had to pay just for Grace's which was £5.50, I did tip for the total amount though which was just under £40.00...the bill was, not the tip ha ha

We headed back to the room and had baths and showers. Mick had clearly got up too early and was asleep at 8 and Grace managed until about 5 minutes after that.
That left me Billy no mates in a dark room watching shop well for less on I player.

I watched all if it then turned the light out at 9.10

We were looking forward to a good night and leisurely morning as our flight is not until 16.40.

I will write Travel Day when we wake up jet lagged on Monday morning.

Thanks for reading and we will see you then 😁

juless77 11 Aug 19 07:39 AM

Great start thanks for sharing x

app 11 Aug 19 07:53 AM

New Photo Added by pretty71 - 11 Aug 19 7:53 AM.

TC Devon 11 Aug 19 08:00 AM

Great start to the holiday. My husband is also a shift worker and delays gets up too early.
Where are you flying from ?
Safe travels 😀

disney20042012 11 Aug 19 08:04 AM

Thanks for the report and have a safe trip

pretty71 11 Aug 19 08:05 AM

He has had a great sleep... 12 hours so done a bit if catching up. We are flying from Heathrow, so going to sort the hand luggage soon and get some breakfast 😁

Rob & Jan 11 Aug 19 08:35 AM

Great start, have a wonderful holiday.:)

Michyloulou 11 Aug 19 03:43 PM

A great pre-travel day & meal. I feel for your husband, hope he managed a full nights sleep to catch up.
Canít wait to follow along. Have a fabulous time!
🏨 ✈️ ☀️ 💵 🎢 🍦 🏊 🛍 ☀️

mick 14 Aug 19 08:41 PM

Good pre travel day :spin:

Joan :wave:

JoJo88 14 Aug 19 10:15 PM

Lovely relaxed pre-travel day. And no silly alarm too!

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