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SMAX 17 Nov 08 12:14 PM

Disney Fanatics
I have been contacted by BBC Radio Manchester appealing for some locals to go on the Breakfast show tomorrow (Tuesday 18th) to talk about how great Disney is.

If anyone from the Manchester area can contact Justin Bones on 0161 244 3056 he would be grateful.

Don't forget to get a DIBB mention in ;)

BarryandCaron 17 Nov 08 12:45 PM

I hope a Dibber does volunteer, there's quite a few from Manchester area.


Carol_G 18 Nov 08 01:19 PM

Did anyone do it ? How did it go ?

Reetser 18 Nov 08 08:38 PM

I've just checked in to see if any one did ring in at all?

cybermum 19 Nov 08 01:05 PM

Oh I didn't see this post,been off and on .
I am in Manchester too.
Did anyone manage to get on?

DIBBadmin 19 Nov 08 01:05 PM

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